The Seduction of my Wife


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The seduction of my wife begins with my sexual hunger and the internet. As always I was looking for something better. I checked out the porno sites, the amateur sites, and then the nudists and swinger sites. I became vary intrigued and horny as I thought of my wife walking around totally nude for all to see. With her petite little Asian body, long silky black hair, shaved pussy, and perky breasts I imagined a lot of heads would turn to check her out, (men and women). After having two children and now in her 40s she still looked great. I continued to check out nudist camps on the internet and found people doing all kinds of fun looking activities in the nude. I knew I could never talk my wife into going to a place where everyone was naked so I changed my search and found several swinger sites. I knew it was only a dream, but even dreams were better than nothing. I found one site that was easy to navigate and gave a free trial membership for single men. I found many couples into swinging within fifty miles. I could only view fifteen to twenty profiles per day so it took some time. I could get unlimited access if I paid a fee but I was not sure if I wanted to continue with this site. I knew my wife would not take part in swinging with strangers. My wife would not take part in swinging with anyone. She was just too up tight about sex.
After about four days of looking through profiles and getting horny as hell just thinking about the possibilities, I found a profile that caught my attention. The profile was for a couple that was about the same age as us. The man in the picture was fully dressed and looked vary familiar. I remembered the profile name and continued to check out more couple profiles. That one profile continued to stay in the back of my mind and I kept going back to it. Eventually I noticed that the profile had more pictures in it. When I clicked on the thumbnails one at a time the pictures opened and enlarged to reveal the pictures of a woman and her husband. When I looked closer I discovered that I knew her. Her name was Mindy, I had just seen her a few days earlier in her office. She was a junior executive at the company where my wife worked. Mindy wasn’t bad looking but she wasn’t what you would call beautiful. She had brown, shoulder length hair, a pointed nose, small mouth with thin lips and her ass was a little wide. There was something about her that excited and attracted me. I didn’t know what it was, but there was something. My wife is not an executive but she knew Mindy and saw her almost every day. When we were in her office two days earlier I thought about my wife and I swinging with her and her husband. I daydreamed about swinging with them for days after I found their profile. I tried to decide if I should contact them or not. I knew if I talked to her about the swinging ad she might tell my wife. They were friends and my wife liked her and highly respected her.
After a week of considering the possible consequences I decided to talk to Jeff directly. Jeff was Mindy’s husband, and I had known him for years before he met Mindy. We didn’t see each other vary often but I knew him well enough to know that I could talk to him. I went to the garage where Jeff worked. I made it look like I had just stopped in to make an appointment to get my car serviced. We were having a casual conversation when I added the profile name into the conversation. I mentioned to him that I saw a profile on the internet called spicy couple.
So you know he said, with an embarrassed flash of red growing on his face. Don’t worry about it I told him, it’s your private life and I respect that. It will stay just between us. I didn’t know that you and your wife were into the lifestyle, he said. She never even talks about sex. She is too up tight and conservative when it comes to sex I told him. She doesn’t know that I was looking at the swinger sites. She would never even consider swinging. I am the one who was looking and interested in hooking up with another woman or couple. You want to fuck my wife he asked? She wants to try a male female male hook up, but I don’t know if she will want to get together with you or not. After all, she is friends with your wife. I’ll talk to her for you and see if she is interested. Ok I said, but please convince Mindy not to tell my wife. Ok he said, I will talk to her.
Two days later I got a call while my wife is working.
Hi Jim, this is Mindy. Jeff told me that you found our little ad on the internet and you think that you want a get together with us. Can you talk your wife into joining us, she asked? A foursome would be a lot more fun and my husband would love to get together with your wife. I know what you mean I said. I wish she would join us, but she would never go for it. I would love to find a way to turn her into a sexual beast. She is almost no fun at all in bed, with her it is always the same old thing. If we work on her together maybe we can change her mind.
Well Jim I tell you what. Let me know when you can come over to our house and we will talk about what we can do about your wife. If everything goes ok and we all agree we may have a little fun ourselves. She gave me her home phone number and said, call me when you are ready.
Other than church and work my wife stays home most of the time. I suggested that she get togather with her friends and go to an Asian church about eighty miles away. She had done it on several occasions last year, and the weather was good. It had been almost a year sense the last time she went and she missed being around others from her country. It didn’t take a lot of convincing to get her to go.
The next morning after my wife had left for work I called Mindy. Hi Mindy this is Jim, she is going out of town on Saturday. She should be gone all day. Is that a good day for you and Jeff? Mindy replied, Saturday is good for us, what time? She will leave at about 8:00am. How is 10:00am with you I asked? That’s a little early in the day but a little morning excitement can be fun. We will be ready she said.
