Butch Ch. 03


Ryan woke at 9 am to the chill of a thick foggy Saturday morning. She had forgotten to close the window last night and the room had a slightly condensed, damp smell to it. She lie on her back, pulling up the blanket and gazing at the nick she sustained on her left index finger last night at work. Sharp knives, dull pain. She had to quickly mow down more parsley as garnish because not enough had been done during prep. The new kid on garde manger wasn’t working out.

Alison hadn’t been around for the past couple of days. This would be the third night of her shift at the station. Though Ryan had enjoyed having the place to herself, she became lonely at times. Constant banter wasn’t necessary, but knowing another is near is reassuring. She and Alison understood one another, perhaps a little too well sometimes. But that’s what made the roommate situation work. Unless you were rich, you couldn’t make it any other way in San Francisco. Even in the Mission.

The fridge was stocked, as it usually was when Ryan did the shopping and Alison and her femme du jour weren’t around to devour it all. As she gazed at the treasure trove of cheeses, eggs, meats and fresh veggies, Ryan grabbed a leftover pain au chocolat and scooped a generous helping of coffee beans into the burr grinder. As the beans became shards, she gazed at the calendar and smiled. The small highlighted entry for the day read “pInc 9-?” This was just what she needed.

The event was similar in theme to white parties that catered to the LGBT crowd, only pInc catered to an all lesbian crowd. Though a few known bisexuals were inevitably thrown into the mix. At the helm of this event was a Twin Peaks socialite, a trust fund baby who personally invited her attendees to partake in pure hedonistic delights. She opened her doors (and for some, her legs) twice a year for this organized ovarian orgy. Unlike white parties, attendees were required to wear black. Each event had a theme that was revealed upon entry, and each room of the 5000 square foot estate appeared to be redecorated. Funding was rumored to come from political and private sectors. All guests were anonymous, or at least encouraged to be, as each was given a domino mask upon entry.

Ryan had attended one previous pInc event about a year ago. She received her invitation during the latter end of a busy Friday shift. The embossed, heavy envelope bore the words “You Are Cordially Invited” in cursive by a well-trained hand. It was handed to her by a busboy who didn’t reveal details of the sender. Ryan went on a whim, not knowing what the night would hold for her. She remembers flashes of the night still: the dim lighting, the mediterranean decor, nude masked women in all positions and contortions receiving and giving pleasure to one another. It was a feast for the senses, disbarring any thirst of emotion. It was not for the sentimental. It was the singular most devouring, exciting, barbaric sexual experience of her life.

* * * Kate walked briskly down Greenwich toward the health club where she anticipated catching her sister during her morning swim. After a brief semi-flirtatious banter with the queen who manned the front desk, she headed toward the locker room toward the entrance to the pool.

Of the six lanes, only three were occupied and Kate could identify Natalie easily. Her smooth, purposeful stride had been characteristic of her crawl stroke even at its inception during their adolescence. Kate took to running, but Natalie remained the water baby. Kate sat on a bench and looked out at the window at a woman tending to her fussy baby in a stroller. She remembered when Natalie’s son Chance was that small. All the cooing and smiles. She also remembered Natalie’s depression, and how it worsened after Chance was born.

“Hey, I thought that was you.” Kate looked up to see Natalie toweling off and removing her swim cap. She looked great–toned, muscular arms and legs and a gentle glow of a tan. Even her eyes seemed to sparkle like they used to when they were kids.

“Nat, so good to see you.” Kate stood and hugged her sister. She could feel Natalie hugging back–a good sign. The two had once been close, but these past few years had strained their relationship. Kate’s “fluid sexuality,” as Natalie phrased it, was disappointing to the entire family. And Natalie’s depression had distanced them further.

Natalie pulled back some. “I thought we were meeting at the cafe. Did you think I’d forget? Because I’m fine, you know.” Natalie held eye contact with Kate, and a confident smile crossed her lips. Kate was expecting anger and some sort of verbal assault for coming, but was pleasantly surprised. Kate began walking beside Natalie toward the locker room.

“No, Nat. Well, maybe. I just want to know you’re OK,” Kate said honestly. She stood back while Natalie opened her locker and pulled out her bag. İstanbul Escort A bottle of pills fell out onto the floor. Natalie looked up, and raised her eyebrows with a soft smile.

