Thresholds Ch. 10


The night before had been one helluva threshold. As I reflected on it that next day I continued to reel from the intensity of it.

First there had been the titillation of being displayed in public, something that I’d not only grown accustomed to, but that I had grown to crave. I knew You enjoyed it as much as I, probably even more and this only added to the escalation of feelings over the evening. Prancing around with so little on out in public certainly set the mood for me. And, I wasn’t denied the satisfaction of orgasm or of servicing You until You were satisfied.

Secondly there had been the sheer euphoria of the sex, riding crest after crest, my vaginal zone a molten pudding of hormones and pleasure. It went on and on with me in my new favorite position, taking the mighty thrusts from behind as my breasts dangled and wobbled in rhythm beneath me as I leaned forward my hands against the foot of the mattress. You had already satisfied me with your mouth and tongue before the penetration, so I was like putty for your use at that point.

Then there had been the intense shock as I realized that there was not only a cock buried in my pussy, slamming away at me for all that it was worth, but that there was also one that I had just accepted into my mouth. I had never even dreamed of two men at one time let alone being ravaged by two rigid male members simultaneously. For a moment it was alarming and then simply disorienting as I attempted to sort out what had just occurred. Finally, once I relaxed and accepted the situation it became even more intensely pleasurable than I could have possibly imagined, including the point when I climaxed one final time, immediately followed by the two of you doing likewise in unison, pumping both my vagina and mouth full of hot seed.

You never did tell me who it had been that night at the other end while your cock filled my mouth other than to acknowledge that it was some that I had met. It tormented me as I ran into people we had previously encountered, always wondering if he might be the one who had seen me first so wickedly displayed and then mounted me like a wild animal. I knew it couldn’t have been Jerry. He was such a large guy that I’m certain I could have told if it was him. Whoever it was, they were built a lot like You.

That next day my beach attire was a pale pink g-string which did just about nothing to conceal what lay beneath it, the form of my shaved vulvae clearly discernable. It was quite hot and I noticed several other women that went topless that day, albeit with far more modest bottoms than mine. Margaret was there as usual and there was one very cute young brunette in a black thong bottom. We spent a great deal of time in the water due to the ferocious heat.

The heat got the best of us and You decided it would be best if we took a breather that night. As I got out of your car in front of my workplace, You handed me a package.

“I’ll see you at seven thirty Saturday night.”

The accompanying implicit message was that You expected me to wear whatever was in the package. I tucked it under my arm and click-clicked across the sidewalk in my little black and white dress. It was short and the way it felt always made me feel very girlish, I think what would be referred to as “coquettish”. And I don’t imagine anyone would have guessed that underneath I wore no panties although they might have guessed that I was bra-less, the way my breasts bobbled about inside the bodice of the dress as I strutted to the building entry.

For the next evening the attire turned out to be a black lace bustier, sheer black hosiery, a short black leather miniskirt, sheer black blouse, and a black velvet collar that fastened at the back and featured a oval white cameo on the front. When looked at closely, the image turned out not to be a bust as one would expect to see, but a pair of vulvae with a dark fathomless opening between them. The outfit bordered on trashy without really going there. It made me feel a tad slutty and when I stepped into a pair of black what you called “fuck me” pumps that had been in the package, the stirrings in my pantyless crotch began.

Funny how you can be feeling perfectly normal one moment and the subtlest of stimuli can get your motor going. No sooner had I slipped the pumps on than You rang the bell for me to buzz You in. My heart ka-thumpa thumped and the feelings in my pelvic region launched into bitch in heat hypermode. I would have loved to have had You take me right there on the carpet again, but I knew You had some form of another threshold in store for me.

The anticipation of what it might be built as we drove out to the suburbs, down a wooded side road past a half dozen simple but lovely Dutch colonials to a more contemporary ranch at the cul de sac and pulled into the driveway. Walking to the front door, I clung to your arm. After pressing the doorbell You bent over and kissed my upturned lips, your tongue darting between them briefly. I thought I would melt.

When the door opened Esenyurt Escort we were greeted by an effervescent blonde, her golden tresses draping well past her shoulders. She wore only a black lace bra and matching bikini panties. The bra did little to conceal very swollen nipples.

“Hi sweetie, I’m Denise.”

As the door closed, she squashed herself against You and hugged as well as firmly planted a wet sloppy kiss on the lips that had just kissed mine. I guessed that the two of you had been together in the past.

Denise was joined by Stan, a man who stood a good six foot tall and was dressed in dark olive slacks and a cream colored polo. He reached for my hand and kissed it in that affected manner that many europeans do, but it also seemed charming and dear. I felt myself relax a bit as a result. They showed us in to a living room dominated by a pale camel colored sectional and two matching chairs. Sade purred in the background and the scent of sandalwood incense wafted through the space. Denise disappeared then returned bringing a small platter of nibbles then asked if I could help with the drinks as she only had two hands and there were four of us.

When we rejoined You and Stan, you were discussing the havoc that the recent golf tournament had wreaked on the community. I handed each of you a martini before settling into the sofa in as ladylike a manner as possible. It was difficult, as the skirt was short and the leather didn’t slide easily against the other leather. Once I was situated, Denise handed me a pale pink concoction in a martini glass. It was slightly bubbly, slightly fruity, and very potent tasting. I asked what was in it.

“Absolut Mandarin, a bit of champagne, a bit of simple syrup, and elderflower liquor.” It sounded as exotic as it tasted.

She nonchalantly curled up on the sofa, as though it was perfectly normal to sit there in bra and panties in the presence of someone you’d just met. The conversation continued until about halfway through the drinks, a buzzer sounded from the kitchen and she hopped off, demanding I accompany her. We removed a tray of baked hors d’oeuvre from the oven and slid them onto a serving platter before returning once again to the living room.

The conversation had shifted to a recent incident regarding a certain local broadcast personality and rumors about her sexual proclivities. I set the small tray of food on the coffee table and as I straightened up I felt Denise’s hands at my waist.

“Lets get you more comfy sweetie. That mini and my sofa don’t seem to care too much for each other.”

She spun me around and unfastened the blouse buttons then slipped it off my shoulders, pressing herself against me as she did. After tossing the filmy garment aside, she spun me one eighty again and proceeded to unzip the skirt, allowing it to drop to my ankles. I riveted my eyes on yours as I stepped out of it, kicking it toward the blouse. From my waist to the tops of the stockings I was naked as a jaybird, my hairless crotch neatly framed by bustier, stockings, and a pair of garter straps. Both You and Stan were smiling and I noticed that you both had to adjust the crotch of your pants a bit. Denise noticed as well, prompting a giggle on her part.

I loved having that effect and I also was enjoying being on display for You and these two. The attire only added to the sensation. I felt like the sexiest thing in the world and I actually wished that there was more of an audience. I got the impression that Denise could have cared less, but Stan was very clearly enjoying the show.

“Have a seat over here.” he said, patting the broad arm of the leather chair he was ensconced in. I strutted over and perched sidesaddle on the massive leather arm. It felt good on my bare backside and then I realized my labia were also in direct contact with it. I hoped I didn’t leave a stain behind when it came time to stand up. The furniture looked like it must have cost a fortune.

Looking at You Denise spoke next. “Now we need to get you more comfortable as well. You boys are definitely overdressed.”

Extending her hand, she pulled You to your feet and proceeded to un zip your pants, dropping them to the floor. I hadn’t noticed earlier but both You and Stan were at this point barefoot. The pants joined my skirt and blouse and then so did your shirt, leaving You standing there in nothing but a pair of black stretch briefs, a prominent bulge on view in the front. Denise slipped a hand inside the waistband, took hold of your goods, then tugged the briefs down far enough with her other hand so that your dick was exposed but your gonads were still covered.

“Yummy, nice hard cock all ready for play.”

Your response was to remove the briefs entirely then reach behind Denise’s back and unclasp her bra, setting her breasts free. They were a bit larger than mine and dangled merrily. Her aureoles were immense and the aforementioned nipples were still swollen stiff. She grasped your shaft as You Beylikdüzü Escort sucked first one and then the other fat nipple into your mouth. One of your hands disappeared into the front of her panties as Denise started stroking your cock in earnest. Soon her panties were off, revealing a thick nest of dark curls that all but concealed her slit and lips. I watched your middle finger disappear into the thicket of hair and then you began a slow but steady regimen of in and out of her love hole. The expression on her face changed from happy go lucky I’m wandering around in my underwear to one of lustful harlot. Her eyes swapped twinkle for a darker more wanton mode and her lips parted as her chest began to heave slightly in unison with the thrusts of your hand. After a few minutes you added a second finger and then a third.

But Denise evidently wanted something more substantial than just a couple fingers in there. Bending around she lifted the cover off a decorative box that sat amidst the food on the coffee table and from it withdrew a condom. She broke the package open then knelt down so that your rigid shaft was at eye level and proceeded to stretch and roll the latex sheath onto it. I was surprised that she hadn’t elected to suck on your magnificent manhood some. If I had been the one with that gorgeous thing right in my face it would most certainly have would up in my mouth. Instead, she rose, took two steps backward to the sofa, plunked down on it and spread her legs wide apart. With both hands she pulled aside the dark curls and then her labia as well, exposing a gaping hole. It was deep pink, almost red and glistening with juices.

It was the first time I’d seen another woman exposed like that. I found myself taking pride in that fact that I was hairless there. That way there was nothing that obscured the view of my bits and I was learning to take pride in showing off every inch of my body, not just to You, but to anyone interested. My new passion seemed to be knowing that someone was or might be looking at me while I was naked or nearly so. And I also liked the shock that a hairless crotch seemed to engender in most people. Like I said earlier, this was a few years back. Now it seems that everyone is either shaved or trimmed down to some version of a landing strip.

With no hesitation You stepped forward, bent down and with one forceful shove drove your ramrod deep into her. Denise turned out to be extremely vocal during sex, beginning with a loud shriek of “YES!” as You entered her. You turned and our eyes again locked as Denise wrapped her legs around your waist. The two of you bounced up and down on the sofa and her vocabulary grew ever more colorful.

“Fuck me baby. Fuck my red hot pussy. Gimme that nice hard cock. Harder harder harder! Punish my cunt with that fuckpole of yours!” It was peppered with shrieks, grunts, groans, and squeals, all at full volume. I’m certain they could’ve heard her in the next county.

I felt Stan’s hand on my thigh. As the action on the sofa continued, his hand wandered to my crotch where after a little stroking he slid a finger between my labia and fingered me for a bit, much like you had done to his wife. Pulling the finger out he offered it to me to suck on. Like a good girl I cleaned my juices from it. Stan then proceeded to stand, undress, and then offer me his half rigid penis. I sucked on that as well and it very quickly grew thick and stiff. It was larger than yours and I had trouble taking much of it into my mouth but Stan seemed to be enjoying himself nevertheless. I began to be a little concerned that he would want me to have sex with him. He was larger than anything I had ever dealt with before (namely my ex, You, and whoever that mystery man had been).

Soon Stan was reaching for the little box and donning a condom. I knew I was in for it now. My heart rate went up a couple clicks and a rush came over me. I was going to not only experience another new cock inside me, it was a good sized one too. Stan led me over to the sofa where You and Denise were grinding away. He gently pushed me into place right alongside Denise and I found myself in the identical position, legs spread wide and Stan lowering himself onto me then guiding his member so that it made contact with my pussy then slowly pressed forward, gradually guiding first the head and then most of the shaft into me.

I was surprised that I accommodated it as easily as I did. I felt very very filled as he began to slowly slide back and forth, in and out. I felt very good but it was also a bit strange lying there in that position, my body pressed against Denise’s while You and she had sex. Stan and I got into our own rhythm, slower and less forceful than what the two of you were up to. It went on and on, all the while with Denise’s obscenities punctuating the activities. You were for the most part your usual quiet self, the occasional grunt or moan being all that emerged from your mouth.

Stan was nowhere near as vocal as Denise, Avcılar Escort but at one point he exclaimed “What a wonderful tight cunt!”. Right after that I heard your moans reach a crescendo accompanied by a “YES! YES! YES!” from Denise. Soon after, I felt Stan’s body tense up as he followed suit, moaning loudly and initiating another “YES! YES! YES!” from his wife.

Stan climbed off me shortly thereafter and then You dismounted from Denise. My legs were no longer apart and You were only half erect as You peeled off the condom. Denise tuck out her hand to take it from You and Stan handed her his as well. She disappeared and Stan asked if we would like to join them for a shower. It turned out that they had an immense marble and glass clad stall that we all fit easily in. We lathered one another up, giggled and laughed until the warm water ran out, then toweled one another off. Back in the living room we munched on the remains of the food, washed down by icy Perrier that Denise fetched from the kitchen. Even after the rest of us had put our clothes back on she remained naked and barefoot.

We hugged at the door as we parted. Stan held his wife with one arm wrapped around her, his hand cupping a breast, playing with the nipple between his fingers. I imagine they had another round as soon as we left.

There was little conversation on the way to my place. When we got there You asked if all was OK.

“Yes, I just was sorta jealous as I watched you and Denise fuck.” I was surprised at how easily the F word had slid out of my mouth. “I wanted to play with your cock tonight and I didn’t get a chance.”

We were in a darker corner of the parking lot. You unzipped your pants, exposing your flaccid member. Leaning over I took it into my mouth and in seconds it swelled to full size. That was more like it, I liked the now familiar feel of its form and size. I sucked and slurped away on it until the inevitable eruption came, filling my mouth with hot semen. When I was certain the pulses had ceased I sat up and smiled.


I just swallowed and smiled, then gently kissed your cheek. As I exited the car I asked if I would see You the next day.

“Yeah, talk to ya’ in the morning.”

