One Lesson with Callista Pt. 02


“So, that bitch finally got the hint then?”

“Mom!” James said as they careened around a corner at high speed.

“What. I’m sick of her parading her half naked body around our house. And I know full well while your father allows it.”

“She’s just the Spanish teacher mom. Don’t forget, I’m flunking it,” he replied.

“Yea flunking because your spending more time staring at her ass than you are learning.”

James rolled his eyes. Even though she was speaking the truth, he couldn’t tell her that. What if she stopped her tutoring him all together?

“Well at least she is out of our house. Maybe now your father will pay attention to me more.”

Doubt that, James thought as they sped round another corner and came to a screeching halt outside Miss Callista’s house.

“Two hours and I’ll be back,” his mother said and waved him out the door.

James stepped onto the path and stood staring up at the huge house in front of him. The windows were covered in flowers. The front garden was immaculately mowed. The door looked like an old Victorian style door with brass knobs.

He took a deep breath and walked up the front path to the door. It opened as he approached and another girl popped her head out from inside. She was shorter than him, tanned like his tutor, with huge brown eyes and long blonde hair.

“You must be James,” she smiled.

“Yea,” he nodded. “I’m supposed to meet Miss Callista here for a lesson?”

“Of course, she’s told me about you. Slow learner huh?” She giggled.

“Yea, something like that,” he said.

“Come in,” she gestured for him to step inside and led him through the house to a room at the back of the building. It had one velvet couch on the far wall, another on the left. There was a window that stretched from the floor to the ceiling on the left and a hug grand piano in the far corner.

“Wait here, she will be down in a moment. She’s just getting ready.”

The girl departed, and James was left alone. He sauntered over to the couch and plonked himself down on it.

A few moments passed and miss Callista entered the room through the same door he had. She smiled down at him.

“Holy shit,” James blurted out.

“What?” She said looking confused, then smiled and swayed on the spot. “Oh, this thing. It’s last season.”

She was wearing a skirt that dropped to the floor, but with two slits up either side revealing her long tanned legs, and a top that was barely a top. More like a bra. It hugged her breasts tight on her chest. Her long dark brown hair flowed down over her shoulders and her eyes glistened in the light. As she walked across the room her high heels clicked with every step.

“Now,”she said as she sat on the couch opposite him. “We are going to pick up directly where we left off last week. Te voy a follar.”

James stared at her blankly.

“You remember what that means?”

“Absolutely not,” he said.

Miss Callista rolled her eyes. “It means I’m going to fuck you.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Your not learning are you?”

“Well that was pretty hard when you had your legs wrapped around my face.”

“True… but it was enjoyable no?”

James nodded.

“Now, we are going to fuck. No foreplay, no sucking. I just want you inside me James. Your my student and I want you to experience the full Spanish culture. My pussy has been raging for that cock for days.”

Just her talking with her sexy Spanish accent sent twinges of life through his cock.

“Maybe I should have let you have it all last week,” she grinned.

“Yea maybe,” James sighed.

“But never mind,” she stood up. “Now, let me show you how they fuck in Spain!”

Miss Callista began to dance. She writhed and contorted her body to music only she could hear, swaying her hips and waving her arms seductively Otele Gelen Escort over him. A smile spread across her face as she leant over, ran her hands up the length of her left bare leg, then twirled in a circle fanning her slit skirt out around her. She dropped to her knees and gently slid both hands up James’s thighs, over his stomach then up through his hair.

“I’ve been waiting all week for you,” she purred. “I’ve been waiting for you to fuck me.”

James let out a groan as she pulled him close and locked her lips around his in a deep, writhing kiss. Their tongues twined together and the taste of mint exploded in his mouth as they kissed. When they parted they were both gasping for air.

“Quítate los pantalones,” she whispered in his ear as she undid the buttons on his jeans.

Remembering what that meant he slid his trousers down with her help. Miss Callista glared hungrily at his underwear as she slowly pulled them down over his knees and tossed them across the floor.

“Oh dios,” she grinned. “Did my little bailar make you hard?”

James nodded. “It was sexy as fuck, your sexy as fuck.”

“Why thank you, now take off your top.”

He did as he was asked, while Miss Callista slid one strap of her tiny top down over her bare skinned shoulder, then the other. She was moving slowly, and purposefully, knowing every movement she made got James harder and harder.

“You didn’t get to see these last time did you?”

