Dave finds a book


Since my dad passed away last year, I have been rebinding old books and selling them to help build a college fund. The life insurance had paid off the house so Mom’s job was keeping us afloat just fine.

“David,” she called, “come help with this box of books I got at the church storehouse.”

I helped her bring in a musty box with years of dust on on it.

” This box has been in storage for ever and they were just going to toss it out, so I thought you would like to go through it first.”

She gave me her stunning smile, God my mother is beautiful.

“Thanks mom.” I said grinning like the love sick teen I was. She checked her watch.

“I have a meeting soon order a pizza for you and your sister, I should be home by 8:00.”

she gave me a quick kiss on the lips. A small nuke went off in my pants as she turned and headed back out the door. My sister is a younger, shorter flat chested carbon copy of mom.

We have been home schooling during the scamdemic and both flying through our classes. I am already in the 12th grade and 5 weeks ahead on my work. I set up my camera to do an unboxing vid for my patreon donors.

The box was waxy cardboard, I googled the maker and found they went out of business in 1945.

I let my sister, Julie, know I was going to start recording and ask that she not interupt. she agreed and said she was going to have an online chat with her friends anyway.

I’m so glad that we get along well. I closed my door and turned on the camera and carefully cut open the box. As I opened it the smell of old books and very old leather wafted into the room.

I knew right away this was the jackpot! Right on top of the stack was a black leather bound first edition of Oliver twist! This is the holy Grail of old books easily worth $3,000 in the condition it’s in now. Carefully I set the book aside, underneath that were four leather-bound textbooks algebra geometry history and geography. All from 1910 to 1920 the history book would be the most valuable but it needed it’s spine rebuilt on the cover.

Next were several leather-bound volumes of Shakespeare all from a matching set from the same printer! These eight books as the set might be worth $10,000 to the right collector. I could not believe that the church was just going to throw this in the trash!

At the very bottom were two hand-made books, both in very bad repair for being under the stack of heavy books. I carefully lifted them out and set the box aside.

One was a town ledger from the City of Salem. I held my breath, for a moment then got out my cotton gloves. If this was actually from the city of Salam where the witch trials had been held, it might be the most valuable book in America.

Putting the book on a new piece of paper and carefully opened it I frowned hearing it’s spine cracking as I did. inside the cover is the date 1821. The picture showed a list of rules, the size of the town, and the signatures of the occupants.

I addressed my audience on the camera. ” I think that’s enough excitement for one day I’m going to put this aside and get some advice on proper restoration.”

I shut down the camera and carefully closed the book and slipped it into a protective dust cover.

The other book was smaller and seem to be much better condition still very old. It had a paper dust cover that was falling apart but, the leather cover and spine still seem to be reasonably good shape. Carefully I open this and inside appeared to be a private journal, written in the very flowy handwriting of that time.

Near the back of the book a small note or letter had been tucked Etlik Escort inside the dust jacket. I took it out it smelled the faint scent of roses even after all this time.

On the folded paper in red ink was a small poem and a woman’s lip print on the paper. I had no idea that women had lipstick in the 1800s.

The poem said said ” A kiss from me sends lust to thee, free from inhibition. With a kiss from thee, to spread lust is now your mission. Sickness ends as lust begins, perfect health comes from sins. As I will so Mote it be.”

As I held the paper a warm flush washed over me, I had an overwhelming urge to kiss the lip print.

“This is stupid,” i thought to myself. “God knows what mold might be in this.”

While that thought was in my mind I was surprised to see I had brought it closer to my face . The smell of roses hit me again. Completely against my will I put my lips to the paper and made a kissing sound.

I thought I heard a woman giggle and it made me smile. I looked at the page and the lip print was gone.Rubbing my mouth I looked at my hand and did not see a stain. I went to the bathroom in the hall to check the mirror.

My reflection looked the same, did I imagine it? I felt hot, as a teen age boy sex ran through my mind 24/7 but, at that moment it felt worse than ever. I had to adjust my cock as it stiffened in my pants.