I clickety-clackety strutted my way down the long sidewalk to the entry vestibule thinking about what a little slut I’d become. For so many years I’d only experienced sex with one man. Now I’d felt what it was like to have had three different penises inside me. Mystery man had felt very much like You but Stan was bigger. I wouldn’t necessarily say better, just different. I felt more filled certainly, but there was something about the shape of your tool that fit me just right and seemed to just send me over the edge in no time once it was buried to the hilt inside me. I longed for that wonderful sensation of it deep within me again soon.

That next day was a Sunday and You took me for a nice long drive down through the southerntier in that marvelous machine of yours. It purred and rumbled like a wild animal and accelerated like a gazelle, but mostly I loved the black leather seats, especially wearing as little as I was that day. You provided for me a white bodysuit along with a short wrap skirt that was easily removed (and was rarely on). The bodysuit molded itself to my contours, particularly in the crotch, with a deep cleft forming there. The hindside was virtually non-existant, being thong backed and halter necked. Thus, my bare flesh was in constant contact with the leather seat. You also kept the air conditioning turned up just enough to ensure that my nipples made themselves constantly evident.

About an hour into our travels You pulled over and instruct me to get out, wearing only the bodysuit. You then sped off only to come to a stop a few hundred feet down the road, forcing me to walk along the shoulder to reach You. Of course, several other vehicles drove by as I did. I certainly hope they enjoyed the view, as I was essentially naked from the rear. I pranced along in my sandals with heels doing my best to act totally nonchalant. When I caught up with You I made certain to walk along the driver’s side then around the front of the car just to taunt You.

Eventually we found a quiet place to pull off, hiked up a low hill and both stripped naked to fuck in the wide open at the crest. I got on all fours and presented myself for You to mount from behind and You proceeded to pound the daylight out of me once your sausage was inside my welcoming hole. I came after a while and before You did, You withdrew and rose to your feet so that I might take said sausage into my mouth. There was an immediate blast of thick hot semen erupting across my tongue and down my throat. I swallowed, managing to gargle out a “Thank you” as I did. We walked back to the car naked and even though You got dressed again, we drove for quite a ways before I slipped the bodysuit back on.

That week we went to the beach every day at lunchtime and each time there was another tiny thong for to wear, always a different color fabric. On one of the days it was a white one and I realized after taking a dip in the lake that it turned totally transparent when wet. Margaret had elected to cool off at the same time. She looked at me as I emerged from the water, rolling her eyes as she saw how exposed I was.

Things to Do with My Slut Ch. 01


Things to Do with My Slut: Chapter 01 – The Layover

Let me start by giving you some background. I am a 30-year-old male. I am 5 feet 7 inches tall with brown hair and blue eyes. I weigh 205 pounds and have an average to athletic build. I have been married for more than 5 but less than 10 years to a woman that I love very much. However, I am a person who absolutely believes that love and sex are entirely separate arenas. Based on this notion, my sexlife at home is good but not great, which is why I am writing this. If I can’t have great, mind-blowing sex at home, I might as well have it in my mind, and if along the way someone else sees this and thinks what I am into is mind-blowing as well, then I am open to opportunities. What is to follow are 100% fictional (as of the writing of these stories – I am hoping that one day they will become factual accounts with a woman, any woman that would enjoy them as much as I would) accounts of what perfect, mind-blowing sex would be like, in an endless variety of scenarios, with the perfect slut (for the purposes of these stories we will call her Emma). So read on, let me know what you think and by all means enjoy.


I pull into the airport parking structure and find a spot. I shut off the engine and lock up the car. As I walk towards the terminal, I notice a small chill in the early late winter air as Friday afternoon turns to Friday night. I check my watch, 4:25pm. Emma’s plane lands in 20 minutes. She has been away on business for 3 days and told her husband that she would not be home until tomorrow, which gives us a few hours together tonight before I am due home. I continue walking. I enter the terminal and find a spot to wait in baggage claim, in full view, where she can’t help but notice me.

Having taken a ½ day from the office, I still have on my office attire, business casual white and blue striped shirt, navy pinstripe slacks and black shoes. It was simple enough, but hopefully it was more than enough to drive her wild. The surprise for her was underneath, instead of boxers, on this day I am wearing the black lace cum-soaked thong panties that she gave me the last time we had lunch. My cock is already rock hard under the sexy material. I squirm every so often to adjust.

My mind wanders to where the evening will take us. As I am standing there daydreaming, a flood of people begin coming down the stairs into the baggage claim area. I look up at the board and notice her flight has landed about 10 minutes early, lucky me. I begin scanning the staircase and escalators, searching for any sign of her, desperately wanting to see her.

Then the moment arrives. The moment I have eagerly waited for since the last time I saw her is finally here. I see her coming down the stairs. I look her up and down, studying her gorgeous frame inch by inch. She looks angelic as she walks; it is as if time has slowed. Emma is 5 feet 5 inches tall, with straight blonde hair that passes her shoulders. She has blue eyes and a nice tan tone to her skin. She is thin framed, weighing only 114 pounds, most of which seems swallowed up by her 36C breasts. She is the most seductive 35-year-old woman on the planet.

She is wearing sexy navy blue open-toed spike high heels on her feet. It appears that she is wearing nude colored stockings, a mystery I fully intended to explore to ultimate dimensions shortly. She has on a navy blue business skirt, which hugs her hip and thighs perfectly. On top she is layered in a very sheer white blouse, which in the right light shows plenty of her black lace bra. It is topped with the navy blue blazer that matches her skirt perfectly and is swinging lightly as she walks, as it is unbuttoned. Her neck is adorned with a string of small of white pearls that falls perfectly into the area exposed by the undone top button of her blouse.

With her pocketbook over her right shoulder and her carry-on bag in her left hand, she looked perfect as she continued down the stairs towards me. My heart was racing as she drew closer and closer to me. I was doing everything I could think of to keep from running up to her and kissing her wildly right there. She made her way through the glass partition from the gate into the baggage claim area and headed towards me.

I began walking slowly towards her. We greeted each other with a smile, a short hug and idle chatter.

“How have you been?” I asked.

“I’ve been fine and u” she replied.

“I could not be better than I am right now, I am glad you are here” I responded.

“Me too” was her simple comeback.

“How many bags did you check” I posed this question as we walked towards the baggage carousel.

“None. I used company shipping to send it directly home. I didn’t want to have to wait any longer than absolutely necessary,” she declared.

I stood there starring at her in awe. She was the perfect slut. The only woman I had ever met that loved sex as much as I did and was not afraid to say so. We had a deep connection, Avcılar Escort violent sexual energy and lust, coupled with enjoyment of a few different twists. We loved trying new things together.

We had only known each other a month and we had only fucked 3 times so far. The first time was time was a long session at a hotel near my home, she met me for a drink at the bar and within 10 minutes were in a suite with my cock buried in her snatch. The second time was at her house. I met her during lunch one day for a quickie and fucked her brains out on her dining room table. The last time was at a restaurant near her office. We met there for lunch but ended up in the men’s room for a quickie. She knew what I liked and what I wanted. The best part was, she liked and wanted the exact same things and she was quite forward about it.

While the bustling airport happened around us, we just stared at each other. I could not tell by her look what she was thinking exactly, but I am sure she could sense my bursting desire for her. She had me so mesmerized and worked up that I wanted to pin her down and take her right there, but I restrained and played it cool.

We walked briskly out of the terminal towards the parking structure. As usual she was a step behind due to the heels. As I looked back at her I could see that she was now sticking her tongue out at me. I am almost embarrassed to admit that turned me on as much as is did. Almost. I led and she followed across the two lanes of traffic and towards my vehicle. We walked in silence, as I was unsure what to say. We reached the car and I opened her door on the passenger side and let her in. I then deposited her carry-on into the trunk and made my way to the driver’s door.

I opened the door for myself and as I sat down in the driver’s seat, Emma had the passenger sun visor down and was looking into the mirror at herself as she applied a fresh coat of lipstick. She quickly glanced over at me, blew me an exaggeratedly loud kiss with her freshly painted and pouty lips, and then continued what she was doing.

We pulled out of the garage and I notice Emma push the sun visor back up as I paid the attendant. The hotel she was staying at tonight was only one exit from the airport and a car service was delivering her home in the morning. She told me how boring her business trip was as I pulled onto the highway. I listened intently as she continued but did not say a word.

“Are you giving me the silent treatment?” she asked.

“Actually, no” I answered. “I was simply focusing on using some will power for a change.”

“What do you mean,” she queried.

“I mean, I am trying not to state the very obvious and tell you how hot you are and how much I want you right now” I stated.

“Well, most women like it when they get told how hot they are, including me,” she responded.

With that she unbuckled her seatbelt and leaned in close to me. She started kissing my cheek gentle while she rubbed my rock hard cock through my pants with her right hand. She began kissing my ear lobe before sticking her wet tongue in my ear. With her hot breath on my neck she quickly undid my belt and zipper with one hand. She then slipped her hand into my pants and reached for my cock.

As heard hand felt the lace of the panties I was wearing she let out a small gasp. She then whispered the question in my ear, “Are you wearing the panties I gave you?”

“Why, yes” I replied softly, confirming that I was indeed wearing the panties that she was wearing when we last fucked. We were out to lunch about a week ago, both needing to get back to the office but neither wanting to leave. I excused myself to use the men’s room when to my fantastic surprise and utter amazement Emma followed me. She locked the men’s room door, hopped up on the counter and hiked up her skirt. She was soaked and she did not bother to remove her panties, she just slid them to the side and ordered me to fuck her right there. I happily obliged, ramming her cunt as hard and as fast as I could until I fire a gallon of cum into her sweet hole. Immediately after we both came, she hopped down off the counter and proceeded to the ladies room. I arrived back at the table first and when she returned she stuffed her soaking wet panties into the pocket of my shirt. That move got me so hot I could have fucked her again right there. I decided to surprise her when the time was right, and judging by her reaction, this was a perfect time.

We exited the parkway and pulled up to the light at the corner. She hadn’t moved for a moment until she began rubbing my cock through the lace. She then whispered the following into my ear, “I am so soaking wet right now I am going to stain your seat when I sit back down.”

She continued rubbing my cock through the lace, getting faster as we got closer to the hotel. We pulled into the hotel parking lot and she removed her hand from my pants. She made it a point to show me her palm Beylikdüzü Escort that was covered in precum, which she then licked clean. She sat back down in the passenger seat and composed herself. I pulled up in front of the hotel and as she stepped out of the car she stated, “You zip up and I will go check us in.”

I parked the car on the side of the building. I quickly zipped up my pants and rebuckled my belt. I gathered myself for a quick second then stepped out of the car, grabbed her carry-on from the trunk and headed into the lobby.

As I entered the lobby I saw Emma at the counter checking-in. She locked eyes with me and motioned that I should go to the elevators and wait. I followed her unspoken instruction without hesitation. I waited at the elevator for only a second before she stepped up behind my and grabbed my cock through my pants.

“Room 311,” she stated.

The elevator doors opened and we stepped on. I pressed the 3 button and then turned to look at Emma. I had bad thoughts on my mind but they would have to wait as an older gentleman joined us on the elevator. We stood next to each other in silence as the elevator climbed to the 3rd floor.

When the doors opened, the gentlemen stepped off and headed down the hall. Emma and I stepped off behind him and headed to room 311. Emma unlocked the door and entered with me hot on her heels. I tossed her duffle bag on the chair and made my way over to her. I stepped up behind her, placed my arms around her waist and began kissing her neck.

“How long can you stay,” she quickly questioned.

I looked at the clock. 5:50pm.

“I have about 90 minutes,” I replied.

“90 minutes, that sounds like just enough time for me to milk 4 good loads out of you,” she confidently declared.

Emma was the perfect slut. She always told me how many times she was going to make me cum and during our session she would order me where to cum each time. She was a cum-hungry sexual angel that always got what she wanted. I never disagreed or disobeyed; I loved being told what to do. Most of all, I loved doing it, just as she wanted.

She stepped forward and then turned to face me. She looked me dead in the eyes and removed her jacket. She then knelt down in front of me and undid my belt. She unbuckled my pants and lowered the zipper. As they fell to my ankles she began rapidly licking my cock and balls through the black lace panties I had on.

She looked up at me and said, “We taste good together.”

She then pulled the panties to the side and wrapped her hand around my cock. She began stroking it while she lick and sucked my balls gingerly. She stroked harder as she picked up the pace of her lapping my scrotum, until finally she wrapped her sweet lips around my cock.

It felt like heaven as she bobbed up and down on my rock hard rod. She spit and slobbered all over my dick and sucked it like a pro. She then leaned back and looked up at me. The sight of her slobber and my precum in her mouth got me even harder. I was throbbing as she gripped my shaft with her hand.

“You are almost ready to blow,” she announced. “I think it’s time to put that big thing inside me.”

She then walked over to the desk in the room. With her back to me, she lifted her skirt to reveal a black lace garter belt holding up her flesh colored stockings and no panties at all. She then slowly lifted her left leg up onto the desk and leaned forward exposing her soaking wet pussy. She then invited me over saying, “Come and get it.”

I stepped out of my pants and moved towards her, my cock throbbing in front of me. As I stood behind her, she looked back over her shoulder at me and asked, “What the fuck are you waiting for?”

With that, I grabbed her around the waist and immediately rammed my rod into her snatch. It went with the greatest of ease, as she was completely soaked. I buried my cock in her repeatedly. Our hips rocked in rhythm as fucked like mad, all the while her high-heeled left foot stayed up on that desk giving me open access to her hole. I felt her shutter as the first wave of her orgasm hit. I kept plowing into her over and over as she started to moan. My cock began to tense and she could tell I was about to cum.

“You’re gonna cum in my mouth,” she yelped.

She then quickly turned and dropped to her knees in front of me. She grabbed my cock and thrust it into her mouth, which sent me over the edge. I began dumping stream after stream of jizz into her mouth. I grabbed the back of her head and held her there as I exploded time after time. After my final eruption I withdrew my dick from her mouth and she proceeded to let all my cum run out of her mouth and down her chin. She then scooped it all back into her mouth with her fingers and swallowed the whole load. The sight of that made me rock hard again instantly.

