The Valentine’s Day gift


Death by chocolate. Straight from the carton. Ice cream scoop, no spoon. Lots and lots of whipped cream. Amber walked from the freezer with her ice cream. Settling into her papasan chair as she took her first bite, savoring the creamy sinfulness of her Valentines Day treat. As she slid the scoop into the ice cream again, she felt the warm tears sliding slowly down her cheeks. “This isn’t how this day was supposed to be,” she thought as she set the ice cream down, “I should be doing my hair, and getting ready to wear that slinky red dress Mark loves so much.” Instead he had been caught with is dick in the blondes mouth, and now she was home wearing her terry cloth bathrobe and eating ice cream. The tears came fast and hard. She thought she had shed her last tear over him, but apparently Valentines Day found a few more she had yet to spill.

Just a week earlier Mark had called her to see if she would be okay with him spending the night with “the guys”. They were planning to go to Louie’s Wings-N-Things and watch the basketball game, and then head back to Vic’s place to play cards. Their card games had a tendency to go until dawn. She never minded this because Mark was good at poker, and usually came out ahead a couple hundred more than he left with. Amber told him she was fine with it, to go enjoy himself. In actuality she had been horny all morning and had been anticipating a wild evening between the sheets. “I love you Am,” he had said before hanging up, “I have quite the weekend planned next week. It’ll be a Valentines Day you won’t forget.”

“I love you too Mark. Make sure you clean them out so we can roll like the big spenders do next weekend,” she had told him as they hung up the phone. With a whole day before her like a blank canvas she didn’t know where to start. Amber ended up having lunch at Eunie’s, and then went to Carol’s Deep Massage Spa and treated herself to the works: facial, manicure, pedicure, mud bath, and a deep tissue massage. She left feeling like a million dollars, but no less horny. If anything the cute little redhead that had worked her over had made it worse. She settled for two slices of meat lover’s pizza for dinner, and then drove to Mark’s place. She parked around the corner so her surprise would be complete. She ate dinner, watched a movie, and then went to bed, planning to let him finder her lying in his bed naked when he got home.

Amber awoke a few hours later, to the sound of stumbling in the living room. “He’s hammered,” she thought woefully, “well it just means you’ll have to work harder to keep him up.” After one last loud bump the stumbling stopped, yet Mark didn’t enter the bedroom, and he didn’t go to the bathroom. Curious she tossed the covers back and slid her bare legs over the edge of the bed. Poised to leave the bed her heart stopped, she could hear Mark moaning. Fearing Mark had fallen and hurt himself she walked quickly towards the living room. As she rounded the corner, she became frozen to the floor as her heart and stomach switched places. Mark’s head was leaning back on the couch his eyes closed but looking to the ceiling; his mouth open, a long low moan passing his lips. She wanted the scene before her to be something else, anything else. She wanted him to be sitting before her jacking off but she knew that was only wishful thinking; jacking off didn’t sound like a sloppy blowjob.

“Mark,” she called, “Mark what’s going on.” If she had any last scrap of hope that he was pleasuring himself, that scrap was shredded with the way he responded. His eyes snapped open, and his head turned to find her.

“Uh..Amber..I…” he started as he stood, his pants unbuckled, his hard cock glistening with saliva. As if from no where, a blonde woman with her shirt off and her skirt bunched at her waist stood along side him.

“You didn’t tell me there was going to three of us,” she said to Mark, her eyes roaming over Amber’s sensual nude form, “but this is the kind of surprise I like.”

Taking Mark by the hand the blonde began to lead him towards Amber. Feeling his arm stiffen as she tried to move him she looked back, and understood. “Oh fuck, she wasn’t supposed to be here was she?” Blondie asked him. Amber had seen enough. She dressed and was out the door in two minutes flat, despite Mark’s protests and assurances.

A week later, sixty two unreturned messages, emails, and texts, and she still couldn’t understand how fourteen months ends like this. They’d had their fights in that time, but that’s what had her thinking this could be the one. “Maybe I’ll talk to him next week,” she thought as she had another scoop of ice cream, “and see if we can work this out.” As she was spraying another blast of whipped cream into her mouth, there was a knock on the door. Startled she sprayed a little whipped cream along her cheek and into her hair. Setting it down she laughed as she looked at herself: whipped cream in her hair, wearing a bathrobe, at home alone on Valentine’s Day.

“I’m coming,” she called Esenyurt Escort as she walked to the door, the knock sounding again. Peering through her peephole she looked to see if it was Mark, making one last ditch effort to salvage the day. She could see the back of someone’s head, and it wasn’t Marks. Amber wondered who it was, as she hadn’t been expecting anyone.

“Who is it?” she queried, her voice curious but tempered with caution.

“My name is Victor. I work for Living Cards, the singing telegram company. I’m looking for Amber Grey,” replied a deep masculine voice, “I have a living card for her.” Amber peered through the peephole again, and saw a pair of chocolate brown eyes set deep into a finely chiseled face looking back at her.

“I’m not really presentable right now…I was just getting ready to shower,” she offered lamely.

“I can wait,” he replied. “You’re the last card of the day, and we aren’t allowed to leave without having the recipient sign for their living card.”

“If I sign for it, will you leave?” she asked. She was certain this was from Mark and she wanted no part of it, despite the man on the other door looking as if he’d just stepped from the pages of GQ. “I’m sure you’d rather be home getting ready for tonight,” she added.

“I don’t have any plans, but if that’s what you really want, then sure I’ll do it. But you’ll be the first person that hasn’t let me deliver their card,” he answered with a real note of resignation in his voice. Amber opened the door.

“Come on in,” she said, “the living room is that way.” She followed Victor into the living room, where her death by chocolate was slowly turning into soup. “Excuse me a minute,” she said as she cleaned up her treat. Returning to the living room she found Victor as she had left him, standing in the middle of the floor. “Ok, let’s hear it,” she said.

“Umm…you have some whipped cream in your hair,” Victor said, a smile blooming on his lips. Amber blushed then laughed, the charm of his smile infecting her.

“Excuse me again,” she said trotting to the bathroom. Returning for a second time she asked, “Am I presentable now?”

“You look great to me,” Victor replied. “Roses aren’t blue, chocolate’s not green. I’m sorry for what I did, I know it was mean. Love Mark.” Victor took a pad from his back pocket, and handed it to her, “Please sign here.” Amber signed the receipt and handed it back to Victor. She felt a charge of excitement rush through her body when their hands touched. Suddenly she didn’t want him to leave. Her mind floundered to find a way to get him to stay.

“You have a great voice. Thanks for convincing me to hear it. Listen, I don’t have any cash handy for a tip…” she started, but he cut her off.

“No need to worry. Tips can be nice, but they aren’t required. Would it be ok if I used your bathroom before I go?” he asked. Amber showed him the way then returned to the papasan chair. She sat with her legs curled beneath her, waiting for Victor to say good-bye. Her heart was racing as she thought of him leaving. “What is going on with me?” she asked herself. “For one thing you are hornier than a three peckered rabbit,” she answered, “and for another thing he’s hot!” Victor appeared before her as she finished these thoughts.

“I’ve never not tipped, and you can’t be the first person to make me not tip,” she told him with a wry pout upon her dainty lips, “you said you had no plans tonight, and you can see where my evening was headed. How about I order us some pizza and you can have dinner with me, we can throw in a movie. Sound like a fair tip?” She could see him thinking it over, her heart hammering like a drum in anticipation of his reply.

“Don’t think me a fool for questioning a dinner invite from someone as pretty as you,” he said, “but your living card was obviously from someone that cares for you right? I don’t like the idea of being the other guy.”

“Well, you’re right, it was from another man. He cared so much for me that a week ago I found him with his dick between the lips of a blonde; who when she saw me, thought she was going to get some of me too,” Amber replied, the hurt still evident in her words, “so you won’t be the other guy, you’ll be my dinner date on Valentine’s Day. What’d ya say?

“Well…I’ve been all over town today, and I’m feeling rather grubby. I could really use a shower,” Victor answered, “but a pizza sounds spot on.”

Without thinking Amber replied, “You can use my shower if you’d like.” Victor tilted his head and grinned at her.

“Weren’t you getting ready to shower when I got here?” he asked, a knowing smile settling on his face. “My apartment is only three blocks from here. I’ll go shower and change while you shower here. I’ll be back in an hour, and I’ll bring a movie. How’s that sound?”

Amber stood and smiled. “Sounds like a date,” she replied.

She rested her head against the door after closing it. “What the hell Beylikdüzü Escort are you doing?” she wondered. In answer, she walked to her bedroom and began searching for something to wear. After about ten minutes she had settled on her lowest pair of hip hugger jeans, and a white button down shirt that could be accused of being just a little too tight. To relieve some of the tightness she usually kept the top two buttons undone, but tonight she was going to leave the third one open too, revealing just a hint of her white lace bra. She’d wear the matching thong, which would just be visible above the waist of her jeans. Laying the clothes on her bed she tossed her bathrobe on the chest at the end of her bed, and walked to the bathroom in her tank-top and boxer shorts. Turning the shower on she stripped her sleepwear off. Turning sideways she admired herself in the wall mirror opposite the shower.

“Mark wasn’t deserving of you,” she said to herself in the mirror, allowing her eyes to roam over her own nude form; smiling appreciatively at her well toned, five foot – eight inch frame. Stepping into the hot water she quickly washed her body and long auburn hair allowing the conditioner to set while she shaved. Grinning mischievously to herself she took special care with her nether region, removing all traces of hair that had returned since the morning before as she thought, “Who knows what the night will bring.” After drying off, she grabbed her favorite lotion and rubbed herself down. Retreating to the bedroom she dressed and lit a few candles, just in case.

She ordered the pizza and flopped onto her couch, wondering again just what she was doing. Her cell phone rang. Picking it up she saw it was Mark. Setting it on the end table she set it to vibrate and turned the TV on, her eyes drifting to the clock on top of her entertainment center: it was 4:50; Victor should be back in ten minutes or so. Amber was shocked at how her pulse quickened with this thought. She’d never had emotions like this with Mark or any other man, about anything. Yet here was a man she’d been in the presence of for no more than fifteen minutes, and she felt like a little girl with her first crush. But she knew this was more than a crush. There was something, she couldn’t put her finger on it, but it was there. Tonight would be an eye opening evening, she knew that much.

At five o’clock sharp there was a knock at the door. Looking through the peep she saw Victor smiling back at her. Opening the door she invited him in.

“Thanks,” he said as he came through the door. “You look…wow…you look amazing,” he said unable to take his eyes from her smiling form. He handed her the DVD, “I hope you haven’t seen it yet.” Amber closed the door and looked at the movie: Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

“I’ve wanted to see this, but I haven’t had the chance,” she told him as they walked to the living room, “the pizza should be here in fifteen or twenty minutes, wanna start the movie?” Victor took the movie from her opening her, opening the DVD player as she sat on the couch. Removing the DVD in the player he turned around with a grin on his face.

“Uh, does this go anywhere special?” Victor asked as he placed the DVD in Amber’s hand. He breath caught in her throat as her face turned as red as a sunburn.

“I…this…wow…I,” she tried again, unable to complete a thought. She had put in one of her favorite porno’s to masturbate to and had forgotten to put it away. “Not forgotten,” she corrected herself, “planning to watch again soon.”

“Really, it’s no big deal,” Victor said sitting beside her, “I have some at home too, maybe we can swap sometime?” Amber punched him in the arm in a playful manner. Taking the movie back from her, Victor read the title. “I don’t think I’ve seen this one, I’ll pick one of my fav’s and we can trade for a bit.” Setting it down on the end table he offered Amber the remote. “Unlike most men, I don’t have to control the remote.” She chuckled at this.

“Go ahead, be my guest,” she said, drawing her bare feet up to the couch.

A sexual tension filled the air as the movie progressed, despite the light hearted moment with the porno. As if on cue there was a knock at the door. Victor paused the movie, at a rather opportune moment he thought, as Amber got their dinner. Bringing the pizza back to the coffee table she glanced at the screen, and slowly returned her gaze to Victor. “I assume you’re going to tell me that was a complete accident right,” she questioned him with a smirk on her face.

He returned her smile, “It is what it is. Let’s eat.” They devoured the pizza and a six pack of Sam Adams Winter Lager before the movie ended. When it was done Amber looked at him and smiled.

“Thank you,” she said placing a hand on his thigh, “I had a great night. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks.” Uncurling her legs from beneath her she made as if to stand.

“Who said the night has to end yet?” Victor Avcılar Escort asked, “It’s still early.” Reaching out he took her right foot in his hands and began to massage it. His hands were like magic, working her foot from toe to ankle, and every spot in between. Amber reclined on the couch, her eyes closed as his hands brought her through the clouds. Unable to restrain herself, her lips parted, emitting a deep contented moan. After about ten minutes on her right foot he set it in his lap and performed the same magic on her left. She couldn’t help but notice the erection in his pants when he set her foot down in his lap. When he finished she drew her legs back under her as she sat again.

“My God that was amazing,” she gushed, “are you a masseuse too?”

“No, I just appreciate a pretty pair of feet, and like to make em’ feel good when I can,” he replied looking into her eyes. With her heart hammering she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek, barely touching the corner of his mouth, lingering a little longer than a simple cheek kiss should take.

“How about I return the favor?” Amber said as she stood on the couch, and moved behind him, sitting on the back of the couch. Leaning forward she began to work his shoulders and upper back with her delicate hands.

“Wow,” he grunted as she worked the muscles deeper, “for such small hands they sure do pack a wallop.” Victor closed his eyes and drooped his head as she worked his upper back. Her hands slid to his shoulders again and he reclined his head, gazing up at her face as she continued his massage. Looking down, her sky blue eyes locked on his, speaking volumes more than their mouths could have hoped for. Her fingers slowed and her head lowered, her hair cascading around their heads, giving them a private room away from the entire universe. Their lips met in a tender kiss. Parting for air they came back together again, this kiss conveying the desire that was building within each of them. She felt a bolt of excitement pass through her as their tongues met between their opened mouths. She felt his hands on either side of her head, holding her in place as their mouths joined again and again.

Fearing it was all a dream, and knowing that she couldn’t take anymore if it was, she broke their kiss and sat up. Opening her eyes she looked down, and Victor was still there, smiling up at her. Stepping down from the couch she stood before him and took his hands, drawing him up from the couch. Victor wrapped his arms around her slim waist and embraced her in a hug. Looking down at her beautiful face, he kissed her again. Pulse racing, she again ended the kiss. Taking him by the hand Amber led him towards her bedroom.

Entering her bedroom his eyes fell upon the candles, his nose filled with the sensual smells of lavender, jasmine, and almond the candles were emitting. Returning his gaze to her face he touched her chin with a finger and lifted her face to meet his eyes.

“Were you planning on the evening progressing this way?” he asked her, a look of question on his brow. Amber shook her head no. Stepping to him she wrapped her delicate arms around him and hugged him close.

“I had no idea this is where we’d be. If you had left after the movie, I would be in here alone, but I’m a girl that likes to plan for all possibilities. If this is too fast for you, and I promise you I’ve never been with a man on a first date before, we can go back in the other room and watch another movie. But if you feel in your heart what I do…” she trailed off.

Amber walked backwards to her bed and fell upon it. Lying down she patted the open space on the bed. Victor looked at the beautiful woman lying before him, beckoning him to join her. Taking stock of his emotions, he slid his shirt over his head and unbuckled his belt. Amber gasped when she saw his bare chest. His body was sculpted as if chiseled from marble. He was by no means a body builder, but his body rippled with muscle and definition.

Climbing onto the bed he positioned himself above her, looking down into her piercing eyes. Smiling up at him Ambers fingers deftly unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her white lace covered 38B breasts. Lowering his face to her neck Victor began kissing her from her exposed shoulder to her ear, nibbling his way back and forth, eliciting moans from her parted lips. Gripping his waist she pulled him down, his pelvis settling between her parted legs, his hard penis pressing into her through their jeans. Running her hands over his muscular back she ground herself against him, savoring the feeling of his sex straining towards her.

Lifting himself from her neck and supporting himself on one arm, Victor slid his hand between her breasts, unlocking the clasp of her bra. With a gentle hand he brushed the cups from her breasts one by one, teasing each nipple as it went.

Amber slipped a hand into his dark hair and guided his mouth to her breast, groaning in ecstasy as his tongue found her breast. His wet tongue encircled her nipple, causing it to stiffen between his lips. With a gentle suck he let it slip from his lips as he moved to her other breast.

Amber slid her hands between them as he continued his oral attack on her breasts. She worked the buttons on her jeans until they were all freed.

The Tutor


Eighteen year old Alex Parker wasn’t quite sure why his parents had insisted upon engaging a tutor for him. For Alex the whole thing was a mystery, considering he was already a straight A student in school. His pleas to his parents that he didn’t need a tutor went unheeded and his parents persisted in their strange idea.

Alex stopped complaining about getting a tutor as soon as he met her, for the first time for the tutor his parents hired for him was a very pretty girl doing her first year in college. The girl his parents hired, Chloe, was a slim blonde with apple size breasts, a tight ass, and long slim legs. At first he was nervous and tongue tied around his tutor but she quickly put him at ease and got down to work.

Chloe found Alex to be a surprisingly attractive guy despite his age and he was studious and intelligent. It wasn’t long before Chloe found herself wondering why his parents had hired her to tutor such a boy but since she needed the money she didn’t question it aloud. But she did do what she could to make the tutoring sessions with Alex to be as pleasant for them both as possible. The longer Chloe tutored Alex the more attractive she found him to be and soon she found herself fantasizing about him late at night.

As the seasons turned toward spring Chloe started wearing fewer and lighter clothes, and even less when she went to a tutoring session with Alex. Chloe was pleased that Alex noticed this immediately and the girl was happy that he seemed to enjoy looking at her. As the weather grew even warmer Chloe grew bolder, and soon she was leaving her bra behind when she went to tutor Alex. Alex noticed this change immediately but he was enjoying it too much to say anything about it to Chloe.

One day Chloe arrived for a tutoring session with Alex, this one happened to be on a Saturday. Alex met Chloe at the door, it seemed his parents were away for the day but they had insisted that Alex should stay for his tutoring session. So it was Alex himself who met Chloe at the door and when he informed her that his parents were not home and would not be for the entire day, the girl felt a secret thrill through her. Chloe wasn’t sure yet what she wanted to happen that day but at least there was a chance her growing interest and infatuation in Alex might find some sort of consummation.

Chloe followed Alex into the house and since she already knew well the location of his room she quickly walked toward it, leaving Alex to follow behind. For Alex this worked out to his advantage because he had the chance to watch his sexy tutor as she walked ahead of him. Alex immediately noticed that Chloe had worn the shortest pair of shorts he had ever see her wear and only a halter top that seemed pretty thin, with no bra under it. Alex was quite happy as he followed his sexy tutor into his room.

Chloe quickly got the tutoring session started but Alex seemed to be a bit distracted that day, his answers to her questions seemed to be unusually hesitant. She quickly realized the view of her barely covered torso and long bare legs was having the usual affect upon Alex’s teenage hormones. Far from being put off from this Chloe found she was excited by this and unconsciously rearranged herself to show herself off even more. Unfortunately this caused Alex performance Escort Esenyurt to suffer even more.

