There Oughta Be a Law Ch. 02


I must have dozed off. Because I woke up a little disoriented. I had my arms around a beautiful woman. My chin was resting on the top of her head, and I was spooning her. My crotch was pressed right up against her back side. I glanced at the clock next to the bed. Yep, I had dozed off for at least an hour. It was still before midnight, but we had just had a marathon sexual session and I guess my body decided it needed some rest.

I whispered into Ellen’s ear. “Hey there, are you awake?”

She released herself from my arms and turned to look at me.

“Yep, I’m awake. Have a nice nap?”

“I guess so, sorry about that, I suppose that’s what happens when you hook up with an old man like me.”

“Don’t beat yourself up Don, after sex like that, you can nap for a week, as long as you promise you will make love to me again.”

“Hmmmm, I don’t know, I think an hour or so is preferable to a week, don’t you?”

and then I leaned in to kiss her. The kiss was long and passionate but in a slower more relaxed way. I started kissing down her face ’til I reached her neck and then I spent a good 2 or 3 minutes licking and lightly kissing her neck. She had reached out and found my cock and was lightly stroking it. Again I lowered my lips a bit until I found her nipples. They were hard little nubbins. I nibbled on one nipple and then the other, back and forth, back and forth. My hand had wandered down to her private parts. I slipped my thumb into her cunt while I slipped my index finger up into her ass. She really started to get worked up and she started pumping my cock harder with her hand.

“God, how do you do it?” She asked “I’m almost ready to come for like the 10th time tonight.”

I didn’t say anything. I just ByCasino pushed her back onto her back lightly and then positioned myself on top of her. I looked into her eyes again. She looked so vulnerable and beautiful.

“It’s all you babe, you inspire me. I’ve never been able to keep it up this long before.”

We kissed each other hungrily and I slid my cock into her again.

This time the sex was at a much slower pace. Neither one of us was moving our crotches much at all. We were just pressing hard into each other and keeping up the pressure.

We concentrated more on kissing and it was a beautiful experience.

While we were still locked together, she moved her face away and looked at me.

“You really are a special man. I’ve never had any sex that is even close to this good before.”

“We aim to please.” I said with a grin.

Then I pulled out and slapped her knee lightly. I was ready for some doggie and for some serious fucking,

She quickly was on her knees and looking back at me with a loving expression.

I slid my cock into her and started bucking hard. She was responding in just the right rhythm. After about 5 or 10 minutes of bliss we both stopped moving.

With my cock still rock hard inside of her, I spread her cheeks wide.

Eventually I had to pull my cock out of her, because I wanted to lick and chew on her beautiful backside. As I slid my tongue along all over her ass, she moved down and started gobbling my cock. I slipped two fingers into her asshole and started pistoning.

She was thrusting her ass into my fingers while I pounded her mouth with my cock.

I couldn’t control myself any longer and spurted a few more drops of come down her throat. By Casino We both fell back and lay there exhausted.

Eventually we turned so we could stare into each other’s eyes.

“I could get used to this.” I said.

She smiled back at me and we just enjoyed each other’s presence and lightly petted each other.

I must have fallen asleep again, because I woke up with Ellen spooned right up into me.

I glanced at the clock. Yep it was 9 AM. I started stroking her flanks lightly and nibbled on her shoulder. After about 5 minutes of that she started wiggling her butt into my crotch. My cock rose and we could both feel it as it rubbed against her ass. I adjusted my position slightly and my cock was up inside her again. We were still lying on our sides. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back to meet my cock as I nibbled on her neck. We got into a quick rhythm and it wasn’t long before I left another load in her belly.

“I think I’d like to wake up like that every morning.” I said softly into her ear.

She got up out of bed and smiled at me.

“Have you got a shirt or something I can use for a robe?” I found an old football sweatshirt and handed it to her.

We headed out into the kitchen and I fired up the coffee maker.

“You want coffee?” I asked

“Yes please”

Once the coffee was made and we were sipping it she looked at me and said

“It sounds to me like you are hinting that we should head straight to a monogamous relationship. And while I like the way you are thinking, there’s just one complication.”

My heart was suddenly in my throat. Here’s the part where she says she’s married or something.

My dread must have shown on my face, because she smiled By Casino Giriş at me and said

“Don’t worry it’s nothing as bad as you are thinking. In fact I think you will enjoy your assignment.”

I was totally bewildered.

She giggled “Remember my sister, Carolyn?”

“Oh yeah, I had totally forgotten about her.”

“I kinda thought you might have.” She laughed “Well last night in the girls room we made a deal.”

“Wait a second. Did you girls flip a coin or something?”

“Scissors cut paper baby.” She yelled and then did a fist pump with a huge grin on her face.

“Wow, two beautiful women are gambling to see who gets to have sex with me first. Who would have believed it?”

“You are sexier than you know” said Ellen “Anyways, before we did that we agreed that both of us would get the chance to be with you if you were up for it. You are attracted to Carolyn aren’t you?”

“Of course I’m attracted to Carolyn. She looks just like you.”

“Exactly.” She laughed.

“But in one incredible evening, you have become very special to me. I don’t think I could bear it if you were with another man.”

“Oh, no worries on that score.” She said “I promise you will be the only man for me. My sister and I will be the only women for you. Deal?”

“Deal.” I replied “But are you sure you are ok with that? I can tell her no if that’s what you want.”

“No, as much as I might want that, a deal is a deal and I promised her that we both would get to enjoy you. Why don’t you call her today and arrange to see her tonight. Just let nature take its course. If you are both enjoying each other’s company then take her to bed and treat her right. You can even sleep overnight with her if you like. Just don’t forget about me.” She said with a smile.

“Trust me. I will never forget last night.”

She beamed at me.

“That’s the idea.”

Eventually Ellen left and I tidied up my apartment thinking I just might be the luckiest man alive.

Thirsty for Biracial Girls

Amy Brooke

“There goes another one,” Mariam Akkad said to herself, sighing as she read the Metro newspaper. The lengthy article on the front page described a fatal encounter between a mentally ill Somali man and members of the Ottawa police. According to the article, a certain civilian oversight authority was investigating the case to decide whether or not the officers involved should face charges. I hope those bastards don’t get away with it, Mariam thought darkly.

Sitting on the OC Transpo bus leaving the suburb of Barrhaven for downtown Ottawa, the young woman repressed a shudder. Anger boiled inside Mariam, and for a brief moment, her gray eyes met those of a well-dressed middle-aged white lady who sat across from her. The woman smiled, and then resumed clicking away on her cell phone. Mariam briefly returned her smile, mostly out of politeness, though she felt like smacking the woman. And she couldn’t figure out why…

Clad in a stylish dark gray pantsuit, with her long, curly black hair tucked away under a modest ebony Hijab, Mariam Akkad looked like she meant business and she knew it. At five-foot-ten, curvy but fit, with golden brown skin and almond-shaped gray eyes, Mariam Akkad would be considered beautiful by almost anyone’s standards. Educated at the University of Toronto, Mariam Akkad came to the City of Ottawa with her business administration degree, and for the past sixteen months, she’d been working at the local CIBC.

The way that most people looked at Mariam Akkad while walking into the downtown branch of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce made the young woman uneasy at first, but then she got used to it. As much as Ottawa liked to call itself a multicultural town, there was a whole slew of its citizens that had issue with its growing diversity. In cosmopolitan places like Toronto and Montreal, a young woman wearing a Hijab at work is a common sight. In the City of Ottawa, some apparently feel bothered by the presence of Mariam and those of her faith.

“Hot day today, eh? I’m Barry, I’m Canadian, where are you from?” said the middle-aged white guy with the bad comb-over and faded gray suit sitting next to her, a jolly smile on his wrinkled, overly tanned face. Mariam briefly glanced from side to side, wondering who the doddering old fool was talking to, and upon realizing that he was actually addressing her, the young woman chuckled softly, then shook her head. Oh yeah, she knew where this was going, and decided to nip it in the bud…

“Well, Barry, I’m as Canadian as you are,” Mariam retorted, and then she resumed reading the Metro newspaper. Barry stared at her, seemingly stunned. Several other passengers seated nearby smiled, though none said anything. Welcome to Ottawa, Mariam thought bitterly. Born in the City of Toronto, Ontario, to a Lebanese Muslim immigrant father and a Jamaican-Canadian mother, Mariam grew up with a foot in each world, and feeling comfortable in neither. Considered too black for the Arabs and not black enough by the Africans and Afro-Caribbean peoples, Mariam Akkad grew up feeling like an outcast, even in racially diverse ByCasino Toronto. Ah, the plight of the biracial woman in North America…

At this hour of the morning, the OC Transpo bus was packed with commuters, mostly middle-aged white men and white women, government workers one and all, along with a few minorities here and there. Nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever. Everyone seemed to be going about their daily business as if nothing had happened, but for Mariam, things had definitely changed. For reasons she couldn’t explain, she felt a gnawing sense of dread eating away at her heart. Mariam thought of the young man she considered to be the love of her life, and didn’t know what she’d do if anything ever happened to him…

“You worry too much, Bae, I’ll be fine,” her boyfriend Jeffrey Dumont said to her, about an hour ago, as they stood in the kitchen of their Barrhaven townhouse. Clad in bright blue boxers, his six-foot-two, muscular and chocolate-hued body glistening in the early morning sunlight wafting in from the kitchen window, Jeffrey was a vision of masculine beauty. Jeffrey gently poked Mariam in the nose, a gesture which she initially disliked but had come to love, and she smiled and rolled her eyes.

“I worry too much because you don’t worry at all, have a good day at work and watch out for racist bozos,” Mariam cautioned, and Jeffrey stroked his goateed chin, a thoughtful look creeping into his handsome face. Jeffrey gently stroked Mariam’s face, and the young woman sighed, wondering what she could do to make her seemingly carefree lover beware of the dangers awaiting him outside.

Born in the City of Jacmel, Republic of Haiti, and raised in the City of Montreal, Quebec, Jeffrey Dumont grew up fast. Political turmoil on the island of Haiti led his family to flee to Quebec. Jeffrey watched his parents, Jean-Michel and Nadine Dumont struggle to survive in a new country, and adapt to a new culture, and swore to himself that he’d one day make them proud. When he won an academic scholarship to the University of Ottawa, Jeffrey began to study Law with a passion. Along the way, he met the woman destined to change his life…

“Excuse me, could you please tell me where the Louis Pasteur Building is? ” came a feminine voice, startling the hell out of Jeffrey Dumont as he got off the bus one fateful morning and walked into the U of O campus. The young man turned around, and found himself facing a vision of absolute beauty. A tall, fine-looking young woman with golden brown skin and lively eyes looked at me, her pretty lips pursed with anticipation.

“Um, sure, I can show you where it is, I’m Jeff,” Jeffrey said as he extended his hand toward the young woman, who hesitated briefly, then shook it. Together, they walked about the vast University of Ottawa campus, and soon found themselves in front of the Louis Pasteur Building. Jeffrey looked at the attractive, well-dressed female stranger, and bit his tongue. Hijab girls were tricky…

“Thank you for your help, brother, I’m Mariam, I have a business conference there, don’t want to be By Casino late,” the young woman said, nodding graciously, and Jeffrey smiled and nodded as well. Thus, they were formally introduced. Jeffrey wished Mariam the best of luck with her conference, and then watched as she walked through the doors, a determined stride in her step. Hot damn she’s got a nice ass, Jeffrey thought with a smile.

Once Jeffrey Dumont got home, he hit Facebook and looked up Mariam, and much to his surprise, he found her rather easily. Impulsively he sent her a friend request, and a quick message, and Mariam added him…two days later. That’s how it all began. The Haitian stud doggedly pursued Mariam, and once she agreed to grab a coffee with him, it was all in the bag. For what Jeff wants he normally gets, especially from the fairer sex. Soon, he and Mariam were dating, and six months after they met, they moved in together.

“I’ll keep that in mind, even though I think you worry too much,” Jeffrey said, and without warning, he pulled Mariam out of her worrisome musings and into a tight embrace with one arm, and felt up her butt with the other. Mariam giggled and pretended to resist, but Jeffrey drew her close, and planted a kiss on her lips. Mariam kissed Jeffrey full and deep, then ran her hands over his muscular torso, then down to his pelvic area, and he held his breath as she patted his groin.

“Oh my,” Mariam said, smiling wickedly, and just like that, she and Jeffrey began having their fun. All dressed up and ready for work, stylish pantsuit on fleek, new Hijab on point, Mariam was ready to step out of the house but couldn’t resist a quickie. Jeffrey freed his manhood from his boxers, and then took Mariam’s hands and pressed them against his sex. Grinning, Mariam stroked Jeffrey’s dick, and watched as it grew and expanded in her hands. Smiling, Mariam winked at Jeffrey and got on her knees. She knew just what to do…

“Tu es magnifique,” Jeffrey whispered, and he closed his eyes as Mariam took his dick in her mouth, and began sucking him off with gusto. Leaning against the kitchen counter, Jeffrey tried to relax as Mariam fellated him. Hot damn, this woman was something else. Even though she looked all proper and pious on the surface when they met, Jeffrey could see the burning passion and barely contained intensity lurking behind Mariam’s cat-like gray eyes. All he had to do was bring that passion and wildness to the surface…

“Je sais, mon amour,” Mariam paused to say, and then she flicked her tongue over Jeffrey’s dick head, a move she knew drove him absolutely nuts. Mariam looked up at Jeffrey, noticed him trembling slightly and grinned, then massaged his balls, which caused him to moan deeply. Brother hadn’t felt anything yet. While massaging Jeffrey’s balls, Mariam slid a finger up his ass, and felt him stiffen.

