Transforming Genevieve Ch. 14


He turned toward me and his eyes captured the first image of his blushing bridal lover. Bill froze, only his eyes able to move over the length of my gown. I began a slow deliberate sensuous walk toward him.

“OH MY GOD!” He whispered.

As I sashayed toward him, he removed his jacket and tossed it aside. The brown paper bag he was holding containing our champagne almost fell off the edge of the small table as he tried to place it there without looking. My lovers eyes grew bigger and bigger as I approached him.

At about the mid point of my seductive walk to him I paused and pirouetted on the balls of my feet giving him a first glimpse of my naked back, through ringlets of jet black hair, and the three tiered lace train that gives the gown that bridal appearance I wanted to portray. I took a step or two away from him allowing the train to drag behind my heels.

Turning once again to face him I let my hair slide over my satin covered breasts as I took the final few steps that brought us with inches of each other.

Our eyes were fixed on each another’s. Bill finally spoke again. “Gen you look so beautiful. Thank you baby for this incredible vision.”

I took his soft hand in mine; running my fingers first over the back of his hand, and then turning it over to softly caress the palm and fingers.

“Tonight my love, we consummate our union. Tonight Bill I pledge myself to you forever.” I whispered.

Bill slowly slid his free hand up along my side, absorbing the luxurious sensation of satin under his soft fingers. His hand slid up along the side of my breast and onto the naked skin above my gown and followed the tiny strap to my shoulder. He slid his fingers through the curly ringlets of hair and moved them behind me. Bill’s fingertips slid up my neck, barely making contact with my quavering flesh, finally reaching my jaw and cheek. His eyes never left mine; I stared into the dark passionate depths of his lustful eyes.

“Tonight my beautiful Genevieve we shall toast our union, we will revel in the brilliant light of passion. Tonight my love I will give my self to you as your soul mate. Yours and yours alone until I take my last breath on earth.” Bill whispered.

His lips move to mine, a soft gently kiss between two incredible lovers. Bill broke our kiss, and looked deeply into my emerald eyes, deeper then he had ever stared before, his eyes pierced to the depth of my soul where I gladly accepted his love.

My incredible lover reached down and lifted me into his arms. I slid my hands to his neck, and smiled tenderly at him.

Tonight my love, I carry you across the threshold of desire to take you as my bride of passion.” Bill whispered.

As he carried me to our bedroom I whispered, “Be gently with my virgin heart love, my body and soul are yours baby to do with as you please, but I beg you love, be gentle with my heart.”

We entered our bedroom locked in a passionate kiss, his tongue lightly probing my parted lips. The final few glimmers of daylight did little to light the room, soon to be replaced by the flickering orange flame of candlelight and the glowing embers of our all-consuming lust for one another.

Bill carried me to our bed. He lowered my feet to the floor, and embraced me pulling my body tightly against his. His erection pressed against my satin covered thigh as our mouths met again in a deep probing lustful kiss.

I moaned into his mouth as he used his gentle hands grasping my ass and pulled my hips even tighter against his hardness. As he slid his hands up my back, a tingle of pleasure surged along my spine just ahead of his slowly moving hands. Once his soft palms slid onto the naked flesh above my gown, he lifted his palms and used only his fingertips to lightly trace along either side of my spine. The surge of pleasure became a spear of ecstasy as his delicate fingertips caused every nerve ending along my spine to come alive.

Our soft lips and probing tongues continued a most passionate of kisses as he gathered twin handfuls of curly jet-black hair just above my neck. Using my hair, my incredible lover tilted my head back and increased the pressure of his mouth on mine. His tongue darted between my lips enticing my tongue to match his ever-growing passionate kiss. I lifted one foot from the floor and slid my knee along the outside of his leg. His pelvis twitched as I brought that knee inward to press it harder against his rock solid cock.

With my head still firmly in his grasp, his kiss began to explore other parts of my face. His tender lips sucked at my lower lip, kissed along my jaw line and beyond to my ear.

As he kissed my ear another surge of absolute ecstasy shot along my spine, this time traveling down to my loins, where it spread through the moistening folds of my pussy.

With his lips still exploring my most sensitive ear Bill whispered, “You are so incredibly beautiful Genevieve, so sensual, so passionate, and so absolutely sexy.”

