Unbridled Lust Ch. 01


NOTE: This being the first story I’ve written, I sought the assistance of a volunteer Lit Editor and found one among the list of many. I would like to take this time to express my deepest appreciation to “Fyrstar”; without his time, expertise, guidance and words of encouragement my story would have been strewn with errors and, at times, confusing. Thank you Fyrstar!

Chapter One: A Day at the Beach

Cassandra laid her large beach mat upon the sand, placed her bottle of suntan oil on the side, and folded her beach towel into a pillow. Before sitting down, she scanned the lengthy beach. Fortunately she was alone today, and there was no one around; not even a fisherman. She sat down and gazed at the beautiful Pacific Ocean. It was a perfect day to relax and get a tan; the sun shined brightly and the sky was partly cloudy, a typical day in Hawaii.

Without hesitation, Cassandra reached behind her back and untied the strings of her skimpy bikini top. Her firm, 38D breasts jiggled free from its tiny restraints. She then raised the tiny garment above her head and placed it beside the bottle of tanning oil. The sun felt good, but she had to put some protection upon her asian skin. She grabbed the bottle and began spraying her arms, legs, stomach, and breasts. Feeling satisfied the young woman lay back, resting her head upon the soft towel. She rubbed her hands on her face and neck then closed her eyes. She listened to the soothing waves of the ocean and basked in the sun.

After awhile, she decided it was time to turn over. She sat up, took hold of the suntan oil, and began to spray the back side and inner sections of her legs. Before spraying her arms again, she sprayed her back to ensure no spots were missed. Easily, she applied the oil to her shoulders and part of her shoulder blades. With frustration, she couldn’t get the spray to work properly when she tried to apply it to her mid and lower back. Suddenly a male spoke out.

“Need some help?” the male voice asked.

Startled, Cassandra looked around and discovered where the voice was coming from. There he was; a surfer sitting to her right about five feet away. His hair was wet, and hung down below his shoulder blades, his skin tanned from the sun.

He asked again, “Need some help?”

“Uh, sure! If you don’t mind,” she replied.

Her eyes watched as the surfer stood up. He appeared to be nearly six feet tall. His shoulders, arms, abs, and legs were muscular but not overbearing, unlike those muscle bound weight lifters that are going for a title of some sort. His deep brown eyes did something to her; she felt a warm feeling of desire stirring.

He introduced himself to her. “Hi, my name’s Jimmy. I’m house-sitting for a friend.” He pointed to the house next to hers.

She smiled. “I’m Cassandra and I guess we’re neighbors. I live right next door.” She pointed to her house directly behind her.

Jimmy reached for the tanning oil bottle she was holding up near her left breast. She felt his hand brush against her naked tit as he took the bottle from her. Immediately, she felt her nipples harden. His eyes saw the pinkish brown nubs poking out and his cock hardened in his board shorts. He knew he had to do something, so he told her to lie on her stomach. She turned and lay down, placing her face upon her folded arms on the towel. His eyes scanned the Asian woman’s body and couldn’t believe this was happening. He thought he was dreaming!

Jimmy sprayed the oily substance on her legs, the exposed areas of her ass, her arms, then her back and shoulders. Once he thought he had sprayed enough, he began to rub the solution into her skin. He started down at her ankles and worked his way up on both sides of her legs; outside and inside. When he reached halfway up her thighs, the young woman spread her legs farther apart, trying not to be so conspicuous. Jimmy smiled, proceeded to rub the oil on the backside of her thigh, worked to the outer area, then back in between her legs. His fingers brushed against the tiny material that barely covered her pussy as he slowly rubbed the oils in. Cassandra’s pussy became damp, and she wondered if he noticed her obvious arousal.”

He continued rubbing the oils onto the rest of her body and discovered how tense her shoulder muscles were. Jimmy began Anadolu Yakası Escort to massage her, trying to relax them.

“Your shoulders are so tightly wound,” he commented as he continued working his strong fingers on her muscles. He thought he heard her sigh and moan.

Cassandra closed her eyes and let his fingers work their magic. After a few minutes, he decided to work on other areas of her body. He slid his hand down below her shoulder blades, then moved towards her tits. Her weight smashed her tits, pushing some of the excess bulged out to the sides. He worked his fingers on them, causing goose bumps to appear all over her body. He tried to reach under for her nipples, but could not. She sensed what he wanted to do and propped herself up higher; resting on her elbow and forearms gave her surfer masseuse access to her dangling tits. He took the opportunity, leaned into and over her, and cupped her tits. Her nipples were hard as he squeezed and rolled and pinched them with his fingers. Cassandra’s pussy dampened even more.

She turned over, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, pulling him down with her as she laid her head upon the towel. His tongue probed and explored her mouth, dancing with hers. They kissed passionately and long. Jimmy moved his right arm down her flat stomach to the tiny triangular material that made up her bikini bottom. He rubbed the triangular area, then moved down between her legs and discovered how wet she was.

He broke off the kiss and looked into her eyes. “You’re wet!”

“Mmm, touch me,” she softly said.