Saturday morning came around and my wife quietly got out of bed and went to the bathroom to get ready. I stayed in bed and pretended to be sleeping. I watched her little naked ass wiggle as she walked into the bathroom. I had told her that I would sleep in so she did not suspect anything. She left at 15 minutes before 8:00am. I waited until about 8:30 before I got up and began getting ready. I had a light breakfast, took a shit, shower, and shave. I looked through my clothes and chose what I thought would be right to wear. I felt like I was getting ready for a date, Or at least that’s the way it felt to me. I had been married and not dated in over 18 years. By 9:30 I was ready to go and I was a little nervous. At 9:55 I was pulling into Mindy’s and Jeff’s driveway. They live in town and as I was pulling into the driveway the garage door opened and Jeff was standing inside motioning me to pull my car inside. Once inside the garage, the door closed behind me. Jeff said good morning Jim as he opened my door. It’s too bad your wife wouldn’t join us. We will work on that, I said as he lead me to the door leading to the house. The door opened and Mindy was standing there wearing a heavy red bath robe. She led me into the living room and sat me down on the couch. She sat down beside me. Jeff walked into the room carrying a camera. I am straight he said but I like to watch and take pictures, besides we can both take our turn at each end when it is time. Mindy giggled, then leaned over and began to kiss me. Her left hand began to rub my chest and then moved down to the rapidly growing bulge in my pants. Her tongue pushed past my lips and into my mouth. Our tongues met and explored each other. She turned her body more to me, her bath robe fell open a little to expose her lace topped stockings and her smooth thighs. My right hand slowly moved from my side and up her thigh to the front of her robe. Finding an opening in the robe I slipped my hand inside to the bottom of her lace bra. I gently massaged her tits through her bra and then slid my hand under it to get to her soft smooth breasts and hard nipples. Her tongue moved deeper into my mout and she got more passionet as I massaged her tits and squeezed the nipples. By now she was kneeling on the couch and leaning over me. Her hand found its way to the waist of my pants where she skillfully unbuckled my belt and pants with one hand. Quickly she had my zipper down and her fingers were wrapping around my swollen meat. My hand searched out and found the belt holding her robe closed. With a gentle tug the knot came undone and her robe fell open to reveal her full white lace panties, matching bra and a garter belt. Her bra looked tight and full, her nipples were plainly visible as they strained against the lace. I reached down the front of her body and slid my hand under the waistband of her panties. My hand moved over the small patch of fur and down into her now wet pussy. Mindy stopped kissing me and sat up. With her hand still wrapped around my cock Mindy looked me in the eyes and smiled as she licked her lips. She pulled my throbbing cock out of my underware. Then she slid her body down and began to lick and suck the head of my cock as she stroked it up and down. My finger was doing its job rubbing her pussy and clit and probing her hole. She got wetter and wetter as I took my finger out and worked two back in. I worked my fingers in and out until she was dripping. Her juices were covering my entire hand.
Mindy stopped sucking on my meat and stood up on the couch. She threw her left leg around so she was standing on the couch facing me with one leg on each side of me. She reached out and grabbed my head as she squatted down and leaned back a little. She pulled my face into the crotch of her panties. I could feel the wetness of her womanhood coming through the thin material of her panties as they pressed between her dripping pussy and my face. Gently I blew my hot breath through her thin panties, and I could feel her respond with excitement. With my right hand I reached up and pulled the crotch of her panties aside to gain access to her smooth dripping cunt. I needed no encouragement and drove my face into her crotch and my tongue between her sweet pussy lips. Still holding my head she leaned back a little more and spread her legs farther apart to give me a better access to her pussy. My tongue licked, explored, and probed her juicy slit and holes. I reached around behind her, slid my hands into the leg holes of her panties and grabbed her ass cheeks and pushed my face even harder into her. She began to moan and move her hips and pussy up and down to grind her pussy into my face. Her panties kept moving back into place and blocking my ability to get to her dripping cunt. I reached up to the waistband of her soaked panties and slid them down as far as I could. She closed her legs a little and her panties slid down to her knees. She stepped out of them, kicked them aside and then spread her legs even farther apart as she leaned in and squatted down on my face again. adıyaman escort Mindy grabbed my head and I grabbed her ass. We both pulled and drove my face deep into her crotch again. With her panties off I could get farther back and deeper into her cunt. Again she began to ride my face and tongue. Her moans and groans got louder and deeper as she got closer and closer to her orgasm. I, I, I’m commmmming, AAAAAHHHHHHH, she screamed as she reached the peek and soaked my face with her love juices. I continued to lick her pussy as she continued to climax into an even bigger orgasm. She threw her head back and shook it from side to side, squeezed my head and pulled it harder into her crack. She shuddered and grunted even louder as she exploded all over my face again and again. I could feel her body begin to relax before she backed away from my face and stepped off the couch. Her breathing slowed until it was almost normal. Standing in front of me with a big smile she slipped her robe off, unfastened her bra and let it slide off her shoulders and fall to the floor. Now standing there in nothing but her garter belt and stockings she knelt down between my knees, reached out and pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees. She pushed them down to the floor around my ankles and then pulled them off. Mindy put a hand on each of my knees and pushed them wide apart. My turn she said with a devilish grin. I see that you are ready for me she said, as she was looking at my cock pulsate with anticipation. She moved back a little and bent over to put her face into my lap. She began to stroke my cock as she kissed the head. Then she started to lick, first the head and then down my shaft to my balls. I could tell that she had plenty of experience.