“Oh yeah, just like that,” Jeffrey blurted out, and a smiling Mariam continued sucking his dick while fingering his butt. Jeffrey was really into butt play, both giving and receiving. Last night, Jeffrey came home early, horny as can be, By Casino Giriş and upon finding Mariam doing yoga in their living room, proceeded to put her on all fours and devour her ass. Mariam loved having her ass eaten, and Jeffrey ate her booty without fear or shame, spreading her thick ass and sliding his tongue into her butt hole. The brother ate her ass until Mariam squealed with delight and begged him to stop…

“Oh I enjoy digging your butt like you dug mine,” Mariam paused to say, and then she swallowed more than half of Jeffrey’s dick while sliding two fingers up his ass. Last night, after eating out her ass, Jeffrey spanked her big bum and fucked her, thrusting his big dick deep into her snatch. After mercilessly pounding her pussy for hours, Jeffrey switched things up. Taking some cream, Jeffrey lubricated Mariam’s butt hole and then worked his dick into her backdoor.

“Turnabout is fair play,” Jeffrey said, and he opened his eyes and looked at a smiling Mariam, who winked at him. A wicked smile spread across Jeffrey’s face as he recalled pounding away at Mariam’s big golden brown ass, invading her tight butt hole with his dick. How he loved the way she screamed. Mariam’s big ass jiggled as he thrust his dick into her, filling her asshole as best he could. Afterwards, Jeffrey had Mariam sit on his face so he could eat her ass some more. The Haitian stud was an ass man through and true…

For ages, Mariam had toyed with the idea of buying a strap-on dildo to use on Jeffrey, since he seemed to like butt play so much. She continued fellating him while fingering his ass until he cried out that he was to cum. Only then did she stop. When Mariam noticed that Jeffrey was shuddering violently, she pulled out of him, and then he came. When he did, Mariam happily swallowed his manly seed…

“That was fun, but I’ve got to get to work, babe,” Mariam said, taking Jeffrey’s hand as the smiling stud pulled her to her feet. Mariam wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and then readjusted her Hijab, which had gotten a bit loose while she was vigorously fellating her man. Jeffrey looked at her, amazed at this fun, fearless and wickedly unpredictable young woman whom he’d fallen in love with.

“Mariam, my dear, know that you are my world,” Jeffrey replied, and he kissed Mariam on the lips. A few minutes later, Jeffrey hopped into his bright red Rav4 and drove Mariam to Marketplace Station in downtown Barrhaven, and the two exchanged a kiss right before Mariam exited the vehicle. Jeffrey watched Mariam go, smiling as she climbed over the large rock partially blocking the sidewalk from the bus station’s waiting area. Blowing her ass a kiss, Jeffrey drove away.

“Got to work safely, have a good day at school, my angel,” Mariam texted Jeffrey, after she got off the bus near Parliament Hill, and then walked the rest of the way to the CIBC bank where she worked. Jeffrey didn’t reply immediately, which frustrated Mariam, but she put on a brave smile and walked into work, greeting co-workers and colleagues as cheerfully as she could. As for Jeffrey, he took a long nap prior to his afternoon classes at the University of Ottawa, since he didn’t have to go to his call center job that day. As Jeffrey rested, he thought of his lady love…and her fabulous ass. That’s why he always wakes up with a smile…

The Wrong Sister Pt. 07


Hannah turns away and against all better judgement I chase after her, holding the dressing gown to my naked form in the hope I don’t spill out of it. It must look pathetic to any neighbours watching, a scantily clad middle-aged woman chasing after her pregnant sister.

“Han wait,” I say pushing her car door shut as she gets to it. “I can explain.”

It’s such a stupid thing to say and she knows it. And it’s very much unlike Hannah to bark as bitterly as she does then – in fact, it’s something altogether like something I’d have done once upon a time. A time before Will.

“Oh really? You can explain why you’re naked but for a practically sheer dressing gown, answering the door in my ex-husband’s house?”

I bite my lower lip and groan. “Well, maybe not.” I admit, deciding that there’s nothing I can say that will be able to explain this away.

“No, I didn’t think so. You… you’re sleeping with him?”

A deep breath as I look my sister in the eye. I give her the slightest of nods, which just makes her look even more sickened.

“You went to him to save my marriage.” she says, not looking at me. And what’s worse than the anger and the revulsed looks is this new look – sadness. Betrayal. My heart breaks for her, and my hand instinctively goes for hers, only for her to snatch it away as if I’d touched her with a hot iron.

“Don’t touch me,” she snarls.

“I did try Han. I promise you I did. I… this all happened afterwards. Just last week, actually. After Jo’s birthday party.”

It’s the look of betrayal, I tell myself. That’s why I’m lying to her. At this point I’m trying to save my family, and save my sister’s heart. It’s selfish, I know, but I don’t know what else to do other than try and protect her. She looks at me and I see tears stinging her eyes.

“You’re my sister,” she gasps, the pain all so obvious now. “You shouldn’t have done anything with him. How could you Izzy? How could you do this to me?”

Tears trickle down my cheeks. “I’m sorry Hannah. I am. I never wanted you to find out like this.” I sniff, but she just shakes her head and tries the door of her car again.

“Please let me go. I don’t want to see you. I can’t stomach it.”

I want to beg her to let me talk to her, but I have no idea what I will say. So I let go of the door and watch Hannah get in and quickly reverse away. And I’m left standing in the middle of the street, wind pulling at the hem of my gown, until the car disappears round the corner.

Will has seen it all. He stands in his doorway looking as pale as I feel, and he guides me into the living room and sits me down on the sofa. It’s there that I fully break down, ugly crying into his shoulder as the enormity of my constant selfish actions finally catch up to me. And it’s not even me I’m sorry for – I’m sorry for Hannah, and I’m sorry for my girls because I fear they will never see their aunt again.

“Does she know everything?” Will asks tentatively when I’m left with only hiccuping miserably.

“Um… I said it started last week. I couldn’t tell her the truth Will. You should have seen her face. I can’t believe I’ve done this to her. Why have I been so selfish? Why didn’t I stop?”

“You can’t beat yourself up about it,” he soothes. “And it’s not like she’s acted any better than us – she’s carrying Justin’s baby. Do you regret what we’ve done?”

I look at him then and measure up the guilt with the feelings and confidence that Will has given me. It’s a very easy answer to give him. “No, not at all. But it’s not just me that’s affected by what we’ve done, handsome.”

He pauses then his head drops. “Your daughters,” he says quietly.

What will my girls think of me when they realise that mummy has done something to hurt their aunt? That she’s been selfish and only thought of her own happiness instead of considering them?

“You’re allowed to be selfish you know.”

It’s like he’s been reading my thoughts, and I can’t help but smile sadly at him as I touch his face. “No, I can’t. Not when it comes to them. That’s not how I work. How motherhood works.”

We sit in silence for a time, holding each other’s hands while I consider what I can do to fix this situation. There is a part of me that doesn’t want to fix anything – at this point what I’m doing with Will to the outside world is perfectly reasonable, if a little cold considering Hannah’s feelings and the past she shares with him. But then I think of what Han will tell my brother, father and wider family, and I know that I can’t raise my girls without them.

A decision somewhat made, I stand up and turn to look at Will. He looks up from me expectantly but he already knows what I’m going to say, preempting me before I even open my mouth.

“You’re leaving.”

I nod. “I am. I’ll get changed and head home and… think about what to do next.” I sigh. “I don’t think either of us will enjoy ourselves too much considering what’s just happened.”

His disappointment is plain to see, but he still smiles ByCasino at me. “Well… at least we got to do something.”

Even now, when he’s clearly as upset about our dirty weekend being cut short, he’s kind. I lean down to kiss him, savouring his lips and his touch as a hand goes around my waist. It would be so easy to straddle him, to let him open my gown and kiss my body so that he can kiss and fuck away all of my problems. I pull away before my resolve fades.

I don’t spend much longer in his house. My clothes and bags are quickly packed and I head home after kissing Will a little too long in his hallway. I kiss him hard because I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to again. Whether the situation is going to be such that there is no future for us together.

Knowing Hannah, I know she needs time to calm down. So I only go home and refrain from contacting her in any way. I try to think about how I felt when I found out my ex had cheated on me, about the betrayal and pain I felt. And while what Hannah had seen between me and Will wasn’t quite the same, it was close enough that I could empathise with how she felt.

There is only so long someone can wait though. After a week of silence between myself and Hannah, I decide it can’t go on any longer. I have discussions over text with Will regarding whether it should be him that speaks to my sister, but I feel like this is my fault and so I want to own it. If anyone should take the brunt of her ire, it should be me.

That Friday I head to my father’s home with the girls and already know that this will be difficult. Dad is so short with me when he answers the door, and it’s clear that he knows and doesn’t approve. That hurts more than how Hannah had looked at me at Will’s door, and all I want to do is tell him that it’s not as bad as it seems. That I’m in love with him. That I see the rest of my life at his side.

Just like Hannah had.

Dad takes the girls into the living room to watch a film with them, and I enter the conservatory to see Hannah there marking books with one hand, the other resting on her bump. She shoots me a venomous look as I close the door and take a seat opposite her.

“Thought you might have contacted me sooner,” she drawls, voice thick with contempt.

Deep breaths, I tell myself.

“You needed time. So did I.”

“Time?” she barks bitterly, red pen spilling from her hand to the glass table. “Since when did you care about time? Or is a few weeks enough time for you to make a move on my ex-husband?”

“I didn’t…”

I close my eyes and take another deep breath. I see the line between the truth and protecting my sister and I know it’s barely a whisker wide. That one misstep, one moment of my temper getting away from me, and I will lose my family. My girls will lose their family.

This has to be done. My eyes flash open and I find the courage to carry on.

“I didn’t mean for you to get hurt. Neither did Will,” I say, raising my hand up to stop her talking over me and giving her a warning glare which thankfully shuts her up. “But you have to understand that he was hurting and things… kind of happened.”

“So you made things better for him, did you?”

I look across at my sister, wishing she’d calm down. “I care for Will a great deal, Han. I’m not sorry it happened. Just sorry you found out how you did.”

Hannah goes beet red, struggling for words as her mouth moves like a fish. Then she leans forward and her voice is a harsh whisper.

“You’re going to continue?”

Another deep breath and then a nod. “If he wants to. And… and I guess if I have your blessing. I know we’ve not always been close but I don’t want to lose you Hannah. I don’t want the girls to lose you. To lose the family.”

“Don’t bring Gabby and Jo into this! How… how dare you use them to cover up for your indiscretions!”

Her voice has raised and I feel my own creep up. “I did nothing wrong, Han. Neither of us did. I’m sorry you’re hurting, fuck knows I would be too, but… this is your doing.”

“He’s my ex-husband!” she snaps, standing up and looking down at me with ferocious eyes and quivering lips, ignoring my barb. “There are some places you don’t go, and that is one of them. How would you feel if I’d done the same to Phil when you got divorced? Just invited him round and shown him a good time?”

“Hannah, it isn’t like-“

“It’s exactly like that Izzy! He is off limits!”

“Just like Justin was?” I snarl back at her, standing up and leaning on my white, clenched fists.

Her nostrils flare and so do mine, the two of us as far away from sisterhood as we’ve ever been. We stare at one another and realise we’ve got too loud and too nasty. It’s Han who looks away first, her hand caressing her bump through her blue polka dot blouse.

“I won’t give you permission to fuck Will,” she says quietly.

“I don’t… Han, it’s not… that. I don’t want your blessing for that. I want your blessing to explore more with By Casino him. Maybe a future.”

“Well I definitely will not give permission for that.”

“Han,” I laugh. “I don’t want permission – you’re not mum. But I want your blessing.”

She looks back at me as she sits down, eyes cold as I take my seat once more. “And if I don’t give it? Because I have no intention of giving it Isobel – I don’t want you dating Will.”

I look at her levelly and weigh up everything that is at stake. If I continue with Will then I will be with the man I love. I can have a future with him, maybe marriage – God, even that doesn’t seem so unappealing with him. But it would mean being ostracized by the family I rely on and, more importantly, robbing my girls of their aunt, uncle and maternal grandfather. I’d seen how they’d taken the loss of my mother – could I be the one responsible for taking the rest of their family away?

My heart breaks at the decision I have to make. A repugnantly easy one, because to be a parent is to put their needs over all of my own.

“Okay Han,” I say, head dropping as I let her defeat me. “Okay. I won’t date him. If it means sorting things out between us, then I’ll stay away.”

I hear her sniff and then take a breath as if to speak. I’m sure that she wasn’t expecting that – more fireworks perhaps, but not me rolling over and showing my belly. “Well,” she says eventually. “Good. I’m glad we could sort this out. I’m sorry I lost my temper.”

The rest of the evening is a haze. My daughters had heard the argument and probed awkwardly as they sought to understand why we’d been shouting. I simply explain sometimes sisters fight, and remind them that they do it often enough. They don’t need to know the true reason. Nor do they need to see the tears streaming down my face after they’d gone to bed that night as I send a message to Will.

“I tried. I’m sorry, but I can’t. I can’t rob the girls of their family for my happiness. I’m so sorry xx” Will immediately tries to call but I don’t answer. He tries several more times and I just simply stare at his name on my phone and wish he’d just leave me alone to grieve for what we could have had. Then the phone vibrates with a notification and I somewhat reluctantly open it.

“Please don’t stop fighting for us xx”

My heart fractures further and unsexy sobs wrack my body. I never deserved him, I think. After all I’d done with him, I know to not have him now is punishment for all the betrayal and cheating I did before. Even afterwards, when I had spoken with Hannah, I still lied. I go to the bed I only got to share with him once and fall asleep in tears.

The next few days are filled with grey. The weather, my mood. Everything feels dull and inconsequential as I procedurally play out my role as nurse and mother, feeling nothing but the heart break that I brought on myself. Colleagues ask if I’m well, clearly concerned, but I can hardly tell them the truth. It would only alienate them to me too.

How I am with my daughters hurts more than anything, and slowly I notice my subdued nature taking a toll on them. Through the haze of pain I see how joyless they become, how snappy they are with one another. I know it’s not healthy for them and yet I can snap out of it. I can’t seem to find joy in anything anymore. And while I know it’s ridiculous to let a man have such an effect on me, I had seen a future with Will where I was happy. That I would love and be loved, and my girls would grow up seeing their mum happy.

And now it’s gone.

I feel like there is nowhere to turn. No one from my family has reached out to me, their side apparently taken. And I cannot reach out to Will because of what I promised Hannah, regardless of how it rankles me. All I can do is reiterate to myself why I have done it, and surround myself with the love of my daughters. Because at least I have them.

