My New Older Friend


I’ve always had an affinity for older men, but these days it seems I’m either the older man or one of the older men involved when there’s sex play. But recently I was fortunate to meet a man who at seventy-one made for the widest margin in age I’d been with in quite a while.

John and I met at a rehearsal for a school function in which my granddaughter and his great-grandson were involved. John was a widower who lived alone and my wife was out of town on a business trip that as sometimes happened spanned the weekend. My son, his wife and John’s single parent grandson had to work that particular Saturday and that’s how we came to meet that day. The rehearsal was about three hours long and John and I sat together talking the entire time. We talked about our families, careers, hobbies and such and found I enjoyed John’s company very much and thought we could be good friends. The idea of a romantic relationship never entered my mind.

As the rehearsal was coming to a close I asked John “since we both seem to have a free evening would you like to have dinner with me?”

He said “that’d be nice” then gave me his address and we agreed on a time to meet.

We spoke a few minutes more then collected our grandchildren and parted company.
At the appointed time I picked John up at his home and we headed for the restaurant. The restaurant I chose was both upscale and old world and is owned by a close friend. It has a large dining room and along two walls are booths that are enclosed by heavy drapes that make for a cozy little nook where diners can have privacy. My friend, being the discreet fellow that he is sat us in one of these nooks.

We had delightful conversation along with our meal and the wine we shared. John talked about his wife and their long marriage saying they’d been married forty-three years when she’d passed on.

I expressed “you must have felt a great loss having been together for so long. I’ve been married to the same women more the thirty years and can’t begin to understand the loss I’d feel if she goes before I do.”
We talked more during the main course then between dinner and dessert John said “my wife’s passing did bring some relief in that I no longer had to lead a double life.” After saying this he looked into my eyes from over the rim as he drank from his wine glass.

I asked “what do you mean by double life?”

John hesitated a moment then said “look, I had great affection for my wife throughout our marriage, I loved her deeply. But somehow always felt I was meant to lead a different life.”

Thinking about what he’d said for a moment I told him “I understand.”

Looking at me very seriously he asked “do you?”

I replied “Yes, I do. Being open about ones sexuality today while no cakewalk is comparatively easier then your generation had it. You folks had a more difficult time because it was necessary to be more discreet, underground and “in the closet”.”

When I used these buzz words John visibly relaxed, nodded and smiled.

Leaning forward, my arms crossed in front of me lying on the table, I said “it’s easy for me to Kolej Escort understand John because I’ve known I was bi-sexual since I was very young. And I don’t mean bisexual like a lot of men do who toss the word out there to justify their occasional flings with another man, but mean bisexual in the truest definition of the word, not preferring one sex over the other, but both equally. Even today not many people, including my wife, knew of my sexuality.”

We sat in silence for a few minutes as the waiter poured the last of the wine into our glasses. When we were once again alone John shared a small piece of his story with me.

“I grew up in a rural area where “town” was just a few blocks of stores, businesses, church and school. The town was so small that City Hall, the post office, the grocery store and the only gas station in town were all in the same building. Most of the people, like my family, lived on the surrounding farms.”

“My mother was loving, caring and attentive enough to me and my two older brothers and sister but my father was cold and distant and seldom even spoke to me except to get on me about school or something else or the other. I don’t think we ever had a real conversation my entire life.”

“When I was ten the man who owned the drugstore, Mr. Morgan, took me under his wing and gave me a job after school making deliveries, even bought me a bike to do it. I did chores around the store like sweeping and stocking the shelves then when I was a little older he let me work behind the soda fountain counter.”

“He was always very nice to me, doing things for me and almost from the beginning Mr. Morgan would often call me back into the pharmacy area to help fill prescriptions when I wasn’t too busy out front. I never mixed any of the drugs but would get the bottles from the shelves for him as he did. He always took the time to explain everything he knew about the drugs he was working with, what they were for, how they’d react together, how some if you used too much of a certain kind would be a poison rather then make you better. I learned a lot from him and when I graduated from school he helped me get into college, my goal was to become a pharmacist, which turned out to be my life’s work.”

“When I was nineteen and away at college Mr. Morgan passed away and because he had no family he left the store and his other property to me. So after I graduated I felt I owed him something and reopened the drugstore staying until the late sixties when a small family owned drugstore like mine could no longer compete with the big national stores. So I moved here with Elaine, who I’d married in 1957 and our kids and went to work for one of those national companies.”

When John was finished I sat silent for a moment then said “sounds like Mr. Morgan changed the course of your life.”

John responded “Yeah, I guess I would have ended up on the farm like my brothers did if it hadn’t been for him.”

By this time we’d finished our dinner and wine and had coffee and dessert. I paid the tab, thanked my friend for having Rus Escort provided a wonderful meal, wine and atmosphere and John and I left.

On the drive to John’s home he asked “would you like to come in for another drink?”

“That’d be great” I replied.

