They Came Over

AUTHORS NOTE: A fantasy of what might have been

I was working an odd shift at the store, going in early in the morning to help the overnight crew finish, and leaving a little after noon. It was summer, and I was renting a beach house with friends who worked day jobs so I had the afternoons to myself, working on my tan and laying around. It had a serious impact on my night life, for sure, but the summer was great, and I was finding ways to spend my time. I had worked other shifts; days and evenings, and had gotten to know a couple of the young cashiers, younger girls who worked there. A couple of them seemed interested, and, if you get my meaning, really interested. We’d gone out as friends, in a group a couple of times, and they had been to the house once or twice for parties. They had seen me as I was leaving that day; they were working earlier shift, since it was summer and they were out of school. They had asked what I was doing later, and I told them I had no plans. They said they might be down, to go to the beach. But they said that a lot.

When I got home I took a shower and lay on my bed, naked. I hadn’t considered a nap, but found myself waking from my sleep from a noise. The clock said 2:30, then I heard it again. A knock at the front door. Who the hell would be knocking? Then, through the open windows, I heard the giggling, and female voices. Really? They showed up? I wrapped a sheet around me and made my way out to the front door, stopping in the kitchen to check if there was beer. Of course, there was plenty. Three guys sharing a beach house; you couldn’t count on good housekeeping, but there was always beer.

“Jerry, come on!”

“We know you’re home!”

I grinned. Not likely anything was going to happen, but it was amusing to be admired. I smiled as I went to the door, calling out for them to cool it. I heard them talk to each other, but couldn’t make out the words. I checked the sheet to make sure it was securely fastened at my waist and opened the door.

Rose was leaning against the outside porch railing, taking in the afternoon sun; Diane was sitting in one of the lounge chairs. Diane was in shorts and a tee shirt, Rose in a skirt and tank top. Both wore sunglasses, and I squinted in the bright sunlight. Not a cloud in the sky, the afternoon off, and two pretty girls were visiting. A perfect day.

Small talk ensued as I took a spot on the railing; what they were doing, how they finally showed up, what I was up to. I offered beers. They were just twenty-one to my twenty-five, so they were legal to drink. I wasn’t an idiot. I went inside and brought out three and passed them out.

Rose was the bold one, outspoken and brash, but, I thought, mostly talk. Diane was quieter, but always had a devilish look in her sparkling blue eyes that hinted at her position as the manipulator. Nice girls, both; easy and pleasant to talk to. I guess the idea that they were attracted to me made it easier, and it didn’t hurt that they were hot, too. I was only human. But with both of them there I figured there was no chance I’d be able to get with one; they were in one car, and were here for fun, as friends.

We chatted though the first round, and when I brought out the second, Rose finally asked.

“What were you doing that you’re wearing a sheet?”

“Took a nap,” I said, nonchalantly, and sipped my beer. “Fell asleep after my shower.” I grinned sheepishly. Old guys take naps.

“So, what,” Rose continued, looking slyly at Diane, “just underwear under there?”

“Boxers or briefs?” Diane chimed in.

I blushed a little, and took a pull of my beer to cover my embarrassment. “Nothing, actually,” I admitted.

Rosie’s eyes and mouth opened wide in exaggerated shock, looking at Diane. Diane just smirked and frowned dubiously. “You’re so full of shit, Jerry.”

I shrugged my shoulders, leaning against the rail, opposite Rose. “Whatever,” I said noncommittally.

Ever the outspoken one, Rose persevered. “No, seriously. Are you really naked under there?”

“I told you, I fell asleep after my shower.”

“You sleep naked?” Rose giggled at Diane, who smirked at her with amusement, then looked back at me.

“No,” I explained with sarcasm. “I shower naked. I laid on my bed and fell asleep.” Internally I was incredibly entertained by the conversation, as stupid as it was. A young man’s ego has no shame.

“I don’t believe you,” Diane said, inclining her head to me and catching my eye from under lowered brows. She turned to Rose. “Do you believe this bullshit?”

“We should find out,” Rose chirped. She got off the railing and moved to Diane. “C’mon, let’s see.”

“Go ahead,” she told her friend, remaining seated, and giving me an impish smirk as Rose approached.

“Prove it, Jerry,” she insisted, standing just two steps from me. “Go ahead. Let’s see.”

“I am not exposing myself on the front patio,” I told her while smiling. But I didn’t move when she took a step closer. But I held my beer a little tighter, and the other hand went to the twisted fabric at çukurambar escort my waist.

“Oh, come on, let’s see.” She put her beer on top of the stone rail and closed the gap between us.

