Not So Unrequited, Maybe? Ch. 04


Ashley lay back on the bed and watched Josh slowly undress, their eyes trained on each other. Josh had turned off the lights but left the bedside lamp on. He unconsciously licked his lips as Josh unveiled his thick arms, chiselled chest and taut abs. When he shrugged off his jeans, Ashley groaned out loud. Josh’s thighs were thick as trunks. Playing rugby was obviously good for him. His body was perfection. And his cock! It was not overly long, about 6inches compared to Ashley’s 7.5 but it was thick. It was beautiful, albeit somewhat scary considering how thick it was.

Josh saw Ashley’s eyes trained on his cock and smirked. ‘It’ll feel amazing stroking you from the inside. I’ll make sure it is.’

Ashley nodded then looked up somewhat fearfully at Josh’s face, ‘I’m sure you’ll try. I’ve just…I’ve only ever been bottomed once and it wasn’t this thick.’

Josh walked to the bed and pulled Ashley’s legs to drag him closer. ‘Don’t worry, baby.’ He said in between soft pecks all over Ashley’s face. ‘I’ll make it good for you, I promise. I’ll take it as slow and gentle as you want and whenever you want me to stop, just say and I will. This is for the both of us. You know this, right?’

Ashley nodded slowly then firmly. He closed his eyes as Josh circled his neck with one hand then tilted his chin with the other to kiss him. Gently. Slowly. Lips shaping lips and tongue stroking tongue. Upper then lower lip. Licking the seam and stroking. Ashley drew closer and closer as they kissed till his arms and legs were around Josh and Josh had straightened, holding Ashley wrapped around his body like a vine as their kiss grew more passionate.

‘You’re strong,’ Ashley gasped immediately Josh pulled his lips away and began kissing his neck.

‘You’re light.’ Josh teasingly replied as he sucked and nibbled on Ashley’s neck. He stopped kissing so that he could place Ashley back on the bed, then began taking off his clothes. Ashley simply lay there, letting Josh pull his jeans and boxers from his legs completely then taking off his shirt. Soon he was completely naked, his eyes closed as he let Josh look his fill.

‘Okay?’ He asked timidly in the sudden silence, save for Josh’s deep breaths. He knew he wasn’t as ripped as Josh. His body was pale white from spending too much time in the library and his chest normal. His tummy was flat and he had a tiny dusting of hair that trailed from his navel to his pubes. Unlike Josh who was completely hairless.

‘Okay? Ashley, you’re fucking beautiful.’ Was Josh’s hoarse reply.

Ashley’s eyes snapped open to see Josh looking at him with something close to reverence.

‘You…fuck, you’re perfection.’ Josh continued. At this, Ashley felt the last of his reserve dissipate. He felt beautiful. He felt perfect. He sat up and slid further up the bed till he was practically against the headboard.

‘Fuck me.’ He whispered, his eyes gleaming as he crooked a finger and beckoned Josh closer. Josh grinned in return and began crawling on the bed till he was hovering above Ashley. He bent his head to Ashley’s face, and simply breathed against his lips. Ashley let out a soft whimper and strained to capture Josh’s lips, but Josh smiled and shook his head before sliding down to Ashley’s chest. He bent once more and this time, caught one of Ashley’s nipples in his mouth. He started with licking softly then nibbling. His nipple, around it, his chest. He sucked and nipped and soothed with his tongue as Ashley undulated against him with harsh breaths. He did the same with the other nipple then Demetevler Escort suddenly began sucking strongly. Ashley bucked with a loud cry. He had very sensitive nipples and each strong suck sent a direct message straight to his painfully hard cock. As Josh sucked on one nipple, he played with the other, rubbing between his strong thumb and forefinger. Rubbing and pulling and tweaking.

Ashley could only writhe against Josh, his hands in Josh’s hair, pulling and tugging as he moaned. Josh then stopped sucking and looked up at Ashley, his face almost demonic in the dark light. He slid further down and sucked Ashley’s cock into his mouth once more. Ashley moaned long and loud, bucking into Josh’s face. Josh shook his head as he released Ashley’s cock. He began stroking lightly then raised the cock up so that he could suck on his balls. As he sucked, he trailed a finger down the taint to the winking hole beneath.

Ashley held his breath in nervous anticipation.

‘Relax,’ Josh whispered against his balls before licking his taint. He licked up and down then put Ashley’s legs on his shoulders so he could reach his arse hole easier. He propped him higher then looked up once more to smile at Ashley before bending to lick around and across his hole.

