I reach out and touch you; stroking my fingers along your face, caressing your cheek. You lean into the touch, and my hand strokes your face, brushing the fingertips along your jawline. My lips lightly kiss yours, feather-light, a hint of what I feel and an infinitesimal fragment of the desire I feel for you. My other hand comes up to the back of your head and gently wraps around the back of your head. I use it to pull you into a deeper kiss, this time sliding my tongue in and out, gently teasing your mouth, swirling my tongue around yours, My hand begins to stroke your hair, running my fingers through it, combing it down to your shoulders, withdrawing, and repeating the process.

My other hand slips down your back, lightly pressing through the fabric of your shirt, until it comes to rest in the small of your back. It slides under your shirt, brushing your bare skin, all the while our tongues continue their duel and I stroke your hair. The hand on your back begins to trace patterns on your skin, slow loops, fingers ghosting across your back, under your shirt, fingers occasionally dipping beneath your jeans and panties. My other hand has cupped your face again, assisting my lips in dominating yours. It then slides down your face, my palm pressed lightly against your skin, down your neck, fingers brushing lightly against your shoulders, then continuing the pressure over your shirt. The hand comes to rest on your breasts, and cups one through your shirt and bra. It gently squeezes and twists through the two layers of fabric, the feeling coming through although muted by the clothes between it and you.

My hand slips up your back, still under your shirt, and comes to your bra clasp. One handed, it unclasps your bra, surprising you briefly as you had been distracted by the hand in the front and my mouth on yours. The hand resumes tracing circles on your back, small at first, but growing slightly larger each loop. The hand on your front shifts until it can grasp the material of your bra through your shirt. It gently Üsküdar Escort tugs it aside, leaving your bra on your body but freeing your breasts inside your shirt. It resumes cupping and caressing your tits, but now adds in some light pinching of your nipples, feeling them grow hard through the fabric of your shirt.

The kisses by now have left your mouth, travelling down your face to your neck, which is exposed as you have drawn your head back enjoying the sensations across your body. My tongue skitters across your neck, leaving a slightly wet trail, caressing lines across your graceful neck. The hand on your back has finally reached your shoulder blades under the shirt, and slowly pushes your bra straps off of your shoulders, leaving it resting on your arms under the shirt. The hand on your back then moves upward, still touching your skin along the center of your back, dragging the shirt with it. My mouth breaks contact with your neck as the fabric of your shirt rises above it, then resumes kissing your lips, keeping your shirt only partially off, covering your eyes but leaving the rest of your top unencumbered except for the bra straps on your arms. I keep the shirt there for a few moments, ghosting the hand on your front around your body, caressing your waist, brushing your shoulders, sliding around to your back, enjoying your surprise at being kissed while unable to anticipate where my hand will touch you next.

I finally pull the shirt all the way over your head and discard it, my mouth never leaving yours, my tongue resuming it’s challenge to yours. As they continue to french, my hands slide your bra straps off of your arms, letting it fall down your body to the couch, ignoring it for now.

One hand goes back to your back, caressing up and down your body, slipping my fingers beneath your pants at the bottom, then caressing and stroking your hair as it travels back up your body. My other hand withdraws from your body, and I draw back from your delightfully ravished lips. You Üsküdar Escort Bayan open your eyes, slightly disappointed by the lack of your lips against mine, and see me gazing at your topless form. You see the desire in my eyes, the knowledge that your body is perfect to me. You blush for a moment under the scrutiny, but are drawn back into the sensations of the moment when I reach forward with my hand, pointer finger outstretched. I touch you in the center of your chest, lightly with the one finger. It then traces a loop around one of your breasts, gently tracing a loop around the outermost parts. It spirals inward, towards your nipple, until it finally reached it. On arrival, it gently ‘flicks’ the nipple back and forth a few times, as I enjoy the pleasurable look on your face while I do.

My middle finger joins the pointer, and both retrace the circles back out from your nipple, looping your whole breast. The fingers then glide across to your other breast, never breaking contact with your skin. They repeat the process with the other breast, teasing you with the gentle touches and fingertip caresses. This time, when my fingers reach your nipples, they gently pinch it between them, and give it a slight twist, relaxing, then tugging on it, not hard enough to cause pain but hard enough to tease you even further. It then continues as before, alternating between your two breasts.

The hand teasing your back slides under your jeans, under your panties, and cups your ass, giving it a gentle squeeze then withdrawing. Both of my hands slip down your body, trailing touches across your skin and reach your pants. They grasp your jeans and panties together. Seeing what I am doing you briefly stand, allowing me to pull them off of you, leaving you completely nude in front of me. My breath catches, and you see how aroused I am, how aroused you make me. You sit back down, conscious of my eyes on your body, my hands beginning to run up and down your legs, caressing your calves, brushing across Escort Üsküdar your knees.

My hands begin to roam at will. Your shoulders, your waist, your back, your tits, your legs, your ass – all are targets of my caressing, touching, gentle pinching. Finally, as if drawn to it and unable to resist it, my fingers trace across your thighs, the inside of your legs, brushing ever so lightly across your pussy, so light a pressure as to almost not be touching at all. One finger probes at your opening; just barely entering you, then pulling out of you. It rubs your wetness against your legs, further showing me how turned on you are. It then goes back to your pussy lips and slides in, up to the first knuckle.

My other hand moves to your breasts, and begins to see to their pleasure, rubbing, caressing, twisting. I bend over and my mouth latches on to one of your breasts. My tongue traces circles around it, my teeth gingerly nibble on your skin, my mouth sucks on it.

The finger in your pussy has begun to move – in and out, in another knuckle-length, out almost completely, but the movement is agonizingly slow, teasing your already aroused body even further. Finally, you are unable to bear it any longer and your gaze meets mine, the begging clearly visible in your eyes. With my mouth around your tit, you feel me smile and acquiesce to your desire. My finger picks up the pace in fingering you, in and out, in and out. Abruptly, a second finger joins the first at the same time as I bite a little harder on your nipple. My hands continues to play with your pussy and your breast, while my mouth begins to kiss and lick it’s way up your body, up your neck, and to your lips, where I proceed to kiss you passionately again. By this time, I slide a third finger in, and am pumping in and out, in and out, fairly quickly. With the amount of teasing you have already received, it is not long before you are cumming, your pussy gently squeezing my fingers within you, your mouth panting into mine. I keep pumping my fingers in and out, in and out through your entire orgasm, prolonging it as long as possible, before slowly withdrawing my damp fingers. I give you one final kiss, one conveying satisfaction at having teased you so long, then having allowed you to cum, knowing that it was all my doing that caused your pleasure.

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