“Yeah, you big liar, let’s see,” Diane encouraged from her seat. She was showing an evil grin, goading her friend into this.

“No way,” I insisted. Rose grabbed for the sheet, but I held it tight. Her fingers got inside the top, at my waist. I felt her hand against my skin. She tugged, but only a little.

“Come on,” she teased, “show us what you’re wearing.”

“I told you,” I repeated, holding the sheet tight. “I’m not wearing anything.”

“But we don’t believe you,” Diane called out.

“Yeah,” Rose confirmed, “we don’t believe you.” She tugged harder, and the knot slipped a little.

“Stop,” I said, but not very firmly.

“Pull it off him, Rose,” Diane coaxed. “Let’s see it!”

Rose tugged again, but I held it fast and then moved to go into the house. As I turned she released the knot and bent for the bottom of the sheet, which was down past my knees. She got her hands underneath quickly, faster than I could move, and I felt her run the palms up my leg as I turned, lifting the sheet and squealing as her hand touched my bare butt. I opened the door and managed to get inside. They followed, and I allowed myself to start to believe that this would go somewhere, although my conscious mind discounted it. Surely this would stop short of fantasy, right?

Rose was still squealing to Diane that I was naked under the sheet, that she had felt my bare ass, grabbing at the bottom of the sheet and lifting it, and mostly succeeding. Diane slinked in behind her, watching with devious attention as I let Rose chase me around the room. When she got my ass exposed she let out a shout.

“I didn’t see anything,” Diane advised cooly, but with some heat in it. I turned and stopped Rose with a hand to her chest. I was backed into the hallway, near the kitchen.

“Fine,” I told them both. “You want to see? For real?”

“Hell yes,” Rose answered, backing away so Diane could see.

“About fucking time,” Diane interjected. She held her beer tightly, belying her cool exterior.

I looked them both in the eyes, gauging their potential response, and figured what the fuck. I untied the sheet and dropped it. Rose squealed and hid her face, and peeked through her fingers. Diane watched me detachedly, taking in the sight of my shaved pubes and filling rod. But she shifted from foot to foot, not as controlled as she pretended. Rose hopped around the room.

“Okay, you weren’t lying,” Diane announced. She raised her beer to me. “And very nice, by the way.”

“Oh, my God, I can’t believe it!” Rose sputtered, her hands away from her face. She stared unabashedly at my body. I have to admit I thought I looked good. Slim and trim and fit, no Greek god, but attractive. And they were here, after all.

“Look, Rose, it’s growing,” Diane said, but mostly to me, looking in my face, her eyes narrowed.

“So, now what?” I asked, trying to be cool and casual, standing in front of these two girls with my cock getting hard. I sipped my beer as if I did this all the time.

“I think Rose made this happen,” Diane said calculatinly, taking a seat. “I think she made that happen, too,” she added, motioning to my mostly hard shaft. “I think she should suck your cock.”

Rose squealed again and turned to her. “Diane!” she squeaked. “What the hell?”

“Well, you should,” her friend continued, “you know you want to,” she smiled. “You said so on the way here.”

“Diane!” Rose objected, but not very strenuously, and glanced at me, then back at Diane, then back to me. Then her eyes dropped to my cock, and stayed there.

“Do it, Rose,” Diane told her, her voice lower. “Suck his cock, you slut.”

“Rose?” I asked, but her eyes never left my crotch. I watched her eyes heat up and her face turn red. Her tongue slipped out and licked her lips. Then she looked up into my face.

And she stepped to me and dropped to her knees.

She grabbed the root of my shaft with one hand and her mouth opened, and just like that the head of my cock was in her mouth, her tongue swirling around the head as she moaned on me. My moan matched hers. She pulled off, licked the shaft up and down, and her other hand cupped my shaved balls, caressing them. She reopened her lips and pushed her face down, taking about half my shaft in her mouth.

“You like that, Jerry?” Diane asked, and lifted herself from the seat. She approached slowly, talking to me. “You like the way she sucks your cock?” She still carried her beer, and stepped up until she was at my side. Her free hand touched my stomach, and stroked up to my chest. She pressed her little breast against my arm. “Is she sucking you good?” she asked heatedly, then her hand went to my face and she pulled me down into a hot, tongue-swirling kiss. Let me tell you, getting a hot kiss while getting your dick sucked enthusiastically is demetevler escort a lot hotter than it sounds! I kissed her back, moaning into her mouth, my hand going behind her back and pulling her into me. I felt Rose increase her efforts and my hips pulsed at her.

