A Guy From Work and I Enjoy Greekfest with Kelly


It was the summer of 1996. Tom was a sales guy who had been calling on me for the past few months and our companies were now doing business together. Tom was born to sales. He was genuinely a nice guy who wasn’t pushy, very professional, always came through on promises. We had gone out for beers after work a couple of times and were becoming good friends.When Tom called and invited Kelly and me to join him and his girlfriend for dinner on Friday, it seemed like a natural and logical thing to do. I accepted. Kelly and I drove the hour to his hometown, the nearest large city. We met them at the restaurant.Kelly has dressed appropriately for meeting with a work acquaintance. It was a respectable summer dress. Probably the sexiest thing about it was the fact that Kelly’s boobs are so huge that nearly anything she wears does some straining to contain them, which makes it pretty obvious that she’s built. Kelly is five feet two inches tall, wears a 34F bra, has a bubble butt, a blooming rose tattoo on her pubic mound, and long legs. Her shoulder length hair was back to her natural dishwater blond color after being platinum blond for some time. In those days Kelly only shaved her snatch during the summer, which she had on that day so it was baby-butt smooth.Tom is about five-feet-ten or so. He has almost white-blond hair with a mustache the same color. He clearly works out and has a very broad and muscular chest. Overall, I have to admit that he’s a pretty good-looking guy. I’m six-feet-four inches tall, dark hair and standard white-boy issue equipment in my pants. Kelly and I were thirty-six-years old. Tom was twenty-seven and I’d guess Lisa to be several years younger than Tom.When Kelly and I met them at the restaurant we both nearly gasped. Lisa, his girlfriend, was shockingly beautiful. I mean stunning! Like supermodel beautiful. Lisa was wearing heels and was about the same height as Tom. So maybe a bit too short to get a job as an actual fashion model, but amazingly gorgeous. Kelly was wearing flats and felt like a dwarf in the forest. We found out later that Lisa has some Asian ancestry which helped explain the straight black hair hanging to the middle of her back. She had cheekbones as high as skyscrapers. A shockingly beautiful smile outlined in Ferrari red lipstick completed the look.I’ll do a quick summation of our first dinner of the two couples. It was hard for me to take my eyes off of Lisa for probably the first twenty minutes or so. But I was picking up on the vibes from Kelly and Tom. It was baffling to me? They clearly, clearly were extremely attracted to each other and both trying very hard to be cool about it. The longer the meal went on (we spent nearly two hours at the restaurant yapping away), the more I realized that, yeah, she’s crazy good looking, but Lisa is a puke of a person. She’s clearly half as bright as anyone else at the table yet has a haughtier-than-though attitude.We said our good-byes. I shook Tom’s hand and thanked him for the invitation. We had a great time with him. He and Kelly hugged a bit longer than they probably should have. And I told Lisa that it was nice meeting her (I’m such a liar).As soon as we got in the car Kelly was chattering away a hundred miles an hour. I finally interrupted and laughingly said, “I’m surprised you didn’t fuck him under https://www.kusadasibest.com the table!”Kelly hiked her dress to her waist and said, “Feel my panties. I should have.”“Holy crap! I mean Holy crap!” Kelly’s panties were not damp. They were so fucking soaked I could have wrung them out and doused a campfire.So that leads to a long conversation all the way home about what it was about Tom that had her going. Because here’s the thing: Kelly will tell you the kind of guys she doesn’t like are less-than-very tall, blond, have mustaches, and have lumpy muscles. Whatever was going on it defied logic and explanation. We settled on pheromones. It was the only explanation that made sense.Kelly, the little attention she paid to Lisa, had the same opinion about her as mine. Neither of us cared if we ever saw her again. Tom? Different story. Kelly was upfront that she was going to fuck him. It was just a matter of seeing what worked out.Tom called me on Monday. I could hear the same giddiness in his voice as I had in Kelly’s. “Vivacious” was the word he used to describe her. I made me wonder how long it took him to come up with a safe word to try to