Chloe’s libido was finding Alex’s interest in her body more and more exciting and it was starting to interfere with her own tutorial efforts. But Chloe still retained enough presence of mind to feel a little frustrated at Alex’s unaccustomed inattention and she started turning her mind to ways she could solve that little problem.

Suddenly Chloe had an idea, one which sent a thrill of excitement through her body and down to her pussy. She also felt a stab of fear when she thought about her idea a little more but even the fear only excited Chloe even more. Chloe debated with herself for a couple of minutes, trying to gather her courage. Finally the tingle in her pussy overcame her judgment and Chloe decided to proceed with her idea.

“Alex, let’s take a break for a minute,” Chloe said.

“OK,” he replied.

“I’ve noticed you seem to have a hard time concentrating today Alex,” Chloe observed.

“Ah, yeah, I guess so,” Alex replied. Chloe thought she could see him blushing.

“You seem to be distracted by something,” Chloe observed, knowing full well that she was the distraction.

“Maybe,” was the reply from Alex.

“Am I your distraction?” Chloe asked.

“I guess so. You’re so beautiful I can’t look away,” Alex answered after a moment’s hesitation.

“We need to finish our tutoring. Do you think you can concentrate better if I give you a reward when we are done?” Chloe asked, her excitement making her bolder.

“Maybe that would work. What sort of reward do you have in mind?” Alex asked the beautiful tutor.

“If you can keep your mind on your work until we are done I will let you see all of me,” Chloe proposed.

“All of you? As in with no clothes on?” Alex asked excitedly.

“Yes, with no clothes on. Naked. You can see anything you want I will show everything to you,” Chloe answered.

“Really? You want to do that?” Alex asked.

“Yes. But like any reward you will have to earn it. You have to keep your mind on your work and answer every question. Can you do that?” Chloe asked.

“I can do it,” Alex replied confidently.

“You’d better if you want to see more of me,” Chloe said.


The two continued their usual session and Alex was now paying close attention to what he needed to do. Since he was a smart boy he didn’t really have any trouble. The fact of the matter was it was Chloe that had some difficulty in concentrating, but she managed to keep Alex from catching on to this.

As was usual during her tutoring sessions with Alex, Chloe had a question and answer session at the end. Alex answered each question carefully and managed to answer everyone correctly. Chloe was unable to find anything wrong with Alex’s performance since she had offered him the reward so now she was put in the position of having to deliver upon her part of the bargain. This sent a thrill of excitement through the girl’s body as she felt the excitement engendered by the idea of what she was about to do.

“Good work Alex. You’ve earned your reward,” Chloe said.

“Great! I’m looking forward to it!” Alex replied.

“Good. Now just sit there and watch,” Chloe instructed.


Chloe Escort Avcılar stood up and moved to the open center of the room where Alex could see her easily. The girl reached back and pulled the tie for the neck string of her halter loose. This caused Chloe’s top to fall to her waist exposing her breasts. Alex already knew their general shape but he was struck dumb actually seeing Chloe’s breasts for the first time.

“Do you like them Alex?” Chloe asked as she untied the lower part of her top and then tossed it aside.

“Oh yeah!” Alex exclaimed.

“Do you want to see more?” Chloe asked teasingly.

“Yes, please!” Alex answered.

Chloe moved her hands to the waistband of her shorts and pushed them down. The shorts caught for a moment on her hips and then abruptly dropped to the floor. Since Chloe hadn’t worn any panties that day that left her completely nude.

Alex was awestruck for this was the first time he had seen a girl completely naked before. His eyes drank in the vision of beauty that stood before him. His cock, already hard, surged to even greater stiffness as a strong thrill of lustful excitement thrilled through Alex’s body.

Exposing herself to Alex made Chloe even hornier than she had been before. Her excitement pushed her to decide to go much further than she had originally intended. Now Chloe wanted Alex’s cock in her mouth and in her pussy.

“Do you like what you see?” Chloe asked, slowing turning to show every side of her body to Alex.

“Oh yeah, very much!” Alex replied. His cock was almost painfully hard now.

“Now it’s your turn Alex. I want to see you, too,” Chloe said.

Alex got up off the bed where he had been sitting and nervously took his t-shirt off. Chloe drank in the sight of Alex’s upper body as he moved his hands to the waistband of his shorts and pushed them down. Chloe could see the shape of Alex’s penis as it bulged out his underpants as if trying to get free from their restraint. Alex tried to take off his underpants but had to work them around his hard, throbbing cock until finally they dropped to the floor.

Alex’s cock jutted forth hard and proud and throbbed with his heartbeat. Chloe’s eyes locked on it and she loved the look of Alex’s penis, it had such an appealing shape to her. She couldn’t wait to take it into her mouth and run her tongue around the purplish head.

Chloe walked over to Alex and immediately sank to her knees. She reached up, grasped the shaft of Alex’s cock in her right hand, and took the head of it into her mouth. Chloe swirled her tongue around the soft and smooth head enjoying the feel of the cock head in her mouth.

Alex felt the warm wetness of Chloe’s mouth envelop the head of his penis and it was the most wonderful thing he had ever felt before. Alex was already very excited and this new stimulation was enough to push him over the edge. Alex’s cock erupted into orgasm.

Chloe felt the cock shaft in her hand jerk and at the same time Alex grunted as a hot blast of semen erupted into the girl’s mouth. Chloe swallowed avidly each jet of hot cum that pulsed and splashed into her mouth. Chloe gently sucked the cock head that filled her mouth encouraging each pulse of sperm to come forth. Escort Beylikdüzü Then Alex’s orgasm faded and Chloe swallowed the final dribbles of tasty sperm from the end of his cock. Alex sagged down in temporary exhaustion and Chloe helped him to lower himself until he was sitting on the floor beside her.

Chloe cuddled with Alex there on the floor for a couple of minutes while he recovered from the powerful orgasm he had just experienced. When she sensed Alex starting to stir once again Chloe decided to see if she could get him to lick her while his cock recovered enough for him to fuck her. Chloe stood up and moved to sit on the bed. She leaned back and opened her legs, exposing her shaved pussy to Alex eyes.

“Alex, do you see my pussy?” Chloe asked.

“Oh yeah, it’s beautiful!” Alex exclaimed, drinking in the beauty of the girl’s pussy right in front of his eyes.

“Do you want to lick it?” Chloe asked.

“Sure, but I haven’t done that before. I don’t know what to do,” Alex replied.

“Just lick these,” Chloe said, flicking her inner pussy lips with her fingers. “And especially lick this,” she continued, pointing to and then gently rubbing her sensitive clit.

Alex quickly took the hint, dove right in, and soon Chloe was squirming in pleasure as Alex ate her pussy enthusiastically. Chloe was already so horny that even Alex’s inexperienced licking quickly brought the girl to a powerful orgasm. Chloe put her hands on Alex’s head and pushed his face hard into her pussy as the powerful orgasmic contractions convulsed her pussy. Then Chloe slowly relaxed as her orgasm faded.

During the time Alex had been licking Chloe his cock had recovered and was now jutting forth on hard erection once again. He stood up and this allowed Chloe to see his renewed horniness and the girl smiled. She wanted to get that hard cock into her pussy.

“Do you want to fuck me Alex?” Chloe asked with her eyes on his delicious looking cock.

“Oh yeah! What do I do? I’ve never done that before,” Alex replied excitedly.

“Come here, right here between my legs,” Chloe instructed.

Alex moved a couple of steps until the head of his cock almost touching the girl’s wet pussy. The girl reached down, grasped the shaft of Alex’s cock, and guided it to the entrance of her pussy.

“Push in,” Chloe gasped, her heart pounding in anticipation.

Alex pushed his hips slowly forward and watched in fascination as his hard cock slowly sank into Chloe’s warm, wet pussy. The feel of penetrating the girl felt wonderful as Alex continued pushing in until finally his cock was completely embedded in Chloe.

Instinctively Alex began to pump in and out of the girl and Chloe helped guide him in what to do with her legs. Soon Alex was fucking Chloe for all he was worth and his hard cock felt wonderful to the girl as it plundered her pussy. Alex continued fucking the girl as the wonderful feeling of her pussy on his cock started him quickly toward another orgasm. And the girl was right with him they were going to cum together.

Alex pumped into Chloe faster and soon he wasn’t able to hold out anymore and he began to cum. At the same time Chloe also reached her peak and her pussy massaged Alex’s spurting cock as he filled her with his sperm. His orgasm before had been the best he had felt up until then but this one was even better and he orgasmed inside a girl for the first time. Chloe’s orgasm was enhanced by the warm feeling of Alex cum shooting into her pussy.

The two cuddled on the bed relaxing after their wonderful fucking and soon fell asleep.

The Trio


“Oh, the heat outdoors is sweltering,” Carol said as she entered Janet’s home.

“Well, enter my air-conditioned home and enjoy,” Janet replied.

Six months ago, twenty-four-year-old Janet had married Bob Anderson. As a wedding gift, Bob’s well-to-do-father gave the young couple the down payment on a lavish eight room home with two full baths and a five-room in-law apartment attached. Bob’s engineering job in his father’s corporation enabled him to afford the mortgage payments. The house was in a new development in the same town in which the three age-mates Janet, Carol, and Bob had grown up.

Although the couple had only been married six months, Janet was eight months along in her first pregnancy and the bulge on her belly made her look like she was ready to deliver her baby any minute.

“What did the doctor say when you visited her yesterday,” Carol asked.

“She said everything is fine and the baby will come when he’s ready. But she said that I shouldn’t let Bob fuck me until after the baby’s born.”

“How does Bab feel about that?”

“He’s okay with it. I gave him a hand job this morning and he seemed content.”

“Anytime you need help satisfying his sex drive, you can count on me for help,” Carol said half-jokingly.

Carol had been Janet’s rival for Bob’s affections throughout their college days until Carol learned of Janet’s pregnancy. Bob, Janet, and Carol had met during their freshman year in college and the trio, accompanied by Jack Green, had gone on many double dates during their collegiate years. Jack had joined the Marine Corps within two weeks of graduating and he married a female Marine as soon as she graduated from boot camp.

Bob had continued dating Janet regularly. When Janet announced her pregnancy, they hastened their wedding date. They had a somewhat lavish wedding, paid for by Bob’s wealthy father, and Carol was Avcılar Escort the maid-of-honor.

Janet cocked her head for a moment after Carol’s last comment. Janet thought and then spoke. “Would you like to come live with us and let Bob make love with you? Bob and I have the in-law apartment. You can live there and Bob can visit you whenever you and he want. Like, you could be Bob’s second wife and pretend to be my spinster sister.”

“Yeah, I’d like that but what if Bob knocks me up?”

“I would tell our nosy neighbors that my sister is a whore. We could raise the children as siblings. Bob makes good money. One of us could work while the other took care of the children. We could pull it off with no trouble.”

Janet hesitated in her speech, then as an afterthought said, “Only if you want to.”

“Oh, I love your Bob. I’m very jealous of you. I could go along with your idea but how would Bob feel about it?”

“I’m so confident that he will accept the idea that let’s move you out of your apartment right now and into the in-law apartment. We’ll surprise him when he comes home from work.”

The two women used their two SUVs to move Carol out of her small apartment into the much larger in-law apartment and completed the task a full two hours before Bob got home from work.

Janet showed Carol where to find the utensils and food. Carol cooked supper for that evening.

When the girls proposed their ideas about a spinster sister and a second wife, Bob eagerly accepted their thoughts.

Immediately upon hearing her husband agree to the relationship, realistic Janet stood up and said to Bob, “Good. Instead of sitting there drooling, waiting to get Carol in bed, why don’t you let her show you her apartment and you can fuck her while you have her alone. Besides, I want you to sleep with her until the Beylikdüzü Escort baby is born and you can start fucking me again.”

Bob was speechless. Carol arose quickly from her chair and said, “Let’s go.”

Bob and Carol kissed Janet gently. Then, Carol took Bob by the hand and led him to her new home. Bob lifted Carol into his arms at the apartment entrance and carried her over the threshold. He made certain to feel her ass as he did so. She noticed but didn’t complain.

He dutifully admired how Carol furnished the apartment. Carol sensuously avoided Bab’s touch until she noticed the bulge in his trousers.

She turned. Her hand patted the bulge while she said, “Is this for me.”

Bob drew her close, kissed her lips, kissed her neck, whispered in her ear. “I love you, Carol.”

“I love you, too, Bob,” she said as she returned his kisses.

She continued, “Let me washup before we make love.”

“I’ll take you the way you are.”

“I have to wash my pussy so you can eat me.”

Bob reluctantly released her.

When she emerged from the toilet, she was naked. Bob commented on her upright tits and flat stomach while he dropped all his clothing on the floor. Again, he started kissing her, on the lips, on the neck, on the ears. As he kissed, he whispered sweet endearments. She returned his kisses and words of praise.

He maneuvered her to the bed. She wriggled to the center. He resumed his kissing while he fondled her tits. His fingers explored her belly button. He complimented her flat stomach as he pressed and felt it. His hand went to her pubic bush.

“I’ll be able to tell you and Janet apart in the dark. Janet shaves her triangle. I like yours hairy.”

“Fresh,” was her only response as she hugged him tighter.

His lips moved to her pussy. His fingers opened her labia. Esenyurt Escort His middle finger entered her vagina. His thumb located her clitoris and flicked it back and forth. His tongue followed his thumb’s lead and soon was flicking her clitoris. His thumb was now free to explore other orifices. It chose the vagina. The displaced middle finger entered her asshole.

She rolled onto him and, with some clumsy shuffling, maneuvered her hips over his face. He continued his licking and fingering without interruption. She sucked in his penis. Swish, swash, in and out she sucked. Up and down she licked. She expected a load of cum but didn’t get it.

More clumsy movements. He was atop her. He put his knee between her legs and pointed his penis at her hole of love. She guided his penis into her vagina and wrapped her long legs around his waist. He started his thrusts. She stretched her legs to stop him.

“Take your time,” she whispered in his ear. “I’m here for the long term.”

He smiled as he gave a hard thrust.

She said, “Unnh,” and kept her legs outstretched.

“Do it again, Bob.” It was a request, not a challenge.

Again, he thrust hard into her vagina. Again, she uttered “Unnh.” She pulled her legs back so that Bob could finish fucking her.

Her arms squeezed him tightly as she said, “I can feel your pecker throbbing inside me. I love you, Bob.”

They rested a few minutes before Bob said, “I have to get some clothes to go to work tomorrow.”

The couple returned to the main portion of their home and found Janet in the bedroom.

Janet asked, “How did you two get along?”

“Your husband fucks real nice,” Carol responded with a big grin on her face.

Bob smiled but said nothing.

Speaking to both, Janet said, “I packed enough of Bob’s clothes for Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, the three of us can split Bob’s things so that he can live comfortably in either bedroom. Bob, I want you to sleep with Carol until the doctor says you can start fucking me again. Now, I need some sleep. You two go do whatever you have a mind to do. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Janet,” Bob and Carol said in unison. Bob’s thoughts were already awakening his penis.

The Tenant Pt. 01


Working as a landlord, you’re never happy when the phone rings. People don’t call just to say everything is working great, or that they’re going to be early with the rent money. When the phone rings, it is almost certainly bad news. And when Zulema calls, you better clear the rest of your day.

Zulema is a tallish attractive Colombian-born woman in her mid to late 30s. She and her husband Greg and young toddler son live in one of my more high-end units. It is a really nice place in a great neighborhood, but for whatever reason it always seems to require a disproportionate amount of attention. Not a week goes by without me stopping by to fix something.

At first I didn’t mind all that much. Zulema is quite beautiful and charming, and dresses in a way that really gets me going–conservative but just a hint of sexy. And her accent, though subtle, is irresistible. However, she is extremely demanding and bossy as a tenant, and will accept nothing short of perfection in her house. It is no wonder why Greg spends so much time away from home. If I think her demands are bad, he must get it so much worse.

It was a gorgeous Friday afternoon in late summer. I had wrapped up what I thought was the last thing on my list for the day, and was thinking of knocking off a bit early to get a drink with my brother, when suddenly my phone rang. Of course it was Zulema.

“Hello?” I said, as if I didn’t know exactly who it was.

“Hey, it’s Zulema,” she said. “How are you?”

“Great. What’s going on?”

“Sorry to call again, but one of those detectors in the kitchen is beeping and I can’t shut it off. I’m worried there may be a gas leak or something.”

“Okay, well don’t worry. I’m not that far from you now. I can come check it out in about 10 minutes.”

“I appreciate it. Thank you.”

I hung up and sighed. I was fairly certain it was an innocuous low-battery beep and not an actual alarm, but it was worth checking out anyway. I grabbed a few tools I anticipated I might need and made my way to Zulema’s house. Checking my appearance in the rear-view mirror, I grabbed my bag, made my way to the door and rang the bell.


Zulema flung open the door, uncharacteristically cheery. Her appearance was more casual than I was used to, with her long black hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her attire that afternoon was charcoal gray yoga pants and a tight yellow t-shirt, with a deep v-neck revealing just the right amount of cleavage. I could tell right away that she was not wearing a bra, and I tried not to stare too obviously at the faint outline of nipple that was noticeable through the fabric of her shirt.

“Come on in. Take off your shoes there please,” she said, as if I didn’t already know the drill.

I slipped off my shoes and followed her down the hall, watching her cute bare feet delicately land on the tile floor. Her hips swayed from side to side in an almost exaggerated manner, as if she was a model on the catwalk, or trying deliberately to get me to notice her butt. She didn’t have to try. Her ample but tight rear end was perfectly highlighted by those pants, and I was free for a moment to stare at that ass and those thighs, knowing she did not have eyes in the back of her head.

We entered the kitchen. I noticed a half-full glass of wine on the counter next to a half-empty bottle of cabernet. Her house, usually in perfect order, was a bit more cluttered than I’d come to expect. There were several dishes in the sink. An empty pizza box was perched above the trash can.

“The beeping is coming from this guy here,” Zulema said, reaching up toward a round box on the ceiling in the kitchen. When she lifted her arm, her t-shirt rose a bit as well, revealing her tiny waist and much of her flat caramel brown abdomen and perfect little belly button. This woman was at least five years my senior, and gave birth to a child less than two years ago, but still somehow looked like a fitness model.

“As long as the beeping isn’t constant, it’s just a warning. That blinking light there indicates a low battery. I need your ladder and a 9-volt battery if you have one.”

Zulema looked through a drawer in the kitchen island, taking a sip of her wine before finding a new 2-pack of 9-volt batteries. She left for a minute, then came back with a 4-foot ladder I knew she had in the house from my previous visit. I climbed up to the top step and began to dismantle the carbon detector.

“Do you need me to hold you?” she asked, grabbing on to both of my legs before I could respond. Her face was inches from my crotch. I felt a little movement between my legs as I imagined her unzipping my jeans. I glanced down for some quick appreciation of her cleavage from above, and was not disappointed.