Jeff had taken his clothes off and was now moving in behind Mindy. His 8 inch cock was standing up straight and ready for action. Watching what Mindy and I had been doing had really turned him on. Jeff pushed Mindy’s legs apart with his feet and knelt down behind her. She was still dripping wet so he didn’t play around with her vary much. He rubbed his meat up and down over her pussy and came to a stop at the opening to her womanhood. Mindy had been so wrapped up in sucking my cock that she hadn’t paid much attention to what Jeff was doing behind her. All of a sudden Jeff pushed his cock into Mindy’s pussy and drove it all the way up to the base of his cock. Mindy lunged forward and let out a grunt just before my cock hit the back of her mouth and went into her throat. She began to rock back and forth driving my cock in deep and then pulling it out to the edge of her lips. As she would rock in my direction I would meet her with a thrust of my own. She was vary good at sucking cock and soon I felt my balls start to tighten and the pressure build in my cock. Mindy could feel my cock swell and my body tense. Her sucking got stronger and her grip got tighter. She pushed back hard onto Jeff’s cock and then forward even harder pushing my cock deeper into her throat. She pulled it out until only the head was in her mouth. My whole body was tense as she sucked my cock head. She was sucking the head as I shot my sweet sticky load into her waiting mouth. When she felt my load erupt into her mouth she began to swallow. My load was spent as she sucked me dry and I began to wilt in her mouth. She pulled away letting my limp dick slip out of her mouth. She swallowed again and licked her lips as she began to rock back and forth on Jeff’s cock. When I had recovered a little I laid down on the floor on my back and slid under Mindy’s chest where I began to suck and massage her tits and nipples again. With Jeff’s 8 inches of meat stretching and pounding her pussy, and me working on her nipples, her movements got fast again. Jeff’s cock was pumping her hard and his hips were ramming into her ass. I could hear her start to grunt and pant louder and louder as she slid back on to him harder and faster. Her back arched, her body tensed and she dug her fingers into the carpet as her grunts built into a scream and she climaxed again and again. Jeff pushed so hard that they both fell forward into the couch.
We all laid there for a few minutes to recover. Mindy turned to Jeff and said let me clean you up honey. He laid beck against the couch and she took his soft meat into her mouth. It wasn’t long before she had him hard again and was pumping his shaft. She was down on all fours with her bare, slightly wide ass sticking up in the air. Jeff’s cum was beginning to run out of her cunt. As she sucked and stroked on Jeff her ass was wiggling wildly. Just watching them I found that my own cock was coming back to life. I figured that I would take a turn at her from behind. Without any resistance from her I spread her legs to gain access to her cum filled hole. When I was in position I easily slid my 6 inches of meat as far in her sloppy cunt as I could. Without any reaction from Mindy I pumped in and out of her a few times. Her cunt was full of cum and it was sloppy, I pulled all the way out and spread her cheeks. I pushed the head of my cock against her little brown eye, slowly I pushed it past the threshold and with a quick thrust I buried myself in her ass. EEEEEEEEEOUCH she screamed, what the fuck are you doing? I’ve never done that she squealed. She squirmed and wiggled her ass. I pulled her hips tight against me, her cheeks spread wide and my cock deep inside her ass. I relaxed my grip and asked, do you want me to pull it out? She squirmed a little more and then she pushed her hips back against me. Its ok for now she said, just take it easy and don’t expect me to put it back in my mouth. Mindy turned her head back around and went back to work on Jeff’s cock. Slowly I began to work my cock in and out of her tight little asshole. Her anal muscles soon relaxed and her asshole loosened a little but she was still tight. With Jeff in one end and me in her other end, we quickly worked her into a smooth steady rhythm that Mindy was really beginning to enjoy. Mindy’s sucking got more intense and Jeff was getting ready to explode. I could see Jeff tense his entire body as he held Mindy’s head tightly. He reached out to his sides and grabbed the couch. His grip was so tight that his knuckles were turning white. OHGOOOOODDDDD he said as he pulled out and shot his hot load onto her face and into her open mouth. She swallowed his cum as she kept stroking, licking and sucking. Jeff collapsed