His words warmed Ümraniye Escort me to the depth of my soul, my heart pounding inside my chest. My incredible discreet lover, the man that fulfilled my every sexual fantasy couldn’t have made me happier. His poetic words forever etched into my brain, more permanently than if he had written them in stone. I melted into his arms pressing every inch of my body against his.

Bill pulled my head back even further exposing my neck to his lips. He inhaled deeply filling his lungs with the sexy aroma of my perfume. I moaned deeply as his lips began a slow sensuous descent along the sensitive flesh. His soft delicate kisses caused me to quiver in his arms. As his lips moved further down, he released my hair and slid his hands down my back pulling my shoulders and upper chest toward his advancing lips.

“Oh god Bill YES!” I exclaimed.

With my head still tilted back, the ringlets of hair cascaded behind my shoulders completely exposing my neck, shoulders and upper chest to Bill’s wondrous oral foreplay. My breasts heaved as his lips first touched the warm sensual flesh of my tits above the plunging neckline of my gown. His tongue lightly tracing moist lines toward the deepest part of that vee of exposed flesh.

Bill’s slow sensual descent caused him to bend slightly at the waist, giving me access to slide one hand between our loins and onto his completely erect cock, my other hand slide into his hair to encourage him to continue his incredible oral pleasuring of my flesh.

Once he’d covered my exposed skin with countless kisses, he straightened and stood back slightly. His eyes fixed on my emerald pools of lust. With our eyes glued together he gathered one delicate hand in his and began kissing each trembling digit, from the beautiful manicured fingertip to the confluence with my palm, his lips and tongue worked their magic on my hand.

I cooed softly as his lips slowly reached my wrist, and then ascended my forearm. His incredible kisses were having the desired effect on me as the tiny hairs on my arm stood nearly as erect as his beautiful cock. Bill had never kissed me like this before, paying this much attention to my quivering flesh with his lips and tongue. As his lips parted and he licked lightly in the bend of my elbow, my arm exploded with goose bumps, tingling at every pore completely alive with the incredible sensation of his beautiful kisses.

“My god baby, you’re driving me absolutely insane!” I squealed.

His lips formed a smile but never left my flesh, as his mouth moved closer and closer to the end of its journey up my arm. I knew my insanity would continue while he took the time to awaken every nerve ending in my other arm. And true enough my incredible discreet lover repeated the entire process on my other arm.

I could do little more than enjoy his teasing of my skin, nor did I want to. I reveled in the pleasure he was giving me and couldn’t wait for my opportunity to give him the same kind of pleasure.

As Bill reached the tip of my second shoulder I asked, “Bill when do I get to…” His response cutting me off in mid-sentence.

“All in good time my love, you will get your chance.” He whispered.

Instead of turning me around, Bill just kissed his way around to the back of my shoulder. Now standing behind me I pressed my satin covered ass against his throbbing cock, still covered by far too much fabric.

His hands grasped my wrists and raised my arms above my head. Holding them there for a moment while he dipped his nose into my hair inhaling the lovely fragrance of my strawberry shampoo and then Bill slowly moved his fingertips down along the length of my arms. My entire body quivered uncontrollably as his fingers traced along my flesh barely making contact. Mercifully his fingers finally reached my shoulders where he moved them to the center of my back just below my hairline. His fingers again began to move, sliding slowly down on either side of my spine. His sensual touches, those incredibly light caresses had transformed me into a quivering, goose bump covered mass of sensuality. My entire body tingled from the tip of my head to the soles of my feet. I was totally aroused, I couldn’t believe I could be more aroused by my incredibly gentle discreet lover. But Bill wasn’t finished. He still had one line to follow, one area left unexplored by his soft gentle fingers and lips.

As his fingers reached to the bottom of my naked back and touched the very top of the tiered train of lace extending down to the floor he began moving his fingers along the fabric of my gown. Outlining the top of the gown from its lowest point deep near the bottom of my spine, up and around to where the satin fabric covered my breasts. His delicate touch reached the point where the thin shoulder straps connected to the highest point above my breasts, then slowly followed the plunging vee of the gown into my cleavage. Bill’s fingers touched one another at Ümraniye Escort Bayan the very deepest spot exposed by my gown. He had traced his way around the top of my gown and set my flesh on fire with the incredible sensation.