“I’m sorry to have you come over for this. I would ask Greg to look at it, but we’re kind of in a separation right now. He’s pretty worthless at this stuff anyway.”

“Oh wow, sorry to hear that.”

“No, it’s okay. Frankly I am happier without him right Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir now. But I do get a little lonely on days when he has Junior with him.”

The news about the separation was a bit surprising, but I couldn’t say I was shocked. Based on my limited observation, she didn’t treat him all that well. She wore the pants in this house. And no matter how great they made her ass look, it just wasn’t going to work anymore if she stopped putting out for poor ol’ Greg. He probably had to beg for sex, and even when she caved in it was probably quick, pragmatic missionary sex that neither of them truly enjoyed. I wondered if this lady has even given him head since their marriage. My money would be on “once, on his birthday, and not even to completion.”

“Well okay that takes care of that,” I said, stepping down from the ladder. “What else do you need?”

“While you are here, can you please look at the upstairs shower? It does not get very hot anymore.”

This was classic Zulema, calling me over for one quick repair that would eventually lead to a dozen tasks and at least half a day of work. Of course it was a bit more understandable in the context of what I just learned about her personal life, but I didn’t want to spend any more time there than I had to. I followed Zulema up the stairs, paying close attention to the shape of her legs and butt. She stepped into the master bathroom and turned on the water in the large glass shower.

“Even on the hottest setting it is just barely warm,” she said. “And it used to work so well. Using this shower was my favorite part of the day.”

“Okay let me see what I can do.”

“I swear if you fix this I will do anything.”

This offer certainly put some colorful ideas in my head. Not being sure how literal she meant it, I decided not to acknowledge her comment, and instead stepped into a literal cold shower to cool off.

“Hmmm yeah this water is warm but definitely not hot. Let me take apart the valve. Sometimes they have a built-in mechanism from preventing it from going to hot. I might have to just re-align it.”

I’m not sure if what I said made any sense, nor if it was correct in any technical kind of way. I am not a plumber but I can usually fake my way through most repairs on dumb luck, and I have actually successfully taken these things apart and gotten them to go hotter before. I shut off the water and got to work.

“I’m sorry, can I get you a beer or water or anything?” Zulema offered.

“I wouldn’t say no to a glass of that cabernet,” I said, hoping the request made me seem as sophisticated as I had hoped.

“Sure no problem.”

I took the handle off the shower valve and found a little plastic cartridge inside. I repositioned it so that it was able to turn an extra few degrees counterclockwise and then put it all back together. A simple enough job, but that should do it. I had the water running fully hot again when Zulema came back with two glasses of wine.

“Did you fix it? My god, I could kiss you.”

“Salud,” I said, taking a huge gulp from the glass.

“This is honestly so amazing. Thank you.”

Zulema emptied the rest of her glass down her throat, then produced a small piece of paper out of nowhere.

“This is just a little list of some other things I’ve noticed around the house,” she said. “If you’ll excuse me, I am going to take a quick shower now, because I really missed having it working. And if you don’t mind staying and having a look at these things I would really appreciate it. I really do owe you one.”

One what? I wondered to myself. Suddenly up to my neck in work, I begrudgingly took the list and read it while walking away to give her some privacy. The list was pretty long and vague-full of requests like “dishwasher loud” and “dryer hot but too hot?” Even just looking at all of these things was going to take another hour at least.

Back downstairs in the kitchen, I poured myself another half glass of wine and meandered around the house, only partially paying attention to Zulema’s maintenance requests. I could hear the shower running upstairs and tried to imagine how sexy she looked in there, hot and wet and nude and soapy. On a whim, I decided to walk back up the stairs to inspect the “bedroom vent off?” request.

I was standing in the master bedroom when Zulema came out of the attached “en suite” bathroom in a short black robe loosely tied around her waist. It was the most skin I had ever seen her show, with the scandalous length of the robe showing off the entire length of her sexy brown legs. Up top, the robe was so loose that it barely covered her breasts. From a different angle I may have been able to see a nipple. Her jet black hair was dripping. My jaw dropped. I could not hide how turned on I was by this beautiful woman.

“So that vent above the bed doesn’t really seem to work when we have the a/c on,” she said.

“Oh,” I could barely speak.

“Please, go turn on the air. You İstanbul Escort will see what I mean.”

I went out into the hall and down the stairs to where the thermostat was, setting the temperature down to 68 degrees to activate the air conditioning. Was she coming on to me or not? I honestly couldn’t tell. Maybe she has had just enough wine today, and is just the right combination of lonely and horny. It might be my lucky day. Quickly I ascended back up to the master bedroom to see the result.

Zulema was lying down in the center of the bed, her bathrobe now completely open revealing her perfect nude body. My eyes followed the path from her feet up those slender and smooth brown legs and onward to the trimmed but still bushy black delta of her pubic region. They continued up to that washboard belly and then on up to her big round breasts and chocolate nipples. Her face was expressionless but she looked right at me. I was stunned.

“Isn’t it hot in here?” she asked.

“Very, very hot,” was all I could think to say.

“Well what are you going to do about it?”

I hesitated before a moment before answering, “I think I may have to get out of these clothes.”

“I like that idea,” she smiled. “Then what?”

“Then I think I’ll join you in that bed.”

“Good. Listen, I know I can be pretty bossy sometimes, but right now you are the boss. I will do anything you say. You can do whatever you want to me.”

Well okay, here we go! I suppose the possibilities are endless for some people when presented this scenario, but I’ve never been all that “dominant” sexually, and don’t have very many kinks so to speak. But I did want to have sex with this woman. I wanted her to enjoy it as well. If I had to guess I would say it had been a very long time since she was righteously fucked. Hopefully I would get her off, then I would come somewhere on her or in her, then I would go about my day.

“Spread your legs,” I demanded while beginning to undress myself.

“Yes, master,” she said, slowly opening her legs and exposing herself to me.

“Touch yourself.”

Zulema closed her eyes and began rubbing her clit. I removed my pants and boxer briefs and stood before her totally naked, my dick at full salute in a pretty impressive erection. She would not be disappointed when she opened her eyes. Of this I was sure.

I continued to observe her masturbation technique as she got more and more into it, putting a finger inside her now-wet pussy, biting her lip and tilting her head back in pleasure. Her hips lifted off the bed a bit, gyrating to the rhythm of her self-love.

After a few minutes of voyeurism, I crawled onto the foot of the bed and spread her legs wider apart, then buried my face in between them. I gave her pussy a single lick, and she looked down at me and smiled, still rubbing her clit with her right hand. She smelled and tasted like somewhat like potpourri, not at all unpleasant to my senses. I went back in for another taste, slowly licking in and around her pussy, which was now soaking wet. Her ecstatic moans became louder and louder indicating her approval.

“Fuck that feels so good,” she said, now grabbing and squeezing her own breasts.

I wiped some juices off my chin and slightly altered my position, now gently licking and sucking on her clit while fucking her with my ring and middle fingers.

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “Just like that!”

I looked up to see her pinching and twisting her nipples. The pitch of her moaning got higher and the rhythm more staccato.

“You’re going to make me come.”

She screamed as the floodgates opened, and I continued to lick, lapping up the warm flow of liquid honey she produced in abundance. My face and hands were soaked with her ejaculate. Wanting her to taste her own juices, I laid next to her on the bed and began kissing her. She received me well. The kissing intensified, her tongue wrestling with mine as I began fondling her tits.

“I can’t believe you made me come like that,” she said. “What do you want me to do now?”

Before I could respond, she took my hand and began sucking on the two fingers I had inside her pussy, slowly moving them in and out of her mouth.

“Get down on your knees, on the floor,” I said.

“Yes, master.”

She obediently moved to the ground and assumed the position. I stood in front of her with my huge erect dick, already dripping with pre-cum, pointed right at her face. I was so hard that it hurt.

“Wow that is pretty big.”

“Kiss it.”

She gave the tip of my penis a peck, transferring the bit of pre-cum to her lips, then looked up at me for her next command.

“When was the last time you sucked anybody’s dick?” I genuinely wanted to know.

“Oh, probably a couple of…maybe 4 or 5 months ago.”

“Did you let him finish in your mouth?”

“No, I never do that.”

This confirmed to me that she wasn’t taking care of her man. No wonder their marriage was falling apart. Escort İstanbul Men will take all kinds of abuse from a woman this hot. We will let ourselves be bossed around verbally or financially. Why? Because at the end of the day we like how your pussy feels and love the way our dick looks in your mouth. If none of this is happening, then there is nothing to hold the bond together.

“Start sucking,” I demanded.

Zulema took the tip of my cock in her mouth and started literally sucking on it, and sort of swirling her tongue around it. It felt nice, of course, but it wasn’t really what a blowjob is supposed to be. It is quite possible this woman was never coached on how to give good head. She had men falling all over her no matter what she did, so why would she need to suck a dick, or care how well she was doing it?

“Deeper. Like this,” I said, grabbing the back of her head and pushing a few inches farther down my dick, then pulling back.

“It’s too big,” she protested, pretending to gag. “I can’t fit that in all the way.”

“I want you to try your best.”

She put me back in her mouth, a little bit deeper this time, and began sliding up and down the shaft in a more proper fashion.

“That’s a little better,” I said.

Zulema, encouraged by my positive reinforcement, started getting more into it, going a little deeper and faster as my dick became lubed with her saliva. She was altering speeds and even gently squeezing my balls, sometimes looking up at me with those beautiful brown eyes. The importance of eye contact can not be overstated in a blowjob.

“I actually like this,” she said, pausing to take a breath, but continuing to stroke me with her hands. “I never liked it before.”

“Why don’t you see if you like licking my balls as well?”

“Okay!” she immediately went in on my sack, continuing to jerk my dick with her right hand, licking one ball then the other for a few moments, giving each plenty of attention.

I wanted her to continue sucking me off, now that she seemed to have a newfound appreciation of performing fellatio. It would have been a cherry on top to fill her mouth with cum and make her swallow. However, I knew I needed to feel the inner walls of her pussy first. She deserved a good fucking, and I was at my biggest and hardest right at that moment.

“Get back on the bed,” I said.

She eagerly got up and laid down on the bed again, smiling in anticipation of the treat she knew was coming. I touched the surface of her pussy to make sure it was still nice and wet, then spread her legs wide apart.

“Are you going to fuck me with that big dick now?”

I moved into position to enter her, and she instantly grabbed a hold of my dick and stuffed it inside her pussy. Her lips were snug around my huge rod, but it easily slid in due to the magnitude of moisture still happening in that area.

“Oooh,” she moaned. “Ow.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Yes, but don’t stop. Just go slow for now.”

I slowly forced my cock several inches deep inside her pussy, then slowly pulled back. Then back in again and again, slightly deeper each time, but maintaining a slow pace to save her from pain.

“How does this feel?” I asked.

“Good,” she replied. “Go ahead and fuck me now, as hard as you want.”

I increased the force of my thrust a bit, going deeper and deeper. Her sugar walls easily accepted my girth, but still kept a firm grip around me. The sensation was incredible, though I knew I was not in danger of climaxing too soon. I had more work to do first.

Altering my angle of entry ever so slightly in order to increase friction, I began to seriously pound her, going as hard and deep as I thought she would allow. I was fucking her with everything I had.

“Harder!” she begged.

I kept hammering her with my dick, but now I was pausing just a bit at the deepest point of my thrust before pulling back again. This seemed to do the trick.

“Yes!” she screamed. “I’m going to come again!”

Her sustained screaming and body language confirmed she had climaxed again, so I pulled out and brought my dick up near her face and started rubbing it against her pursed lips. Zulema stuck out her tongue as if eager for another taste of her own secretions.

“Mmmm I was hoping you would let me suck it some more,” she said.

I grabbed a fistful of hair close to the back of her head, and guided her mouth toward my throbbing penis. She enthusiastically gave her mouth to me, but this time with me in control. Still holding a fistful of her hair, I pushed her head toward me as I thrust my pelvis, shoving my dick pretty deep down her throat. I was giving her mouth a good fucking, though still keeping it somewhat gentle, not wanting to physically hurt her.

Feeling myself getting dangerously close the the finish line, I pulled out and tried to wind it back a bit. Though it would have been a great opportunity to come all over her face, something told me I needed to keep fucking her.

“Roll over,” I said.

Zulema immediately obeyed my command and rolled over onto her stomach, giving me the first opportunity to fully appreciate her glorious behind. I reached out to grab it with both hands, then gave it a light smack with my right.

“Oooh I like that,” she said. “Smack my ass again. Harder.”

The Tanning Salon


I love my job, I guess that I am happier than most because not only do I love what I do but I also work for myself. I own a tanning salon, I love greeting people and being there to answer their questions, they are more like friends to me than customers and I would hate it if I couldn’t be there everyday. Although I never expected the perks that seem to come along with the job, and the perks make the job even better.

It had been a slow day that Wednesday as the weather was very ominous and drizzly as well as chilly, Steve a steady daily customer had come in and we were sitting and chatting and joking as we always do before he tans. We talked a little about our screwed up relationships, joking about how we were ready to just get into another one for money not love etc… I love joking with Steve, he makes me laugh and smile, and being 10 years my younger and in fit shape he is nice to look at as well.

Steve was making jokes and flirting about going to dinner, running away together. ” Ok Linda, what do you say that we just get out of here, go eat some dinner, and find a nice motel somewhere”

“Well Steve I don’t close for another hour and a half, but after that sure I am all yours.” I smiled and laughed knowing he would never be serious, and that being married I could never go there.

We chuckled at each other as Steve sauntered down the hall and into the diminutive room where the tanning bed was. I heard the door shut, and I started to image him naked as I heard his clothing come off. I heard his belt buckle clink against the chair as I assumed that he laid his slacks in the seat. I could hear his hands running over his body as he smoothed the lotion across his perfect form, his tan muscles firm yet not overly large, then his six-pack tummy, and sweet sexy chest. I was getting damp in that secret place just thinking about him, I tried hard to recover and think about something else, I mean after all I am married even if I am separated, I shouldn’t even consider such a thing. But then I have been so lonely, and sexually in need of some real Manley attention.

It seemed like only moments that Steve was in the bed, when I heard the bed shut off it knocked me from my daydream about him, and he began to sing to the radio. I giggled and smiled, ” Are you trying to win me over with the singing now Steve?” I asked in my flirtiest voice.

” Yes is it working?” Steve chimed with a confident manner.

” Well if they play “Unchained Melody” and you sing to that, then you will be in trouble,” I replied

Steve laughed and said that he would have to remember that. Now I could hear his clothes going back on, the dampness had grown and I was now feeling a slight tingle between my legs, a considerable throb even. I was going to have to go home and really work myself over well.

Steve exited the room and headed out the front door, he smiled as he left, ” See you tomorrow Linda have a great night.”

” You to Steve, and behave” With a wink and a smile Steve was out the door and in his car. For the next hour I couldn’t get him out of my mind, and I just kept thinking what it would be like to have Steve touch me, kiss me, and have his cock fucking me. As I cleaned the tanning beds I found a watch in the room that Steve had just been in I figured it was his and put it in the office to give to him the next day when he came in, escort bayan esenyurt I then vacuumed the floors and turned out the lights. Now ready to close, I had emptied the cash drawer and turned off the open sign and gone into the office. I was filling out the deposit slip for the evening’s sales, when I heard a knock on the door.

I peaked through the window and to my shock it was Steve, I opened the door and he laughed as he told me that he thought that he had left his wristwatch in the room. I smiled softly at Steve as an odd feeling crept over me.

” Yes you did, I put it here in the office for safe keeping let me get it for you.”

” Thanks so much I love that watch and would hate to have lost it.”

I entered into the office, and as I reached for the watch on the desk I felt hands slide from behind me and cup my large breasts, it was Steve and he pulled me close to his chest, I gasped in shock and he nuzzled his face into my neck, kissed my neck and ears and whispered softly into my ear.

” Please Linda, don’t make me stop. You know you want me, and we can have a great agreement so that you get what you need and I tan for free.” Steve spoke with declaration in his voice; He wasn’t evil but had a force and an attitude of control.

My head spun, I knew this was wrong but I needed this so much, it felt so wonderful to have a man want me this much again, even if it was for ulterior motives. I closed my eyes tightly, breathed deeply and leaned against his chest and tilted my head to the side giving him better access to my neck.

Steve continued to kiss and lick and suck my neck as he groped at my tits, I was in such disbelief as he was so hot looking and I being overweight, and almost 40 and separated, I kept thinking to myself why me, why me.

I stopped asking myself why, and became spellbound in the passion. Steve had turned me around and kissed me softly, licking my lips, and holding me close. Then his kiss became more determined and deep, his mouth covering mine, his tongue penetrating my mouth intensely. I could feel Steve’s hard cock pushing against me, and his hands now inside of my shirt grabbing at my fleshy mounds as he backed me against the wall. Our passion grew, and we were groping each other and kissing frantically. Steve pushed me hard against the wall, looked at me and without saying a word lifted my shirt up over my head in a hard fast movement, he then began to suck my tits through the thin material of my bra. I placed my hands on his head, holding him close and tightly, moaning as he suckled my nipples to a rigid stance that the bra couldn’t hide. My Nipples were slightly rough in texture and had grown to a size I didn’t know that they were capable of, my large 44 DD’s loved this kind of attention and I prayed that it wouldn’t stop.

My thong was getting so sodden with my cunt juice that I was sure that the crotch of my jeans were also getting tacky, It was so passionate I needed to feel his cock in me now!

Steve pulled his mouth from my tits, and I moaned loudly in displeasure. He backed up a bit and then began to unbutton and unzip my jeans, looking me in the eyes and saying nothing to me. I felt his hands slide into the waist of my jeans, and he began to slowly push them down as he leaned in and seductively bit my neck and shoulders, he crouched Escort Bayan Avcılar at my feet. Then he lifted first my left foot then my right. Pulling the leg of the pants from each foot as he did so.

I was leaning against the wall, trying to breath steadily, moaning softly, Steve remained crouched at my feet, his hands descending over my flesh and back up my legs, then over the insides of my thighs. My hips stirred slightly with his moves as I moaned more. I began to speak to tell him how much I loved what he was doing to me; Steve reached to my mouth, placed his index finger across my lips and said…

” SHHHH… Don’t say a word, just do as I direct you to.”

I was not going to argue, Steve stayed crouched, he lifted my right leg up and placed it over his shoulder. Pushed my thighs slightly apart, then he slowly slid his hand over the threadlike material that covered my pussy lips; they were inflamed and pouting out the edges of the thong. But I couldn’t help but act in response to the touch of his fingers. I got a whiff of my female aroma, it was sharp but it was sweet and made me even hotter.

” MMM… you smell wonderfully hot and horny, bet it has been along time since you have had this done.” I just moaned and shook my head yes to his words.

Steven wasted little time, he pulled the thong to the side and began to lick and suck at my inflamed well shaven twat as it throbbed in his lips. I yelped in pleasure and forced my hips forward to push harder against his face as he was now licking and sucking harder than I can ever bring to mind any man ever doing to me. My clit jumped at each touch of Steve’s tongue and teeth, my liquids flowed out and down onto the inside of my thighs, and I was so close to cumin all over his face I couldn’t stand it.