Ashley let out a broken cry as Josh rimmed him lovingly. Slowly. Softly. The feeling of Josh’s tongue on his hole was heavenly. He could only hold on to his knees as a maelstrom of feelings surrounded him. Josh continued laving the hole with spit then he slowly began to stick his tongue inside the hole. Ashley barely remembered to push out and once he did, Josh’s tongue was inside and thrusting in and out immediately.

Ashley cried out again as Josh began fucking him with his tongue. At first it was slow, then he began fucking him hard, pulling and jerking his cock at the same time.

‘Just fuck me, baby. Fuck me or I’m going to cum again. I need your cock in me.’ Ashley panted. He could already feel his cum churning but he didn’t want to cum before Josh fucked him.

Josh looked up at him, his lower face shiny with spit.

‘Yeah? Okay.’ He replied. He got a condom from the side of the bed and rolled it on his thick cock slowly, staring at Ashley as he did so.

‘Turn around, baby. We can do it face to face next time.’

Ashley nodded and turned unto his front. He heard a slight squeaking sound then he felt cool liquid on his hole. He jerked slightly then relaxed as Josh began to prepare him. First one finger went into him slowly then two fingers. Josh thrust them in and out for a few seconds then began scissoring gently. Then fast. Then hard. Ashley arched his back as he began fucking the fingers in him. Then Josh fucked in so hard with his fingers and stroked the little button inside him that made Ashley’s cock release a burst of precum.

‘Fucking hell’ Ashley hissed, his head spinning with a thousand-fold pleasure. ‘Fuck me, Josh. Please baby, fuck me!’ He gasped.

He heard Josh grunt as he began sliding his cock into Ashley slowly. One hand fed his cock in, while the other gripped Ashley’s waist so tightly that he knew he was bound to have bruises the next day.

‘You’re…so…fucking…tight.’ Josh said through gritted teeth. The feeling of Ashley’s hole enveloping and sucking his cock in was indescribable.

Ashley held his breath as he pushed out, straining to get Josh’s cock in. When his cockhead was fully in Ashley’s hole, he let out a deep breath, his head swimming Otele gelen escort with pleasure and quite a bit of pain. Josh was truly thick.

‘You okay, baby?’ Josh bit out through a clenched jaw. He was so hard and Ashley’s hole so fucking tight that he wanted to ram into him until he came. He was so close to pouring.

‘Yeah,’ Ashley breathed out. ‘You can move. I’m ready.’

‘Okay, baby. I’m gonna start out slow, yeah?’

Ashley nodded, his face against the pillow as Josh began thrusting in slowly and gently. He groaned, his eyes squeezed shut as he felt Josh’s thick can of a cock slide fully into him.

‘Fucking hell, Ash! You feel so fucking goooooood.’ Josh was practically slurring his words as he slid in and out of Ashley.

‘Yeah?’ Ashley smiled against the pillow. It had been uncomfortable at first but as more precum came out of Josh’s cock, his thrusts were easier and now pleasurable.

‘Fuck me, baby. Don’t hold back.’

Josh suddenly slid out then rammed into Ashley with all his might. Their shouts were loud and reverberated round the room. Josh began fucking Ashley roughly. The slams and slaps of skin against skin loud and intermingling with their broken grunts and moans. Josh held unto Ashley’s waist with both hands as he raised up to crouch above him. With his legs on the bed and Ashley’s head practically squashed against the headboard, there was nowhere for Ashley to slide to. He began pile-driving Ashley’s hole.

‘I want you to feel me in your throat, babe. Jesus, I want to fuck the cum out of your pretty cock.’ Josh snarled as he fucked him harder and harder, sweat dripping from his body unto Ashley’s.

Ashley could only hold unto the board and bedsheet as Josh fucked the shit out of his hole. His cock was rigid and rubbing against the sheet, making his eyes roll to the back of his head at the nonstop pleasure roiling within him. Then Josh began fucking upwards and his cock started hitting Ashley’s prostate non-stop.

‘Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.’ Ashley was drooling on the pillow as Josh continued fucking him.

‘You gonna cum for me, baby? I need you to cum for me, Ash. Please. Cum for me. Cum while I’m in you. I need to feel your hole clenching my cock. Milk me, baby.’ Josh growled. He was now lying fully on Ashley as he fucked hard but slow strokes into him.

‘I’m gonna….fuck I’m going to…JAYSUS CHRIST.’ Ashley gasped as his legs trembled and flailed while cum shot out of his cock to pool beneath his stomach.

