Welcome Home Ch. 03


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His body is an odd contradiction of sensations and he’s not sure how to unite himself. On one part he is deliciously relaxed and sated. His body being cared for by the most extraordinary woman, currently somewhere in the vicinity of his feet. She has offered him release from the pressures of the day through a change of attire and the massage of his feet. She has fed his mind by taking away the distractions of sight limiting him to experience the sounds and smells of his environment. And most recently relieved the portion of his body requiring food of it’s demanding hunger.

Now he is left with his desire for her. His eyes strain to see beyond the blindfold. To rest upon the gentle beauty of her face. The lushness of her body. His hands and lips itch to bury themselves in long soft curls and smooth, soft flesh without the possibility of deterrent. He wants to taste her fully. Not just the heaven of her mouth and the bliss that is found suckling at her breast, but the unique flavor that is her and comes to him from the height of her pleasure.

It is these final thoughts of his mouth buried in her pussy lapping at her release that are interrupted by a sudden and unknown sensation on his cock. It feels as if she is pressed between his legs as he can feel her breasts pressing against his inner thighs and balls. His knees are just in the curve of her waist and his legs slide along her hips. His toes seem to play with hers without any guidance from him. All this is noticed in barely a second as his attention is strongly brought back to the one portion of his body that demands she pay attention to it NOW!

Her left hand has brought him forward and is supporting this supplication to the sky at the base. Her thumb is lightly rubbing circles. Up a little along the base, down over his balls. Up and down. As good as this feels his attention is on the other end of his cock. There is something warm and slightly wet resting on his tip. It most definitely is NOT her mouth.

A small trickle of the wetness starts to slide down him. Ever so lightly he feels it… the tip of her tongue. It catches that small bit of liquid and traces it’s path back up. His cock quivers in anticipation of what is to come. Up, up, up, so excruciatingly slow so that he could cry out from frustration. Her tongue goes back down and becomes wider. Long strokes up remove any remaining traces of that escaped liquid and all traces of her earlier release. Several more strokes and he knows he is perfectly clean.

Suddenly, the pointed tip of her tongue returns replacing the flat licking to trace the large vein along the bottom of his cock. All the way to the top her little tongue dances a path along him. “Oh God,” he moans as she traces the outline of his head, around the object still resting on top. She loves to do that. Use the tip of her tongue firmly to trace his “storm trooper helmet,” as she calls it. Normally she would delve into him seeking out his precum droplet, but not this time. This time there Kolej Escort is a shrimp in the way. He assumes it is a shrimp.

The tongue is gone. He feels her breath flow down over him and then her lips. They connect with his flesh about one inch past the head. Her tongue swirls around the head knocking the shrimp from the tip. Her lips begin a slow, strong pull upwards. With a small popping sound her mouth is gone. He can hear her chewing, but more importantly he hears her, “Hmm,” as she eats the little morsel. That little moan can undo all his good intentions at times and it is no help in this instance.

As he is listening to her enjoyment of the food another sensation begins. A noodle is slowly being swirled around his cock. That maddening thumb is now still, holding one end of the noodle. It is swirling it’s way up to the top. There, it rests across his head. Not large by any means he knows that her small mouth and throat still have some difficulty reaching his base when fully aroused. And he is most definitely fully aroused right now. He feels larger than he has ever been and wonders how far down she’ll manage.

“AAAHHHH,” he moans as he no longer needs to wonder. Her mouth has returned and begun is foray to his hips. He can feel her lips stretched wide as his length is swallowed into the warm depths of her mouth. Three inches soon becomes four inches. The tip of his cock is at the back of her throat. He can just feel it. His girth increases towards the base and as she gets near five inches her lips are pulled tight around him. So far her tongue has been merely pressing his cock up at little intervals, but now it snakes around following as much of the noodle as it can reach.

Warm, wet, tight. She has stopped her downward motion. “It’s okay baby,” he murmurs stroking her hair, “That feels so good.” They stay like that for what seems like minutes. Her head and mouth most of the way down his cock, her tongue licking the noodle, and him stroking her head. He feels her start a slight sucking motion. She is trying to suck the noodle up the rest of the way into her mouth. Her tongue starts to help the process. And then he feels the back of her throat constrict.

“Uhhh,” emerges from him in a grunt as his head is sucked a little way down her throat. Another constriction another grunt. The noodle is tickling the back of her throat and it is trying to swallow it away. Swallowing him. A gentle squeeze and slight pull from the suction of her throat and suddenly he is a little farther in. He can now feels the suction of her throat much stronger as the muscles tighten around him over and over again. “What new trick is this?” He wonders. The sensation almost perfectly mirrors what he feels buried to his hilt in her as she orgasms.

He knows she’s got to be running out of breath and yet she stays put. Swallowing him over and over again. Her tongue is no longer encountering noodle but she continues to stroke him. “Mmmm,” vibrates through her throat and mouth sending tremors along his cock and directly into his balls. “Mmmm,” deeper and longer she moans out. Her tongue starts to press firmly up against him Rus Escort and her head begins to slide off. The slightly rough texture of the top of her tongue dragging against his entire length. Slippery fingers dance across the surface being abandoned by her mouth. The spicy scent of the sauce assails as her mouth sucks the last portion of noodle from his throbbing cock.

