A Creative Challenge Ch. 30


Unusually for late December, but fortunately for us, the weather the next day was mild and dry. Mike and I were up early, planning the day’s photographic expedition, and putting together some documents to convince any nosy officials that it would be a waste of their time trying to stop us doing what we had every intention of doing – which was taking photographs of Amy naked in the middle of the City Plaza Christmas shopping frenzy.

“We might think we have the law on our side, but that isn’t going to help us if the local police don’t know that,” said Mike sensibly. “It would be much easier if we get their cooperation up front rather than have to fight them off with lawyers later.”

I had some of my press clippings and one of Greta’s catalogs and some press clippings to prove I was a real artist, some pictures of Spencer Tunick’s art installations, and a copy of the Supreme Court judgment in his favour spread out on the kitchen table. We figured that would be enough evidence to be convincing.

When Amy came down the hall looking for some breakfast, I had this weird sense of déjà vu as she went straight to the crisper drawer in the fridge. This time it was Mike’s turn to look round and find himself staring at her bare ass for the first time. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what Mike was going to say next and that I could safely bet my left testicle on him saying those exact words. The moment I realized that, it simultaneously occurred to me that perhaps Amy was right, and Mike and I were more alike than I had ever imagined.

“Holy shit, Amy!”

Told you, I said to myself.

“Hey, Sam,” said Amy, standing up with two carrots in her hand and shutting the fridge door with her ass, then leaning back against it with her feet a shoulder width apart. It looked like a natural and casual movement, but it also just happened to make sure that we could both see the full smooth and plump ‘W” of her pussy lips at the top of her thighs. “Good morning, Mike.”

“And good morning to you,” said Mike, thoroughly enjoying what he she was presenting for him to look at, and making no attempt to hide his appreciation. “You weren’t kidding about the dress rules around here, were you?”

“You’re going to be taking lots of pictures of me later on today, so I think you should get used to looking at me naked.”

“I think I’ll need plenty of practice before I could ever get used to that,” said Mike.

“I’ll let you into a secret, son, you never get used to it,” I said. “No matter how much practice you get.”

“You’re a smooth-talking pair of perverts, I’ll give you that.”

I knew Amy well enough to know that she was lapping up the extra attention her bare body was getting. She did her morning stretching-like-a-cat routine as she ground some coffee and fetched three cups and saucers from the cupboard and generally pottered about the kitchen. She did the same thing almost every morning and every morning I sat at the bench where today Mike was sitting watching her, so I knew it wasn’t a special exhibition just for his benefit, but I always doubted that she would do quite the same thing if she was on her own without an audience of any kind.

The plan was that I should go early to the main police station at one end of City Plaza and explain to them politely that we were engaged in an art project that involved taking some photographs of a nude model in some of the shops and amongst the general public doing their Christmas Shopping along the pedestrian mall, so they would be co-operative and make sure we weren’t harassed.

That was the plan.

“You must be frigging joking,” said the solidly humourless police sergeant at the front desk.

“Sergeant, I’m quite serious. We are artists and we are within our rights to do this. I’m just telling you out of courtesy, so you will know about us if someone happens to complain.”

“I don’t care if we get a complaint or not. I’m warning you now, if your model strips off in my mall, I’ll have her off the street and in here before you can say ‘indecent exposure’.”

“You can’t do that.”

“Watch me.”

“I think I should talk to a more senior officer if you’re going to deny us our rights.”

As I watched the blood flood up from his neck into his face until it was livid all the way up to his forehead it occurred to me that my previous remark might have been a serious tactical error, but this somewhat overweight officer of the law brought himself under control and took a deep breath before he spoke carefully and with a semblance of calm.

“You can talk to the Commissioner of Police or the frigging pope for all I care. This is Christmas week, and one more wacko like you on my streets is all I’m looking for because I am in the mood to throw the book at someone. It might as well be you, pal. Go for it.”

Reflecting on this conversation when I was standing back in the street outside the police station, I had to admit that it could have gone better. I left a copy of the documents görükle escort on the counter for him, and I recommended that he read them before doing anything hasty, but after that I very quickly terminated our discussion before the whole of the rest of my day went pear-shaped and I found myself in the lock-up on general principle.

I was supposed make sure that Amy could strip in the plaza without getting arrested, then go home and pick up her and Mike so that we could go back into the city to take some photographs. Instead, by the time I got home I had made up my mind that getting Amy to walk around naked in City Plaza was not such a good idea after all. By then, I had something a little more ambitious in mind.

“Change of plan, guys,” I said when I arrived home.

“it didn’t go down too well at the police station, then,” said Amy. “I thought it might be a mistake telling them first. Are we calling it off?”

“Not exactly. Do you still have that pleated skirt, and those amazing shoes?”

“Oh, goody. We’re going to be really naughty.”

“What are you two talking about?” asked Mike.

“Sam, do you want to tell him, or shall we let him find out?”

“Mike, I don’t think this will involve you. Just Amy and me. And we don’t need photographs.”

Mike was disappointed at that, but still curious.

“I won’t get in the way,” he said. “Whatever it is you’re planning, I could help you.”

“I don’t think you can, son. Not with what we have in mind. Thanks all the same.” I was laughing at the idea of Mike not knowing what he was offering to help me with, but trying not to offend him by looking like I was laughing at him.

“Mike, can you use the video camera?” asked Amy. “Sam, you’re right, there’s not much point getting photographs, but a movie sequence could be something else entirely.”

“Of course I can shoot video. You’re looking at the Media Faculty’s “Cinematographer of the Year”, I’ll have you know.”

“Sam? What do you think?”

Amy was bright-eyed and excited at the idea of Mike filming us fucking in public. I didn’t want to dampen her enthusiasm, but I was not so keen on the idea. I would have preferred almost anyone to be behind the video camera watching us rather than Mike. I was also concerned about not drawing attention to ourselves, and knowing a camera was watching our every move might make it difficult for Amy to be discreet about what we were doing. But I didn’t say no straight away.

“What?” said Mike, looking at each of us in turn. “What?” His curiosity was killing him. Amy decided not to wait for me to respond to her, and she relieved his frustration.

“Unless I’m very much mistaken, Sam intends to fuck me in the street outside the police station in the middle of the City Mall.”

“Wow,” said Mike softly after a slightly stunned pause. “How…?”

“Standing up on tiptoe, ” said Amy, knowing that was probably not the answer to whatever question Mike was about to ask. “Without a condom.”

“OK,” said Mike, with his hands up. “That’s more information than I need.”

“Amy, stop teasing the boy. You’re embarrassing him.”

“Actually, Sam, I think I’m embarrassing you.”

She was right. I was much more uncomfortable about the idea of Mike watching us fuck than he was. In the last couple of years that he had been away at University he had become a well-balanced and open-minded young man, who was independent in his judgements and refreshingly free of hang-ups. Again, I reminded myself of the promise I made to go with the flow and not be a brake on Amy’s exhibitionist explorations.

“OK, let’s do it. If that’s what you want.”

Amy dashed off to find what she called her ‘FIP’ clothes, but I wanted to talk to Mike.

“I’m not sure that shooting this video is such a good idea. I started taking photographs of Amy out in public because I want to keep some of these wonderful memories of mine warm and alive in my old age, and I just wanted to make sure that I had a record of some of the crazier things that Amy’s been doing.”

“You mean some of the crazy things that YOU and Amy have been doing.”

“I suppose so. I just don’t think of it like that. I wouldn’t be involved in any of them if it wasn’t for her, so I always feel like a bit of a passenger – no that’s wrong, more like an observer watching an express train go by. She’s the one driving the train.”

“But she wouldn’t do any of these things if it wasn’t for you, either. You keep telling me how she inspires your work, but it seems to me that you’re inspiring her LIFE. You know that, don’t you?”

I hadn’t thought of it like that, but it was an interesting and perceptive observation.

“Well, suppose you shoot this video and it turns out alright, what then? Who can we show it to? If it’s only for ourselves, what’s the point?”

“Dad, don’t get wound up about that. I think there are all sorts of possible audiences for it. It could easily become a TV documentary. Maybe bursa sınırsız escort bayan a series. I would film you working with Amy in the studio, shoot some of her other stunts, interview both of you, talk to you about your art, about the boundaries and the overlap between art and erotica and porn, about exhibitionism, about conventional attitudes to nudity and sexuality, about the limits to freedom of expression in the modern world, about the history of the enlightenment, art’s struggle against religious oppression… there’s probably even a doctoral thesis in there somewhere “

“OK. I’m convinced. But let’s just take it one step at a time. Go get the camera. I’ll get my coat.”

We both briefed Mike in the car on the way to the city, but the poor young man was more confused after Amy and I had given him our contradictory instructions than if we had given him none at all. I was counselling him to keep his distance and blend in with the crowd like a tourist, because everybody looks in the direction that a media video camera is pointing and we didn’t want too much attention. Amy was stressing how he would have to get in close or the audience for his movie would have no idea what was going on. To his credit, Mike nodded and agreed with both of us, but I suspected he had his own ideas anyway and was unlikely to follow our directions.

We parked and, with Amy in the middle, the three of us walked arm in arm towards the police station at the end of the pedestrian mall. To my disappointment, I could see through the front plate glass window that my friendly police sergeant was no longer at the front desk where I had left him. I looked around the mall to see if he was patrolling the streets, but there was no sign of him. I had been hoping to flip him the bird at an appropriate moment.

Mike withdrew to one side of the building, while Amy and I took up our position in front of it, three or four body lengths from the front door. I was surprised by how many people there were milling around, far more than when I had been in the same place earlier that morning. I wasn’t sure I had the nerve to carry out our plan, but then I noticed that most of the people were preoccupied schlepping large bags full of Christmas presents and most were not even glancing in our direction for a microsecond.

“Let’s do it,” I said to Amy, opening my riding coat invitingly. She stepped towards me to hug me round my waist and I enveloped her in the loose waterproof material. She rested her head on my shoulder, and spoke softly into my ear.

“You know, if Mike hadn’t been in the car with us, I would have been playing with myself from the moment we left home, just to make sure I was wet enough to do this.”

“Are you not?”

“I expect so, but I’m not sure. We’ll soon find out, anyway.”

She brought her hands back round to the front of me, unzipped my fly, and quickly pulled out my penis, which was only semi-erect . I couldn’t help flinching as her hand went inside my pants.

“This is a little disappointing. I thought you would be rock hard by now.”

“If you don’t mind me saying so, your hands could have been a little warmer before you did that. You’re lucky it isn’t even smaller than it is, seeing that it’s the middle of winter, and I’m not wearing any underpants.”

“I thought you felt hotter than usual, but I suppose you would if my hands are as cold as you say they are,” said Amy, warming them up on my shrinking scrotum. “Come on, Mr Happy, up you come. You can do it.”

“I’m also a little nervous about this. My son is over there watching us and filming us, there are about a thousand people all around us, and I’m looking at the police station right behind you, so there’s not much point telling me to relax.”

“Sam, nobody can see what I’m doing inside this coat. Relax.”

Even though I told her not to bother telling me to relax, I had to smile at the way she immediately did just that, and smiling always has a relaxing effect on anyone. In fact, it may be physiologically impossible to stay stressed when you are only inches from the beautiful face of the woman you love and she is smiling back at you with a warmth that could melt your eyes. Your sense of wellbeing will also improve if she has your cock in her hand and she is massaging it gently but firmly.

“Attaboy,” said Amy, as Mr Happy dutifully stood himself up to attention for her.

We were almost ready to make love, to fuck, secretly and privately but in full view of hundreds of people in the middle of the city we lived in on one of the busiest days of the year. I knew we were crazy, but it was wonderful and beautiful and just the rightest and best thing to do in that place at that moment with that extraordinary person.

I took my eyes away from Amy’s happy and excited face to look around at the world outside the intimate two of us. Mike was now sitting in the sparse shade of a leafless tree on the low wall surrounding bursa otele gelen escort bayan a nearby planter bed, looking down at the upturned screen of the video camera which he was nursing in his lap. Through the lens of the camera he must have seen me looking at him, and with his head still down he gave me a ‘thumbs up’ sign with one hand. The red light above the lens was on.

A young woman in uniform was at the desk of the police station talking to a couple standing with their backs to us. A young man was sitting on the wall near Mike, looking alternately at Mike’s camera and at what Mike’s camera was looking at, probably wondering what was so interesting about this oddly-matched embracing couple. Shoppers and other passers-by ignored us or glanced at us then looked away. There was no reason for now not to be the moment of truth.

I leaned my head towards Amy to kiss her, then had to tilt my face back as she stood on her toes, raising her lips above mine. As her soft mouth touched mine, she placed the tip of my penis between the lips of her pussy and rubbed it around in her entrance so that we were both nicely basted with her slippery juice. Her breath was sweet in my nostrils as she made sure we were both ready to ‘lock and load’ at groin level, then she pressed her open mouth against mine, sealing our lips against the outside world so that her breath now came from her nose and swept across my cheek. Her tongue pushed past my lips and into my mouth as she settled back on her heels, penetrating me at one end at the very moment I was penetrating her at the other.

I felt her knees weaken in their ability to support her, and I supported her slumping extra body weight as they gave way by pressing her closer against my chest with my enveloping arms . When I was as far inside her as ever I could be I held her motionless, not breathing at all, then she let our lips part and her head fall backwards so that her drawn out low down sighing ‘oh’ was directed at the sky.