Unlike previous occasions, the ache of loss doesn’t fade even after a few weeks. My family at least get in touch, but Will stops trying, and no matter how much I look at my phone I can’t seem to shake how badly I feel I’ve missed out on something huge. Everytime I feel my resolve weaken I remind myself why I have done what I have done and put my phone down, the message to my former lover remaining incomplete.

But at least Hannah is friendly with me again, even though I need to bite my tongue hard when she tells me she’s moving in with Justin. Indeed, it’s like nothing has ever happened between us. Like Will never existed.

It’s another Friday night when I take the girls around for tea with my dad and Hannah. Justin is there too, of course. And as I sit at the dining table, eating fish and chips with my family, I zone out as Hannah breezily tells us all of the things they were doing to make Justin’s home ready for their baby

“So we have the nursery ready. I know it’s early but it makes sense to do it now, don’t you think Izzy? Before I get too big and I can’t help? I’m sure you By Casino Giriş probably helped loads, but I can’t stand the idea of just watching Justin do it all.”

I glance up and see her smiling at me, awaiting a response. And then I see her hand clasped in Justin’s, and how happy she is sitting beside him. How complete she looks. How satisfied and content with life knowing they will have a little happy family together.

I want that.

“I’m going to date Will.”

It comes from nowhere. I don’t even realise I’m saying it before it is already said. My words are greeted with deafening silence, and from the corner of my eye I can Jo and Gabby glance at one another. They don’t know much about love, but they do have an idea of what dating means, and they don’t know any other Will other than Uncle Will.

Hannah looks taken aback before smiling slightly and replying in a saccharine sweet way. “We’ve discussed this, Izzy – you’re not.”

All my resolve comes flooding back. My back straightens and I feel my jaw tilt as I’m overcome with the understanding of, not just what I need, but what my girls need from their mother too.

“Yes, I am. I’m fed up of moping around at home and being a bad role model because I’m trying to do the right thing for my daughters. Do you know what they need Hannah? They need their mum to be happy. And do you know what would make them happy? Seeing their mum with the man she loves.”

Hannah looks scandalised. Everyone does. “You love him?” she asks, that four-letter word dripping with scorn and doubt. And in response I nod proudly, finally fighting for the man I know I want to spend my days with.

“Yes. I love him. And you can refuse to never see me again and I won’t give a shit. I won’t. And-“

“Mum said a naughty word!”

“Not now, Gabby.” I say quickly, voice firm, but my eyes never look away from my sister. “And I won’t sit here and watch you get to be happy after what you did when I could be doing the same. And if you ever cared for Will, you’ll not step in the way. Because he loves me too.”

It’s like there’s no more air in the room. Everyone is silent, and the only noise is the monotonous tocking of dad’s old carriage clock. I watch Hannah stare back at me but clearly these revelations have left her mute, because she has nothing to say. And I have no intention of waiting around to find out when she will next speak when I have a life to fix.

“Dad, can you look after the girls for a bit?”

“Um… sure,” he says, a little taken aback as I stand up and head to put my shoes on.

“Where are you going?” Hannah shouts after me without moving, and I turn to look back at her with all of my old confidence brimming once more. Because I know what I need to do.

“I’m going to tell the man I love I am his.”

It’s perhaps harsh to leave Gabby and Jo there when the chances are Hannah will spend the next few hours bitching about me, but some things can’t wait. I’ll just need to spend some time before bed going over all they had just heard.

I just hope that by the time I get to Will, after leaving it too long to understand what I need, it won’t be too late.

The weather has turned nasty, and the short drive to where Will lives is spent squinting through heavy rain lashing against the windscreen. It means I need to drive safely when all I want to do is put my foot down and get to him as soon as possible, as if every moment not with him is a moment wasted.

His lights are on when I reach his street, which I’m thankful for. What I’m not thankful for is forgetting to bring a coat with me, or an umbrella. So I dive from my car and run up his drive, a hand above my head in a futile effort to keep the storm from soaking me. I knock hastily at his door and hope he’s not busy or otherwise indisposed.

Thankfully it’s not too long, but when he answers the door I’m sure I look more like a drowned rat than the woman he’d declared his love for.

“Izzy? Christ, come in come in.”

I don’t stand on ceremony, quickly bustling past him and into his hallway with just a quick thanks before turning back to him. He’s dressed smartly, with a white tee and tight blue jeans. He looks as handsome as always – the kind of handsome I almost feel unworthy to even look at.

“Will, I’ve got to talk to you.” I say quickly.

“Well do you want to get dry first? I can grab a towel.”

“Yes. I mean… no. I don’t care about towels. Or anything. I thought I was doing the right thing before.”

He stands there before me looking slightly nervous. “Before?” he queries.

“Yes before. When I argued with Hannah,” I tell him, words rapid and slightly unsteady from the cold seeping into my skin. “I thought Gabby and Jo needed my family. But they don’t need them as much as they need me to be happy. And you make me happy. So happy Will that I… I… feel like I could burst with it. You make everything before, all the things that made me so bitter, worth it. I’d do it all again if… if you’ll just let me try and make you as happy as you make me.”

My hands are clasped around my midriff for warmth as I desperately look up at the man who my heart belongs to. I have handed him it, and now I wait to see what he says about such an offer.

The Ugly Girl Next Door

Angel Wicky

I’m ugly. Homely, unattractive, not pretty at all. I am not complaining, it just helps to know that before you read on. I’ve accepted it. Part of me wishes I was a beauty queen, but I know I would have been shaped into a completely different person if I’d been born a knockout, or even moderately pretty. I like who I am.

Men have never been attracted to me. When my peers and I started to develop, it became painfully clear that my entire being was a blind spot for male attention.

It might interest you to know that I am chronically horny, but the few times I’ve had sex have not been enjoyable because I’ve only been able to bed people I’m not attracted to, and because it turns me off when they look at me. I get up in my head, and imagine they wish I weren’t so ugly.

Because of my lack of physical beauty, I have had to rely on my own wit and character strengths to get me through life. I’m only 25, but I have a great job in a first rate city, of which I have a beautiful view from my 38th story high-rise windows. This is a story about how I got my handsome neighbor into the sack on a regular basis despite my physical shortcomings and the hang-ups associated with them.

Like most people nowadays, I don’t know any of my neighbors really. I don’t know their names or anything about them, they’re just people I sometimes share silent awkward elevator rides with. Andrew was no different. I saw him maybe five times ever, by the mailbox or in the hallway. So everything I knew about him, I learned by hearing through the thin walls of our adjacent apartments.

He works from home, as do I. He has an incredibly high libido, as do I. I knew this before we ever slept together because I could hear him masturbate several times a day. He’d be typing away for a few hours, and then suddenly I’d hear him start up the porn. He didn’t play it very loud, so he probably thought I couldn’t hear it, but the walls are so thin that I could even hear the wet squishy sounds of his lubed hand pumping away.

Every time he would start masturbating, I’d get distracted from my work. I’d picture him there, watching beautiful vacuous women get pounded, and wish it were me being pounded by him. He’s hot. He’s very very good looking. Tall, fit, and classically handsome, he’s like a 30 year old Don Draper. He’s an introvert though, and completely antisocial. He rarely leaves his apartment. He’s the total package except for his crippling shyness.

So every time he would start masturbating, I’d start picturing him, and I’d get very turned on. I’d try to keep working, but I always wound up getting myself off as well. I’m very quiet when I come, so he never caught on. We mutually masturbated a few feet apart from each other every day for months, several times a day, but he was oblivious to my existence. Finally, I got up the nerve to do something about it.

I’d been thinking of ways to break the ice, maybe ask him on a date, see if he wanted to come over some time and ByCasino watch a movie. I knew from living next to him for so long that none of that would work. He had no friends and never went out, never did anything. So I came up with a plan. I wouldn’t give him a choice. I waited till a Saturday when neither of us had to work. It was right after noon when I heard the faint sounds of insincere female orgasms through the wall. I waited about ten minutes, so he’d be really geared up.

I wore only a bathrobe as I exited my apartment and walked over to his door. My heart raced as I knocked. A moment later he opened the door just a few inches, hiding most of his body. Sweat glistened on his incredible face.

“Hey,” he said breathily. “Oh you’re my neighbor. What’s up?”

Without saying a word, I opened my robe exposing my tits and neatly trimmed pussy. Now earlier, when I said I am not attractive, I only meant my face. On a scale of one to ten, I’m a two, maybe a one. My tits though, are flawless. Perfect perky little B-cups with small ever-hard nipples. My ass is very nice for someone my size. I am quite fit.

“Uh,” he said, taking me in. I pushed the door gently and he got out of the way enough to let me in. He was only in a t-shirt and boxers. His dick was straining against the boxers. I grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom where I knew he’d been jacking off. His apartment was a little messy, but was furnished quite well, very minimalist. His king-sized bed and a nightstand were the only bits of furniture in the bedroom. His laptop was open and lying on the bed, lube and towel right next to it.

“Sorry, I,” he started, but I turned around and put a finger to his lips. I slid my robe off and sat on the edge of the bed. I reached over to his laptop and hit play on the video that was on the screen, and then placed it directly behind me a few feet away. Then I beckoned him over.

He stood in front of me, his cock still throbbing against the thin fabric of his underwear. I pulled his boxers down and took hold of his cock. I stroked him and looked into his eyes. He looked down at me in anticipation, but before I began going to town on him, I indicated to the screen behind me. He looked at it and then looked back down at me. I shook my head and indicated the screen again.

“You don’t want me to look at you,” he said. I nodded. He fixed his eyes on the screen behind me, and I took him into my mouth. It had been so long since I’d been with a man, I reveled in these first few moments. I realized how huge his dick was as I started to bob my head up and down. I made sure to keep looking up at him as I sucked. Not just because he was so hot, but because I didn’t want him looking down at me.

After about thirty seconds, he glanced down at me and I immediately stopped sucking and said, “Mm mm,” around his fat cock. He looked back at the screen and I continued. My pussy was drenched due to the incredible circumstances, By Casino and I couldn’t hold off any longer, so I placed my hand between my legs and started rubbing myself slowly. “Mmmmm,” I moaned into his dick. That caused him to look down again, which caused me to stop again. He quickly glanced back at the screen.

I continued for another minute or two and then lay back. I wriggled up the bed a little, and moved the laptop slightly off to one side but still up and behind me so he’d have a good view. He crawled on top of me and placed his cock against my slit. I didn’t want him to look at my face, but I did want him to be able to see my tits. I could’ve covered my face with a pillow, but besides feeling silly, I wanted to be able to look at him as he fucked me. So before he pushed into me, I pointed to the screen, and then to my boobs. He nodded his understanding.

He slid into me slowly and gently. My pussy is very tight, and it took me a minute to get comfortable being so full. He was really good about where he kept his gaze. He’d watch the laptop screen mostly, every once in a while darting his eyes down to my breasts, careful not to look at my face. He looked so beautiful as he pumped away. He was in heaven, and I was so glad to be helping him. This guy had not gotten laid since I’d been his neighbor, and probably didn’t have much sexual experience in general, but you’d never know by the way he was giving it to me. He drilled into me like a pro, confident, assertive.

He slowed his tempo considerably. He was getting close and trying not to come. I pushed him off of me and slid to the edge of the bed. I got on all fours, inviting him to take me from behind. Hopefully the change in position would make it take longer for him to come.

My pussy in the air, my face down on the mattress, I prepared myself for his big dick. He took his place behind me, and the excitement made my heart flutter a little bit. I got quite a surprise though. He placed his hands on my ass, and suddenly his mouth was locked onto my pussy. I’ve never been eaten out from behind, and I got immediately self-conscious.

I tried to squirm away from him, and was going to tell him that he didn’t need to worry about me, but when I tried to move, his strong hands held me in place, and a loud grunt on his part let me know that this was happening so I better settle in.

His mouth was working its magic, and I was shocked at how incredible this felt. He moved his tongue from my clit and lips to my asshole. My first instinct was, again, to be uncomfortable and stop him, but I fought that instinct because I could tell he wanted to be doing this. Once I got over the initial insecurities of being touched in a way I never have, I sunk into the pleasure and relaxed my ass against his mouth.

While his tongue massaged and encircled my asshole, he brought a hand up to my pussy, which was now sopping wet with my own juices and his saliva. By Casino Giriş He rubbed it with an open palm getting his fingers nice and wet and then took that hand away. A second later I heard that familiar wet squishy sound of him pumping his own dick. He placed his other hand against my pussy, this time inserting a finger and rubbing down against my g-spot. With his thumb, he worked my clit. A true multi-tasker.

I had come over to his apartment only wanting to pleasure him. I wanted to simply be a helpful person, a vehicle for his insatiable carnal passion. I had planned on maybe getting myself off with my fingers while I pleased him, but couldn’t have imagined that I’d be in this position, that he’d even want to do what he was doing even a little bit. But there I was, ass up with his face buried deep and his hands busy. I was getting close now. Long deep breaths and one tiny, nearly inaudible moan were my only indicators.

I started to buck my ass into his face as I came. I kneaded my breasts and stifled the urge to scream out his name and grunt and cry out. I was convulsing with pleasure as his hand and tongue fought to stay on target. I was starting to feel a little over-stimulated and sensitive, so I leaned forward away from him and lay on my stomach. I breathed heavily and tried to collect myself. That was the best orgasm I’d ever had.

I felt him climb onto the bed. I heard his laptop close, the sounds of porn cutting off abruptly, and then I was being moved. He was physically pulling my body further up onto the mattress, which made me giggle. I was in the very middle of the bed now, and he straddled my legs just above the knees.

He leaned forward and placed his dick against my eager pussy. He slid in with minimal effort. His fat cock filled me up so, and now that the porn was turned off, I enjoyed the sound of him thrusting into my wetness.

We’d been at it for a long time, and I was ready for him to come. I knew he was ready too because he began to slow down once more, trying to draw it out and make it last longer I suppose. Then, it was time. He sped up and I knew this was it. He pumped faster and faster and then suddenly he pulled out and was jacking his dick all over my ass and lower back.