“I did not,” he said.

“Feel,” she gripped his hand and lifted it to her chest just as she lifted her top up revealing her tightly shaped breasts.

James squeezed, and his cock got so hard he felt like he had a piece of wood there instead.

“You like,” she giggled, but didn’t wait for him to answer. Of course he liked them. Her nipples were hard and golden brown, and as a whole they felt firm, but soft at the same time.

“Te voy a follar ahor,” she whispered. “Do you remember what that means now?”

“You are going to fuck me now,” he replied.

Miss Callista’s eyes lit up with excitement. “That’s good James, see how your learning.”

“I am,” he said.

“Your right as well James, I am going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you so hard. I’m going to show you how us Spanish girls like to fuck!”

Miss Callista stood up and climbed onto the couch with both legs either side of him. Her pussy hovered above the tip of his hard cock.

“Now, are you ready,” she grinned.

James nodded.

“Slowly,” she said as she lowered herself down. “Slowly slowly, you’re a big boy.”

The tip touched the outer lips of her pussy and he felt heat. She lowered herself some more and the first inch or so slid inside her.

“Oh god your huge,” she gasped. “Slowly now. Your spreading me wide.”

She lowered herself some more, gasping and whimpering as another couple of inches dug it’s way inside her.

James put his hands on her smooth hips, then leant forwards and kissed the hard nipple of her left breast causing her to groan with pleasure.

“You naughty boy,” she said. “I’m so wet, and ready for you but your just so fucking big.”

“Just slide down,” James said.

“Yes I think I will,” she glared straight into James’s eyes for a few seconds, before sitting down taking him all the way inside her.

James watched her arch her back, throw her head back and cry out as his cock slid in right to the base.

“Oh dios!” She said. “You fill me completely.”

“Your so tight,” James grunted.

“Yes I am darling, now kiss me,” she said and they locked lips again in a long passionate kiss. She didn’t stop kissing him as she began to move ever so slightly up and down, sliding her tight slit a few inches up his cock then gently Balgat Escort lowering herself again. With each movement she groaned into his mouth and gripped his shoulders with her soft hands. The tips of her hard nipples brushed the outside of his shirt and her long brown hair cascaded down her back and over his chest.

“You like the way I’m fucking you?” She said between kisses.

James groaned in acknowledgment and reached up to her chest, cupping one form breast with the palm of his hand.

“Squeeze,” she whispered. “Squeeze them!”

He did as he was asked, squeezing her breast with one hand causing her to let out a little giggle and a groan of pleasure.

“Now we go faster,” she whispered and placed her lips on his once more locking him in another deep kiss. She wriggled her hips a little then proceeded to slide up and down him with ease.

“Your so big, and I love it,” she gasped into his mouth as they kissed. “Don’t you dare cum inside me, not yet James. I won’t be finished with you for some time.”

James nodded and relaxed back onto the couch with one hand on her left breast and the other clenched around her smooth hip. She was bouncing now, harder, sliding every inch of his cock from top to base right up inside her. Each rise and fall of her hips caused her to gasp and groan.

“Oh dios!” She whimpered. “Don’t cum yet, I need to keep fucking you.”

She wasn’t kissing him anymore. She had leant back slightly, riding his cock with wriggles of her hips coupled with a heavy bounce up and down his shaft. Her breasts bobbed barely inches from his face, her toned stomach pulled in and out as her breathing got heavy and fast, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and a shimmer of glistening sweat began to cover her entire body.

“fóllame!” She suddenly screamed and pulled his head forwards into her chest. “Fuck me!”

James clamped his lips on her right nipple and sucked, while his hand squeezed and stroked her left.

Her movements started to jerk, her body started to tense and twitch as each bounce brought her closer to the inevitable.

James let out another groan as he sucked her breast and pushed his hips upwards causing his cock to delve deeper inside her.

She let out a cry of pleasure and laughed as her bounces and wriggles became wild and erratic.

“Oh god I’m losing control,” she screamed. “I’m going to cum all over your dick James, make me cum!”

Within seconds Miss Callista went silent, her body went stiff, the inside walls of her pussy tightened around James’s hard shaft and she threw her head back with her mouth wide open and let out an ear piercing scream as her orgasm exploded across her body.

James’s breathing got heavy, he wanted to cum so bad, but he also wanted to please the gorgeous woman on top him.

