Martha in America Ch. 10


They both snickered again. His sister rested her hand on the point of Martha’s hipbone and rubbed her thumb in the hollow at the base of her thigh, as she said:

“He was right about your hair.”

“But your is nice, too, … as much as anyone would want, … like your breasts,” and her hand found one, her fingers holding its fullness for a moment, squeezing it, and then finding her aroused nipple. His sister moved her thumb again with an appreciative sigh as her other hand slipped under Martha’s waist – and hers did the same – and they both held each other’s hips and moved their faces closer up the other’s thigh. Martha’s other hand slid up from his sister’s her breast and towards her hip, and then they were both drawing each other closer, their faces sliding up between their open thighs. And then with a mutual sigh, they clasped each other together and burrowed their faces deep between the other’s waiting thighs that lowered to hold the other’s head as their mouths found the other’s aroused pussy.

In the now brighter morning light, there was no hesitation about what they wanted. Clasped together in perfectly mirrored positions, their bodies hardly moving, just twitching occasionally as their tongues moved, hidden in each other’s moist, aroused cunt, and moved in unison, better now than the first time, lapping and boring, and lapping and rubbing the other’s firm, aroused clitoris in almost perfect unison. And in the same unison, their fingers slipped down into the crevice between the other’s hips and found her asshole, both holding still for a moment as their fingers moved, and then their hips moved in unison, rocking up, and then relaxing, and then rocking up as they both moaned, and then moaned again more emphatically as they clutched each other and their thighs twitched, and then twitched again, fluttering, quivering, and then clutching and clutching again and again with wet noises, as they gasped and moaned, and then again and again as their hips jerked and their thighs quivered.

And then they just sighed loudly, and their bodies slumped, completely relaxed, just moving with their following deep breathing and sighs.

And then they just lay, breathing less deeply, and then their hands moved, stroking each other a little. One and then the other extended her leg, leaving the other’s face free. Then they were still for a while longer. When his sister slid her hand down and found Martha’s breast, holding it, Martha did the same. They fondled each other while one and then the other took a deeper breath, but then released it.

Then, finally, Martha drew another deeper breath and asked softly:

“Do you always … come that good? That must have been wonderful.”

“It was, thank you. … Not until he did it for me. Don’t you? It was so good, and knowing you were, too, … that I was making it so good for you. … I just loved it, … like I thought I would, … all in my face. I wanted that. … Don’t you?

“Not until he did it. … Hnnn! Like you said. … You’re lucky, learning so soon. … And I wanted you to, … wanted to know it was being good for you and to have it … like you said.”

“All in our faces, like he likes it. Now I … we know why he loves it so much. I do too.”

Martha nodded. After a moment his sister continued:

“And oh, that was so good, when we were doing it together, it was almost as though I were doing it to myself. That was funny, but so good.”

Um-hmm, like that. That occurred to me, too, … yes, funny. … Oh, thank you, too. I should have said that before. I guess I didn’t want to admit how much I liked it.”

Martha squeezed her breast, and she squeezed hers in return and replied:

“I’m so glad you did. It’s just too good not to like it! … Oh, … I guess …? Oh, … I don’t know, … I guess, I just love it any way. … I mean, … well, I shouldn’t have done it with him, … maybe more than I shouldn’t with you, so …? Oh, I didn’t mean that! I didn’t want to say that! … I mean, … ’cause I shouldn’t have done it with him, it wasn’t any more of a taboo – breaking a taboo – to want to do it with you, … and I did. Well, it was easier for me to admit I wanted to. … Yeah, I think that’s what I mean, what I wanted to say, … that it was easier for me to admit to myself that I wanted to, that I liked it. Did that make sense?”

Martha snorted with a smile and nodded and agreed:

“I think so, yeah, that made sense, … after you got there.”

They both snorted, and then Martha added:

“Yeah, I think it does, sort of explains why it was more difficult for me to admit I did, … that I do, too.”

“Oh, that’s good! Thank you, … for helping me explain what I meant, … and for agreeing that you liked it. … I wanted you to, … didn’t want you not to, … want to feel that maybe you really didn’t want to, … even if you did it – and so good – but then wished you hadn’t.”

“I might have, before you said all that. But now I can’t help but admit that I really liked it. … You’re as good about talking about sex as your brother şirinevler escort is.”