under her. Mindy moved back away from Jeff’s cock as she licked the cum from her face and lips. She wiped his cum from her face with her hand and then licked the cum from her hand and fingers. She laid her chest on the floor then reached around and pulled her cheeks wider apart for me. Harder, she groaned, fuck me harder, harder, harder. I pounded my meat into her tight little asshole harder, deeper and faster. She was meeting my every stroke. She took one hand, reached down between her legs and rubbed her clit and then pushed two fingers into her cunt. She worked her fingers in and out of her sloppy hole with the same motion and ferocity that I was using. I could feel her fingers rubbing my cock through the lining between her pussy and asshole. I could feel her begin to tighten her anal muscles and her moans got louder and deeper. My cock began to swell with pressure and my nuts got tighter. We were both working up to a major allout orgasm. I held off as long as I could and with a final powerful thrust I pushed as deep and as hard up her ass as I could. At that moment we both let go and exploded. My thick load of cum shot into her bowels and she let out a scream of pure pleasure. Our juices mingled as my pumping slowed and our juices flowed down her leg together. We were both spent and exhausted as we fell forward together. We lay on the floor together with her legs spread wide and her cheeks tightly gripping my cock that was still in her asshole. We laid there for a minute or two before I pulled my cock out and rolled off of her.
After what felt like an hour we got up. Mindy stood up and she put her hand tightly between her legs and ran to the bathroom. Cum was running out of her cunt and asshole, down her legs and dripping on the floor as she ran. Jeff and I went into the kitchen and sat at the table. Mindy joined us with a towel stuck between her legs. We all sat there naked and began to talk about my wife.
We had a small snack as we sat there recovering and made plans to get my wife naked and into bed with us. Summer was coming and the weather was getting warm, we decided to talk my wife into going camping next month. Jeff and Mindy would invite my wife and I to join them and another couple on a weekend camping trip. What we would not tell her is that I was in on it, and the campground is a nudist camp just over the state line. After we had planned everything out I got dressed. We said good bye and I left for home.
The next day was Monday and my wife went to work as usual. When she came home she told me that Mindy and her husband had invited us to go camping with them and some friends next month. Everything she said was as we had planned but I played it down. I knew that my wife was friends with Mindy and if I said no my wife would say yes and try to push me into it. After an hour of complaining from me and convincing from my wife I finely said OK.

She swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker.

The next day my wife Patty and Mindy worked out the details that Jeff, Mindy and I had already talked about. Patty came home and told me that we would be going on the third weekend of next month and Mindy’s friends Steve and Jennifer would be going along. I had not met or seen Steve and Jennifer but Jeff said they were a good looking couple.

By the day we were to leave everyone was getting excited. My wife still had no idea of what we had planned but was going along with everything so far. My wife and I had a bag packed with clothes and other things we needed for the weekend. We had rented a cabin big enough for all six of us for the weekend. At about 4:55pm a silver mini van pulled into the driveway. Jeff and Mindy got out of the back seat and an athletic looking man about 6 feet tall got out of the driver’s door. The passenger door opened and I almost choked when an incredible looking woman got out. She was about 5 foot 6 inches tall, long Silky black hair that hung down over her breasts that stood out nicely. With a tight white T shirt and a pair of tight jeans that showed off her tiny little waist and hips, she was a walking wet dream. We greeted them at the door and Jeff made the introductions. Steve suggested that we have a little toast before we leave as he handed my wife a bottle of wine. Its home made and vary good he said. Before my wife could respond we all agreed so she would fallow along. Steve declined the wine because he would be driving. We toasted to a good weekend, loaded our bags and got going. We had not had dinner and were getting hungry so we stopped at a small restaurant next to the highway. While we ate dinner Jennifer distracted my wife while Mindy opened a capsule and slipped the contents into my wife’s drink.