‘YES!’ Josh hissed triumphantly and sped up his thrusts, his buttocks clenching hard. Then he groaned loud and long, cum shooting out like bullets. He jerked once. Then twice. The third time, pressing against Ashley fully as if he wanted to impregnate him.

‘Take it!’ He shouted.

When Josh was done, he collapsed on Ashley fully then let out a weak chuckle before rolling to the side, cradling Ashley against his body and stroking down with one hand to fondle Ashley’s shrinking cock.

‘My poor bedsheet.’ He whispered against Ashley’s wet hair.

‘My poor arse!’ Ashley retorted and they both laughed in the now silent room.

‘I need to take off this condom but don’t go anywhere.’ Josh said.

‘Now where the fuck am I supposed to crawl to? I can’t move any limb.’ Was the wry response.

Josh chuckled again before sliding out slowly from Ashley’s somewhat loose hole. He stood and looked at the smaller man stretching with a satisfied smile on his Balgat Escort face. With a shake of his head, he walked out to the bathroom to dispose of his condom.


Ashley woke up slowly, not the slightest bit disoriented as to where he was. He couldn’t even feel confused. Josh had made sure to remind him throughout the night of where he was. He had woken him up to suck his cock once more. Then woken him again to fuck his face against the headboard. Then once more with his hand stroking Ashley’s cock.

Now, it was morning proper with the sun shining and Josh was nowhere to be found. Probably in the kitchen, Ashley thought with a full smile on his face. Then he heard the toilet flushing and realised he was wrong. He looked up to see Josh walking towards him with his briefs on.

‘Hey, sleepyhead.’ Josh bent to kiss Ashley but Ashley quickly turned away.

‘Fuck no! You smell like toothpaste and soap and I smell like spunk and morning breath. No way.’ He said behind cupped hands.

Josh shook his head with loud laughter, ‘You’re so cute. Anyway, I’m going to rustle up something for us to eat. There’s a spare toothbrush in the bathroom. Hurry up cuz I want to kiss the ever-loving shit out of you.’ He kissed Ashley’s forehead then pulled on a pair of tracky bottoms before leaving the room.

Ashley fell back on the bed with a smile. So, this was what love felt like, he mused to himself. It felt fucking awesome!

Once Ashley was done brushing his teeth and washing up, he slipped his boxers and jeans on and left the room quietly. As he walked towards the kitchen, he heard voices and stopped. Oh! It seemed Josh’s flatmate was back. He bit his lips unsure whether to go into the kitchen or wait for Josh in his room but then he heard his name. Without meaning to, he began tiptoeing closer to hear what was being said.

‘So, you’ve fucked him then? I mean, you can’t even deny it. I came in when you guys were fucking and the flat was literally shaking, bruv!’

Ashley felt his face turn red with the force of his blush. He didn’t realise they had been that loud!

‘Fuck off, man! You don’t hear me complaining when you’re fucking all your hos.’ Josh replied with a laugh.

‘So how was it then? No details, mate! Just…I mean, you’ve finally done it. We were all wondering when you’d finally throw the geezer a bone. His crush was so fucking obvious it was like the Batman signal.’

Ashley stilled when he heard that, the smile fading. Had it been that obvious? His crush? ‘Mate! It’s not like that. And it’s not a ‘finally’ stuff. More like, better late than never, eh?’

Josh chuckled.

Ashley began walking backwards. Oh, better late than never? So that’s what it was to him. A pity fuck for the idiot that was like a Batman signal? He rushed back to the room, closing the door silently and not hearing Josh continue.

‘And don’t talk about it that way again, okay? Tell the others. We’re together now. I think I’m falling for him, man.’

‘Jesus Christ! Are you gonna be one of those soppy idiots drooling after their ‘significant others.’ Hehehe.’ His flatmate, Brian chortled with a leer.

‘I repeat, fuck off! Now piss off, so I can finish cooking breakfast for my man.’ Josh flung a dishtowel at Brian who ducked then sauntered out of the kitchen.

Then he poked his head back in, ‘uhm…I don’t exactly know who’s gonna be eating that food cuz your man just ran out of the flat.’

‘What do you mean?’ Josh replied, dropping the bowl of whisked eggs and hurrying out to the living room window.

‘Your Ashley just fucked off.’

Josh rushed to his room to grab his phone. He dialled Ashley’s number and it rang before going to voicemail. He rang him again and this time it went straight to voicemail. What the fuck had just happened!?

He sat on the bed with a confused sigh, his hands in his hair as he closed his eyes.

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