His sister snickered and replied:

“You know where I learned.

“Hmm! Um-hmm. I did too, from him. I wonder what he thinks we are doing?”

“Right now? What we could be doing? What time is it? Maybe he’s taking a shower – and washing it – … hmm? – not like that, or maybe like that – and thinking we could be too, one of us, or both of us – showering – or already making breakfast, naked. Yeah, he probably thinks that, at least, that we have agreed to go naked, knowing we both would want to.”

“Um-hmm, we sure did. And if he thought that, he must be wondering if we will …”

“And probably pretty sure that we will. He knows us both pretty well.”

“Well, we haven’t disappointed him then.”

“That sounds funny, two girls that have slept with him agreeing that they haven’t disappointed him … this way.”

“Um-hmm, but he would understand and …”

“And like it. Like with the roommates, … or that other girl. He didn’t mind that they did, and they were good, … with him. Of course, if they liked what he likes, they must have liked everything, wanted him to do everything, … anything he liked …”

“Or they liked.”

“Like us.”

“I guess so.”

“We do.”

Martha squeezed her breast in response and was silent for a moment before she replied:

“But don’t tell anyone.”

They both snickered softly as they fondled each other’s breast, and then his sister murmured:

“Not even him?”

“You probably won’t need to tell him. He’ll just know.”

“Yeah, … probably. … I hope you don’t mind?”

“I guess not. … No, … I kind of like the idea, … that he thinks – would think – we have, that we were curious enough to …”

“And liked it.”

“Yeah, … I guess …, that, too.”

“Oh, I do! … Oh? … I guess that’s like before, … that it’s easier for me to say so. … But I really hope you did.”

Martha just nodded on his sister’s thigh with a little snort, and then blew on her hair, and then snorted again and fondled her breast with another nod and replied:

“Um-hmm, but … No ‘but’, … it’s just still a new idea, … a little hard to admit. Oh, I think all girls would like it … if they once did it, … sort of like doing it to him the first time, but that was easier … to admit I like. … Hm-mmm! I really told him how much I liked that.”

“Me too!”

“Um-hmm. …. Hm-mmm! Wanting to have my mouth full of ‘that white stuff’!”

They both snickered and then giggled, and his sister sat up and looked down at Martha as she rolled onto her back, smiling and then grinning at each other with a snort, and then looked at each other’s nude bodies, and snorted again with another grin.

“And do you think boys would like it, … ‘if they once did it’?” his sister asked.

“Hmmm? You’d better ask him, … or had better not. I think they have more of a problem with it.”

“Maybe so. … And … I don’t know if I would want them not to.”

“Me either. … or is it: me neither?”

“I don’t know. ‘Me either’? ‘Me neither’? I think: ‘me either’; agreeing with me, … with what I said, … even if it was saying something negative. … If I had said: ‘I don’t want him to’ – ‘want them to’ – then: ‘me neither.’ But I said: ‘I don’t know …’, and you agreed that you don’t know, ‘either’. Does that make sense?”

Martha smiled with a nod and sat up and said:

“Yes, about as complicated as Latin grammar.”

As Martha started to get up, his sister replied:

“I don’t know if I learned that at school, I think, more from my father. He is a stickler about correct English. That helped me with my bikini; I caught him on an error when we were talking about it when they first saw it.”

Martha chuckled and replied:

“My good luck; getting into a family that is so correct about everything.”

They both laughed, and his sister agreed:

“Ours too, … that you did, … if we leave my parents out of it.”

They both chuckled as they went towards the bathroom. Martha agreed and said:

“We laughed about that – sometime after … I knew about you two – that he was just treating me like another member of the family, the way a family should treat an au pair.”

“Oh, that’s good!” she replied with a snicker: “… but I guess they didn’t mean it that way.”

Martha nodded with a smile, and they stepped into the tub. Martha turned on the water as she closed the shower curtain, and then they were washing each other, passing the soap back and forth as they stood close together under the shower.

“I guess we both learned this from him, too,” she murmured as Martha washed her breasts.

“Um-hmm, ‘saving water’,” and they both chuckled as she took the soap and washed Martha’s and then slid her hand down and let her fingers play in her hair as Martha took the soap and did the same with her soapy fingers.