Steve inserted two fingers into my cunt and began to finger me profoundly and relentlessly, yet slow deliberate strokes. I fucked my hips onto his hand, wanting to release the surge of pleasure so much.

” Oh yeah that’s it, feels good to get that cunt fucked doesn’t it? You’re so wet and hot, and you taste so good. I can’t wait to feel you cum on my fingers and face, so I can lick up your juice and really savor your nectar.”

I was going insane, it felt astounding and I needed to climax so badly I couldn’t stay silent another moment. I began to implore and beseech like a real cum slut would.

” Oh yes Steve yes, I want to cum for you, I need to cum for you, I need it so much it hurts. Yes that’s it fuck my wet twat, harder suck my clit oh god yes….”

Steve fingered my cunt with a firm pounding action, he sucked and lapped at my clit, it was only seconds and I felt the wave hit me in the most intensely overwhelming manor I could recall. My legs buckled and quivered, my cunt succumbed to his fingers, the juices flowed from my pulsing hole and down Steve’s arm, Steve savored and drank the tasty fluid as it gushed, I screamed in pleasure and felt woozy as the surge subsided and left me enervated. He had to hold me tighter against the wall to keep me from falling, my breathing began to slow, and I relaxed a bit, and then whispered.

“Steve. That was amazing… thank you.”

Steve grinned like a Cheshire cat and lowered my leg to the floor, I was still leaning against the wall, and my eyes closed trying Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü to regain composure. I heard Steve unzip his slacks and he methodically removed them and folded them placing them on my desk. He then turned to me and placed his hands on my shoulders and forced me to the floor. His hard cock was sticking right in my face; he grabbed his member with his right hand and pulled my head closer.

” Now you little cum slut, suck my cock until I tell you your done.”

There was a rude reverberation in his voice, hardened and insistent, but it made me want to please him all the more.

I wrapped a hand around his cock and began to lick it from the base of his sack to the tip of his head. I slowly stroked up and down as I did so, Steve held my head tighter with handfuls of hair tightly entangled between his finders. He pulled my face closer to his crotch and grunted an animalistic tone.

I opened my oral cavity wider and slowly let his cock enter into my warm, wet hungry orifice. Steve moaned a pleasurable moan, and began to hold me tighter yet by the hair. His hips swaying in the motion with my mouth play. Softly I grasped his balls, gently squeezing and needing them, causing a deep gurgle in my throat caused his cock to tremor in my saliva cave. I could feel Steve’s passion growing and his balls tightened under my touch, pre-cum oozed steadily and I licked enthusiastically at the white glistening fluid, And sucked with vigor on his massive hard throbbing pecker.

Steve was really fucking my face hard, hitting the back of my throat and causing me to gag, but I could tell that he was close to spilling his seed and I wanted to feel that in my cheeks and on my tongue, down my gullet. Just as the vein in his cock swelled to amazing proportions, he withdrew from my face, pulled me to my feet by my hair, spun me around and bent me over the desk chair.

His foot kicked my ankles further apart, his right arm wrapped under my hips pulling my ass up high and near his crotch, I felt the head of his dick press against my cunt lips and then jammed in full and deep, I gasped but loved the way that his cock stretched me open and packed me full. I could feel Steve’s cock hammering my cervix as it slid in and out, and he pulled it out just far enough with each stroke to cause the brim of the head to hit that squashy squishy spot beneath my clit that causes electrical energy to serge through my body.

I was bent over the chair, head against the wall, feeling Steve in my cunt, I screamed in delight…”Harder yes harder god that feels so good!”

With that Steve’s hand grabbed the hair in the back of my head again as he pulled hard, he shoved deeply and smacked my ass hard several times causing a sharp heat to race from my ass to my cunt and as he did the last few strokes I felt his jism shoot into my pussy and fill me, Steve roared like a lion, his guttural tones reverberating through the room and echoed through my ears, he then with drew his cock and with his hand jerked the last remnants of seed onto my ass and back leaving my skin glisten under the heavy streams.

Steve was breathing hard, and leaned against me for a few moments in an effort to catch his breath. He then stood up and began to redress, I excused myself to clean up just enough to get re-dressed myself so I could head home.

As we were getting ready to head out, Steve kissed my forehead, and asked if it was worth it. I said well enough that bi-weekly sessions should keep him tan all summer. And with that we went our separate ways, and now when he comes in to tan, we have that little look we throw each other’s way. And I love knowing that next week, will be time for another round.



Subject: RA Adventures: Revisited (Chapter 1) RA Adventures: Revisited (Chapter 1) By Sam Redwood [email protected] About 20 years ago there was a touching series named RA Adventures. It was one of my favorites as a young gay man coming-of-age at the same time as the characters. I recently re-read the series, and began to consider how the story might have continued. Of course, this many years later, the original author’s email address has resulted in bouncebacks, and I can’t imagine that he has spent a lot of time thinking about this series in the intervening period. By chance he has, however, please reach out. I’d love to talk with you about the characters and where you might see them. As for everyone else, similar to the original series — this is not going to be a quick cum, so if that is what you are looking for, you might want to look elsewhere. And, of course, this story is a fictitious work that depicts sexual activity between consenting male adults, so if that is offensive or illegal in your area, you may wish to consider a different website. —– Kevin McReardon here. It’s been a long time since that conversation with my sister at Christmas. You could say we have a lot to catch up on! First things first. I just turned 39, for the first time. You aren’t the only one that can’t believe it’s going on 20 years since we last spoke…I really do need to be better at staying in touch. (How many times do I keep saying **that?* Obviously I haven’t been able to improve on my communication habits with time.) I was finally able to take my leave of the South, settling down in the natural wonderland of the inland mountain west for about 15 years now. There really isn’t a better place to plant down roots. The mountains are breathtaking, with skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. In between our cities are big swaths of wide open land, the kind of place where you can really begin to recognize how insignificant many of the ‘problems’ we face in the day-to-day really are. People aren’t as jovial here as in the South, of course…we all kind of keep to ourselves much of the time, the whole “live and let live” mentality and all. But hearts are as big as the wide open land, and everyone is willing to help out another person in need. But how did I get here? What happened with me and Clint? How are Christi, Matt, and the others doing? Did I ever get a chance to kiss Clint again…or Dan? What did Clint do after graduation? Heh…so many questions, that if I answered them all in detail, we’d **never* get to where things are today. And besides, how long did it take me to spill that I grew up all those years in Argentina? You certainly don’t think I’d spill all the beans at once, do you? Besides…my children and husband are calling me outside for a hike in the mountains. “Come on, daddy,” my oldest begs. He’s growing up so quickly. As he’s grinning up at me I can tell that I’ve got the makings of a sweet-talking troublemaking **adult* forming in the 10-year-old in front of me! When we decided to have children, we also decided that we’d have two…one from my sperm and one from my husband’s. We found a surrogate mother who was willing to carry both so they have the same mother. Besides his growing ulus escort mouth, I can also see his grandmoter’s, my mother’s eyes taking shape. I can’t help but grin down at him. “Alright, I’m coming. Are you ready?” He grins back, “Uh huh,” before racing out and away from me here in my home office. “Daddy’s coming. Let’s goooo!” I chuckle to myself as I stand up. I really have hit the jackpot. A loving family, beautiful community, and work that I love to do. When I decided to move out west, it was sort of a group decision. No, not like the free love communes of the late 1960’s. That’s **California* and it’s still a couple of states away. But, life moves on in surprising ways. My family is in the southwest, a short plane ride or a long day’s drive from here, and I had the opportunity to move with my chosen family. Blame the TV show “Friends” for corrupting us that we could really make a family out of our close friends. As I walk down the hallway, my daughter — our youngest — makes an appearance. Her curly red hair cascades down her head. “Are you ready to go for a hike,” I ask her. She nods intently. “Can Buggy come, too?” Buggy is a stuffed animal of a grasshopper that never made much sense to me, but it was $1.99 in a basket full of strange stuffed animals at IKEA and she latched onto it immediately. Kevin knows better than to argue with a child over $2, and Buggy has been an essential member of the family all these years since. She’s at the age where the security of stuffed animals and other objects are being transferred to self-sufficiency, so whenever Buggy comes back out, I try to say yes. I smile. “Of course Buggy comes with.” As we were talking, my husband came from the opposite end of the hallway. I have to say, he is still as good looking as I remember from the first time I really had that close look at him when we were in college. Matt’s red hair was cut closer these days than before, but his chest and legs were still just as sculpted as ever…a testament to his still-daily workouts. When we moved west, he and Clint both joined the community rugby team to give themselves something to do in between grad school classes. After they graduated and started working, they never quit playing. They’ve made a couple of competitive tournaments over these years. I’m definitely not complaining about the results…for **either* of them. I stand up and Matt looks at me. “Ready, babe?” “Yeah, I’ll grab my boots and we can go,” I respond. He grins back, and I lean over for a quick kiss…which results in complaining and jeering from the kids. We both chuckle at them, and Matt shoos our daughter and Buggy to get ready as I head over to the bench in the kitchen with all of our shoes next to our already-prepared and anxious son. Once ready and prepared, we all headed out the back door. Our home sits on four acres just about half an hour outside of the city, close enough that Matt’s commute to the University where he is a professor isn’t too strenuous, but far enough away that we can look up at a truly dark canvas of sky each evening without too much light pollution. Our property backs up to the edge of a national forest, itself in the foothills yeni mahalle escort of the local mountain range, and together with our neighbors we have created our own pathway in the woods. In the spring, like it is now, we are treated to cold creeks and rivers carrying away cold snowmelt from the peaks, with small wildflowers springing to life on the forest floor. In about a month, the wildflowers will begin to go dormant again…that’s the thing I won’t ever fully adjust to in the west. Plants begin to brown even in early summer, so that by fall most everything is dormant and green is just a fond memory. These spring months, though, with white snow and colorful plants side-by-side is just magical. The ground is flat and even for about two miles…more than enough distance to walk out some energy with the kids without doing too much circling. Sufficiently tired out from their hike, Matt and I turn the kids back. At home, our daughter decides to take a nap. “Daddy,” our son asks me, “Can I read a book while you do more work?” “Sure,” I say. “Is it a quiet book?” He runs to his bookshelf in the living room to find the book he wants, and as I’m turning the corner into the room he holds it up proudly — ‘The Crossover’ by Kwame Alexander. “Of course you can read that,” I say. We walk into my home office. I’ve set up a corner for the kids to work quietly in there with me. About eight years ago I began my own consulting business, between when the kids were born, so that I could spend more time at home with them both. It was the same year Matt made tenure at the University, and we knew that we would be settling down here. I was ready for a change, and had been working in a variety of different fields and positions up until that point, so I decided to jump into something different and exciting. I sublease an office downtown for when I need a different space or meeting with clients in person. I’ve also been getting more clients in other parts of the country, so I have been traveling more. But, for most of the time, I work out of the home office and one or both of the kids can come in and read or draw in their corner of their Daddy’s office. Matt lightly knocked on the door, holding two cups in his hand. One with fizzy fruit water for our son, the other with a tequila sunrise for me. Matt, and his drink choices, is a classic. He set the cup for our son down first and then came over to me to hand me the adult beverage. “How much more do you have to do,” he asked me. “I want to be able to plan for dinner.” I clicked through the open tabs of my web browser. “Uh, I think only half an hour or so,” I replied. An alert popped up on my screen…an incoming iMessage from Clint. “What are you guys doing for dinner tonight?” I called for Matt to look at the screen. “Dude, I so don’t want to cook,” he told me. I looked at him, and he had a sly grin on his face. I grinned back, “Barbecue, then?” “Hell yeah!” he replied. I typed back a reply to Clint. “We’re thinking barbecue. Want to join us?” “Let me know what he says,” Matt told me, then turned to our son. “C’mon. Let’s go wake up your sister and get ready to go out to dinner while Daddy finishes up in here.” They shuffled out of the room just as the iMessage alert popped up again. “Sure. Want to meet there in an hour?” We all had a local barbecue joint we frequented, probably more than any of us really should. But the prices were reasonable, the servings plentiful, and the owners loved and accommodated families with children. Plus, the owner regularly sponsored our city’s Pridefest events, a major positive demonstration in our conservative state, so Matt and I always felt safe there with our children. “Sounds good,” I replied. “Hey, Matt. They’re expecting us in an hour,” I called down the hallway. “Yup!” I heard in return. I put the finishing touches on a proposal that I would need to send out in the morning, then closed out all the other pages and files I had been reviewing. I wrote down a couple of tasks in my project notebok, tidied up my desk, and shut down the computer for the evening. I looked at some pictures I had on the shelf next to my desk, stood up and took one of the frames down in my hand. I smiled looking at it. It was a beautiful, sunny New England day. Clint and Christi were in the middle, looking just as stunning as ever. Christi’s dress was beautiful, with the clean, sharp lines which were both popular and also classic. The classic black tuxedo that Clint wore struck the same balance. Their wedding really had been one for the storybooks, and it seemed so long ago to remember when they decided to get back together and give their relationship another shot about a year after Clint’s graduation. Sometimes I wondered what that conversation had been like, between the two of them, when Christi told Clint she was wrong about not having feelings for him. In response, Clint told Christi how much he had missed her, as well as his own confusion about what he felt with me. Clint came to me after that, to tell me what he had told Christi, and also to tell me that he was feeling like he wanted to try to make it work with her again, but that it wasn’t easy to choose her over me. Then, Christi called me, under the guise of being offended that I **had not* told her any of this. We all had a lot of really hard, but really good, conversations. And, of course, it all worked out better than any of us could have imagined. Clint could still set my mind spinning, just looking at the picture of him was enough for me to feel warmth throughout my body. The glimmer in his blue-gray eyes looked like they were staring deep into my own, even in the picture. The love and admiration shared between him and Christi was apparent even in the photo, and their posture and presence had ‘power couple’ written all over it. Matt was standing in the doorway as I was lost in thought. “That was a really good day,” he said softly. I smiled. “Yeah, it was,” I said, setting the picture back on the shelf. “Sometimes you think it’s kind of weird how we all ended up here,” he asked me. I turned around to face him straight-on, and began to walk towards him. “No, at least, not really,” I replied. I reached out my arms to put my hands on his waist, taking stock of my husband and my thoughts. “I’m just incredibly happy that we did, and that we’re together.” He smiled, reached his own arms out for my waist and pulled me in for a gentle kiss. ——— The story returns, to be continued. I have a few more installments prepared already and will try to release them as I’m able to work ahead and keep it going. In the meantime, please reach out with questions or comments.



Subject: Book Money – Chapter 1 Book Money Fiction by Greg Stevens This is a work of fiction. All names and places are fictitious. Book Money — Chapter 1 “Shit” I hissed under my breath walking out of the campus book store. My credit card was declined, and I still needed 2 books for my Economics class. This was turning out to be the worst month ever. I made the decision to transfer in my Junior year to an out-of-state college. This meant that I had to pay more for classes, boarding and books. I knew it was the right choice for my career even if it would be more difficult financially. To make matters even worse, my girlfriend of 4 years broke up with me 2 nights before I left for school saying that she thought we needed more space. I was shaking my head and walking back to my dorm room trying to figure out where I could get the money for the books until I got a job. I couldn’t ask my folks for the money as they had already given me all they had to get me started at the new school. “Whoa” I heard the voice and looked up just before for walking into one of the teachers. “Sorry” I said looking up at the man. “What’s going on? The man said sounding concerned. “Oh, nothing sir” I responded trying to just move on. “My name is Professor Murphey, but everyone calls me Murph” the man said extending his hand. “Ryan” I said as I shook his hand. Professor Murphey was about 6’1 with broad shoulders. He had reddish brown hair on his head and on his full, well-trimmed beard. If I had to guess I would say he was in his late 30’s to early 40’s. “Now what has you so distracted that you almost took me out” Murph said with a grin. “It’s nothing really” I said not wanting to discuss my financial issues with a stranger. “I may be able to help” he added. “You wouldn’t know of anyone hiring on campus? I could use a job to help supplement my books etc.” “Actually, I am looking for an assistant. I just moved into a new office and it’s a mess. I have boxes that need to be sorted and put away. It’s not much work but I could pay you for your time until you found something more regular.” “That would be awesome, I can start right away” I added quickly. Professor Murphy gave me his office info and I agreed to be there at 2pm. I ran back to my dorm room and changed into some work cloths, grabbed something to eat and headed towards his office. The office was in one of the older buildings which looked like something out of some old scary movie. Large dark bricks made up the façade with large windows. The side of the building had some ivy growing up the wall. I entered the building and was hit with the smell of an old building. Clean but definitely old smelling. I made my way up to the professors office on the top floor. I knocked on the door and the Professor let me in. “Hey Ryan” he said welcoming me to the office. It was large with one tandoğan escort wall of dark wood book shelves. Next to it was a large wooden desk with a couple chairs and on the opposite wall was a large well-worn leather sofa that looked perfect for taking a nap. There were several boxes throughout the room that needed to be unpacked. “You can start with these boxes” he said pointing, and I got to work. It did not take me long and I had emptied all the boxes, broke down the boxes and hauled them to the recycling bin. By 4:30 I had completed the Professors tasks. “Wow you are a fast worker” the Professor exclaimed as he came back into the room. “I am ready for more Professor Murphey” I said eagerly. “Please call me Murph” he said. “That was all I had for the day. I did not think it would move that quickly. Maybe I will have more tomorrow” I was shocked as I was really hoping to make enough money by the weekend to buy the books. “Oh ok” I said dejected. I started to walk towards the door. “Ryan, please tell me what the problem is. I may be able to help” I knew I needed to talk to someone about it, but I just met this guy, however there was something kind about him. “I ran out of money and can’t get my books from the book store. I was hoping to make enough to get them by this weekend” I said softly. “Ah I do understand that.” Murph said kindly. “I wish I could help, but that was all the work I had for the day.” “I understand Sir. I am just sort of desperate. I would do anything at this point. I can’t afford to fall behind” I said walking towards the door. I had my hand on the door when I heard Murph “Anything?” he asked softly. The questions sounded odd, but I needed the money. “Yes, sir anything” I turned to face the professor and eagerly walked back to where he leaned on the desk. Murph had a serious and slightly ominous look on his face. I stood there just looking at him waiting for his explanation. “If you are serious about doing anything?” He said questioningly. “I could really use a blowjob” Did I hear that right? It felt as if I were in a weird dream sequence. I stood there silently waiting for it to make sense. A glint of a smile formed on his face. “What?” I said a bit dumbfounded. “You heard me correctly Ryan” He said without hesitation. Again, I just stared at him in disbelief. “Look Ryan you need the money, I get that. I am willing to give you the money to buy the books you need. I am just asking for a bit of help” A bit of help? Was he crazy? I stood there in shock. “You can say no, and we can forget this conversation, or you can do as your asked and you get the books” he said calmly. “I can’t. I’ve never done that” I said as if I were actually considering it. “I will guide you and no one will ever know” the Professors hand rested near tunalı escort his crotch and I could see the outline of it growing in his pants. I had no choice, I needed the money. Failing the class would mean returning home and continuing at the local college. The Professor must have sensed that I had no choice. He placed his hand gently on my shoulder. “I promise it won’t hurt” he said, and I could feel him guiding me to my knees. I closed my eyes as I sunk to the carpeted floor my face inches from his crotch. “Take it out Ryan” the Professor said firmly. Fuck, he wanted me to take it out too. I reached up with nervous fingers to his zipper. I sort of thought maybe this was a joke and he would stop me and laugh about it, but he didn’t. I pulled the zipper down and just waited. “Take it out” he said, and with shaking hands I tried to reach in and find his cock but my fingers did not want to work. The Professor reached in and pulled his cock out. Immediately I was hit with the musky smell of his cock. The semi hard cock was large and thick, and I could see some of the same reddish-brown color on the pubes that peaked out at the top. He took hgis cock and pulled it further out of his pants and gave it a quick stroke. He placed his hand on my shoulder and pulled me to his cock. I did not move I was frozen in place. “I’ve never done this before” I said looking up at the Professor hoping he would tell me I didn’t have to. “Just take it slow” he said pulling me to his dick. I took it in my right hand and closed my eyes tight. I wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. I could feel the head touch my lips. It was soft and warm. “Open up” the Professor said almost demanding. I did as I was told, and he slipped his cock into my mouth. “Make sure you cover your teeth Ryan” he instructed. I covered my teeth with my lips and allowed the cock to go deeper into my mouth. The feeling was not terrible and if I did not think about what I was doing it wasn’t unbearable. “Ahh yeah Ryan that feels good” he whispered. I looked up and saw he was unbuttoning his shirt. Soft hair ran across the professors chest and down his abdomen. His body was in great shape and it surprised me how muscled and toned he looked under all his cloths. I just held the cock in my mouth not doing anything to it. “Suck it Ryan” the professor said realizing I hadn’t started sucking. He slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth and then started to push it back in. He repeated this as his hands rested on my shoulders. I closed my eyes tight as he started to fuck my mouth. He was gentle, but I could still feel his dick swelling and moving in and out in faster rhythm. The Professor started to moan as he continued his motions in and out of me. Then he took my right hand and brought it up to türbanlı escort his chest. He grabbed my thumb and index finger and wrapped them around his left nipple indicating that I should pinch it. I did as he wanted without giving it much thought. The hairy nipple started to harden as I pinched and twisted it. “Oh fuck yeah Ryan. Good man. That’s amazing” he said. As he did a weird feeling came over me. Even weirder than blowing a guy for money. It was sort of a sense of pride. I felt like I was doing a good job and being recognized. I found myself focusing on the Professor’s cock in my mouth. If I had to do this, I wanted to do it well. The professor panted harder and harder and his dick swelled in my mouth. I had to brace myself to keep from falling over as his thrusts became more intense. As I continued to work the Professor’s nipple I could feel sweat forming on his chest. The Professor started to grunt, and his body movements became more erratic as he continued using my mouth. A low, deep guttural sound came from the professor and without warning he pulled his cock out of my mouth. He wrapped his fingers around the base of the cock and stroked it one time. A white stream of cock shot past my face and landed on the floor. He stroked his cock and another stream landed as I watched is disbelief. I looked up to see the effect of the orgasm on the Professor’s face and realized my fingers were still tight on his nipple. I allowed my hand to slip away. The Professor sputtered and stroked expelling the remainder of his cum. I stood up and immediately felt sore from the time I spent on my knees. The Professor tucked his cock back into his pants and smiled at me. “Good job Ryan, you did great for a first time” he said. I just nodded and said nothing. “Looks like you liked it too” and a big grin came over his face. I was lost and confused. He placed his hand on my crotch and I realized I was rock hard in my jeans. I jumped back. “Um sorry Professor, I need to go” I said walking away. “Wait Ryan a deal is a deal” he said and went to his desk. He pulled the money out and handed it me. I counted it quickly. It was more than enough for the books I needed. “Thanks” I said awkwardly and left the office. It was already getting dark out and the evening was getting cool. I wanted to head to the book store, but it was already closed, and my dick was still hard in my pants. I went back to me dorm room and stripped off my pants. Precum filled my boxer briefs and I pulled them down over my hard cock. I lay on the bed with my cock in my hand. Using the slick precum over the head of my cock. I closed my eyes to get the image of the professor out of my mind. I tried to focus on some porn I liked to stroke to, but my mind kept coming back to Murph’s cock, and to the feeling of his hairy nipple under my fingers. My eyes flashed open, but my hand did not stop moving up and down my shaft and before I could try to focus on something else, my cock unloaded all over my stomach. ——————————————————————————- Please support Nifty Erotic Stories. Your donations provide great stories. You can donate at: fty/donate.html