Jimmy rubbed his fingers against her pussy, but couldn’t enter her because of the thong. He moved his hand to the string tied low at her hips, pulled it, then moved to the other side and untied it. Cassandra lifted her ass up slightly to help him remove the tiny garment. Once he got it free, he tossed it casually to the side, as if he didn’t care where it landed. All he wanted was to touch her, to feel her wet pussy with his fingers, his tongue, and his hard cock.

His fingers began exploring the outer area of her pussy, and she responded with a moan as he inserted a finger into her hole. Her hips moved up and down, round and round, as he moved his middle finger in and out.

Cassandra turned over and Jimmy brought his hand up to his mouth to taste her sweetness. She sat up, wrapping her arms around the surfer’s neck and pulled him down with her to the mat. She longed to have the surfer inside of her; her pussy ached to be taken. Jimmy’s tongued probed her mouth hungrily as he freed his right arm from under her, and immediately his fingers went to work between her legs. He spread her pussy open with his index and ring finger and held it open so his middle finger could rub her clit. Shivers ran through her body; her nipples peered out hard. Jimmy stopped kissing her and went straight to her luscious tits. His mouth found her right nipple and his tongue flicked at the pinkish brown nub.

“Mmm,” the buxom woman moaned. She reached up with her left arm and held onto the top of his head, her fingers entwined in his hair, pulling him closer to her tits. Her body twitched the moment he inserted a finger into her wet pussy. He pumped his finger in and out of her hole while his mouth and tongue worked on her tits, nipples, and the valley between them.

“Oh, mmm, yes,” she gasped. “Uh huh, ooh, I like that!!!!

The surfer added another finger, filling her tight wet pussy. He pumped easily and as deeply as he could. The buxom woman began to move her hips to match the rhythm of his fingers penetrating her tight hole.

“Yes, OMG, yes, finger my pussy, finger fuck me,” she gasped!

He slowed down and maneuvered between her legs, releasing his fingers from her hot hole and laid down, his face inches away from his goal. His warm breath on her bare pussy setting her on fire, she bent her legs at the knees and Jimmy moved in. He scooped her ass up off of the mat, resting her legs upon his broad shoulders. His tongue extended and touched her clit. She gasped! The sweet musky scent wafted up his nostrils, and his cock twitched in his board shorts.

Her pussy was dripping wet with anticipation. He made his move. His tongue curled at the sides Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan and entered her. He wasted no time and began to tongue fuck the young asian woman’s pussy.

“YES, oh yes,” she exclaimed, “That feels so good, so fucking good!

She reached between her legs and pushed his head into her crotch, grinding passionately. Jimmy loved eating pussy, and he found Cassandra’s the sweetest he’s ever had.

He continued tongue fucking her hole until he knew she was reaching climax. He wanted to savor the first orgasm for his cock, so he slowed his pace, retreating from her fiery hole. He got up onto his feet and fished out the drawstring of his shorts.

Cassandra quickly moved in and took over, untying the bow as her forearms rubbed against the bulge in his shorts. She bent forward and placed her lips onto the material covering his cock and kissed it. Slowly, she planted a trail of kisses down to his balls, then up again, while her right hand grabbed and squeezed his cloth covered balls and cock. Meanwhile, her left hand toyed at the waistband.

She had teased him long enough, so she dug her fingers under the waistband pulling it out and down. Jimmy scanned the beach to see if anyone was coming or nearby; there wasn’t. Cassandra’s eyes lit up, her mouth watering the second Jimmy’s cock sprang free. It pierced out like a monstrous banana at a slight angle and was quite lengthy! Her fingers barely met as she wrapped her hand around the shaft. The shorts fell, bundling at his feet, and he stepped out of them and shoved them aside with his foot. Jimmy watched as the sexy brunette licked the drop of pre-cum from the tip of his cock. Cassandra looked up at him and smiled. She looked back at his cock and took the tip between her parted lips. Jimmy moaned as her tongue playfully circled the tip and the rim.

Slowly, he put his cock into her mouth until he pressed against the back of her throat. Jimmy thought she would surely gag, and not put any more in. He was wrong! He didn’t know how skillful the petite woman was! She relaxed her throat muscles, then took the last inch of his cock down her throat.

“Fuck yeah,” Jimmy growled. He grabbed onto her hair and repeatedly said, “Suck it. Suck my dick!”

He managed to remove the scrungi that held her long hair bundled and tossed the clothed material aside. Her brownish hair, kissed by the sun, cascaded down her back to her waist. Jimmy liked women with long hair,) and she had long wavy hair. She continued to deep throat him in a way he had never experienced before. He knew if he allowed her to continue, he would surely shoot his load down her throat! That was not what he wanted to do. Not yet anyway…

He gently pushed her head back and withdrew his cock from the tight sealed lips. A popping sound could be heard as he did so. She had really sucked on his cock hard. She looked up at him and knew what he wanted.

“Fuck me,” she told the tanned surfer. “I want your cock inside of me, inside of my pussy. Fuck me. Now, right here, Please,” she pretended to beg as she laid back onto the mat fingering her clit, “Fuck me.”