“I’m still taking them.” Natalie picked up and lightly shook the bottle of lithium before tossing them back into her bag. “But exercise helps with the blues, and I’m trying to stay consistent. Be back in a couple minutes. Watch my stuff.” Natalie winked and mussed Kate’s hair. She grabbed her shampoo and conditioner and walked toward the shower.

Kate sat down on the bench and her heart felt at ease. She was so worried about what to say, how to approach Natalie if she sensed something was off. This was such a welcome relief.

“Hey stranger” said a curious voice. Kate turned to see a half nude brunette with a long bob dressing in the mirror. Their eyes met and Kate blushed, feeling a warm wetness in her panties. She last saw Erica in her studio during that last big rainstorm when the power went out. It had only been their second “date,” but the forces of nature progressed it much further. Candles were lit and placed all over the studio. Erica’s hair had been shorter and darker in that light. Art led to conversation led to wine led to dancing led to making out on the floor pillows. Kate remembered the look in Erica’s light eyes as her tongue first touched Kate’s wet pussy. The sounds, scents and tastes of their slow, writhing 69 still gripped her.

“Hey…Erica. How…how are you?” Kate recovered, smiling warmly. She was increasingly turned on, thinking of that memory. The nudity in the present moment surely was assisting. Erica turned away slightly and began rubbing lotion on her arms, chest and breasts.

“I’m doing well. You look great. I didn’t know you worked out here?” She eyed Kate slowly, and Kate felt the desire build in her. She was aware and surprised by how sexually aggressive she felt in the moment and could feel everything dilate in response to it. She set Natalie’s bag in her locker and closed the door.

“Yes, it has been a while.” Kate eyed Erica, trying not to focus too obviously on her cleavage. She licked her lips. “I don’t work out here…I’m meeting my sister. But hey, I have some ideas on your upcoming exhibit.”

Erica smiled, laughing softly. “Yeah, we should get together. I’d love to hear them.” She fastened her bra over her beautiful breasts, and slid a fitted t-shirt over her head and arms.

Natalie suddenly appeared, wrapped in a towel. She smiled at Erica, gave a curious glance to Kate and began rummaging through her locker. “Seen my lotion, sis? I thought I packed it…” Kate looked inside the duffle.

“Try this,” Erica handed a slim black lotion bottle to Natalie. “It works wonders.” As Natalie thanked her, Erica grabbed her gym bag, touched Kate subtly on the shoulder and whispered “I have something for you, so call me.” She whisked by them.

Kate looked after Erica, her groin still surging with desire. “Good friend?” Natalie asked with a smirk.

“Client,” Kate answered, trying to sound disinterested. She changed topics quickly. “You still want to go to that place on Fillmore?”

Natalie slipped into a sundress and sandals, her natural beauty expressed in even the simplest of ensembles. “I’ve been dying for their eggs florentine for weeks now.” A beeping began to emanate from the duffle bag. Natalie’s hand emerged with her cell phone. “It’s Kyle,” she said with a slight frown as she walked to the mirror ruffling her damp hair. Kate could hear Nat’s husband’s voice and the sound of an unhappy toddler in the background.

“Uh huh, ok,” Natalie was saying into the phone while applying lip gloss in the mirror over the sink. She snapped the phone shut and rubbed her lips together. She looked in the mirror at Kate. “Chance is sick and Kyle needs to get back to the hospital.”

“Oh. I hope he’s alright. Maybe you should go home? We can meet up tomorrow, if you want,” Kate offered. They walked through the locker room and into the club lobby.

Natalie stopped beside Kate outside the main entrance, touching her cheeks softly with both hands. She put on her sunglasses. “Kate, I’m sorry. He’s had this bug for a few days now and can’t seem to kick it.” She hugged her sister. “We’ll get together soon, I promise.” Natalie slid her hand down to touch Kate’s, giving a light squeeze. “I love you, OK?” Kate looked at her and for the first time felt reassured that Natalie’s life was indeed turning up. “Give my nephew a big kiss for me,” Kate requested with a soft smile.

It was only 10am, as Kate checked her watch. She walked across the street to grab a cup of coffee. Before she reached the door, Erica appeared and blocked the door. “I make coffee better than this, and my place is just around the corner.”