“Um-hmm,” she acknowledged and opened escort istanbul her thighs to let Martha wash her and slid her fingers between Martha’s. They both nodded slightly as they smiled briefly at each other, and then their other hands slid down and between the cheeks of each other’s ass and washed there too as they stood closer, their breasts touching.

“Funny,” she murmured to Martha as their hands slid away: “… that we like that, find it arousing and want it, when …, but now it’s just nice and intimate, … like with him.”

“Um-hmm. I guess we don’t need to do our legs.”

Martha put the soap back in the soap-dish, and then they rinsed each other. Martha turned off the water, and they pulled back the shower curtain and found their towels.

Smirking a little at each other, they went to the kitchen.

“Can you make an omelette the way he does?” his sister asked.

“How is that?”

“With ham and cheese.”

“I can try. Onions too? I like onions.”

“If you want. I do too.”

“I’ll try.”

“I’ll set the table.”

They went about their tasks and were soon sitting down to Martha’s omelette, smiling at each other and then enjoying it and then the bread and jam she had placed on the table. When they had finished, they cleared the table and cleaned up the kitchen. And then they were back out on the deck, almost forgetting to be discreet about going out there with nothing on, giggling as they both crouched down with their towels and crept out into the sun. Martha let her spread suntan lotion on her, front and back, all over, and chuckled about how she did it. She only wanted lotion where her one-piece bathing suit had covered her, but they both enjoyed that was the area most fun to apply it. Chuckling, they lay down, smiling at each other as they lay on their stomachs.

After a few minutes, she glanced again at Martha and said:

“We should have brought books.”

“Um-hmm. We can go and try to find some.”

“Yeah, I guess. There are some on the shelf in the living room. Maybe later.”

She rolled over, getting herself back on her towel, and then opened her legs, letting the sun shine on her pussy as she glanced over at Martha, who smiled and remarked:

“Don’t get a sun-burn.”

“Feels good; warm in the sun, but a little strange … with the fresh air.”

Martha snorted with another brief smile and then closed her eyes. After a few moments, his sister glanced over at her again and then spread her thighs a little more as she smirked to herself. When Martha open her eyes and turned her face away from her , she quickly moved them back to where they had been before, but when she saw Martha settle down again, she smirked with a silent snort and drew her knees up and let them flop open. She lay like that with a little smile on her face and then another silent snort when her nipples stiffened. Then they relaxed again, and her smile faded as she lay there with her eyes closed. After a minute or two, she smiled again, and they tightened again, and she snorted softly again and then opened her eyes and glanced over at Martha.

After several more minutes, she lowered her knees, glancing at Martha again, and just lay there. Martha rolled over, settling herself back on her towel and then glancing over at her with a brief smile before she closed her eyes again. His sister turned her head a little so that she could look at her, looking at her breasts and then glancing at her own, and then looking at Martha’s again. When she saw Martha’s nipples tighten, she snorted slightly with a smile and glanced up and saw that Martha was also smiling and snorted again, and then turned her face back up to the sun, and then they both just lay there in silence, almost dozing.

“This is just too good,” Martha murmured, awakening her.

“Um-hmm,” she agreed.

“I didn’t think America would be like this.”

“Me neither, … or anywhere, really, … maybe just in a novel.”

“Um-hmm: ‘me neither.’ Like you said: “I didn’t think …,’ and you agreed that you didn’t either – ‘neither’.

“Umm-hmm, that’s right.”

“Hm-mmm! What novel?”

His sister blushed slightly and looked over at Martha and found her looking at her.

“Did he tell you, what book I had brought out here?”

“Um-hmm. He gave it to me.”

“Really?! Oh, probably after the first night. … But I didn’t read it, just thumbed through it when I found it. Wonder what would have happen if we hadn’t, and I had started to read it.”

“Sound’s like you had been planning for something to happen.”

“Hmm!? I don’t think so, but now it’s hard to deny that I might have been, subconsciously. Did you read it?”

“Yes, but not the way one should read a good novel.”

They both snickered and smiled at each other, and then turned over on their stomachs. After a few moments, his sister asked:

“Can I ask you something?”

“If you have to ask that first …, can’t think of anything you can’t ask me now.”

“Uh, … uh? … What are they like? The one’s halkalı escort that aren’t like my brother’s, … their ‘John Thomas’? I found that in the book.”