I pulled into John’s driveway and we went inside. His home was very neat and orderly and as we walked into the kitchen/ dining area he motioned for me to sit at the breakfast counter.

John moved about the kitchen getting glasses and was at the refrigerator door getting ice when I said “if it’s all the same to you, rather then drinks what I’d really like to have is you.”

John turned, looked at me a second and then walked over. Placing the glasses on the countertop he stepped between my legs where I sat on the stool, leaned in and kissed me. Eagerly I returned his kisses and held him to me.

He stepped back and pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it on the countertop with the glasses. Standing back between my legs he again brought his mouth to mine and his hands came to my nipples where he pulled, pinched and played with them as we kissed. My hands went between his legs and I felt his cock and balls through his pants.

A couple minutes of this and I loosened his belt, opened his fly and let his pants and underwear fall to his feet. John placed one hand on the counter to steady himself as he stepped out of the clothes pooled at his feet. I got my first look at his cock and saw he was cut, soft, about two inches, had an average amount in thickness of salt and pepper pubic hair and a loose, low hanging set of balls. John again came to me and as I held his balls in one hand and played with his cock with the other, he kissed my neck and nuzzled my ears. God was I hot for John!!

After one last quick kiss John gently broke away and said “let’s take this to the back.”

I watched John’s ass as we walked down the hall to his bedroom and once there John sat on the edge of the bed and removed his socks and the rest of his clothing as did I the same standing beside the bed in front of him.

I climbed onto the bed and lay back as John leaned over my mid-section and took hold of my cock commenting, as most people do on how wet I was. He took my cock into his mouth and proceeded to give me one of the best blow jobs I’d ever had. He licked the head sucking me all the way into his mouth then licked and sucked my balls.

Letting him suck me for about seven or eight minutes I pulled my cock from John’s mouth before I came and told him “it’s was my turn now.”

We changed positions and without touching his cock leaned in and licked the shaft up to the head then sucked it into my mouth swirling my tongue around the head. Holding his cock upright with my hand at the base I began to suck long strokes on his cock and slowly but surely he became hard. Hard John was a good six inches and the head was very broad and helmet shaped with a pronounced ridge and licking along that ridge I was rewarded with a moan. I sucked John for maybe ten minutes and then he had me stop Yenimahalle Escort before he came.

He asked me to roll over and then climbed on top of me placing his cock between my cheeks. For several minutes he rubbed himself back and forth and while I could feel his cock nudging against my asshole John lost his hard-on before entering me.

He was a little upset but I told him “that’s not so important to me” and cuddled with him awhile.

Lying beside each other a while John relaxed and took hold of my cock again playing with me until he brought back my hard-on. John stroked my cock for several minutes, pulling his fist over the head as he played with me. After stroking me for a bit John said “If you want to I’d really like you to fuck me.”

Using the lube he gave me I rubbed and teased the outside of his asshole before inserting one finger into him and after a couple of minutes, after getting two fingers into his ass he was relaxed and open enough for me.

I put on a condom and got behind John’s kneeling form, placing my cock at his opening and pressed myself in. I’m of average length, about six inches, but do have a thick, round, blunt cock head and once I got the head beyond his anal ring was able to fuck John’s ass as he really moaned his pleasure.

As I fucked him John said “don’t cum in my ass because I want to taste it.”

Fucking his ass for another five minutes or so I felt my nut approaching and told him “get ready, I’m gonna cum”. After a half dozen or so more strokes I could hold out no longer so I pulled out and yanked off the condom.

John quickly flipped around and as I knelt there he took my cock into his mouth and sucked until I began to spurt. When I started shooting John stopped sucking and held just the head of my cock between his lips as he swallowed my cum and played with my balls. When I had finished cumming I lay beside John and we cuddled together and fell asleep.
The next morning we rose and showered and as we played and washed each other I told John “I want to suck you off this morning.”

Getting out of the shower we went back to his bed and I lay between his legs and began to go down on him. Taking his soft cock into my mouth I worked his cock back into a nice hard-on and after sucking ten or twelve minutes John began to moan and rock his hips and shortly began to cum. He shot several pulses into my mouth and I swallowed every bit.

Wanting to cum again I lay next to John and began to stroke myself. John moved down to my cock and took over for me first using his hand then his mouth. When I began to cum John sucked, swallowed and moaned like my cum was ambrosia and he was having something he hadn’t had in a long time.

Afterwards John and I lay together for awhile talking and cuddling and again we fell asleep. We awoke late in the morning and after a brunch I had to go.

Before leaving I told John “I want you in my life and would be honored to call you friend as well as lover.”

John smiled and said “I’d like that too.”

We stood in his living room for a final kiss and embrace before I went out the door.

I’d really enjoyed that evening and the next morning as well but it really wasn’t just the sex but John’s company and our talks. Even though John is twenty-one years my senior we had a good bit in common and I looked forward to our next encounter, which just so happens to be tonight. I’ll let you know how it turned out.

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