He moaned with such passion that I was moved. He had wanted this so bad, needed it, and I was so happy to have been the one to give it to him. He came a ton. I mean, blast after blast of hot jizz was hitting my lower back, my upper back, my ass, and I could feel it sliding down my ass crack onto my pussy lips.

When he was done emptying himself onto me, he remained there for a full minute collecting himself. He collapsed onto the bed next to me, face up. My face was turned toward him, and after a moment he looked me in the eyes.

“What’s your name?”


“Nice to meet you.”

We fucked several times a day every day until he moved out a few months later. I miss him terribly, but we still talk online every now and then. I’ll probably never get fucked like that again in my life, not regularly at least. But I’m not complaining. I consider myself lucky. Most girls as ugly as me will never know the pleasure I did, and I’ll always look back on my time with Andrew fondly.

The Other Half


The sun had set on yet another gorgeous winter day. Molly Hunter had sat on the porch of her small Colorado home, watching the sky transform through a series of vibrant oranges, reds, and pinks, until, finally, the sun had completed it’s descent behind the mountains. This time of year, those beautiful sunsets were the only real color anyone had to enjoy. Molly always made herself available to watch the changing skies with a mixture of awe and appreciation. For her, happiness could be found in just about anything, and right at that moment, there wasn’t anywhere else she wanted to be.

Of course, she wouldn’t have minded having someone to share such moments with.

Overall, for a woman in her mid-twenties, she was doing quite well with her life. She had an amazing job that she loved, working with children coming from unstable families. Her home was bought with her own money. She had a dog, Bennie, a golden retriever that really only ever retrieved her from sleep in the middle of the night. But, damn, she sure did love that furry little guy. How can you be upset at something that is quite literally over the moon every time you walk through the door? That thinks you are the queen of everything that is good in the world?

Even with that, though, she so often found herself longing for the closeness of a partner, for someone that, maybe, actually said out loud that they were happy you were home, instead of jumping on you, sharing their fur, and licking your face. If she were being completely honest, she was lonely. As a kid, her dream was to fall in love, find THE ONE, have kids, a home, a picket fence. As an adult, that dream seemed more like a fantasy. Well, at least she had the home – minus the picket fence – but, a home nonetheless. Plus, there was Bennie.. he was a bit like a child. But, in the end, there wasn’t anyone she could share her life with.

It wasn’t as if Molly hadn’t dated, or had serious relationships. It was just that they never worked out. For a while, they’d be great, always with that period at the beginning where there was a fleeting thought of ‘this could be it.’ Later down the road, however, things always changed. At some point during the relationship, it would seem everything the other person did was an annoyance. She wouldn’t consider herself picky, though, or the one at fault for the ending of these pairings. Okay, maybe partially at fault, but, honestly, sometimes they just weren’t all that nice. Or sanitary. Or considerate. The list could go on, but needless to say, there was a reason those relationships didn’t last more than 3 years, and only that long because she was just too nice to break the news until finally she literally couldn’t take it anymore.

In the end, the life she’d envisioned as a child just was not looking as if it’d happen any time in her future. Molly’d all but given up on marriage. Besides, Bennie was good company.. and as far as sex went, orgasms were pretty damn amazing with her little silver bullet. She could have the fun without all the drama, right?

With a heavy sigh, she collected her blanket and coffee mug and headed inside, Bennie at her side, tail wagging. She felt her cell start to buzz in the pocket of her sweats and took it out.

‘Damn.. here we go again…’ she answered the phone. ‘Hi, Mom! how are you?’ All the false excitement she felt was forced through the stiff smile she now wore. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her mom, Shirley, she did with all her heart. It was just that, at this stage in her life, any phone calls Molly got from her were riddled with questions about settling down and giving her grandkids. Plus, on a side note, it irked Molly to no end that this often happened right after having deep thoughts about her own future. She was pretty sure her mom was somehow in her head.

‘Oh, I’m fine, honey. Just checking up on you. You know how I worry with you living alone. I don’t suppose you’re seeing anyone since we last talked?’ Shirley said, trying to make it sound offhand.

‘Well, gee, mom, let’s see. We spoke on the phone two weeks ago, and had lunch 3 days after that, so, no, not much has changed in my personal life since then,’ she replied, unable to keep the sarcasm out of her answer.

‘No need to get snippy with me, Mol. I can still take you over my knee -‘

‘No, you can’t. I’m at least 2 and a quarter inches taller than you, and pretty sure I can run faster.’

They both laughed for a moment, then Shirley said, ‘I really don’t mean to be a pest, sweetie. I do honestly worry about you. No, before you start in on me, I am not insinuating that you can’t take care of yourself, or that a man is the key to happiness. I am just saying that I know you, and I know that you certainly wouldn’t mind having someone to share your life with. Not to mention, Valentine’s Day is coming up..’ See, thought Molly, she’s in my head!

‘Of course I do, mom. I just haven’t met that person yet. And, really, I’m starting to wonder if I will. But, seriously, ByCasino mom, I’m not unhappy! I love my life and have so many positive things going right now. Please, stop worrying.. you don’t have any room left on your head for more grays.’

‘Oh, shut up!’ yelled Shirley good naturedly. They laughed again and, after a bit more small talk, said their goodbyes.

Molly’s smile faded a bit as she ended the call. Maybe someday she’d meet that guy, the one that would sweep her off her feet, but, for now, there really was no reason to stress or dwell on it. Besides, she had a date that night.. with ice cream, the couch, and whatever was premiering on HBO that night. Being single wasn’t that bad, at least she had sole possession of the remote control.


Later, after a hot shower, Molly lie in bed, wide awake. No longer obsessing on her non existent love life, she instead sat going over that very explicit, hot, sexy love scene from the movie she’d just watched. Quite frankly, it had turned her on. A lot. She’d always been a very sexual person, open to new things, willing to experiment. If anyone were to ask her what she was ‘into,’ she wouldn’t know how to answer. Her turn-ons covered every side of the broad sexual spectrum (with a few exceptions.) Right now, however, all she could think about was getting downright dirty with a hot, sexy man.

Molly closed her eyes and let her imagination do what it did best…

She was lying on the bed, her sheer negligee clinging to her breasts. The fireplace was ablaze to the left, illuminating her smooth, white legs. She ran her fingers down her neck, her breasts, her midsection, her inner thigh, moaning. Suddenly, her bedroom door burst open and he walked in. His shirt was unbuttoned, revealing his chest, covered in soft black hair.

‘I was just thinking about you, if you couldn’t tell,’ she said softly, smiling.

‘It looks like you started without me, lover. What should we do about that?’ He replied, unbuttoning his pants.

She sat up, throwing her legs over the side of the bed. He walked up and stood in front her. She looked up, eyes wide, but she felt no fear, only desire.

‘I think I owe you an apology, sir.’

With that, she slid to her knees before him. He placed a hand on the back of her head and gently pulled her toward him. She placed her hands behind his hips and pulled him toward her as well, her mouth open and eager. His hard cock slid into her mouth, her lips closing on the shaft. She took him as deep as she could, felt the tip hit the back of her throat, sending a gush of excitement to her aching pussy. His rock hard cock slid in and out of her mouth as his hips moved back and forth. She lowered her right hand to finger herself, felt her wetness. Her hand was covered in it as she slid three fingers in and out of her rapidly.

Molly was fully naked in her bed by now, her fingers as deep inside her as she could get them, soaking wet. Her life-like dildo deep in her mouth as she imagined it was his. She removed her fingers and rubbed her clit, breathy, loud moans filling the room.

He slid out of her mouth and pulled her to her feet. Before she knew it, her negligee was in pieces on the floor, having been torn off.

‘Get on your hands and knees,’ he demanded.

She obliged. He climbed onto the bed and kneeled behind her. She leaned down onto her forearms, her ass in the air. He rubbed and massaged her ass cheeks as his cock slid between the valley between them, still wet from her mouth. Without warning, he slid into her, all the way, as deep as he could get it. Her moan was loud and her pussy instinctively tightened around him. He let out a loud groan as his head rolled back. He kept thrusting harder and harder, guiding her with his hands on her hips.

Molly shoved the dildo further into her pussy as she squeezed her hard nipple, she was so close to cumming. ‘Please don’t stop fucking me,’ she moaned breathily.

‘You want to taste yourself, you dirty little thing?’ He asked, but before she could answer, he’d already pulled out of her, moved to her side, grabbed the back of her hair, and shoved his hard cock into her mouth.

Molly started vigorously rubbing her clit with her vibrating bullet, the dildo now back in her mouth.

She tasted herself, moaned as she sucked him clean. She could hear his moans getting louder and louder, knew he was going to cum. With one last hard thrust into her mouth, and a loud grunt, his hot cum covered her tongue. He still held onto her hair, looking down at her. She returned his gaze as she sucked one last time before he slid out of her mouth.

Molly all but screamed as she climaxed, her breathing erratic, her clit throbbing and pulsing. She lie there, allowing her heart to return to it’s normal pace, her breathing to regulate.

‘…Shit,’ she breathed.

Needless to say, she slept quite soundly that night. Even fantasy men could wear you out.


The By Casino next few days seemed be on fast forward. The center she worked at was preparing a play about Valentine’s Day, starring all the kids 12 and under. The process of which, including rehearsals, kept her far busier than she usually was. Not to mention causing her not to get home until sometime after 6 each night, sometimes later. Luckily, opening night was this coming weekend, a week before the actual much celebrated day that Molly had dubbed Lonely Hearts Club Day. She was exhausted, and, as much fun as she was having with the kids, could not wait for things to just calm down and return to normal.

Molly rolled into her driveway at 6:03pm. She looked up to see Bennie looking out the living room window, his tail moving so fast she could barely see it. Upon opening the door, she was bombarded by yellow fur and doggie kisses.

‘Hey, baby! Did you miss me? C’mon.. let’s go outside!’

Molly let him out and returned to the living room. Her cell started to buzz as she took her vibrant red hair out of it’s constricting ponytail. She answered with one hand as her other massaged her scalp.

‘This is Molly,’ she said into the phone.

‘Miss Hunter? My name’s Shaun. I’m a friend of Sally, at the community center, and a photographer. As a favor, she had asked if I’d be able to take some pictures of the kids for a play they’re doing. I was just calling to see if tomorrow would work for you? Say, 3pm?’ came the voice on the other end.

For some reason unknown to herself, the sound of his voice caused a slight fluttering in her stomach. It was so soft, yet sounded as if it belonged to a buff young man.

‘Hello? Miss Hunter?’ he spoke again

Regaining her composure, she stammered, ‘Hi, um, yes.. Yes! 3 is good, I’ll be there!’ She rolled her eyes at her own over-excited sounding voice. Idiot, she thought.

Shaun laughed. ‘Well, ok, then, Miss Hunter. I’ll see you tomorrow.’

Molly hung up. That was strange for her to react to a mere voice. It certainly had never happened before. She shrugged and started to undress. No sense in overthinking it. More than likely he was a photography student fresh out of college.. probably wouldn’t know what to do with her body even if he had the opportunity.

By 8, she and Bennie had eaten, and Molly was relaxing on the couch with a book, a glass of wine on the end table. Two hours, and a bottle of wine, later, she was exhausted, and slightly tipsy. Usually, being tipsy segued into being horny and another rendezvous with her fun toys would ensue. Tonight, however, she was just too exhausted to even think straight. Frankly, she was surprised she’d lasted as long as she had.

‘Gee, Bennie, I don’t know how you survive this life of partying that we lead. Lay off the sauce, pup,’ she teased as she scratched behind his ears.

Molly readied herself for bed and slid between the sheets. The last thought she had before falling into oblivion was of a faceless Shaun whispering sweet nothings into her ear.


Morning pretty much happened as soon as she’d closed her eyes, she was sure of it. There was no possible way she slept at all. If the way she felt wasn’t a dead giveaway, then the way she looked should have been. She was pretty sure those dark circles weren’t under her eyes yesterday, and had something died in her mouth? For a brief moment, she considered leaving her hair the way it was. She’d just tell everyone it was her punk look. Against everything inside telling her to crawl back into bed and call in sick, she started the shower.

An hour later, she was starting to feel more human, with her travel mug of coffee, and a piece of toast in her belly. Her light use of makeup had her feeling like she no longer resembled a zombie, and her hair was once again pulled back into it’s neat ponytail.

‘See you later, Ben-Ben. Mama loves you!’ and with that, she headed to work.

‘Hey, Sal, how’s it going?’ Molly greeted her co-worker, Sally Mitchell.

‘Good, Mol-‘ she’d looked up, ‘And.. you? Late night? What’s his name??’ she asked with a smile, coming closer, eager for gossip.

Molly gave her a confused, and slightly wary, look. She even went so far as to look behind her to see if she may have been speaking to someone else. ‘What on earth are you talking about? Who said anything about a late night.. or a man?’

‘Hon, you look tired! I’ve never seen you come to work with those circles under your eyes,’ Sally said with a huge smile.

Molly laughed outright. ‘Oh, please, Sal! I was just up late reading.. though, there may have been wine involved. Honestly, Sal, I just got carried away with the book, and had one too many glasses.’

Sally looked disappointed. ‘Damn, I was really hoping you’d have some good news for me, Hol. Anyway, in other news, some of the girls and I want to go out this Saturday, get wild, you know? Want to come? By Casino Giriş Maybe you’ll meet Mr. Perfect!’

‘I have some serious doubts about meeting the man of my dreams at a bar, Sal. Besides, the kids are doing the play on Saturday, I can’t miss it, they’d be disappointed,’ Holly said, feigning a disappointed face, jutting out her bottom lip.

‘Yea, yea, you never go, even when you don’t have a legitimate reason,’ Sal said quietly. Then she smiled, ‘at least this time you actually do have a good reason. You’re off the hook, but I will literally drag you out next time, got it?’

‘Deal,’ Said Molly, smiling.

The day progressed much as the rest of the week had, busy and fast. Before she knew it, it was 2pm, and time to get the kids ready for dress rehearsal.