By the time Amy straightened her knees and her neck again, taking her own weight and bringing her eyes back to mine, I was aware that my cheek muscles were in danger of cramping up, I was grinning that hard against a flooding sense of euphoria which I took to be a double dose of my own endorphins. This delicious sensation expanded outwards to completely fill my skin and penetrated inwards to the marrow of my bones, and was the sort of sensation that I had always imagined an injection of heroin would feel like when it hits the appropriate brain receptors. Despite opportunities, I had not ever chosen to sample the reality of that drug, in fear that it might be either disappointingly less or terrifyingly more than my expectations, so I recognised that the feeling I was now consumed by was as pleasurable as any I was ever likely to experience.

I looked again at the outside world around me, virtually unchanged from barely a minute or so before, but utterly different now in how I perceived it. I had never before been up to my nutsack inside a beautiful woman while surrounded by hundreds of other people in a very public place. In rabbits it may be different, but in humans sexual excitement is one tenth physiology and nine tenths psychology, so it was much more the thought of this, the very idea of being in this situation that was an even bigger erotic charge for me than the delightful feeling of Amy’s pussy gripping my cock.

Amy kept her hips pressed against mine, and squeezed my dick with her pussy as she kissed me again. Then she turned her head and looked at the camera. She flicked her head back in a ‘come here’ gesture to Mike, who was still looking at the viewfinder screen upturned in his lap. He wasn’t sure what he had seen, so he looked up at us, and Amy beckoned him again with a toss of her head. Mike stood up carefully, keeping the camera steady and pointed our way, and walked slowly towards us holding it at waist level. As he came within a few feet of us, Amy pushed my arm nearest to him slowly back, opening the coat so the camera could see what was going on under it. All that gesture revealed at first was a bunched up pleated skirt trapped between us at waist level and the side of Amy’s hip and thigh pressed against my jeans, but holding the skirt up in her other hand, Amy slowly twisted her pelvis towards the camera which was now inside the coat and only inches away from our bodies, pulling away from me far enough for it to see her pussy with my cock embedded in it. Just as I was about to fall out of her and lose the intimate connection with her she stopped, then just as slowly pushed against me again, taking my penis back inside her body, twisting her pelvis back towards mine, and closing the coat around her.

As the coat again masked any view of what was happening under it, Mike crept backwards, raising the camera to his eyelevel and very slowly panning away from us and right round the plaza in one giant circle. Halfway round, his camera travelled across the face of the young man that had previously been sitting next to him on the bench. This boy had stood up and moved closer with Mike and by looking over his shoulder had seen everything the camera had seen. As the camera pointed directly at him, he said “Fucking awesome, dude”, but Mike just kept panning around until we were again center of his frame.

A Dream Come True

Group Sex

Our friend told this story to Terry and me. Becky gave me the ok to write about her new love. She asked me to use my pen name and not her new husbands so don’t get confused by that. Again no excuses for the spelling I just do it for fun and as another way for the ladies I know to expose them selves!

I stretched out in my bed enjoying the cool morning breeze as it blew in the open window and across my nude body. “Hmmm a Saturday all alone. Maybe I can get some sun!” I thought as I lifted one long leg in the air looking at it. I pointed my toes at the ceiling. “I know I heard Sam’s truck when he left for his boat. Yes I’m all alone! I love it!” My nipples were hard from the cool air as I stood up and looked at my self in the full-length mirror. “Not to bad if I do say so my self.” I smiled as I turned my twenty five-year-old body this way and that lifting my full firm breast. “Yep girl you still look ok!” I pinched my nipples smiling at my self as I slipped on my housecoat.

It was something I loved to wear but didn’t get a chance to very often with Sam always under foot. It was a wickedly sexy off white cotton gauze material that can be totally seen through. It was not very long with the hem stopping just above the bottom of my butt cheeks. I never bothered to tie it shut when I wore it because I loved the way it felt when it moved on my skin and brushed across my nipples. I guess truth be known that was why I did wear it, because of the feel.

I went to the kitchen enjoying the cool tile on my bare feet as I poured my self-some coffee. “He is so sweet to make me some more after he filled his thermos.” I picked up the note he left for me.

“Beck, I will be home about 5:00 PM. Hope you have a nice day.


I took my coffee to the patio and taking a sip I sat down at the little table. I’m six feet tall in my bare feet and have long, long legs that I have been told on more than one occasion are very nice to look at. I bent over rubbing sunscreen into them enjoying how it felt as my nipple touched my thigh. I creamed up both legs opening them wide enough to feel the sun on my clit as it stuck its little head out from between my cleanly shaved nether lips. I let my hand run up over my flat tummy playing with the little ring I wore in my belly button. I slipped my hand up over my breast’s enjoying the feel of them as I gently pulled on each rubbery nipple making them nice and hard. I then lifted each one of them as I applied sunscreen under them. I enjoyed the feel of there weight in my hand as I lifted them each in turn noting that they were still nice and firm. It came from wearing good bra and with them being 36c it took a strong one to keep them in place.

I picked up my sunglasses put them on then pulled my shoulder length blond hair back into a clip to keep it out of my face. I took a sip of coffee and was just about to lay back when I caught some movement from Sam’s room! I didn’t turn my head to look but looked from the corner of my eye. “I know I heard the motor of his old truck!” his curtain was closed. “There! It moved just a little! What the fuck!” at first I was furious! I started to try to cover my self.

“Well that’s stupid he has seen me now. Beside it might be fun to play with him.” And I opened my legs just a little wider.

I closed my eyes thinking back to when she had left him. My older sister I mean. Our folks had died while I was at school so when I came home Sam and Sara had let me move in with them. I had been home for about six month’s when Sara came to me.

“I’m leaving the drunken ass hole. You can stay or go I don’t care.” She gave me a funny look.

“Sara I know you two fight but.” She interrupted me.

“But nothing I don’t love him and I am out of here!”

“Well I’m staying! He has been nothing but good to me and I am not going to walk out on him even if you do!”

She went to their room picked up her all ready packed bags and walked out not saying another word. That was two years ago and we have not seen her sense.

I looked to his window. “Yes the curtain moved just a little! I am sure I saw it now! He is looking at me!” Suddenly I felt my self moisten at the thought of him seeing me like that!

Sam had came home the night she left and I gave him the note she had given me for him. He sat on the couch to read it and I went into the kitchen to let him be alone. It was so quiet I could hear the clock ticking in the other room and I must have sat there for a half-hour when he walked in. His eyes were red as he leaned back onto the counter and I knew he had been crying. He took a cold beer out of the fridge and drank it with out saying a word. Then he took out another and looked at it. He didn’t open it but instead sat it in the kitchen window above the sink.

“How about you? You leaving me to Beck?”

“Not unless you want me out to. You took me in and have been very good to me Sam. I would like to stay. I have a good job and can pay my own way. I mean we could be room mates.”

He came https://bursali.org over to me and pulled me to my feet wrapping his big arms around me. I felt small as he stood above me. He bent down and sobbed into my shoulder as he held me. His big six foot six body shaking in my arms as he cried. We held each other for a long time until he calmed down. He pushed me away looking at me and then pulled me back close kissing me softly on the forehead.

“Sorry Beck. I umm, I just. Look can you take off from work to morrow. I want to get all of her shit out of here. The only thing I want left that even remotely reminds me of anything about her is you and you are welcome here as long as you want to be here!”

That beer is still full and in the window and as far as I know he has not had another one in all this time!

I was brought back to reality by the sound of his truck. It was not in the drive way though. “What I had herd was him coming home not going out and now he must have let it role out of the driveway trying to be quiet so I wouldn’t know he was looking at me”

I got up and went to his room. Sure enough I could plainly see where I had been setting and “Shit he had been looking at me with his binoculars!” I picked them up and looked through them over to the chair I had been in, “My God with these he had been able to count what hair was left on the top of my shaved pussy!” I turned setting the spyglasses back on his dresser when I kicked a towel on the floor. I picked it up and it was sticky! Sticky with his cum!

He had played with his self as he looked at me!

I didn’t even realize I had my own finger touching my self. I mean I was standing there in his room looking at his come in the towel and the next thing I knew I was having I mind-shattering orgasm as I fingered my self! I don’t know what made me do it but I pulled the towel up to my face smelling his cum and then as I started to shake with another climax I licked it! I sucked it from the towel licking and sucking until I had it all on my tongue! I was dreaming of him filling my mouth with his cock as I came!

I sat down on his bed as I caught my breath. I don’t know what made me think of sucking him and I sure didn’t know I thought of him making love to me, that is until just then. It just hit me! “My God I am in love with the man!”

The rest of the day was kind of a blur to me as I thought about the events of the morning. I decided to see what he was thinking or if he cared for me. I decided that I would make his favorite dinner so I could spend some time with him. As I got the meal ready I was thinking about what to wear “Well he liked looking at me, maybe I can show off for him and act like I don’t know it. I mean it’s not like I have ever been modest around him. I mean I didn’t run around nude but it was not uncommon for Sam to see me in a long T-shirt and panties and my swimwear was on the skimpy side for sure.

I picked out a knee length summer dress that I knew the light would shine through with out showing him every thing. I left off my bra knowing that when we sat at the table eating he would be able to see the darker color of my nipples. I also knew he would be seeing my legs with the light would shine through the dress as I moved back and fourth from the light kitchen to the darker dinning room.

I was setting at the kitchen table when he came home. I had sat on my leg so that the skirt part of the dress was pulled down over my legs exposing nothing to him as he walked in. Sam’s eyes went all over me from my head to where my toes would be if he could see them, “Man what smells so good!”

“Just your dinner!” I stood and went to him. I made sure to move so that he could see nothing but I watched as his eyes darted to my chest. I put my hand on his arm then leaned in to kiss him on the cheek letting my breast touch his elbow. “Go wash up and by the time you get back I will have every thing ready for us.”

“All right I’ll hurry!” he smiled at me and I noticed he touched his cheek where I kissed him as he walked out of the room.

He washed and came back into the kitchen, “What can I do?”

“Take our drinks to the table and set down. I will bring the other things in.” I said as he took the glasses of tea from me.

I waited until he was seated and started my show. I made at least five trips back and fourth and each time I came and went he watched me with a slight smile on his face. I knew he thought he was seeing something he was not supposed to and he was enjoying it. His eyes kept going to my chest as we talked during dinner and I could feel how hard my nipples were with out even looking!

Sam helped me clean up after dinner and at one point as I bent over the dishwasher I caught him looking at my bottom. “Why Sam! Were you checking out my ass!” I exclaimed.

The poor guy turned bright red! “I’m sorry! I, well I just looked that’s all!”

I smiled at him; “Well it’s ok! Just proves to me you are not dead and I can still turn a man’s head!” bursa escort kız we both laughed as I took his hand and pulled him into the living room.

Sam went to his chair and I went to my spot on the couch as we turned on our favorite TV show! I crossed my legs and let my dress slip up high on my thigh. I just let it stay that was for a long time watching him as he tried not to look at me. We made small talk for a while when I asked him about his boat.

“Sam how come you never ask me to go to your boat?”

He just exploded! “Why would I want to ask you to go there! Your SISTER NEVER WANTED TO SEE IT AND WAS ALWAYS PISSED OFF ABOUT IT!”

Man I snapped at that! I jumped up and moved between him and the TV. I stood with my legs shoulder width apart letting the light from the TV shine through me dress. I knew he could look right through it at the shape of my long legs. I was all ready wet but now I could feel my self grow even wetter as my temper flared.


I stormed out of the room and up the hall to my room. I went in and didn’t quit slam the door but it was close. I moved over t my bathroom pulling my dress off over my head. I washed my face and moved back to my bed as I started brushing my hair. “I wonder how big he is?” I asked my self as my mind drifted back to the cum filled towel from the morning.

I laid down my brush then moved over to my bed and slipped into the cool sheets enjoying their softness on my skin. I let my legs open as I ran my hand down over the cool cotton sheets and then up back up to my pussy. I let my thumb bump my clit as it grew between my woman’s lips and I ran my hand up to cup my breasts. I reached up turning off the light with one hand as I let the fingers on the other open my lips and my knuckle run over my blood filled love button. I closed my eyes thinking of him touching his self as I watched.

I pushed two fingers deep into my vagina!

I was just starting to slide them in and out of my very wet hole when there was a knock on my door and he slowly opened it! “Beck are you a sleep?”

“Oh nno! I umm, I’m awake.” I said softly.

I turned onto my side closing my legs over my hand as I kept my fingers over my clit.

“Can I talk to you?” he asked

“Uh sure.” I let my thumb touch my button trembling from my own touch.

“I’m sorry!” he sat down on my bed as I let one of my fingers slip into my soft now dripping hole as the palm of my hand covered my throbbing clit!

“Its just that the boat was such a big deal with her and then it became a place for me to get away from her and well, I just never thought you would be interested in any.” A soft groan escaped from my lips as I pulled on my rubbery clit. “Becky are you ok?”

“No I am fingering my self with you setting right there!” I thought and then answered him. “Oh! Umm yes Sam! I guess I must have a little gas or something.” He touched my forehead and I almost came! The heat in his hand burnt my skin! I curled up into a little ball as I pulled my sex juice covered hand from between my legs. “Oh Sam umm oh god yes. Well, it’s ok I know umm.” I was cumming softly!

He ran his hand over my cheek. “Beck are you sure you are ok? I mean you feel a little warm!”

“No, no I am fine. Umm it is just gas cramps. Honest!” as I thought “can’t you smell the sex? Can’t you tell I want you to touch me?”