Subject: Love is Blind 7 Love is Blind – 7 Copyright Nick Brady 2019. All rights reserved. ==========////=========== I sat and thought for a minute. “One time I was struggling with something and my mother told me that when we have to make a tough decision, all we can do is to look at what options we have and try to pick the right one. We have to do the next right thing. What’s the right thing for you, Ian?” Ian leaned his head back. “What are my options and what should I do? That’s a good question.” I pulled Ian into a hug. “Maybe we should sleep on it.” We enrolled for the fall semester. Now I was a Junior and Ian was a Sophomore, actually a little more than that since he had taken summer classes. At this rate, he would catch up with me before I graduated. He followed through on the idea of changing his major and was now in the school of Business Administration. He didn’t lose any hours and was feeling better now that he had made his decision. Stuart assured him that his chances of finding a good job would be better in Marketing. We kept the apartment but did not sign up for Mrs. Mac’s boarding house, intending to save some money by fixing our own meals. We ate breakfast together then parted for the day. I sometimes packed a lunch for each of us and tried to make something decent for our supper. Ian took over the coffee pot duties and was learning to scramble eggs and make toast. I did the serious cooking and he did the serious housekeeping. We were partners in almost everything. Ian wrote to his mother almost every week although she did not always respond, but sent at least one letter a month with a little money. From her letters, I gathered that things at home had not changed. Ian accepted the situation stoically and said little about it. My mother and I exchanged letters too, although I was not great about writing. I laughed at something she wrote and Ian asked me what was so funny. “Oh, nothing Just something my mother wrote,” I replied. “You’re close to your mother, aren’t you?” “She’s all I’ve got, and I guess I’m all she’s got. We are pretty close.” “You’ve never said anything about your father,” Ian observed. “I never really knew my father. It’s a long story.” “I’m listening.” I leaned back and stretched my legs out. “I guess the short version of the story is that my mother and father were sweethearts in high school and she got pregnant with me when she was 17. They got married but I guess it didn’t work out. After high school, they parted company when I was about 3. I don’t actually remember him.” “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry.” “That’s OK. We agreed to be honest with each other. It’s not something I talk about because there’s not much to tell.” “She was pretty young. Didn’t she want to get married again?” “She dated some. I remember some of the men she dated, but I guess nothing stuck. Maybe not all guys want to take on a little kid. She works as a senior manager in a manufacturing company. I think she’s sort of married to her job.” “That means you grew up without a father. Was that hard?” “It would have been nice to have a dad, but it’s not the worst thing in the world. I had friends with nice fathers, and I sort of borrowed theirs. It was OK. Certainly, it was better than your situation.” “Is your mother happy?” “I think so. At least she never complains. She has a lot of lady friends. I guess she’s happy enough.” “She sounds like a nice person.” “She is. You need to meet her sometime.” “I’d like to.” “What about you? Do you think you’ll ever be reconciled with your father and brothers?” Ian sighed. “I’ve never really fit in. Maybe when I’m older and they can see me as an adult, but to them, I’m still the clumsy little blind kid in a family of jocks.” “But you’re in college and doing great. They should be proud of you,” I told him. “Why can’t your father and brothers see that? At least your mother is proud of you.” “My mother does what my father tells her to. I doubt he knows she’s sending me money. If he finds out he’ll probably tell her to stop and that will be the end of it.” “Surely he’ll let her help while you’re in college. Your future depends on your education.” Ian shook his head. “You don’t understand, Andrew. My father only made it through high school because he was a good football player and now he’s doing menial work. He resents people with an education. He sees them as show-offs. He’d rather see me fail.” “That’s crazy.” “Not from his point of view. My brothers are the same way. They take pride in the fact that they’re getting by with very little education. They think that educated people are eggheads. They aren’t bad people, kind of ‘good-old-boys’, you know? Like I said, I never fit in.” “I guess the good news is that you don’t need them anymore. Maybe you never did.” “Not really. I’ll have to make it on my own.” “Nobody makes it on their own, Ian. We all need somebody.” Ian paused. “I like to think I don’t need anybody, but that’s not true. I need you, Andrew. And not just because I’m blind.” I rus escort wasn’t sure what to say. “I need you too. I really like that we’re together. I hope this lasts.” “What will happen to us when we get out of college? I think about that.” “I do too. If you were a girl I’d ask you to marry me.” Ian laughed. “Guys can’t get married.” “No, but think about it. You’re blind and I’m sort of your assistant. Nobody has questioned that. We could stay together if we could get our jobs to coincide. Kind of like Hellen Keller and that lady who helped her.” “That’s almost too much to hope for.” “It won’t happen by accident. We need to plan for it. What do you think?” “If you could ask me to marry you, I would accept. What do you think?” I put my arm around Ian and pulled him close. “I think that’s a great idea. Let’s make that a plan.” I was to run home for Thanksgiving while Ian stayed behind and caught up on some school work. The evening before I left, we made a Thanksgiving dinner of our own. I roasted a small chicken and Ian did the mashed potatoes. He was an ace at mashed potatoes. When we sat down to eat, I asked him, “What are you thankful for?” Ian thought for a moment. “I’m thankful to be in college. I was never sure I would get this far. I’m thankful for my mother and her support. Mostly I’m thankful for you. What are you thankful for?” “My list is the same as yours � college, Mom, you. Especially for you. Our mothers are different though.” “How’s that?” “Both of them love us, but my mother chose to get out of a bad marriage. Your mother doesn’t seem to have that choice.” “But they both love us,” Ian said. “That’s the thing they have in common. That’s the important part.” I agreed. We both had some things to be thankful for. I went home on Thursday morning and came back the next day. While I was home I had a long talk with my mother. She asked me about Ian. “You’ve mentioned a few things about your roommate. I know that he’s blind and I gather that you two are close, but I’ve never met him.” “I’d like you to. He’s a neat guy. He’s smart and funny. I like him a lot.” “Is he more than just a friend?” she asked. “Yes, to be honest. We’re talking about staying together after college.” “In that case, I’d really like to meet him,” she smiled. “How would that work?” “What if he came home with me for the Christmas break?” “He would be very welcome, but would that be alright with his family?” “To tell the truth, he isn’t close to his family. I think he would like that very much.” “In that case, I’ll plan on it. Let me know when you’ll be here, and tell me more about Ian.” “Thanks, Mom. You’re the best.” We had a long talk. After I got back on Friday, I told Ian, “You’re invited home for Christmas.” “Is that alright with your mother? I mean, does she know about us?” “Mom understands me. She’s fine with us. I told you she was a neat lady.” “That sounds wonderful. I can’t wait to meet her.” “Um, you will probably have to sleep in the guest room. My room has bunk beds and she might not be quite that open-minded.” “Oh, that’s fine. I hate to think what would happen if I tried to bring you home with me.” “You’ll be very welcome, Ian. I can promise you that.” That night we shared one of the twin beds. It was plenty big enough for what we wanted to do. We didn’t mind at all being close. We showered and slipped into bed just as we came out of the bath. Our time together was becoming more relaxed and loving. We had long passed the point of being friends to one of being committed to making life pleasurable for each other. We shared ourselves as intimately as possible, both giving and receiving. Our lives were not perfect, but we were very happy. We devoted ourselves to wrapping up the semester during the weeks before the Christmas break. Ian took off work and we spent our time studying and finishing some papers. The prospects of surviving another term looked encouraging. Just before leaving we packed our bags and got ready to go. “I hope your mother will like me,” Ian fretted. “I can be a lot of trouble.” “Don’t be silly. She’ll love you and you’re no trouble at all.” “I’m sorry, but I’m kind of nervous. I’ve never had a boyfriend before and certainly never met his mother.” “She invited you, Ian. She knows we are more than just roommates and she’s fine with it.” “What did you tell her?” “I told her that you were smart and funny and a hell of a good lay.” “You didn’t!” “No, of course not. But I told her that we were thinking of staying together after college. She’s not dumb and she knows how I am. It’s OK, Ian. Really.” We packed up the car and left for mother’s two days before Christmas. Ian was unusually quiet on the drive over. I knew he was stewing about making a good impression. I also knew that he would. We pulled into Mom’s driveway at two in the afternoon and I took our bags and bundles out of the trunk and set them down beside the car. Before I could start for the house, the front door sincan escort opened and Mom called out, “Hello! I’m so glad you came. Let me help you with those.” Ian stood still with his long white cane in his hand until she approached him. Ian held out his hand and she took it in both of hers. “You must be Ian. I have heard so many nice things about you. Please call me Catharine.” Ian smiled and said, “It’s very nice to meet you. Andrew told me that you were a neat lady and I can tell that you are. Thank you for making me feel welcome.” “Well, you are very welcome. Now let’s get these bags in the house and make ourselves comfortable.” My things went into my old bedroom and Ian’s went to the guest room. Mother hustled us into the living room. “Now I know you’ve been in the car for a while. Andrew can show you the bathroom while I get something for us to munch on. Take your time.” When we had relieved ourselves and washed up, Ian took my arm and we sat down together on the sofa. He looked a little uncertain. “There are some snacks on the coffee table in front of you. I’m sure you can manage just fine. Now tell me about school. Ian, I think you are in Marketing?” I placed some chips and dip on a plate, laid it on a napkin and handed it to Ian. “Yes, Ma’am,” he said. “I was thinking of majoring in English but changed to Marketing in the School of Business Administration this past semester.” “That’s a much more practical choice,” she said. “Are you enjoying your classes?” Mom was easy to talk with and I mostly grinned and listened as she made Ian comfortable. Soon he was relaxed and making little jokes. Of course, the story of the horse meat steaks came up and we all laughed like old friends. Good old Mom. We chatted for a long time before Mom excused herself and went into the kitchen to put some supper together, leaving Ian and me alone to talk. “What do you think?” I asked. “Your mother is terrific. She just couldn’t be nicer.” “She likes you. I told you she would.” “I need to know where things are. Could we walk around?” I gave Ian the tour and we located the bedrooms, the front and back doors, then found our way into the kitchen where we sat at the breakfast table and talked to Mom while she rattled the pots and pans. Soon the smell of frying chicken filled the air. I jumped up and set the kitchen table for us and we enjoyed a nice supper. “I can see where Andrew learned to cook,” Ian complimented my mother on her chicken. “Yes,” Mom laughed. “I taught him everything he knows, but not everything I know. Is he feeding you alright?” “He is, and he’s even teaching me how to fix a few things.” “Ian is generally in charge of breakfast. He makes the coffee and scrambles the eggs,” I bragged. “He’s coming right along.” After some coffee, we all stood at the sink. I washed, Ian dried then handed things to Mom to be put away. It went well. When it was finally time for bed, Mom left us alone for a few minutes so that I could help Ian get settled. I turned down the bed for him and sat down next to him. “Do you feel welcome?” I asked. “More than welcome. Your Mom is wonderful.” “I told you she was a nice person. She wants me to be happy, Ian. If you are the one to make me happy, she will love you.” “And I will love her. I guess we should say goodnight.” “Yeah. No snuggling tonight, but we’ll find a way,” I hugged him and snuck a quick kiss. “Goodnight, Ian.” I went into the living room and sat down with Mpm. “He’s a nice person. I like him,” she said. “Nice looking too.” “I’ve never met anyone like him, and I’m not talking about him being blind. That’s not really a big part of the deal.” “I like the chemistry between you. I approve, not that you need me to.” “That’s important, Mom. This could be a long term deal.” “As long as he makes you happy,” Mom smiled. The next day was Christmas Eve. After breakfast Mom announced. “I didn’t want to put up a tree until Andrew came home. We need to go to the Christmas tree lot and pick one out. You can help, Ian.” Mom sat in the front seat with me and Ian got in the back. When we got to the tree lot we got out and walked among the possibilities. “Now help me find a fresh one. I don’t want pine needles all over the house,” she instructed us. As we walked down the rows of possibilities I would find one that looked nice and Ian would run his hands over the branches. “I think this one is a little dry,” he would say and we would check out another. When we came to one that passed his initial inspection he leaned forward to crush the needles and sniff. “Oh, this one smells fresh.” Mom stepped up and declared. “That’s a beautiful tree. Thanks, boys. We’ll take it.” We drove home with it tied to the roof of my Chevy. Once home, we lugged it into the house and screwed into the tree stand, added a little water and wrapped the old skirt around the bottom. Mom sat back and let us do the work, then hauled a box of Christmas ornaments out of the hall closet. “Help sıhhiye escort us with the decorations, Ian. I never know where to put things.” First, we threaded a long string of lights around the branches then festooned them with our vintage collection of ornaments. “Remember this one?” she would say as she first handed one to me, then passed it to Ian. “The Hendersons gave us this one. And this one we bought when you were in grade school.” Each ornament had a history and a story to go with it. Ian examined each, then we collectively found a place for it in the branches. It had been our Christmas tradition ever since I could remember. When finally the box was empty, we sat down on the sofa to admire our work. Ian breathed deeply. “It smells like Christmas.” “It’s a beautiful tree. Thank you, guys.” Mom excused herself and returned from the kitchen in a few minutes with a tray of cookies and cups of hot chocolate. “Careful now, that cocoa is hot.” This too was part of the tradition that my mother had created for our little family of two. Ian seemed to glow. “I’m going to feed you tonight,” she said. “Tomorrow you boys will have to starve so you’ll have a good appetite for Christmas dinner. It will just be the three of us so you’ll have to eat a lot.” It had been a very nice day. I walked Ian into his bedroom and we sat and talked for several minutes. “Are you glad you came?” I asked. “Oh, yes. I never dreamed that Christmas could be like this. Ours was never this way.” “What was Christmas like when you were a kid?” “I guess we had our own sort of tradition. Dad and my brothers would drive out to a state park and saw down a little cedar three and bring it home. We had an old string of lights and made a lot of our ornaments. We didn’t have much money. I remember threading popcorn on a string to drape around the tree. Mom would help me while the guys drank beer and watched. It wasn’t like your tradition but it was kind of nice.” “Ours has always been the same for as long as I remember,’ I said. “I always loved Christmas.” “I don’t have much for your mother,” Ian said. “I just got her a little present. I didn’t know what she’d want.” “That’s OK. I got her something and put both our names on it. She’ll like it.” Ian hugged me very tightly. “Thank you, Andrew. I’m very glad I came. I can’t imagine being alone this Christmas.” “Neither can I. I’m alone when I’m not with you. I love you, Ian.” “I love you too,” he sounded kind of weepy. “Goodnight.” “Goodnight. I’ll see you in the morning.” We all slept a little late the next morning. Breakfast was coffee, a platter of muffins and some fresh fruit. We were to be hungry for Christmas dinner. After breakfast, I went out to the car and brought in a large plastic bag. “I think Santa came,” My mother announced and we sat on the sofa as she handed us each a wrapped box. “Your names are on these.” We opened our presents. Inside the boxes were matching tan camelhair sweaters. “Try them on,” Mom instructed. “Santa left the receipts so we can exchange them if they don’t fit.” They did fit and looked very nice. “How did Santa know my size?” Ian asked. “I told you that Andrew told me all about you, enough so I could make a good guess at what size you wear. I passed that along to Santa,” she laughed. “We have something for you,” I reached into my bag and handed a package to her. “Inside was a bright red Christmas sweater with little sparkly things around the neck. ” A sweater. Great minds think alike,” she laughed and pulled it over her head then stood to look in the mirror that hung on the wall next to the front door. “Oh, I just love it. Thank you very much � both of you.” Ian sat for a moment then handed a small package to my mother. “I hope you like this.” “Oh, thank you,” mom said and tore off the paper. Inside was a red wool scarf. “We made those in my high school,” Ian explained. “I kept one and hope you can use it.” “It’s lovely. It goes with the sweater.” Mom impulsively gave Ian a quick hug. Thank you very much.” Ian grinned shyly then pulled a small box from his pants pocket. “This is for you,” he said and handed it to me. Inside was a nice wristwatch. I put it on and admired it. “The cover flips up,” Ian said. I pressed a small button on the side of the face and the glass cover flipped open to allow access to the hands. It was like the one Ian wore but new and nicer. “Wow! This a great, Ian. Thanks.” “If I lose mine I can borrow it,” he smiled. “It’s beautiful. I really like it.” I pushed the lever and tapped the face of the watch with my fingers. It was a very personal gift and I felt my eyes grow damp. Reaching in my bag I extracted a pair of small boxes. “I have something for you, for both of us, really.” In the boxes were a pair of matching rings. “They’re sort of friendship rings,” I explained. “The band is silver and the little stones are green turquoise.” We put them on and Ian sat silently, running his finger over the stones. He seemed to be unable to speak. Finally, he croaked, “Thanks.” My mother smiled and excused herself to start our Christmas dinner. I reached over and took Ian’s hand. “I love you,” I said quietly. “I love you too. This is the nicest Christmas I ever had.” “The first of many, Ian. The first of many.” ==========////=========== Please send your comments to Nick Brady at ail