Diane pulled back from the kiss then and looked me in the eyes. I saw that cool exterior, but this time underpinned with something else, something hot and devious and desirous. “She likes your cock,” she said of her friend. “She talked about it all the way here. She’s wanted it for weeks,” she said plainly, exposing her friends desires to me. “She told me she wanted to suck you off, for you to fuck her mouth,” she told me. She lowered her hand from my chest and rested it on Rose’s head. She looked down at her friend. “Show him, Rose; show him what a slut you are for his cock.”

And with that she applied pressure to Rose’s head, and pushed her mouth deeper onto me, forcing her lips down almost to the root. I heard her gag, and cough, felt the head of my cock force open the back of her mouth, but at the same time her tongue swirled underneath, teasing and delighting me.

Diane released her, and she pulled back. “Sometimes she needs encouragement,” she explained, and stepped back from me. She began undressing. “I don’t.” I watched as she disrobed, pulling off her tee shirt and shorts, dressed now only in a bikini, black and pink. Still cool and devilish, she reached behind her back and unclipped the top, allowing it to slip down her arms. Breasts bared unabashedly, she pushed her fingers into the waistband and slipped off the bottoms, and stepped out of them.

She stood before me for only a second while I took in her body, her young firm breasts proud and round on her chest, pink nipples stiff and erect in their small faint circles. Her narrow stomach tanned above her white crotch, a thin line of hair above her shaved mound. Hairless labia peeked out from between her tanned thighs. She took the steps back to me, and kissed me again, her naked flesh pressing against mine now. I felt a thrill of arousal, intensified by her skin on mine as her tongue pressed into my mouth and Rose redoubled her efforts on my cock. I groaned intently.

Diane pulled back from the kiss, still holding me. “My turn,” she said quietly, “I want your cock, too.” Her cool exterior was starting to break down, and the devil was starting to come out. She slid down my body and knelt next to Rose, and slipped her hand around my cock, pushing Rose’ hand away, and pulling my shaft from her mouth. She didn’t look at me as she opened her mouth and took me in; she looked at her friend instead, their eyes on each other as she began sucking my cock. I put a hand on each of their heads and threw mine back, staring at the ceiling, disbelieving my fortune and thanking the gods for bestowing this on me. When I looked back down at them Rose was looking eager, but patient, watching Diane suck my cock. I got the impression she was waiting for it to be her turn again. Strange relationship those girls had, I thought.

Diane pulled off and stroked my slicked shaft as she spoke. “Rose. You’re not even naked. Why don’t you go in Jerry’s room and get undressed. We’ll be right in.”

Rose’s tongue snaked out and licked her lips a little, and then she got to her feet. She grabbed my head and kissed me, hard, as I felt my cock enveloped by Diane’s mouth. Rose groaned into my mouth and I groaned back at her. She pulled back and I pointed down the hall.

“First one on the right,” I told her, and she smiled and walked off. When she was out of earshot Diane pulled off again and looked up at me.

“She’s horny and eager,” she said.

“So am I,” I told her, grinning.

“Lots have some fun with her, tease her a little,” she said, wrinkling her nose and creasing her brows. I could see her brain working, and I wondered what she was plotting. She took my cockhead back in her mouth and one hand cupped my balls, then slid back, and a finger pushed up between my cheeks, poking at me. My hips lurched in reaction and my cock pushed to the back of her mouth. I heard her gag, and she pulled off, her eyes wet with tears.

“Whoo, a little too far there,”

“Sorry,” I said, “your finger.”

“S’okay. Did you like it?”

“Pretty much.”

“Cool.” She went back down on my cock, and pushed her mouth further, making herself cough, but holding it deep in her mouth. I could feel my cockhead pushing against her throat opening, and I swooned and gasped.

“Holy shit,” I managed when she pulled off. There was saliva dropping from her mouth to her chin. “That was incredible!”

She stood, naked and unashamed, and stroked my cock as she kissed me with her wet mouth, her tongue swirling in mine like she’d done to my cock. She pulled back and gave me a smile.

“She should be ready now,” she said invitingly, eyebrows lifting. “Ready to see how far she’ll go?”

I had no idea what she was thinking, but I followed when she led me by my cock. The door to dikimevi escort my room was partially opened and I heard her gasp as she led me in, my view blocked by her naked back. She paused in the doorway.

“Oh, wonderful,” I heard her say. I stepped from behind her, squeezing into the small room. Rose lay on the bed, naked, her arms covering her breasts and pussy, her legs dangling off the side. She was thinner than she looked clothed, and her eyes had lost the daring adventurousness they’d had before. They were half closed and her mouth half opened, her chest rising and falling with deep breaths. The hand at her crotch moved a little. “Oh, you want it bad, don’t you, Rose?”