I moaned deeply and pressed my ass tightly back against his loins feeling his complete erection through the fabric of his slacks and the satin material that covered my ass. My lover’s fingertips had completed their exploration of the exposed quivering flesh. I wondered how long he would continue before he slid the tiny straps holding my gown over my shoulders and let the satin flow from my tingling body.

“I’m going to take my clothes off Genevieve.” Bill whispered in my ear.

“Oh god Bill, YES, please I want your naked body against me.” I said.

“Don’t move a muscle love, don’t turn around, or touch me until I tell you its okay.” He added.

I could feel him moving behind me but resisted the urge to turn wanting him to decide when I’d feel his sexy naked body against me.

My wait was only a few moments as Bill stripped completely naked in record time. His hands came to rest on my satin covered hips just before I felt his beautiful erect cock press into the satin fabric covering my ass. I wiggled my ass until his throbbing cock slid between my cheeks, and then I pressed back even harder as he dry humped my satin covered behind a few times.

“Oh yeah baby, I can’t wait to feel that fucking cock pressed between my naked ass cheeks.” I squealed.

With our hips joined separated only by the miniscule thickness of satin, Bills hands slowly circled my body and slid up to cup my tits. My nipples, erect and taut pressed into the satin wanting to cut through to be naked in his palms. He pulled me back toward him tighter. My head leaning back beside his, Bill was able to kiss my neck and grind his hair chest against my naked back.

I was completely aroused, ready for him to take me, ready for him to impale me in any way he desired with his gorgeous erection. My tits tingled intensely, my pussy had long since become totally wet, dripping with desire for his throbbing cock. My mouth watered knowing sooner or later his beautiful cock would come to rest between my wanton lips. His tender caresses on my tits caused the tingling there to spread through out my entire body.

“Oh baby I’m am so totally aroused, please Bill don’t tease me much longer.” I begged.

Bill’s cock moved away from my ass, and his whisper asked, “Turn to face me baby.”

As I turned to face my incredible lover his eyes instantly became fixed to mine. He smiled at me as his own passionate eyes searched my emerald pools of desire.

I had to speak, “You’re incredible Bill. How can you be so gentle?” I asked

My lover didn’t reply, his fingers moved to the thin straps holding my gown on my body. Lifting the straps he slowly moved them outward to my arms and then let them fall along my arms. My gown held in place only by the shear pressure of my heaving tits against the fabric.

Bill smiled again as his fingers followed the falling straps and pulled ever so gently down on them both. I felt the satin loose its grasp of my flesh, and in one incredibly sexy whoosh of white satin it slid off my body to puddle around my sexy white heels.

I watched my lover’s eyes travel down over my nakedness, his lustful gaze taking in every square inch of quivering naked flesh. His fingertips moved to slide the few remaining ringlets of black behind my shoulders exposing my naked heaving tits and rock hard nipples to his intense stare.

A shiver of pure ecstasy spread from my breasts when Bill leaned down to capture one erect nipple between his lips and suckle it gently. His hands caressed the other heaving tit softly, finally mercifully allowing that erect nipple to press into his palm.

“Ooooooooohhhh, baby that’s what I’ve wanted since you walked through the door.” I exclaimed.

His tongue and lips pleasured one taut nipple while his fingers and palm did the other.

I slid my hands to his scalp leaning back and guided his mouth from one erect nub to the other. Bill slid his hands to my ass and pulled my pelvic mound tightly against his pulsing cock, grinding it against the tri-angle of satin fabric protecting my dripping wet slit from his rock like manhood.

His hands grasped the thin straps of my thong and pulled them high on my hips giving me an incredibly pleasurable camels toe as the crotch strap slid between my swollen slit’s lips.

My veins pulsed with a lava flow of arousal, searing every fiber of my body.

“God Bill PLEASE FUCK ME!” I pleaded.

My incredible discreet lover ignored my pleading, instead he pressed his cock harder against my abdomen branding my flesh with the outline of his searing hot cock.

I grasped his hair and lifted his lips from my salvia-coated tits, looking deeply into his eyes I begged him, “Baby please fuck me, I need you inside Escort Ümraniye me now baby.”

Bill sensed my urgency, he knew that his gentle tender foreplay had aroused me completely. He had to know that I had been fantasizing about this moment since I bought my surprise bridal gown. Besides his raging erection had to have started being painful, after all he’d been completely erect since the moment he carried me into our bedroom a full forty five minutes before.