He stood up “Ok call me if you need me.” He stopped at the door. “Listen what I came in here for was to ask you if you wanted to come sailing with me to morrow. I would love for you to be the first woman to be on her sense I bought her.”

“Oh why yes,” I held the sheet over my breasts as I sat up, “I would love to come with you.”

“Ok then I will wake you early so we an get a good start.” He turned his back to me and moved to the door. He said something!

“What Sam?” I asked him.”

“Oh nothing.” But I was sure I had heard him!

He said’ “I love you Beck!”

He walked out of the door closing it softly as I fell back on my pillow. “MY god he said he loved me! I wonder if he loves me or if he really loves me!” my mind was going a hundred miles an hour until I drifted off to sleep!

The next morning I was up early making coffee and then putting a bunch of food together for us. I rushed back to my room and took a shower then picked out my closes. I had an old sweatshirt with the neck cut out. It fell off of my shoulder all the time when I would wear it and I knew if I move wrong Sam would be looking at my bare breast! I slipped on some black thong panties and over them I put on some white cotton pants with a drawstring that held them up. My pants were really the bottoms to the robe I loved and just as shear as the top but they worked well as a cover up.

Sam came in smiling at me. “Man your up early!”

“Yes and every thing is ready to go!” I watched his eyes run over my body as I handed bursa anal yapan escort him some coffee.

“Dam girl you look good! A thong I would never have thought it!”

“I can change if you want me to!” I looked at him with a side ways look.

“No way I love it let’s head out!” He took the stuff I had packed along with another bag to his truck and put it in the back as I climbed in. “Umm I needed this coffee thanks. I have to tell you I am kind of nervous for you to see our boat!”

My head snapped around looking at him. “Our boat! Did I hear him right?” I put my hand on his arm as I spoke to him. “I’m sure I will love it Sam. I think I will love it even if it’s a row boat.” I watched as a smile came on his face.

“Well it’s a little bigger than a row boat.”

We made small talk until we got to the dock. Sam pulled to the side of the road and into the driveway of the marina. “Listen I want to surprise you. Can I put a blindfold on you and walk you to the pier?”

I smiled at him. “Sounds kinky to me, but if that’s what you want I will go with it.”

He pulled us into the parking lot and I looked around at what must have been at least two hundred boats of all sizes and shapes as Sam came around the truck to me. He opened the door holding up a bandana.

“I promises not to let you trip.” He kissed me on the forehead and then reach to me tying the cloth around my head. “Don’t move. I want to get the food basket.”

I could hear him moving around and then he took my hand. “OK now, do as I say and we will be there in a moment!” we walked a ways. “Ok now there is a step.” I stepped up. “Ok now put your hand right here.” He put my hand on a rail. “And we are walking down hill. That’s it now it’s flat for a few feet. Now stop. Don’t move! I want to open her up and then I will come back to you. I want to see your lovely face when you look at her!”

I could hear him doing things and suddenly he was back at my side. “Ho god Beck I hope you like her! Go ahead and pull off the bandana!” The excitement in his voice made him sound like a little boy at Xmas!

I pulled off the cloth and was looking at a huge sailboat! “My God Sam!” was all I could say.

All the woodwork had the sun glistening off of the varnish and every peace of brass was sparkling and clean! “Oh Sam it beautiful! How, I mean it’s so big!”

“Come on!” he was pulling me by my hand. “She is forty-eight feet long!”

He helped me on board and I walked around the deck. He sat at the wheel watching me as I looked around until I came to the hatch to go below deck. “May I go down there?”

“Of course! Here watch me!” he went down the ladder inside showing me how to do it. “Always do it this way and you won’t slip.”

He was like a little kid as he showed me around the living room, dinning room combination and the kitchen. He took me to the head and then to the guest bedroom. We went to the master bedroom and he plopped his self down in the bed watching me as I looked around the room and at the master bath. Every thing was so clean and neat. If it was metal it sparkled and I had never seen woodwork so clean and shiny.

“What do you think?”

“Oh Sam I love her!” I moved back to the living room. “I can’t believe you have not brought me here before now!”

“Well I am sure if things go well you will be back a lot! Now come on let’s get going!”

He told me what to do and what to untie and soon had us under way. He ran the motor until we were almost out of the channel that ran to the harbor. I was standing next to him watching him when he pulled me over in front of him so I was between him and the wheel. I felt his man hood on my bottom for just a split second as I brushed into him and then he moved. “Here put your hands on her.” I put my hands on the wheel and then I could feel him against my bottom again as he reached around me, helping me. “Now turn her to the right. That’s it. Now go back to the left. Yes, yes just like that. Be easy with her and she will respond to you but if you try to make he do something she won’t do it or will do it very slowly. She is a big girl and likes a easy touch!”

“Like a lot of women I know.” I said to him as I felt him push just a little into my bottom.

“Your right.” I could hear the smile in his voice. “Now point her back down the channel and when I tell you to turn her to the right and then push that switch down.”

Sam pulled off his shirt and sweat pants. Now wearing just shorts he went about pulling up the sail’s. I could see him watching me as he moved about getting us ready and I wondered if it was his boat or me that he was thinking about. Sam moved back to stand by the back of the big main sail and as he took the last line loose he called to me.

“OK BECK TURN HER!” I did as he had told me and watched on awe as the big sails filled with wind and the big boat heeled over. “OK Beck flip the switch!” Again I did as I was told and the diesel motor went silent!

We slipped quietly past the brake water and after a few minutes Sam moved over taking the wheel from me. He turned us out to sea and after adjusting every thing looked at me. “Want to go to Catalina?”

“Sure! If that’s where you want to go, then let’s go!” I said, “Is it ok if I get some sun?” I pulled on the string to my pants.

A Call with Directions


It is late one evening and your cell phone rings. When you look at the caller ID, you see that it is me. I can hear the smile in your voice as you answer which is such a turn on. “Come over, come around to the back yard, to the pool deck”. Is all I say. You laugh at my directions since domination is not generally my role. “Do you understand the directions?” I say sternly this time. You stop laughing because you can play along with me quite easily.

“Yes, Ma’am” is your reply. You hear the excitement in my voice as I stress that I expect you to get here quickly and be sure you do as you were told. You wonder what I am up to but enjoy the mystery, feeling your cock harden as you begin to imagine what will be waiting for you. My imagination never ceases to amaze you and since we are on the same wave length and luckily enough, you have the same affect on me.

At my place, I prepare for your arrival. I know that I have some time before you get here so I carefully get ready for you.

I take a nice bubble bath with sweet smelling fragrance in the tub. I shave my legs and my pussy to be nice and smooth for you, getting quite turned on as my fingers run across my body. I primp and prepare for a little while and then realize that you will be here anytime now. I gather some towels and my Pyrex dildo and head out to the pool deck. I lay a towel out on the deck, lay my naked body on it and position myself such that you will see me when you come in the door.

Just a few minutes pass before I see your headlights and feel my entire body get excited at the fact that you are there. You follow the directions I gave you as I hear the gate open and hear the grass moving below your feet. I can barely see you as you open the screen door and start to enter the deck. I see you scanning the area to see what is there waiting for you. “Stop” I say and you turn to the direction that my voice came from. I see a smile spread across your face as you see me naked on a towel, fucking my pussy with that dildo very slowly. You can see the moonlight glisten in the toy that is covered with wet. “Stand there and watch me, without taking another step. Do you understand?” You do as I say and watch me as well as you can in the darkness. I am close enough to see yet far bursa escort enough away that you have to strain a little to see the detail that you are so in tuned to. You can hear me moan and can hear the sound of my wet pussy accepting the toy in and out, over and over. You can see my hard nipples and see my hand start to move faster and faster.

My head is thrown back, knowing that you want to touch me so badly that it is killing you. I enjoy teasing you and making you just sit and watch, from a far. I hear a rustling and put my head up to look at you. I see that you are rubbing your cock through your shorts. “Oh yes” I purr. “Come closer to me and stroke your cock while you watch.” You smile and move over to me, standing above me near my head. I can look up and see your cock in your hand with the look of satisfaction on your face above that. You start by slowly stroking your cock and I see your eyes never moving from my body. I can see the veins in your nice hard cock and want to taste it so badly I can barely stand it.

“Kneel down here now” I tell you. I see a smirk on your face as you do so and almost laugh out loud. I know you are doing your best to play along and be obedient. What you really want to do is crack my ass with your hand and I know this. You kneel down and I lean up to slide your extremely hard cock in my mouth. Somehow, it gets harder between my lips and I purr again. Oh how I love that hard cock in my mouth. “Take the toy and fuck me” I demand and even though it was a demand, I melt at your touch, practically cumming instantaneously.

I slide your cock deep in my mouth and you can tell how much it is I want this. I practically beg your cock to cum without ever saying a word. I use my tongue, my mouth and my hand rubbing it and increase the intensity with every stroke. Just as I think you are going to cum, however, you move. I start to protest and tell you what I want you to do when you move down and start to lick my pussy. What a great idea, I think and I let you take me. Your talented tongue finds all those places on my pussy that drive me crazy. It is wet and sweet and repeatedly throbs against your tongue.

When you slide your finger in my pussy as you lick me, I explode and fuck your face like crazy. bursa üniversiteli escort “Fuck me, now” I say. You momentarily look up at me and I finish off my demand with a “Please”. You were going to make me wait, but the please I added made you want to give me what I asked for. You leave me laying on my back and move over me, first kissing me deep with my nice wet pussy all over your face.

“You taste wonderful, don’t you?” you ask me. I just purr in response, enjoying the feel of your strong body over me. I feel your cock pressing right against my pussy but you are pulling back so it doesn’t slide in just yet. I want you so badly that I try to move so it will and you take control back. This only makes me wetter and want you more. You slowly slide your nice hard cock into me and feel me sigh with relief. Slow, long, deep strokes as I try to fuck you back and speed up the intensity. You pull your body back and look down to watch your cock slide in with each stroke. I am watching your face and enjoying the look of desire on it.

I run my hands across your chest and down to where your cock is. I wrap my hand around it, stroking it as you fuck me. You speed up your strokes out of instinct, it feels too good not to. My legs are as wide open as possible, welcoming your cock in. I use my other hand to pinch my nipples and run across my own body as you fuck me. I feel your cock start to cum and you pull it out and cum right across my belly. I sit up slightly in order to watch your cock cum for the first time. I enjoy this view and reach my hand down to rub my pussy as I watch. I am amazed at how wet I am. I take my wet fingers, run them across my belly where your cum is and up to my mouth while you watch me lick them off. I look right in your eyes as I do this.

You grab me and pull me up which surprises me. Before I realize what is happening, I am on my hands and knees. Your still hard cock is pressing up against my soaking wet pussy. In one quick motion, you fuck into me deep, hard and fast. My pussy tightens around you, letting you know just how much I enjoyed that. I feel your hands on my hips as you bang into me over and over again. You feel me start to cum and just as I do, you karacabey escort slide your cock out. It is soaked with my juices. You lean forward and pinch my nipples as I cum and I realize that your wet, hard cock is pressing against my ass.

I am so turned on that I want it now and I beg you to fuck my ass. You feel me press back against you and press your hips forward letting me have what I desire. Your cock feels so nice in my hot, tight ass. You can feel my nipples harden as your cock goes in deeper and deeper. I press my ass back up against you, letting you know that I want it all. I am so turned on that I just want an ass fucking. I feel your hands go back to my hips as you begin to impale your cock deep into my ass. I start to cum and you resist, slowing down just a little bit to extend the orgasm. “Oh cum in my ass” I tell you and you wonder how many neighbors are now watching us on the pool deck. This thought leaves your mind as quickly as it entered as you feel me start to cum again.

It turns you on that I cum when you fuck me in the ass. You are doing your best to hold off on your own orgasm but me asking for you to cum in my ass it not helping your control. “Fill me up, baby. Cum in my ass.” I keep telling you and you decide to let it go. I feel your hands grip on my hips tighter as you begin to fuck me even harder. I start to cum and you feel my body tighten around you as I do so. That is all it takes and you start to cum. As you do so, I tell you that I can feel it which turns you on even more. “Yes, baby, I can feel you cumming” I say and “Please don’t stop”, which sets me off another time.

We both finally stop moving and realize that we are still on the pool deck out in the open. It is dark but that doesn’t mean that we are in a private place. We hear a sliding door open, and then close wondering who was watching us. I have a very sexy Latin neighbor and I say “ I wonder if Maria has her toys out now”. You lean over me and kiss my neck, letting me know that you enjoyed that imagine in my naughty little mind. “Would you like to come inside?” I ask you finally. You get up, help me up and pick up the towel and toy. You pull me close to you, making me feel safe in your arms. You look at me and smile which gets a puzzled look on my face. Finally you answer my question. You simply say, “I think I already did ~~ repeatedly in fact”. I smile and follow you as you take my hand, lead me inside and snuggle up next to me on the bed. A few minutes naked next to one another and we will be at it again. I can’t wait!!

C K & L

The Egyptian Goddess

Angelica Black

I am a father of two handsome kids now…. with a very beautiful and loving wife… but still, sometimes, I remember that night, the night that introduced me to my first sex experience! It’s a true story, and since I don’t wanna hurt anyone’s feelings, least my wife’s, I will use fake names here while writing the story for readers!