‘C’mon guys, this is it! Our last rehearsal before opening tomorrow night! I know you can do this, you all rock!’ Molly smiled broadly, throwing two thumbs up into the air.

She sat in the auditorium watching the kids, completely enthralled in their performance. The play itself was small and silly but the effort they put into it made her proud. Some of these kids had really come a long way since they first started coming to the community center. Molly had found that they so easily found their way into her heart, and she cared immensely for every single one of them. Lost in her thoughts, and watching the play, she was startled when someone sat next to her. She jumped, putting a hand over her heart.

‘Whoa, sorry.. sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I came in a second ago, but I guess you didn’t hear me,’ said the man sitting next her, smiling. His blue eyes regarded her openly, his smile literally lit up his face, and for a moment Molly was unable to speak.

When she didn’t say anything, just stared at him, his smile faltered just the slightest, and he spoke again. ‘Um.. well, Sally said I’d find Miss Hunter in here. You’re the only adult I see, so, I guess.. that’s you?’

‘Yes! Sorry, didn’t mean to yell. Yes.. Please, call me Molly. I’m sorry.. who are you?’

‘Oh, yea, sorry. Shaun Sellers, Sally’s photographer friend.’ He put out his hand to shake hers.

‘Oh, hi! I thought your voice was familiar,’ she said as a slight blush crept up her cheeks. Until just that moment, she hadn’t remembered thinking about his voice as she fell asleep.

‘So, where would you like me to start?’ Shaun asked.

‘Well, I guess just anywhere, really. I just want to have some memories for the kids. They’re doing so well and I figured they might want to remember this for a long time,’ she replied.

Molly couldn’t stop staring at his face as he unpacked his camera equipment. He was most definitely gorgeous. Older than she’d imagined, which gave her a bit of a giddy feeling inside. Why, she didn’t know. This was just a business arrangement, not a date. Then why were there butterflies going wild in her tummy? Her eyes moved up to his hair, light brown, not too long, but long enough, and it looked soft. For a fleeting moment, she imagined running her fingers through it. Blushing again, she cleared her throat.

‘I really appreciate you coming. This means a lot to me. The kids, I mean,’ she corrected hurriedly. ‘Well, me and the kids. Everyone, actually. We care about them so much and know having something to remind them of their achievements, big or small, will mean a lot to them. Am I rambling? I feel like I might be rambling.’

Shaun raised his eyebrows at her with a half grin.

Blush was becoming a permanent color on her cheeks. She normally was never this nervous around people, even good looking men.

‘I am so sorry. I literally do not know what is wrong with me. Is there a rewind button, can we start over?’ she asked hopefully.

Shaun laughed. ‘You’re even prettier than Sally said you were.’

With that, he got up and went to the stage to start snapping photos. Molly sat there for at least 30 seconds before she realized her mouth was still hanging open. She snapped it shut and took out her cell phone. With swift fingers, she typed out a text to Sally.

– Okay, who is this guy, and did you tell him I was pretty!? –

– A friend from college, and yes, I did! –

– Wait, wait, are you playing matchmaker? –

– No clue what you’re talking about 😉 –

– Jesus, woman. You’re lucky I love you! –

– For the record, he is single, and an all around awesome guy! –

After about an hour of Shaun taking a multitude of photos, including some of Molly with the kids, he gathered his things and walked up to her.

‘I actually had a really great time today, thanks for giving me the opportunity to do this,’ said Shaun sincerely.

‘No, thank you, honestly. This really does mean the world to us, what we do here, and giving the kids a sense of pride and self worth. From what I saw on your camera, the pictures look amazing. I can’t wait to see them all,’ Molly said.

Shaun turned to go, changed his mind, and faced her again. ‘About what I said before I started shooting.. It was mostly out of my mouth before my brain had processed thinking it. I hope it didn’t make you feel uncomfortable, or give the impression that I’m creepy.’

The Pit Ch. 02


~The first shovelful of dirt hits a maple casket with a thud and spreads out over the glossy finish and a bouquet of flowers.~

Friday, quittin’ time. I pulled my eyes from my monitor and looked around the room. Most agents went home early on Friday, since the companies they did dedicated support for were also going home early. I stayed though, cause I always felt bad about not working my full 80 hours. But I was tired, and ready to go. I stretched, waiting for my computer to power down, and thought about what to do for the evening. I quickly picked up the phone and dialed Judy.

Judy and I had been friends since grade school. We hung out quite a bit and talked even more, but never got to a dating or even messing around stage. I could tell her anything.

After a couple rings, “Hey girl, whatcha doin.”

“What do you think? It’s Friday, and this bar isn’t gonna get ready on its own.” Judy inherited Stomping Pit from her dad, who passed away a couple years ago. Every now and then I would help bar back, just to have something to do on a Friday. Her staff could handle the busy nights even when she wasn’t there, but it was kinda fun.

“How ’bout I join you tonight?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Sounds good, shit kickers as usual, darling.” She disconnected, and I returned the receiver. I wasn’t gonna bring kickers this time though. I wanted to talk, to muddle through what happened last night with Bethany, because before Bethany, I hadn’t really had sex in awhile. And I just wanted to hang out with Judy.

I pulled open a file cabinet drawer that I kept under my desk and to the left of my legs, and found Bethany’s black lace croch less thong laying there at the bottom. I quickly looked around, and finding nobody, I picked them up. The scent of her perfume mixed with what had to be her sex juices reached my nose and the memories of last night flooded into my head. But Bethany didn’t work today. She must have snuck them in while I was away from my desk. I was definitely gonna get seconds of her. I put the thong in my suit pocket to show to Judy. Proof of my success.

I grabbed my keys from the file cabinet, closed it, shut off my desk light, grabbed my coat and walked out to my car. Stomping Pit wasn’t too far away and when I pulled up, I could see Judy through the front glass window standing behind the bar. The Pit had a great location, and everyone knew about it. Its big selling point, of course, were the beautiful girls who bar tended. Wearing big boots, cowboy, steel toe, whatever, you name it, that boot has been worn there, and skimpy outfits, the girls would serve drinks, dance, hoot, holler, and smile as they took your money. Judy being the owner didn’t make her any less beautiful. And she knew it.

Getting out of the car and locking it, I glanced back into the window and Judy flashed her red glossy bra at me with ByCasino a smile. Walking in and sitting down at the bar, Judy, who had pulled her t-shirt back down, welcomed me with an unusually seductive smile. “You know, Peter, you make me melt everytime I see you in a suit. I take it you aren’t in the mood to work tonight?” Without waiting for an answer, she pulled the rubber band that was holding her shoulder length brown hair in a pony tail.

“I could just sit here and watch you work all night,” I said with a smile, watching her message her scalp and manage her hair.

“No, we should get out of here. My place?” I nodded and got up to follow Judy to the parking lot. At the door, she yelled out, “Hey I’m leaving, you guys are in charge.” Then halfway to our cars, “You know Mindy has been askin about you. When you going to pop her?”

Unlocking my car door and opening it, I said jokingly, “Tonight?” Mindy was this hot little red head that worked at the Pit for Judy. The whole bar knew that she had a crush on me and wanted to jump me, but was too shy to make the first move. I guess Judy was now on her side and trying to help her seal the deal.

“Hell no. Tonight you’re mine.” Another strange gleam in her eye, she got in her car and took off.

I followed her to her apartment. She didn’t want to get a house, even though she could afford a nice one with ownership of the bar. But she enjoyed a small living space, and sharing it with a roommate. A hot roommate, I might add. Judy and Jasmine shared a two bedroom in a complex on the side of the mountain that overlooked downtown. It was a great view, and no one close by to peak in. Judy often talked about how she and her roommate could walk around the apartment naked, and not worry about people seeing them. Then again, they wouldn’t care if people could. They even fooled around with each other in front of the window, the idea of people possibly watching turning them on further. Judy didn’t have a boyfriend at the time, and Jasmine’s boyfriend would often watch.

I got out of my car after parking it, and followed Judy from her car into her place. The front door cut a hallway in half, leading left to the two bedrooms and bathroom, and leading right to the living room, which was adjacent to the dining room and kitchen.

“I’ll be right out.” Judy retreated into her bed room and I watched her ass move side to side in her brown corduroy, full length dress. After losing site of her, I moved to the living room and looked out the balcony doors to observe that grand view. It really was a nice place.

A few minutes later I felt arms wrap around me and a head press against my back. I looked down at Judy’s strong freckled arms and wondered how I didn’t hear her walk up to me. I loosened her arms and turned around to hold her to me. She had changed into a black silk evening dress, I assumed By Casino to match my suit. The dress reached to just above her knees, had a low v-neck that showed nice cleavage from her B-cup breasts (we knew things like that about each other) and thick straps that crossed in the back.

“I’ve missed you,” she said to me, looking up at me with large brown eyes and a small smile. Her hair was left down, and I reached up to run my fingers through it, leaving my other hand at the small of her back to keep her pressed to me.

“I’ve missed you, too.” Her smile grew bigger and she held me a little tighter. Then her hand darted into my pocket and pulled out Bethany’s thong.

“So, what’s her name?” she asked, with one hand still holding my back and her other twirling the thong around her finger.

“Bethany. How did you know they were…”

“I could smell them when you walked into the bar, silly. Is this a prize?” She asked with a grin.

“You proud of me?” I smiled back at her, trying to hide my blushing cheeks.

“Of course, look at these. Full of cream, she must of really wanted you.” She tossed the thong onto the couch, and her grin lessoned for a moment.

“You aren’t jealous are you?” I said, pulling her chin up to look into her eyes. I always thought Judy was beautiful, but I never thought that she wanted me sexually at all. We were good friends.

“Silly boy.” She stepped back and looked at me up and down. “Of course I’m jealous. I’ve been wanting your six inches in me for years now. And I know you think I’m hot, but I just figured I needed to wait, to give you time. But now that I know you’re back in the market…” her sentence trailed off at the same time her dress fell to the floor.

Judy wore a white satin bra with straps that also crossed in the back, and white satin bikini cut panties. Like Bethany, Judy was fit, but a little leaner, and a little shorter, her eyes the same height as my chin. Seeing her body in lingerie was different somehow than the multitude of times seeing her in a two piece bikini, and my dick responded like clockwork, bulging my dress pants. With an open hungry mouth, Judy walked to me with a saunter and started unbuttoning my dress shirt,

“Of course this changes nothing of our good friendship. This is strictly an exercising of our benefits.” Her business talk mesmerized me as her fingers very quickly removed all my clothes. Then she stepped back and slowly circled me, studying me up and down like she owned me.

“Peter, Peter, Peter. You do have a great body. I always imagined you would turn me on so quickly, and I’m glad to tell you that I was right.” She was panting now, her cheeks flushed. She slowly removed her bra, freeing her plump breasts that now sported hard nipples. Still circling around me, I had to crane my neck around and around to keep my eyes on her beautiful body. By Casino Giriş With her eyes on my hard on, she then swooped to remove her panties, revealing a cleanly shaved cunt, then continued to circle me. As my hard on grew, so did her smile, until my shaft couldn’t grow any bigger. I stepped towards her.

Judy stopped circling and squared off with me as I approached. We locked lips and our tongues wrestled each other has our hands felt up each others sides and backs. Her breasts and hard nipples pressed into my chest and my dick poked into her belly.

Our saliva ran back and forth between our mouths as our hunger grew, till finally Judy pulled away from me and pointed down. I laid down on her carpeted floor, and she walked up to where my head was and sat down on my face. My tongue met her shaved pussy lips and started licking up and down, digging in deep. The smell of her cunt filled my nostrils, and the satisfaction of eating my best friend’s beaver made my hard on throb. Lick after lick brought on more and more heat, her cream starting to ooze onto my face.

Judy met my throbbing cock with her full lips and took me into her mouth, her fingers massaging my balls. Her tongue licked my cock head and her hand stroked me as I pulsed at her touch. Then she dived, her nose poking into my balls, and my shaft reaching deep down into her throat. This was better than Bethany’s deep throat, Judy’s angle allowed deeper penetration. My concentration on Judy’s cunt kept me from cumming, and we sucked each other with fury.

She pulled up and looked back, my shaft in her hand, “Did you eat Bethany like this?” she asked while grinding her crotch into my mouth. I plunged my tongue deep into her and moaned a negative.

“Did she shove your cock down her throat like I just did?” I put my lower lips on her clit and hummed an affirmative.

“Did you go this deep down her throat?” She turned back and swallowed me again, her throat tightening around my bulging prick. Her nose stabbed me deep, my balls almost reaching her eye sockets, and she hummed, creating a tingle from my balls to my brain. My urge to cum stacked so quickly with her vocal vibrations. I exhaled deeply, trying to control myself and brought my tongue to just under her clit, massaging it with my lower lip and tongue.

“No.” I whispered. Her throat somehow massaged my dick without her head bobbing, and the humming didn’t’ stop. I came hard, thrusting my hips but Judy didn’t have to swallow cause the cum shot practically into her stomach. Judy’s entire body moved back due to my hip movement, and her cunt shoved into my face, her clit still trapped between my lower lip and tongue as they rubbed in unison. My moaning from her making me cum must have created a similar tingle cause she started wiggling around my mouth, and whimpering around my dick. A few more thrusts and I was done squirting into her, but Judy was starting to shake, vibrate and stiffen, grinding her pelvis into my face, until finally, with a long soft inhale around my cock, she slowly dropped onto me, her body fluttering and my dick still in her mouth.

The Music Teacher


She opened the coffee shop door and recognized him right away. He was sitting at a round table with club chairs; the table she and her friend usually sat at when they came for coffee here. She suddenly became very self-aware; every wrinkle in her skirt, the unruly hair at the crown of her heard that stuck straight up when she straightened her hair, the slight limp she had. She had half a mind to run back out the door but she needed to touch him, even just once.

They’d been talking for months, via text, Skype and KiK. What started as a simple joke and a bet in a kink flavoured chat room had morphed into something else entirely. A flirt, a message, online music lessons. But he always returned to their first conversation about deep throating and music theory.

He’d flown out to Edmonton specifically to meet her — they pretended it was over the bet made in the beginning that he could stump her with reading music. He didn’t stump her, she actually read music better than he did, but she faked a few answers to see if he’d really make the more than 2000 km trip from Toronto to meet her.