say he was in lust with my wife!Tom called again about two weeks later. They have weekend festivals in his town and Greekfest was one of his favorites. He wanted us to come for Saturday and recommended we stay the night at the downtown hotel adjacent to the event. Turns out we’re familiar with the hotel as that was where Kelly and I attended the wild Halloween party the previous October.Greekfest arrives and we meet Tom and Lisa at the event. Lisa, again, looked like something off the cover of a magazine. Kelly was wearing a sleeveless white sundress with pink flowers all over it, which buttoned up all the way from top to bottom. It came to just above her knees. This time Kelly was wearing some five-inch platform sandals that really showed off her legs and she didn’t feel like the shrimp of the group. She and Tom were like magnets in their attraction. Lisa, honestly didn’t seem to even notice?Around seven o’clock Lisa announced that she had to leave as she had some event the next day. Kelly and I flashed looks and did all we could to not cheer out loud. After she headed off, I was a bit surprised Tom wasn’t taking her home. He explained that she lived downtown and her apartment was only two blocks away. I was all a little odd, but I didn’t care in the least.We had enjoyed lots of food specialties and plenty of drinks. The music stage was getting going (classic rock, not Greek!). We had our lawn chairs in place. After the first quick act finished, Tom offered to go get drinks. Kelly said she had to pee and joined him. When she returned she discreetly dropped her panties into my lap as she handed me my beer. I noticed the bottom two buttons of her dress were undone and as she sat down it fell open to just below her crotch.More great music and Kelly announced she needed to pee again. I offered to go with her and to no one’s surprise, Tom insisted that he go. Thankfully it was now completely dark. They returned nearly a half hour later with more drinks. After they sat down I saw Tom pull something from his pocket, hand it to Kelly and then she passed me her bra and asked me to keep it in my pocket. You couldn’t wipe the smile from her face!The next day Kelly filled me in that she used the porta-john and removed her bra while in there. She handed it to Tom to hold when she came out. They found a dark corner at the edge of the grounds and were making out like teenagers. They were hugging and kissing each other up and down. Tom pulled a boob out and sucked her nipple while finger banging her. Somebody walked by and said, “Get a room!”Kelly replied “Great idea! Thanks!” and then came on Tom’s hand.When she sat down she only had three buttons still buttoned. Depending on how she moved you could get a pretty clear side view of her boobs. At one point she was sitting with her knees wide open and you could see her shaved slit. Tom was rubbing his hand up and down the inside of her thigh and occasionally grazing her sure-to-be soaked pussy.When the band hit its most famous song they had everyone on their feet dancing and singing along. Kelly was standing in front of Tom and he had a hand on her pussy and I could see she was giving him a reach-around over his shorts. I moved in tight and got a handful of tits and tweaked her nipples hard. Tom and I grinned at each other as Kelly came hard and loud. Thank God she came to the beat so no one thought it odd she was yelling out. She reached over with her other hand and was stroking my cock as well. She yelled to both Tom and me that it was time to leave.We packed up our chairs in the middle of the song, grabbed our drinks and headed to the hotel, which was just a block or so away. We were walking fairly quickly, like people on a mission. Kelly’s tits were attracting plenty of looks from passerby’s as they bounced wildly, barely concealed by her dress.She bounced through the busy lobby (the hotel was fully booked for the night) and onto the elevator. There were two other guys in the elevator with us. We were at the back. Kelly turned her back to the two guys, facing the back of the elevator, and unbuttoned the last three buttons of her dress. Tom and I were each sucking a boob and fingering her slit. Our eighth floor was the first stop. The guys stepped aside to let us out and their eyes popped out as Kelly brushed past them with her dress wide open completely showing her naked body.As soon as we were in the room I really needed to pee. When I came out of the bathroom Kelly and Tom were