Sybil charmed Kiran with her quirky sense of humor and her sparkling blue eyes. She was utterly captivating, and Kiran knew she had her sights set beyond him. She’d just moved to the city, she told him, and she was tired of having a boyfriend hanging around. She wanted to live precariously just now; to enjoy her youth.

Kiran accepted her offer to be friends.

After he met Sybil, there were other women in Kiran’s life – prettier ones, even. A man has needs, and in her role as his friend, Sybil encouraged him to explore his desire. But no woman could set his heart on fire the way Sybil did when she walked into the room.

Kiran couldn’t explain why his dreams revolved solely around her. She was exquisite, and yet, when she held perfectly still, she was just and ordinary girl, with freckles on her cheeks and sumptuous curves under her t-shirts and jeans. Yet Kiran could meditate on the heady scent of Sybil’s curling dark hair and sparkling blue eyes for hours, and even days. Underneath the veneer of their friendship, Sybil knew that Kiran longed for her, and yet she kept him at arm’s length, luxuriating in her freedom.

Kiran played along with her as best he could. He escorted her to bars and clubs and after-hours dance parties all over the city. They met for late breakfasts and even later dinners, and for coffee at any and every hour of the day. Between work and school and Sybil, there was little time for the company of others. There were moments when Kiran was convinced that Sybil might adore him just as much as he did her. One morning as they were walking home from a party, they stopped and sat on a bench to watch the sun rise, and he kissed her, softly, on the temple. Sybil pulled away gently, and in punishment, she ignored him for a week. When she finally called, Kiran was sure of his place in her universe.

“You need to stop this,” his best friend said. “She’s messing with your head.”

“She’s my friend,” was all Kiran could say – and he kept up his end of their lie, and dreamed of her body entwined with his, at dawn.

After a while Kiran became immune to the string of men Sybil introduced him to – handsome strangers she’d met in class or at work or at the bar. She never kept them for more than a day or two, and neither she nor Kiran ever remembered their names.

And then Marco came along – a Northern Italian who was as charming as Sybil and far more handsome than the other men she’d strung along. Sybil was captivated by Marco, and Marco liked Sybil well enough as a friend. In fact, he quite enjoyed her vivacious flirting and witty repartee. But Marco was gay, and Sybil knew it. She just couldn’t stop herself from lusting after him.

Kiran watched as Sybil followed Marco to all of the gay clubs in the city, watched her dance and flirt and wear her flashiest outfits. Suddenly Marco was with Sybil and Kiran everywhere they went; to dinner, to brunch, to coffee at all hours of the day. He watched the sun rise with them at dawn, and Kiran found that he too was charmed by Marco’s wit and dry sense of humour. He was also undeniably handsome.

After a week of this, Kiran realized that Sybil had a plan to seduce Marco, and that it involved his own seduction as well. Kiran watched as Sybil initiated contact between he and Marco, dancing between them at clubs, clasping both of their hands as they walked home at dawn, and laying with them in the grass at the şişli escort park on lazy Sunday afternoons. Kiran reveled in Sybil’s touch, and he decided that he would help her to seduce Marco, if it meant that he could share a night with Sybil and feel her naked body against his.

The seduction unfolded naturally enough. Sybil’s flirtation had created a giddy chemistry between the three of them, so that when Marco suggested that Kiran and Sybil come back to his apartment one morning after they’d danced all night, they readily agreed. Marco mixed them some gin and tonics, and from his small balcony, they watched the sun rise. Kiran rolled a joint for them to smoke, and they passed it between them as the sun’s rays pierced the waking sky, before retreating into the dark haven of Marco’s apartment.

Sybil took Kiran’s drink from him and placed it on the kitchen counter. She took his hand in hers and pulled him toward the bedroom. Marco went into the bathroom.

For a brief and delicious moment, Kiran and Sybil were alone in Marco’s bedroom. Sybil leaned her lovely head against his shoulder and in that moment, Kiran let the world around him dissolve. Then he felt her hands around his neck, reaching up for him, and leaning down, he kissed her soft pink lips, the lips he’d longed to kiss all summer.