“Now that the first one is out of the way,” she stated, “I am gonna more comfortable.”

She stood Esenyurt Escort up and pulled out the chair from the desk. She patted the seat indicating for me to sit. I did as instructed and sat down. She moved in front of me and lowered her skirt back into place. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, then kicked it aside. She then unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it on the desk. She stood in front of me in just a black lace bra and matching garter belt with nude stockings and those sexy navy blue open-toed spike high heels. I wanted her again.

“Sit up straight,” she ordered. I complied quickly.

She walked over to me and turned around, sticking her sexy ass in my face. She bent over and then snapped back until she was lying with her back on my chest. She placed her legs outside mine and then proceeded to line-up my cock with her cunt. She was still soaked beyond words. I slid in easily and she began to rock.

She started bouncing up and down on my rod, going faster and faster. I could feel her pussy juices running all over my cock and balls. She continued to ride me up and down, unclasping and removing her bra while she did so. As she rocked she began pinching and tweaking her nipples, then she started to shutter. She bounced harder and faster as she came. She screamed wildly as her cunt flooded with juices. I started to tense and she knew I was close again.

“Fill me up,” she screamed. “Fill me you fuckstud, fill my pussy.”

That’s all it took as I exploded with thunderous force. Over and over I filled her twat with stream after stream of goo. I could feel my juice and her mixing in her cunt as it ran all over my stiff rod. She finally stopped bouncing and stepped forward, forcing my dick out of her. She then sat on the edge of the bed and laid back. I sat there for a moment and admired the beauty of her body as she lay there panting.

“Two down, two to go,” she reminded me without moving. “Time for you to clean me out.”

She then lifted her legs into the air and grabbed her ankles with her hands, opening her pussy wide for me to see. My spunk mixed with hers was oozing out of her hole. I knew what she wanted so I got down on my knees and crawled over to her waiting snatch. I instantly buried my tongue in her saturated cunt. I licked and sucked like never before, tasting the mixture of our fluids. I lapped at her lips and nibbled at her clit while adding my saliva to the mixture of fluids inside her. She started to squirm so I licked faster. I went up and down her pussy lips and in and out of her twat. I sucked and bit and lapped at her pussy endlessly. She started to squirm more and more with moans of pleasure. Finally, when she could take no more, she pushed my head away.

“Ok stud, are you ready to go again,” she asked.

“I couldn’t resist you if I wanted to,” I responded.

She then flipped herself over onto her stomach and crawled up on the bed. As she positioned herself on her hands and knees, no words were needed. I climbed on the bed and entered her from behind. Amazingly she was still flooded with juice and easily penetrated. Our hips again began to rock in rhythm, slowly at first, then faster as we went. Emma again started to shutter and shake in pleasure. She then looked back over her shoulder at me and instructed me, “Pull my hair, baby.” I wasted no time in reaching out and grabbing a handful of her lovely blonde hair. I pull her hair hard and used it as way to pull myself harder into her each time we rocked. She screamed with delight as she had a monumental orgasm, cumming all over my cock.

I could feel my third load building and I knew I was not going to last long. I pulled her hair as hard as I could as I crashed into her each time. She felt me tensing and commanded me, “Cum on my back stud.” Her wish was my command, as I pulled out and unleashed a volcanic outpouring of cum all over her back. Three short spurts were all I had left in me. I collapsed in a heap next to her, out of breath. I looked over at the clock and reality set in.

“I should shower, it’s almost time for me to go,” I reminded her.

“Yes you should,” she said as she kissed me on cheek and pushed me off the bed towards the bathroom.

I walked into the bathroom, turned the water on and removed the rest of my cloths. I jumped into the shower and took a long minute under the hot water to recount what had just happened. I guess it was longer than a minute because the next thing I knew, I felt a set of hands come up from behind me and start lightly scratching my chest.

“Don’t turn around,” she instructed. “I said four loads, and if you didn’t believe me, I am going to get them.”

She then filled her right hand with shampoo and lathered up my cock. She started stroking me from behind using the shampoo as a lube. She worked faster and faster, jerking me off for all she was worth. I quickly came very hard, my knees buckled. She removed her hand and exited the shower.

I finished showering and dressed; leaving the black lace thongs I had worn on the bed for her. She met me at the door, dressed in only a robe. I kissed her on the cheek as she opened the door for me to exit.

“See you soon,” I said, half asking, half stating.

“You know you will,” she confirmed. “Sex like this is what your dreams are made of.”

Those Not-So-Dark Secrets


The slim, buxom geekette with green-dyed hair and glasses felt content as she lay under the dark-haired, likewise slim and always smiling friend of hers. Elvira’s Thursday had been interesting: programming from nine to four, reading a really good book in a comfortable chair from four to seven, and from seven to 7:20 or so, lying ecstatic under her good friend and getting something good slid in her… so many times, so fast.

Elvira was still enjoying slow pulses of the orgasm, slow and distant, almost forgotten, and wondering if it was just her mind. Matt lay atop her, his thick cock buried deep in her, now already softening a bit after his great deed; her massive orgasm had brought him to cum in her in such a massive way that she couldn’t remember anyone she had been lately that could have done that.

“Do you mind if I kiss this?” Matt asked.

“Go ahead”, Elvira said. Matt gave Elvira’s silver pentagram pendant, nestled between her breasts, a gentle kiss.

“Mmmmh. That was so good, my sexy nerd friend”, Matt said.

“Thank you so much, Matt…” Elvira said.

“You know, I don’t know that many gals that have that one spot in such an easy place…”

“What spot?”

“Mmm, just a random thing of mine. Just— just that one spot where I can easily bump the tip of my cock onto, when we’re in missionary position… It makes me feel sooo great”, Matt said.

Elvira giggled. “I’ve got plenty of good spots, you know.”

“Are you still in mood for more?” Matt asked with a wide grin.

“Ooo-ooh, heck yeah!” Elvira said with a teasing tone and a big grin.

Matt grinned. “Would you mind doing something a bit kinkier?”

“Like what?” Elvira asked.

“I don’t know – what would turn you on?”

“Well, let’s see…” Elvira held up her other hand and started counting with her fingers, looking at the ceiling with a playful, exaggeratedly ponderous look. “First, big guys cumming deep in me…” Elvira Escort Esenyurt said and smiled.

Matt grinned. “We just did that!”

“…number two, sleeping in wet spots…”

Matt grinned even more. “Well, that sort of needs to wait, but I’m sure you will do that, tonight…”

“…err…” Elvira was lost for a while. “Number three: In case you didn’t notice, I really love giving blowjobs…” she said and grinned.

“I noticed! And we did it today!” Matt grinned even further.

“…number four: I really like condoms…”

Matt looked puzzled. “Really? What’s so special about them?”

“Well, I just kind of feel like I’ve done something good for this world when I see a lot of used condoms in a trash can.”

Matt laughed. “I see! If you feel it that way, maybe we could do that too… maybe not today, though? Okay, anything else?”

Elvira held up all five fingers and lowered her hand. “I like being cummed on.” Elvira grinned. “Well, I don’t like to get it on my hair and not really on my face, but nothing beats hot cum on shower-fresh skin all over my stomach and chest…”

Matt grinned and stood up on his knees between Elvira’s legs. “Well, that’s something I’d love to help with…”

Elvira smiled dreamily and watched Matt as he began masturbating, hardening pretty fast, answering her smile with his own. Matt wasted no time, wanking faster and faster, swallowing a bit and letting out a bit of a groan in mid-way, pushing himself to go at it more and more furiously.

“Nnh, here comes – Oooh—ooh yeah!” Matt said with a content groan, thrusting his hips forward and pulling his hand and foreskin away just in time away as he cummed, his first spurt of sperm landing on Elvira’s chest, big glops dripping slow between her breasts, small drops of it in her hair and face. His second jet, half a second later, landed mostly on her stomach. For the following moments, Matt Escort Avcılar stood there on his knees, with an erect cock still letting a weak drip of cum on Elvira’s lower stomach.

Elvira grinned. Her vision had blurred teensy bit, a few big drops of cum having landed on her glasses. She smiled happily as she saw him enjoy himself, and how he looked so accomplished right how, yet clearly in mood for even more fun. The feeling of the cum on her was an even better part, with the stinging hotness of the cum quickly turning into wonderful cool slimy-in-a-good-way feeling.

“Ye gods, I really love guys who can cum this much”, Elvira said.

“Heh, I’m glad I can make you feel good.” Matt smiled and kept rubbing his cock, looking quite eager to do something more. “Once more in doggy-style, dear?”

“Sure!” Elvira said, rolled to her side and got on all fours.

Elvira smiled, humming a tune a little bit, until she felt Matt take a hold of her left hip, probably aiming with his other hand as he guided himself in Elvira’s pussy. Elvira sighed happily as Matt slid himself in in Elvira’s hot, wet hole, taking a good grip of her hips as he drove his six inches of thick cock in her, all the way.

Matt began humping Elvira with a determined pace, breathing hard as he carefully slid in her a few times, and let out a bit of a content hum as his pace turned a bit dreamier for a while.

Elvira closed her eyes, and slowly started to move along with Matt’s moves, countering each slow thrust with her own moves, picking up speed slowly, steadily guiding Matt toward her own pleasure. The speed grew slowly, the only sounds in the air the mild croak of the old wood frame of the bed under the two friends, and the sweet, wet, squelching of the lovemaking as Matt slid in Elvira again and again. Sounds of sweetness, Elvira though.

And in that gentle serenity, Elvira was surprised how her arousal Escort Beylikdüzü grew almost unannounced, and her orgasm came, making her unable to breath for a while or make any sound as she squeezed gently but noticeably around Matt’s cock, her body throbbing and giving her the shivers of her lifetime once again.

“Ooooh… mmm… my sexy witch!” Matt shouted, and went on with even greater, far more vigorous speed, and Elvira found it harder to keep up, the pentagram pendant on her neck swinging hard enough to hit her on chest and even flail on her face.

“Nnnnh… gaaaaah!” Elvira howled as she had her second orgasm, far harder than the first one.

The bed croaked louder and louder as Matt went on, determined to bring Elvira to the greatest bliss so far. The bed banged on the wall, making books on the shelf and the night-stand come falling down on the floor.

“Oooh—Matt!!!” Elvira shouted as Matt drew his cock in her for the last time, giving her every bit of its thickness. Matt’s stone-hard cock spurted in her, and she swore she could almost hear it when his first throb came, filling her with the wonderful seed of his. Matt let out a loud groan of pleasure.

Elvira screamed a loud shriek of joy as her own bliss came to a wonderful electric bloom once more. “Ohhhh wow!”, she heard Matt shout as she came, tensing really hard around Matt’s thick manhood, taking him almost completely by surprise. Elvira panted hard, and her arms felt feeble. She managed to stay up, catching her breath, gently throwing her hair behind her quickly and hoping to get at least something in good order.

Matt let out a happy sigh as he enjoyed the bliss of Elvira throbbing hard around him. “Man, I guess you have problems faking orgasms if you ever need to”, Matt said, and slowly slid out of her.

Elvira fell on her side, and took a cat-like position, gesturing Matt to come close to her. She took him into a gentle embrace. “People still do that?”

Matt laughed.

“Mmmh… have you found any… ‘good spots’… while taking me from behind, too?” Elvira asked. “I could have sworn you ran into a few, you know…”

Matt grinned. “I think I did, and I’d sure love to look for more some other day, my dear sexy witch friend…”

There Has to be a Morning After…


Will cursed to himself as the early morning sunlight streamed into his bedroom window. He wasn’t quite ready to get up yet, and the sun was making that task pretty damn difficult. To hell with it, he thought as he slowly moved out of bed, trying not to wake up Julie, who was wrapped around one of the many pillows on his bed.

Julie. His best friend Julie. Julie, the one he fucked all night last night. He looked at her while he walked around the room, finding pieces of his wardrobe so he could go downstairs and make nice with the coffee pot. God, she’s beautiful, Will thought as he threw the rest of their clothes on the couch. He quickly pulled on a pair of boxers and a rumpled t-shirt before closing the bedroom door behind him.

He finally made his way downstairs and Nick was sitting on the couch, watching a movie. “Hey,” Will grumbled as he made his way into the kitchen. He blindly got out his favorite mug and poured himself a cup. Two sugars and no cream, just the way he liked it. He trudged back into the living room and sat down on the loveseat opposite of Nick, who was just looking at him with an amused look on his face.

“What?” Will asked, his mug poised right above his lips. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“What time did you make it to bed last night?” Nick asked, looking over at Will from the top of his own coffee mug. Nick watched Will intently, waiting for an answer.

“About four,” Will replied, finally grateful he could send the warm liquid down his throat. He took another sip and then sat the cup down on the end table. “Why?”

“Is Julie still here?” Nick smirked, looking as if he already knew the answer to the question but just wanted confirmation. “I didn’t hear her leave.”

“She hasn’t left,” Will answered him. “She’s asleep still.” He wasn’t volunteering anymore information. He picked up his mug again and took a big sip, coffee burning all the way down to his stomach. He took a smaller sip this time, cooling it off before swallowing.

“I wonder if she knows she coos like a pigeon when she comes.”

Will started sputtering and having a coughing fit. “Excuse me?” he exclaimed when he was able to talk again.

“I’m not stupid, Will. Julie spent the night here.” Nick said, his voice having an accusatory tone to it. He looked at Will, expecting him to deny that something happened between him and Julie.

“No shit, Nick,” Will said, defending himself. “She was drunk and didn’t drive, remember?”

“Yeah, I remember. But somehow I didn’t think fucking you all night was part of the package deal.”

Will put his coffee mug down and matched Nick’s stare. “What makes you think we fucked last night?”

