New Lesbian Lovers

It was a rainy gloomy morning in South Florida and as Lisa opened her beautiful eyes on her bed she slowly realized she was alone. The was a familiar scent of her partner’s aftershave, then her left hand discovered something moist…it was a used condom left by her drunken partner. Another one night stand and a hangover. Then she realized she was naked and her clothes were across the room on the floor. She could barely remember who the guy was, just as well she told herself. She crawled out of bed with the urge to pee. Barely making it to the toilet she relieved herself with a sigh, with a slight feeling of burning at her pussy. What a night, she said as she washed her hands and face. Plastic red cups on the sink and the floor and the odor of wine pervaded the air. Her room appeared to have had a mini hurricane: pile of clothing with her bra hanging from a draw and her panties at the side of her bed in a pool of wine with two empty wine bottles. She squinted as she removed her garter and stockings from the mirror. Simultaneous feelings of emptiness and nausea came over her and her eyes filled with tears of hurt and frustration. She felt more sexual frustration — no orgasm. This was a recent growing problem for her. She was better off masturbating than hooking up with guys from the bar.

As she organized her room and put clothing in her laundry basket she felt something had to be done and soon. She wouldn’t mind masturbating, just not all the time. Lisa had been told by her closest girl friends that she was very pretty and a catch for the lucky guy. But, she was not happy. Something eve gelen escort had to give, she thought as she entered the shower. The hot water was a welcomed comfort on her body on dreary day, especially on her breasts and pussy. She resolved to find a solution to her sexual frustration as she stepped out of the shower. She was drying herself when suddenly, her roommate Kim showed up naked, with towel in hand, apparently ready to take a shower herself. Lisa and Kim had tried on clothes before, bras and panties, but Lisa had a different take this time. Kim is a stunner, ‘nice healthy tits’ and long legs and blonde hair. Kim was quietly seeing girls while balancing p/t sports bar server work and graphic arts studies at FAU. Lisa felt lucky that she had such a nice, caring roommate in Kim. Kim had a serious high school sweetheart relationship breakup due to betrayal of love for another girl and Kim fell for a coed at school. Since then there had been other girls, but Kim was always low key and discreet about her relationships.

All this came to Lisa’s mind as she put on clothing and headed toward the small kitchen for coffee. She had to come up with how to start a curious conversation with Kim without sounding noisy. Kim came by for a bottle of water before her daily run in Veterans’ Park. Lisa now noticed Kim’s curvy tight ass. She looked at the time and it was about 10am. Lisa saw no evidence that Kim had coffee or anything to eat for breakfast. So, she had a plan. But first up to her roommate’s bedroom to look her Kim’s calendar, istanbul eskort bayan she was always good at plans. The date was open and she knew she had at least 30 minutes before Kim would be back from her cool morning run. So, she planned to surprise her with breakfast for both of them. She turned the phone to Kim’s favorite playlist as she prepared omelet’s and bacon and toast and coffee. Lisa went to her room and put on a halter top (no bra) and tight shorts (sexy panties) and short heel shoes. By then, Kim was back and met Lisa in the kitchen. “What’s this oh my, what a surprise.” Kim playfully hugged her roommate whose heart was pounding in her buxom chest.

Lisa said they had both been busy and she wanted to talk and catch up. And they did. Lisa gave just enough information about her recent frustrating (non) sex encounters, but her eyes welled up with tears. Kim gave Lisa a big hug that lasted longer than it should but long enough to feel Lisa’s nipples against her braless breasts. They both seemed to ignore the “awkwardness” and continued chatting.

Kim’s experience with girls’ bodies could not help but feel Lisa’s hard nipples. She realized Lisa had many feelings going on so she took Lisa’s hands and kissed them. “Lisa, leave the dishes for later and come with me”, as Kim lead her to the sofa to sit side by side. I know a bit how you feel as she lightly stroked Lisa’s back. Lisa appreciated Kim and the two hugged. The rain let up and the seemed to be clearing. Kim suggested they go for walk along the canal and Lisa agreed, happy and relieved that rezidans escort she shared. They walked closely together as Kim shared her feelings. They found a park bench and sat hands in hands looking into each other’s eyes. They giggled at first but they began kissing.

The sky suddenly darkened and it began to rain. Still holding hands, they got up and walked back while laughing that they were getting soaked. They got to the living room when Kim grabbed Lisa and began kissing her and caressing her. Then slowly to peel off Lisa’s clothes and Lisa responded back with kissing and peeling.

As the two stood naked, they found their way to the sofa and the kissing became tonguing and licking and fondling breasts and pinching nipples. Kim slowly kissed her way down Lisa’s body to her pussy and Lisa whispered, “yes, please, eat me!” Kim did just that getting to the clit and sucking and pulling…bringing Lisa to orgasm. After moaning, Lisa excitedly made love to Kim who enjoyed every minute.

After their sex on the sofa Kim lead Lisa to her bed where they enjoyed each other’s breasts and pussies for the rest of the day.

At twilight, Kim took Lisa to a romantic scene overlooking the water and they had wine and dinner, shared a desert and then back home where they enjoyed more wine and shared each other’s bodies.

What a day Lisa would never forget.

Kim proposed in weeks and they honeymooned on Marco Island. They enjoyed each other’s bodies and lives. Kim finished her degree and got a great job in West Palm advertising firm. Lisa did some modeling and writing. They adopted a baby a year later and they moved to a house in suburban West Palm. They found a wonderful day care and Lisa became head Server at a plush Palm Beach restaurant. She also became a consultant for a famous lingerie line. Their sex was great and friends envied their sexual relationship.

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