I was 18 then, young, enthusiastic and wild! I neva had a chance to have sex… so all I did to nourish my 9-inch-dick was to whack off while watching pornographic movies. It was one of my wildest wishes to have sex… but it neva came true until one night…

It was a cold night of December. We were at my uncle’s house, who lived in Egypt, in the wedding ceremony of his daughter. It was eleven PM. The house of my uncle was really big with two floors and a lawn. The lawn, although, wasn’t completed yet with the decorations, so it was the least visited and roamed around place in the whole house.

Everyone was on the 1st floor, enjoying the party… when I decided to smoke, as I was feeling fidgeting from quite some time now. No body knew that I was a smoker, so, for the very reason, I went in the lawn and started smoking. The lawn was well-built with a wall around it, a roof and a door with a lock to enter from. I was sitting on the grass, with my YSL cigarette in my fingers, when I heard someone entering. In a flash I hided the cigarette and stood up, gesturing like I was taking a late-night walk in the garden.

Hey was what I heard. It was a female voice, with immense warmth in it. I moved around to see who was it and I was shocked. It was my cousin Isabella. She was the youngest daughter of my uncle and was only a month younger than me. We arrived at their house just a couple of hours ago so we didn’t have time to meet every family member… and in unmet members Iz was included. I saw her some ten years ago the last time… and as I stated, I was shocked to see her now, all grown up. Although there was very little light available in the lawn, my eyes saw her with her elite details. She was so beautiful and had an air of wildness about her. If my readers would spare calling my remark extravagant, I would like to state that she was extremely elegant in her appearance… just like an Egyptian Goddess.

Hello I replied with stunned fascination. She, noticing my shy and stunned expressions, reached to me and gave a big hug. Who Ah!!… Her body against mine… it was so erotic that my cock sprang out to an immediate erection. I, hurriedly, separated from her. I was wearing Versace jeans, and was afraid of being exposed.

Wow! You have quite grown up… I stated.

Yeah well so are you…. She answered as her eyes smiled.

Well… I neva thought you would grow up so beautiful! I said.

Thanx!!! I see you have a muscular body…. You have joined a gym or what? She seemed to be flattered by my remarks escort bursa and fascinated by my body as I was wearing a skin fitting Adidas sports shirt.

Well yeah sort of!! I replied. She sat on the grass and, understanding that she wanted to have a long talk, I joined her. We sat there talking for what seemed to be ages. I looked at my watch and was really shocked to discover that it was only half an hour.

Going somewhere? She asked as she noticed me looking at my watch.

Well… not exactly… it has been half an hour… don’t you think we should get back before someone summons us?! I was feeling uncomfortable sitting with her, talking about unimportant things, looking at her magnificent body, and controlling my emotions. She was wearing jeans and a tight fitting half-sleeve shirt. It was so tight that even her tits were easily visible… her big boobs were staring me right in my face… challenging me to touch them!

Everyone is busily enjoying the party! Who would think about us?! Besides I think it’s boring to just sit down and talk with someone you don’t even know!!! Manners as they call it!!! She seemed very bored even by the mentioning of the party. So I did the only thing I could’ve done at that time… sat there talking to her.

After, say ten minutes or so, she said something that made my whole body shiver by the electric waves…

Listen… I wanna ask you something, but I fear if you mind that, anyhow I cant wait any longer to discuss it, as you are the only one around I think I can say anything to… tell me how does it feel having sex? She uttered the words with a little hesitance.

I was spineless… we were meeting after such a long time and had a talk of only half an hour and she was asking me something no one has ever asked me before. I was unable to say anything… and sat there just looking her in her big beautiful eyes… too amazed to say anything at all.

Well I see you are a bit shocked! Okay lets put it this way… we don’t have much time left… we gotta get back before some one gets worried… so.……………Would you like to have sex with me… right here right now?!?!?

Fuck!!! Was I dreaming?!? Did I go insane!?!? Thoughts stormed my mind like the waves of an enraged ocean hitting me with enormous power. I was unable to see anything… too shocked to think clearly… all I saw was her beautiful hand moving towards my manhood… and then with her gentle touch I recovered to my senses.

You sure you wanna do this??? I asked as I regained my powers. All she did in response was to node!

You think this is a safe place? I was not sure as yet!

Well we can move to the store room if you fear an intrusion! She replied quickly!

And we moved to the store room… in the east of the lawn. It was a small room with loads of worthless stuff junked in it! I figured out that we had to make love bursa otele gelen escort in the standing position!

Once in the room, adrenalin started rushing through my body! I moved towards her and started kissing her. My dream was about to come true. I grabbed her hips and forced her towards me… she threw her arms against my waist. I pierced my tongue into her mouth and she lovingly sucked it!

Dija eva fucked anyone befo? she moaned in my ear.

Naaw! I replied!

Then lets do it for the first time!!!

Her sexy voice turned me on! I gently touched her tits… her body shivered and she moaned lightly. I undressed her top body and stood there like an idiot… watching her topless… those magnificent boobs staring me right in my face. Slowly, I took her right tit in my fingers and started rubbing it. Then, gradually, I took it in my mouth, sucking that horny piece of flesh, lubricating it with my salvia. I repeated the same process with the other boob… and that was enough for her… she shivered heavily as she had her first orgasm.

Aghraaaaah!!! Oh God!!!! It feels sooooo good…. I cant take it any more… please Mike… fuck me… oh please please please…..

Slow down honey… we aint going nowhere for a while I suppose!!

I moved towards her lower body and brought her out of her pants. She was wearing some under wears as it was cold so she started undressing. She was so voluptuously undressing that my piece of wood erected to its fullest. And then I saw her gorgeous pussy… wet with her own cum, neatly shaved.

You want me in their baby? I asked moaning.

Yyyyeeeaaaahhhh she whispered.

I unzipped my pant and what came out of it was my big thick cock!

Oooooooh…. Its sooooo fucking enormous!!!!

I moved toward her and kissed her desperately with my finger in her love hole. It was so tight that even with her cum… I felt some difficulty to insert my finger deep down inside. How the fuck am I gonna put my cock in there… the thought came in my mind… but there was not time for thinking!!!! So I sat down and sucked her pussy. She grabbed my hair and pushed my head back and forward while moaning with pleasure.

Oh yeahhhhh… fuck me with your tongue! The juices were dripping her wildly wet.

I entered here with my tongue… tasting her hot and tight pussy!

Ohhhhhhhhhh… I can’t take it no longer… please give it me Mike… give it to me!!!!

She begged… and I fulfilled her need… I stood up… brought my self in position and rubbed my dick-head on her labia. She moaned wildly. Now was it!!! I thought and gently pushed the head inside her sweet hole. Iz cried with pain as I entered her.

Did it hurt? I asked.

Oh yeah… a little…. But I want it Mike… I want it badly!

So I pushed my tool a little further in her folds, and bursa sınırsız escort at last I was in her with all my manhood. She moaned with pleasure as the pain subsided and her vaginal muscles adjusted to the size of the foreign body. I pulled out my now fully erect shaft and then pushed it in again. She moved closer to me and forced her tongue into my mouth. I sucked like a hungry infant. I was in control now… fucking her in a rhythm.

Ooooooooh yeaaaaaaahhhh….. fuck me nice and hard!!! She said in between kissing.

Her words did the magic for me… I grabbed her buttocks and started thrusting my penis into her abyss quite wildly… When she suddenly separated herself from me…

What the fuck just happened I asked immediately!

This is my first experience Mike… and is too perfect to be ruined by my ending up in a maternity ward, giving birth to your illegitimate child! She said.

So what the hell you suppose we should do… I don’t have any condoms with me I replied confused.

Well I can give you a blow job if you want She said but the disgust was obvious by her face.

Nope!!! I won’t go for that I replied.

She thought for a sec and then suddenly jumped with an idea… her beautiful tits bumped into my chest as she came closer and whispered in my ear…

Cum in my ass!!!

Fuck No! It would’ve been a disaster for her tight ass to be invaded by my enormously huge cock.

Please do it Mike… I donno if I am gonna get another chance of such an erotic love making…. So I wanna know everything!!!

I got even harder by the mere thought of entering her ass. I ordered her to get on all fours. It was plane earth beneath our feet and so it was difficult to ignore the pain… but she reluctantly did it. I grabbed her by her abdomen and raised her ass. I started licking her ass as I wanted it to be wet enough to accept my rod. After lubricating it for a while… I started pushing my penis inside her ass. She shouted out laud with pain as my dick-head entered inside her ass… so I stopped… waiting for her to get adjusted… and then pushed a little further. It took me some five minutes to enter my full rod in her tight asshole. Then I reached for her tits from behind and started messaging them, motionless other wise… providing my horny cousin with time to adjust. After some while I pulled my tool back and then pushed it forward slowly. She moaned with what seemed immense pleasure. This told me that she was now ready. It was all too much for me already so I started hammering her quickly but quite rhythmically.

Oooh yeah Mike…. Fuck me in my ass!!!!!

I started doing it even faster. She answered to my every single stroke.

Oh baby…. I’m gonna cum inside you honey…. I am going to make you happy… I am gonna cccccuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm…..

I cried with intense pleasure as I came inside her ass… filling her crack with numberless convulsions. She moaned and moaned as she had her third orgasm.

After a while we got up… she got dressed and I just zipped my Versace and then we both went upstairs one by one. We meat a couple of times after that and she proved to be a real Egyptian Goddess for me!

Kirsty’s Encounters 03


Not long after my holiday in Ibiza, I found myself dating a guy called Dan. It wasn’t really serious because we didn’t have much chemistry but he had a good size cock and was happy to go along with my filthy demands!!

After the first few dates, he invited me to go to a wedding with him…… I hadn’t met his friends at this point, and it seemed a bit early for ‘couples’ at events, but, it was going to be held at a posh stately home in the countryside, with a free bar, and having just got back from holiday I wanted to flash my tan and enjoy a weekend away partying!!

The week before it was due, I had a full beauty treatment…… hair trimmed and treated with oils so it was a glossy shiny black, and my pussy completely shaved bare and waxed smooth…… I was expecting a good hard fuck that weekend, and if Dan got too drunk, then I was determined to find someone else to satisfy me!

I needn’t have worried though………. upon arrival at 11am, we booked in, went to our room and 10 minutes later I was on all fours in the Bay window, looking out over the beautiful immaculate grounds dressed in nothing but my black stockings and high heels bouncing back on his swollen cock in my pussy. I could feel all 8 inches sliding in and out, and I swear I could feel his veins standing out running down his length as he hammered into me! ‘YESSSS…. FUCK ME….. FUCK ME HARD…….. FUCK ME LIKE A SLUT’ I gasped in-between his thrusts………..

‘you want to be my slut?’ he hissed in my ear as he leaned over me, thrusting harder into my pussy….. then he put a hand on my head, pushed my face down into the floor, then pulled his rock hard cock out of my pussy and lined it up against my arsehole. With no lube other than my pussy juice, he started to push against my ring…… Even if Id wanted to object (which was unlikely) there was no way to stop it slowly pushing inside and stretching my slutty ass open!! I felt my ring burn as it stretched, then suddenly there was a popping sensation, and, with nothing to stop it anymore, it felt like a rolling pin thrusting up inside of me deep in one motion!!!

‘AAAAAAHHHH FUCK YESSS’ I screamed as a tear ran down my cheek and I drooled onto the posh carpet!

‘You fucking love it dont you?!’ he grunted ‘You fucking love getting fucked up the arse like a slutty little bitch!’

This was one of our little games we enjoyed….. he would call me names and I would egg him on….. encouraging him to get rougher and nastier

‘Yeah…. I fucking love it……. Big hard cocks in my arse filling me with cum…… Come on, HARDER….. FUCK ME HARDER! I’ve had pensioners fuck me harder with bigger cocks you bastard’ I gasped at him as he started to pound me harder than he ever had before! He grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled my head back making me sit upright, then his left hand reached around and grabbed hold of my left nipple…. squeezing hard and pulling on it as he continued to plow deep into my arse…..

Using the hand in my hair, he turned my head sideways and spat straight into my face as he suddenly tensed up and I felt his cock first swell, then spurt hot cum deep up inside of my arse!! That set me off, and my entire body started to spasm and my vision blurred as a massive orgasm shot through my body….. It was enhanced as I thought to myself that any other of the wedding guests in the adjacent bay windows would be able to see every inch of my sweat soaked body getting a good hard ass fucking and my makeup smeared by sweat and spit making me look whorish…..

I felt Dan sit back, his softening cock sliding out of my arse leaving me with an empty feeling and the sensation of fresh air drifting inside of me…. I watched as he leaned back towards the bed, then returned with two objects in his hands……. He immediately reached for my arse and pushed the first object up into it…… I felt cold hard steel as a 5inch butt plug slid inside, then, the bulbous part was inside and my ring clamped shut tight around the neck, keeping the plug tight inside and drawing the round base with a blue glass crystal embedded, deep into my arse crack in-between my tight firm tanned buttocks. Then sitting back, he held up the other object and I realised it was his mobile phone as he https://sokkan.org started to take photos, making sure he got my face in every obscene pic to make sure that it was undeniably me acting like a total whore……

Switching to video mode he started talking and set the tone for the rest of the day…… ‘You’re going to wear that plug all fucking day….. during the ceremony, during the reception, and all through tonight……. keep that cum deep inside of your arse, and, later, I’m going to put another load up there…. maybe two loads’

He used a foot to push me over onto my back, legs spread wide, and he continued to video me as I sat totally exposed in the sunshine of the Bay window as I started to play with my pussy and grind against the floor forcing the plug up deeper inside of me whilst I rubbed my clit to another orgasm!!!

