Visiting Sis Ch. 04


My weekend with Shannin and her sister Stacy was getting quite exciting. We were becomming good friends. For a better understanding of events leading up to this point, please read the first three parts of Visiting Sis.


As soon as Shannin and I entered the bedroom, she quickly closed the door, turned around and lunged at me. Our lips met and I felt her sweet voluptuous body melt against mine. It was one of the hottest kisses I have ever received. She was ravenous, controlling and insatiable. I slipped my fingers under the hem of her thin shirt in an effort to lift her top but she broke off the kiss, pushed my hands aside and stepped away. With a sexy smile she looked into my eyes and said, “Please give me just a few minutes to get ready and I’ll make it all worth your while.” As she turned towards the bathroom she continued, “Would you be a doll and run back down to the kitchen to grab me one more glass of wine? I just love to get my pussy licked while working a nice wine buzz.”

I smiled, nodded an affirmative and went down to the kitchen as she requested. When I come back upstairs, I passed by the room Stacy was sleeping in and thought I heard a faint moan from inside. I slowly stepped up to the door and held my breath for a moment. From inside, I thought I could hear the soft, rhythmic sound of a vibrator being used. I smiled to myself knowing that the sexual tension was getting too much for her. My stomach tightened when I heard Stacy moan a little louder. When I first met her I thought her voice had a sexy, sultry sound and to hear her moaning was driving me nuts. I knew that if I ever had the chance to make her moan like that, I most certainly wouldn’t last very long. I continued to listen for a few minutes longer and really wanted to hear what she sounded like when she cums but I didn’t want to get busted if Shannin were to start looking for me.

With the glass of wine in my hand, I stepped into the dimly lit bedroom. There was a single candle on the dresser and the room was filled with the familiar musky vanilla smell of Shannin’s body lotion and her favorite perfume. The bed was turned back as an open invitation. The bathroom door was closed and I could see movement in the light from under the door as Shannin prepared herself. I placed the glass of wine on the night stand next to the bed. I stripped off all my clothes and sat back on the bed.

I listened quietly to see if I could still hear Stacy in the room next to ours. It was faint but I could still hear her moans getting much louder and more frequent. I smiled to myself, wondering what she would be hearing over the next hour or so coming from this side of the wall. I was lost in my thoughts when the bathroom light was turned out and the door slowly opened up. There in the candlelight emerged the most beautiful, exotic and absolutely stunning woman I had ever seen in my life. I was absolutely speechless. Shannin stopped in front of the candle light. She smiled as she read the awestruck look on my face. Apparently my response was more than what she had anticipated. She just stood there and smiled at me.

I continued to soak in her beauty as she gracefully stepped up to the bedside table, grabbed the glass of wine and slowly drank half of it down. Her throat constricted with each swallow as she tilted her head back to expose her sleek, elegant neck. Her blond hair glistened with a bright gold color as the candlelight cast its mellow glow. Shannin was wearing a long white satin robe which she had loosely tied around her sexy slim waist. The belt accentuated her bountiful breasts and amazing hips. As she drank her wine, she slipped her dainty hand under the satin belt. The gown opened up in a whisper revealing her long bronze legs. The candlelight cast shadows along her sleek sinewy leg muscles. Up top, Shannin was very well developed but her legs were lean with a look of undefined strength. I couldn’t wait to feel those wonderful legs wrapped around my waist or better yet, to feel her luscious, smooth inner thighs pressed tightly against my ears.

I sat up with my legs draped over the edge of the bed as Shannin returned her half full wine glass back to the table. I leaned forward, starting to stand when Shannin stepped up to me and put her warm delicate hands on my shoulders, pressing me back down onto the bed. I looked up into her face and our eyes locked. I smiled at her as she grabbed the front of her gown with both hands and opened it up, revealing her glorious body to me. Beneath the white satin robe, Shannin wore a black satin teddy. My cock hardened as I slowly scanned Shannin’s awesome beauty from head to toe. She smiled broadly as she lowered her hands and shrugged her shoulders, causing the white robe to float down her tan body and softly come to rest at her feet.