Subject: DYLAN’S SENIOR YEAR AT COLLEGE Chapter 10 DYLAN’S SENIOR YEAR AT COLLEGE Chapter 10 by Donny Mumford After Thursday’s class, I’m driving Rob’s pickup to Rolf’s Tavern in downtown North Andover. Rob’s at baseball practice so, as promised, I’m hooking up with Connor Neary and his boyfriend, Stosh Kowalski for a beer or two. Wow, I just freaked myself out remembering that guy’s name. Him of all people! Yeah well, maybe that will ‘kick-start’ my brain and I’ll begin remembering names. That’d be good; maybe the only good thing that will come from meeting that guy. I was not impressed with Stosh during the half hour I spent with him and Connor in the Quad. On the other hand, it could be misconstrued as arrogance on my part deciding Stosh sucks after spending only a half hour with him. I wasn’t impressed by Professor Douglas either but then first impressions aren’t always accurate. Often they are, but not always. That being said, the Professor will be taking attendance every class which is way over the top, especially considering the course is for seniors and it’s an elective! C’mon! Anyway, my point is that perhaps I need to give the Professor and this guy, Stosh, more of a chance before I write them both off as disasters. It’s a short drive to downtown North Andover so I’m at Rolf’s in like ten minutes. There are only four cars in the bar’s parking lot which isn’t unusual considering it’s three-forty in the afternoon. Two pickup trucks are parked on either side of the front entrance and then there’s an older-looking Jeep parked next to the pickup that has a trailer full of lawn cutting equipment sticking out behind it. I park on the other side of the other pickup. And then there’s the fourth car. It definitely looks out of place parked way over to the side of the lot. It’s a pimped-out metallic blue, two-door Mustang. I’m guessing it’s of early twenty-first-century vintage and while I don’t know shit about cars even I can see that a lot of after-market alterations were done on that car. Attached to the back are what I think are called ‘spoilers’ although I don’t know why they’re called that. The car also has oversized chrome wheels, heavily tinted windows, a lowered suspension, and grill guards. And I’m guessing other things have been done to this gaudy machine that I simply don’t recognize. Hmmm, which one of these four vehicles would belong to a fellow like Stosh I wonder? Inside I see Connor and Stosh at the bar. There are five other men scattered around the bar and one of them has a country song playing on the jukebox. Yes, a jukebox! This is an old bar and the jukebox is just as old although it cost fifty-cents a tune nowadays. Someone told me that way back in prehistoric times a jukebox song was a dime or three for a quarter. Whatever it cost… why a country song? And… ah ha, I’m guessing Connor made a stop at the campus bookstore because he’s now wearing a brand new Merrimack baseball cap, plus there’s a Merrimack logo on the plastic bag laying on the stool next to him. A hat is a damn good idea considering his bad haircut and believe me I know a little something about hats and bad haircuts. Too bad Stosh didn’t buy one too, or a big hoodie would be better for him! Patting Connor on the back, I’m like, “Hey, nice hat, Connor!” He turns to smile at me and then, squeezing my arm, he says, “Thanks for meeting us, Dylan! And I like your hat too.” I move the plastic bag over one seat as Connor tries getting the bartender’s attention. Taking my hat off to see what he’s talking about, I grin to myself because it too is a Merrimack baseball cap. It’s an old one though. Hell, I have about twenty baseball caps at home but I only brought three or four with me to college. Before leaving the apartment I just grabbed the hat on top of the pile without giving it a thought. This hat is actually one I sort of stole from Ryan Wilcox. He wore it when he was one of the baseball team’s ‘flunkies’ or what they prefer calling: ‘equipment managers’. Ha, my hat looks a little bit beat up compared to Connor’s although I prefer thinking my hat is properly ‘broken-in’. Ryan broke it in for his head first, and then I broke it in for mine. The bartender comes over holding his hand out to me, muttering, “I need to see some ID.” I guess I can’t expect him to remember me from last year but getting ‘carded’ is becoming tedious. I look young for my age though, so without any dramatics, I take out my license and hand it to him. As he hands the license back to me, Connor says to the bartender, “Another round, please,” and then he asks me, “Is Bud draft okay, Dylan?” I nod and then mutter an acknowledgment that I see Stosh here too, saying with a smile, “Hey there, Stosh. You didn’t buy anything from the overpriced bookstore, huh?” He flips a hand at me, grumpily muttering, “What the hell ya talking about? I’m not going to college…” and as I go to sit next to Connor, Stosh adds, “Yo! What the fuck’s wrong with you? Sit between us. I’m here too ya know.” I mutter, “Oh, of course,” and Connor slides over a stool so I can sit in his seat between the two of them. Stosh taps the side of my arm, saying, “Just some friendly advice so you and I get off on the right foot. Ah, let me remind you of what should be obvious and it’s that Connie isn’t your boy anymore, he’s mine. Do we understand each other?” Blowing out my cheeks in frustration, I look him in the eyes and, maybe with more emphasis than necessary, say, “Connor was never my boy! The very idea of it insults both me and Connor. So, no, I’m not sure we understand each other, not about that…” Stosh raises his eyebrows showing a fake startled expression, saying with a snarky grin, ‘Whoa, tiger, keep your pee-pee in the tee-pee, okay? No offense intended.” What an enormous asshole! The draft beers are here so Connor pushes a twenty dollar bill out from the money in front of him, saying to the bartender, “You can take these beers out of this….” and the bartender takes the twenty dollar bill. I couldn’t get my money out fast enough and Stosh doesn’t have any money showing. Putting a twenty dollar bill on the bar for the next round I give Connor a grin so he can see I’m not put-out by Stosh’s asshole rudeness. Connor’s still looking uncertain though. He stares at Stosh and me for a second so to lighten the atmosphere I say to him, “Jeez, it’s good to see that cute face of yours again, Connor,” and I lightly touch his chin, adding, “Even though you’ve added some whiskers to the face I remembered.” He blushes and glances at Stosh, like hoping it’s okay to say this and then says, “Stosh wants me to grow a beard like his but I’m resisting. So yeah, I need to shave but we’ve been running around doing things and, um, well I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to see your friendly face, Dylan.” I go, “Thanks and obviously I was joking about the beard…” and Stosh cuts me off interjecting, “Well aren’t you boys like two cute little girls gossiping about beauty tips.” Connor goes, “Stoshie, don’t say shit like that…” Stosh mutters, “Fuck this…” and, looking past me at Stosh, Connor says, “Stop being a dick! Dylan’s my best friend ever, in case you’ve forgotten.” Stosh gets another goofy expression on his face and holds his hands up defensively, muttering, “I’m wicked sorry. Don’t gang up on me though, just saying…” Connor goes, “Treat Dylan right, and I mean it!” Stosh drops the goofy expression and exchanges it for a more ominous one. Rubbing his nose in an annoyed manner he says with an intimidating intensity, “Don’t push it, Con, okay?” Connor nods his head, mumbling, “Sorry. I got carried away I guess.” A little tension, so we all take a swallow of beer and then Connor says to me, “Ya know, it’s just that Stosh and me, um, well we’re both still stressed out a little from getting settled-in and then there was that horrendous drive from Texas.” He tells me there was also a mix up with his registration yesterday in that they had him listed as a freshman and then Stosh found out he can’t start his new job for almost two weeks because of some paperwork screw up. Also, their car broke down during the trip from Texas and their apartment here still needs a lot of work because the Texas apartment was furnished and this one isn’t: long story short, they’re both a little frustrated and on edge. That’s Connor’s story anyway except he doesn’t seem especially stressed. Actually, I’ve never seen Connor stressed although God knows he’s had more reasons to be stressed than anyone I know. But wait a second! Yeah, there was a time Connor was stressed to the maximum. It was when his benefactor unexpectedly died and Connor didn’t have anyone to co-sign for his college loan after freshman year. It wasn’t only that though, Connor considered that man almost like the father he never had. So that was a very hard time for him and it’s actually the reason he joined the Army. We have a few beers without Stosh being especially obnoxious but then Connor does most of the talking. As he’s talking it seems to me he’s trying very hard to tell me about every example he can think of from his Army days when either Dodger or Stosh helped him out. Connor makes both guys seem like knights in shining armor. Not Dodger and Stosh together though. No, those two were like oil and water; neither got along with the other worth a shit. Connor doesn’t tell any stories where he’s the ‘star’ although I’m positive many examples of that could be told. Actually, it’d be Stosh’s place to tell about those experiences although he obviously prefers listening to Connor talking about how wonderful he was. Frankly, some of the examples don’t seem all that special to me; more like it was the very least Stosh could do. Connor’s always been overly appreciative of the smallest favor though. When Connor can’t recall any more reasons to shower Dodger and Stosh with compliments we somehow get on the topic of the latest horrific shooting at a school. Actually, it was Stosh telling us about guns he had while growing up that got us on the topic. Jesus, guns as a child, really? Anyway, these school shootings seem to be happening with horrifying regularity lately. We try imagining what the underlying causes are for these outrages against humanity and why we can’t prevent them from repeating? There’s outrage and then it dies down until the next time. Stosh pontificates, “Well obviously our ceaseless exposure to bad behavior of all kinds has calloused us to the lewd and the vulgar until… well, what’s left that still remains wicked to us? What still slaps the clammy flab of society’s submissive consciences hard enough to get serious attention? And I’m not inferring ‘gun control’ is the answer; quite the contrary.” With both of us frowning, Connor and I look at Stosh as he drinks some beer and then adds, “These assassins have adolescent fantasies buttressed by a distorted sense of morality in the belief of their divine right to decide the fate of others.” I go, “Or they’re mentally ill or maybe royally pissed off and psychopathic with delusions of grandeur.” He shrugs, muttering, “Too simplistic.” What Stosh said sounded almost to make sense about, um, something. Maybe not exactly what we were talking about, but some part of it… maybe. Connor says to me in a serious manner, “Stosh is a secret intellectual, Dylan. He’s so smart, but he keeps it hidden until occasionally he’ll come out with a brilliant intellectual analysis like he just did.” Huh, Connor also said something about Stosh being smart when we had coffee in the Quad earlier. Glancing at Stosh I see him drinking his beer apparently content with what Connor just said… in effect agreeing with him. Well, I’m no intellectual but I’m more inclined to call what Stosh said more or less pseudo-profound or perhaps to use a psychiatric term… bullshit. It was basically a collection of buzzwords he’d memorized from maybe the newspaper or from online analysis and it was all put together randomly and frankly barely retaining a syntactic structure. Omigod, that sounded worse than Stosh! I’m glad I didn’t say any of that shit out loud! Stosh is basically a poser though and his goal is obviously to impress Connor and maybe he’s trying to impress me now too. The thing is though, I don’t care enough about him to argue about his so-called intellectualism. Hell, maybe he is brilliant although so far I’ve neither seen nor heard any evidence of it. Still, if he makes Connor happy then who am I to decide he’s an asshole and not good enough for Connor. Hmmm, except what I just thought infers I’ve already decided that. And, damn, I’m the one who’s all about the… ‘to each their own’ philosophy. In other words, if Connor likes Stosh’s act I should just accept it. Hmmm, I don’t know if I’ll be able to pull that off though. But at least I won’t do or say anything now to dispute Connor’s claim of Stosh’s intellectual status. Of course, neither does Stosh which any normal person would have. Just saying… They’re onto another story from their trip and it contradicts my contention that neither of these guys has any of what I call, ‘gay affectations’. But yet Connor’s telling me about an incidence where someone must have picked up on something about Stosh that made the kid think Stosh was gay. It was a young mechanic working on their car after it broke down in Tennessee. Connor tells me the young guy had a Southern-gay accent if there even can be such a thing, and continually ‘came on’ to Stosh asking provocative questions like, ‘Is your pepperoni lonely?’ and other cute little innuendoes that had overt gay inferences. Connor can’t recall other cute little gay double entendre examples so he asks Stosh who scuffs at the whole idea. Anyway, as Connor tells it Stosh played along with the mechanic and the two joked back and forth which was smart of Stosh in one way as it got the mechanic to stay at the garage until eight o’clock that night finishing their car’s repairs. The alternative would have been Stosh and Connor spending the night and part of the next day in some hick town. Huh, I gotta give Stosh credit for doing a sensible thing to get them back on the road that night… so score a point for him. Yeah, except I’m suspicious about what Stosh did or said to that kid that gave him, the kid mechanic, the idea Stosh was gay in the first place. Something Connor wasn’t aware of obviously. I wonder if… no, I’ll leave it at that. Another story Connor told about their trip from Texas was when they got lost in New York City. They had to ask directions a number of times and one of those times was when they both went inside this rundown corner-store in a shoddy part of the city and encountered a number of young Middle Eastern young men wearing that traditional headdress scarf, or whatever those things are, and those guys were not friendly. Connor says, “Jeez though, Dylan, some of those guys were very good looking… handsome and young.” I go, “Oh yeah, tell me more, haha.” He gets serious though, saying, “Very handsome guys but, ya know, the first thing that came to mind, right or wrong, was ‘terrorist’.” Stosh deadpans, “Or worse, disgruntled postal workers,” which makes me laugh. Good one, Stosh! We talk about the idiom… ‘going postal’… and what it means and how it got started. It’s maybe the most recently-established idiom I know of. Most idioms we use came into being hundreds or even thousands of years ago; so far back that, while I understand what the mean now, I don’t know why. If you know what I mean. Yeah, idioms intrigue me. Anyway, I Googled ‘going postal’ on my smartphone. The phrase comes from a number of instances before our time when a postal worker opened fire on co-workers. Back then postal workers became the archetypical pissed-off kızılay escort employees for a decade or so and the term ‘going postal’ has now become part of our language. Anyway, we’re drinking and talking about stuff like that when it occurs to me I don’t ever recall Connor being as talkative as he is today. I think he’s making up for Stosh being so, um, stoic. Or is Stosh bored? It’s hard for me to tell what his act is. Anyway, because of Connor, this isn’t the absolute worse time I’ve ever had in a bar but it’s totally missing the joviality I’m used to when drinking with guys. Other than Stosh’s ‘postal workers’ reference there have been no humor or jokes or good-natured ball-busting like guys are always doing. I take my share of the blame for that although it’s hard getting a word in with Connor talking so much. He’s nervous or uncomfortable and Stosh is obviously the reason, but I don’t know how to put Connor at-ease. So yeah, Connor is animated and smiley but the overly serious or bored Stosh is a major downer; a wet blanket for the ages. I wonder what fun he and Connor could possibly have together… if any. For some stupid reason, I refuse to even think of them having sex together. I blank that out of my mind completely. Connor’s too pure for that big oaf, Stosh, with his big body, his coarse beard, and rough facial features. And Stosh looks too old for Connor too! Well, by now I’ve had four beers so I blatantly ask, “How the hell old are you, Stosh?” and he gives me his deadly stare. He apparently is incapable of giving an answer or a comment to anything until after a dramatic pause. It’s like he wants Connor and me waiting with bated breath for his answer, or for what he has to say about… whatever the fuck. Tired of waiting for him to tell me, I roll my eyes and say with a smile, “Take your time, Stosh,” and he says, “Ya know what, you’re a wise-ass… aren’t ya?” and then to Connor he goes, “He’s a wise-ass, huh?” Connor goes, “No he’s not!” and then to me, “Stosh is twenty-four; two years older than me. but we have the same sign, we’re both Libra. My birthday is September twelfth and Stosh’s is October twelfth. Isn’t that a coincidence?” I go, “Huh.” I actually thought he was older… Stosh, not Connor. In an unnecessarily challenging manner, Stosh asks me, “Why do you care how old I am?” Ya know, it’s kinda odd that he’s only said my name one time… if that. Shrugging, I mumble, “Just wondered, that’s all. Um, I guess maybe it’s because you look older and I wondered how you managed to hook up with my friend here.” Connor says, “Yeah, he does look a little older but he’s a hunk, don’cha think, Dylan?” I go, “Yeah, he’s a hunk, alright,” and Stosh says, “Connie told you how we met. Aren’t you paying attention? And ya know, and I told Connie this same thing about his roommate in Texas, it’s like that deuce bag and you are both jealous of me and my relationship with Con. Aren’t you?” I go, “I wouldn’t characterize it that way,” and he sputters, “A little girlie, pretty boy like you can’t imagine why Connie would fall for me… am I right or not?” I go, “Is that a serious question or are you hoping Conner can think up another compliment for you? ” He makes a face, muttering, “Forget it,” and Connor goes, “Stosh, I don’t understand why you say insulting shit like that to my friend.” I mutter, “He thinks I’ll respond to name calling. Before you know it, he’ll be giving me the finger like naughty boys do when they can’t think what else to do or say.” Stosh mumbles, “Or I could give you a split lip.” Connor goes, “Stosh!” I don’t know, I can only hope Connor’s happy with this guy and not fooling himself. And if he is happy, like I said before, who am I to make waves. I say, “Ya know what? Let’s try elevating our discourse a little bit, Stosh. At least get out of a middle school name calling phase. I’ll go first. I seriously don’t mean offense asking your age and I’m sorry if it seemed that way.” Putting my arm around Connor’s shoulders and rocking him side to side a little, I add, “I love my buddy here and maybe I am jealous, but I only care that Connor’s happy.” Stosh does not accept the olive branch, sarcastically saying, “Well aren’t you special! You’ll decide if he’s happy or not, huh? Obviously, you’re inferring the unlikelihood that I could possibly make him happy, right?” Exhaling noisily, I go, “That’s not what I’m implying,” and Connor earnestly says, “You guys are going to eventually like each other. I just know it,” and that makes me chuckle and Stosh actually grins for the first time. Not a great grin, but it was an attempt at least. We finish our beers and then we all agree it’s time to take off with Stosh saying to me, ‘You and your roommate are invited to dinner anytime it’s convenient for you guys. Right, Connor?” Connor goes, “Absolutely. We need to finish buying things for the apartment but then next week you’ve gotta come over.” I’m nodding my head, saying, “Sure, thanks,” although I’m not looking forward to that at all. Outside I get a good hug from Connor and a kiss too. Stosh holds out his fist for me to bump. Better than nothing I guess and then