Miss Callista carried on screaming as her body jerked and twitched and both her legs vibrated as the pleasure washed through her. She pulled him into a deep kiss and groaned into his mouth savouring every last second of her orgasm. She only released him once her body stopped quivering and her breathing calmed down to a soft pant.

“Oh si!” She hissed. “I’ve orgasmed, but nothing like that!”

“You are amazing,” James said, still running his hands over her soft skin.

“It’s your cock that’s amazing,” she replied. “Now, I’m not done with you yet my little student. This pussy hasn’t had its fill.”

“I’m still hard,” he said.

“I know, I can feel you inside me, filling me!” She grinned. “Quiero que me folles!”

James looked blankly back at her causing her to giggle again.

“It means, I want you to fuck me!”

“Oh okay,” he said and decided to push her backwards into the wooden floor. His cock slid out of her with a slurp Büyükesat Escort and she suddenly looked surprised.

James gripped her hips, flipped her over onto all fours and without another word his cock was back inside her, buried deep within her walls and she let out a loud grunt.

“Oh yes you want me to submit?” She gasped. “I’ll submit for you, but you have to promise me something?”

“Anything,” James said.

“Fuck me hard, fast and most important of all, no mercy!” She giggled.

James didn’t red asking twice. He placed both hands on her hips gripping her tight in place. She flicked her hair back behind her face and spread her legs a little wider pulling him further inside her tight little pussy.

“Remember,”she groaned as James pulled almost all the way back out of her then slammed himself deep inside her. “No fucking mercy!”

He did as he was asked. His cock went from slow to fast in a couple of strokes.

There was no groaning this time from her, she was wild, feral like an animal. She squealed with every thrust he made inside her.

“Fuck me!” She cried. ” harder, harder than ever!”

He did as he was asked. He wasn’t just fucking her now, he was ramming his cock into her and miss Callista was whimpering and screaming so loud he could barely hear himself think. Her tight pussy was getting wetter and wetter, her body wriggled and contorted beneath him as each thrust sent her more and more wild.

“Yessss,” she hissed. “This is how us Latina girls like to fuck, no mercy.”

James gave her no mercy. Miss Callista screamed with each thrust from behind. Her breathing was so fast she could barely talk now. His cock was so deep inside her he could feel the tip of himself prodding her back wall. Her toned backside rippled as he pounded into her harder and harder.

“It’s happening,” she groaned between heavy breathing. “I’m going to cum again.”

“Oh god!” James grunted.

“Deeper, fuck my tight Spanish pussy raw!”

Miss Callista arched her back and raised her head. She let out another scream followed by a whimper of ecstasy.

James couldn’t hold on much longer. His cock throbbed and grew thicker and longer as he was about to explode.

“Si, si, si!” Miss Callista squealed. “Fill my pussy!”

James released himself inside her feeling his hot load shoot deep inside her. Miss Callista leat out another scream, her pussy tightened around his cock and once more she was twitching and shaking and crying out as her orgasm exploded inside her.

“Yessss!” She screeched.

James gripped her hips harder as his cock spurted every last drop of cum he had inside her.

“Oh fuck,” she grunted. “What are you doing?”

James thrusted harder and deeper now. “I’m not done!”

“Mmmmm!” She moaned.

“You said no mercy!”

Miss Callista’s face contorted into a half smile between heavy breathing and panting.

“Yessss, use my little cunt!” she hissed and began wriggling hips and pushing back on James’s cock with each thrust. Her eyes rolled to the back her head. Sweat started dripping down her forehead and glistened on her tanned skin. She had stopped screaming now. The pleasure washed through her with every thrust. It was so intense all she could do was kneel there on all fours with her mouth open, her eyes rolled back and James slamming into her over and over again.

James released another load deep inside her. Miss Callista grunted as the hot cum spurted up her and burst out the sides of her pussy making a slapping sound as it hit the floor.

“Fucckkk yesss!” She squealed as her body shuddered with a third orgasm and James’s thrusts slowed to a stop.

He pulled out of her with a wet slurp and sat back on the wooden floor.

Miss Callista crawled forwards. The juices covering the floor made her skid and fall sideways. She lay there with a red face, a hot load of cum seeping out of her slit and a deep throbbing inside her pussy.

“Oh god!” She gasped. As she spoke her breathing quickened again and she let out a little whimper and shuddered as another wave of pleasure washed over her. “you’ve worn this little Spanish girl out!”

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