Card Night With Dad , Friends


It was a hot summer afternoon and I had just returned from doing the shopping for dad and I. Mom usually does the shopping but she was away on a business trip with her law firm. Dad had just arrived home from work and had some beer for his weekly card night with his friends. I was already putting groceries away, so I didn’t mind when he asked me to put the beer away for him, as he wanted to go take a shower. I put the beer in the fridge when it struck me, one of these would probably taste really good.

After all I had just come in myself and it was kind of warm in the house. I turned down the thermostat and went back into the kitchen and finished putting the groceries away. When I was done I ran up the stairs to ask dad if I could have a beer. I hadn’t been allowed to drink prior to this because I was too young dad said. Whenever I had asked in the past he always said I was too young and I would have to wait at least until I was Eighteen.

I had just turned eighteen two days prior and thought I would go rub that in his face as a reason. The water wasn’t running and Dad hadn’t closed the door to his and moms bedroom so I figured he was done with his shower. As I walked into the room dad was standing there naked, and the towel was on the floor. He must have been getting ready to get dressed since he was already dry. He had put on aftershave and smelled really good. I was embarrassed and said “oops sorry dad” and quickly exited the room. I couldn’t believe what I had just done, although I was a bit turned on and even a little wet from what I saw.

Dad’s 42 but is very athletic with a nice build, but I didn’t know his body was that nice. He had a really nice, big dick. I felt a bit ashamed and figured I’d better go get ready for my own night out. My friend and I Were going out and were going to try to pick up some guys, so I got changed into my hottest, shortest black skirt, along with my low cut top which was also black. Underneath, I had on a red push up bra and I had also put on my lacy red panties which were very revealing.

As soon as I had finished dressing and putting on my make-up kocaeli escort the doorbell rang. It was two of dads friends coming over to play cards. One of them said “wow you sure look good”. I told him thanks and escorted them inside being sure to swaggle my ass as I walked in front of them. I was feeling a bit turned on by all of this and remembered the beer I was going to drink. I went into the kitchen and the phone rang. It was my girlfriend calling to say she couldn’t go out after all.

What a bummer, I was all dressed up and no where to go. Dad had just come down the stairs and said hello to his friends, whom where waiting in the living room at the card table. He asked me to grab them all a beer and I said I would as they all sat down to play. I returned with four beers and dad said “hey what’s with the beer?”

I reminded him of what he had always told me before. I made sure that as I handed them their beers that I leaned over real low to give them a nice glimpse of my tits. By the looks on their faces, they were seeing plenty too. Even my dad was looking. I opened mine up and they started playing cards. Feeling left out I pulled up a chair, being sure to leave it away from the table so they could get a good view of my red panties. As they played I kept noticing them trying to secretly look at my pussy. They weren’t doing a very good job though, I even saw my dad peering over the top of his cards, pretending to look at his hand.

They had all finished their beers and dad asked me to go and get us all another. I was buzzed and quickly agreed. I returned with four more and made sure when I sat down again that I left my legs spread a little. .

Again I could see them all peering over their cards at my crotch, which was now getting very wet from all the attention. Still feeling left out, I asked, “cant I play”? “No dad said, its just for us guys”. I said come on one game. He told me alright just one. I said “o. k. but if I win I get to play again and I make the rules”.

Dad agreed and dealt the cards. I got real Excited when I saw my hand, I had Two queens and three sixes. When the kocaeli escort bayan game was over I had won. “Yes” I exclaimed as all the cards hit the table. I told them we were gonna play one game of strip poker, winner take all. To my disbelief, dad didn’t disagree, I think he had liked what he had been seeing and I know the other two did when they both tried to beat each other to the cards. The one who won quickly shuffled and dealt the cards. This time I had two aces, a two, a four and a nine. When it came time to draw I made sure to throw away both aces and the nine. I drew only a three, another four and a six.

I had lost and stood up to saying “you win some, you lose some”. As I reached for my top dad said, “you don’t have to Samantha and I said “no I want to, a deals a deal. ” With that my top came off and I reached down and slid off my skirt. Dads eyes popped out of his head as I unhooked my bra, grabbed my tits and said “come and get em”.

After all, I told them winner take all, and I was the all. Nobody moved, and I knew they wouldn’t untill my father did, so I leaned over and grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head. Then I reached down and undid his pants, noticing how hard that beautiful prick was that I had seen earlier. There was no secret what was about to happen next so dad slid out of his pants and underwear. At the same time his friends had undressed and I had taken off my soaked panties. I knelt down in front of my father and took his rigid cock in my hand, kissing the tip of the head.

His friends were busy rubbing my tits as I took his cock into my mouth and moaned MMMM. Dad was so big in my mouth as he moved back and fourth, his warm cock gliding over my lips amd tongue. Dad pulled out and led me over to the couch, his friends followed us. He sat on the arm of the couch and grabbed my hips, pulling me towards him. I climbed onto the arm and wrapped my legs around him lowering myself onto his big dick. “Ohhh” I said as I rode up and down along his shaft. One of his friends was standing next to us stroking his cock and I leaned over so he could feed it to me. I licked izmit escort it and then took it in my mouth, as I felt the tip of the other cock at the entrance of my asshole.

Dad was moaning with pleasure as I rode up and down on him, and as I came back down, the cock from behind was forced up into my asshole. I let out a scream and started to cum from all of this hot cock being pushed in and out of me. Excited by my screams dad now grabbed my hips and started forcing my downthrusts, knowing this was also forcing my ass to meet the cock ramming me from behind. I was bent over and his friend which was standing, was now force-fucking my mouth as I was enthralled by all of these cocks and could not keep the correct rhythm.

I didn’t have to though, dad forced me up and down, and the guy standing, simply and literally fucked my mouth. I was coming over and over. I couldn’t stop and they didn’t. I was having all my holes force fucked now and loving it. cum was running out of my pussy from so many orgasms. Dad let out a long sigh and shot a huge load of cum up into my pussy which felt so hot inside of me.

My ass was starting to hurt too bad to continue. so I took the opportunity of dad being done, to have his friend pull out. And I climbed off jumping into the couch and sitting down. His friends got up on the couch on both sides of me standing. I told them to feed me and stuck out my tongue. I grabbed a cock from each side and stroked, with my tongue out as far as I could stick it. I stroked back and fourth as fast as I could until one of them came directly on my tongue.

His cum pooled up on it until it overflowed onto my tits. My attention had been drawn to the cum and I had stopped jerking off the other dick, so he had quickly replaced my hand with his, beating it off furiously as I lapped up the cum from my lips. He quickly came at the site of this and sent a hot stream of cum right onto my lips. I stuck out my tongue as fast as I could to receive the next hot stream. He covered my face in cum. at least the parts that weren’t all ready covered. The two of them just stood there, rubbing there cocks in it, guiding it into my open mouth. I just sat there and looked ahead at my dad with my mouth open and my tongue out.

He had a gleam in his eyes and I had a gleam in mine too, and probably some cum as well!

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