Shannin’s face was surrounded by her golden blonde hair which cascaded softly over her sexy slender shoulders. Those delicate shoulders were decorated with two black thin satin Bostancı Escort spaghetti straps. They were slightly cutting into her collar bones because of the sizable breast each strap was supporting. I reached out with both hands and grabbed each of Shannin’s hands. I held her left hand in my right and slowly looked at each crease, curve and detail of her delicate digits. Each finger was tipped with a bright hot pink polish. Shannin took pride in keeping her nails long, healthy and pretty. I really like it when we’re laying in each others arms after making love and she runs those amazing nails over my back, up my neck and into my hair. Sometimes if she does this enough, it’s like blowing on smoldering embers and the fire reignites.

I continued to study her left hand. I pulled it up to my mouth and kissed the palm. The vanilla fragrance from her body lotion was strong and arousing. I put her thumb pad against my lips. Next, I kissed her small finger, then her ring finger, then her middle finger and last her index finger. Shannin put her hand against my cheek as I looked up into her eyes. While looking at her, I put her hand back to my mouth and put her index finger back up to my lips. As I put her finger up to my lips, I slowly opened my mouth and pulled her finger in, closing my mouth around her finger. I surrounded her finger with my wet warm mouth. Shannin closed her eyes as I touched her fingertip with my tongue. My ears were rewarded with a long sultry moan as I flicked the tip of her finger with my tongue.

I leveled my gaze so that I was looking directly at Shannin’s amazing breasts. They were tightly wrapped in black material as the sleek satin teddy hugged her voluptuous body. In the dim candlelight I could see that her nipples were getting really hard. Shannin’s chest rose and fell with every deep breath. The room was quiet except for her breathing. Slowly she started to pull her finger from my mouth. When the tip was grazing across my teeth she slowly started to push it back in. In response, I wrapped my tongue around her finger and gently sucked. Another moan escaped her throat as she slowly finger fucked my mouth. After a few moments, she pulled my finger from her mouth. Once again, I kissed the palm of her hand.

I released her hand and pulled the other to my mouth. I kissed the palm as she pressed it against my cheek. Once again I slowly studied her hand, committing every detail to memory. I started to kiss her fingertips and when I got to her index finger this time she didn’t hesitate and shoved it into my mouth. This time, she was a little more insistent in her invasion of my mouth. After a few slow strokes, I pulled her finger out and once again looked up into her beautiful face. A smile crossed my lips as I guided her hand up to her own lips. Shannin grinned, opened her mouth slightly and guided her index finger past her lips and into her own mouth. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back slightly as I pushed her finger into and out of her mouth. By now, my cock was as hard as a rock. Her finger and lips glistened with her saliva. I was really wishing that it was my cock that was sliding in and out of her mouth but realized there would be time for that.

Reluctantly, I pulled Shannin’s finger out of her mouth and pulled both hands back down to my face. I once again kissed each hand and then just held them out in front of me. I let go of her hands and slowly slid my hands up both of her velvety smooth arms. I closed my eyes and tried to memorize the feel of each contour, muscle and blemish. I sat on the edge of the bed and leaned closer to her as my hands slid up to her soft warm shoulders. Without breaking contact with her body, I maneuvered both hands to her upper chest. I lifted my palms and lowered them as if to cup her breasts, but I didn’t touch them. I lightly slid my finger tips across the sides of her breasts which were encased in smooth satin. I continued down her rib cage and came to a stop at the bare skin, exposed by the high cut legs of the teddy. With my hands resting on her soft hips I continued to study her body by candlelight.

Shannin’s supple breasts were amazing. The teddy was cut low to expose her ample cleavage. Her tits were perky and the teddy pushed them close together. I leaned forward to get a closer look at each breast. I gently blew on each nipple which caused them to poke out against the black satin. I sat back upright and lowered my gaze to her flat stomach and then down to her clearly swollen mound. Shannin fidgeted slightly, shifting her weight from left to right and then back to her left. With both hands on her hips I pushed her back as I slid off the bed, dropping to my knees.

Slowly, I let my hands slip down the front of her smooth, taught legs. My eyes eagerly followed my hands. When I reached her knee caps, I slipped my hands around behind her legs and leaned forward so that my chest was pressing against the front of her thighs Bostancı Escort Bayan and my face was directly in front of her pussy. I was immediately intoxicated by her musky sweet scent. I pulled my hands up the back of her legs. When I felt the soft swell of her amazing ass cheeks, I pulled her to me, pressing my nose and mouth into her. Shannin groaned as my nose made contact with her mound. I tilted my head back slightly so that my mouth was pressing against her pussy. I closed my eyes and reveled in the moment. My nostrils were full of the musky smell of pure lust. Shannin was my drug of choice and I couldn’t get enough of her.