Checking the hall for my sister I retreated to my room again, maybe it was time to masturbate to get my hormones under control.

I was just getting ready to go to my favorite porn sight when Julie tapped on my door. “Dave are you still recording?” Clicking back out of the sight I went to the door and opened it a crack to look at her.

Her clear blue eyes peered up at me, and then she looked concerned. Are you feeling ok? your kind of flushed.” I, I’m just excited with my new project.” I stuttered.

“Mom found me some rare books to restore.” I looked back at the stack in distraction. I could smell her rose scented shampoo drifting in the door. Looking back at her I could see her eyes flashing over my books, she was bored her to tears.

Was she always this pretty? Her lips looked so shiney with the lip gloss she used. ” Ok, she said what’s for dinner?”

I said “Mom said we could order pizza are you hungry?” I realized I had no idea what time it was. She smiled at me and I swear my dick throbbed and grew longer than it had been before.

“Yes you silly it’s already passed 6. ”

“Alright,”I said. “let me get in the app and get the order in. ” She bounced in place and gave me a peck in the lips before heading to the game room.

It’s normal for us to kiss on the mouth in our house. Our parents decided years before we were born that showing affection was something that not enough families give each other. But, this kiss seamed to burn my mouth.

I had an almost irresistible urge to chase my sister down and kiss her again.

Julie closed the door to the game room and caught her breath. She loved her brother, and knew she had more than a little ceush on him. Like most modern kids she had an unlimited data plan and had seen more of her fair share of porn. She had been masturbating since she knew what it was. All of her family had been in one fantasy or another.

Admittedly pansexual and built like a boy she was gender fluid and vacillated between wanting to be more like her mom and also hoping to stay flat chested forever. She had secretly bought an electolosis hair remover last year and was permanently removing any new body hair that grew in.

Keçiören Escort Her lips still tingled from the last kiss she had given her brother she could feel her pulse in her tiny clit and her panties growing damp. She suspected that her brother had been jacking off or about to by the way he kept his lower body out of view. Slipping her hand down the front of her shorts she parted her sticky lips and began to furiously rub her swelling clit in small circular motions.

With her other hand she lightly pinched her hyper sensitive nipples through her shirt. She knew she could cum just from touching herself on the chest but was in a sudden rush to get the edge off. Maybe if she went quietly back she could peek under David’s door and watch him beat off.

David ordered the same thing that they had last time using the card his mother gave them for just such things. ETA 45 min said the app. So he went back to his porn tab and pulled his aching member out. It seamed longer than usual and both his hands would not quite cover it now. No wonder he thought to himself I have had a growing spirt. Turning slightly so he could use the mouse and masturbate with the other hand.

David, had no idea that Julie was just now laying on the floor in the hall, she had a clear view of him from the chest down and watched him move the skin in his uncut cock.

David found a brother sister vid and put his head phones on and began fantasizing that it was he and Julie in the film. When Julie saw him get the headphones she had a naughty idea and after waiting till her brother was completely engrossed she slowly and silently opened the door.

The blonde girl on the screan was not as pretty as his sister but, was thin and flat chested. She fit his fantasy perfectly.

Crawling like a cat after its prey Julie crept closer to her brother his pants down around his thin legs but a surprisingly long cock in his hands. She heard him say her name under his breath which gave her a thrill that felt like it ran from her lips to her clit like hot water.

She could now see the title of the film he was watching and knew he was getting close his hand almost a blur.

David felt his orgasm coming and closed his eyes tight and squeezed the base of his over heated penis. He was imagining his sister’s mouth on it and for a moment it felt so real!

With a crashing shock reality kicked in at first ist he was so confused he could not move! his little sister had stuffed as much of him into her mouth that she could and was sucking hard and swallowing fast.

“JULIE!!!??” he shouted, “Stop that!” but there was little conviction in his voice.