Bill slowly crouched before me. His gentle hands slid to the heels of my satin shoes, he lifted his face to stare up into my emerald pools of lust as his hands made the sensual climb along the back of my legs. His fingertips touched the naked flesh above my white stockings causing me to moan lustfully. As his soft gentle hands contacted the bottom of my ass cheeks he flattened them against the quivering skin. They slid around and continued up to my hips finally reaching their goal, the tiny straps of my thong.

“Oh god Bill, please!” I pleaded again, wanting him to rip the satin away. But my lover continued with his gentle seduction, as he’d promised earlier he would be gentle with me, gentle with my sexy body and loving heart. His eyes lowered to stare at the tri-angle of satin covering my pussy. His index fingers hooked the thin strips of fabric and began an even slower descent along my shapely legs peeling away the final bit of fabric that kept him from entering his mistress with what she craved most.

Mercifully his hands and my thong reached the soft carpet of our bedroom, and I didn’t wait for him to tell me to step out of the thong. His eyes remained fixed on his ultimate target, my dripping wet, searing hot, pussy. Bill’s hands came to rest on his knees and he watched intently as I sat on the edge of our bed. I was through pleading, I’d begged him for the last time. As I lay back on the bed and lifted my heels to hook them on the edge he smiled knowing I was preparing to meet his invasion, readying myself for his rock hard assault, positioning myself to be impaled by his raging manhood, his throbbing fuck tool, his beautiful erect pulsing cock.

My man, this incredible lover I’d pledged my body and soul to, stood before me his throbbing hard-on pointed directly at my pussy held in check by one hand. His lustful gaze penetrated my emerald eyes as deeply as his cock would in a moment.

I spread my knees wide apart and with a rather demanding tone said, “FUCK ME BILL, FUCK ME NOW!”

He inched forward, the tip of his cock head finally touching the swollen lips of my aching pussy. His hand slid the tip up and down along the moist length of my slit, then pressed forward another miniscule amount spreading the swollen lips further apart. His free hand slid to the top of my pussy and pressed inward exposing my pulsing hard clit from its fleshy sheath.

I moaned sensually as he moved the tiny slit at the tip of his cock to my clit and pressed it inside. I could feel his heat surrounding my clit as if he’d reversed the role of two lovers, fucking his cock head with my hard throbbing clit.

“Oh god baby, that feels fucking incredible!” I squealed as Bill massaged my clit with his cock head.

Bill released his cock and slid his hands to my knees, pressing them down and spreading me open even further. His cock, that beautiful hard cock was poised at the entrance to my steamy pussy.

“I’ll be gentle Genevieve.” He whispered.

He moved slowly forward, first inserting just the tip of his cock head between my throbbing pussy lips.

“Tell me Genevieve if I’m hurting you.” He said.

“Oh god baby, you’re not it feels so wonderful.” I replied.

Bill let the corona spread my lips wider as he entered my wet pussy. His pulsing cock twitched as he let the head soak for a moment in the wet entrance of my swollen pussy.

“Oh god Bill, give me more I want to feel you stretch my hot little cunt.” I exclaimed.

He pressed forward ever so slowly inching his cock deeper inside me. I watched his expression expecting him to lose control and impale me with his beautiful cock. But my wonderful lover has the most incredible self-control. His glorious cock moved deeper and deeper almost imperceptibly. I could feel his cock head spreading my pussy wider parting the hot flesh inside me.

“It’s so tight Genevieve, if it hurts too much I can pull out.” He said keeping his role-play active even while stuffing his cock into me.

“Baby, you’re being so gentle, it hasn’t hurt at all. I can feel my pussy molding to the shape of your cock Bill.” I said.

“Give me more of that beautiful cock baby.” I pleaded.

My beautiful lover gave me what I pleaded for. Inch by throbbing inch he sank deeper into the depths of my pussy. I felt his head slid over my g-spot, and waited to experience the wondrous sensation of his corona massaging my most sensitive spot.

“I’m almost completely inside you Genevieve. I hope it doesn’t hurt you baby.” Bill said.

I clenched my muscles tightly around his cock shaft. At the same time I moved my heels behind his hips and pulled him forward. His cock head touched my cervix.

“Oh god yes baby, you’ve filled me totally. Your beautiful cock feels so fucking wonderful deep inside me like that.” I squealed.

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