standing up kissing and playing Roman hands. Tom said he had to go next. It took him some time to try to get down his hardon so he could piss. Kelly ripped my clothes off of me and was on her knees sucking my cock. Tom came out and Kelly said, “Get naked!” She took her turn in the bathroom peeing and wiping up her sopping wet cunt. She brought a bath towel out with her and laid it on the bed.Kelly pushed Tom back onto the bed, laying him on the towel. She sucked him hard and then mounted his cock. She yelled out her first orgasm as she lowered herself onto his cock. She had wanted this so bad for weeks now. She exploded when it happened. She sprayed his groin with her cum. She kept bouncing away on him and came again, and squirted again, just a few minutes later. She was fucking him so wildly that her knees were starting to shake. She climbed off and grabbed the towel to dry him up. She laid it back down and laid down on her back.Tom rolled over and plunged in. I stood at the end of the bed to watch the action. I couldn’t help but notice that Tom’s cock looked damn near just like my own. Considering how bad she wanted this guy, I was glad to see he wasn’t hung like a donkey! He was fucking her like a wild man. I could see a river of her cum running down her ass. She could hardly catch her breath from all of the orgasms. Tom stopped and pulled out. He was trying to hold off his own orgasm. Kelly pulled the towel up into her cunt to mop up all of her cum. The towel was soaked. It was also the first time Tom really noticed Kelly’s tattoo.He told her he thought it was beautiful. Then he grabbed her thighs and started to roll her over and then gave her ass a little swat. Kelly hiked up onto all fours. Tom lined up his cock and stuffed it into her doggy style. Again, Kelly came on the first stroke. I could see her cum running onto the towel. Tom grabbed her hips and was slamming her ass for all he was worth.Kelly dropped her face into the pillows and hung on for dear life. She couldn’t stop cumming. Her voice was hoarse as she grunted deep guttural sounds of orgasm. The cum was a steady stream dripping from her cunt.Finally, Tom let out a huge grunt and shoved her ass nearly a foot up the bed as he nutted. It was wild to watch! My cock was twitching so bad I thought I may actually orgasm without touching it. I had just watched the most lustful sexual release I have ever seen in my life. It was two wild animals that just had to fuck it out of each other.My eyes were glued to their coupling. Tom slowly pulled out. Kelly’s lips were swelled up and nearly purple she was so aroused! A huge stream of his cum flowed out of Kelly. She loved a guy who could make a huge load! Hopefully, he can shoot for distance also.I couldn’t take it anymore. I jumped up and fucked for only one thing: To blow my load as fast as I could. And her cunt was where I wanted to dump it, not twitching it out onto the bedsheets. I didn’t last three minutes before I added my wad to Tom’s. A minute later we’re all sitting down and kind of mumbling about how fucking wild all of that just was. Tom and I were in chairs. Kelly was leaning against the headboard. She was sitting on the towel and watching cum ooze from her pussy. She had such a goofy smile and was so fucking happy.She started to play with our cum and smear it around her pussy. Soon she was rubbing all around her lips and lubing up again. Five minutes later she was rubbing her clit and had stopped participating in our conversation. She was slowly masturbating, lost in her own little world. Ten minutes later she had another shuddering orgasm.I realized my cock was hard as stone and dripping precum. I looked at Tom and his was dripping at least five times as much as me. My hardon sticks straight out. Tom’s was aiming at the sky. Kelly looked at Tom and blurted out, “Hey, it’s Greekfest. Would you like to fuck my butt?”Tom and I both about sneezed beer through our noses! Me, because I know she’s not a big fan of anal sex, but if she’s drunk she’s willing. And she was past tipsy, so I guess? Later she told me that was the scenario she had played in her head while masturbating, having Tom in her butt.Tom asked, “Are you serious? Doesn’t that hurt?”Kelly replied, “If I have enough to drink it doesn’t hurt. It can make me cum. And I’m drunk, so you need to do it while I’m in the mood.” She could see something on Tom’s face. “Have you ever fucked a butt?”

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