He stood as she got nearer the table. He nervously ran his hand through his hair, something he’d done from the first moment they spoke on camera. She smiled.

“Your smile lights up the room, Clarissa.” He said as he stepped toward her.

She extended her hand.

“Really? A handshake?” he took her hand and pulled her toward him and wrapped her in his arms. “I think we passed handshakes on our second Skype call.” He kissed the top of her head. “I’m glad to meet you, Princess.”

He felt so good; he smelled even better and was one of the most beautiful people she’d ever seen.

“Your smile lights up the room too, John.” She wondered if she should let go. She didn’t want to seem clingy but she liked being right where she was.

“Come, lets get that coffee you owe me.” He released her and she felt absorbed by him. He slipped his hand into hers and led her toward the front of the shop.

He led her with grace and ease; he claimed to be shy and not confident but he didn’t act that way. Remembering what she liked, he ordered for them both and he stood back when the barista announced the total. She started laughing.

“What? I said you’d owe me a coffee if you didn’t get all the theory questions right. You got five wrong!” he smiled

She tapped her card on the bank machine, “did it occur to you that I might have thrown that test so I could take you for coffee?” she smiled.

He mocked shock, “What! I flew 2603 kilometers to teach you!” he smiled at her.

She punched his arm. He raised an eyebrow.

He took their coffees back to the table and he set them down, “Wait.” He touched her arm, “before you sit.” She looked at him and he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her tight against him, “really? Making me wait.” He lowered his mouth over hers.

Her knees went weak and her heart raced. The kiss was quick by first kiss standards but it was probably just as well, he left her breathless and speechless.

“Sit.” He helped her into the chair, “silly girl. Going all weak for Daddy.”

“John!” she hissed under her breath, “quiet! Someone will hear you!”

“Are you embarrassed by your Daddy, Princess?” he sing-songed.

Her eyes grew wide.

“Shush.” He winked at her, “no one is listening, Clarissa. I’m teasing you, sweety.”

She stared at him for a moment longer than she knew he was comfortable with.

“What!” he exclaimed, as he always did when she did that, “Don’t you dare tell me I’m cute or I will make sure someone hears me.” He grinned.

“I love your smile, John.” She smiled in spite of herself.

He looked at her, “I’m letting you get away with this now but…” she opened her mouth to say something smart. “You sure about that, Princess?”

She closed her mouth.

“I thought not. Now drink your coffee. Daddy thinks you’ve earned a spanking; and within the first five minutes of meeting me. Silly girl.” His dark brown eyes stole her soul.

She looked at her feet.

“Clarissa.” He said.

She knew this game.

“Princess.” She looked up, but not quite at his eyes.

“Look at Daddy.” She met his gaze. “Go to the bathroom and bring back your panties, in your hand, not in a pocket and slip them into my bag. I’m taking them home so I hope you did bring your favourite pair, like you promised.”

She slipped out of her chair and went to the washroom. He was pushing her; he knew she had said she wouldn’t do this for him yet here she was, walking to the bathroom to take off and give her favourite pair to panties to a stranger. But he wasn’t a stranger, not really. Clarissa had shared more pictures, videos and intimate discussions about herself with John than she bedava bahis had during her marriage. Although they’d only just met, she felt so connected to him. He stripped away her insecurities and built her back up.

She returned to the table a few moments later, panties in hand. She discreetly knelt down beside his chair and placed them in the front compartment of his backpack. She said nothing and silently slipped back into the seat.

“I’m pleased you did that for me. I know it wasn’t something you’re comfortable with. Do you like it when Daddy pushes you?” he reached out and touched her chin. “I’m going to push you more today. You know your word, right?” She nodded. “Good and you know my wanting you to call me Daddy is because, I want to care for you and nurture you, not because.”

“I know.” She replied.

“Good. Finish up. I know you’ve only got a few hours today. Daddy sure wishes you could spend the night.” He added.

Truth was, Clarissa made plans specifically so she wouldn’t have to spend the night if she didn’t want to. He seemed normal and fun and she adored him, but she also didn’t want to be stuck if it wasn’t the great connection.

The quickly finished the coffees and went out to the parking lot.

“May I drive?” he asked her, having taken a cab from his hotel to the coffee shop.

“No.. I’m not comfortable with that.” She looked at him sideways.

They got in the car and made the 15 minute trip the hotel. They rode in silence, which struck Clarissa as odd, they never had silence when they spoke on Skype or when they texted. She chalked it up to nerves on both their parts. Once they finally got into the underground parkade, John told her to wait once parked and he came around and opened the door for her and extended his hand.

She took his outstretched and walked with him to the elevator. “Clarissa, when we get to my room, you are to go into the bedroom, disrobe and but on what is laid out on the bed. I expect you to fold your clothes nearly and place them on the chair. I then want you to kneel on the floor at the foot of the far bed. Do you understand?”

She nodded.

They entered his room; it smelled like jasmine and sandlewood. Very heady and she thought it smelled oddly what she pictured submission to smell like. She smiled and hurried over to where he had told her to go. She stripped down and folded her skirt and top and placed it on the chair.

He sat quietly in a chair in the opposite corner, watching her.

On the bed, he’d laid out a beautiful purple sheer baby doll with black ruffled butt panties. She smiled. He’d asked her to paint her nails purple just that morning. She turned to him and although he was in shadow, she could see him smiling. She quickly changed and kneeled down.

“Such a good girl. Daddy likes it when you listen… But my girl hasn’t always listened, has she Clarissa?” he asked.

She knew what he was speaking of; she had a tendency to be a bit lippy, a huge flirt and she teased him more often than she should. Clarissa knew the flirting and being lippy were what she was punished for. He always told her ‘I’m going to have to spank you for that,’ when she ran her mouth.

“Up. Come sit on Daddy’s knee. I need to drink you in, little one.”

He looked so inviting sitting in the chair, blue jeans and a tshirt but it was him that cause her heart to flutter. She sat on his knee, balancing her weight.

“Sit, Clarissa. Properly.” He asked her.

“I don’t want to squ…” he cut her off.

“No. Up and bend over my knee.” He took her waist and managed to turn her over.

He swiftly pulled down her panties and delivered 5 firm smacks to her ass.

“What do good girls say, Clarissa?” he asked as he slapped her ass the sixth time.

“Thank you, Daddy.” She replied.

His hand came down again.

“Thank you, Daddy.” Clarissa repeated.

Again, four more times his hand came down firmly on her ass and she thanked him each time. Her bum was sore but she knew he went easy on her since it was their first time doing impact play together. He rubbed her butt gently and praised her.

“You took that so well, sweetheart. I’m proud of you! Now I’d like your mouth on mine.” He stretched out his hand and helped her to her feet. “Sit on my lap and kiss me.”

She straddled his lap and their mouths met. His hands threaded through her hair and he pulled her head back and drove his mouth deeper onto hers. His tongue probed her mouth, then his teeth bit her lip. She melted into him just a bit.

He pulled away, “as much as I want to linger and absorb you, I know your time today is limited. I don’t like having limits placed upon me. It is my job to limit you.” He stroked her face, “I was so hoping you…”

She casino siteleri cut him off and put her mouth on his and bit his lip and sucked it into her mouth. “Daddy…” she whispered breathlessly, “I can stay if you want me to. All night.” She put her mouth back on to his and kissed him hard.

He pulled her hair hard, forcing her neck back, exposing it to him. He lunged in and bit her hard, his hand found its way around his throat and closed tightly. “Little girl,” he hissed, “don’t piss Daddy off. It’s your job to always be straight with me.” He relaxed his grip and met her eyes, “but I understand. Just know for future, alright?”

He stood, holding her. “Don’t struggle or I’ll drop you.” He laughed softly as he carried her to the bed. “You knew all along you could stay, didn’t you, my little princess..” he kissed her and laid her down on the bed. He stood.

“Undress. I don’t like games, Clarissa.” His voice was stern but his eyes were kind.

She slipped the babydoll off and laid it at the foot of the bed.

“Put your arms above your head.” He ordered. She complied and he zip tied her wrists together. He pulled it tight, but not too tight. He wanted her restrained, not hurt. He looked over her body. On the side table, he picked up the set of nipple clamps he’d purchased earlier that afternoon. He touched her breast and she flinched and looked at him.

Her eyes took his breath away. So he laid down the clamps and picked up the blind fold he’d purchased. He knew she’d focus better if he reduced some of her senses (and so would he if he didn’t see her eyes). He helped her sit up and blindfolded her.

“I won’t use a gag because I need to hear if I’m pushing too much. Remember your safe word?” he smiled at her, even if she couldn’t see him.

“Tomato.” She giggled. He’d picked it because she’d expressed her dislike for tomatoes shortly after they started talking.

“Good girl.” He said as he guided her back into a prone position were he quickly attached the clamps. She moaned.

He slapped her.

“Shush, girl. I want you to be quiet. Be as quiet as you can.”

She whimpered quietly.

“Clarissa.” His tone indicated to her she needed to work harder at silence.

He slipped his belt out of his pants. Fresh and new, it had a good bite to it. He slapped her thigh with it.

Clarissa yelped. He hit her again. She let a small ‘Ooo’ escape her lips. He struck her again; this time, she was silent. “Roll onto your stomach.” He commanded.

She obeyed, even thought she was apprehensive. She liked pain but that belt hurt.

Now prone, bound and helpless, she heard John draw in a breath, “you look amazing like that, little one.” He bent over and kissed the small of her back. He tugged the ruffled panties down, over her hips and off. His hand went to her bottom and he rubbed it softly before it slipped lower, parting her thighs slightly so he could touch her.

She moaned softly and squirmed under his touch.

“Oh, my sweet girl… You’re very wet. Has Daddy woken up his princess?” he slid one finger inside her, paused and slipped in another. “Spread your legs for me, kitten.” He knelt on the bed beside her and rested the belt beside her and put his hand on her waist. Clarissa parted her legs slightly, revealing just a bit more. “Pretty girl, show Daddy a little more.”

She obliged his request and parted her legs further. He withdrew his fingers and caressed her thigh, leaving a slippery shiny trail from her own wetness. He moved his hand up the opposite thigh, his index finger traced her labia and found its way to her clit. He rubbed it slowly with light pressure and inserted his middle finger inside her..

Her body responded to his touch, her pussy contracted, grabbing his finger tightly.

She shifted slightly. “You like that, kitten?” he wiggled his finger and rubbed her clit more firmly. He withdrew his hand and slapped her ass, hard.

She yelped briefly before stifling it. “That’s right. Not a sound until I give you reason to make sound.”

He wanted to be rough with her, slap her around some and fuck her hard. He also wanted to be gentle with her and caress each moment.

He was conflicted.

“Up, off the bed and onto your knees.”

She rolled awkwardly onto her back. He liked watching her struggle. His instinct was to reach out and help her but he knew she was proud and would be upset if she thought he felt her incapable. So he stood and watched as she righted herself, found the edge of the bed and crawled off, hands still bound, and got onto her knees.

“Come closer.” He ordered and took a step back. “Another.” He ordered and she obeyed. “One more.” He said and again, she complied. He took three steps back to her and forced himself bahis siteleri inside her mouth. He moaned in spite of himself. He’d imagined this moment for months and now that it was happening…

She wondered if he liked what she was doing, he seemed to respond to her touch and to her mouth and then he shifted his weight and almost backed away.

“Slow down, sweetie.” He petted her head. “You’ll make Daddy blow his load far too soon.” He tried focus on the curve of her back and less on her mouth.

Her momentum was building and he knew if he didn’t stop her, he’d crescendo long before he’d even warmed her up. But her mouth felt so good.

He took her head in his hands, lacing her hair through his fingers. He couldn’t see her eyes (which helped, he knew if he saw her eyes, he didn’t stand a chance) but he knew she was looking up at him. He held her head still. Allowing himself to calm his arousal momentarily. He needed to take her mouth.

“Baby girl, I’m going to use your mouth. Normally, I wouldn’t warn you, but I’m feeling several months of pent up sexual energy and if I get too aggressive, you need to squeeze my leg three times. Can you do that now to make sure you can with your hands bound.” He held himself inside her mouth.

She squeezed his right calf three times.

“Good. Now, don’t be afraid to use that. I’m pleased with you already, I don’t want to hurt my little china doll. So steady yourself, my sweet princess.”

He held still a moment more before he slipped himself out of her mouth, allowing her tongue to tease the underside of his cock. He shuddered.

With his hands firmly in here hair, he pulled her deeply onto his cock and held her there. Her mouth pulsated on him, she swallowed, which created the most unusual sensation. He relaxed his grip and slid her mouth off as she continued to suck. When only the head of his cock remained in her mouth, he forced his cock back down her throat and thrusted in and out of her mouth until he felt a drip of her spit hit his thigh. He pulled her on tightly and held her there.

She bucked against him and struggled but didn’t squeeze his leg. Just as he felt her started to relax, to go limp, he yanked her head off and quickly administered a slap. She popped her head back up and with his left hand still wound in her hair, he slipped himself back into her mouth and continued to fuck her throat.

Gurgling and gagging slightly, he looked down at her and was tempted to choke her again but instead decided to stop. He withdrew and knelt down with her. He removed her blindfold, her eyes fluttered from the light and he touched her cheek.

“Are you okay, Princess?” he kissed her nose. He reached behind her and released the zip tie.

“More, Daddy? Please?”

“Such a good girl, my baby, is.” He kissed her forehead once more before standing up. “I want to see your eyes, though.”

She looked up at him, her green eyes sparkling. A sly smile crossed her face as she opened her mouth to receive him.

His body shivered at her look; he touched her cheek. “Oh, I’m going to like breaking you, my sweet girl.”

He entered her mouth once more, her bright eyes wide. She looked exquisite on her knees and that alone drove him to use her mouth harder. He placed his hands aside her head and stroked her cheek with his thumbs. He let the fingers of his left hand drape under her chin and he cupped her face and squeezed.