An hour later, after a quick shower and reapplying my make up, I was dressed in a pastel orange lycra mini-dress and my favourite slutty white ankle boots…… I thought that although I was definitely looking hot, I was still subtle enough to not spoil the day by drawing too much attention……….. although if the guests knew that I had an ass full of cum and a steel butt-plug I’m sure they would have a very different memory of the day!!

I made small talk with his friends and their girlfriends, and I was surprised to recognise 4 or 5 of them from the bars around town….. One girl actually worked with one of my own friends, so, it was a pleasant afternoon, none of them suspecting that as I sat at a table or leaned against a planter talking to them, that I was wriggling and forcing the butt-plug deep into my arse keeping myself in a constant state of horniness.

About teatime, I couldn’t contain myself anymore and had to grab Dan, and, virtually dragging him behind me, we disappeared into the shrubs and hedgerows where I sank to my knees, pulled his pants down and started to suck his cock to hardness…. looking up into his eyes, again I saw his mobile phone in his hand as he filmed me and took more pictures……

‘You really are a dirty whore aren’t you?!’ he groaned.

‘And you fucking love it don’t you! you’re just a dirty bastard too’ I hissed at him as I wanked him hard with one hand, and with the other I reached between his legs and fondled his balls!!

Groaning loudly he spread his legs wider and leaned his head back, eyes closed, enjoying the sensation….. That was when I took him by surprise and did something Id never done before…… In one smooth movement, I slid my spit covered finger up to his own arsehole and before he knew what was happening, I jammed it up deep inside!!! I swear, the other guests must have heard him scream as I fingered his arse hard!! Seconds later, he hauled me to my feet, turned me around, bent me over a stone plant pot, pulled out the plug and thrust his rock hard cock into my gaping ass!!! He had no mercy as he fucked me hard and fast, hissing into my ear ‘You fucking slut, you fucking whore….. is this what you were wanting? A good hard rough arse fucking? I bet you don’t even care who it is fucking your slutty little arse!’

‘oh yeah baby’ I gasped looking back at him ‘fuck my slutty little arse…. own my holes….. make me cum’………… And with that, I felt him tense and then shake a little as several hot streams of spunk fired deep into my arse again!!!!

I smiled as I got my breath back, and realised he was again taking a video……… I blew him a little kiss, then picked up the stainless steel plug, sucked on it for the camera, and then reached behind me and reinserted it, all while he recorded it in glorious HD!!

‘I cant let your hot spunk drip out onto my nice dress can I?’ I said in a girly voice, winking into the camera

‘You’re so fucking hot’ he gasped as he recovered his own breath ‘You’re the dirtiest girl I’ve ever met….. better than any porno slut even’ as he grinned at me

‘Thank you’ I smiled back, and, holding hands….. we happily went to rejoin the wedding party.

As the night progressed, we did the social rounds, dancing, chatting and drinking, having fun as a couple and as individuals, and as the night grew on Dan and the other men gravitated towards the bursa eskort bar drinking Whisky, whilst myself, the bride and the girls were sat drinking nonstop cocktails, vodkas and wines….. (free bars are dangerous) By now, the elderly relatives and children had all left for bed, so it was starting to get a little messy……… I was sat at the table with the girls, whilst one was talking about something that Id lost track of because I didn’t know the people involved in the story… and as my mind drifted, and I wiggled on my plug, I noticed Debbie, the bride was looking a little worse for wear……. I knew that I was a bit hammered too, so, I moved over to her and asked if she wanted to go outside for some fresh air. She clung onto my arm as she unsteadily stood up and we told the others that we were just nipping out…. of course they were all wanting to come outside too and check on their friend, but Debbie just laughed and told them all to sit down and enjoy the free drinks….. we’d be back in 10 minutes!

As we went outside, I picked up a half full bottle of white wine and we went out onto the patio area!! I felt the cool soft breeze on my face and I breathed deeply as Debbie linked arms and we walked towards a garden bench and sat down. I looked at her and I have to admit that she was a beautiful bride. Long brown hair silky and tied up into an elegant bun, smooth lightly tanned skin, 5ft8 slim but with a large bust and displayed fantastically by her white corset type wedding dress.

I drunkenly told her that I thought she looked gorgeous, and she blushed, giggled and said ‘you too…… You’re very good on camera.’

I must have looked a bit confused, because she drunkenly went on ‘I mean, you looked great on camera…. you know……… earlier!! Your boyfriend has been telling my new husband all week about you and what you do for him! we figured he was boasting and making things up, but he sent a video earlier of you in the room….. and well, it was pretty hot!! after the ceremony, when we went to the room for an hour, we watched that video together and it got us horny’ she giggled blushing as she leaned against me!!!

‘WHAT?!!! you’ve seen that??’ I gasped feeling my face burn bright red in embarrassment ‘I haven’t even seen it yet’ I said as I tried to laugh it off….

‘Oh no…… it was great!! you looked amazing…. really hot’ she said looking at me with a little glint in her eyes……’Tell me, are you still wearing it? you know…… the….. thing?’ she almost whispered shyly….

I squirmed in my seat, feeling the toy deep in my arse, and couldn’t help myself push down on it, driving it deeper inside. My brain instantly flipped on my slut switch, and I said to her ‘I’ll show you if you want?’

‘okay’ she whispered nervously, as we stood up, picked up the wine and walked round to a doorway at the side of the building!!!

We made our way upstairs, unseen by anyone, and within minutes we were in the bridal suite. I closed the door behind us and turning towards Debbie I pushed her hard backwards onto the bed!! Before she could do anything, I crawled on top of her and kissed her deeply, pushing my tongue deep into her mouth. at first she froze, but after a few seconds her body relaxed and her lips softened, opening gently allowing my own tongue to swirl around inside of her mouth….

‘I’ve never been with……’ she started to stutter nervously…..

Looking her in the eyes from above her, I supported my weight on my left forearm and used my right hand to cup her breast over her corset top and whispered ‘You’ve never been with another girl, but you and your husband have just watched me get a good rough ass fucking…… I think you owe me!’ and with that I slid my hand down to her crotch, rubbing her slowly as I gathered her skirt up until I could reach under and cup her pussy through her silky lingerie. I could feel her pussy burning up….. it was red hot, her juices beginning to leak and soak the flimsy material! I slid down her body slowly, and kneeling on the floor, her legs spread wide either side of my head, I found myself inches away from her sex! I reached out, and with no delicacy at all, I roughly yanked at the flimsy silk thong, tearing orhangazi escort it and throwing it aside as I hungrily dived in to eat her sopping wet pussy. Her pubic hair was trimmed short into a neat little strip leading straight down to her puffy glistening lips. Using my forefingers, I spread them wide and looked straight into her hungry pussy. I pushed my tongue inside, tasting her tangy juices, then licked up until I found her hard clit. gripping it lightly in my teeth, I started to suck hard on it, making her squirm and moan, her hands pulling my head into her crotch tight! Pushing two fingers into her pussy, I started to finger her hard and looking up at her, I asked, ‘do you want to see my plug??’

‘oh fuck yessss….. I want to see your ass stretched by that toy’ she gasped.

I smiled wickedly…… I could feel my entire body burn with desire as I realised that I was fucking a bride on her wedding night while her husband and my boyfriend were getting drunk downstairs!!

Standing up, I pulled my dress off in seconds and got on all fours in front of her on the bed….. I reached back with both my hands and spread my arse cheeks wide as I pushed the toy towards her face……

‘Lick it’ I whispered….. ‘get a good close look, smell me, finger my pussy, taste me’ I whispered hoarsely as I felt her tongue swipe over and around the toy….. within seconds it was as if she was ravenous and I felt a finger slip inside my pussy as she started to gently tug on the toy

‘I want to stretch your arse…….. see how it looks up close! see why my husband loves to stretch me slowly when I let him’ she said as she pulled the toy out slowly!! Suddenly, it popped out, and she grinned widely as she stared at my gaping red raw hole and deep inside of me! As I felt my tender hole begin to close, I turned around, and gripping her wrist, I forced the toy into her mouth making her suck on it

‘Taste it slut…….’ I said as I fucked her mouth with the toy ‘Taste my ass and my boyfriends cum! its been in there all day and you fucking love it don’t you?!!’

Moving position slightly, I crawled on top of her in a 69 and positioned my arse directly in her face ‘is this what you wanted to see?’ I asked ‘close enough?…. maybe you want it closer’ I said as I sat down on her mouth. I felt her tongue snake out and up into my arse as I relaxed and began to lick her pussy again!!! As I was now facing the floor, my eyes caught sight of something, and I had a flash of depraved inspiration….. I reached out and picked the wine bottle up off the floor.

Debbie was unable to see what I was doing partly due to her wedding dress, but mostly because her view was full of my arsehole, but she screamed out loud into my hole as I pushed the neck of the bottle up into her sloppy pussy!

‘OH YEAH…… you fucking like that dont you?? a bottle stretching your cunt open? You’re a slutty fucking bride aren’t you?!…. A bottle up your cunt and your tongue up another girls arse!! You dirty fucking whore!!!’ I started to verbally abuse her as I fucked her with the bottle hard. At the same time, I relaxed my anal muscles, and felt a long hot sticky stream of cum start to leak out into her mouth!!!

She started to spasm underneath me, her hips jerking up off the bed and suddenly a squirt of girl cum hit me in the face as in return I felt my boyfriends cum dribble into her mouth

‘OH FUCK YESSSS…… FUCK ME HARDER, HARDER YOU DIRTY BITCH!! GIVE ME THAT CUM FROM YOUR ASS’ She screamed as she orgasmed hard. She lay there panting in her wedding dress as her eyes glazed over, gurgling on my boyfriends cum as it bubbled around her lips. Spinning around I kissed her deeply and sucked it all out of her mouth, and before she knew what was happening, I rolled her over and spat it onto her own arsehole. Then, I picked up the plug, and rubbing it into the sticky mix, I pushed it straight into her arse pushing my boyfriends cum and our own saliva deep into her!

‘A slutty bride like you will enjoy your new husband finding that below your dress’ I laughed to her……. ‘make him lick it but don’t tell him what’s inside of you until afterwards….. it can be your secret little kinky thrill.’

We laughed and kissed hard ‘Wont you stay with us tonight?’ she asked…

‘No…. tonight is for you as a couple….. but, give me a call when you get back from your honeymoon…. and you can return the toy to me then….. as long as you’re wearing it!’ I winked at her as I stood up and started to get dressed.

Abigail and Emily Ch. 05

Big Tits

The next morning, Rick and Emily slept in. I left breakfast out for them while I did some other chores. Finally I heard them come downstairs while I was jazzing up one of Emily’s PowerPoints.

I avoided them. I couldn’t shake the humiliation of the night before. I couldn’t believe I had gone through with this insane plan to help Emily and Rick’s relationship.

Later, after Rick went out, Emily found me and gave me a big hug.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” she said.

“Everything’s OK?” I said.

“Better than OK! He was so sweet this morning. We made love–it was wonderful. I feel like he’s back to normal, finally!”

“I was so scared you would be mad,” I said.

“Why would I be mad?”

“I don’t know, I thought–I mean, you saw us–together.”

“So?” she said.

“I’ve seen you get pretty jealous sometimes,” I said.

“Oh, Abigail,” she said, with a little laugh. She put her hand on my shoulder. “Not with you!”


The next night, I was just drifting off to sleep when a soft knock on the door startled me awake. Rick swung the door open without waiting for a response.

“Is everything all right?” I said.

He looked a bit sheepish. Then I saw what he had in his hands. He was holding it like a religious offering–a bottle of lubricant.

“Oh,” I said.

I don’t know why I thought our arrangement had been a one-time thing. I thought Rick just needed to get it out of his system, and then everything would go back to the way it had been. All of us would forget that we had ever done this shameful thing.

But here Rick was, in my room, again, and it was clear what he wanted. He wasn’t sneaking around. Emily was home. She was in the next room, and she knew he was here.

So I pulled my shorts off, under the covers. And when he climbed into bed with me, I turned over, offering him my ass.

Neither of us said another word.


Hey, how are you? texted Darcy. Hope you’re ok. Let me know if you ever want to talk.

When I didn’t reply, she sent: I’m worried about you.

I didn’t know what to tell her. She wouldn’t understand. I never returned her text.


Rick didn’t visit my room every night. I never knew when he would appear. I craved the pleasure and release he brought me. On nights he didn’t come to my room, I felt lonely and rejected. But I was going crazy, only feeling a cock in my ass every time. I longed to be touched, kissed, caressed. I was starting to get desperate to feel Rick’s cock somewhere else, anywhere else–in my hands, my mouth, or my poor neglected pussy.

I began to feel like I wasn’t a person anymore, not even a body. I was just my ass. That was my entire use to Rick, and to Emily. I was a hole for Rick to put his cock in.

Deep down I knew I deserved this. This was my penance. I’d taken advantage of Emily that day by the pool, and then I’d behaved so obscenely with the stripper.

Was it such a bad penance, all things considered? When Rick fucked me, I would have the most tremendous orgasms. But sometimes he was too excited, he finished too quickly, and I was left frustrated. I would have to finish myself off after he left.

I was too scared to touch myself while Rick fucked me. I was afraid of what Emily would think if she caught me with my hand down there. Although she said she wasn’t jealous, she seemed upset if I enjoyed myself too much. After that first night, I did my best to stifle my groans of pleasure so that she wouldn’t hear.