With both hands, I squeezed and pulled at her ass cheeks. I pressed my fingertips into her soft skin and slipped them under the elastic legs of her teddy. Her bare skin felt wonderful beneath my hot palms. I pushed my lips against her satin covered crotch. I felt Shannin’s hands on the back of my head as I opened my mouth and pressed my tongue against the teddy wedging the wet black material in between her puffy lips. Shannin shifted her weight and moved her feet, widening her stance. While she was doing this I placed my mouth over her pussy and exhaled my hot breath onto her sex. I pushed my tongue further into her as I felt her hands pull harder against the back of my head. I pressed my nose against her clit and slowly turned my head left then right. I heard Shannin whimper then I felt her grip on the back of my head relax the same moment her legs started to give way.

I quickly pulled my hands from the back of her teddy and slid them up her back and held her against me to keep her from falling. With my help she slowly lowered herself, sliding her body against mine, coming to rest sitting in my lap facing me. Shannin wrapped her arms, tightly around my neck and locked her lips onto mine. Her kiss was demanding and hungry. Her breasts were pressed hard against my chest. I nearly lost my balance and leaned back against the bed. I moved my legs and feet so that I was sitting squarely on the floor. Shannin continued to assault my mouth with hers as I settled into a more stable position.

My arms were still wrapped around her so I relaxed my hold and let my hands slip down her back and settle on her soft round ass cheeks. I gripped her hips and pulled her tight against me so that my hard cock was rubbing against her pussy. Shannin realized what I was doing and started to move her hips, grinding herself against my stiff pole. I closed my eyes to concentrate, hoping to make this last as long as possible. The feel of her wet pussy and the wet satin from her sexy black teddy rubbing against my hard shaft was driving me insane. I was hoping that Shannin was getting just as excited as me. I began to feel the familiar burning deep in my balls and was getting ready to make her stop when I heard her breathing hitch a little bit and then she let out a gasp and her body started to shake. I increased my hold on her ass and pulled her body close to mine as tight as I possibly could. I bit my lower lip to slow down my own impending orgasm as Shannin was pushed over the edge.

She stopped kissing me and arched her back. The candlelight cast a soft golden glow off her chest. Her strawberry blonde hair cascaded behind her, touching the floor. My arms were getting tired as I held onto Shannin to keep her from falling backward as her body shook in orgasmic convulsions. Shannin’s wet pussy was pressed firmly against my throbbing member. She was thrusting her hips up and down, grinding them against me. Seeing her hard nipples, her sexy graceful neck and her wet pouty lips while having my cock massaged by her hot wet satin covered vagina was having quite an effect on me.

I was concentrating so much on not letting her drop backwards that I wasn’t paying attention to what was really happening with me. I suddenly realized my balls were burning and felt very full. My stomach tightened up and I looked down just in time to see and feel my cock jerk and spew hot sticky cum up onto Shannin’s sexy body. The first surge blasted to her neck, chin and face. I groaned loudly as my next shot didn’t go as far but it streaked a bright white line up the front of her satin teddy, directly between her fantastic tits.

With a shocked but happy look on her face, Shannin looked up at me and into my eyes. She leaned forward and sat up as my third and fourth rope of cum landed on her taught stomach. She pulled herself up to me and pressed her body hard against mine. Our lips met in a hungry French kiss. I could taste my cum on her lips as her tongue entered my mouth. My cock was pressed between our bodies and with each waning spasm, continued to spill hot semen against her flat stomach. As Shannin kissed me she ground her hot sticky body against mine.

While we continued to kiss, I felt Shannin snake her hand down between our bodies and then I heard two faint snaps. Apparently the teddy had a snap Escort Bostancı open crotch. Next I felt her warm hand grab my softening cock and she gave it a gentle squeeze. Shannin moved her hips just a little bit and I felt an incredible warm wetness on the tip of my cock as she used it to rub her pussy.