By the time we got to the nudist camp my wife was half out of it. She was groggy enough so she akkent escort really didn’t know what was happening but went along with anything we told her. Steve pulled the van into the parking space and shut off the engine. We all got out except my wife Patty, she just sat there looking around. The rules of the camp were that before anyone left the parking lot they had to remove their clothes and go the rest of the way in the nude. Mindy was the first to get started, and soon her shirt and bra were thrown in a pile in the back of the van and her jeans and panties were around her ankles. She was looking good, and ready for fun. I really didn’t watch Steve and Jeff got undressed but I almost fell over when I saw Jennifer drop her jeans. She had already taken her T shirt and bra off and was now bent over pushing her jeans and panties down. The moon was coming up and in the bright moon light she looked fantastic bent over like that. Her long hair and her breasts hung straight down and her round ass cheeks stuck up into the air. I stood there for a second and admired her body. I could plainly see her hard nipples and the crack of her ass between her vary firm, round, tight looking ass cheeks. My cock stood up and was rock hard as it strained for freedom from my pants. I was the last to take my clothes off. I had never been naked in public before. Even though I set this up I was now finding that I was a little shy. Mindy saw that I was still dressed and was fixated on Jennifer. Mindy came over and said let me help you as she grabbed and pulled my shirt up over my head. Ok, Ok, I said. When my shirt was off I unbuckled, unzipped and pulled my pants down and stepped out of them. I folded my clothes and put them on the seat of the van. Jeff suggested that he go and check into the camp office and get the cabin key while we take care of my wife. My wife was well under the influence of the medicine that had been slipped into her drink at dinner. It was a mild drug that didn’t knock her out but it had the same affect as making her drunk on her ass. She was only half conscious and didn’t resist anything we did or said.
I was completely naked as I climbed into the van and past my wife. She looked at me and followed me as I walked around her. Slide on out now honey, I told her as I pushed her to the open door. She slid over and out of the van but her knees buckled as she tried to stand. I caught her and held her up. With one hand I reached around and down the front of her shirt. Steve, Jennifer, and Mindy gathered around as I began to unbutton my wife’s shirt. She still didn’t resist as I pulled her shirt open and off. Her bra came next as I unfastened it and Mindy stepped up and slid it off her shoulders, down her arms and off to reveal her firm breasts and little brown nipples. Sitting behind her, I reached under her arms and lifted her off the ground. Steve didn’t hesitate to step up and pull my wife’s Shorts and panties down. I found it vary exciting to see another man pulling my wife’s panties down. With me holding her off the ground they were pulled all the way down and off without any problems. My wife Patty leaned her head back, smiled at me and giggled a little as she hung there completely naked with her firm little tits and her smooth shaved pussy exposed for all to see. I put her feet back down on the ground and let her sit on the vans running boards. She leaned back and her legs fell wide open to reveal the shine of a growing dampness that was developing between her legs. Mindy pulled a camera out of her bag and took a few pictures. Jeff came back with 3 keys which he gave to us, one to each couple. We grabbed our overnight bags, locked the van and Jeff lead us down the path to the cabin. Patty was staggering vary heavily so Mindy and Jennifer helped steady her as we walked. We turned a corner in the path and saw a beautiful large A-framed cabin with a log face and a big deck. Steve opened the front door and Jeff and I guided my wife into the building. We entered into a large rustic looking living room and set Patty on the large couch. We all spread out and looked around. I found a bedroom in the back of the cabin behind the kitchenette and bathroom. It had one large king sized bed and looked big enough to have a party on.
When I came back into the living room I found Steve standing in front of my wife with one foot on the couch. He was holding her head and she was holding his 9 inch cock in her hand as it was sliding in and out of her mouth. She was still sitting on the couch while Steve was fucking her mouth. I could see her choke and gag when he pushed too deep but she didn’t quit sucking. She was drunk on her ass and vary cooperative. Jennifer came down the steep stairs that she said lead to two bedrooms upstairs. When she saw what Steve was doing to my wife she stepped up to me. Our turn sweetie, she said as she grabbed my rock hard cock and pulled me to the couch beside Patty. She pushed me down onto the couch, kneeled, spread my knees, and leaned forward to take my cock into her mouth. Jennifer was down on her hands and knees with one hand guiding me into her open mouth. She sucked on the head of my cock and then ran her tongue down my shaft. Her tongue moved up and down my shaft like she was licking on a lollypop. After kissing the head once again she moved her tongue and lips deeper between my legs and began to lick and suck my balls. She sucked one nut, then the other and then licked deeper past the base of my sack. I rolled my hips up as she ran her tongue down to the edge of my asshole and back up over