But still Emily never seemed to trust Rick and I completely. She would randomly come into the room to check on us. She needed to check that we were following her rules–no touching, no kissing, no foreplay. We never knew on which nights she would appear. Each time, she would reach down between us to confirm that Rick was in my ass and not my pussy.

I wanted to pull her down onto the bed with us. I wanted her to kiss me and hold me while Rick used my ass.

But I was a coward. I was still so afraid of what she would think, even after all this time.

He can have my ass, Emily. I don’t care. You have my heart.

I hadn’t stopped looking for a job. Every day I dutifully sent out my resume. But I was starting to lose hope. It made me feel terrible, like there was something fundamentally wrong with me.

Of course no one will hire you, I thought. You already have the only job you’re fit for. You’re Rick’s slut.

One night, Rick didn’t leave immediately. He rolled off of me, but he stayed sitting on the edge of the bed. He had his head in his hands. I thought he was muttering to himself, and I strained to hear the words. It took me a moment to realize he was crying.

I didn’t know what to do. I slowly put a hand on his shoulder and left it there. He didn’t react. He stayed there sniffling for another minute, then stood up and went to the door.

He said something like, “I didn’t want this, either.” Then he left.


The next morning, I was folding laundry, and I noticed that Rick had left his bottle of lubricant on my nightstand. There was something görükle escort obscene about seeing it there. He and I were doing this shameful thing together. But we did it at night. That’s where it belonged. It shouldn’t be out here, in the light of day, where anyone could see it.

I was still looking at it, thinking I should put it away, when Abigail came to my room.

“We need to talk,” she said.

“OK,” I said.

I was ready for her to say that our arrangement wasn’t working any longer. I was relieved, mostly.

“It’s about Rick,” she said. “I think he’s depressed. He’s been completely down. I don’t know if you’ve noticed.”

“Last night he was crying,” I said.

“Oh, no, that’s absolutely awful,” she said. “It’s worse than I thought. We have to do something.”

“What should we do?”

“I think the problem is our arrangement. He was having a lot of fun at first, but now it’s just become routine.”

“It’s not working anymore,” I said.

“Exactly. I’m so glad you agree.”

“Maybe we should stop,” I said.

“Well–let’s not do anything drastic. At least not yet.”

“What then?”

“Forgive me, Abigail. I don’t want to sound mean. But you’ve been hanging around the house so much, and–you’ve kind of let yourself go. You don’t ever dress up or do anything with your hair.”

I felt defensive. But I knew she was right. When I had gotten up that morning, I’d just put on whatever was comfortable. I was wearing sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. I hadn’t even brushed my hair, just tied it back in a messy bun.

I hadn’t realized that my appearance had such a big impact. Was Rick was so turned off by me that I’d driven him to tears?

“Do you think it matters?” I asked. “I mean, he doesn’t even look at me, really, when we’re… you know.”

She nodded. “It makes a big difference. He needs to get excited beforehand. He just needs that spark, you know? The spark comes from you. You need to feel good about yourself, and then Rick will feel it, too.”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I’ll make myself more presentable.”

“Thank you, Abigail. But I think we need a little more than that.”

“Like what?”

She leaned forward and lowered her voice. “Rick loves your body.”

I swallowed.

“So…” she prompted.

“So… I should… show it off more?”

She gasped. “I love that idea!”

“But–you want him to look? I thought you said–you didn’t want us to do any foreplay or anything.” I was so confused.

“It’s called teasing him, silly. He can look but he can’t touch. It’ll make you feel confident and sexy. You just need to wear something… let’s see…”

She stood up and went to my closet. She started looking through the clothes hanging there.

“No… no… no,” she said, swiping between the hangers. “I don’t think any of these are right. I’ll be right back.”

She walked down the hall to her own bedroom. She was back a moment later.

“Here,” she said. She handed me a dress. “I haven’t worn this in a while. I think it will work.”

I recognized it, a pink off-the-shoulder mini dress that I hadn’t seen her wear in a long time.

“That’s way too small for me,” I said.

“Just try it.”

I went to the bathroom to try it on. I took off my bra and hung it on the doorknob. It wasn’t the kind of dress you wore with a bra.

I shimmied the dress over my head, wriggling to pull it down it over my ample hips. The fabric was elastic all over, but my curves stretched the poor dress to its limits. It did fit–just barely–but it was too short, too snug, and too revealing. If I pulled the bodice up high enough to contain my breasts, then it didn’t cover my ass completely. But if I tugged it down to cover my ass, my tits threatened to burst out. It looked obscene.

“It looks great on you!” Emily said when I stepped out of the bathroom.

“I feel ridiculous,” I said.

“You don’t look ridiculous. You look beautiful.”

I looked at myself in the mirror, trying to see what she saw. But all I could see was how exposed and vulnerable I looked.

“Are you sure?” I said. “It’s way too small for my boobs. Look how much cleavage I’m showing. And it barely even covers my butt.”

“Nonsense,” Emily said. “It’s fucking sexy! You should wear it tonight. Now for your shoes. I was thinking these.”

Then I saw what she had put out on the bed. It was the shoebox holding my shoes–the clear stripper heels–the ones I wore when I fantasized about Penny.

“Wh-where did you get those?” I said.

“They were right here,” she said. “Under the bed. Are you saving them for a special occasion?”

“N-no, it’s just–I haven’t really worn them very much,” I said. I couldn’t let her know that I only wore them when I masturbated. So I put them on the floor and stepped into them while she watched. I felt very precarious. “I’m not used to shoes this high.”

“You’ll get used to them,” she said. “Do a twirl.”

I turned in place, feeling very self-conscious.

“Hell yes!” she said, clapping her hands. “Holy shit, you look amazing.”


“Trust bursa merkez escort me.”

I wasn’t sure if this was the right solution for Rick’s depression, but I didn’t want to disappoint her. And the only way to get used to it was to try.

She said I was beautiful. She said I was sexy. I tried to focus on that. I put on a brave face.

“OK,” I said. “I guess I’ll wear this tonight.”

She smiled. “I knew you would.”


By the time Rick got home, I had done my hair and even put on a little makeup. Emily helped me. It was fun, in a way. It was almost like we were getting ready for a girls’ night out.

When Rick walked in, I was in the kitchen, taking dinner out of the oven. He did a double take when he saw me. I gave him a shy smile.

We sat at the table while we ate and talked about normal things. No one said anything about the way I was dressed, but the tension was so palpable.

Rick couldn’t keep his eyes off me all evening. He kept staring at my cleavage and at my bare legs and my shoes. I could see by the thick bulge in his pants that he was getting more and more turned on by the minute.

When he got up to go to the bathroom, I said, “You were right. He seems a lot happier already.”

But Emily seemed alarmed. “We have a big problem,” she said. “That dress rides up. I can see your panties.”

“Oh no!” I said. “I told you it was too short. I’ll go change!”

She seemed to consider my words.

“Or…” she said. She let it hang there.

“Should I… take off my panties?”

“Wow,” she said. “What an amazing idea!”

“But then he’ll see everything!” I said.

“It’ll drive him wild.”

“Are you sure?”

“Do it quick,” she said. “Before he gets back.”

I hesitated for a moment. Did this make any sense? Wasn’t it more embarrassing for Rick to see my pussy than just my underwear? But she wasn’t giving me time to argue. I reached under the dress and slipped off my panties. I felt a rush of excitement. I flashed back on our trip to Reno, how I’d taken off my panties there, and how wrong that had gone.

“Give them to me!” she said. She balled them up and shoved them in her pocket, just as Rick was returning to the table.

He didn’t seem to notice anything different, but I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks. I couldn’t believe I was just sitting at the table like this. The dress felt so much shorter without my panties on.

After dinner, we sat on the couch and watched TV.

I sat between them, with Rick on my right side, and Emily on my left. I kept my legs pressed together and tugged the dress down as best I could. But the hem just barely covered my pussy. I felt certain that Rick must have caught a glimpse.

It was strange to feel so embarrassed when Rick and I had already been so intimate. But this was different. Up until know he had only seen my ass, really, and always in a dark room, with the covers partly over me.

Every time Rick brushed against me or touched me, I felt a jolt of electricity. The bulge straining in his jeans seemed bigger than ever, if possible. I knew that he wanted me. I knew that he didn’t want to wait until bedtime.

I was craving him now, too. I wished he would take his cock out of his pants. I wanted to sit on his lap and bury it in my ass. I clamped my legs together and tried to contain myself.

I imagined pulling my dress up and presenting myself to him. What would he do if I spread my legs here on the couch, and let him how wet I was? What would he do if I got on my knees and leaned over the ottoman in front of him? I wouldn’t say a word, I’d just show him my bare ass and my wet pussy and I’d wait. He would get on his knees behind me and take me, I knew he would.

But what would Emily do? I was so scared she’d be angry. Rick and I had always kept our activity confined to my room in the dark. Those were Emily’s conditions. But she also seemed to be pushing us together. I was more confused than ever.

When the TV show was over, I said goodnight to them both and hurried to my room.

I used the lube and prepared my ass for him.

I got on the bed, still wearing Emily’s tiny dress and my heels. I didn’t lie on my stomach, like I always did, half-covered by the sheets. Instead, I got on my knees, with my head down on the bed, and my ass up in the air, facing the door. I even left the lamp on.

My ass was the first thing he saw when he walked in. I heard him gasp. He was out of his clothes in record time. In another moment he was on the bed behind me and his cock was buried inside me. We groaned and grunted together like animals.

“Yes! Yes!” I remember shouting. I knew Emily would hear me, but I was beyond caring.


It was a weekday, and Rick and Emily were both at work. I was on a stepladder, dusting, when the doorbell rang.

When I opened the door, Darcy was standing on the porch.

“Darcy! How did you know where I live?”

“You said you were staying with Emily. It wasn’t too hard to find her.” She looked at me. “Abigail… bursa escort bayan why are you dressed like that?”

Emily had very generously bought me a whole collection of new dresses. This one was light blue, and it was just as short and tight as the rest. I was also wearing the clear heels. This was how I always dressed around the house now. I realized it must look weird to Darcy, but I couldn’t think of any way to explain it. She wouldn’t understand. And one of Emily’s rules was that I couldn’t tell anyone.

“I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your texts,” I said. “I’ve just been busy.”

“Busy? Busy with what?” she asked.

“Just… helping out around the house,” I said. “There’s a lot to do.”

“Look, I’m just really worried about you. You can talk to me, you know.”

“I’m fine–really,” I said. “Just busy, that’s all.”

“I know what Emily’s doing,” she said. “This is all her fault. She’s making you dress like this. She won’t let you get a job.”

“I’m looking for a job! It’s just taking longer than I thought.”

“She uses people. I tried to warn you. She does these things for fun, just to see if she can get away with it.”

I wasn’t going to listen to any more of this.

“That’s enough, Darcy. I’ll be fine, I promise.” I started to close the door.

“Listen! She sent Greg–“

I shut the door.

She rang the bell again and knocked a few times but I didn’t open the door. I peeked through the curtain and watched her linger on the porch until she finally left.


Why did Darcy hate Emily so much? It made no sense.

She does these things for fun, just to see if she can get away with it.

What was Darcy talking about? What things?

But Emily herself had said something similar, back in Reno. She said she’d once made two guys kiss each other, just to see if they would.

She does these things for fun.

That kept echoing in my head as I thought of all I had been through lately.

Emily made me sunbathe nude.

Emily made me get a lap dance.

Emily made me have anal sex with Rick.

Emily made me dress like this.

But then I remembered something else. I don’t know where the memory came from, or why I hadn’t thought of it in so long.

It had happened years ago. Was it in college? Or sometime after?

There had been a party. I’d had too much to drink. Darcy walked me outside to get some air. I’d been upset. I was sobbing, actually. I told Darcy everything. I told her I felt about Emily, how badly I wanted to be with her. Darcy had listened, hugged me, held me while I cried.

Then she tried to kiss me.

I’d pulled away immediately. “Darcy! What are you doing?”

Was that when we stopped talking? For some reason, I’d blocked it out until now. But that was why Darcy didn’t like Emily. It was so obvious. Emily hadn’t done anything wrong.

Darcy was just jealous.


The dresses Emily wanted me to wear weren’t very practical for cleaning. Practically every time I would bend over or reach for something, one or both of my tits would pop out and I would have to stop what I was doing and adjust.

Today I was deep-cleaning the kitchen, and the dress I was wearing was yellow with little white polka dots. I had removed everything from the counters and was scrubbing every surface with a dish towel. I was bent over, scrubbing the counter, and for once my tits had stayed put. But the dress had ridden up in the back and my bare ass was completely exposed. I had tugged it back down a few times already but had let it go for the moment while I cleaned.

Emily was sitting at the kitchen table reading a magazine and ignoring me. I heard the front door open and Rick walked in behind me. I felt him freeze when he saw me bent over like that. I could feel his eyes on my bare ass. I knew that he was turned on by the sight. I expected him to linger there where he could watch me clean. But he surprised me by leaving almost immediately. He walked past me through the kitchen and went upstairs.

I kept moving the rag over the counter, and then Rick reappeared behind me, his hands on my hips. I gasped in surprise. He leaned his weight against me, sandwiching me between himself and the counter. I could feel his cock pressing through his jeans. He fumbled with his belt.

I realized then why he had left. He had gone to my room to get the bottle of lubricant. In another moment his familiar girth was sliding into me. My ass again. Always my ass.