One small hand, slick with dinner, is sliding up and down his length. Firm, but not squeezing, she slides it up to the top. A small around the world motion and it slides back down. She starts a tempo and pace that builds the pressure in his balls. Blinded momentarily by the sudden removal of the mask he hears her murmur, “You need to watch.” The tempo of her hand increases and she captures my gaze with her eyes.

Those beautiful blue-green orbs. A small outline of emerald shows how dilated her pupils are. Her mouth is parted, the lips still a beautiful bright red and full. Gazing up at him her can hear her shallow breathing and watches as her pink tongue darts out and across the bottom lip. “Watch,” she says again and hands him a small hand mirror.

“Well, this is new and different,” he thinks. Looking down at her face he’s not sure quite what to do with the mirror. Slowly her head lowers and he feels her soft tongue slide around, tracing his head again. Not blocked, it delves into his slit and is rewarded with a string of precum. Eyes lock again and a small smile plays across her lips. Her left hand gently grasps his balls and massages them. Her right his flat against his hips with his cock nestled in the v of her thumb and forefinger.

Arching back into the couch he just about shoots his load when her mouth suddenly delves to meet her hand. “Oh gooooood,” he moans. Looking down he sees the top of her beautiful head. Auburn curls lay on his rounded stomach and thighs. He feels her mouth sucking in and out. He glances at the mirror in his hand and knows what she wants him to do. He uses his left hand to pull back the curls from the left side of her face and rest it and them on the back of her head. Holding the mirror at an angel he maneuvers it until he can see her face.

It is a beautiful and arousing sight. Red lips stretched taught around him. Cheeks compressing in and releasing. And her eyes. Momentarily taken aback he realizes she is looking directly into the mirror. His hips thrust again, apparently his brain really likes that aspect. Her eyelids drop slightly and her tongue swirls around him at the pinnacle of his thrust. He thrust again deeper this time and again her tongue dances around him and her eyes close slightly. Pressing slightly on her head he brings his hips up one more time and holds.

A tear leaks from her eyes and he feels her throat trying to reject him. He releases his hold and relaxes his hips. Her mouth moves up but doesn’t leave him entirely. A strong, forceful intake of breath follows. Her head starts to bob. On the way down her mouth is loose, her tongue everywhere. Up brings a cradle of her tongue and strong pulling from her mouth. She keeps up this pattern and he watches her eyes close. “Hmmmm,” emerges Yenimahalle Escort from her, rumbling through him. Up, down, up, down, loose, suck, loose, suck. He watches his cock disappear and reappear into her mouth.

It’s building. He can feel it. Watching her like this, like she’s in a porno doing this, is amazing. And then she goes all the way again. Again he arches off the couch aiming deep into her throat. Again she starts sucking and her eyes lock on the mirror. It’s like she’s looking for something from him. He applies pressure with his hand and starts to thrust his hips. “MMM mmmm,” vibrates along his cock. She wants him to face fuck her. She wants him to hold her down there.

He is happy to oblige. He buries his fingers in her hair and starts to thrust his hips repeatedly. His eyes are locked on her face in the mirror. She is trying to keep up her suction has his cock buries itself deep in her throat causing her to retch slightly. The tears are starting to leak out of her eyes more continuously now and yet, she makes no move to remove herself from him. “Oh… god… yes…,” he chants as he fucks into her mouth repeatedly watching her face.

He pulls her head up to the tip and watches her nostrils flare as she greedily sucks in air. “Play,” he instructs and waits for her tongue to begin it’s motions. As her jaw relaxes and her tongue begins to swirl and press he presses down with his hand and up with his hips simultaneously. “Fuck… yeah,” he grunts as he slides all the way down! His head is bumping against the back of her throat and she is swallowing frantically. Not able to get suction going again she works her tongue all around him as he pushes over and over again into her throat. “You want it,” he asks?

Her eyes fly open and lock on the mirror. He sees a pleading look enter into them and feels her assent from the head of his cock to his balls, “MMM mmmm.” “Give it to me,” her eyes seem to say. Hell, her whole body seems to be begging for it. Her breasts are rubbing in circles around his legs and balls, which her hands are continuing to massage. Instead of pulling away her head and whole body seem to be pressing into him. His hand continues to hold her head in place as his hips continue their mindless rhythm sliding his cock deep into throat and out again.

Foregoing the mirror he thrusts his other hand into her hair. Pulling her head up to the tip of his cock he waits for the breath. “Suck it in baby,” whispers past his lips before his begins bringing her back down again. Smoothly up and down he matches her head motion to his hips. Up and down her warm, slick mouth slides along him sucking as much as she can. Thrusting and thrusting he thinks of her slick pussy sliding along him, he remembers the vision she made in the reflection of the mirror and his balls are ready to pay her their own tribute. Slamming her head down and holding her there, “Ugh Ugh Uuuhhh,” he groans and releases down her throat. Her mouth and throat work together and the squeezing sensation of being swallowed brings jet after jet of cum rushing up and out. “Yeah, baby, take it all. Swallow it all up,” whispers out of him as his hips relax again.

Releasing the firm hold of her head he strokes the softness of her hair as the last few spurts finish coming out. She is still swallowing as her head comes up and off. Her tongue laps out gently to catch anything she might’ve missed, but she’s sucked him dry. “Mmm, welcome home baby,” she says as she looks up at him and smiles.

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