Kiran felt his erection stir and he pressed into Sybil, her soft curves yielding to his straight and muscular form. Releasing her hands from around his neck, Sybil ran her fingers down Kiran’s spine and around the base of his shirt, before pulling it up over his head. Tossing the shirt carelessly onto the floor, Sybil appraised Kiran’s slim, tanned torso, running her fingers over his abdomen and his chest. Kiran gasped under her soft touch, his pulse quickening with each stroke of her hand.

Sybil pulled away from him and looked into his eyes. Her blue eyes sparkled mischievously as she stepped back until her full form was in his line of sight. She lifted her black tank top up over her head and her sumptuous breasts spilled forth, her lacy black bra barely containing them. Kiran smiled appreciatively at her voluptuous form, and she sauntered toward him, turning around seductively, shimmying her hips.

“Unzip my skirt?” she asked, peering at him over her shoulder.

Kiran steppe forward and took her hips in his hands. He pulled her closer and clasped the zipper of her skirt in his fingers, pulling it slowly down until her black lace thong was exposed beneath it. He pushed his hands down under the skirt, feeling the soft flesh of her ass cheeks give way under his palms as he slid the skirt down around her knees. He knelt behind her, admiring the way her ass cheeks hugged the black lace between them. He kissed her softly there, where cheek met cheek, trailing the tip of his nose up from the base of her spine. She shivered a little, goosebumps raising on her skin, as he inhaled her scent, following the curve of her spine up between her shoulder blades to the nape of her neck, where he paused, inhaling deeply.

Sybil turned to him there, her eyes shining with promise, and kissed him again, passionately, softly, and Kiran wrapped his arms around the girl he loved, so that his slender torso pressed firmly against her soft, yielding breasts. Sybil moaned into his mouth and Kiran ran his hands down over her hips, grasping her ass cheeks and massaging her buttocks, pushing her hips into mecdiyeköy escort his so that she could feel his powerful arousal.

Sybil gasped as Kiran’s erection pressed into her, pulling away to push his jeans down over his hips and onto the floor. His boxers came down with his pants, and his erect cock sprang back upward. Sybil caught it in her hand and pulled at it playfully, teasing him with her hands, while Kiran’s breath quickened. The door to the bedroom creaked open.

Marco walked, naked, across the room, and stood behind Sybil, placing his hands gently on her shoulders while she continued to arouse Kiran with her hands on his hard cock. Marco watched her work Kiran’s cock, kissing her neck and grasping at her breasts. Sybil leaned into Kiran, so that Marco’s hands pressed against Kiran’s chest as he massaged Sybil’s breasts.

Kiran exhaled and then, tentatively, placed his own hands back onto Sybil’s buttocks, pulling her cheeks apart and rubbing the soft space between her thighs where her vaginal lips closed over one another like velveteen mittens. The tender slit was wet with her desire, and Kiran grew bolder, stroking the soft lips with his fingers, and probing the warm slick inner sanctum between them.

Sybil arched her back, pressing herself into Kiran’s hands, and trembled. Marco continued to work her breasts and kiss her neck while Sybil’s hands moved up and down Kiran’s cock. Kiran focused his attentions on Sybil’s pleasure, inserting his fingers into her vulva and pumping them against her g-spot, rubbing her engorged clit with his thumbs. Sybil bucked against Kiran’s hands, leaning back against Marco for support. Kiran whirled his fingers inside of her, his hand growing slick with her pleasure, and Sybil began her climax, writhing and moaning between them, until she cried out, releasing Kiran’s cock as her orgasm spilled through her.

Sybil lay back against Marco, her pink nipples stiff under his hands. Kiran bent down to taste her breasts, and Marco clasped Kiran’s erection in his strong fists and took up where Sybil had left off, pumping Kiran’s cock.

Kiran’s heart pounded at the shock of feeling another man’s hands on him, but Sybil pulled his head against her breasts and Kiran moaned into Sybil’s soft mounds of flesh as Marco pleasured him skillfully, as if he could read Kiran’s mind.

Keeping his hands on Kiran’s cock, Marco stepped away from Sybil and moved to Kiran’s side, continuing to pump him with both fists. Sybil pulled them both gently towards the bed, where she collapsed seductively, her legs splayed, exposing the ruby lips of her luscious sex.