This caught Clarissa off guard, his hold was tight and it hurt her. He squeezed and pulled her mouth slack. She couldn’t suck properly with him doing it but he seemed not to mind. He continued thrusting into her mouth, his eyes closed as his rhythm built.

He abruptly stopped, withdrew and slapped her across the mouth. She recoiled at the hit. It took her by surprise. When she met his gaze, his eyes were cold and expressionless. A quick wink and she knew he was still with her. She smiled in spite of herself to which he responded with another slap across her face. John grabbed a fist full of her hair and yanked her to her feet. This too hurt and she put her hand to her head to try and brace the pulling.

He grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back, “such a naughty girl. You’re smart, I know it won’t take you long to figure out what Daddy likes and what he doesn’t like. Don’t disappoint me now.”

She forced herself to relax and as he felt her muscles lose tension, he released her arm. She let it hang limply at her side and fought the urge to rub her shoulder. He let go of her hair and crossed his arms.

Clarissa worried she’d displeased him, her stomach flip-flopped. She knit her brow and was trying to think a way out of upsetting him.

He reached out and touched her shoulder, “come here.” She stepped toward him, their bodies centimetres apart. “I’m going to blindfold you again and I want you on all fours on the bed. I’m going to teach you what Daddy likes. You told me you wanted to learn all about my perversions, little girl, so now it’s time to start learning.”

The Love of a Shy Geek


I have never been called, “good with people.” I always had trouble forming relationships, even as a kid. My friends tended to be work-acquaintances, and women called me “cold” when they broke it off. To be truthful, they must have been right, because I barely felt it when I was inevitably dumped, and I can objectively look back at myself and see how I was an asshole to almost everyone.

Then everything changed because then I met you.

We had worked together for a few years. I immediately noticed your good looks, but I was professional and I remained detached. Then we started working closer on projects, and I got a chance to appreciate your intellect, curiosity, and infectious humor. There were no bad days to you, there were no bad co-workers. You had a way of treating people with joy and brightness, and you made everyone around you feel like a better person.

This lit a spark somewhere within me. Silently, invisibly, inexorably, you touched me deeper than anyone had before. I was helpless as the feeling grew stronger, although I tried to fight it. I rebuked myself a hundred times a day, but still that spark grew and grew. It didn’t help that I on some level, I could feel that spark growing in you as well.

We grew closer, our relationship more of a friendship than a professional acquaintance. You brightened my day and laughed at my jokes. We would eat lunch together more often than not. Then one day, over lunch when everyone else I had left, I confessed.

It was foolish and thoughtless of me, as I knew you were happily married. I had sternly told myself to remain silent, but the feelings welled up and I came to the point where I had to say something or go mad.

My profession of love was halting and I stuttered more than spoke, I was so afraid of your rejection and the end of our friendship. You didn’t say anything in return, but I thought maybe you wanted to and maybe it would have been better if you had. If you had spoken up, agreed with me, admitted feelings for me too, it would have relieved the pressure inside and the awkwardness of the moment, but what would we have done then? I did not consider all of this until later.

I considered it at length when you started avoiding me.

I looked for you every day, every hour, every minute. I would catch myself looking around all over for you, then I felt foolish, and then I started looking for you again anyway. You had always been a distraction to me, but after you separated yourself from me completely you became a compulsion, an obsession.

Four endless days later I found the note on my desk when I came in. It asked me to wait until after close and meet you in your office. It said you wanted to talk. I did not have a productive day.


Your office door is ajar as I approach; I push it open and walk through. You are there, by the door, waiting for me. I walk past you, into your office, but you are avoiding my gaze. Neither of us say anything. You wait a bit, looking out the door, but it is late on a Friday, and everyone has gone home long ago.

You push the door, letting it drift toward closed, and walk to stand in front of your desk, facing the back wall. The door closes softly behind me, already locked.

I say your name with a question mark. Somehow that single word, your name, carries all that is about to happen. It carries a sparkling message, a flash of inspiration that we can both see. The denial is over, the tease is spent, and the game has played out to this point. You have made some kind of decision, but I do not know what it is yet.

There is a tear in your eye, and you stand rigid, with your back to me. But you do not leave, you do not tell me to leave. I can see you are torn between two conflicting needs, decision or no. Hesitantly, you remove your wedding band and place it in the center of the desk before you.

The ring on the desk is bright in my eyes, but you are brighter. My stomach is solid pressure, my chest feels like it is burning up from inside. My skin is tingling all over, and I feel like I am just outside myself, to one side. My body slowly closes the distance with you, as if it is pulled by a string. I do not feel like I initiated the action.

As I move closer, you tense up more. The air between us is humming with heat and pressure, it feels like lightning is about to strike. I say your name again, but softly this time, very close, and you jump. Your head is down and your eyes are closed tightly. It is as if the pressure between us has collapsed the air, leaving a vacuum that draws me closer. I am huge and you are tiny, I loom and you cower.

I am close enough that every breath I take is scented with the scent of your hair. I place my large hands flat on your tiny shoulder blades. My fingers stretch up over your shoulders and my thumbs touch each other just over your spine. Touching you seems to complete a circuit somewhere inside me and there is a tingle in my body bahis siteleri that is slowly feeding a fire burning in the center. I can tell that you feel it too, because you are tense and trembling beneath my touch, but then you sigh and your muscles begin to loosen in response to the warmth and gentleness of my contact. I slide my hands across your back, one hand goes up, one hand goes down and then I switch. Up then down, up then down, I continue sliding my hands on your back as you relax. The fabric of your blouse bunches under my hands, and I briefly contact bare skin at the base of your spine.

My hands continue to slide, and I touch your bare back again, my fingertips barely beneath the waistband of your skirt. You make a sound, not more than a whisper, and my hands slow to a stop with one hand on your shoulder and one hand on your hip.

Gentle pressure bends you forward. Your hands find the desk in front of you to support your slight weight, and a breath I did not know you were holding slides out in a soft moan. One of my hands slides forward to sooth your neck, your hair, and then the other hand slides back and then down your leg until it finds the hem of your skirt. Your scent is musky and it fills the air, intoxicating us both. You smell like cool linen, clean air, and fresh flowers, all at the same time.

You stretch, arching your back, and with a swift motion, I flip your skirt up so that it lands on your back, exposing silky panties and bare legs. The world around us fades to a gray buzz. There was an instant, quickly passed, where we could have stopped and had this be no more than an innocent interaction, even though we would both know it was not. In my mind I felt that moment coming, and dreaded it because I did not know what I would do when it came, it felt like a moment of truth that I could not see past. But that moment is over now, and like all other moments, it passed almost as soon as it began; crossing the line was surprisingly easy. I feel like I did not make a decision at all, like the momentum of my feelings and our actions simply carried me over that point and I barely noticed.

I push the skirt up higher and my hands are on your back now, above your panties. They slide down the edges, across your sides and underneath, along your belly. You moan as my fingers again dip inside the waistband of your panties. I pause, then retract a bit, not ready yet to undress you. Now my fingers trace back up to yours sides and down along hips and outer thighs, and then back up to fondle your ass. Your skin is tight and pebbled with goosebumps, but still soft and warm beneath the cool, slick material of your panties.

My whole world is your texture, your warmth, your smell, your fine downy hairs golden upon your pale skin. I drop to my knees behind you, my face is inches from your skin, so close that you shiver from my warm breath on your bare legs. Your body is like an open floor, bent over like you are, only your panties protect your ass and the base of your vagina from my intensity.

You are quiet now, holding your breath. Tense like a bow string, you tremble.

There is a gentle moist sound as your tongue wets your lips.

My probing fingers find the contour of your ass crack through the thin material of your panties. I press in with one finger, tracing the curve of your ass around. Almost involuntarily, your legs slide open wider, allowing my fingers to slide over your anus, over your cunt, and up and around to your pubic mound. The feeling of rough pubic hair beneath the smooth cloth of your silky panties and the enveloping smell of your sex and the heat of your body near my face all ring my head like a gong. My finger slides slowly back and forth, pussy to ass and back, lightly touching, as your cunt lips swell and your panties start to get damp. You are softly moaning constantly now, and you are radiating heat. I find the sensation inviting, like a warm hearth on a cold snowy day.

My finger presses in more now, still outside your panties, but between your cunt lips. I can fell your clit swelling; I can feel your honey-hole. You moan softly, your head between your arms, your knuckles white where they grip the desk, your knees are trembling. I stop, waiting for you to steady again.

Using my fingertips, I slide your silky panties down. You groan deeply as I slide the panties off your ass and down your legs, the material has ridden up and I moan in response as the crotch pulls down slowly, first revealing the wrinkly anus, then your swollen pussy framed by pubic hair.

My face is pulled closer, and I run my tongue along the outside of your ass, and the insides of your thighs. I work closer and closer, as your back arches more and more, and your legs open wider and wider.

My tongue dips into your cunt, your nectar rolls over my tongue, sweet as honey. I move my tongue rapidly, sliding it down to flit against your clit, and I am rewarded by your first loud sound. Your entire body canlı bahis siteleri quakes and heaves as I trace your pussy with my tongue, and then I bear down on your clitoris, my nose in your pussy like a tiny dick. You shout and shake, riding my face as I use my mouth to guide you through your first orgasm of the night.

When you slow, I stand up and press forward, my hands flowing up your body, across your hips, across your flanks, under your blouse. My cock presses your crotch through my slacks. You grind against me slowly, groaning quietly but continuously as my fingers find your bra. I scrape my fingernails across your bra’s material, tickling your rock-hard nipples.

Your groaning grows louder, more insistent. You start to grind into me harder, but I stop you. You stop, quivering beneath my touch, waiting for me. You are mine.

I am at full erection now, and my pants are very tight. There is some pain, but I barely register it, as aroused as I am. Still, it is a relief when I open my fly and free my cock from my pants and slide it along the slit of your vagina. The precum on the tip merges with the pussy’s juices, lubricating the motion. Besides a slight quiver, you hold yourself still, panting loudly.

First I slide your skirt off, taking your half-off panties with it. I then turn you around, and kiss you as you remove my pants. My hands slide their way up your sides again, taking your blouse with them. I lift it over your head and away, and then focus my attention on removing your bra while nibbling each nipple as I slowly expose them. I have to pause briefly while you remove my shirt, but soon my lips, teeth, tongue, and fingers are back, hard at work on your pleasure.

You lay on your back now; your nipples ride the waves of your pale breasts. Your hands are above your head and you are stretched out. Your butt is off the desk and you brace yourself with one foot on the floor, the other thigh is rubbing against my hip. Pale thighs lead to a tangled mass of dark hair, curly, beautiful, aromatic with your romantic, erotic, heady scent.

My hand grips your breasts; pulling them firmly but gently, with the nipples scraping my palms. I tease your pussy with my cock, gyrating my hips while the fingers on my other hand gently stimulate your clitoris. Your eyes are closed; your body is splayed open before and beneath me. You have surrendered to me, but I can feel your anticipation for what happens next.

I lean down again and kiss you. Our mouths are open, our lips sealed against each other. Our tongues dart and dance, gently probing. You taste salty and sweet, and your mouth is surprisingly strong. Your arms are around me, one hand upon my back, and one hand tangled in the hair behind my head. I breathe the air of your lungs and you breathe mine. As I pull away, your mouth remains open, and your eyes are closed and your hands remain locked, pulling on me. I can tell by the shape of your lips that you are longing for my lips to return.

I enter your body.

You are warm and tight, you are slick with sweet juices. I slowly slide all the way in, and your eyes flicker open and you cry out, breasts arching up. The hand on my back is a claw, sliding down to my hip. Your other hand slides down my chest.

I am holding your hips now, sliding in and out of your cunt. You have both legs locked behind my ass and your arms are on my shoulders. We work as one machine, pumping together, pumping apart. We start slow and gentle, but as time passes, we are start moving faster. We fit together perfectly, instinctively matching each other’s motions, anticipating and reacting to each other. We perfectly balance the giving and taking of pleasure.

I am creeping closer and closer to climax. You are wild and loud beneath m. Your legs, your arms, your pussy muscles, your stomach muscles. All of them are working, you pull me and push me, begging me to speed up or slow down, but I do not care. I am setting the pace a notch below the speed I want. Taking my time, enjoying the view of your body pulsing below me, enjoying the grunting and moaning sounds you make at every motion.

Enjoying the wet sound suction sound of my cock in your pussy, the slap of my balls slap against your ass. Enjoying scent of your warm flesh, erotic juices, and the smell that is just plain you and no one else.

You reach climax, your orgasm more intense for waiting. All of your muscles clench, your face clenches like you are in pain but your pussy feels heavenly, pulsing and clenching around me. Your neck is taught and I can see your heartbeat hammering there. You tighten up, sucking in. Eyes closed, holding yourself higher, off the desk. You moan loud and long, clenching your hands upon my shoulders. From here I enter you deeper than I thought possible, and I know that I am going to cum too.

You hold like this for a half-second-eternity, and then you release, your orgasm leaving you in a loud groan, sweetness and colors güvenilir bahis and light rushing from you. My balls burn and I release at the same moment, filling you full of semen as you finally relax, our warmth and sexual smell surround us like a cloud, I close my eyes and slump against you. There is nothing but this moment, this place, our bodies, our souls.

You are spent now, damp with sweat, but still sweet. I rub my hands over you again as I pull my flaccid member from your sweet sex. I lean down again on trembling muscles and we kiss again, long and sensual. I can feel your body below me, lightly touching mine. We look into each other’s eyes, and there is wonder. Wonder at what we just did, the suddenness of our complete connection, the passion that escalated exponentially, the abandon with which we surrendered to that passion.

We clean up as best we can, and I gently, lovingly, place the wedding band back on your ring finger. I do not know how you will reconcile this with him, but I do not wish to destroy a relationship that brings you happiness. I know that this thing between us that has been growing will not go away, not now that we have fed it, but I cannot feel shame at what we have done and I know that you do not either. I also know that you think you should feel shame, and the lack of it is bothering you.

We leave together, out into quiet of the darkened office, serenaded by the distant sound of vacuums. We hold hands briefly, and I press something into your hand, a key to my apartment. Then we walk separate paths beyond the door, our fingers slowly sliding apart.

