Our Friends, The Knights, Part 2


Lyn kissed me gently on the tip of my cock as my butt unclenched from the strain of cumming. My breathing slowed down, but I was strangely still very aroused. It was like I was still edging close to another orgasm.I knew I had shot a tremendous amount of jizz with all the agonizing pleasures and groaning that came with it. Wonderful, but I felt I could go again without even trying.Lyn moved and sat down close beside me. She kissed me and again gripped my dick and slowly squeezed.“Feeling good, Jack?” she asked.“There’s so much more for you and Kay tonight, but for now let’s just relax and watch Leo. He’s getting ready to fuck Kay.”I gazed towards the other sofa and saw Leo was naked now and had at least a nine-inch cock that he had Kay holding in her hands, slowly squeezing it with a rapt look on her face.Leo was talking low to her and she nodded, bringing her feet up close to her ass, giving everyone a great look at her pussy. She delicately raised her hips towards his thick cock anticipating his first penetration.Lyn licked my ear, making me shiver in delight. “Watch as he enters her, Jack. She’ll get a thrill few women have experienced!” Lyn continued massaging my dick, keeping me helpless to move.I was hypnotized now with the ear licking and Leo’s dick hovering over Kay’s pussy. It was extremely erotic to see your lady eagerly awaiting someone else’s cock to invade her pussy. And she wanted it badly.He placed his arms outside Kay’s shoulders and gently lowered his hips towards her treasure.“Here it comes, Kay, honey. Ankara escort We’re going to fuck for hours!” Kay whinnied lustfully in anticipation. She was actually shaking with lust.Leo’s cock’s tip entered her labia. He pushed slightly. I watched the lips of her opening tighten around Leo’s cock head to keep it from leaving. Drops of moisture collected and dribbled down her ass.Kay moaned and thrusting upwards, she took in half of Leo’s cock. She began to sensuously engage in lewd intercourse as Leo denied her his full length for a moment. They both groaned deep in their throats as her pussy and his dick slid in and out. I could see Leo’s cock was coated with Kay’s moisture. It easily slid in and out of my honey’s opening.Leo slowly lowered himself, fully penetrating Kay and moaning out she received his cock. Leo began his fucking of my girlfriend’s pussy. My girlfriend was ecstatically fucking Leo, quickly matching his rhythm, moaning with each full piercing of her entrance.Lyn smiled seductively murmured, “I told you it would be sexy, Jack. Now it’s our turn!”Lyn leaned back on the sofa, slowly spread her lovely legs and presented her very moist and inviting genitalia to me. I quickly crawled in between her knees and she pulled on my cock, guiding it to her offered entrance. I was shivering with the desire to be within her folds.“Come on, honey. Fuck me and I’ll take you to paradise!”I entered her slowly, feeling every millimeter of penetration until I was grinding against her mound. I waited Ankara escort bayan as the little waves of bliss threatened to overwhelm my senses. I couldn’t yet move.Lyn slowly began a sensual undulation of her hips and I closed my eyes at the jubilance of her cunt fucking me. I could smell our juices mixing and I breathed deeply. Pure bliss.Pulling my face to her right breast, she commanded me. “Suck my nipples, both of them!”I sucked her swollen and stiff nipple and was surprised at the taste of milk in my mouth.“Harder, Jack, get it all!” I did. “Suck them both!”I switched to the left and again got a sweet fluid in my mouth that was slightly different. Her breasts shivered slightly at my efforts.“It’s magic, Jack. One gives you energy and the other keeps your prostate full and ready to orgasm. You won’t get tired during this journey! You’ll need that where we’re going,” Lyn murmured nonchalantly. “I prepared three potions last night just for us, they’re working perfectly!”Pulling my mouth up to hers, she softly asked, “Ready, Jack?” She kissed me deeply and I nodded, I closed my eyes and experienced something I never knew existed.My body felt like it was aglow with new energy and I felt my balls pull up tight as a tremendous orgasm began in every cell of my body. I heard and felt Lyn moan into my mouth as she too began to climax. We rose together in indescribable pleasures. I was so sensitive, I felt her every stiff, spongy pubic hair caress my cock as it moved within her.The joy Escort Ankara kept mounting and I came in what felt like buckets. Every time it threatened to slow, a new tide would rise to outdo the previous one. My mind reeled from the intense pulsing in my dick! It started getting dim. I couldn’t take it as I fell into the pleasant darkness, still pumping cum into Lyn’s pussy.”Jack, Jack, baby. Wake up!” I heard musical laughter and Lyn’s soft voice guiding me back to… somewhere!My still hard penis was barely moving as Lynn and I continued our carnal action. My mind in a dreamlike state, I opened my eyes. I saw we were laying in a grassy meadow bordered by bushes, where the voices were still giggling.“Lyn, please tell me we’re not dead!” I whispered.“No, baby. We call it paradise,” Lyn ground her mound against my dick pleasantly. I reciprocated.“It’s a timeless plane of reality a few witches discovered and help to nurture. Time has little meaning here. We can spend hours here and only moments pass where we were.””This plane and its inhabitants exist on sexual energies and lust!”.“We’re going to provide them some while we’re here!”I must have still thought it was a dream as I stupidly asked. “How do we do that?”“Like this, baby.” Lyn kissed me and pulling my ass, grinding my cock in her pussy and brought me to a euphoric orgasm. I thrust deeply into her.“Ah, Lyn! Don’t stop!” I screamed out! Shooting an immense load of cum into Lyn’s cunt that drizzled out between my dick and her pussy.The voices grew silent for a moment, then increased in volume.“Mine!”“No me! I’m first!What the hell was that? I looked at Lyn.“Jack, here we can love and cum repeatedly without stopping to rest, enjoy it as long as we want. We regenerate our sexual desires and wants instantly. Now suck my nipples again to replenish yourself!”

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