Her insatiable appetite for kissing increased my excitement. After having an incredible orgasm, I couldn’t believe it when I felt my cock begin to quickly respond to her touch. I got harder and harder as Shannin started to lower herself onto me. My favorite part of sex with Shannin is when my cock first penetrates her body. I’ve been with a few other women and Shannin has the hottest, wettest pussy that I’ve ever felt. It tastes delicious too.

Once Shannin had impaled herself fully on my stiff shaft, she looked down. My cum had soaked into the black satin teddy but her neck and chest were still wet. With both hands, she gracefully rubbed the wet slippery seed into her soft skin. She looked into my eyes, moaning loudly when she licked her fingers clean. Shannin then leaned forward and wrapped her arms around my head, pulling my face into her bosom. She continued to sit in my lap for a moment. While sitting on the floor, I leaned back against the edge of the bed. Shannin appeared completely relaxed, enjoying the feel of my cock buried deep inside of her body. She slowly started to move her hips back and forth, grinding her clit against the base of my cock. I bent my head forward slightly and put my face up to her breast.

I reached up and gently pulled the top of her teddy open, exposing a nipple. I put my lips to the sensitive bud and tasted my own cum on her warm soft skin. Shannin ground harder against me as I started to suck in earnest. Her pace began to pick up as she started to groan and moan with every thrust forward. She was pushing against me so hard that we were moving the bed a fraction of an inch with each thrust, causing the bed to squeak. For a moment, my thoughts went to Stacy in the next room. I was wondering if she was hearing us or if she had fallen asleep.

I pulled her teddy open a little more to expose the other breast. The thin black spaghetti straps had now fallen about half way down her sexy slender arms. She is an amazing woman and this was an amazing sight.

Spurned on by her enthusiasm, I devoured the other nipple, my mouth engulfing the large sensitive areola and my tongue circling the protruding nipple. Shannin’s moans were getting louder and louder the closer she got to climaxing. Apparently tonight, she wasn’t afraid to have Stacy hear our love making.

I continued to suck her tits for a little while longer as Shannin’s actions became more urgent. It was evident she was on the verge of a major orgasm. I couldn’t believe my cock was so hard after having an orgasm just a few minutes prior but this amazing woman could make me do things that I thought were not possible. My nose was filled with the scent of her hot juicy pussy and my cum which I had plastered all over the front of her teddy. The room was hot and we were sweating.

Shannin was breathing a lot harder than me. She was doing nearly all of the work while I held our bodies upright against the bed. She quickly increased the pace and I knew she was going to cum. I wrapped my arms around her and looked up into her beautiful face. Her blond hair in the candlelight provided an amazing aura-like appearance. If this is what heaven’s like, send me now. As soon as our eyes met, I felt her body tense up and she let out a loud, primal scream-like groan. I felt her pussy pull at my cock as her stomach constricted and contracted from deep inside her body. A warm wet feeling flooded my groin as her pussy juice flowed freely from her body.

I couldn’t take it any more and gripped her ass cheeks, thrusting my cock forward. I arched my back and with my own loud groan, felt my cum rush through my hard shaft and up into this amazing woman’s beautiful body. I held her tight as we both enjoyed the completeness of our love making. It took a few minutes for us to come down from our orgasmic high. Shannin’s body went limp and I had very little strength left. We just sat there for a few minutes as my softening cock slowly slipped from her dripping pussy.

Once our breathing had returned to normal I was able to help push her to her feet. Once Shannin was standing, I managed to stretch my own legs and stood up. I took her by the hand and led her into the bathroom. It was late and I would have loved to have crawled into a hot bubble bath with her, instead I grabbed a wash cloth and ran some warm water in the sink. Gently, I pulled the teddy’s shoulder straps down her arms and pulled the teddy over her hips, letting it fall to the floor. As I started to carefully wash her sexy body with the warm cloth, she stepped out of the teddy. Shannin stood there as I washed her from head to toe.

When she was finished, Shannin tried to grab the wash cloth from me and I lovingly swatted at her hand. She looked confused. I looked into her face and said, “You’re not finished yet.” As I said this, I grabbed her bottle of body lotion from the counter and opened it up. I spent the next several minutes rubbing the vanilla scented lotion onto her golden, warm body.

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