Wisconsin Encounter


Well, my next stop on my little trip is Wisconsin. My grandpa grew up there so there are a few places I want to check out. I have talked to this Jenn girl online and she was way cool and I had her number so I figured I would call her and see if she could show me the town or what not.

I called her number and surprisingly I got her. she wasn’t online or sleeping. I was expecting her voice mail so I was sorta lost for words. I pretty much told her I was in the Milwaukee area and was wondering is she wanted to hook up so she can show me around. She sounded stoked and said that her friends band was playing and I should go with her. It sounded good to me so we made planes to meet.

So I drive out to her place, out in the middle of nowhere. I am used to southern California city life so this place seams foreign to me. I get to the door and knock. I here her say to wait a sec, she just got out of the shower. Now I have visions of a naked girl answering the door, haha I am a honey bastard. So she opens the door, wow she was a woman. at least as tall as me, hair wet and wearing a towel. I remember he complaining about being fat, but no she wasn’t. Just tall and all woman. I wanted so bad to just pull that towel open, but I had to refrain. We are just two people who talked online a few times. So I will keep my feelings to myself right now.

She invited me in and said she just needed to get ready. I san on the couch and just waited and looked around. After about 10 min she came out dressed to party. Wow is all I can say, I really got a thing for talk women, and she has a very healthy chest and tonight she was showing them off.

I drove to the show and the band was great, was stayed after it was over and hung with the band and took in some drinks. some beers here and some shots there. After a few rounds we both got a little more touchy. It was almost like little kids hitting each other and smiling and hitting back. After a little more playing around like that and a few more drinks we did one of those thing where you are playing around and then all of a sudden you are face to face and then we both just went for it. This was a very hard kiss and a little messy due to the alcohol. But we didn’t care. We both looked at each other after a sec and agreed that we should head on back.

I grabbed water and downed it quick hoping it sobered me up a bit. I opened the door for her and got her in my truck and went around and got in and started to drive away. One we got on the highway out hands started to wonder Kolej Escort over each other. I was visibly excited and she felt my hard cock thru my pants. While Jenn was doing this I reached over and started to unbutton her pants. I then unzipped then and slid my hand down over her panties. I could feel her swollen chit through them. This made me even harder. This was sorta uncomfortable position for her so she slid he pants down a bit and her panties to reveal her shaven pussy, it was just screaming to be licked but that would have to wait. So I just slid my hand down and played with it a little. She was wet, very wet. I played with her clit with my thumb doing soft small circles and then slid two fingers inside her. She let out a deep soft moan, I could tell she liked it, and I like making her moan.

She now started to unbuckle my pants and unleashed my cock from my boxers. It had some drips of pre cum dripping from the tip, which she lick of right away. I was so turned on my cock felt huge, it almost hurt. She then took the head into her mouth and worked it slowly down the shaft. It was difficult to keep the car going straight. She took my cock deep and reached down with her right hand to play with my balls. She Pulled my dick out licked it up and down and then licked my balls and then back to sucking me. She wasn’t lying when she told me she was good =)

We got back to her place which seemed like no time. And all I wanted to do was get her in that bed of hers. I stopped the truck and sat there a few seconds while she continued to work my cock. I pulled her away raised her head and gave her a soft kiss and said we should move it inside. She agreed with a nod a cute smile.

We both situated out close so we could walk back in to her house, knowing good well that they were not staying on for long. She opened the door and led me to her room and guided me in. First thing I did was turn her around and give her a deep hard kiss and had our tongues going at it, then I grabbed her by her upper arms and through her onto the bed. I unbuttoned her pants again and pulled her pants off, leaving her panties on. She leaned up and started to undo my shirt and pants but I just pushed her back onto her back. I then took my shirt off and then I leaned forward and slowly removed her panties, using my big hands to caress her hips and thighs as I slid them down. Now I have the chance to do what I wanted to do earlier to her clean shaven pussy. I went down and grabbed behind Rus Escort her knees and spread her legs.