Martha snorted with a grin and replied:

“He was right: ‘interesting.’ And they were all different, … I mean, all not like your brother’s. What do you want to know?”

“What they’re like. Like in paintings – well, they never show in paintings, just little boys’ – Amor or Jesus, and his shouldn’t have been like that. I guess, on statues – David in Florence – his shouldn’t have been either – or where they haven’t been knocked off.”

“They’re like that, … well, on grown men, the skin doesn’t usually cover them the way they show on statues, … hm-mmm! … especially not when they’re the way you’ll probably get to see them.”

They both snickered as she continued:

“Then they don’t look much different from his, … and, if you want to know …”

His sister nodded: “… you can move the skin all up and down – even when they’re like that. Nice, I like that.”

“I bet I would, too.”

“Um-hmm, but it really doesn’t make much difference.”

“We like them, either way.”

They both chuckled again, and his sister smirked with a nod and replied:

“Thanks. You’re great! Who else could I ask that?”

Martha just smiled and nodded, and then they were silent for a while. Suddenly they were aware of people on the beach, closer to the house than usual, and both were silent for a moment, listening, looking at each other questioningly.

“We should have brought something to put on,” Martha whispered.

“Um-hmm,” she agreed, and then they both snuck back into the house on their hands and knees, going further into the shadow before standing up and looking at each other. They went and put on their bikinis and then returned to the living room, and then went back out on the deck, looking out at the beach, but the people had disappeared. They smiled at each other a little sheepishly, but agreed that they should have thought about that before, and then agreed to look for something to read and went back into the house.

When they saw the puzzle, they both started to look for matching pieces, finding a few as they sat down at the table, but then agreeing to go back out in the sun. His sister found a James Bond book and suggested to Martha that she might like Marjorie Morningstar, explaining:

“He said it was about a Jewish girl in New York … and has some sex. Yeah, I remember when it came out, there were some comments that it went pretty far.”

“Oh? Really?” Martha replied as she reached for it and then turned and looked at her with a smirk and added:

“Oh, I don’t know, … don’t know if I should be reading something like that …”

They grinned at each other and went back outside, first checking again if anyone was too near, and then returning to their towels and taking off their bikini tops.

“Oh, maybe we should get shirts or something, that we can put on faster,” Martha suggested, and they put their tops back on and went back into the house. On the way, his sister suggested: “I know; we can get a couple of his shirts, and they’ll be long enough to cover our bottoms, too.”

Martha followed her into his room, and she found his shirts, holding up an “Alligator” polo-shirt and then holding it in front of herself to see if it was long enough, and then handed it to Martha, who found it a little too short. His sister then found a striped shirt with long tails, and Martha agreed that that was adequate but asked if he wouldn’t mind.

“Oh, we won’t get them dirty, can put them back, and he will like that we thought we had needed them – why,” and they both smiled, and then she grinned and added: “And now we don’t need these,” and started to take off her bikini and thenput on the shirt and felt where the hem was and asked:

“Long enough?”

“If you don’t bend over, … or stand too close to the railing,” Martha replied and buttoned up his shirt, that was long enough to obviate the need to ask the same question.

They went back out on the deck and sat down and took the shirts off, smirking slightly, and then they lay down again and started reading their books.

After a while, she noticed Martha flipping a few pages ahead, and then a few more, reading a bit, and the flipping even further ahead, reading again, and then flipping back a couple of pages and beginning to read again.

“You’re cheating,” she commented as she looked over at Martha, who snorted and nodded and then replied:

“I just wanted to know what they thought was going ‘pretty far’.”

“Me, too. Did you find it?”

“I think so, … at least, they could, but maybe not yet.”

“Oh, that’s good! I hope they do. Let me see.”

She sat back and moved her towel closer to Martha’s and lay back down with her shoulder touching Martha’s, who shoved the book over between them. They read silently, nodding when the page could be turned, and then again for the next one.

“That wasn’t it,” his sister remarked in a disappointed sounding tone. Martha just nodded.

“Try again,” she suggested, and Martha snorted and flipped ahead a few more pages, and then thought for a moment, and flipped through the pages, stopping for a moment at the beginning of a new chapter and reading for moment, and then explaining:

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