She moaned lightly, expressing her assent. I was rock hard. Two naked young girls, one willing, one manipulative, and all for me. Diane let go of my cock and moved to the edge of the bed.

“You want to suck his cock some more?” She ran a hand up Rose’s thigh, meeting her friend’s hand, pushing it aside, exposing her shaved mound. She pried her legs apart. “You want his cum in your mouth, to taste his cum, to swallow him?” Rose groaned as she spread her legs, and Diane looked at me as she slipped two fingers inside. “O-oh, she’s fuckin’ ready for some cock,” she oozed, her brows lowered. “Wanna see how bad she wants it?”

“Yeah, sure,” I replied, playing along. “Show me,” I encouraged.

Diane looked at me with her fingers slipping slowly in and out of her friends cunt. Her pink tongue licked her lips and then, without pulling her fingers out, she crawled up in the bed, straddling Rose, knee-walking up her body.

“Get up here with me,” she said, “so I can suck your cock some more, right in front of her.” Rose moaned and her hips pumped up. Diane had one arm behind her back, fingers busy, and I climbed up next to her, presenting my cock to her mouth. She looked down at Diane. “You want that cock in here, you slut?” She teased. “Stick your tongue out, first.” Rosie’s mouth opened, and I went to move to her mouth, but Diane grabbed my cock with her other hand. And then she dropped her hips and lowered her pussy to Rosie’s mouth. “Lick me, bitch,” she snarled, “lick my pussy and I’ll let him fuck you.

And fuck if she didn’t. Diane lowered her head to my cock; I couldn’t get an angle into her mouth, so she licked all around the head, staring at Rose as she began licking and sucking Diane’s crotch. I had to think of other things to distract me, my taxes, work, imagining getting arrested. I didn’t want to blow my load without fucking at least one of them. But this was the hottest thing I’d ever seen; well beyond my expectations. Not beyond my imagination, for sure, but I never expected …

Rose was squirming underneath Diane; I looked back to see her hips rising up, thrusting into the feminine hand plunging into her. The more she pulsed, the more she licked. Diane stopped licking me, rubbing my cock on her own face as she spoke.

“Eat my box you slut,” she hissed at her friend, “cum for us as you eat my cunt, cum for me and I’ll let him fuck you, and you can have his cum.” Holy shit, this girl was the devil. To do something like this to her friend, for her own entertainment. It amazed me, but didn’t disturb me. It was between them, I rationalized, and as long as I got my wick dampened, hell, I could care.

I heard Rose’s voice, muffled but increasing in pitch, and looked down to see her eyes, darting from mine to Diane’s, then opening wider, losing focus, staring blankly. Her whole body shook and she stopped licking; Diane responded by rubbing her cunt on Rose’s face and pushing her hand harder. And them the muffled squeal came as Rose screamed into Diane’s pussy, cumming hard, and Diane let out a few squeaks herself, then a loud sigh as she came, too, then turned to me.

“Fuck her,” she said, “fuck her now!”

Who was I to question? I pulled away and just about leaped off the edge of the bed and scrambled between Rose’s still-trembling legs. Her shaved lips were wet with her cum and juices, and looking back my memory sees them as swollen and open, waiting for me. But to tell the truth I wasn’t catching a lot of detail at the time. Diane got off her face and knelt above her head. I grabbed Rose behind the knees and lifted and spread her legs. Diane chirped with delight, grabbed Rose’s legs and pulled them to her chest. And I plunged inside.

Rose groaned, I grunted, Diane laughed derisively. “Look at you, taking his cock, you nasty slut. Fuck, you’re so wet he slipped right in you!” I considered responding, but honestly, my brain wasn’t really functioning anymore. I was just a cock with arms and legs and a back, plunging into a wet available hole. And an eager one, at that.

I wasn’t going to last very long, and I wanted to make the most of it. I pounded, I slowed, I sped up. I went deep, I stayed shallow, playing at her opening. I wanted to experience every sensation her pussy offered, and used every variation I could think of. Rose grunted at me, eyes closed, mouth open, gasping breath. I grunted and moaned and grunted more, every stroke taking me closer to completion. Rose climaxed again, and Diane derided her. I don’t know if Rose heard it; I barely paid attention. I think Diane was just amusing herself, I think she got off on it. Rose climaxed a third time, and I started getting close, my groans getting louder and closer together.

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