The high clear heels made me the perfect height for him. I leaned forward, resting my elbows on the counter. He began building his rhythm, and my body was responding. My hips moved to meet his. He groaned aloud as he slid in and out of me. I had learned his rhythms and knew he wouldn’t last long this time. This time he would leave me frustrated. When he finished I would have to sneak away and bring myself some relief.

Emily spoke again. “When you’re done with that, can you clean the fridge?”

“Y-yes,” I said.

I clenched the wet dishcloth in my hands harder, my knuckles standing out, water streaming over my fingers. My slippery anus clutched at Rick’s thrusting cock, trying to hold him inside me. He gripped my hips hard. He was approaching his climax. I braced myself against the counter. He tensed up, straining–and then–with a shudder, he emptied his cock inside me.

The Master and the Ring Ch. 12


Henri lay naked on the bed with Yvonne’s head between his legs gently sucking his cock. His hands were behind his head and his eyes closed, enjoying the pampering his new wife was giving him. The Ring was wrapped in cloth in a leather pouch on the bed stand next to him. He could feel its pull from across the room. Yvonne was taking her time; he was humming with pleasure but well away from a climax. Her hot, wet mouth took many inches at a once before bringing him back out, sucking his head for a time. Her hands gently rolled his large testicles as she sucked and bobbed slowly up and down. She was incredibly talented in the art of oral pleasure. Indeed he might say she was the best he’d ever known and that was saying a lot, especially since he had known many woman and several Daughters of Mentula. Now his wife was the Head witch, the very woman sucking his cock was probably the most powerful creature in the known world.

He knew his time was running short. He felt the drain the continuous pull of the Ring was causing to his body, he knew if he didn’t give in to the urges and extinguish a woman of her spark, the drain would be fatal. He either gave in or he died. His body had become weak and even his muscles had atrophied from the constant drain from the Ring. At that very moment, with Yvonne’s mouth around and deep on his cock he felt he could die a happy man and was almost content to surrender to the abyss.

Her mouth released his cock for the first time in many moments. The change made Henri open his eyes and look down at his beautiful wife. She was smiling and had taken hold of his shaft by the middle and was gently stroking it. Their eyes met and Yvonne spoke as she stroked.

“I have a surprise for you, husband.”

“A surprise better than what you are doing now?” he asked.

“Much better, my love. I believe the sisters and I have found a solution to our problem,” she said, still stroking him up and down with long gentle movements.

“Please, tell me?” he said.

“In time, but first I would like to finish what I started,” she said pulling his cock back to her mouth and enveloping him in wet velvet.

Henri groaned in delight, basking in the resurgence of pleasure that was Yvonne’s highly trained mouth. As curious as he was to know what secret she held, the pleasure overcame him and he soon found his head falling back to his hands and his eyes closing as his wife increased her efforts. His pleasure rapidly increasing, Yvonne knew exactly what she was doing and exactly how to get him to climax when she wanted. She took him deeper than before, sucked harder on his head and this combined with the extensive time she had already been sucking him. The delayed climax soon found its strength and Henri found himself on the verge of orgasm within moments of her beginning anew.

There was no need to warn her. She wanted it to explode in her mouth anyway. Both of the daughters of House Granvas loved to have him ejaculate in their mouths, something he found extremely arousing but nonetheless a little odd, since he has known very few women who’ve enjoyed his plentiful semen. He sensed she knew exactly when he was going to climax. Her new gifts, as the Head witch, had given her powers he couldn’t comprehend nor, he was sure, she had told him about.

His pleasure peaked as she descended the final time onto his large shaft. His muscles tightened and he held on to the intense pleasure until his strength gave out and unleased his large load down her throat. She remained deep on his cock as it convulsed and jettisoned his seed from his body. Each burst caused him to grunt and his legs to flex as the rapture rushed through him.

Nothing escaped her lips; she had swallowed every drop of Henri’s semen as it passed out of his bulbous head into her mouth. When the contractions ceased, Yvonne sucked the remains from his body and released his spent cock, letting it fall to his body, wet and still pulsing.

“Mmmm, I’m so glad I can do that again. Having to allow Serena all of you was a small trial during our days in captivity. But now I can enjoy you as I wanted then.”

Henri was unable to respond to his wife. He was floating on air and in and out of reality, so good was the sensations she had caused. The climaxes were always so much better when she took her time.

“Henri? Did you hear me?” she asked.

“Yes, wife… I heard you; I was just unable to talk for a moment.”

“Such flattery, my king… you don’t have to try so hard… I’m already your wife.”

“I wasn’t… I spoke the truth.”

“I’m glad you approve, husband… I will never tire of pleasing you.”

“And I you,” he said looking down his body at her.

He noticed something new upon her face. She looked tired for the first time since the Ring was reborn. Her perfection and immortality was waning, she did not have the look of flawlessness any longer.

“Yvonne? The hunger of the Ring is killing you and me,” he said.

“Yes, we are all growing weak and old before our time. But do not fear, my love… we have found a solution that will save us all.


Serena stood naked before the mirror and noticed her sagging breasts first. She looked thirty years old overnight. For a woman of her true age, this was quite a shock. She placed both hands on her breasts and lifted them up to where they should have been, feeling their firmness depleted. She shook her head, put a robe on and left her room to find Heather and Arianna.

She found them discussing the very problem Serena had discovered.

“It’s been two days since they left together… why hasn’t it worked?” Arianna was asking Heather as Serena entered.

“She hasn’t told him yet,” Serena answered the question.

“What is she waiting for?” Heather asked. “Look at us, we grow old.”

“Mother does as well, it will be soon now,” Serena said. “I can read her mind even from this distance. She will tell him of our plan within the hour I believe. We will know if it works soon.”

“Good, then let us prepare for the renewal,” Arianna said.

“Or death,” Heather added.


“What is this solution?” Henri asked.

“I will tell you after we eat, I’m starving,” she said, getting up from the bed.

Henri hadn’t thought about food, especially when his new wife had woken him up by sucking on his penis. This continued late into the morning until he finished in her mouth. Now he could smell the food the servants had been preparing for him and his queen. The servants were a small group, comprising of a single maid, one cook and a butler who managed the king’s retreat. He and Yvonne had met them all upon their arrival. The cook was a portly woman, mid age and seemed to love to eat her own cooking. The butler was older still and very proper, more so than even Yvonne. The maid was a young thing, probably barley of age. She was dark haired, petite and of fair complexion but rather plain of face.

Upon seeing her, Henri felt the pull of the Ring to immediately take her. He since had been avoiding her as much as possible in fear he might give in to the urges. He had noticed that Yvonne had taken a liking to the young woman, conversing often with her since they arrived.

Henri’s thought of food caused his stomach to rumble and he too got up from the bed and put on his robe with his wife. It hung loose on his shirking body, noticeably too large for his wasted frame. Together they left the bed chamber and found the plentiful food waiting for them in the dining room. Marta, the young maid was waiting to serve them and Yvonne greeted her warmly and sat down. Henri felt the pull of the Ring from the bed chamber. It constrained him to return, telling him to bring forth the Master and take the young woman. So strong was the influence, Henri paused upon seeing her and began to turn around to get the ring until Yvonne called to him.

Fighting the pull, Henri turned back to the table and sat next to his queen. She took his hand and squeezed it, smiling at him. She knew what he was going through. She knew what Marta’s presence was doing to him. He smiled back, forcing it and stared down at his empty plate to keep from looking at the young woman.

Marta began to serve them, adding food to plates and drink to goblets. To keep himself occupied, Henri began to eat while Yvonne talked a little with Marta in-between bites.

“How long have you been in the King’s service, Marta?”

“Since my eighteenth year… six months now, your highness,” Marta replied.

“Did you escape the horrors of war here at the retreat?” Yvonne asked.

“Yes, my queen… we were very fortunate. My family was spared. We live very close and my family has served here since I was a child. Cook is my aunt.”

“Wonderful, so you know the value of service. Would you say you would do anything for the king?” Yvonne asked.

Marta answered with no hesitation, “Yes, my queen… I am a devoted servant to the king.”

“This is well. I hope I may call upon you when the need arises?”

“Without question, my queen, anything you require.”

Yvonne nodded to the young woman and Henri turned his head to look at his new wife. She smiled at him and he shook his head slightly in fear of what she might be thinking. The constant pull of the Ring was wearing on him. Making him weak both mentally and physically as he fought it’s seductive urges. The food seemed not to help and he feared the only thing that would was to obey the Ring. That or death.

He was grateful when Marta left the room and he could talk to Yvonne alone.

“Please tell me your plan isn’t for me to kill that poor girl. I will not kill another,” he said.

“No, my love… but she will need to play a part.”

“You need to explain and you need to be quick about it, Yvonne. My fortitude is waning.”

“I know. Now just listen, I will explain everything. But first, go retrieve the Ring.”

Henri’s patience was waning as well. He didn’t want to be anywhere near the Ring, except the Ring told him he did. Yvonne smiled and nodded and he obeyed, getting up from the table by pushing his chair out quickly. He looked at her one last time but she didn’t say anything. He went to the bed chamber, picked up the leather pouch and grimaced at the heat, almost burning his hand. He returned to Yvonne and dropped the pouch on the table, standing next to her chair.

“Sit and I will begin,” she said.

Henri sat, laid his hands on the table and tried not to reach for the Ring.

“As you know, the old Mothers did not care about the Ring bearer, or the woman he destroyed. They just wanted immortality at any cost. To entice the men, the Ring gives both size and strength as well as pleasure as you also know. The seductive nature of the Ring is their ultimate demise, wherein the Ring finds another. When the Mother’s cast the spell they were unaware or did not care that the life force was take along with the spark. They did not know or did not care that it was the spark only that they required.”

“If I understand, you’re saying the women didn’t need to die to get the spark?” Henri asked.

“Exactly. Most women, especially in our country don’t even know they have the spark of magic within them… Serena and I didn’t and we had it greatly. They will never miss it if it was taken. Take Marta for instance. Her spark is small, I’ve felt it. She wouldn’t notice a thing if it was taken from her, it is so small it probably couldn’t be nurtured at all anyway.”

“So how do we do that without killing her? What are you suggesting?”

“The sisters and I have been working endlessly on the problem and we’ve come up with this,” she said, pulling a thin gold ring from her robe pocket.

“Another ring? What does this one do?” he asked.

“Put it on and see,” she said, handing it to him.

Henri hesitated but then realized his new wife would never wish to hurt him. He undid his robe and picked up his long flaccid cock. The new ring had runes around it as well but wasn’t as thick or as wide as the Ring. As he placed it over the head of his cock the runes began to glow red and it seated itself at the base of his cock on its own power. He expected something to happen but no change came to his body. And then he felt it, or in reality he didn’t feel it. The pull and seduction of the Ring was gone. His head flew up to meet Yvonne’s eyes.

“It’s gone! The grip the Ring had on me is no longer!” he almost shouted.

“Yes! I was hoping and praying it would work. But that is not all, my love,” Yvonne said, reaching out and picking up the leather pouch.

She opened it and unwrapped the Ring from its cloth confines and set it in front of Henri.

“Go ahead, put it on as well and we shall see if all of our hard work has paid off.”

“Are you sure? The Master will not fit in this room?” he said.

“Trust me, my king,” she said, picking up the Ring and holding it out to him.

He let her drop it in his hand and was surprised that it was no longer hot. Lifting his cock with one hand he placed the Ring over his head and it slammed down to meet the other ring, glowing bright blue from lack of use. The smaller ring glowed brighter red and the Master did not appear.

“It worked!” Yvonne called out. “It inhibited the Master from appearing but tell me how you feel?” she asked.

“I feel amazing! Strong and invincible just as if I was the Master,” he said.

“You are,” Yvonne spoke, picking up a knife from the table and thrusting it at his chest.

The blade broke when it came in contact with Henri’s flesh and Yvonne dropped the hilt. He couldn’t believe what was happening to him. He felt incredible and even with the Ring around his cock he hardly felt the seductive pull to have a woman. It was there but many times less.

“This is not all, my king. The true purpose of the new ring has yet to be revealed. This is where Marta comes into play.”

“The new ring allows me to take her spark without killing her, doesn’t it?” he asked.

“That is our hope. Upon Mentula’s climax, the spark will be taken and transferred to the Ring and to me and my sisters. That is the hope. She will live; the spark will rejuvenate us as well as you. It will make you immortal as we are!”

He was so preoccupied he missed the part about him becoming immortal as well. “But for this to work, I have to know her,” he stated instead of asking.

“Yes,” Yvonne said, looking down. “There is no other choice. A spark must be harvest and knowing a woman is the only way. As hard as it may be for you to know other women than me and my sisters, it must be so.”

“I see that this must be. To save you all I will do what is required of me,” Henri said.

“Good, I will fetch the girl and talk with her. She should be willing to serve as she has stated,” Yvonne said, standing up and kissing Henri on the cheek before leaving the room.


“She has told him of the plan. The new ring is in place and all is going according to our design. Yvonne is now seeking a woman to harvest her spark,” Serena told Heather and Arianna.

“The moment of truth is upon us. We will know very soon if our efforts have proven fruitful,” Heather said, pacing her chamber.

Arianna was sitting at the table, wringing her hands in anticipation. Serena was in deep concentration, inside the mind of her sister. She could see through Yvonne’s eyes as she left the room and searched the king’s retreat for the young maid. Yvonne found her in the kitchen talking to the portly cook.