* * *

The open space loft İstanbul Escort Bayan had a modern flair to it–concrete walls adjacent to swiss coffee colored brick, exposed pipes and beams. The two women were kissing passionately before getting out of the elevator. Erica struggled with her keys more than she struggled pulling off Kate’s t-shirt. Bras were strewn carelessly on the travertine floor in the entry and the girls tongues meshed while fingers clasped and legs wobbled unevenly toward the couch. Kate fell effortlessly onto the couch as Erica kneeled on the faux fur rug, deftly peeling the yoga pants along her legs and tossing them aside. Kate felt her pussy burn with desire, the wetness along her inner thighs. She was in a state of absolute passion and surrender. Words did not formulate, only moans and gasps.

Erica’s tongue glided along Kate’s neck as she whispered,”You would have fucked me in that locker room.” Kate moaned in response, caressing Erica’s supple breasts. Erica licked hungrily at Kate’s nipples before darting a rapid beeline along her midline and tickling her trimmed pussy. “You’re so wet,” Erica managed to get out as she licked along Kate’s inner thighs. Kate’s fingers were in Erica’s wet hair, the sweetness of the shampoo mingling with sex in the air. Kate could feel Erica parting her pussy lips, the tip of her tongue gliding up and down her slit. Seconds later Erica’s mouth was sucking eagerly at those lips as Kate bucked against her face.

Kate could feel Erica’s nose against her clit and she leaned back and closed her eyes. Her bare feet were on the edge of the coffee table. Erica’s right arm drew back and opened one of the apothecary drawers of the coffee table, her hand retrieving a suede satchel. Erica slipped her tongue inside Kate, her lips locked tightly on Kate’s open cunt. The satchel was opened, and Erica held the length of the glass dildo between her own legs. As she tonguefucked Kate, she moaned slightly from the combined sensation of the dildo’s cool touch and its hardness against her erect clit. Erica slid it along her slit, feeling its coolness subside. Kate’s moans had reached a steady plateau, her fingers still in Erica’s hair. They seemed to be begging for more.

Erica raised the glass dildo as she slid the tip of her tongue to the top of Kate’s slit. She pressed the head of the dildo to Kate’s lips, as if asking permission. Kate’s legs parted further and Erica slid the glass cock inside. She held the base as it glided evenly into Kate’s wet snatch. What were once moans had become cries and pleadings. The clear glass cock was speckled with flecks of sea glass glinting red, orange, green and blue light in the midmorning filtered sun. An even glaze of moisture gave the cock an almost glowing quality. Kate opened her eyes as it entered her, and watched Erica fuck her cunt gently at first, the thrusts growing harder and faster in intensity as the body language between the women alternately begged and consented.

Erica moaned, leaning down and licking the cock shaft as it emerged from Kate’s cunt with each thrust. She licked at it from every angle, lapping at the juices and the light. She the pushed it deeper, slowly probing as Kate cried out. Erica held the cock still, deeply seated within Kate, and licked at Kate’s clit, hard and exposed, peeking out from under its hood. She encircled it with her tongue, flicked it playfully, and sucked it as she resumed the cock thrusts.

Louder, looser moans were coming from Kate’s mouth, as Erica fucked her harder while sucking her clit. Kate’s two hands were on Erica’s head now, the sucking had become so intense. Erica had enough experience to know the distance to keep between her mouth and the cock to prevent chipped teeth. Kate’s hips began to move, Erica’s suckling sounds evolved into lip smacks and tongue thrusts as she struggled to maintain contact with that hard clit. Kate emitted a loud gutteral moan as her cunt erupted into orgasm. Erica held the cock in place and pressed her tongue hard against Kate’s clit, the throbbing continuing hard and steady.

Kate’s moans subsided and Erica slid the cock out slowly, its length covered in a haze of cum. Erica licked at it, slowly like a popsicle. Kate, breathless and spent, pulled Erica up and kissed her frantically. Tongues and teeth clashed as they grasped at each other, as if they couldn’t get close enough. Kate’s fatigue waned and she again felt that sudden hungry need she had experienced at the gym.

She pushed against Erica, the only discernible word spoken being “bedroom.” The two made their unsteady way to the platform bed, liplocked and clumsy. At the foot of the bed, Kate turned Erica away from her, and pushed her face down onto the mattress. She grabbed the scarf that lay decoratively along the wooden angular headboard. She quickly gathered Escort İstanbul Erica’s wrists into a snug restraint, tying her to the wooden frame. Erica emitted a questioning sound of resistance, though the eager, gutteral “fuck me” that followed quelled any doubt of her desires.

“Right drawer.”