We will be together again, soon enough.

We still see each other every day of course, as we work together. We maintain that we are friends, but where we used to spend lunches and the between times of meetings chatting comfortably, we do not seem to speak that much. We look at each other, we surreptitiously touch each other, and we blush. Our time is quiet, but warm. The hunger continues to grow.

Until one night, you use my key.

I am relaxing, watching some TV, when I hear the door click. I look up and there you are. If is funny, because it does not startle me. Somehow I knew you were coming before you were outside my apartment, I just look up and there you are. Your eyes are alive with hunger, and need, and sadness, and some irritation. I turn slightly from the TV toward you slightly and I smile, and before I know it you are in my lap.

We make love slowly that night and into the morning, naked on the couch, I am sitting up and you are straddling me, our heads are upon each others shoulders, and we are having a conversation as much as we are fucking. You tell me about the fight you had with your husband that night, about the growing dissatisfaction in your life, and I listen, saying little, absorbing every detail.

We are like that for hours, naked and pressed together, my cock inside your body, we are barely moving, but having animated, intimate conversation. I have never had anything like this connection with anyone before, and yet it feels like this is normal, and all the times that I have not been literally inside you while I connect with you verbally are strange.

We spend the next four days together. We use vacation time to get out of work, and spend all our time in, eating only what we can get delivered. The hours of the day mean little with the window shades pulled down. Your cell phone rings a few times from its lonely perch on my door-side table. Actually it rings quite a bit. We both know without looking that it is him, wondering where you are. We ignore it. We eat touching each other, we bathe touching each other, and we sleep touching each other, and the rest of our time is spent making love.

We try some different positions, but mostly we just enjoy the feeling of our bodies together. We know every curve and blemish of each other’s bodies, and we hunger for more. We tell each other everything about ourselves, our childhoods, our hopes, our desires, even our secrets. We hunger for deeper connections with each other, and we are trying to merge into each other in every possible way. I come to understand that until now, until you, I had never loved. I love you truly, and fully, and deeply. I tell you all about it, I have never been this transparent with anyone. By the end of the third day, I realize that I have never known another human being like I know you.

It is Ironic that this is the reason our time together will end.

Knowing you as well as I do, I cannot help but see the conflict you are in. You love your husband; have always had a great relationship. You fought before coming here, but that does not begin to touch the solid relationship you have had with him for decades.

You love me as much as I love you, but your surrender to this sweet madness we find ourselves in comes with a higher price for you than it does for me. You also love him, a deeper, steady love, and you have a history with him that your time with me cannot touch. You didn’t surrender to me intending to give him up, and you did not come here intending to leave him forever, but I can see it in your eyes that now you are willing to sacrifice this part of yourself if I ask you to stay.

The Invisible Man and His “Angel”


Another reoccurring dream. This one actually was very perturbing until recently… when I met my ‘Angel’.

I kept having the dream of me going on dates with some pretty good looking dames, but being very shy….I’d take them home and on the way home I’d turn invisible, but this was a temporary state that would last, but thirty minutes. At first not being comfortable with this state I’d double back sneak into their rooms and ogle as they got undressed. I was actually getting an eyeful…tits of all sizes…and then they’d take off their panties and watch some masturbate and watch others wash in the shower.

Soon just before I started feeling that I was getting visible, I’d scoot and return home with an erection, which I quickly relieved. As the dreams kept repeating, I got more brazen it seems…for now when I returned to my earlier date I would feel her boobs, suck them, nibble on them, gently bite them and sometimes kissed them on the lips or between their legs. Sometimes I’d run into the shower with them and place two fingers in them and ogle as eventually they’d get out and made themselves climax.

Later yet…I actually tried to explain this to my dates that I’d be back. They didn’t believe me of course, but when I went back after the date and after the girl showered I’d sneak between her legs and lock my lips on her snatch and commence to lick, suck, nibble on her clit. They’d be calling out my name in ten to fifteen minutes and they’d come and soon again for the second time, but this time with so much force that their whole body would shake. This usually was my clue to leave…leaving them satisfied and me waking up sweating with an erection that I could spin on like a top.

The last dream I had before meeting this ‘Angel’ was with this girl I’ll call Sue. Sue had straight shoulder-length black hair. Very compact body with small breasts, 36B I think, and a very shapely round butt. We went to dinner, I had Chicken Parmigiana and she had Veal Scaloppini. We ate quietly, made some small talk and went to a movie….a chick flick I think, but soon we started making out so I don’t really illegal bahis remember. After a short while I placed my hand on her right breast, which felt very firm to the touch, and did it feel good. I felt the nipple get hard under my gentle, but firm massage….my little soldier got hard so I put her hand on him….and thought I’d come right there as she started to rub him through the clothes. We got up and quickly left the movies….I don’t even remember the plot except for all the love scenes….a typical boy meets girl, loses girl and gets her back again, I did notice more flesh than most other movies of this nature.

We walked briskly to my car, drove her home as she played with my raging erection. At her house she mentioned that she was sorry, and that her roommates are home and that she was very sorry, but we’ll need to continue at another time. I then mentioned about my ability to turn invisible for thirty minutes and that she should leave the door open. She said yeah get real, but when I came back invisible I found the door to be unlocked. I walked in, saw her two homely roommates watching TV downstairs…I ran up to Sue’s room and saw her completely undressed and caressing her breasts with one hand and had three fingers in her love tunnel. I felt this to be my cue, and got between her legs and grabbed a hold of her clit and nibbled and bit her joy button…and she called out my name as she wrapped her legs around my head, actually crushing my ears, as I felt her body shake violently. Not stopping, I continued slurping and tonguing her until she came for what seemed like an eternity. I quickly got up and I was about to leave, when she said, in the most lovely voice, I owe you and I’ll make it so wonderful that you’ll never forget it.

Shortly there after, I was having a cup of coffee in a local diner and noticed that my waitress was named Sue. I didn’t think much of it, but then It started to feel eerie. In fact she looked exactly like the Sue I dreamt about and whom I helped achieve two orgasms. She came by and said that she seemed to know me from somewhere. I looked at casino siteleri her and she gave me a knowing smile and told me that she wanted to thank me for something. She gave me the check and a small note, it said “I owe you” and to meet her at seven PM tonight, at the diner. I thought this to be crazy, but had to see it through. The sun was just starting to go down, as I left my house to meet her at the diner. Sue was now wearing a halter top and a short skirt. She told me that she made reservations for dinner at the local hotel, where we won’t be disturbed, and that we can have dinner there as well. I agreed and couldn’t even remember the meal, I think we each had a salad, and a glass of wine. She was quiet, but always smiling. Finally, she looked me right in the eye and asked: “do you know what this is all about?” I told her that I didn’t have a clue. To this she mentioned that she had this dream about this date, and after which he was able to turn invisible, returned and helped her achieve two of the greatest orgasms ever, and that she believes that I was he and that she wanted to repay the favor. I just nodded with disbelief, after all I was dreaming and so was she and what was the probability of us sharing the very same dream. I was about to find out, for Sue turned out was my ‘Angel’.

We went up to our room and she asked me to take off all my clothes and to be prepared to enjoy being a man for I will be pampered with TLC and that she wanted to thank me properly. She too got undressed…seemed like a miracle her breasts were exactly as I imagined…..her triangle-of-love was clean-shaven with a strip of black hair over the crack. She led me to the bathroom and kissed me gently and then with more urgency. I felt I was dreaming…this Sue was gorgeous. She drew me a warm bath and got in with me and commenced to wash me much more thoroughly than I’d ever imagine. I too washed her, especially her boobs buns and her canal. I had two fingers in her…she felt silky and warm. I fingered her for awhile and she stopped me by saying that I was to enjoy first…and there will be time for poker siteleri that later. We dried each other….and she had me lay down on my stomach. She then commenced to massage and baby kiss me from my neck to my butt. Sue then got my legs open and she gently fingered my bunghole and kissed it and inserted her tongue….I got so hard at once and nearly came, what a great feeling..she quickly stopped and continued baby kissing my butt and down and up on the back of both my legs. she gently turned me over and admired my raging erection…kissed it and started to massage and baby kissing my chest and teasing and nibbling on my nipples. She circled the belly button and went down and up the front of both of my legs. Now she excused herself and returned with a glass of water…..she gulped a little and took me into her mouth….wow in her mouth was very warm water…she expertly swished around me and then spit out and did this a few more times. I was in heaven. she then took a plastic necklace about six inches long and lubricated it and shoved it up my bunghole with about a half an inch sticking out, and told me to relax .

This was kind of difficult with my raging erection. Sue got on her knees and I felt her wet love canal and inserted two fingers. She now took each of my balls in her mouth while gently stroking my shaft. After feeling them to be getting hard she toyed with the head of my organ and sucked on the eye and took a quarter of the length in her mouth, than half and than had it in her mouth as I felt myself hitting her tonsils. She started getting a rhythm going up and down as I inserted three fingers into her snatch and she felt to be very wet. She was literally moving in and out over my fingers while speeding up her bobbing movement on my shaft…Sue felt my precum…hungrily lapped it up and started going up and down faster yet, I soon started feeling that I was about to come, she exploded all over my fingers and when she felt my first spurt, grabbed the pearls and started to pull them from my anus, it seemed that with every pearl another squirt, she swallowed every drop… the time the pearl was all out I collapsed in ecstasy, and I was literally sucked dry.

Later we had some more routine sexual adventures, but this definitely was a night for me to remember. Was it a dream or was it real?…only my ‘Angel’ and I will ever know.

The Ice Cream Parlor


I noticed him the moment he walked up to me. I pretend to be lost in my thoughts but, I was really looking at his eyes gaze over my body.

Nice day, huh. he says.

I shake my head yes unable to take my eyes off him. I have seen him before on campus with a lot of younger girls. At first I though he was just a student or a jock but I later found out that he was a professor of Sociology.

Is this seat taken? he asks, pointing at the seat next to me.

I reply, No

Would you like to dance?

I look at him puzzled at first, because the only music playing, is coming from a small boom box.

I shake my head no, and smile but, he forces me to my feet. The rhythm of the music has our bodies moving in ways that would have made you think we were making love. My hips sway slowly with the beat and I turn with my back facing him. I can feel his manhood began to harden as I press my body close to his. He pulls me closer to him and takes in the scent of my perfume. I turn to look at him, he has the bluest eyes I have ever seen. He kisses me slowly and I can feel his hot tongue part my lips. I slowly wrap my arms around him and he pulls me in closer to him. He slowly licks down my neck and kisses my ear. Out of intense pleasure I through my head back and let out a soft moan. He slowly works his tongue over my neck, sending shivers canlı bahis through out my body. I am snapped back into reality. I pull away.

We can’t…I can’t…you know. Look, I don’t even know you.

I want more but I am unsure what to do. He smiles. I feel more confident.

Come with me…I know just what you need. he commands.

I am reluctant at first, but soon agree.

I nod, ok. He kisses me to reassure me everything I had just felt. He takes me to an old fashioned ice cream parlor. I didn’t know they still existed. We sit side by side in a booth hidden in the back where no one could see us. He orders the biggest and most extravagant banana split on the menu. When it arrives it’s covered in whipped cream, with a big red cherry on top. He scoops a spoon full into my mouth forcing me to eat it. I can barely fit it into my mouth as he continues to shove more in.

Is it good?

I nod while trying to keep it in my mouth. Chocolate and vanilla ice cream dribble from my lips and down my chin. He licks it off and forces his tongue inside my mouth. Our tongues twirl together with a cold mix of chocolate and vanilla. He lifts his hand and gives my breast a gentle squeeze causing my nipples to harden under my blouse. I don’t stop him because I want more.

He picks a cherry from top and pushes it between kaçak iddaa my lips with is tongue. He feeds me another scoop and we share a kiss. His hand drops to my knee. His touch send shivers through my spine. He slowly moves up my thigh. He is close enough to touch my soaked pussy. I move my legs further apart to encourage him to continue. Suddenly, he breaks the kiss and pulls his hand from my thigh. He picks up the banana and slides it slowly in and out of my mouth. I make love to it with my tongue. I can see the lust in his deep blue eyes. I drop my hand to his thigh in search of his hardness. He shoves the banana deep into my mouth and I continue to make love with my tongue and lips. He slips his hand over mine and places it on his throbbing cock. I rub him through his pants. I pull down his zipper and his massive cock sprang free. I wrap my fingers around his manhood and slowly began to stroke him. He takes another scoop into his mouth and we share a passionate kiss.

He scoops another spoonful into my mouth and I place his swollen knob into my mouth. The cool blend ice cream and cock in my mouth makes me wetter. I tickle the tip of is cock with my tongue and then take him deep into my mouth. I stroke him slowly while making love to his manhood with my tongue and lips. He lets out a slight moan. I want him more and kaçak bahis more.

I shift around hoping that he will help me. He leans over and puts his hand between my already spread legs. His fingers touch my damp panties. He slides two fingers inside of me and is surprised at my wetness. He slowly begins to rub in small circles. I moan in pleasure, with his swollen meat buried deep in my throat. I can feel him push deep inside of me. I am slowly grinding on his fingers. I feel the pressure building inside of me. I quicken my pace and drive in fingers deeper inside of me. I began to stroke him rapidly, bobbing and licking his hard shaft. I can feel his cock growing in my mouth. My own pleasure is closer and closer. I feel his fingers go deeper inside of me. He releases his hot creamy love seed into my throat just as a river of cum steams from my cunt. A second splash of his love seed hits the side of my face. I feel a second explosion rip through me and I gush all over his fingers.

He pulls his fingers from my steamy cunt. His fingers are dripping with my precious love nectar. He licks it off with his tongue savoring my sweet juices. I adjust my skit and panties. He scoops up his creamy seed from the side of my face and feeds it to me with his fingers. I slowly lick them clean not wanting to waste any of his love seed. We share another spoon full of ice cream and a passionate kiss.

I’ m Jim.

Nice to meet you Jim; I’m Denise. I have to go to the ladies room. I’ll be right back.

I am already in the stall when I hear the door close. I knew it was Jim.