“I heard the headboard banging against the wall, for starters. I know what sex sounds like, and I know what sex sounds like with you. I can’t believe you fucked her. And especially in this house.” Nick picked up the television remote and clicked the TV off, knowing he had just opened a can of worms.

Will drained the last of his coffee and stood up, grabbing the mug on his way up. “Will Escort Beylikdüzü you stop saying that like I did something wrong? We’ve wanted to do that for a long time and we just gave into the urge last night. And I liked it. I liked it a lot. And if she wants to, we’re going to do it again.” Will walked into the kitchen and slammed his mug down into the sink. He was getting mad as hell. How dare Nick be angry with him for having sex with Julie? That’s none of his business; not now, not ever.

“So are you two a couple now?” Nick asked, breaking into Will’s thoughts. “Are you going to be fucking her every night?”

Will turned around to face Nick, who was standing right behind him. “And what if I am? I’m not with you, and I’ll never be with you. You need to just understand that. We had one night, Nick,” Will exclaimed, holding his index finger up for emphasis. “One night, and I’ve regretted it ever since. I don’t know what’s going on with Julie, but it feels good, and I don’t see why I should ignore my feelings, just because it makes you mad!” Will turned on his heel and stormed through the living room, back upstairs, and into his bedroom. He forgot Julie was sleeping and slammed the door and flung himself onto the bed.

“What the hell, Will?” Julie exclaimed, unhappy she was so rudely awakened. She was very hung over, and didn’t appreciate the wake-up call from hell. She sat up and wiped her hair out of her face like she did so many times after she’d slept it off in Will’s bed. But this morning was different; she was naked from head to toe. She wrapped herself in the one of the blankets and lay back down.

“I’m sorry, Jules,” Will said, rolling over so he could face her. “I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“Let me guess,” Julie said, sitting up again and leaning against the headboard. “Nick figured out what happened between us last night, and had a fucking fit about it because he’s still got feelings for you.” Julie tilted her head, waiting for Will’s reply.

“Damn, girl. You’re on this morning,” Will said, crawling under the covers beside her. “You hit the nail right on the head. He’s pissed off.”

“What the hell does he want from you?” Julie asked. “Are you supposed to go back down there and tell him you’re sorry?”

“That’s exactly what he wants and I damn sure ain’t doing that!” Will exclaimed. He took a long, deep breath and closed his eyes, not wanting to see her reaction yet. “I’m not sorry about what happened between us last night. It was a long time fucking coming if you ask me.” Will looked at Julie and he realized he was holding his breath waiting for her response. “Are you sorry? Do we talk about this or pretend it never happened?”

“I’m not sorry and I want to discuss this,” Julie said, leaning her head against the wall. “I’m really at a loss for words right now,” she admitted, not really looking him in the eye.

“Well, I’ll start. I’m really glad we had sex, Julie. I’ve wanted you for a long time. I could think of a million reasons why we shouldn’t have done it, and I can Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan think of a million reasons why I’m glad we did,” Will admitted. He bent forward and pulled Julie’s face towards his, placing a well-timed kiss on her lips. Julie felt herself physically relax when Will kissed her, and she leaned into him, wrapping her arms around his neck. He kissed her slowly and tentatively, retesting the boundaries they crossed last night. They continued to kiss, their hands running up and down each other’s bodies. Will was losing his resolve again, knowing Julie was completely naked under the blanket she was wrapped in.

“Fuck this,” he said out loud, breaking their kiss. He snatched the blanket from Julie’s form and pulled her naked body tightly against his. He attacked her mouth with fierce determination, his body blanketing hers as they lay. Julie stopped breathing in the two seconds it took his mouth to claim hers, to dominate her body with his own. His hands were all over her body at once; his fingertips trailing lines of fire up her bare thighs, his hands cupping her butt cheeks as he lifted her up, urging her to wrap her long legs around his waist. Their mouths mated as Julie’s hands roamed his back and muscular arms, she couldn’t get enough of him, couldn’t stop the quaking that she felt erupting in her body just from his touch alone.

“This isn’t right,” Julie said breathlessly, breaking their kiss.

“You’re not into this again?” Will asked, suddenly confused. He could feel the heat from her body radiating onto his.

She laughed out loud. “No, not that,” she said. “I’m naked and you’re not.”

Will let out an audible sigh of relief at Julie’s last statement. “Well, that’s not going to be a problem for much longer.” Will got off the bed and in less than thirty seconds, he was as naked as she was, his erection casting a commanding shadow against the wall.

Will quickly rejoined Julie on the bed, their lips finding each other once more, his hands playing with her exposed nipple. He bent his head, taking the nipple into his mouth. Julie moaned, feeling his teeth gently nibble on the hardening nub.

Julie’s hands were in his hair, kneading his scalp with her long nails as he suckled against her breast. Julie was moaning, the sensations of his mouth making her hum, making her body ache with need. Please was all she was able to moan as his fingers began playing with the soft hairs between her legs.

Will nudged Julie’s legs apart, tracing his fingers along her moist lips, the tips just barely penetrating her core. Julie was momentarily frozen as she suddenly felt Will’s hand touch her pussy. In their fierce love-making the night before, Julie was sure Will never put his hands anywhere near her pussy. Gathering her moisture he easily and slowly slid his finger inside of her. He moved his face level with hers; looking deep into her eyes as he fingered her. Julie’s face was red, her eyes hooded, and her mouth parted just barely enough to allow her labored breathing to pass.

“You Beylikdüzü Escort like that?” Will asked, never taking his eyes off her while he slid another figure inside her. He increased his pace, moaning from her inner heat. She was clenching against his finger, writhing on his hand as he moved inside of her.

“Oh, God, yeah,” Julie moaned, thrusting her pussy on his fingers. Will knew from past experience she was close, he could feel the tension in her body screaming for release. Applying pressure with his thumb, he massaged her clit, his fingers still pumping inside of her ferociously. She came with a shrill scream, her body bending back on the bed as she came around his hand.

“Shit, Will,” Julie said breathlessly. “Where did you learn to do that?” Julie tried to slow her breathing down; she’d never had an orgasm that strong and that fast before. Last night’s orgasm was building and slow. What Will just did to her now was blinding and fast.

“I’m just good like that,” he said with a slight grin. “Besides, after the head you gave me last night I needed to show my appreciation.” They both laughed and Julie interrupted his laugh with a steamy kiss against his lips. They kissed until their lips were swollen, their bodies moving slowly against one another, the feeling too great to take in all at once. Will climbed on top of Julie, holding her down against the mattress, grinding his hips against hers, trying to place the juncture between her legs where it would do them the most good.

“I guess last night wasn’t an accident,” Julie said, feeling Will’s cock pulsating at her entrance. He rubbed the tip in her juices, before pushing further. Julie bit down on her lower lip, watching as he slowly pushed himself inside of her. They both moaned in unison, Julie spreading her legs further apart in an attempt to get him deeper.

“No, it wasn’t,” Will affirmed. He pushed all the way in, his body going numb from the sheer bliss of heaven. This is where he wanted to stay for the rest of his life. He moved slowly at first, bringing himself all the way out, then all the way in. “I don’t want it to be.”

As Julie got used to the feel of him stretching her, filling her, she wrapped her legs around him, urging him to go faster with her heels digging into his tight ass. He obliged happily, keeping a steady tempo. Julie was moaning, his long shaft stroking her g-spot with each thrust. She could feel each pulse of his heart through the thick vein inside of her, stretching her.

Will was no longer able to watch as his eyes closed, the sensations fluttering around him making his balls clench. He thought fucking Julie last night was amazing; there were no words for what he was feeling now. He was almost ready to come, and he feared he wouldn’t be able to last long, not with the vice grip within her walls.

“Oh God, Will… please don’t stop…” Julie began to chant, immense pleasure building with in her. And he didn’t stop; he kept thrusting with in her, his body moving with speed and grace as they slammed their hips against each other. His jaw was clenched, his hands were gripping at her hips and he could feel the burn in his thighs.

He could feel her climax approaching; he could feel it from her muscles quivering from the inside out. When she screamed his name, he released his seed, their orgasms overlapping each other with a blinding flash of pleasure.

The Young Sales Executive Ch. 03


Jessica swiped the lock on her hotel room door and immediately went in to the bathroom. Starring in the mirror she focused on the image in front of her. She began questioning herself about the events that had just taken place. She was a married woman and she just gave another man a blowjob in his car. Her biggest realizations were scary to her. Firstly, she wasn’t feeling guilty about doing it. Although that may changed when she has to face her husband in two days. Her second reality check was how much she enjoyed it. She had never been with another man except her husband. Sucking this man’s cock was scary and exhilarating; her pussy was still dripping wet as a result.

She could still taste his semen in her mouth. Grabbing her toothbrush she began to load it up with toothpaste when her cell phone chimed. Putting the toothbrush down she grabbed her phone up to see a text from her husband Josh.

“I’m heading to bed love. I hope you had a great day and I will talk to you in the morning.” He signed it off with the heart eyed emoji like he usually did.

Sitting on the bed, she leaned over and plugged her phone in for the night. Her dress climbed up and revealed her panties. As she returned to the sitting position she looked down at the wet spot on them. Her fingers slowly moved down to see just how wet they were before taking them off and throwing them beside her suitcase.

Her fingers found their way back to her pussy and gently caressed her delicate folds. Covering them in her wetness, she lay back on the bed thinking about sucking Jack’s cock. She relived the feeling of his balls exploding and draining down her throat. She had no choice really because he held her there while he flooded her with his seed.

The taste in her mouth immediately came back in to focus and she licked her lips as she started pushing her fingers into herself. She was soaking wet and only getting wetter as she sped up her movements. She was an expert at this and made sure that just the right amount of attention and pressure was running over her rock hard clitoris.

Her mind replayed the episode in the car; looking over as he undid his pants and pulled his cock out and his hand gently guiding her head down to it. How easily she let him guide her there and how willing her mouth was to take his cock in.

What if he had wanted more? What if after sucking his cock hard he told her to get in the backseat so he could fuck her? Her hands raced furiously over her pussy at the thought bringing her orgasm unexpectedly.

Removing her dress she climbed up the bed and got under the covers. Her mind went back to the scenario about the back seat. Would she have let him fuck her? Would she go that far to seal the deal? She couldn’t say for sure, but was fairly confident that would have been a deal breaker.

A restless night of sleep turned to a morning with a wet spot on the bed. She was very aware she spent the entire night thinking about Jack and all the things he could have done to her. Looking at the clock, she had enough time for one little orgasm before she jumped in the shower. After all, she didn’t want to be distracted and thinking about his cock on the final day of meetings.

After a shower and some room service breakfast, she made her way out to Jorge. He stood there in his wrinkled black suit holding her door open. She smiled at him as she got closer.

His broad smile showed every tooth in his mouth. “Buenos dias Miss Jessica, you look beautiful as always.”

“Hola Jorge, thank you.” She felt beautiful.

This afternoon, she needed to go shopping. She was now wearing her suit and this humidity didn’t bode well. In the future, she would only be packing dresses and skirts and a lot more of them.

In the lobby, she sat reading her email waiting for her escort. Shortly after her arrival, her technical sales specialist showed up and sat across from her.

“Well? How did it go last night?” Jeff was a brilliant systems engineer.

“Well…I think we may have done it.” Jessica’s excitement came through.

“I had dinner with the other managers last night and they said it all depended on their VP at this point. They were all sold on the product and the demos.” Jeff was at the edge of his seat with excitement.

Our escort arrived and they stood to shake his hand. Dan was the director of information technology and key decision maker. He looked over at Jess, “I hope you talked some sense in to him last night, because I’m sold.” He chuckled.

In the boardroom they reviewed the final specifications of the equipment with the core team. Jack was nowhere to be seen. “Will Mr. Deschaine be joining us today?” Jessica inquired.

Dan responded apologetically, “He is tied up in meetings for the most part, but said he will try and get down before lunch.”

Jessica smiled and was a bit relieved at not having the distraction of his eyes in the room.

As lunch rolled around they had finished all the details. Exact specifications and parts were decided on. Now it was just the final Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir stamp from Jack and her work here was done. Dan called Jack’s admin assistant and inquired to his availability. After a quick conversation he hung up the phone.

“Great News! Jack is on his way down now.” He was genuinely excited. They had been having some stability issues and our equipment would solve it.

Jack strolled in and made a point of looking at Jess last. She took the opportunity to look him over. He dressed sharply and was convinced everything he owned was tailor made.

“Good Morning Jessica!” His hand extended to her.

“Good Morning Mr Deschaine, how are you this morning?” Her smile was genuine.

“I had a great night last night and slept like a baby.” He was still holding her hand. “I understand you have everything ready to go and it’s just a final review of the numbers and my signature. Is that right?”

“You got it right.” Jess smiled at him.

“I have another meeting at 1:30 and then I’m tied up for the afternoon. What do you say we go grab some lunch and go over the numbers? Dan you can take the rest of the team out? Does that work for everyone?”

The room nodded in agreement.

Jess followed Jack back to his office to get his jacket and keys. “Can we just do the review here and then head out?” He asked politely.

Jess quickly pulled out the numbers and the contract. Jack pointed his finger at the bottom line. “$1.4 million?” he stated.

“Equipment, support and training are all included.” She hadn’t finished saying it and Jack had signed the contract.

“Okay, let’s get you some lunch.” He grabbed his keys and opened his office door for her.

He opened the passenger door for her and watched her climb in. She was stunning. He preferred her in a dress but her ass looked amazing those slacks. Her blouse clung to her chest instantly upon stepping out in to the humid Houston air. As she sat, he made a point of looking down the top of it before closing the door.

Starting the car he turned the air conditioner on full blast before turning to her. “How does it feel to land your first big deal?”

“I’m very appreciative Jack.” She smiled.

“So am I.” His grin was devilish and she had expected as much. “We do our capital purchases every other month, so you should probably plan on coming down every couple months at a minimum. I don’t do business with companies, I do business with people.”

