Why Did We Wait So Long?


I just don’t know why I never asked her out before, Kelli, my first high school crush and I were finally going to go out on our first date. We’d known each other for so long it just never seemed to work out that we were both single at the same time before now. But that was all in the past now. She and I were walking arm in arm on our way out to a club downtown from my apartment in the city.

I looked over at her and she is just gorgeous. Not that tall at around 5′ 8,” with slender curves leading down to a gorgeous ass (in my opinion her most enticing ass-cet). Her boobs weren’t huge just a nice perky 36B cup. My mouth watered and my cock twitched just thinking about how gorgeous she is.

“What?” she asked, as she caught me staring at her again.

“Nothing,” I said, as I look away, “Hey Kelli. How come we never did this before?”

“I don’t know but it was definitely a loooong time in the making, I’ve had like the biggest crush on you since I met you in high school.”

I nodded my head in agreement; this definitely was a long time overdue. I thought back on the first time she kissed me, it was like getting struck by lightning.

“Here we are” I said as we stopped outside a neon lit up club entrance.

It was a rave club. One of my friends had told me about. We could already feel the music as we walked up to the door as the bouncer let us in. It was everything I’d hoped for. You know the clubs in the movies, where it’s sweltering inside, black, laser and strobe lights everywhere, yeah that was this club. It was a main dance floor in the middle with two raised dancing areas on either side of the floor. The floor was packed and it looked like no one cared how much or little they were wearing or what they were doing while they were dancing.

My imagination was waking up my little friend as I got caught staring at Kelli again. She was wearing a pair of opaque skin tone leggings, and a neon pink mini skirt over it. Small tank top that left her smooth flat tummy exposed and a green bra, that you could definitely see through the tank top as it glowed from the black lights, as far as I could tell, she wasn’t wearing any underwear or at most a really tiny thong. She looked HOT.

We hit the floor to the pounding of the house electronica they were playing. In no time at all we were drenched in sweat in the middle of the crowd. Kelli put her arms up and ground back against me to the music. She was driving me crazy, sweat dripping off our bodies as we danced.

She slowly turned around and started grinding on my leg and we started to kiss. The lightning went off in my head again and I couldn’t help it my little friend was well…no longer little. She knew how to kiss, it was a wrestling match between our tongues as we made out furiously and even sometimes a little rough with the nibbling of each other’s lips and tongues, or ears or shoulders.

She tasted amazing; sweet and salty as I bit onto her neck Çankaya Escort and worked my way up to nibble her ear as she lost her breath in my ear. I slid my hands down onto her ass and pull her tighter to me as she grinds on my leg which was now very wet from sweat and her evident arousal. I could smell it, the scent was intoxicating. I wanted to just strip her down right there, but that would have to wait until later.

I felt her hand slide down to my aching cock, as she started to stroke it, and kiss my neck. There were girls coming around with shooters that you could buy I got us a couple to down while we kept dancing. Now that I was getting a little buzzed, one thing was for sure, I was so horny now that I definitely couldn’t wait to get her home and see how much trouble we could get into…

We had a few more shooters and were definitely drunk, good thing my apartment was only a few blocks uptown from the club. Last call came around and we slammed a couple more shooters and then headed out. I had my arm wrapped around her waist holding myself up just as much as I was holding her up as we stumbled back to my apartment.

We decided to hit the elevator even though I was only on the 4th floor, because we definitely weren’t getting up the stairs the way we were. The doors closed and we were right back on each other, as I slammed her against the wall of the elevator trapping her hands above her head she ground her pussy again me as we made out.

We just about fell over each other as we stumbled into my apartment and sunk onto the couch our lips still locked as she sucked on my lip again, driving me wild. ::SLAP:: I spanked her tight ass, and she pressed her pussy down on my crotch as she straddled my lap.

“Ooo,” she cooed. “Am I being naughty?” as she gave me a look that just about made me cum in my pants.

Then she swooped back in for another kiss that never came, she just stopped, and whispered, “I need a shower.”

It took a few seconds before I could tell her where the shower was, she hopped off, and walked away swinging her sexy hips for me as I admire her ass as she goes around the corner and into the bathroom. I hear the water start and the shower go on.

“James?” her voice floats in as I turn around and see her peeking around the corner “Aren’t you going to join me?”

I almost flipped the couch as she giggled and ran into the bathroom that was filling with steam. I grabbed her and we locked lips again, I definitely could never get enough of this. I slowly started peeling her out of her clothes then threw them over my shoulder. As soon as I relieved her of her bra, I latched onto her left tit, and swirled my tongue around her nipple as it hardened for me to nibble on, then I moved onto her right tit and a moan escaped her lips.

She pulled me back up for a kiss and I unzipped her skirt dropping it to the floor for her to kick Keçiören Escort off. I slowly worked my way down her body with soft delicate kisses down her throat, across her collar bone, between her tits as I squeezed them on my way by, and onto her tummy to the very top of her leggings.

