Mrs. Lee, Part 2

The next day, I woke up in the afternoon. I had trouble sleeping the night before, I couldn’t get Mrs. Lee out of my mind. Her sexy thick build, her soft sexy voice, replaying her making me cum the night before. Whatever it was, she had a spell on me. I bet I had stroked my cock at least three times after getting home last night, thinking of her.I laid there, my 6’5″, 210 pound, muscular, eighteen-year-old body only covered by a thin bed sheet. I felt myself growing hard again. My hand started to rub the bulge I had formed under the sheet. Feeling myself grow harder by the second, I pulled back the sheet as my thick black cock sprang to life. I reached down, giving it a good squeeze, letting it really throb in my big hand. I spit in my palm then spread it all over my thick shaft. Starting to stroke it nice and slow, up and down, my hand gliding through the saliva. I tilted my head back, shutting my eyes, thinking about Mrs.Lee. Really getting into it, I let out a moan. Feeling myself grow close I suddenly heard  my cell phone ring.”Fuck, it better be somebody important,” I said, letting go of my grip on my dick reaching for the phone. “Hello?””Good afternoon, hun.” I recognized the voice right away. How could I forget that soft, seductive voice? Instinctively my free hand reached back for my cock. I began to stroke it once again.”Hey, Mrs. Lee.””I was just calling to make sure your remembered supper is at seven tonight, and wanted to let you know how excited I am that you’re coming. My husband is making steaks at my request. Ever since last night, I’ve been craving a big, thick, juicy piece of meat,” she said with a playful giggle. “What’s wrong, you didn’t get enough last night?” I teased back.”Adrian, I’m not sure I could ever get enough of that, I can’t believe that really happened. That’s not usually me, but there is something about you. And now that I’ve had a taste, I want more.”Her words ankara travesti soft and seductive. My hand slowly stroked my cock once again, listening to her talk. She had to hear me breathing hard, getting worked up. I even let out a little moan. “Mmmm.””God, I cant wait to see you again. I better go start getting ready. I’m going to have to go play with my pussy in the shower, if I’m not going to jump your bones soon as you get here,” she said with a laugh.”I don’t know, I kind of like that idea, Mrs.Lee,” I told her, getting braver.”Trust me hun, I love the idea, just not sure Mrs. Lee would be to happy,” she sharedThe conversation kind of went dead along with my cock after she brought me back to earth with that. She confirmed once again seven o’clock, which I once again agreed to. I looked at the time and decided to get ready. After my shower and shave, I put on some nice jeans, a white polo shirt and some matching Jordan’s. Looking at myself in the mirror I was ready as I was going to get. I looked good, but not too good to draw any extra attention from Mr. Lee.On the way out there I started to grow nervous. I was just getting relaxed talking to Mrs. Lee, but now I had to meet her husband. I knew nothing about him, just that he had money and he was away on business often. The trip didn’t seem to take as long this time, probably because my mind was on other things.Pulling up the long driveway I could already smell the grill going. I jumped out of the car and walked to the door. Before I could ring the doorbell Mrs. Lee swung it open with a huge smile and arms wide for a hug.”You made it.” “Of course I did, I promised you.” I repliedWe hugged, before she took my be the arm, showing me through the living room and kitchen out the back patio doors. The deck was huge over looking a small man-made lake. It was a hell of a view. She quickly introduced her husband and I.”Robert… Adrian; Adrian, travesti ankara this is my husband, Robert.”We shook hands and started in with some small talk. I told him about school and my boxing record. He told me about his work and travels. I couldn’t help but to think about how much of a mismatch they were as a couple. Her this sexy woman, and him this nerdy computer geek. He kept on talking about his work, which I understood none of. Mrs.Lee must of seen I was getting bored with the conversation and swung in to save me.”Would you like tour of the house while Robert finishes supper?” she asked.”Yea that would be cool, I’ve never been in a house this big. It’s huge.””Yeah, at first it was going to be out of our price range. But the wife had a sit down with the realtor and got him down to a price we could handle. When Becky sees something she wants she doesn’t stop until she gets it. That is why I love this woman.” Robert proclaimed as he grabbed her by the waist, pulling her in for a kiss.I just smiled watching them. After their short embrace she grabbed me by the arm and led me back into the house for the tour. First place we went was down in the basement. It was a big game room, with a big screen, pool table and even a old-school pinball machine.”This must be the man cave,” I told her, looking around.She laughed, shaking her head. “Actually, this is my personal space. I come down here when I need to get away from everybody. Robert never comes down here,” she shared as she sat on the corner of the pool table. ” Matter of fact, you could probably fuck me right here, right now and he wouldn’t even know.”My cock jumped to the thought. Seeing her sitting there her short black dress riding up her thighs. Her legs spread just enough to tease me. Mrs. Lee always looked cute at the gym with her yoga pants and other workout outfits, but this was the first time seeing her all done up. The sexy ankara travestiler dress, the heels and she even had her hair and makeup done. She resembled the porn star Lisa Ann, especially her body.”Looks like you like the thought of that too. Fucking me right here on this table while my husband is out there cooking us a meal,” she said seductively while her eyes focused on my growing bulge.I took a step closer, standing between her thighs. I leaned in to kiss her, one of her hands grabbing my shirt, pulling me in fast as our lips met and her free hand quickly finding my bulge through my jeans. My hands started to rub up her outer thighs, pushing up her dress. My hands make their way around her hips, finding her ass.Just then I heard someone walking. The steps were upstairs but they sounded like they were heading towards the basement door.”Mom, are you down here?” a female voice yelled out.First I seen her longs legs. Then the tiny shorts hugging her hips, then her stomach exposed, letting me see the navel piercing. Wearing a little tank top, black, matching her shorts, she made her way all the way down the steps just as I stepped back from my embrace with Mrs.Lee.”Is supper going to be done soon, cause if not I’m going for a walk, I’m so bored,” she said, with her hands on her hips.The girl looked at Mrs. Lee then back at me, confused as to who I was.”This is Adrian, the trainer from the gym I’ve been going to. Adrian, this is Amanda, my step daughter.”I was surprised she had never told me she had a step daughter my age. But then again, I could easily see those two competing over men. It almost seemed like there was a rivalry between the two when they spoke.”I bet he’s training you, alright,” Amanda said sarcastically. “Well, anyway… I’m going for a walk; you can start supper without me if im not back in time.” Then she turned around to head back up the stairs, almost as quick as she appeared. But I got a perfect look at her tiny frame. Such a tight little butt. Before heading all the way up the stairs she looked back almost as if to make sure that I was looking.”Well, shall we continue the tour?” asked Mrs.Lee

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