An American In London


Escaping the humdrum of normal life, my man and I had escaped to London for a weekend. I’d booked us tickets for a show, with a decent hotel part of the package. In return, he’d planned to show me where he’d spent his early years and the area around his beloved football team. A night in a hotel, an insight into his past and a show to transport us somewhere else for a while – what more could we want.       We arrived just after lunch and checked into our home for the night. A king sized bed sat in the middle of the room, coated in those cushions that hotels love so much, and a rich blue throw over the foot. A deep bath and a large shower were found in the bathroom. A very decent room.Dropping my overnight bag in the corner, I launched myself onto the bed and sank into the soft, cosy duvet. Laughing at my childish move, my man joined me in a much more adult way, pulling me into his arms and resting my head on his chest. My favourite place to be. Reaching up, I tipped his chin down to me and pressed my mouth to his. Parting my lips, I deepened the kiss, telling him all I couldn’t find words for. With a regretful sigh, he broke our embrace.“Come on, we best get moving or we won’t have time for the sights I have in mind.”Watching him stand and adjust himself to be more comfortable, I saw the reaction to our kiss. With a little smugness, I reached for his fly. He laughed as he swotted my hand away, and tried to frown at me. Giving in, I grabbed my bag and we headed out.  Heading to Fulham on the tube, we were packed quite tight. There was one tube line inactive, so everyone was using the one we were on. Or that’s how it felt. It did mean I got to be pressed against my man in public, so there was a silver lining.  A couple of hours of showing me around the area, and a couple of drinks, we headed back towards şişli escort the hotel with the intention of grabbing a bite to eat before changing for the show. We stopped at a pub just around the corner from the tube station. Not quite a gastro-pub, which was intentional, more of a traditional pub that served some food.I grabbed a table while Callum went to the bar to get the drinks. I was browsing the menu when a group of three claimed the table next to me, two pretty girls and a cute guy. The black haired girl went to the bar, the guy went towards the toilets, leaving the brunette girl doing the same as me. Catching my eye, she smiled which turned her from pretty to amazing.Gesturing at the menu, she said “Has anything caught your eye? I don’t know what I fancy.”“I’m going for a Panini, I think. Where are you from? That accent’s not local!” I replied.“Northern Florida, my family came here for my fathers’ job about thirteen years ago. They’ve gone back home, but I chose to stay. I like it in England, it’s home now.”  Before I could ask what she did, where she’d settled or anything else, her male friend returned and jokingly told her off for talking to me.“Julia, how many times! You can’t just chat to the locals, they’ll think you’re weird – it’s not the London way,” he told her while rolling his eyes at me. He was maybe 5ft 8in, athletically built with sandy hair and wire glasses, and introduced himself as David. I got an instant warm feeling from him and the sense that he was good company. As he sat down, my man returned with my drink and the chat was done.  We ate and drank while chatting about the area and his time there, and said goodbye to the group beside us as we left.  After a quick change in our hotel, we made our way “up West” to the show, which was simply escort şişli amazing, then onto a pub to relax before bed. Just as we finished our first round, as I stood to go to the bar, the two people I’d spoken to earlier walked in. Sandy-haired David, and American brunette Julia. I threw a smile in their direction and continued to the bar. As I ordered, an arm was thrown around my shoulders as Julia drew me into a hug. My surprise must’ve shown in my face as David laughed and apologised for his over-friendly companion.Inviting themselves to join us, the three of us returned to my man, drinks in hand. Introductions made, Julia pulled a stool close to mine and settled in for a chat. The four of us seemed to get on really well, there was lots of laughter and the drinks flowed.As Julia got more drunk, she got more touchy-feely and flirty. As David got drunk, he just got more funny, mainly at Julia’ s expense, taking full benefit of the American stereotypes as we were all Brits. She took it with good grace, though did punch him in the arm at one point.When Julia and David went to the bar for another round of drinks, my man laughed and told me that he thought I’d made a “friend” there (complete with waggling eyebrows), kissed me deeply and said,“Let’s make this the last, I want you.”    Rather predictably I guess, the conversation finally turned to sex, when the other two returned. Julia complained that she hadn’t found a girl she was attracted to lately that she could actually have a conversation with, and David complained of the same. My man and I looked at each other and silently went “Ahh! Okay!” which set the other two off laughing. Apparently, everyone took them for a couple, so that look was something they’d seen frequently.With her hand on my knee, Julia said “Why can’t mecidiyeköy I find a woman like you, Zoe? You’re pretty, funny, intelligent with a great pair of breasts!”My man replied with a shrug. “I used to think that, but play your cards right Julia, you never know who’s around the corner.” Julia laughed and we went back to chatting about everything and nothing.  As we finished our drinks and used the toilets before we left, David had run into a group of friends and had stepped away from us. Feeling bad about leaving Julia on her own, I asked if she’d be alright. Saying she’d had enough of the pub, she stated she’d head off too. Discovering that her flat was in the same direction as our hotel, we offered to walk as far as we could with her.  The cold air hit us and I instantly felt drunk. Holding my man’s hand for stability (well, that and the fact I like to, any skin on skin contact with him is welcome), I hooked my other hand through Julia’s arm. Laughing when she stumbled, we ended up arm in arm walking down the street. Luckily, our hotel wasn’t far, but I was very aware of her boob brushing against mine, her fingers brushing against my waist, the scent of her perfume. And the solid manliness on the other side of me. When we reached our hotel, instead of letting go and saying goodnight, I steered Julia through the doors and earned raised eyebrows from my man.As soon as the lift doors closed, I gushed “I’ve never been with a woman before, but you’re so alluring, will you teach me? Don’t worry about Callum, he won’t touch you, he’s mine!”Suddenly feeling guilty, I turned to my man, “I’m sorry, do you mind? I won’t do anything if you mind. I should’ve asked you first. Shit, I’ve messed up big time haven’t I?”Looking from one to the other, I didn’t know what to do. Taking my hand and putting it on his crotch, my man looked me in the eye, kissed me thoroughly and said “I know you won’t desert me, this is fine with me as long as I can fuck you too. And as long as Julia agrees.”We both turned to Julia, who took my face in her hands and kissed me softly.  

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