A Reading Adventure


We are browsing books in a library, smelling all the good smells of ancient texts and worn-down pages. Rows upon rows of knowledge for us to discover, all in good time. Coffee in hand, we hold hands and finger the spines. The lighting is one of those fifty shades of gray in this seldom used section of historical texts used for the scholarly articles intellectuals write and no one ever reads.You take a sip of steaming hot coffee and squeeze my hand, attracting my attention back to you, and I see you have found a particularly interesting book about daily life in ancient Egypt. My eyes lock onto yours and my fascination and happiness show. Your eyes instantly light up; you live to see me happy, as I do for you.Your hand grips my wrist and your thumb glides down the inside of my palm. I stare up into those soul-seeking eyes, and slowly put escort izmit my hands inside your jacket, a hand on each side of your waist. My fingers find your belt and pull, so my thumbs are against the skin of your hips. The silence of the library hits us. It should be about closing time. We should have just enough time for some silent sensual adventures not of the literary kind.I use my grip on your belt to help raise me up to your lips. So soft, warm and caressing. I pull your bottom lip with my teeth and lick it with my tongue. I can feel your chest heaving faster and your breath on my face. You carefully place your coffee on a shelf amongst the dusty old books before both hands find the small of my back.I have a girly little yellow dress on with toe cleavage sandals, but they don’t help me get all the height I need to reach your face. izmit escort I pull a classic pose, tip-toe on one-foot with the other leg in the air. My knee slides firmly up your thigh, and I feel one hand fall free from my back and grab that leg and pull it up and around you. Your fingertips press into the flesh under my dress and I gasp with need.Your lips move from mine to my neck. Tender at first, and then your wet hot tongue traces a line from my collarbone to my earlobe. You nibble it and I live for your shaky breath hot in my ear. I press my breasts against you and my hands find your wrists. I wrap my hands around them and use friction and pressure as I move my hands up your muscular arms. I reach your biceps and feel your hands slide down my sides, reaching the bottom of this dress.Your nails scrape my ass as izmit kendi evi olan escort you slowly begin to lift. I unbutton your shirt and lean my face onto your chest, kissing ever so slightly while my fingers curl the hair on your chest. My fingers guide me lower and lower until I am tracing those lovely hips that pop out from the top of your pants.I find your belt, and undo it, slowly. As soon as I drop it to the floor, in one swift motion you pull my dress over my head. I stand there, red bra and lace thong, staring at you in your unbuttoned shirt, wanting all of you. I lean back onto you and your hands cup my breasts. Your electric fingers slide around the back of me and release them.I hear you groan and I feel your manhood pushing against my feminine triangle, nudging, begging to be released to me. Your hands cup my breasts, thumbs finding those delicate nipples and slowly flick back and forth. My hands have undone your pants and I am warmly rubbing your length, grabbing gently. I push your pants to the floor to join my dress, and pull down your briefs to release you.

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