Julie for her part was orgasming as she drank down her brother salty seed, wrapping her soft little hand around his almost hairless ball sack she sucked for all she was worth.

David was shouting at first but then convulsing as his cock was being milked. He put trembling hands in her short hair trying not to jam his dick down her throat. Julie’s body was also being wracked with spasms as some of the slippery sperm leaked out of her mouth down her chin.

The young girl pulled her head off his lap and lay on her back, licking her face and using her fingers to scoop any errant fluids into her mouth. A beautific smile on her face. Both teens were panting for breath.

“Damn that was hot Dave!” Julie said still smiling and enjoying the small aftershocks of her orgasm.

“What made you do that?” her brother asked, “not that I’m mad I’m just in shock.”

With a grin she said ” I have wanted to for a few Kızılay Escort years now, have you not seen me looking at you when we swim or when you get out of the shower?”

” I have” he confessed,” but I chalked it up to over active hormones. I was busy looking when your bikini goes up your butt like a thong. Or down your shirt when you bend over.”

“Oh! you should have just asked!”she said with a twinkle in her eye. His little sister pulled her shirt up and over her head tossing it by the door.

” Look all you want big brother anytime you want.”

David gazed down with a hunger at her flat chest and bright pink areolas her tiny nipples stiff like pencil erasers. Holding her hands together over her head she stretched like a cat arching her back off the floor. Not accidentally pulling the crotch of her shorts tight to meet mound showing a little camel toe. Her older brothers eye were drawn to this phenomenon.

“Jules do you not have any panties on?”

“Why don’t you put your hand down the and find out?” She said batting her eyes and grinning.

With his pants still around his ankles the teenage boy got on his knees unable to resist. he hand his hand over her diamond hard nipple causing her to draw in a breath and close her eyes.

Slowly he slid his hand down her flat stomach while leaning his face toward her frail chest. His fingers crept under her light cotton shorts and over her smooth hairless mound, his mouth came near her left nipple.

Julie moaned and flexed her hips up to push his fingers into her moist slit as she pulled his face to her breast.

David clamped his mouth on her nipple and began suckling that ingrained human nursing rhythm that we all have. Jules gently guided his hand and showed him the method she liked for rubbing her clit. This never before felt stimulation was like a rocket! Her orgasm came crashing like a wave arching her back and clamping her hand down over his female ejaculation covering her brothers hand.

At last it was too much and she breathlessly said ” Stop , stop, it’s too muuuuch.” Drawing the last word out like it had 4 syllables. David tried to sit back in his heels but fell over in the tangel of his pants and laughed at himself.

Sitting up Julie leaned over her brother “We should have done this years ago.” After a pause she bent down and kisses him open mouthed, both hesitating for moments but then with passion.

Clumsy tongues back and forth with some giggles, a knock at the door broke them up.

“Oh shit it’s the pizza!” David said in a mild panic while scrambling to get his pants untangled.

“I got it.” said Julie, she jumped up and darted out of her brothers room.

“Coming!” She called on her way to the door yanking it open to reveal herself in all her topless glory to the young man from the pizza place. He gawked with open mouth amazement at the half naked nyphet before him.

Calmly taking the boxes from his unresisting hands she politely thanked him. Holding out her other hand to him he shook it out of reflex. “Fuck!” the young man said.

Frowning Julie asked “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

” N-no!” he stuttered.

Julie gave him an impish smile and kissed him lightly on the mouth.

“Maybe you should?” she remarked, as she closed and locked the door.

Mark stood on the porch and then rubbed his hand where the sexy little girl had kisses him.

“Maybe she is right?” he said to himself his lips tingled and he faintly smelled roses. On the way back to the car he thought of how sexy his mother really was, he had to admit to himself that it’s why he was attracted to BBW girls.

Looking at himself in the rear view mirror the 18 year old though ” wow my face has really cleared up, turning his head he saw no signs of acne not even scars. That new cleanser scrub mom gave me is a miracle, she deserves a kiss for that for sure.”

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