Kate snatched the harness and silicone cock, securing it surprisingly fast around her hips and thighs. Gripped by her suddenly assumed masculinity, Kate looked at her image in the floor length mirror in the corner of the room. Not a natural look, but definitely hot. She tilted Erica’s hips upward, slapping her inner thighs as an overt request to spread further. Erica complied. Kate held Erica’s hips, moving her hands inward and downward along her lower abdomen and shaved crotch. She could feel the hot moisture, and her fingertips slid easily along Erica’s slit. Kate crouched down, her mouth kissing Erica’s ass cheeks, tongue dotting her skin all the way to her taint. She licked playfully at that tender strip of flesh, hearing Erica groan and mutter something incoherent. Kate thrust her tongue forward, meeting the wet folds of Erica’s pussy lips. Kate turned her body, now lying supine beneath Erica, her hands guiding Erica’s ass downward as she sat on Kate’s face.

Kate moved her mouth all over Erica’s smooth pussy, the softness was almost stunning. She toyed with Erica’s clit briefly, hearing a sharp cry of pleasure. She pushed her tongue inside, as she sucked softly on Erica’s pussy lips. Erica’s held her weight off Kate’s face, though she was beginning to push more into her mouth. Kate continued fucking her with her tongue, thrusting upward and thrashing sideways. She could feel Erica pulling at the restraints as she struggled to balance her weight and the pleasure of being tongue fucked.

Kate slowly slid out from under Erica, leaving her crying for more. She kneeled behind the restrained woman, touching the length of the cock to her ass crack. Kate leaned in, her breasts against Erica’s back. She whispered something into her ear and Erica replied, “Oh God yes, give it to me.”

Though a novice at strapon use, Kate knew how to proceed. She guided the head of the cock to Erica’s cunt, using her fingers to wet the head. She pushed inward, as Erica cried out when the head entered. Kate held it there steadily for reassurance to continue.

“Fuck me, baby. Make me your pussy whore.”

She did. Pushing in steadily, slowly, with long controlled thrusts. Holding Erica’s hips for leverage, she looked at herself again in the mirror. Muffled moans were coming from the pillow beneath Erica’s head as Kate bucked the cock inside her. She began to push faster now and Erica raised her head, crying out “harder!” Kate held fast and pushed and pushed and pushed. She licked two fingers, and felt for Erica’s clit, which was hard and swollen. She rubbed and pressed it gently as Erica cried out for more.

Kate pulled at the scarf, freeing Erica from her confines. Erica collapsed onto her elbows on the pillow, raising her hips and allowing a better angle for clitoral contact. “Harder, baby, don’t stop,” she kept repeating.

Kate could feel the sweat on her back from the thrusting, the lazily spinning ceiling fan doing little to dispel the heat in the room. She pushed fast and steady, occasionally grinding against Erica, thighs against her ass. She could feel her own wetness on her thighs again, she was so turned on in using this strapon. Erica put her hands under her, her moans growing more gutteral. Kate took this as a cue to slow, and continued fucking her with long deep thrusts. Erica came hard, reaching back to hold Kate still and stop the thrusting. Somehow words failed.

Erica slumped into the memory foam and comforter, and Kate lay against her, unsure of when to pull the cock out. She pulled back gently, but Erica made sounds of resistance, so Kate stayed still. After several minutes Erica slid out from under Kate. She looked over her shoulder at Kate.

“Was that your first time using a strapon?”

Kate blushed, though it didn’t appear on her flushed cheeks. “Yeah, was it OK?”

“OK? Holy fuck, if I didn’t know you I’d think you were total domme. All you need to do is slow down at the end. I’m not wonder woman, you know.” She smiled, turned and gave Kate a quick kiss on the lips.

Kate struggled to get out of the harness, amazed at her ability to put it on in the heat of the moment. Erica lie beside her, motionless. Kate was invigorated, not the least bit tired now. She soon realized that Erica had fallen asleep.

Kate got up slowly, as not to wake her. She was weak and sore from fucking and should rest, but just couldn’t. It was as if some switched had clicked on.

“…envelope on the table…” Erica muttered.

After a quick clean up and gathering her clothes from various pieces of furniture around the loft, Kate dressed in the entry. On the metal console table lay an envelope with Kate’s name on it. She looked at Erica, who was still sleeping. Opening it, another envelope was contained over which a scripted “You Are Cordially Invited” was written in rich red ink.

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