She was still very wet. I started slow doing slow circles with my tongue around her clit. I then slid a couple fingers at the same time, I felt her body move and let out soft moans while I continued. I then Started with the quick flicking actions on her click with my tongue and I slid my fingers in and out. I then licked up and down and then started with fast then slow circles around her clit, she seemed to like it. she took her legs and wrapped them around my head. My goal right now was to make her cum from oral, because she said she hasn’t had good experiences with it, and I think I was getting close. I picked up the pace with my tongue and he moans got louder and I was just going crazy, I pulled back and let my fingers do some work, gliding in and out while my thumb rubbed her clit. She grabbed my head and pushed it back down to her pussy, I went at it again flicking my tongue on her clit. I then felt her body begin to shake as she gripped my head tight with her legs and then her body had a couple of violent shakes, she came hard and it made me smile, because now it was my turn…

I came up from her and I had to stop at her awesome breast. They were just about perfect, nice and big with nipples saying lick me, and I did just that. I squeezed them together and licked the nipples and then game them a soft bite. I did some more magic with my tongue . I then stood up and dropped my pants, when my cock sprung free it mad a thud on my stomach because it was so hard and just sprung up with such force. Jenn got up and then leaned forward and got on her knee at the end of the bed and started to give me a blowjob while I stood at the foot of the bed. this time she didn’t have to deal with the steering wheel. She took me in her mouth and reached and played with my balls while sucking, god how I love that. Then she began to stroke my while sucking, she was getting me close to lose it, she took my cock deep and then all the way out, spit on it and then gave it a few hard strokes. And then again she went down on it, I was so fucking hard I just wanted to fuck her now.

I pulled away and then grabbed her and threw her to the bed. I climbed on top of her got in between her legs and spread them wide and positioned my cock over her dripping wet pussy. She wanted me in her as much as I wasn’t to be in her. I teased her a little with the head of my cock, rubbing Yenimahalle Escort it up and down her lips and rubbing her clit with it. I the slowly entered her, inch by inch, really slow at first. I got half way in and then pulled out to the head, he pussy was soaking and my dick was now covered with her juices. I entered her again this time all the way. then again all they way back out and back in her. Long deep strokes and I steadily picked up the pack until it was slamming her hard, my hips were slamming the backs of her thighs , she reached up and clawed her nails into my back and I kept on giving her every inch I had. Jenn began to get louder as almost screaming. I reached down and grabbed her right boob and she grabbed my hard and started to lick and suck on my fingers….. DAMN I love that, she is doing everything I go crazy over.

I then pulled out because I didn’t want to cum just yet, and being a little rough I flipped her over and pulled her ass in the air and pushed her head down, I told her to spread her pussy and then I slid my cock in. I started up again with the forceful thrusts and the slapping of her ass and my hips was loud, I grabbed her by the hips and kept the pace up. I then reached back and slapped her ass hard on her right cheek, She let out with a loud moan which I took as her liking it, so I did it again. and yes she did like it, she let out a sort of moan yell. She then reached back and started to play with her clit while I was In her. I slapped her ass a few more times, but her moans and tight pussy were bringing me close once again, I wanted her on top so I can she those beautiful breast in my face…

I got out from behind her and laid on my back positioned my dick straight up in the air and told her to come and ride it. She came over and positioned herself above it and then grabbed my cock and guided it in her pussy. Jenn then started to ride me hard, I seriously thought the bed was going to break, I grabbed her bi the hips and had her lean forward so her tits we in my face and I held her still while I trusted upwards, I began to lick her nipples again while fucking her. she reached down to help herself and gave her clit a good rubbing, I felt her shake again, she was cumming again. She then leaned back and road out her orgasm, she had the biggest smile on her face and she continued to ride. Now I was going to cum, and she knew it. Without me warning Jenn got off my cock and gave me the last few stokes that finished me off. I came hard. It must have shot at least 5 feet in the air, getting on my chest her chest her face and hair. It was everywhere.

Both exhausted, she just collapsed on top of me, we were even to tired to clean up. We both then just looked at each other and giggles a little bit. We then got up and showered off. An the shower is a whole other story I wont get into now 😉

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