Kelli slowly turned around and bent over slightly, she was definitely wet, I could see that now, and the scent of her wet pussy was giving me the greatest high I’ve ever had. I kissed the dimples on her lower back, and peal her out of the leggings, I was right, no panties. Just a smooth shaved pussy and very, very horny pussy. I grabbed her ass and gave her pussy a loooong over due lick.

Her wetness was so sweet tasting, but still salty from the sweat. Now I’m not really into that sort of kinky stuff, but with her, it didn’t seem to matter. She shuddered and then turned around and stripped me completely naked before I knew what hit me.

She turned and ground her ass against me before squatting down in front of me and taking my cock all the way back down her throat making me see stars before hopping in the shower. ::SLAP:: I slapped her ass just before she disappeared behind the curtain of the shower, and I followed her in.

We soaped each other getting ourselves even more worked up but we were going to save it for the bedroom, safer that way given how much we wanted each other after all these years, and showers are crazy slippery. Not a good combo.

After the shower we dried off and I chased her into the bedroom. I couldn’t take it anymore, I just grabbed her and tossed her onto the bed and went straight up between her legs to her pussy.

Kelli gasped and let out a lust filled moan just as I got to her inner thigh and then I stopped.

“Oh god James, eat my pussy, I’m like so horny right now I think I’m going to go — CRAZY!”

She jumped and let out another long moan as kissed right next to her pussy. I was going to torture her now, until she really loses her mind. I start licking and kissing everywhere except her pussy. She moaned and sighed, and shuddered as I worked my magic on her body. Stimulating her all around her pussy, that was now dripping wet as she tried to hump her pussy onto my tongue as I go from one side to the other.


Which is what I’d been waiting for, and I slowly slid my tongue just barely into her pussy at the very bottom and slid it up between her lips towards her clit as she squirmed underneath me as she shuddered from her first orgasm with me.

Her fingers dug into my hair as she tried to pull me deeper, and pull me higher to relieve her clit, which was quite swollen, and I could only imagine how sensitive it was after the last half hour of torture I’d put her through.

“OH GOD OH MY GOD OOOOHHHH JAMES!! JAMES!! OH GOD JAAAAM-ES!!” She screamed as she kept Etimesgut Escort cumming.

Finally the time had come I was going to give her everything she wanted. My tongue slowly wandered up to her clit then I pulled my mouth away for a moment and look up at her as she looked down to see why I’d stopped…

She starts to cum almost before I’d even got my lips around her clit and started sucking on it. A flood of cum from her pussy met me, almost immediately, as she screamed unintelligibly; rapt in the throes of a world shattering orgasm.

That was all that I could take too. I slid up from between her legs just as she started to come down off her orgasm and slid right up into her pussy. She pulled her legs up to her shoulders, and while I had envisioned us making passionate love to one another earlier in the evening, I was wrong.

We just fucked like animals, just pure, raw, and passionate – LUST. I slammed my cock into her pussy pounding her into the bed, at a pace that I knew I couldn’t keep up and keep from cumming at the same time. But it didn’t matter. I don’t think she’d stopped cumming since I’d sucked on her clit before.

“OH GOD FUCK ME JAMES!! FUUUUCK!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT FUCK ME THROUGH THE BED JAMES. OH GOD I’VE WANTED THIS FOR SOOO LOOOOOONG FUUUUUUCKK!!” she screamed as I slammed into her pussy, my balls slapping her ass as I drove her into the bed.

Just as I was about to cum, I rolled off her, and onto my back. Neither of us had to say anything she just rolled over and climbed up on top of me. She put her hands on my chest and dug her nails in as her molten hot pussy slid back onto my cock. Then she started rocking her hips in circles on my cock. I reached up and pulled her down towards me enough so I could suck on her titties, while I slapped her ass and squeezed it. She slammed me harder and harder each time.

Finally she had to sit up again to get more leverage, and really slammed her pussy down on my cock and balls thoroughly covered in all her cum.


“Cum inside me baby, cum inside me,” she slowed down to very deliberate and powerful motions slamming me deep into her pussy, “CUM,” slam “IN” slam “SIDE” slam “MEEEEEEE!!”

She came again as she dug her nails into my chest leaving marks, as her pussy crushed my cock with her orgasm, and I was done. I exploded inside her, pumping jet after jet of cum deep inside her pussy. It felt like an eternity. Like her pussy was literally going to suck me into her. The orgasm was so powerful, that my eyes rolled back, and I think we both passed out for a little while.

My cock was still hard inside her as she slid off. She went down and started sucking out the last few drops of cum from my cock as I deflated. We just lay there for what felt like forever…

“Why did we wait so long to do this?” she asked as she twirled her finger on my chest while she lay next to me on the bed.

“I have no idea, but I don’t want to wait any longer.” I sighed.

“Well,” she giggled, “I think you’re going to have to, as she teased my cock a little, “he looks a tired.”

I laughed, “That makes two of us.”

“Or three” she said as she cuddled closer to me putting her head on my chest. And we curled up and passed out for the night.

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