“Absolutely! I will definitely plan to come down regularly.” She nodded in agreement as well.

“If your product is as good as my team thinks it is I will give you introduce you to some of my competitors.” He was matter of fact in his statement.

The thought of regular sales like this made her beam. “That would be wonderful Jack.”

Starting the car he put it in gear and headed to the street. His big hand moved from the shifter and rested on her mid thigh. Occasionally he gave her a gentle squeeze. “Did you like sucking my cock Jess?”

Jess fumbled in her mind for the right answer. She didn’t want to like it, but she might offend him if she lied and said she didn’t. “I can honestly say it was a surprise.” She could live with that response.

He chuckled. “You have a hot mouth, I could barely hold back from the minute you started. When I got home, I took my wife and fucked her silly. I gave the fucking that I should have given you last night.”

Jessica was speechless. How do you respond to that except to smile politely?

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t force you do anything you didn’t want to do.” He squeezed her thigh again. “I’m curious though, would you have let me?”

“No.” Jess blurted it out and watched his eyebrows rise. “I mean, we couldn’t have anyway.”

After lunch the car was quiet on the ride back. “So…do you leave tonight or tomorrow?” He had to break the silence.

“My flight leaves at 6 AM, so I have to be there for 4.” She rolled her eyes as she said 4 AM.

“What do you have planned tonight?” His words were casual.

“I planned on doing some shopping at Galleria and getting a goodnight sleep.” She looked down at his hand that returned to her thigh.

“I would love to spend some more time with you before you go Jess.” He was sincere in his tone. “I understand about the early flights though…believe me, I’ve been there and it’s never fun.”

Entering his office he closed the door and climbed behind his big oak desk. “Thank you for everything Jess. I look forward to seeing you again soon.”

“I look forward to more visits and business too!” She made a point of emphasizing the word “business”

“If you get bored tonight or want some company for dinner give me a call.” He handed her his card with his cell number scribed on the back.

“Thank you again for the business.” She stood and held her arms open as it somehow felt more appropriate.

Jack stood quickly and put his arms around her tiny little frame. His hand gently grabbed her ass and İstanbul Escort pulled her towards him. His erection strained at the fabric of his pants and ground against her.

Jess couldn’t pretend that she didn’t feel his erection. The embrace lasted much longer than she originally anticipated. He stood there grinding himself against her until his big hand slid up her back and rested under her hair at the back of her neck. Tilting her face up, he kissed her deeply.

His free hand moved from her ass slowly making its way up her side to her chest. Squeezing her through the material of her shirt and bra as he pressed his tongue deep in to her mouth.

Jessica was lost and opened her mouth as he began to methodically fuck her mouth with his tongue. His hands felt good squeezing at her breast.

“I’ve always wanted to do it in my office!” Jack’s voice was like a teenage boy’s desperate plea. He began kissing her neck and undoing her blouse revealing her delicious breasts popping out the top of her bra.

Jess looked down as blouse folded open and his hands squeezed her breasts and his mouth kissed and suckled at her cleavage. He was like a wild animal and couldn’t focus on any one thing. He groped her ass and breasts, kissed her lips, neck and breasts like a man in heat.

Jack couldn’t believe his good fortune. A gorgeous woman that he could enjoy regularly, it was perfect. He reached down and pulled his zipper down before guiding her hand to the opening. Instinctively she reached in and squeezed his cock before pulling it out.

Jess grabbed his hard cock and realized he wasn’t wearing underwear. He was rock hard and she knew what he wanted. She pushed him back against his desk before lowering herself to her knees. His manhood stood out proudly inches from her lips. A large drop of pre-cum stretched its way to the floor.

“Stick out your tongue.” He was breathing hard. Her tongue slipped out of her mouth and he jerked his cock off at it. Placing the head on her tongue he squeezed the rest of his precum out on to it. “Let me see you swallow my seed.”

As his cum oozed on her tongue, she was reminded of how revolting she had always found it. She swallowed it and opened her mouth before letting his cock slide along her tongue to her waiting mouth.

Jacks balls twitched at the sight of his cock disappearing in her mouth. Her tiny hand was sliding up and down the shaft stroking wildly as she sucked. He knew it would only be a matter of time before he exploded.

Jess sucked his cock to the back of her mouth. Tonguing wildly as his cock continued to invade her mouth with an endless flow of semen. He was close and she knew she had to finish him off before he got other ideas. She was enjoying his cock. It was hard and smooth and the perfect size for sucking.

Jack placed one hand on the back of her head and pushed his cock in to her mouth causing her to gag. His cock stiffened and he held it there before backing off again. He was going to fuck her mouth like a pussy. He reached down and slipped one hand under her bra squeezing her bare breast as he fucked her hot little mouth.

“Mmm yes, that’s good baby. I’m gonna shoot another big load down that throat of yours.” His voice hushed so others outside couldn’t hear.

Every other thrust Jack pushed his cock in to her throat causing her to gag. She was trying to prepare herself and see if she could take more, but she couldn’t. His big hand squeezing at her breast felt good and made her pussy melt.

“Oh FUCK! Are you ready for it? Open your mouth!” he gasped his commands

Jessica opened her mouth as he pulled his cock back leaving just the head in and flooded her mouth with his cum.

“Don’t swallow it yet!” he commanded her.

Keeping his head in her mouth she tongued and sucked at him making sure he was empty.

“Let me see it.” He was starring down at her wide eyed. “I want to see my load in that pretty little mouth of yours.”

Tilting her head up, she slowly opened her mouth revealing a huge load of his creamy white cum. He stroked his still hard cock before placing it at her lips. “Mmm, suck me some more.”

Jess parted her mouth letting him slip in without spilling his cum and he began fucking her mouth again.

“Good girl Jess, swallow daddy’s cum now.” His hands held her head as he fucked her mouth.

Jess began swallowing and his felt the slow descent of his load down her throat. His cock stopped moving and he just held it there as it began to soften in her mouth.

Jack pulled her to her feet and kissed her forcing his tongue in her mouth, sword fighting with hers. She kissed him back with a lust in her making him want to keep her here forever.

Jessica’s pussy dripped. She loved how he knew what he wanted and took it. She almost felt powerless against his needs for her. He was so eager and it excited her.

Grabbing a hand full of her silky blonde hair he broke their kiss. “You are addictive!”

As he started to get himself Escort İstanbul put back together Jessica took her queue and did the same. Quickly looking at her compact to ensure she was still presentable before a final adjustment of her blouse.

“Are you sure you can’t do weekly visits?” He frowned.

“I’m not sure I could explain that to my bosses.” She giggled. “I’ll be back soon enough. I’m sure I’m not your only sales person.”

Jack looked at her amused, if she only knew the truth about that statement.

As Jessica put her hand on the door handle to leave, Jack whispered, “Remember to give me a call later if you get bored.”

Jess gave him her knowing smile and walked away. After heading back to the hotel, and attacking her pussy with her bullet until she exploded, she jumped in the shower. She was still super horny and needed to get home to Josh sooner than later. She needed to get fucked badly.

She returned from the Galleria with more than she expected. She bought so much in fact, she needed to buy a new suitcase to take it all home. Spreading her finds across the bed she admired her new purse, the sexy new heels, bras and panties and of course an assortment of lingerie. She really started to wonder is she went overboard, but told herself she was celebrating a huge commission.

The last bag had a low cut sundress, a couple casual dresses and a sequined evening dress with a deep plunge neckline that slung over one shoulder. She had fully anticipated eating at the mall, but the distraction of shopping was overwhelming and she forgot about food entirely. Now she was back in the hotel room toying with what to have for dinner.

Just as she flicked the television on her phone chimed indicating a text message. “Please have dinner with me in the lobby restaurant.” She didn’t recognize the phone number but was pretty certain it had to be Jack.


Jack:Yeah, I needed to see you again. Is that okay?

Jessica:Are you in the lobby now?

Jack:Yes, I just got here.

Jessica:Give me a few minutes to get dressed and I will be down.

Jack:Need help?

Jessica:I will be down in a minute.

Jessica’s mind raced in excitement and confusion. She looked at the close on her bed and wondered what to wear, finally deciding on the grey cotton dress. It came to mid thigh, the top was loose with flowing short sleeves while the skirt part fit firmly and accentuated by pleating the material. Slipping in to a pair of black lace cheeky panties and a matching bra, she pulled the dress on. Her new crimson heels really set the look off as she admired her outfit in the mirror.

Immediately upon stepping off the elevator she saw Jack sitting in the lobby with his back to her. She walked up behind him and put her hands over his eyes, “Guess who?”

He quickly turned around and looked at her. “I have no idea, but I would love to!”

Jess blushed immediately in embarrassment as the stranger smiled at her. “I’m so sorry! I thought you were someone else.” Quickly looking around she caught eyes with Jack. He had clearly seen the whole episode judging by the laughter.

Walking up to Jack she hit him with her purse. “You just let me do that?”

Jack was still laughing, “I waved but you decided to introduce yourself to him instead of looking this way.”

“I’m so embarrassed.” She imagined her face and shoes to be the same color.

“I see you went shopping.” His eyes wandered up and down her body. “You look stunning.” He paused for her responsive smile. “Have you eaten yet?”

Shaking her head, “No, I was just thinking about what to eat actually.”

“Were you going to call me?” His lips smirked inquisitively.

“I’m not sure, but you made the decision easy for me didn’t you?” She mimicked his smirk and posture.

“I like how it turned out.” His smile widened.

After a light dinner they retired to the cocktail hour and talked like old friends. The conversation about work never came up, that was apparently done for this trip. She felt worldly rubbing elbows with people like Jack. He talked about places he had been and his college football days. He had finally alluded to his age as well in his cheesy statement, “In 56 years, I’ve never met a woman like you Jessica.”

There it was he was almost 30 years older than her. He sure didn’t look like a man in his fifties. He was very fit and full of energy. At this point, it didn’t really change anything between them. She wasn’t taking him home to meet her parents or anything.

“Would you be open to…maybe a nightcap in your room Jess?” His breath was hot on her ear as he whispered into it.

“Maybe a quick one, morning is going to be awful.” She frowned.

Swiping her key in the elevator she pressed the button for the tenth floor. He gently pulled her to him and kissed her. His lips were gentle, like she had never felt them. They kissed their way up to the tenth floor breaking their embrace as the elevator door chimed and opened.

As they entered the room she threw her hand over his eyes, “Don’t look, it’s a mess because I wasn’t expecting a guest!”

He headed for the clothes on the bed. “Wow, you really did go shopping.” His eyes wandered across all the clothes and shoes focusing on the lingerie, bra and panties. “Very nice!” He was holding up a see through teddy.

The Women of Honey Hollow Pt. 06


Chapter 32

By the time I got home I was physically and emotionally drained and I was looking forward to spending some time alone. I had my projects to work on and they were coming along great.

I looked in the fridge for something to eat for supper and found some leftovers that were just a few days old and I figured they would do. I sat down and looked thru my patterns to see what I would start next. There was a nice photo frame that would make a great present and I earmarked the page so I could make a copy later.

I looked over my supplies and found I had plenty of wood to work with so I planned out how I would proceed. I guessed it would be best if I made the frame parts first and cut the decorative design before assembly. It was a simple project, just a lot of detail to cut and finish.

I really didn’t feel like working and since I hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep I laid down for a nap. I had some wild dreams and when I awoke I had a hard time deciding what was real or imagined, my life was becoming a movie reel of erotica and sex. My “harem” had grown little by little and I was thinking I had bit off more than I could chew. Why didn’t I find this place when I was younger?

Mary called and said that next Wednesday was Carol’s 18th birthday and she was planning a surprise party for her. Julie had asked her to put it together because she couldn’t get away with anything with the girls around. The party was going to be held at Julie’s and everyone was going to meet at a central point and descend on the house together. Everyone was bringing something and Mary said she was sure it would be a great time for everyone. I asked about presents and she said to get whatever I wanted. Laughing I said she was a big help and she giggled in the way only Mary can. I told her I knew what she wanted but she would have to wait until we were alone and Mary agreed.

The party gave me something to think about besides how I was going to handle all the pussy around here. I knew I was going to have to take a trip to Knoxville tomorrow and I called Grace to see if she wanted to go with me. Grace was glad I called because she didn’t know what to get Carol either and maybe between the two of us we could figure it out.

I had an early supper and hit the rack because tomorrow was going to be a busy day.

I picked up Grace around eight thirty and we made the hour trip to Knoxville and stopped for a coffee and doughnut because we were a little early for the stores to be open. We had some time to talk and told each other what we had been doing. She asked how the ladies were treating me and I jokingly said I didn’t have to worry about gaining weight. She laughed and agreed that I was getting enough exercise.

We were in a booth that was kind of private and I asked if she had talked with the ladies with college age girls about STD testing and birth control. She said she had and everyone agreed that it was good idea because no one wanted any problems. The women enjoyed bareback sex and didn’t want to have to worry about using condoms when they were in the valley and didn’t want to spoil that.

We finished our coffee and went in the Mall to find something for Carol. I didn’t have the foggiest idea what an eighteen year old girl would be interested in so I was shopping blind. Grace knew her sizes so she picked out a nice outfit that would show off her figure without being slutty. I thought about one of the music devices that all the kids were going around with and found one on sale and it came with a gift card to download music. I decided that even though it was a little expensive I would get it for her. Julie was doing a good job providing for the kids and I knew there wasn’t a lot left over for things they didn’t really need. It was going to be hard enough for her to save enough to send her to college.

While we were in the area we decided we could pick up some things that we couldn’t get in town. I picked up a few packages of scroll saw blades and some more Oak panels as well as some Pine and Cherry boards. I needed some t-shirts and socks for the coming spring and bought them also. Grace had bought some stuff and I didn’t ask what she had in the bags. We had some lunch and headed home. It was good to have a great day with Grace.