She beckoned Kiran with her hands, pulling his face down gently between her thighs. Kiran knelt, and Marco knelt behind him. As Kiran bent his head down between Sybil’s thighs, he felt the exquisite pleasure of Marco’s hands massaging his buttocks, while his strong chest pressed up against Kiran’s back. Kiran leaned forward, so that his buttocks sat firmly in Marco’s hands, and he began to kiss Sybil’s sex, stroking her ruby-red lips with his tongue.

He licked her softly at first, savoring the taste of her arousal. As her moans grew more urgent, Kiran pressed his tongue firmly to the centre of her sex, licking upward until he reached the peak of her engorged clit, circling it lavishly, before descending into her sex once more. He ate her pussy like this, moving from the base of her perineum to the top of her clit, while she moaned and writhed beneath him.

When he felt Marco’s fingers probing the crack between his buttocks, reaching in to stroke his puckered asshole, Kiran felt a shiver of recognition run up his spine. He knew what Marco was about to do to him, and he was surprised to realize that he wanted Marco to take him, now, while he had Sybil’s sex on his face.

Instinctively, Marco began to work Kiran’s asshole with his fingers, probing gently at first, and then more assertively, inserting his finger into Kiran’s asshole and cupping his balls while he fingered him. Kiran’s muscles clenched with pleasure as Marco’s finger found nerve endings that Kiran hadn’t known to explore. He bucked against Marco’s hands as his pleasure built from deep inside him, threatening to explode. Sybil cried out as Kiran took her sex into his mouth and sucked hard, pulling her labia into his mouth and pushing his tongue deep inside of her, inviting her to feel his intense pleasure. Marco positioned himself behind Kiran, introducing his own hard cock between Kiran’s ass cheeks.

Kiran gasped into Sybil’s sex as Marco’s cock pushed up against his asshole, trailing its moist arousal over Kiran’s tight, eager pucker. Grasping Kiran’s ass cheeks in both hands, Marco pushed his cock insistently at Kiran’s hole. Kiran’s muscles clenched with anticipation, but Marco persisted, gently but firmly, kneading Kiran’s buttocks as his cock entered him.

Kiran squirmed with surprised pleasure as Marco held himself steady, inviting Kiran to relax and enjoy the sensation. Kiran breathed heavily against Sybil’s sex. Sybil ran her hands through Kiran’s hair. Marco pushed in deeper, and Kiran cried out, his cheek against Sybil’s thigh. Sybil continued to stroke Kiran’s hair as Marco moved behind him, controlling each thrust so that his cock moved deeper and deeper inside of Kiran. Kiran began to pant as his arousal built from the depths of his belly. He pulled Sybil’s sweet labia back into his mouth, licking and sucking her while Marco fucked him from behind.

Sybil began to writhe and moan beneath Kiran’s head. He pressed his tongue against her clit, circling it over and over again while he grasped her thighs. His own thighs shook with pleasure as Marco picked up his pace, thrusting his erection deep into Kiran’s asshole. Sybil came again, her orgasm shaking the bed as her cries echoed in the room. Kiran released Sybil’s clit from between his lips and gripped her thighs as Marco held his hips firmly, pumping his cock relentlessly into Kiran’s asshole, until Kiran bucked wildly, his orgasm sending waves of contractions through his body.

The sensation of Kiran’s asshole clenching over Marco’s cock brought Marco to orgasm, and the two men came together, falling onto Sybil in a writing heap of pleasure.

They laid, all three, entwined in the dark of Marco’s bedroom, drifting in and out of sleep. After a while, Marco got up and went into the shower. He emerged fully dressed.

“You can stay,” he said to them, leaving the key on the table. “Lock up when you’re ready to go, and leave the keys under the mat.”

They stayed, entwined under the sheets, until late in the afternoon, when Sybil rose to take a shower. A while later, Kiran got up too, and found her, crying under a stream of steaming water. He stepped into the shower and held her gently, kissing away tears.

“Did I ruin us?” she asked, looking up at him, her blue eyes rimmed with red.

“No,” he assured her, stroking her damp hair. “We’re still friends.”

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