my balls to the tip of my quivering meat. She repeated this licking several times, my head was tipped back, my eyes were closed and my mind was spinning out of control. The things she was doing to me I had never experienced before. In a brief moment of control I opened my eyes and saw Jeff and Mindy approaching. Jeff took up a position behind Jennifer and until now I had not realized that Mindy was bi sexual. Mindy ducked her head under Steve’s ass and up between my wife’s legs. I was having a hard time controlling the growing pressure in my cock. I was watching as Mindy spread my wife’s legs and pushed her face into her wet pussy. At the same time Jeff spread Jennifer’s sweet pussy lips and pushed into her from behind with a slow, firm, steady push. Jennifer’s sucking got harder all of a sudden and with the thrust from behind her, my cock slid deeper into her mouth. Her lips were around the base of my cock and she began to move up and down on my shaft. By now I was beyond control and I grabbed Jennifer’s head and pulled it back so she was only sucking on the head. Within seconds my eruption was coating the inside of her mouth and I had her hair clutched in my hands. My knuckles were white and my entire body was as stiff as a board as I convulsed. Jeff continued to pump Jennifer from behind as she continued to suck and swallow my white creamy load. As my mind began to clear I regained control of my senses and I opened my eyes to see Steve now clutching the back of the couch by my wife’s head. His head was down and his cum was beginning to leak out of the corner of my wife’s mouth. Her hands were on Mindy’s head and she seemed to be pulling Mindy’s face hard into her pussy. Steve pumped in and out a few more times to empty his load before he pulled his cock out and stepped back. Mindy’s face was buried deep between Patty’s pussy lips and her ass was wiggling and moving wildly as she licked my wife’s wet slit. Steve stroked his meat back to life and dropped to his knees behind Mindy. I grabbed the camera that I had brought and began to take some pictures as Steve slowly pushed his 9 inches into Mindy’s soft wet opening. Mindy gasped as she felt him enter her and she pushed her ass back to meet him. Even though my wife was under the influence her passion was building. Her breathing was getting faster and I could hear her moan and begin to pant as her climax built. Jennifer could see my wife and moved over to her while Jeff was still pumping away. Jennifer began to massage my wife’s breasts and pinch her hard little brown nipples. Soon Jennifer was licking and sucking one breast and playing with the other. My wife’s back arched, her head was thrashing around, her body began to quake and a deep steady moan began to get louder. AH, AH, AH, AHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRR, She broke out into a low building scream as she climaxed and her juices washed all over Mindy’s face. Mindy continued to lick, and after several quick orgasms my wife let out a long deep grunt and her entire body shook as she reached the peak of a massive orgasm. My wife released her grip on Mindy’s head, Mindy pulled back and her face was covered with fresh pussy juice. Jeff saw the action and his pounding of Jennifer’s pussy got faster. His body began to stiffen and his cock swelled as he buried his meat as far up Jennifer’s pussy as he could go. He held her by the hips as he slammed his body against her ass and shot his hot white cum deep inside of her. When he stopped pumping Jennifer eased herself forward pulling off of Jeff’s wilting cock. Jennifer reached down and put her hand between her legs and tight to her cunt. She could feel the cum inside her move and didn’t want it to leak out all over. She looked at me with a smile. I wonder how far she will go when she is drunk, she asked? With that she stood up trying to keep her legs closed. Jennifer stepped up onto the couch and positioned herself with one foot on the couch to one side of my wife. She lifted her other leg and placed her knee on the back of the couch and moved her cum filled cunt over my wife’s face as she tipped her head back and opened my wife’s mouth. When Jennifer removed her hand from her cunt a glob of Jeff’s sperm slid down her fingers and dropped onto my wife’s face and into her mouth. In total surprise I watched as my wife quickly licked her lips, swallowed the cum, and then stuck her tongue out for more of Jennifer’s cum filled crack. My wife reached up with both hands, grabbed Jennifer’s hips and pulled her down onto her face. The mixture of cum and pussy juice was oozing from of Jennifer’s pussy and was being smeared all over my wife’s face and tongue as she licked and sucked like a wild animal. Jeff had known my wife and I for many years and couldn’t wait any longer to get a piece of her. Jeff pulled my wife to the edge of the couch and spread her legs wide as he kneeled between them. Without missing a lick she slid down and pulled Jennifer down with her. I was clicking away with my camera as Jeff pushed the round fat head of his cock between my wife’s pussy lips and into her dripping wet cunt. Jennifer was beginning to moan as she ground her cunt into my wife’s face. Jennifer’s grunts and groans quickened and she began to squeal as she pushed my wife’s head deep into the couch with her pussy. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss she screamed as her body shuttered and climaxed with a gush of hot juice that spread over my wife’s face and ran down her neck. Jeff continued to fuck my wife as Jennifer pulled away and stepped off the couch. Jennifer moved around behind the couch, leaned over and began to lick the cum and pussy juice from my wife’s face. Mindy went around the couch and took Jennifer gaziantep anal yapan escort by the hand and said, come with me. I have something special for you. What is it, Jennifer asked? Mindy sat on the couch and spread her legs wide. Get on all fours and eat my pussy she said, Jim has the surprise for you. When Jennifer was in position Mindy smiled at me, fuck her like you did me. You know what I mean, she said. Steve took the camera from me and began to take pictures. Jennifer got ready for me and spread her legs to give me easy entrance to her wet pussy. I knelt behind her and Mindy held her head in tight to her cunt. Instead of spreading her pussy lips I spread her cheeks. Mindy held Jennifer’s head tight as she squirmed and tried to pull away. Now! Mindy said, do it now! After the licking my wife gave her, Jennifer’s cunt, ass and whole bottom was still covered and soaking wet with her own pussy juice. I held her cheeks apart and pushed the head of my cock against her tight little brown hole. I pushed and worked it until my cock head was inside. Mindy held her head tight and would not let her go, but I could hear her squeal against Mindy’s crotch as her vary tight little ass was violated. Slowly I pushed deeper and deeper until I was as far in her ass as I could go. Her asshole was so tight that I could feel her pulse and I could still hear her grunts and squeals of pain. I waited a few moments without moving. When she stopped grunting and I felt her start to relax I pulled out and then back in again vary slowly. I could feel her asshole tighten and loosen again and again against the moving violation that was taking place in her asshole. Soon she began to relax her anal muscles more and accept the intruding piece of meat that was moving inside her. At first she was moving her hips to pull away from my thrusts but soon she was moving to meet them. It felt like she was trying to milk my cock with her ass as her muscles tightened on the back stroke. My hips were slapping against her ass, her face was pushing against Mindy’s cunt. All three of us were enjoying the action. When I looked over at Jeff I could see that he was buried deep inside my wife. His face was contorted in pleasure. He pulled out of her, his seed still oozing from the head as he stood up. He stepped onto the couch and pushed his cock at the waiting mouth of my wife. She eagerly grabbed his slick meat, licked the cum from the tip and pulled it to her lips and into her waiting mouth. Steve saw what I was doing to his wife and knelt between my wife’s spread legs. Cum was beginning to run from her cunt and down the crack of her ass. He reached under her legs, lifted them and rolled her hips up and back to expose her cum covered cunt and unused dark brown asshole. His cock was half soft but impressive as he pushed it between her cheeks and against her brown eye. She tried to sit up and wiggle free but Jeff held her down in place. Steve grabbed the couch with one hand on each side and just above her pelvis to lock her hips in place so she could not move away from him. Jeff continued to face fuck my wife as Steve pushed his pointed cock head tight against and into my wife’s tight asshole. I could see her close her eyes tightly and a tear rolled down her face as she tried to let out a scream of pain but couldn’t. Jeff’s cock was in her mouth and pushing against her throat and wouldn’t let her pull away or scream. She was breathing hard as Steve began to slide as much of his 9 inches into her as he could. She tried to push Jeff away to regain control but Jeff would not let her do anything but lay there and take the ass fucking that she was getting.
I was so turned on by watching my wife being forced to take it in the ass. I have tried many times over the years but she would never let me fuck her in the ass. Mindy was beginning to moan and buck wildly against Jennifer’s face. Her moans and panting got louder and stronger as she lifted her legs and wrapped them around Jennifer’s head. Mindy held her legs tight around Jennifer’s head and threw her head back. With a low guttural scream she surged into a massive orgasm. Jennifer felt a rush of warm female fluid coat her tongue and face.
Mindy’s body quaked and quaked with one orgasm after the other. Jennifer licked and licked until Mindy collapsed under her face and released the grip her legs had on Jennifer’s head.
Jennifer was working my dick harder now and she reached down with one hand and played with my balls. Soon Mindy began to recover and walked around behind me and knelt. She reached between my legs and inserted two fingers into Jennifer’s dripping pussy. Mindy worked her fingers in and out several times before she eased a third finger in. Jennifer and I were beginning to build to our own blowout. We were both grunting as we got closer and closer to eruption. Mindy could see that Jennifer was a little closer than I was so she waited until Jennifer began to convulse. To my surprise Mindy took her other hand and pushed a finger up my ass. I had fucked Mindy in the ass before and now I was fucking Jennifer’s beautiful tight ass but no one had ever been in my ass. Mindy had surprised me and pushed her finger all the way in. This excited me so much that I instantly blew my load into Jennifer’s bowels. Mindy pulled her finger out a little and pushed it back in even harder. She was finger fucking my ass and I felt like I couldn’t stop cumming.
Mindy stopped finger fucking me when I stopped pumping Jennifer’s ass and all three of us collapsed together.