Wednesday came soon enough and it had been decided that Mary’s house would be the meeting spot for everyone. I felt a little nervous because I was the only male in a group of 20 people. I looked around and there wasn’t anyone in the group that I would throw out of bed. I was always amazed that everyone I met here in the valley was beautiful in their own way.

We left at the appointed time and all pulled into Julie’s door yard one after another. It must have looked like an invasion if you were looking out the door. We all got out and went into the house without knocking and Carol asked “What the hell is going on?”

When she said that escort bayan esenyurt we all sang Happy Birthday to her and she burst out crying. We had a great big group hug and I had to smile as I was groped more than once. We piled the presents in the corner and went back to the cars to get the food. Julie had set a table for it and there was enough food for a small army. Everyone had something to eat and there was beer and wine served. There were a few other young ladies that were Carol’s age that I hadn’t met yet and they were having their own party. I saw a few beers slipping away but didn’t say anything. I caught Carol’s eye and winked at her letting her know it was cool with me.

After a few hours it was time to open her presents and Carol Oh’d and AH’d each time she opened a package. She got mostly clothes and quite a few books. My small package was on the bottom of the pile and was the last one to be opened. Ripping away the paper she opened the plain box I had wrapped it in and shrieked loudly.

“MOM, look at what Mike got me, an IPOD, can you believe it an IPOD. THANK YOU MIKE.”

She got up and threw herself into my arms, hugging me and kissing me. She surprised me and kissed me hard on the mouth. I kissed her back and but refrained from giving her a deep kiss. She was ripe for loving and I was glad she was finally 18.

The party wound down around 10 and everyone started to excuse themselves, Carol standing at the door thanking everyone for their gifts and for coming to celebrate with her. I held back and was the last to leave. She held on to me and whispered to me that she loved me and to stay available and be her “FIRST”.

I told her that I didn’t have any plans for leaving the valley and I would be proud to be her “first” whenever she was ready. She thanked me again for her IPOD and said when she downloaded some music she would stop by and let me listen to how it sounded.

She walked me to my SUV and when I opened the door she grabbed me again and gave me another kiss. I broke off the kiss and got in the car before I got myself in trouble. I had the feeling that because she turned eighteen I would have an overnight visitor very soon.

I was enjoying a coffee the next morning nursing a slight hangover when Julie knocked and opened the door.

“Mike, are you busy?”

I invited her in and offered her coffee or tea and since I had coffee she said she would have that. She wanted to thank me for being so generous in getting Carol such an expensive gift. Laughing I said that it is only money and if you can bring someone some happiness then that is what is important.

“You know Mike, Carol loves you, she thinks of you as a mentor, a father figure, and she also wants you as a lover. I wanted to tell you that when the time comes you have my blessing to take her into your bed. I know you will be gentle and will make sure her first experience with a man will be special. I know you know she and her sisters are not virgins in the strict sense but they are as far as having a man.”

“You know I will do everything I can to make her first lovemaking special. I want her to grow and develop into her own special adult person. I am expecting that she is getting anxious and will be here very soon. The box has been opened and the lid doesn’t fit anymore.”

“Julie, do you realize what that will open up, once the twins know that Carol has had a man they will want the same thing and they are way too young. They may look like women but 15 is way too young. You have held Carol off until she is of age so you have a standard to go by. I just don’t want you to have a problem with them so early in their lives. Another part of that are the other youngsters in the valley. What is good for one is good for all as far as kids are concerned. This could open a real big can of worms.”

“Mike I know what you are saying and I am afraid also but I just wanted you to know how I felt about you and Carol when the time comes. When she comes home glowing from her first real loving, I will know it was you and you did it right.”

We had another cup of java and talked about how much fun the party was last night. She said how pleased Carol was with everything and how she told her how she had kissed me. I blushed a little and Julie joked asking how good a kisser was she. I told her that she was good and must have been practicing with someone but her mother was still better. She smiled and thanked me leaning over to me to prove my point. Her lips were soft and molded themselves perfectly to mine. Her tongue brushed my lips and I parted then to receive her gift.

We kissed and fondled one another for a time but neither one of us was inclined to take it any further. Soft tits, wet lips and a warm body are always pleasant and we enjoyed each other just by being with one another. Julie excused herself, kissed me and left for home.

I was starting to form a relationship with her family Escort Bayan Avcılar and where would that take all of us. Julie had given me carte blanch with Carol and I would assume if I was still around and able bodied it would be the same with the twins.

Chapter 33

It was a week or so after the party when Carol called me. I was surprised that she had waited so long.

“Hi” she said “Can we get together Mike?”

Right to the point so I decided to tease her a little bit.

“Well we probably could if I knew who I getting together with, why don’t you tell me who you are”.

“It’s me, Carol. Your teasing me now, you knew all along who I was.”

I laughed and confessed, telling her that we could make love anytime she wanted to.

Carol asked if today was ok and I told her to come over after lunch and plan to stay for dinner. I asked to speak to her mother and she put her on.

“Julie do I have permission to make love to Carol today?”

“Yes Mike you have my permission.”

I told her that she would stay for dinner and if it was going to be later she would call and let her know. Julie giggled and said if she wanted to stay the night it would be ok and if she didn’t hear from me in a few days she would take care of the burial and hung up before I could say anything.

Carol showed up around one o’clock and came in my arms as soon as I opened the door to let her in. I kissed her with a deep tongue kiss and she molded her young body against me grinding her sex to me.

I wanted to slow her down so it would be a special time so I offered her a soft drink or something. She opted for water and we sat down to talk for a few minutes. She wanted to know what went on at the parties and I told her SEX. She teased me for details and I told her my decision to keep what went on with anyone stayed with that person or persons. If they wanted to talk about it that was their business buy no one would hear it from me. I told her what we did in bed was our business and I wouldn’t gossip about it and I hoped that she would follow my example. She agreed and said she hoped she would have the inner strength to uphold my standards.

I opened my arms inviting her to sit closed to me and we kissed and petted for a little while. I could tell she was getting impatient so I took her hand and we went to the bedroom. She stood before me and I slowly undressed her. When I took off her bra her breasts were amazing. I had seen them before but because we were alone they seemed so much more special.

They set high on her chest full and round without any sag. The way her nipples pointed upwards they invited me to suck on them. I opened my mouth wide and took in as much as I could, sucking hard. I let the breast slip away and captured the nipple as it passed my lips. I alternated from one tit to the other and she pressed my head to her chest.

She was making soft mewing sounds as I sucked and I slipped her panties down over her hips and let them fall to the floor. I kissed her tummy, moving closer to the fragrance that was driving me crazy. I backed her up and just let my eyes take in the vision of perfection that stood before me. Long flowing hair, a beautiful face, her long neck drew my eyes and it led to her chest that looked like it was airbrushed on a canvas. A narrow waist topped the neat landing strip that pointed to her pussy. The top of a tight slit peaked out from between her legs long enough to make any man drool.

I appreciated the view for a few minutes and stood up to take off my clothes. I removed my shirt and started on my pants but Carol brushed my hand away and finished the job. My cock sprung up and she grabbed it and gave it a few pumps bringing a drop of precum out of my slit.

Carol pushed me down on the bed and she kissed the tip of my cock taking the drop of precum on her tongue and savoring the taste. Her lips closed around the head of my cock and slid down a little further with every trip down the shaft. I was soon fucking her throat and it was like she had been doing it all her life. She stopped at the bottom of a stroke and her tongue lapped at my balls while she hummed a tune that drove me nuts.

I was getting close to cumming and told her so but she didn’t bat an eye and kept sucking and licking me. I gripped the sheets as my cream shot out the tip of my cock and she took it all, slurping and swallowing as each eruption coated her mouth and throat. Looking up with a smile of satisfaction she stroked me with her hand coaxing the last drop from me and licking it off to join the rest of my baby makers in her stomach.

I took her in my arms and we kissed deeply and I could taste my juice on her mouth. She was getting hotter and hotter as we kissed and hugged so I flipped her on her back and slid down between her legs. She didn’t need any instruction about what to do with her legs and they spread impossibly wide. It looked like she Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü was doing a dance split and she raised her hips so I could lick her pussy.

Her tight split opened like a spring flower and I could lick the groove between her inner and outer lips. A little nibble on the lips brought more moans from her throat and when my tongue split them open and swiped past her opening she gasped “YES, YES,YES” I pointed my tongue and stabbed into the wet hole, tasting the elixir that awaited my taste buds. I wanted to take my time and bring her to the brink over and over before she had her first orgasm. She was well on her way to her first one and she bucked her pussy against my mouth and tongue.

I added a finger to her hot opening and it just added to her excitement, gasping and panting she wanted all I could give her. I slipped another finger in, turned my hand palm up and searched for her g-spot. I knew I found it when her juice flowed out in a gush. I lapped it up and looked for a second helping, she didn’t have to try hard to satisfy my demands.

She had a few orgasms but not the one that I wanted her to have so I didn’t stop my sucking and lapping. I worked my way up to her clit and it wasn’t very big but I could still suck it into my mouth and lightly at nibbled. That set off another cum for her and I could feel a spray against my chin. I knew she was ready for my cock and I rose up to a kneeling position between her spread legs.

I rubbed my re-energized cock against her sex and she pushed her hips to try to impale herself. I backed off to tease her and she whimpered and whined wanting my cock to bury itself in her pussy. I put a hand on her stomach to hold her down and slid about an inch of hard shaft into her. Carol’s eyes widened as she felt her pussy stretch to accommodate the girth of my cock. She smiled thru clenched teeth and her eyes told me what she wanted.

I removed my hand and she didn’t wait for me to push my cock into her, she drove her hips up, taking me to the root and started to fuck me like a mad woman. She was moving so fast I thought she would have set us afire if she wasn’t so wet. I was matching her movements and her juices were squirting out around my shaft as it continued its journey in and out of her cunt.

She had a big orgasm, slowed down and I took advantage of her pause and flipped her over on all fours. Her heart shaped ass was in the air and her little pucker looked inviting so I swiped my tongue across it. She jumped and pushed her ass back in my face and I rimmed her some more. I knew she was ready for the main event and held her hips as I drove my cock in her pussy in one push. She grunted and I started to fuck her hard and fast, gasping for air she started to scream to fuck her hard and fuck her I did.

I was starting to tire and I hoped I could hold on for a few more minutes but she surprised me as she got off my cock after another cum and pushed me down on my back. She straddled my waist and impaled herself again on my weapon. She was grinding and humping and all I had to do was hold on to her so I could try to control her hips so she didn’t break my cock off.

She stiffened up, put her head back and screamed out “Oh my God, I am cumming so good” her juice squirted out all over us and I was soaked from my chest to me knees. I filled her with my cream and she shuddered when she realized I had cum in her. I don’t think I ever saw anyone cum so hard, she didn’t pass out but just fell forward and lay on my chest. Her legs were still flexed under her and I knew if she didn’t move she would cramp up so as much as I wanted to stay captured in her pussy I made her move and straighten her legs.

We rested in each other’s arms feeling the warmth and calm of the little death. She woke up enough to look at me and she was beautiful in the afterglow of orgasm. I knew that I had given her something special and I hoped in the future she would find a husband that could do the same thing for her.

Dinner was a simple affair and we dressed in the minimum of clothes. Carol just put on one of my long t shirts and I could see her stiff nipples and when she bent over or reached for something her ass and pussy were exposed. We had a steak with the usual fixings and shared a bottle of wine. I thought if she was old enough to make love then she could have a glass of wine or two.

Carol expressed her joy about our first real union. Her face glowed as she described what she felt, the extreme feeling that she had to pee as she had her orgasm. She said it was so much stronger than when she masturbated and she didn’t know she was a squirter. I told her that I had heard of women squirting but had never seen it until I moved here to the valley, it seems that almost everyone around here squirts and the ones that haven’t probably just were afraid to let it go.

Carol was moving closer as we talked and finally she was sitting on my lap. Her ass was squirming around on my cock and I was getting hard for the third time today. Her lips met mine and her tongue searched for mine. We tongue dueled and I was sure she could feel my cock poking her under her bottom. I turned her around so she faced away from me and reaching under her shirt I massaged her tits, rolling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers.