they get in the… Jeep! Huh, I guessed wrong about the car obviously and maybe I’ve guessed wrong about Stosh, although… well, I just don’t know. Stosh beeps his horn as they drive away and I take a deep breath… of relief? Fuck, I’m not sure what to think but it wasn’t an encouraging second encounter with that Stosh person. Robby hasn’t texted that he’s done with practice yet but with nothing better to do, I drive to the baseball park anyway. I’m feeling weirdly uninterested in running into anyone else I know. After parking, I’m sitting in the bleachers sort of watching baseball practice. That’s always been an appealing activity for me at because of the mindlessness of it. Just sit in the fading sun without thinking too much about anything. And maybe ogle a few sexy young men playing a boy’s game while they’re having fun doing it. There are a dozen guys and girls scattered in the bleachers watching practice with me. I, of course, have chosen a spot on the bleachers as far from any of them as I can get while still staying in full sunlight. With no one near me, I spread out leaning back on the bleacher seat behind me, my elbows back on that row of bleachers with my feet on the one in front of me. I’m chillin’ while casually wondering how weird life is. I mean the part of life where pure happenstance plays such a ginormous part in it for all of us. What if, for whatever reason, Connor and Dodger didn’t go to that gay club in Texas the night Connor met Stosh, or Stosh had a toothache and stayed home that night, or the bar was so crowded they just didn’t bump into one another. But they did bump into one another and so here we are a year and a half later. Huh, and Dodger obviously got the same offish vibes from Stosh I’ve gotten even though the circumstances of each of us meeting him are so different. We met him under different circumstances but with the same conclusions. So maybe Dodger and I are right that Stosh isn’t a good match for Connor. In any case, I’m done thinking about it because it’s a tiny bit depressing and kinda exhausting as well. The sun feels good on my face so I turn my hat around with the bill in back letting my full face be exposed to the sun’s rays. Closing my eyes for a second and then I sit up and take my hat off. Staring at it for a few seconds I get this sad sense and then shake my head to rid myself of it. Damn though, I miss Ryan. Not the crazy Ryan at the end but the earlier Ryan, the freshman Ryan. Omigod I feel a stiffening in my dick thinking about the freshman Ryan. Putting the hat back on and leaning against the bleacher seat behind me again I try remembering when it all went wrong between us. There were times when we fooled ourselves, Ryan much more than me, about the ‘love’ word but it was never really about that! It was all about the sexual heat that could get so hot between us it was like awesomely insane. I’ve never experienced the like before or since. Well, in shorts spurts I’ve felt something similar but only in spurts. With Ryan, it was on and off peaks of sexual heat for like two years or more and occasionally was so extraordinarily erotic it got scarily out of control… the sexual heat did. Plus there was Ryan’s dominant control over me too. He knew how to get me sitting up like his favorite pooch… bow-wow. And ironically we took an instant dislike for one another at first. Then that lunch we had, just the two of us… oh fuck! Yeah, I knew something new had happened when he fucked me. I tried to ignore it or say it was nothing special but it was special somehow. I’m talking about pure sexual erotic heat between two eighteen-year-old boys. Explosive! It wasn’t anything we could build a solid relationship on but we weren’t concerned about that! Nah, it was never going to be possible for Ryan’s and my relationship to be like Rob’s and mine… Rob’s and my love affair. Ryan and I were more like a runaway freight train full of dynamite which was bound to crash and burn like it eventually did. Huh, yeah that’s true in hindsight, but why did it crash and burn when it did? Well, Ryan is slightly crazy for one thing. I knew that but never expected he’d take paranoia to the level he did. He’s always been unbalanced and perhaps he was suffering from manic depression or something similar because his mood swings were unpredictable and often disturbing. He had terrible personal experiences during the years before I met him when he allowed bullies and perverts to treat him horribly and then he’d go back for more. Very weak self-worth or something. And then his interactions with me reversed that trend for him. He reversed his role from submissive to dominant and would at times treat me poorly. Not that poorly though; not like he’d been treated. Still, there was a streak of meanness in him. It was like he was getting back at me for his bad treatment. Of course, I never was one of those who treated him badly but like I said he was a little crazy. Still, I remember that freshman year like it happened yesterday. Ryan with those little round eyeglasses and his cute face. Actually, he wasn’t all that cute except I chose to see him as cute in a funny way. He’s smaller than me but stronger and when he got his dominant persona going I was the perfect sexually submissive playmate for him. Early on he could get me to actually cry from him spanking me so hard. This was very early during freshman year. Like I said we were eighteen and I’d only known I was gay for less than a year and a half at the time so I was still feeling my way around deciding what I liked. I knew I liked sub/dom sex but I was experimenting with how much ‘dom’ I wanted. When he’d get me sobbing from his hard spanking he’d then treat me like his little friend who he needed to take care of and it was so creepy but at the same time so sexually hot to me I could hardly breathe. And then came the hard fucking on my ass… Omigod! It could never happen remotely like that again but, haha, I’ve got a boner in my pants right now thinking about it. Jesus, there was this one time Rob drove me over to Ryan’s house to pick him up. The three of us were going someplace although I’ve forgotten where. Anyway, Ryan didn’t come out when Rob blew the horn so I went to the front door to see what’s up with that. Ryan answered the door and in ten seconds he had my pants down and we were grabbing at each other kissing and licking and then he fucked me so hard and I mean right there inside the front door foyer with his parents someplace in the house. We never used lube back then. I can still visualize my cum stream that shot out in a straight line at least six feet with my steel boner aching and throbbing with mind-numbing pleasure. The most explosive orgasm I’ve ever had… I thought I’d die right then and there. Jesus, thinking about it I need to lean forward because my erection is throbbing in my jeans and it’s kinda painful. Fuck! I’m all hunched over when I hear my name called. Huh? Looking up I see Danny holding up a bottle of water. The field is a couple of feet below the bleachers. I’m like, “Oh, Danny, um, what…?” There’s sweat dripping down his cute face as he asks, “Are you alright, Dylan? Here, take this bottle of water.” I can’t stand because the front of my pants is poked out by my boner so I lean over further, so far I almost fall on my face getting the bottle of water. I feel the wet of some pre-cum on my boxer shorts rubbing against the inside of my leg. Hope it doesn’t leak through my jeans. Sitting back, but still hunched over I’m unconsciously smelling the back of my hand holding the water bottle and staring at Danny. Damn, my Ryan fantasizing has me discombobulated and I need to get back to reality fast! Danny laughs, mumbling, “What the fuck’s wrong…? Never mind, I’ll come up there,” and he jogs to the steps ten feet to his left and takes the steps two at a time and comes over to me. Sitting next to me, he asks, “Are you suffering a sunstroke? Haha,” and he takes the bottle from me to hold it against my forehead. The bottle obviously came right out of a cooler as it’s very cold. Managing to grin at him, I’m like, “Fuck, I’m just messing with you, Danny,” and grab the bottle of water, take the cap off and then gulp some down, gulp, gulp, gulp. He goes, “I knew you were kidding.” I let some water, accidentally on purpose, spill on my lap, yelling, “Dammit!” and then hand the bottle back to Danny. Now a tiny wet ‘pre-cum spot’ that makes it through my jeans won’t be noticeable and I can sit back completely now. My boner softened a little from getting wet so I’m good. I lie, “Danny boy, I was just thinking about our infamous sleepover, dude.” He blushes, “I screwed that up royally. Fucking booze! I can’t drink for shit, babe, you know that.” I go, “You did good for a while and then BANG you were out of it.” He mumbles, “I don’t remember a thing after we went in the garage that second time.” God, he looks good. I reach over and squeeze the back of his sweaty neck, saying, “Rob kinda wasn’t thrilled that I stayed with you that night.” He looks serious, “Really? You got in trouble?” and then he laughs, adding, “It was worth it though, wasn’t it?” I stupidly say, “Yeah, it was except you and I didn’t do anything in bed.” He laughs, “Ya could have fooled me. This is the first I’m hearing about that.” Danny drinks some water and then holds the bottle out to me and I take it and grin at him while I’m licking around the top of the bottle pretending I’m licking off his saliva and he goes, “You’re a sexy mother-fucker, ain’t ya?” and he hugs around my neck pulling me against him as we both laugh. Rob goes, “Are you two having fun?” Danny lets go of me as we both look startled. Standing down where Danny was standing a minute ago is Robby. He’s smiling, mumbling, “For the longest time I thought you two would never be friends and now look at you. Wait there, I’ll join you. I have something to ask you both.” Rob’s jogging to the steps at the left of us as Danny grins and pulls the bill of my cap down, saying, “Haha, you’re in trouble again.” Adjusting my hat, I mutter, “That’s ’cause you’re a bad influence on me.” Robby comes over to sit on the bleacher behind us. He leans forward with a hand on each of our shoulders, saying, “Coach wants me to spend an extra hour with that so-called freshman phenom, Carl Snowdon. So I’m thinking that you, Danny, might give Dylan a ride back to the apartment?” Danny goes, “What does Coach want you to do with that kid?” Rob shrugs, “Bring him down to earth I think. The kid seems aloof or something; maybe too big for his britches. kolej escort I’m supposed to talk to him and, fuck… I don’t know. Will you give Dylan a ride? It’ll save him from driving there and then coming back for me.” I say, “Yeah, and maybe Danny can stay for dinner. Do you want to, Danny?” He shrugs and Rob goes, “There ya go! That’s a plan.” Danny says, ‘Yeah, okay, no problem,” and Rob gets up saying, “Thanks! See you guys in about an hour, if not sooner.” I go, “Whaddaya want for dinner, Rob?” He goes, “I don’t care, whatever you guys want. See ya later…” As Rob walks back down onto the field and then through the dugout to the locker room, Danny grabs my bicep and with a grin, says, “I’m gonna fuck you a new rear end the minute we get in your apartment. What do you think about that?” God, I’m still all horned-up from my Ryan reminiscings. I go, “Yeah? Great if you can pull it off, which I doubt,” and as we get up and start walking, Danny goes, “Ha, Rob doesn’t mind ’cause the three of us are tight gay buddies, so why wouldn’t we do it?” I smirk at him and he goes, “Oh, you don’t think I will, huh?” When we’re out of the baseball complex, I say, “Sure, you probably will, no sweat ’cause you da man, Danny! But, um seriously, can you stay for dinner? I mean, what about your roommate?” He puts his arm around my shoulders so we’re rubbing against one another as we walk with Danny saying, “He lives in Worcester and he’ll be going home most weekends.” I go, “This ain’t a weekend, numbnuts. It’s Thursday.” He squeezes me against him, saying, “Did I tell you that you’re a super sexy motherfucker?” I go, “Uh huh, you did,” and he goes, “Okay then.” As usual, Danny ignored much of what I said but I’m persistent. I say, “Swell, I’m a sexy motherfucker, but what about your roommate? Do you wanna invite him to have dinner with us?” He goes, “My roommate? What about him?” I groan and then say, “Jesus! I asked if you wanna invite him to have dinner with us?” He shrugs, “Why would I do that? He’s in Boston with his girlfriend.” I’m like, “Girlfriend? I thought he was gay,” and Danny says, “Yeah, so did I.” He doesn’t offer any further explanation on that matter and I frankly don’t care enough one way or the other, so I drop it. Anyway, right now I’ve got all I can handle keeping my horniness under wraps. It’s off the fucking charts from thinking about Ryan and me as youngsters and now hearing sexy Danny saying he’s going to fuck the wind out of me, or whatever he said. Hell, I know Danny’s no Ryan when it comes to dominance but I really like having sex with him and he’s a very good ‘top’ in his own right. Plus I still have the ‘hots’ for him, or as I call it, my ‘crush’ on him. He’ll be lucky if I don’t attack him in his Mom’s car on the way to the apartment. Danny leaves his arm around my shoulders squeezing me against him, as he mutters. “You feel good so I like squeezing you.” I turn my head to look at his profile and notice the hair on the side of his head has grown over the tops of his ear. Oh fuck, I hope he doesn’t bring up our haircut situations! Forgetting that, I concentrate instead on this unexpected development and I lean my head over and give Danny a kiss on the cheek near his mouth. That initiates the beginning of another boner for me and it rubs against the pre-cum spot in my shorts that came compliments of the boner I got in the bleachers thinking about Ryan ten minutes ago. Fucking boners, ya know? Danny gives me a squeeze after I kiss his cheek and then he mumbles, “Goddamn, I always need to tell you to be patient, babe! Gawd you’ve got the ‘hots’ for me something terrible, don’t you?” I goofily say in a cartoon voice, “Oh gee, Danny, you’re so right.” He laughs and says, “Hey, I wanna do this as much as you do, but we can’t do it here!” I mutter, “No shit, Einstein!” and he goes, “You’re really gonna get it, ya know that?” I go, “Oh no!” and he’s like, “Heh heh, yeah, I’m gonna fuck that perfect ass of yours… oh man!” Well, I sure as hell hope so. When we’re in Danny’s car, I ask, “Will you get to use this car all semester?” He shakes his head, “Nope, it’s my Mom’s car, as you know. She needs it on Monday and I’m planning on asking either you or Rob to follow me home tomorrow and give me a ride back,” I go, “Rob might be willing to do that,” and Danny chuckles, “You prick. Why wouldn’t you do it?” He looks so sexy with that sweaty cute face of his and his baseball cap on the back of his head like a little kid wears it. I jokingly mutter, “If I followed you home Sunday I’m afraid you’d want to fuck me again.” He comes to a stop at the traffic light across from the apartment complex, saying, “You wish you’d be so lucky.” Chuckling, I mutter, “Yeah, you’re right,” and he goes, “You’re way cooler than anyone I know. Wouldn’t it have been awesome if I was sharing the apartment with you and Rob? The three of us, ya know? Wow!” Ha, I suggested that to Rob and he put a big fat ‘NO!’ on that idea. Not that I’d tell Danny that. It might hurt his feelings, so I say, “Jeez, we should have thought of that last summer.” Danny drives across the street into the Royal Crest Estates and asks, “Which way do I go, Dylan?” Oh shit! Rob was calling out all the things to watch for. Hmmm, what the hell were those landmarks he wanted to remember? I go, “Um, go straight, Danny,” and I direct him to last year’s apartment building to get my bearings. It’s a long way around but we get to this year’s apartment building after only running into one dead end. While parking, Danny mumbles, “Christ, you guys are at the very end of the complex. This is the last building, huh?” Getting out of the car I go, “Yeah, but we’ve got a great view of wetlands and, um, forest from our balcony.” Danny nods, “Probably a million mosquitoes in the summer too.” I’m like, “We’re not here during the summer!” and he gives me an exuberant hug almost making me trip over his feet, as he says, “Don’t be so defensive, babe.” I like that he’s touchy/feely with me, assuming he doesn’t make me break a leg or something. We use the steps instead of the elevator with me going up first, Danny’s giggling and pinching my ass on each step. Inside the apartment, he tosses his hat on the little kitchen table, takes my hat off and tosses it over with his, and then holds my head between his hands and gives me one of his extraordinarily sexy kisses. My hands go to his wide shoulders, a hand lightly on each one and then I hug him around his shoulders as he humps his hips bumping my hardening cock. Oh fuck, it’s a twenty-second awesome kiss that I mostly just let happen without doing much myself except lean-in against him. When he pulls his mouth off mine he looks at me with a big grin on his face. I look back at him in a bit of a fog so he leans his head over and licks across my mouth and then lets go of me. My eyes blink spastically as Danny’s looking over at the sliding glass doors at the end of the living room. He says, “Huh, you’re right. That is a great fucking view! Looks like a picture.” Good grief, he’s done? That was a great start to some sexy foreplay and not he’s admiring the view! I follow him over to the ‘view’ and give the back of his neck a squeeze, saying, “Do you know that most guys don’t ever include the hot, um, kissing you do for buddy sex? You know that, right?” He shrugs, “So what? You and me like doing it, right?” I nod my head, saying, “Um, yeah of course but you can’t just stop on a dime like that.” He’s not paying attention though. Trying to open the sliding glass doors, he asks, “Shouldn’t we have a beer and a smoke on the balcony, babe?” I’m like, “I don’t want a beer but we have beers in the refrigerator if you want one.” He shrugs, “If you don’t want one I guess I don’t either,” and his hands go to my waist as he asks with a smirk, “What shall we do? Ya know until Rob gets here.” I smirk back at him and he asks, “Ya wanna suck my dick?” Actually, I do… so I nod my head, mumbling, “That sounds okay.” Taking my hand he pulls me with him, saying, “Over here, Dylan, away from the window.” I guess he’s shy about wildlife seeing him get his pecker sucked. When we’re in the short hall leading to the bathroom and bedroom, Danny says, “Okay, go for it, babe,” and he drops his pants. I pull his underwear down and drop to my knees. Picking up his damp dick with my fingers I begin stroking it, and Danny says, “I’m a little sweaty. Hope you don’t mind.” Nope, I don’t as I put the head of his penis in my mouth and suck on it while continue stroking his foreskin on and off the head. Danny, like Robby, is conscientious about cleaning under the foreskin so there’s not much white matter there. Huh, actually this time there’s none under Danny’s foreskin. I’m soon sucking on the head plus about three-inches of the shaft and it’s all hard. Spit is drooling down my chin as I really get into sucking his cock and he’s doing the usual messing with my hair. He’s doing what he did last time pushing it back the wrong way. Danny groans now and shuffles his feet going, ‘Umm, umm, ahhhh,” and after another thirty seconds of that he grabs my head with both hands and begins humping his hips and fucking my throat. We’ve done this before and while there’s some gagging, mostly because he’s pushing the full six-inches of boner all the way down my throat I get a boner as hard as Danny’s. I’m rubbing my crotch wishing I’d dropped my pants when he dropped his. Danny’s going, “Um, um, um, oh, oh, oh,” and then he speeds up his humping for maybe fifteen seconds before he stops thrusting and presses his groin against my face, his pubic hairs all around my nose and mouth, and he shoots a big load of cum down my throat. After some serious heavy breathing, he begins thrusting again but only for another ten seconds before pulling his dick entirely out. Lots of cum and spit comes out with the head and most of it is drooling down my chin. Danny goes, “Holy fuck, that was great!” Now that he’s had his orgasm, however, Danny’s moving on to other matters. He pats my head, saying, “Yo, when I was messin’ with your hair I remembered we still haven’t done our haircuts, dude. What’s up with that?” Oh boy, fuck our haircuts… what I need to do is to climax! Grabbing his arm as I’m standing up, I go, “Never mind that, it’s your turn, big boy,” and I’m