I got the urge to piss so I told the girls that I would be back after I pissed. Jennifer asked, “can I help you”? no, I said” I have been going by myself sense I was a child”. Jennifer laughed, then smiled as she told me “that’s not what I meant”. It’s always more fun with two. I was standing so I said ok and reached down to help her up. She walked in front of me and I enjoyed watching her ass wiggle as she tried to keep her legs closed. Even though her legs were closed and she squeezed her ass cheeks tight together I could see cum and her juices running down her legs. When we got to the bathroom she stepped into the bathtub, squatted down and spread her legs. Can you hold it for a minute lover she asked? She turned the water on and splashed cool water into her sore and swollen pussy and asshole. Come on in she said as she knelt down. When I was in the tub she grabbed my cock and said just stand there. She licked and kissed my dick and tightened her grip. You can let the water flow now, I will control it, she said. I let go and tried to piss but couldn’t until she eased her grip. I could feel her grip loosen and my warm salty piss began to spray onto her face. It splashed all over until she pulled my dick down and she was taking the golden stream of piss in her mouth. Her mouth couldn’t hold it all and it began to run down her chin, neck and over her tits. God she was beautiful. She clamped it off again, I thought she was done but she moved in and wrapped her lips around my cock. She eased her grip again and her cheeks bulged out and piss was running out around my cock. I could hear her trying to gulp it all down but she just couldn’t keep up. When my bladder was empty she kept sucking my cock like a straw to get all the piss out that she could get. AHHHHH she said when she got the last of the piss and took her mouth off my meat straw. Do you want some she asked, I have to pee too. I am willing to try almost anything so we changed places. I laid on my back and she stood over me, she squatted a little and spread her red, swollen pussy lips and let her golden shower begin. She moved her hips around so my whole face and neck were covered with piss before she squatted a little more and shot her liquid gold into my mouth. I tried to swallow it but couldn’t, there was just too much and I had never had piss in my mouth before.
When we were both done we showered together. She washed down my front and up my back, some places better than others. I rubbed my soapy hands all over her body and began to get excited again, but I just didn’t have enough energy to do anything about it. When we were finished we went back to the living room to join the others. Walking back into the living room we found Mindy laying on the floor where we had left her. I got two big surprises.
One: My wife was sitting on the couch between Jeff and Steve, they looked exhausted and my wife had a soft cock in each hand. She had cum all over her face and some in her hair. Her legs were spread and cum was oozing from her pussy and some more from between her ass cheeks. She looked like she had been used hard and enjoyed every second of it.
Two: I noticed that in the heat of our passion we had not closed the curtain on the big bay window and we had drawn spectators.
Being a bit of a smart ass that I am I turned to Jennifer and whispered into her ear. She looked at the window and the people gathered outside and giggled a little. Ok she said and we walked over in front of the window. We smiled and bowed to our audience. Everyone outside mockingly applauded as Jennifer closed the curtain and as I went to the door. I said “good evening folks, that’s all for the show tonight. We will be back tomorrow at ten”. Everyone laughed as they turned and walked away. A man and a woman stepped up to the door, “Hi I am David and this is my friend Tammy he said”. You have to be careful, if the wrong people would have seen you they would have tossed you out of here in a minute. We were watching and redirected anyone who we thought would give you trouble. Fortunately this cabin is not on a main path. Thanks for the help I said, we didn’t realize that we left the curtain open. That’s Ok David said, we enjoyed the show and it was worth the effort to keep the wrong people and kids away. Is there any way that we can join in next time he asked? I don’t think so I said, my wife was drunk and I am going to have a lot of explaining to do in the morning. Ok he said, I understand what you mean. Maybe we will see you all tomorrow at lunch or at the pool. Maybe I said, we will have to see what tomorrow brings. OK, have a good night and maybe we will see you tomarrow David said as they turned and walked away.
When everyone had recovered enough we decided that my wife and I would use the bedroom in the back. We didn’t want my wife to fall down the stairs in the middle of the night. Everyone took their turn and got cleaned up for the night and went to bed.
When I woke up in the morning I figured that my wife would be real pissed off and want a divorce. I rolled over to find that she wasn’t there. Mindy was in bed beside me and my wife was gone. I didn’t know what to think and I was a little concerned. Carefully and quietly I got out of bed and went to look for my wife. Too my surprise again I found her in the living room on the floor with Steve and Jennifer. It looked like they were sleeping together. As I got closer I could see that Steve was in my wife from behind and my wife’s head was between Jennifer’s legs. My wife had Jennifer’s legs spread and was licking her pussy. When my wife noticed me standing there she looked up and asked, “Do you want to join us honey”?
The rest of the day we fucked, recovered and then fucked again. My wife made sure that each man was in each of her holes at least once. By Sunday morning we were all so sore, fucked out and exhausted that we left early and went home to recover. Before we all went our separate ways my wife asked “When is the next time”?

More to come if response is good.

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