Subject: My Freshman Experience Chapter 8 My Freshman Experience By Joel Young Chapter 8: “I Wanna Gang Bang” After making love in the middle of the night at the cabin, Adam and I slept in late on Saturday morning. We woke up in each other’s arms in his brother’s twin bed. I asked Adam if I could take a shower before he drove me to the bus station in Brewer. He said that would be fine, so I got ready for my long ride back to Oberlin. Adam was cleaning the cabin and taking out the trash when I finished up in the bathroom. “I’ve decided to go back to school,” Adam said. “I’m feeling better � not 100%, but good enough. So, let’s get some breakfast at Erma’s and head back to Oberlin.” That sounded good to me. I had no money for a ticket, and I’d much rather ride with Adam than sit in a cramped bus. I wasn’t sure how Erma would react when I came into her restaurant with Adam. After all, she had told me to leave him alone. “How are you, Boy?” she asked Adam. Then, she looked directly at me. “Nobody’s bothering you, are they?” “I’m doing better,” Adam said. “Joel here came to my rescue, and I’m going back to school today.” Erma gave me a dirty look and then turned toward Adam. “I’m glad you’re doin’ better. You stopping in to say goodbye, or are you gonna’ eat?” she asked. “We’re not turning down one of the best breakfasts in Kentucky!” Adam said. “One of the best?!?” Erma questioned, pretending to be insulted. Adam and I placed our orders and sat down at a table by the window. Brewer looked almost deserted. “I cut the picky eater’s order in half,” Erma told Adam when she brought out our orders. “It’s a sin to waste perfectly good food.” Typically, I would have appreciated Erma’s adjusting the size of my portions, but not today. I had skipped dinner the day before, and now I was starving! But, of course, I thanked her and said nothing more. “When are you closing down for the season?” Adam asked. “Tonight,” Erma said. “I’m leavin’ tomorrow for my sister’s house in North Carolina. I’ll spend the winter there � unless that no-good husband of hers drives me nuts!” “Well, I hope you have a great time,” Adam said. “I’ll be one of your first customers next spring!” Thankfully, Adam paid our bill, and I didn’t have to tell him, in front of Erma, about being robbed while I was hitch-hiking. He left Erma a big tip, and we headed toward Oberlin. On the car ride back to campus, I told Adam about the break-in on the third floor of Pilgrim Hall. He was disgusted. “I just don’t understand how students can do that to each other,” he said. “If people don’t have integrity, why would they choose a faith-based school like Oberlin? It just doesn’t make sense to me.” “Well,” I said. “There’s some more disturbing news. Tom heard a rumor going around about two guys who were making out behind Pilgrim Hall – the night of the break-in. That was the same night we went back there – after leaving the tennis courts.” “Shit!” Adam said. “That’s all we need! Any chance we weren’t the ones they saw?” “I doubt it,” I said. “I think we need to be more careful.” Adam laughed. “Do you think the thieves would wonder about us, too?” “I don’t follow,” I said. “Some people might ask why two gay guys would choose Oberlin,” Adam said. “After all, our faith condemns homosexuality.” “Well, that is true. So, I guess we should break up and be celibate, so people don’t think we’re hypocrites,” I said, mostly trying to get a reaction out of Adam. “Bite your tongue!” Adam said. “We just need to be more careful, like you said.” “There’s just one more thing I should tell you,” I said to Adam. “My wallet was stolen by some guys who picked me up when I was hitchhiking.” Adam looked shocked. “Why didn’t you tell me? Are you okay? They didn’t hurt you, did they?” “I was waiting for the right time to tell you,” I explained. “And, the guys didn’t hurt me. I’m fine.” Adam pursed his lips and drove several miles without speaking. Finally, ulus escort he asked, “Are you ever going to hitchhike again?” I answered with a sincere, “No.” “You promise?” he asked. “I promise,” I assured Adam. “You’d better not ever do anything that stupid again!” Adam said sternly. Then, his voice softened. “Do you need some money?” “I have money in my room,” I said. “But, thanks for the offer – and for breakfast.” When we got back to campus, Adam said he had to spend the rest of the weekend trying to catch up on his school work. He dropped me off at Pilgrim Hall. We couldn’t kiss goodbye, but Adam squeezed my hand and smiled at me. “Thanks for coming to rescue me,” he said. “I love you.” “I love you too, Adam,” I said before reaching for my backpack and getting out of his car. I spent the rest of the weekend studying and hanging out with my dorm friends. Mitch suggested take-out subs for Sunday dinner, and we all ate in the recreation room behind the front desk. “Did you hear that Asher moved to a single room in Wesley Hall?” one of the guys asked me. “He’s flunking English Composition and Western Civ. He thinks he’ll study more if he doesn’t have a roommate.” Mitch and I looked at each other, and I knew we were thinking the same thing. Changing rooms might help a little, but Asher needed self-discipline. Tom was more studious and smarter than Asher. Tom could help him with his homework. But, it really wasn’t any of our business, so we didn’t talk about it anymore. I did remember, however, that Peter wanted out of Scott Hall, and he had asked me to let him know if I heard about any available rooms on campus. After replacing my Oberlin ID card at the Public Safety Office on Tuesday, I went to my Chemistry class. I sat next to Peter, and I told him about Asher moving to Wesley. “There’s an open spot in my friend Tom’s room, if you’re interested. Peter asked about Tom, and I assured him Tom was a good guy. “Most of the guys from the floor eat dinner in the cafeteria across from Pilgrim Hall at about 6 o’clock. Come with us, and I’ll introduce you to Tom,” I said. Peter’s band practice ran over, and he was a little late for dinner. I saved him a seat across from Tom so they could talk about sharing a room. Peter seemed a bit shy, so I started the conversation. “Peter’s my lab partner in Chemistry,” I told my friends. “He’s looking to get out of Scott Hall.” Tom looked at Peter. “I’ve heard it’s really rowdy over there. I’m not surprised you want out.” “Yeah,” Peter said. “It’s noisy, and some of the guys are just out of control! I’m not a prude or anything, but some of it is disgusting.” “What’s your major?” Tom asked. “Chemistry,” Peter said. “Yours?” “Business Administration,” Tom answered. Bill was one of the guys at our table. “Hey, you should move in with Tom on our floor,” Bill said to Peter. Tom seemed surprised that Bill had offered up his room like that. But, he let it go and asked Peter, “You don’t snore, do you? Asher drove me crazy; he sounded like a buzz-saw!” “I don’t think I do,” Peter said. “At least, no one has ever told me that I snore.” `Well, I’ll show you the room after dinner,” Tom said. “I’d rather find my own roommate than wait for the college to put some random guy in my room by surprise.” “Yeah,” I said. “Oberlin still thinks that we’re all just good little Christian boys who should get along with everyone.” After dinner, we all returned to Pilgrim Hall. Peter went to check out the room with Tom. Things must have gone well. About half an hour later, Peter stopped by and said he was moving in with Tom the next day. Mitch and I both welcomed him to the floor and offered to help him move. “Thanks anyway,” Peter said. “I don’t have that much stuff, and Tom’s going to help me.” I took note of the instant friendship that Peter and Tom seemed to have developed just since meeting at dinner that night. yeni mahalle escort On Wednesday, I finally got to see Adam again. After classes, he took me into town to buy a new wallet. I would have to wait to get a new driver’s license until I was back in Michigan. Adam and I took a long walk together that evening. He seemed better than he had the past weekend, and he said he was mostly caught up on his classwork. “Did I tell you I’m playing the carillon in the bell tower this weekend?” Adam asked. “No!” I said. “I didn’t even know you play the carillon.” “Mostly, I play piano and guitar. I did take organ lessons, but just for a year or so. That helped me learn to play the carillon. It’s pretty easy,” Adam explained. “I’m actually looking forward to it.” “How’d all this come about?” I asked. “The regular guy is going away for the weekend, so Reverend Stuart asked me,” Adam said. “I’ve attend services almost every Sunday since I came here, so we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well.” I wondered if the Reverend knew that Adam was gay, but I decided not to ask. I didn’t want to bring up any subject that might cause Adam anxiety. After our walk, Adam and I went to my room. Mitch, Tom, and Peter were there � and they were drinking beer. Mitch asked us to join them, so we sat down on my bed. I introduced Adam to Tom and Peter. “Have a beer,” Mitch offered. I took one and tried to hand it to Adam. He wouldn’t take it, and he gave me a slightly impatient look. Adam turned away from me. “Thanks anyway,” he said to the guys. “I take medication, and I’m not supposed to drink.” I felt terrible. I should have known better than to put Adam in an awkward position like that. I got him a bottle of sparkling water from our mini-fridge. I nursed my beer as slowly as I could. We all shot the breeze for about an hour, and I was glad that Adam seemed comfortable with my friends, and vice-versa. When the conversation turned to what was going on that weekend on campus, Adam mentioned that he was playing the carillon before Sunday services. Mitch and Tom seemed like they were a little buzzed. “What song you gonna play?” Mitch asked, slurring his words just a bit. “I can play anything I want,” Adam said. “Any requests?” Everyone laughed as we considered songs that Adam might play on the church carillon. The suggestions started out with some funny ideas like “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain,” and even “The Itsy, Bitsy Spider.” Things naturally progressed to raunchy and totally inappropriate ideas. Tom’s suggestion of “Come on Baby, Light My Fire,” by the Doors brought a huge round of laughter. “Oh, I can just see Reverend Stuart’s face when he hears me playing a song about a horny guy trying to get a girl to have sex with him,” Adam said. “You guys are just itching to get me into a shit-load of trouble!” “What about “The Gang Bang” song?” Peter suggested. “You could play it slowly, and nobody would even recognize it.” “Yeah!” Tom said. “We’d be the only ones who knew! Come on Adam. Do it � for real!” “What’s “The Gang Bang” song?” I asked. Adam looked at me as if I were unbelievably naive. “Are you serious, Joel?” he said. “You really should have gone to summer camp when you were a kid � and not just debate camp.” Everyone else seemed to know the song and to understand the joke. But, I didn’t. I felt left out. Adam looked at me and shook his head. He started singing � to me. “I wanna gang bang. I always will, Because a gang bang gives me such a thrill. When I was younger and in my prime, I used to gang bang all the time! But now I’m older and turning gray; I only want it once a day!” I was embarrassed by the song and mortified that Adam had sung it to me – as if he and I were the only ones in the room. “Wow,” Peter said. “You can really sing! Maybe we can hook you up to the church sound system so you can play and sing at the same time. I bet that would get more people in the pews!” “No way!” Adam said. “I might play it, but I’m not singing it.” “You mean you’ll do it?” Tom asked. “Yeah,” Adam said. “But if I get in trouble, I’m taking all of you down with me.” The next Sunday morning, Mitch, Peter, Tom and I had breakfast in the cafeteria before the late service at the church. I suppose it was silly, but we were all excited about Adam playing “The Gang Bang” song on the carillon. After all, wasn’t playing a harmless prank on the entire campus supposed to be part of everybody’s college experience? We heard the first notes from the carillon as we were walking toward the church, and we realized that Adam was keeping his word. He was actually playing “The Gang Bang” song! We all started laughing raucously, and several groups of people stared at us, obviously wondering what we found so funny. Adam was playing very slowly, and for most people, it would have been hard to identify the tune coming from the church and spreading out across the campus. But we knew, and we were having a blast. Pulling off a prank that we had plotted together, and realizing that we were getting away with it, was more fun than I had imagined. None of us could stop grinning as we sat down in a pew near the back of the sanctuary. “On this beautiful Sunday that God has given us,” Reverend Stuart said as he began his sermon. “I am somehow reminded of my youthful days at summer camp. I remember being overwhelmed by the beauty of being outdoors in the world God himself made. I remember enjoying the companionship of other boys my age as we swam, rode horses, prayed together, and sang camp songs around a bonfire at night. And yet, there were those at camp � just as I know there are those here at Oberlin � who lost sight of God’s purpose for us. There are those who are lead down the wicked path leading to sin. Neither youth nor the mindless following of those who would lead us astray can justify the seemingly harmless indiscretions that are, in fact, blasphemy. As scripture tells us in the Book of Timothy, “Have no part at all in the wrong things that young men like to do. Believe. Have love. Follow what is right. Live at peace. Do these things along with others who have a clean heart and talk to God.” My stomach sank. I felt like my sinful participation – in what I thought was just a prank – was being exposed to the entire congregation. I looked at the other guys with me in the pew to see if everyone was similarly embarrassed. Tom and Mitch seemed clueless. Only Peter looked as guilty and disturbed as I was. He and I locked eyes as we both grimaced. After the service, I waited around until Adam finished with his carillon duties. The other guys left for a Sunday afternoon game of touch football in the campus square. “Could you hear the sermon from the bell tower?” I asked Adam. “You mean the part about the wickedness of youthful indiscretions?” he asked. “Yeah, I heard it, but I let it roll off my back. Compared to all the real evil in the world, I’m not going to get down on myself for the silly tune I played on a keyboard! Besides, why should I blame myself? It was all your fault.” “My fault?” I said defensively. “Why is it my fault?” “Your friends are the ones who suggested that I play a dirty song. I looked to you to see if you guys were serious. You seemed to think it was a good idea. So, I did it for you.” “Okay,” I said. “I’ll take my share of the blame. But, I think we’re all guilty, Mr. Carillon Man.” Adam started laughing. “Joel,” he said. “I was only trying to get a rise out of you. No one made me play that tune. If there’s any blame, it’s on me. Anyway, it’s over. I don’t think Reverend Stuart will bring it up again, so let’s not worry. Let’s go to my room and fool around!” “Oh, that’s a good way to make me feel less guilty,” I said. “We come out of church, and you blatantly tempt me with sinful acts!” “I don’t accept that our love is a sin, Joel,” Adam said, speaking in a more serious tone of voice. “Do you?” “I’m struggling with that,” I admitted. “Does that mean you’re not coming with me?” Adam asked. “Hell, no!” I said. Please send you thoughts and comments to ail.



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The Way to a Drummers Heart


Showing up on a warm spring day in Regina, I wanted to get away from things. A friend had suggested a short trip to sort out my life without the everyday issues on my shoulders. I had family out west, and thought I would head out and see what life was like in their neck of the country.

Putting the names of the provinces in a hat from Manitoba to British Columbia, I drew one out, this is where I’d be going before heading to my cousins, and I couldn’t change my mind. You see, I’m not much of a risk taker and this was the first step in changing the way I live my life.

After heading to the Hotel and getting situated in my suite, I decided it was time to head out to dinner. I stopped and asked at the desk where a good nightclub was close by. Getting directions, I was on my way.

With in a block of reaching Bartelby’s Bar/Pub I could hear some fantastic tunes playing. Looking around once inside, seeing quite the nightlife, I knew the idea of a good time was at the top of my list. Getting a seat in front of the band, it only took one look to see these guys were worth staying for. The band is great, I said to myself. The waitress came over to take my order as I settled in to enjoy the music.

My drink arrived as I was checking out the guys in the band, they looked more like a bunch of buddies jamming then a true band. The one that caught my eye is the drummer, he looks about 30 medium height, strong build, and I love the shaved head! His forehead glistened with perspiration as he belts out the beat on the skins. My meal came and was quickly inhaled, you know how airline food is, and do you dare try it or go without?

Leaning back in my chair enjoying the music I notice someone looking in my direction, it’s the cute drummer. I look him directly in the eye and make it known, I’m interested in getting to know him better. Making a few gestures to him as he plays just to keep him wondering, he eventually comes over after the first set. This guy is so handsome, he walks with confidence and doesn’t look like the average drummer you would see in a nightclub. He pulls up a chair beside me and introduces himself.