pulling my jeans down. My boner pops up when I get my jockey shorts past it. Danny goes, “Yum! Sure, okay,” and he drops to his knees and puts my cock in his mouth. Danny’s a really good cock sucker, but I already knew that. He sucks and licks my dick while stroking it and I cum in less than a minute breathing like a racehorse. A long stream of cum shoots out with Danny getting only some of it in his mouth as he pulls his head back and half my load shoots on his face. Standing, he’s chuckling while smearing the cum around in an attempt to wipe it off his chin and neck. We both get to laughing about that as I try helping him and we end up French kissing. He says I’m sexy but he’s a very sexy guy himself. After that, I’m red-faced as we’re pulling up our pants. Danny chuckles, saying, “Let’s go sexy,” and he takes my hand leading us to the bathroom and we clean up in there. Standing at the sink Danny makes eye contact with me in the mirror over the sink, saying, “I’m still gonna fuck you… so don’t despair.” Instead of being argumentative about his propensity to make our buddy sex appear as if he doing me a favor, I merely mutter, “Good plan.” When we’re done in the bathroom, including peeing next to each other with dueling streams, I suggest that now is the time for a beer and a smoke on the balcony. Mostly I want to get Danny’s mind off the haircuts. We get beers and go out the sliding glass doors to the balcony. As we’re lighting cigarettes I’m noticing for the first time the crappy outdoor chairs that came with our apartment; two old beach chairs with rusting frames. They’re the kind with the straps of plastic crisscrossing to form the seat and back. After we both brush off the seats, we sit on the chairs and Danny goes, “Ya know, Dylan, having buddy sex with you seems so, um, natural and right. We’re awesome together but I’ve told you that before. Hey, can we get in bed when I fuck you?” I shake my head mumbling, “Nope. That would be insulting to Robby because he could tell we did it in bed.” Danny nods his head, “You’re right, yeah. I never get a chance to fuck in bed though. That blows!” Obviously, he had his chance last week when I slept over but why rub that in. I go, “Yeah, bed-fucking is good.” For some casual conversation, I ask him how he expects he’ll do scholastically this year. I expected him to shrug and bitch about going to class but instead, he goes on this long rant about how he knows just what he needs to do to graduate and then this summer he’s taking courses for his teaching degree or teaching certificate. Plus, after the teaching certificate, he’ll attend two programs run by ‘name’ college baseball coaches that he’s already enrolled in. Furthermore, his Mom’s sister, Danny’s aunt, is on the Board of Education for the town of Framingham and Danny already has a teaching spot ready for him next fall. He tells me about many details, esoteric details about preparations he’s made for after college to accomplish his goals. I’m totally impressed and kinda shocked too. He’s got it all figured out which belies the airhead persona he likes to project. I’m thinking other teachers and coaches are going to underestimate Danny and he’s gonna end up eating their lunch… so to speak. Yeah, I’m surprised at how much thought and preparation he’s put into it. He says, “Of course, the coaching position won’t be a paid one initially, I know that because they never are. I’ll be getting noticed though and gaining experience which I’ll need to eventually be a head coach of a high school baseball program doing what I love and then hopefully moving on up to coach college ball. The teaching aspect will be a big part of it initially but maybe I’ll transfer to an all-boys prep school later and, haha, wouldn’t that be cool! Hands off the boys obviously but one can look ya know.” I’m seriously impressed and say, “You’ve got your plans for after graduation way better thought out than most seniors. Gee, I’m kinda proud to know ya, dude.” He grins and leans over to give my shoulders a hug and then kisses the side of my head, my ear actually, before sarcastically mumbling, “As you can imagine, babe, that’s all I was hoping for… you being proud to know me.” I push him away, muttering, “That’s what I get? Sarcasm? I was being supportive, you asshole!” He nods, “I knew that. I was just breaking your balls a little.” We talk about a few college-related topics and then goof on each other for half an hour before I realize time is slipping away. Rob said he’d be an hour and it’s almost been that long now. Fuck, I knew Danny couldn’t pull it off. This time it was the oral sex that got in the way of a good fucking… last week it was the booze. Well, we did fuck but I mean a good fucking in his unmade bed. Looking at my watch I’m about to say something about us being out of time when my cell phone ‘pings’. Danny asks, “Was that yours or mine.” I mutter, “I think it’s mine,” and pull my cell phone out of my pocket. A quick glance at it and I mumble, “Yeah, it’s a text from Rob saying he’ll be another twenty minutes or so.” Danny thinks about that for a second and then says, “Hot shit! We’ve got time. Where do you keep your haircutting stuff?” I’m like, “Haircut? Get fucking serious! What’d you tell me you were going to do the minute we got in this apartment?” He looks mystified, asking, “What?” I can’t help but break out laughing. What a nut-case! Danny doesn’t maltepe escort know why, but he laughs along with me until I say, ‘You said you were going to fuck me a new asshole, that’s WHAT!” He looks earnest as he saying, “Oh yeah, that’s right. Let’s get to bed real quick like.” I go, “We had the ‘bed’ discussion a while ago… no bed-sex for you and me, not here anyway.” Danny says, “Yeah, yeah okay, but stand right there.” He steps to me and puts his left hand behind my head. I’m expecting one of his indescribably fantastically sexy kisses but instead, he uses his fingers combing up my bangs, muttering, “I just want to get an updated idea of how a flattop will look on you, babe. I started figuring that out when you were sucking my dick but your mouth obviously got me distracted.” I try to move away, saying, ‘Will you forget about the…” but he jerks my head, saying, “Please! Just stand still for me and let me see.” Making a face I stand here and he gets my hair sticking up in front as he mutters, “Yes, it’ll be awesome,” and then with excitement, “Okay, I’m satisfied! That’s what I’ll do. How about after dinner tonight?” If I were a six-year-old girl I’d probably stamp my foot in frustration, but instead, I yell, “Danny! I’m wicked anxious for some buddy sex with you. Forget about the haircut bullshit!” He stops fucking with my hair and says, “Damn, you make me feel like a stud. Did you know my ego has risen like a hundred percent this summer because of you; because of you and the ‘hots’ you have for sexy ol’ me.” I go, “I’m happy for you, so let’s get going already.” He nods his head, “Of course. Hey, ya know, Hayden should be jealous of you. Fuck, so should Rob. No, I mean Rob should be jealous of me!” I go, “Nobody needs to be jealous of anybody. We’re just passing some time with a little buddy sex. That’s if you ever get around to it.” We go inside and Danny says, “Yeah, you’re right again… there’s nothing’s more fun than some buddy sex. Is it okay if I give you a good spanking first? You know to get my juices flowing again?” Hell, that’ll get my juices flowing too but I act reluctant, mumbling, “If you must, I suppose it’d be okay.” He pulls my pants down without even unbuckling my belt, as he mutters, “Slim hips,” and then he looks around and says, “There. Lean over the arm of that ratty looking sofa.” I do that, mumbling, “It’s not ratty looking; it’s just the stain on the cushions that makes it look that way. We’re getting a slipcover for it.” I may as well have been speaking Russian for all Danny paid attention to what I said as right away he whacks away at my ass, “SMACKSMACKSMACK,” for fifteen seconds and it stings like mad but my dick firms up a little bit just the same. Then he stops and I hear him sort of laughing. Looking back at him I see he’s got a hand over his mouth but in his eyes, I see laughter there. He goes, “Sorry for laughing but I can’t help but laugh whenever I’m spanking my ‘bottom’ boys.” Jesus! That puts me off so I standup rubbing my stinging butt cheeks and mutter, “So much for that,” and Danny goes, “No, lay over the arm again and I’ll spank you some more. I go, “The hell with that,” and he goes, “Okay, I’ll fuck you like that.” I watch him take his limp dick out through the fly of his pants and then he shakes his head and pulls his pants down to his knees. My jeans are bunched around my ankles now as I’m still standing here next to the end of the sofa. Danny strokes his penis, saying, “I’ve got a condom I should probably use so Rob doesn’t detect my cum in your ass later.” Whatever. Forgetting the condom for the moment, he strokes his cock fast with long strokes. After a half dozen strokes he puts his head back, still pulling on his meat, and moaning, “Ummmm, oooh, so good,” and then he stops and straightens up looking at me, saying, “Well, go ahead, Dylan, lay over the arm of that sofa.” I do that and he comes over still stroking his now hard dick. He goes, “Damn, this feels good. Oh, um, you can’t spread your legs, huh?” As he surprises me by actually rolling a condom on his boner. I mutter, “How can I spread my legs with my fucking pants at my ankles.” He says, “No problem, it’ll be tighter so it’s okay this way. It’ll only be a quickie.” I feel the head of the slippery condom at my asshole and then, “Ahhh!” from me as the condom’s nipple and then the full head forces its way in past my sphincter. Danny pulls it right out though, emphatically saying, “You’re too low!” as if it was my idea to lean over the arm of the sofa. He shrugs when I look at him and then he mutters, “I need to scrunch down too much. It’ll be better if you stand up.” Getting up off the sofa’s arm I stand and Danny’s left arm goes around my belly. He pulls me back against him, murmuring, “You’re awesomely cooperative, babe,” and his cock goes in my asshole again. I didn’t expect it that quick and I go, “Umph,” and bend at the waist with Danny’s arm slipping away. He grips my hips with both hands and pushes his cock all the way up my ass with my tight anus reluctantly opening just barely wide enough to accommodate his condom encased boner. Lots of the lube gets stripped from the condom against the tight lips of my asshole and the lubricant quickly warms enough to drool around both sides of my butt cheeks and around to the back of my balls. Danny moans, “Mmmmmm, motherfucker! Wow, this feels good! I like the feel of this condom too. It’s a nice change.” I grunt, “Ummm,” but it’s already feeling good for me too. Danny’s cock is excellent for fucking. Big around enough for sure, and plenty long enough, but not too big or too long. It’s kinda perfect, like mine! For support, I put a hand on each knee and close my eyes to absorb all the sexy sensations of that full-feeling inside me. Danny leans over, his belly lying on my lower back as he takes my firm cock in his fist and starts jerking me off with fast tight long strokes the way he does it on his own cock. He strokes fast… stroke,stroke,stroke,stroke,stroke with me squirming and moaning, “Um, um, um, um ooh Danny, um, um… ooh, I’m gonna cum.” He stops and chuckles before straightening up and then begins doing long thrust of his condom covered boner, his hips smoothly and tightly moving that hard cock back and forth in my ass. I grit my teeth because it feels fantastic. A little pain but that just adds to my pleasure. It’s awesome! Then he starts doing it harder and faster and now the “Slapslapslap,” sounds ring out in the room as his body slaps against my butt cheeks. Like last time I’m amazed his cock doesn’t pull completely out of my ass because his withdrawals distend my anus almost to the point where the head of his cock will slip out entirely, but it never does and a fraction of a second later that hard cock is sliding right back up inside me. I’m soon writhing with sexual pleasure and moaning, “Aah, aah, aah, ooh Danny, aah!” His boner is longer than the six inches it is when flaccid and that hard cock of his ‘owns’ my ass sending me into the higher levels of sexual pleasure. All of Danny’s goofy routine before he gets seriously into fucking is forgotten because he can fuck really good when he puts his mind to it. Like Danny said, it’s fun… and it’s obvious how much he likes fucking. My second climax of the afternoon has ignited and is rapidly reaching the tipping point and then Danny stops thrusting and grunts, “Oh Christ, I almost shot my load.” He’s breathing noisily and then chuckles as he lies on my back, saying, “But I want you to cum first my awesomely cute bottom boy.” Ever the playful boy, that’s Danny. My orgasm symptoms subside slightly but it’s still feeling fantastic having Danny’s engorged cock impaling me. He humps against my buttocks a few times as he snickers and asks, “How’s that feel?” I gasp, “You know how it feels. I love it!” He humps against my ass a few more times and then puts his left arm around my side, his hand on my chest and his fingers flipping at my nip ring. The fist of his right-hand goes around my boner again with Danny murmuring, “Oh, this is a big boy boner now, Dylan.” He starts jerking me off again doing the same long, fast and tight strokes he always does. I’m groaning and moaning as my orgasm grows and grows. He continues stroking. I can’t move much with my pants around my ankles even though I’d like to shuffle a little bit with my climax coming on faster by the second. I moan whiny sounds, “Eh, eh, eh, oh, oh, oh,” as his fist strokes my super sensitive cock while his hips move his hard cock with fast hard short thrusts right on my prostate gland. It’s sensation-overload and my body tightens and I try humping my hips as Danny milks a nice little second climax out of my nuts. It’s a stream of cum shooting out and then it’s chased by a smaller cum-shot. I can’t catch my breath. His fist is still a blur up and down on my iron boner. Tiny black dots seem to float in front of my eyes. I go, “Ahhhh, um, um, Danny, umm,” With sensations sizzling around my groin Danny squeezes my cock getting cum drools running down his fingers. He stops the short thrusting and lets go of my cock while slowly lifting his hand to my mouth as he murmurs, “Go ahead, babe, lick that shit off my fingers.” In a trance, I lick off my own cum drools and then he presses his fingers against my lips until I open my mouth a little and without saying another word he pushes two fingers inside my mouth… his forefinger and middle finger. I lick and suck on his fingers as he murmurs, “That’s right, babe, suck my fingers,” and I swear I feel his boner grow bigger inside my ass. I’m in one of my hypnotized state of minds by now as Danny carefully wipes his fingers on my tongue and then sides his forefinger out and pushes my top lip inside out before wiping his saliva coated forefinger up against the front of my nose. He holds it there for two seconds and then, without saying anything, he lifts up and begins thrusting that great boner of his in my ass again, “Slapslapslap,” sounds ringing out as he fucks my ass hard for a minute. My boner again sticks straight out and as Danny grunts and breaths noisily, humping against my buttocks and cumming in the condom I have a phantom orgasm that makes my whole body shake, mostly caused by Danny’s surprising dominant move of sticking his cum-laden fingers in my mouth. Only after Danny pulls his cock out of my ass and playfully smacks my ass, asking, “How’d you like that, babe?” do I realize how submissive he got me during the last three minutes or so. I’m still feeling it as I straighten up and look at him. It gives me shivers realizing how fabulously unexpected that dominance on Danny’s part was. It was too unexpected for words. I don’t know what to tell him because I’m sure he doesn’t even realize what he did. To Danny, it was probably just some goofing around. He asks again, with his big grin, “How’d you like licking the cum off my fingers?” I manage to smile and say, “That was disgusting,” and he laughs, “No it wasn’t. It was sexy the way you did that. I already told you, you’re a sexy motherfucker, dude. Probably the sexiest of anyone I’ve ever known. That right there, that sex we had was a dynamite blast!” and he pulls off the condom and then pulls his pants up grinning at me which isn’t unusual… Danny’s smiling or grinning almost all the time. A happy camper. I’m still a little shellshocked, especially having that third orgasm in such a short time frame. Phantom or not, it felt really hot and sexy. Danny goes, “Don’t space out on me again!” and he takes my hand, as he’s been doing lately. I go, “Wait a second,” and reach down to pull up my pants. He pulls me to the bathroom for some cleaning up. The first thing he does is flush the condom and then he grabs the waistband of my jeans to pull my pants and underwear down further, saying, “Let me wipe the lube off your ass.” By the time we’re cleaned-up and dried off my minor submissive trance has left the building. I go, “That was, um, really above average buddy sex, Danny. Seriously.” He snorts out a laugh leaning on me, his arms around my shoulders, and says, “Bullshit, above average! That’s the best buddy sex you’ve had in a couple of years.” Ha, he’s probably right but I go, “Get serious,” and he rubs my head, messing up my hair, mumbling, “I am serious,” and then just like that he’s onto another subject, asking, ‘What are we going to have for dinner?” I mumble, “I don’t know. I’ll check the freezer and see what we have.” The hell with dinner. Oh man though, as we walk to the kitchen I feel the lubricant from the condom inside my rectum and, wow, this turned out to be a good afternoon! I smile at Danny and he goes, “Feeling good, huh? I told you I’d take care of you, didn’t I?” I mutter, “Get real,” but what would be perfect is if he’d do one of those fantastically sexy kisses to top it all off. That would round everything off and put an explanation point on our buddy sex. I know he won’t and it’s not appropriate buddy sex behavior anyhow, but with Danny… Oh well, instead I’m like, “What’d I say a minute ago? I already told you it was above average buddy sex. You’re above average; that’s pretty good.” Danny chuckles, mumbling, “You prick! That was the best buddy sex you’ve had in years,” and as I start walking to the kitchen he grabs me from behind pulling me against his chest. He gets his arms around the front of my neck and says in my ear, “Admit it was the best or you’ll hurt my feelings.” I shrug, saying, “Okay, it was the best buddy sex I’ve had in years.” Letting go of me, he says, “Don’t you feel better about being truthful? So, what are we having for dinner?” Opening the refrigerator, I mumble, “I don’t know what to make for dinner. What do you feel like having?” He goes, “I always feel like steak. I’m a carnivore, dude. Well, a good salad to go with a juicy steak is okay too.” Opening the freezer door I see we have six New York strip steaks, each about a half pound. Nice cut of beef, strip steaks! I chose the three with the best marbling. That’s where a lot of the flavor comes from. The microwave oven does a nice job of defrosting frozen meat when using the ‘defrost’ button. Sure, it’s a pain in the ass because you need to turn everything over every time the microwave ‘beeps’ and it takes a few minutes, but the defrost cycle doesn’t partially cook the steaks like could happen if you just stick the steaks in and put some time on the regular microwave setting. That’s no good! I hold up the steaks, saying, “For you, Mr. Above Average, strip steaks.” He goes, “Are those New York strip steaks?” I say, “Yep, and they’re also Delmonico and Kansas City steaks depending who you’re talking too, or some chefs just refer to these steaks as just plain strip steaks.” He goes, “What?” and I’m like, “Yeah, different names for the exact same cut of meat. This cut of meat is tender and flavorful.” He goes, “Yeah but, but those steaks you’re holding are the New York strip steaks type, right?” I mutter, “What’d I just fucking say?” and I hear a key in the front door. Danny and I look over like we wonder who’s there. Jesus! I go, “It’s Rob,” and Danny goes, “I knew that!” to be continued… Donny Mumford [email protected] [email protected] ======================================================== Hoping some readers may be interested, there are books of mine published and available on zon. Anyone who has Kindle can download them for next to nothing. 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