He knelt between her legs, lined his cock up with her pussy then plunged fast and hard. The asian gasped at his suddenness. He started fucking her under the bright Hawaiian sunlight on the beach fronting her beach house. He pushed as hard as he could, penetrating deeper and deeper, until he could offer no more. Her pussy was filled and well lubricated from her own juices.

“Oh yes, uh huh, fuck me,” she chanted, “fuck my pussy, fuck it harder, harder!”

He adjusted himself, pulled her legs up, rested them onto his chest, and gave his all. Balancing on the ball and toes of his feet put him at an angle that worked well for both of them. Her hips moved up and down meeting his thrusts; she was in synch with his rhythm.

Jimmy relaxed and continued fucking her as he knelt between her legs. She lowered her legs and nudged her body forward. Jimmy slowly laid back and his cock remained inside of her. Now, she was in control.

She straddled his hips, sat down on his cock and rocked her hips back and forth. It was only the beginning! She rotated her hips in a circular motion. Jimmy moaned as he felt the walls of Escort Anadolu Yakası her pussy tighten on his cock.

“That’s it, ride it,” he softly told her, “Ride my dick.”

Cassandra lifted her body from her knees high enough to keep the head of his cock inside of her entrance. She then came down at a slow pace. The young woman continued the slow routine, her natural 38D tits bounced as she moved. Soon, she picked up the pace and began to ride his cock like a bucking bronco. Her long tresses bounced, as well as her large tits. Jimmy marveled at the beautiful asian woman, and how a good fuck she was turning out to be.

She cupped her bouncing tits and held them, squeezed the large tits together, lifted them to her mouth. Her extended her tongue and licked her own nipples, making them wet, then she sucked on her own tits. Jimmy took hold of her hips as she continued bouncing on his hard cock. By the look of her face, he knew she was ready to cum for a second time.

Loudly, Cassandra remarked, “Fuck, your cock feels so good, so deep, I’m,” she paused to take a deep breath, “I’m going to…I’m Cumming!”

She tossed her head back and ground her pussy onto his crotch as her juices flowed and flowed. Her orgasm came hard and seemed as if it would never end, holding her position tightly until she calmed. Now it was Jimmy’s turn.

He turned her onto all four(s) and pounded her pussy, holding onto a handful of her long sun kissed auburn brown hair. He bucked furiously then slowed, wanting to have more time with the asian beauty. Cassandra began bucking back towards him, taking his cock deeper into her sopping wet pussy. Her dangling tits swayed under her, her nipples brushing against the folded towel beneath her. Jimmy released her hair, withdrew his cock and spread her ass cheeks with his hands and fingers. He rubbed the tip of his cock around her tiny hole, smearing the juices from her pussy at the entrance. This made it easier for him to push his cock slowly into her anus.

Unexpectedly he heard her moaning, “Uh huh, yes, mmm. Fuck my ass.”

Their bodies glistened under the Hawaiian sun from the perspiration as he worked his cock deeper into her asshole. Jimmy continued pumping his cock while Cassandra pushed back meeting his thrusts. She was moaning and in heaven. Then he pulled out.

“Turn around baby,” Jimmy told her panting heavily.

She turned around, laid back and spread her legs wide open, toying with her clit. Jimmy brushed her hand away, holding his slippery cock in his hand he guided it to her entrance. With one swift move he plunged hard and deep sending his entire cock into her. Cassandra gasped, and her left hand immediately went down between her legs. She tried toying with her clit but he stopped her, pushing her hand away. He placed his left hand on the front of her crotch, reached for her clit with his thumb, and began rubbing it. A jolt rushed through the buxom woman’s body.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out loud. “Yes, oh fuck, yes!”

Jimmy couldn’t believe how aroused this woman was and the way she responded to him.

Out of the blue she exclaimed, “Oh my God, I’m…you’re gonna…ugh…I’m. Cumming! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Her body tensed, and her juices flooded out once again.

“Cum baby, cum hard,” Jimmy urged.

The busty woman grabbed onto his arms and pulled him down to her. She raked her fingers down his back as her orgasm raged on. Jimmy looked at the petite woman under him and kissed her. Within seconds, his body tightened up. His eyes told Cassandra he was about to cum.

“Cum inside of me. Give it to me,” Cassandra told the tanned surfer, “Fill my cunt with your cum.”

That brought Jimmy over the edge, hearing her talk so dirty. He shot streams of cum into her pussy, mixing it with hers. She, too, came once again, both groaning and moaning as their bodies writhed on the mat under the hot Hawaiian sun.

They were left exhausted, trying to catch their breaths once their orgasms subsided, laying beside one another. Eventually, they found the strength to go for a dip in the blue Pacific Ocean to clean up. They did not bother to put on their swimsuits or cover themselves, even after they returned to the mat to rest and regain their strength.

The sun was setting in the horizon making the sky appear as if it were a painting with its gold, orange and dark brown tones. It was a beautiful sight to see, a perfect setting to end the day, and for Jimmy to fuck the beautiful Asian woman once again. Their love making did not end until the moon began to rise. It was a VERY relaxing and orgasmic day on a Hawaiian beach.

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