” Adam, Adam Dench”, with that I quickly introduce myself and ask if he would like a drink. Getting to know each other over small talk, I ask him what would be the best thing to see in Regina if he were a tourist. With a sly grin, he tells me he has a few days off and suggested he take me around to see what there is in Regina.

Thinking this is something I would not normally do, I tell him that would be great having my own personal travel guide of the area. Adam tells me he has lived here all his life so he would be the one to know what is worth seeing and what isn’t. The band is ready to play again so we’ll have to finish our conversation after this set.

This is getting better and better, a guy to share the night with, nothing coming in our way of a great time.

As the second set came to an end, Adam grabbed a drink and came over to chat some more. Laughing and joking around it seems as though we have known each other for years. The conversation progressed the closer we got, little more touchy feely and a little more risque with the subjects of conversation. The break was over too quick and off he goes again, and play he can!! With the ending of the third, set Adam settles in his seat next to me.

We set up our plans for tomorrow and discuss some of the sites we will hit. Having to get back to the hotel, I lean over and tell Adam I can’t wait to meet up with him for our day of fun. Being the gentleman he is he leaned towards me taking my hand and gave me a tender kiss on the cheek. “Neither can I” He added.

Getting up to leave he asked where would I be staying tonight, thinking quickly and maybe not so smart, I suggested if he had time and want to get out of here he could walk me back to the hotel. Jumping at the chance to be alone we head out for the short walk back.

Getting to know more about this gorgeous guy as he walked beside me, he told me about his life in Regina and his family. He then asked why I was here on my own, “To get away from the everyday stresses of life and to relax is the best I can do at this point.” I replied not wanting to get into detail too quickly, I may scare him off!

Telling him about my family and what I do in Ontario gives him a little piece of me without taking this too far, too soon. Reaching the lobby of the hotel Adam took my hand and pulled me close to tell me how he would like to get to know me better. Leaning up towards his mouth, I gently kiss his moist lips. Slowly pulling myself away from his lips and looking into his eyes, I see the warmth and genuine soul that held me in his arms. etimesgut escort Before letting go he leaned in for one more kiss, this time deeper and with more lust than the last.

Not wanting to take this any farther tonight I let him know how much I enjoyed my first night in Regina. “I can’t wait to spend the day with you tomorrow, I’m sure we’ll have a great time.” I add before one last kiss. Quickly he gave me his number just in case there were any changes that may come about. One last quick kiss and off he went back to Bartleby’s to pack up his set.

Greeting me on the way into the hotel the desk clerk asked “Did you have a good time at Bart’s?” With a huge smile across my face, she knew I had. How could she not see it? I knew I was glowing from ear to ear.

Getting off the elevator and taking the short walk down the hall, I slipped the key card in my door and head in to get ready for bed. Making way to the bath, I started to slide off my clothes. Smiling as I slipped off my skirt, and panties, standing in front of the mirror, wanting to know what it would be like to have him next to me. I took off my bra and slipped my stockings down one at a time, slowly running my palms along my silky skin, then removed my garter. Thinking of his hands on my breasts, running my fingertips along their crest, feeling the hardness of my nipples under the pads of my fingers.

Sliding my hands down my sides and resting them on my hips, I looked into the mirror and wished him to be with me. Adding bubbles to the bath, I slid under the water and close my eyes as I thought of my knight in shining Armour. The heat of the water rushing over me, the bubbles coating my breasts as I drizzled water from the sponge over their ridged peeks. I lifted my leg up out of the water watching the bubbles slide down to the surface, running my hands from ankle to thigh. Then taking the other and doing the same only stopping just as I hit the smoothness of my inner thighs. Running my hands between my legs feeling the warmth that Adam caused within me. My clit so hot and swollen as I ran my fingers between my soft velvet lips. Slipping my fingers down as I took them deeper inside I stopped just before my climax.

Deciding I wanted to share this with someone special, I rinsed the bubbles off my skin. Stepping out of the tub to dry off, I ran the towel over my thighs to my breasts. Pulling on my robe, I ran my hands across the soft fabric covering my body. This is going to be a tough night to fall asleep, can feel it now. Hopping into bed I decided to watch a bit of television. Wondering the whole time, what Adam was doing right then. Getting up the nerve to give him a call, I decide to order up a glass of wine, then, quickly before my nerve was gone I dial his number.

Answering with a quick hello, I ask him if I woke him. “No not at all.” He said, hearing the grin in his voice. Wanting him to know how much I enjoyed the night, I explain to him how I had a long hot bath and was waiting for some wine to come up to my room. Taking the chance of spending more time with me, he asked if I would like some company. With a short pause, making sure this is what I wanted, I said sure, come on over, my room number is 352. Hanging up a short while after, I hurried around tidying up my clothes and bathroom.

Forgetting to change into some clothing, a knock came to the door, thinking its room service I quickly scooted to answer it. Expecting to see a guy, in uniform my face instantly lit up, instead it was Adam, looking as good as earlier. Handing me the tray with the wine and ice bucket I asked him to come in. “Would you like a glass?” I asked. Pouring two glasses, then handing him one, I sat beside him on the sofa in front of the fireplace.

We discussed everything we wanted in life, he explained to me that he was a university student, wanting to go far in life with many dreams and ambitions. I loved the sound of the drive in his voice. Telling him how much I like people that have strong aspirations and strong values. I went into a bit more detail of my life, my hopes and dreams, thinking to myself what I wanted most of all was a man to share my life with.

After what seemed like hours of conversation I ask if he would like to see what is on T.V. maybe there was a movie we haven’t seen that we could watch. “Sure, only if you come over here and snuggle.” he replied. Refilling our glasses and slipping in beside him, he pulled me closer tucking me into his side as we looked through the listings, settling on a 50’s romance that neither of us had seen. Having his arm over my shoulder did wonders to my mind, thinking of earlier in the bathtub. etlik escort Leaning against his chest, he began to stroke my hair with his fingers, gently skimming my cheek every so often. Taking his arm off my shoulder and slipping it under the cloth of my robe. He stroked my shoulder and ran his fingertips along my now much hotter skin.

I turn to him tilting my lips to his, as we tenderly embrace. The wine put to the side, my hand on his chest as he pulled me even closer. Being seated in the corner, he slid me onto his lap, my thigh gracing the hardening bulge under his zipper. His hands slowly start on my calf and ran up my leg under my robe.

Wanting more, I moved into his embrace, my breasts closer to his chest and my tongue now wandering along his neck. Feeling Adam’s hand reach my hip, I let out a quiet moan. The heat of his hand and the heat we were creating almost unbearable. Moving me back to lay out in front of him, his lips met the skin of my chest, kissing me gently, teasing me with his lips.

Traveling down my cleavage, looking into my eyes he asks if I really want to take this any further. Reaching up and caressing his cheek, I lifted my mouth to his to answer all his questions. My tongue deep within his mouth dancing with his tasting the white wine on his breath.

His hand opened the front of my robe, tenderly slipping his hand inside searching out my breast. Lightly skimming the top of my hard nipple, Adam leaned down to take my hard bud in his lips. His soft wet tongue tracing the areola then with his teeth he gently held it between his lips. Holding my breast in his hand as he stroked my nipple, I arched my back raising my chest to his mouth. Soft moans from deep within my body ring as music to his ears.

His hand slipped lower down my robe untying the belt stopping to rest on my tummy, drove me wild, if he only knew what he were doing to me. I raise my head and kiss his chest as he worked his way farther down. Raising myself up and pushing him back, I kiss him hard, letting him know he was exactly where I want him. I lifted myself off the sofa and took his hand in mine leading him to the waiting bed.

Turning to look into his eyes my hands wandered from his shoulders down his bare back to his waist. Pulling him tighter to me to see if he was feeling the same way. Adam’s hands came up to my shoulders and slipped my robe off, sliding it down and running his hands along my back as he tightened our embrace. My bare breasts etching his chest, leaning over he kissed my collar bone, up my neck and finally to my lips. Kissing me gently then with force as his hands met my breasts, tenderly tracing my nipples with his thumbs and caressing them in his hands as he lifted them to his mouth. Leaning back his kisses travel back to my neck and down my cleavage, pulling closer to his body, he laid me gently on the bed.

With my robe, resting at my elbows pinning me to the bed my naked body lay out as a feast for his eyes. Slipping beside me, his hands worked quickly to find the velvet skin between my legs. He took one breast in his mouth as he ran his hand along my thigh to the dampness that lay at his fingertips. Slightly spreading my legs for his touch, I felt his fingers spreading my lips and working their way along my crevasse. Oh Gawd he was fantastic, his hands encircling my clit as it swelled with the desire.

Feeling my wetness his fingers work their way down to my waiting, wanting vagina, slipping one, then another till all four fingers were sliding with force deep with in my walls. Flexing his fingers one at a time, letting me feel them against my inside walls, I raised my hips to his thrusts wanting, and needing more.

Turning to kiss him, he slid my hand to his hardness wanting me to feel what I was doing to him. I shifted my body then stood to have better access to his zipper, taking his hand I pulled him to his feet, undoing the button and unzipping his pants. I slipped them down over his hips, revealing his silk boxers. Slipping my hand inside his pants feeling his rigid shaft underneath the soft, smooth silk, he quickly slid his pants off the rest of the way.

Leaning over forcing me back against the bed, my hands working their way all over his back feeling his bottom, his waist, his back and his strong shoulders. Moving my hands to his chest taking hold of his nipples in my fingertips then kiss them gently. He moved his leg between mine, working it up between my thighs, moans of passion letting him know I was ready for him.

Working with expertise, his hands traveled from one spot to another without missing anything in between. My hips thrusting against his knee as he eve gelen escort worked his way down my body with his tongue. Feeling the heat of his tongue against my skin made me so hot I wanted him deep inside of me, NOW!

Lifting my legs to make room for his entry, he tenderly took my lips in his finger tips, spreading my inner folds to expose my feminine parts. Moving his tongue the length of my crevasse, starting with my clit and suckling it with hunger. Adam work his hands inside my wet hole, holding it open for his tongue to slip inside. Drinking up my juices as he fingered me with passion. My hips raise to catch his increasing thrusts, holding his head in my hands, stroking his hair, caressing his face, holding him where I needed him. Begging him to come and kiss me, he started to kiss his way to my lips, tasting my juices on his lips intensified the lust we had for each other.

Gently pushing him onto his back I leaned over with my breasts in his face kissing him tenderly, preparing him for what was to come next. My lips working their way down onto him, savoring the taste of his skin against my lips, devouring what I could and getting to what I wanted.

I surprised him by moving my leg to the other side of his waist, straddling him with my bottom in his face. Taking his shaft in my hand and stroking it with slow long strokes, touching it to my lips to taste the pre cum on my tongue. Dropping my lips around the base of his shaft, I covered it with my tongue, licking it from bottom to top, following the veins to the cap. Using my tongue to trace the ridge along his cap and kissing it tenderly with my wet lips, slowly moving it between my lips and across my tongue. Intentionally slowing to a seductive pace, made him raise his hips to my lips. Touching them to his soft curls, swallowing to massage his shaft drawing out his desire, wanting to taste his cum in my mouth.

Adam’s hands come to touch my bottom, smoothing over my skin as he felt his way to my velvet folds. Hearing him and feeling him take his fingers out, tasting my juices then, pressing his lips up against my clit, holding it with his teeth licking it gently with the tip of his tongue. Pushing against his lips working his way deep inside my waiting hole. Our rhythms combined to create a soft gentle music, his shaft sliding along my tongue, and his tongue gliding along my crevasse. Both hot and full of passion we roll over not releasing one another, he on top and me on the bottom, his shaft pounding against my mouth as his tongue probing my pussy. His hips in my hands as they rock to our motions, taking him as deep as I can, letting him feel my tongue along his length. Sucking hard as he pulled out to feel the pressure against his shaft his balls slapping against my hand as I massage them with my fingers.

Wanting him in my wet pussy, I patted him on the bottom to have him stop. Turning to see what it is I want, his lips coated with my juices, I raise up to lick his chin, and kiss his lips. The whole sensation driving him wild and he quickly got in place between my legs, his hands wrapped under my hips as my legs propped over his shoulders. He slowly stroked his cap against my clit , slipping it down between my lips and inside. His head parting my inner lips as it slowly entered between my walls forcing them apart. The heat from his shaft coating my insides, marking its territory deep with in me.

Adam’s strokes sped up as he leaned in to kiss my breasts. My hands at his chest tracing his muscles as he lifted me to his thrusts. Running my hand down to his shaft feeling it slip in and out of my wetness. Coated with our juices, his shaft so hard, pumping with all out passion. Giving me a smack on the backside he had me flip over to my knees, he want to take me from behind. His hands reached under and spread me wide to enter. His shaft entered with vengeance, pounding me hard, his balls reaching up and slapping against my pussy lips. Hanging on to my hips, he pulled me hard against himself as he thrust deep inside, feeling him part my walls and pound against me brought me to the starting of my climax.

Having me turn back over so that he could see my face as I cam. I lay beneath him as he re-entered me slowly, kissing me tenderly as he pushed deep inside. The kisses increased in speed as well as the roughness as he began to hit his peak. Grabbing hold of my shoulders Adam pulled himself deep inside me, my hips raised to catch his thrusts, my legs lifted to wrap around his waist. Our breathing became labored as he tightened his hold and we began to release our desire on one another. So hot and wet, we continue to stroke, in and out not wanting it to end quite yet. Collapsing in each other’s arms, loving the way he felt on top.

Adam eventually rolled to his side, stoking my cheek as I lay looking into his eyes. My arm underneath his, stroking his back as he leaned in to kiss me once more. Grabbing the blankets after reaching for a towel we fall fast asleep together holding each other tightly as we sleep the night away…



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