“Marta? Could I trouble you for some help?” Yvonne asked.

Upon hearing her voice. Marta jumped to her feet and bowed to the queen. “Yes, my lady, what can I do?”

“Come with me, I must speak with you.”

Yvonne turned and the young Marta followed. Yvonne stopped in a corridor to speak with Marta and Serena heard everything.

“I need your help, Marta. You said before you were willing to do anything for the king.” Marta nodded.

“You might have noticed he seemed a bit tense and distant at breakfast. It’s not his fault it is mine. How can I put this? As you know we’ve been here on our honeymoon for two days now. I, being a virgin before, have become tender and sore from the kings desires and need some time to recover. This has made him a bit distraught and I was hoping you could help me.”

Serena giggled at the lie and Heather and Arianna turned toward her for answers. Serena ignored them and continued to listen.

“What can I do?” Marta asked, taken aback.

“I’m sure you have heard the stories of kings and their handmaidens? I need you to help satisfy the king until I am able to again.”

Marta gasped, placing her hand over her mouth. Yvonne paused, letting the young woman take it all in. Yvonne did not speak until Marta did.

“My queen, what you ask is… unexpected. I have limited experience in such things. I’ve only known one other man. Surely you could call upon another in my stead?”

“Marta, this is for the king, he is getting irritable and waiting longer will only make it worse. You said you were willing to serve. Don’t you find him attractive?”

“Oh, yes, that is not my reservations… It’s just I am quite plan, my lady and inexperienced…” she trailed off.

“Not any more than I was two days ago. Will you do this for me?” Yvonne asked again.

Marta wrung her hands and then fidgeted with her maid dress before replying. “I will, my lady.”

“Good, then let’s continue on to the king.”

“As you wish, my queen. Will you be accompanying me with this task?”

“Do you wish me to?” Yvonne asked.

“As he is your husband, I think it would be proper, so as to not injure your relationship in not knowing what transpired between he and I. Also, between the two of us we could help each other please him.”

“Very well. I will participate if you wish.”

Serena was chuckling again and finally was forced to tell Heather and Arianna what was so humorous. The other two witches shared in the comedy of Yvonne’s little lies.

“Did the maid agree?” Arianna asked.

“Yes, they are heading to the king now, it won’t be long,” Serena said.


Henri remained in the chair at the table, looking down at his cock with the two rings upon his shaft. They continued to glow red and blue. He felt powerful and invincible sitting there waiting for his wife and the maid to arrive. He knew nothing was completed yet and he worried something might go wrong. His body had not changed. He was still weak in appearance and knew the new ring was only concealing the larger problem. He was pondering this new experience when the door to the dining room opened and Yvonne and Marta appeared. He quickly closed his robe and stood.

“My king,” Marta said, curtsying low.

“Hello,” Henri replied, not knowing what had been talked about.

“I’ve asked Marta to assist me with your needs, my king, since I am unable to at the present time,” Yvonne said, giving him a special look to go with what she said.

“I see, and she has consented to your request?”

“Yes, she has, with one stipulation. She would like me to be there and assist so I may not feel ill will toward you and she.”

“Very wise for someone so young,” Henri said.

“Yes, I thought so.”

“Very well, if my queen is alright with this arrangement and Marta has agreed we can retire to the bed chamber,” Henri said, motioning with his hand for the ladies to go before him.

Marta was staring at the king and unable to move. Yvonne took her by the hand and led her toward the bed chamber. Henri could tell she was very nervous. He also knew this had to be done. Upon arriving at the bed chamber, Marta turned around and faced Henri with Yvonne at her side. She seemed to be trembling slightly and Henri knew he needed to help her relax. Apparently Yvonne did as well.

“Do you want me to get started with him, and then when you feel comfortably you can join us?” Yvonne asked.

“I would… yes that will be fine,” the young maid said.

Yvonne left Marta’s side and walked up to Henri and kissed him, placing her hands on his chest. Her hands ran down his body to the tie that held the robe round his waist. As she kissed him she untied the robe and opened it. Henri’s body was reacting very quickly to the stimulation, especially with the Ring around his cock. He grew large quickly, pinning his rising shaft between his wife’s body, hindering it from rising completely. As the kiss ended, he looked over Yvonne’s shoulder at the young Marta, she was frozen in place and watching them, but her eyes were not on his, but down toward his waist, trying to get a glimpse of his cock behind Yvonne.

The Black Pegging Movement Ch. 07


Meet Alexander Stephenson, a young man living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. He was born in the City of Malmo, Sweden, to a Swedish father, Gustav Stephenson, and a Nigerian mother, Josephine Adewale. As his parents were diplomats, Alexander Stephenson has lived all over the world, from Sweden to South Africa, from Brazil to Guatemala. Alexander opted to study at the University of Ottawa in Canada’s Capital region, and from that moment on, life would never be the same.

Alexander Stephenson has always been the son of two worlds, and back in Sweden, the six-foot-four, brown-skinned, curly-haired and green-eyed young man was too dark for the Swedes, and too light for the small population of African immigrants. Alexander opted to study in Canada because he had fond memories of the place. While visiting places like Ottawa and Toronto with his family back in the day, Alexander saw Blacks and whites dating, being friends and actually getting along.

Canada isn’t the bastion of tolerance and diversity that it’s often touted to be, but Canadians do try. Canada has welcomed Haitians, Somalis, Nigerians, Lebanese, Syrians, Vietnamese, and various peoples from around the world. The country has undergone a serious demographic shift, as evidenced in the populations of cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and others. Alexander has come to enjoy life in Ottawa, where a mixed-race young man can walk around without getting too many stares. Canada is definitely ahead of Sweden in terms of racial diversity, and this appeals to Alexander.

While studying in Ottawa, Alexander has become fascinated with the ladies of Somalia. The tall, handsome brother finds himself drawn to the Somali ladies, especially the ones who wear Hijab. It’s this fascination which drove Alexander to approach a Somali gal named Nadia Hanaffi at a Somali cultural event in the Nepean area. Nadia Hanaffi and Alexander Stephenson really hit it off, and soon began seeing each other. When the chemistry is right, why resist it?

“We practice gender equality in this household,” Nadia Hanaffi said, and the six-foot-tall, curvaceous Somali Muslim MILF grimaced as her lover Alexander Stephenson worked his thick dick into her backdoor. The two of them were getting down and dirty in the living room of Nadia’s apartment, located in the Vanier area of Ottawa, Ontario. At the age of forty, Nadia is exploring her sexuality without regrets, much to Alexander’s delight. Nadia began grinding her big beautiful ass against Alexander’s groin, driving his dick deeper inside her asshole. Nadia loves anal sex and doesn’t apologize for it…

“Hot damn, you’re so warm and tight,” Alexander said, mesmerized by the sight of Nadia Hanaffi’s thick Somali ass, which swallowed his dick like it was nothing. Alexander briefly glanced at the nearby mirror, and grinned when he saw his reflection. The contrast between Nadia and Alexander was all too evident. A tall, curvy Somali woman getting butt fucked by a tall, light-skinned biracial man. This was frigging hot on so many levels…

“Anal sex is so delicious haram,” Nadia squealed, and she rubbed her wet, hairy pussy as Alexander continued to fuck her in the ass. Alexander groaned, for the pressure of Nadia’s warm, tight asshole on his dick was definitely getting to him. Alexander gripped Nadia’s hips tightly and bucked his hips, angling to get his dick deeper inside of Nadia’s asshole. From the moment Alexander spotted Nadia at that soiree in Nepean, he wanted some of that ass. Nadia’s ass was bigger than that of Tennis legend Serena Williams, and much juicier too. How could Alexander resist smashing that?

“Your ass is simply divine,” Alexander said, and he playfully smacked Nadia’s thick derriere as he continued to fuck her in the ass. Nadia let out a deep sigh as she and Alexander continued to do their thing. Nadia has always had a thing for younger men, especially those from other backgrounds. Nadia has been with Haitian men, Jamaican men, Greek men, Estonian men, and even a Chinese guy, but she’s never been with an Afro-Swedish gentleman before. Alexander represented a rare opportunity for Nadia, the chance for this strong and freaky Somali Muslim sister to try mixed dick!

“Pull out,” Nadia said with a wince, and Alexander, surprised, did as he was told. As Alexander’s dick popped out of her asshole, Nadia groaned and then let out a loud, wet fart. To his credit, Alexander didn’t laugh, and Nadia turned and smiled at him. The two of them exchanged a grin and a nod, and then continued with their wicked fun. Nadia Hanaffi is one freaky Somali Muslim MILF. She’ll suck a dude’s dick, ride his dick and leave him exhausted, but she can definitely get freakier, as Alexander is about to find out…

“This is different,” Alexander said, scratching his head, as Nadia pulled out her favorite toy, a shiny ebony strap-on dildo. Nadia smiled wickedly and beckoned for Alexander to get on all fours. Nadia admired Alexander’s ass and then lubricated him with some lotion. Nadia pressed the dildo against Alexander’s butt hole and pushed it inside. The tall biracial stud groaned as his favorite big-booty Black lady worked her dildo up his ass. When Nadia spoke of gender equality earlier, she wasn’t joking around. The same freaky Black mama who loves getting a big dick up her ass likes to fuck Black men with her favorite strap-on dildo, and she does is happily!

“You got to do my ass, now I get to do yours,” Nadia said gleefully as she shoved the dildo up Alexander’s ass. Like a lot of Black women around the world, Nadia is participating in the Black Pegging Movement, and she is happy to introduce Alexander to her trusty strap-on dildo. Alexander, to his credit, took it like a champ. The tall Afro-Swedish stud didn’t scream as Nadia fucked his ass with her dildo, though he did groan a few times. Nadia continued pegging Alexander’s ass until he came, and then she fucked him some more for good measure. It’s Nadia’s way to make Black pegging great again!

After this memorable experience, Nadia Hanaffi and Alexander Stephenson grew even closer together. The two of them can be seen walking around the Rideau Center, and other public spots in downtown Ottawa. They’re just another Black couple walking around, holding hands and smiling. Black Love is not dead, don’t believe what the haters and naysayers peddle your way, dearest readers. Black pegging is part of Black love, and it’s spicing things up in the bedrooms of Black couples around the world. Care to try it?

The Phone Call Ch. 01


Elle Niklaus unlocked the door and ran into the house. What an hour ago seemed like a perfect day for a run in the Park, turned into a flood of biblical proportions. Now she was soaked.

She took a look at the shoe rack. Good. Only hers and Jack’s shoes were there. So Lisa and Josh were still out of the apartment. Good. With Jack gone to Seattle, she was all alone. Elle begun striping the now thoroughly wet pieces of clothing.

She was a slim, leggy, 24 year old, taller than average at 5’10”. Her long, curly auburn hair cascaded to just beneath her shoulders. The slightly freckled face and a wide illuminating smile gave off that all-American girl next-door appearance: pretty, cute, unpretentious. Her eyes were big. Brown. Deep. They made her seem so innocent, as if she’d blush at the mention of topics a mid-western family would consider inappropriate. Sometimes she still would. Growing up on a Wisconsin farm does leave marks.

“Fuck,” Elle thought. She looked down at her shoes. Ruined.

Elle was far from the innocence of Wisconsin, living in the City. An EEEB Ph.D. student at Columbia, she shared a small one-bedroom in Morningside Heights with Jack. Jack and Elle met three years ago in Seattle; he was a student at the University of Washington, she was visiting from NYU. The chemistry between the dreamy 6’4″ blond engineer and the wide-eyed girl from Wisconsin was instant. A year long long-distance relationship followed. Then applications to grad schools. And finally, moving in together, here in New York.

Three years later, they were still happy and love, just like the first day they met. Even though they’d deftly deflect answering the inevitable question, everyone knew it was only a matter of when, not if, Miss. Niklaus will become Mrs. Holmes.


Elle growled as her iPhone fell out of a pocket of what used to be her shorts. Now, that item of clothing seemed like a rag out of a late night commercial. The one you didn’t want to have.

The phone was swimming in a puddle of water. Dead. Drowned. God knows if will ever work again.


Elle continued extracting herself from the wet clothes. Her shorts and panties peeled off in one go, exposing the milky white skin below.

At least there was one positive aspect of the soaking: the wetness mercifully soothed the burning sensation left by the morning’s wax job. She looked down at herself. The always neatly trimmed patch of hair that used to cover her feminine triangle was now completely gone. Looking back at her was nothing but the creamy whiteness of her skin.

“Not bad. Not bad at all,” Elle thought.

She moved her hand. Her fingers begun tracing a path from her navel, over the newly hairless pubic mound, to her crotch. They gently caressed, then dipped, between her pussy lips. They were still blushed, swollen and sensitive from the hot wax and Ms. Figueira’s determined tugs. And smooth. Perfectly smooth.

Elle smiled.

She bent over just slightly, taking her hand behind her back. The palm hovered slowly across her rear, reaching her freshly exposed pucker. She probed it gently with each finger, the tips looking for a slightest sign of friction around the delicate piece of flesh. Finding none, they backed away. She continued the search in the valley between her perfect, round, buttocks.

Nothing. Smooth. Perfectly smooth.

“This Brazilian was worth every single penny,” she said to the empty room.

At the same time, it frustrated her. Still two more days until the newly bald pussy and ass would see some action. God!

Elle continued to undress. The shirt and training bra were gone next, releasing her perky 32C breasts from their embrace. They bounced around happily, relishing their newfound freedom. Elle removed her socks and begun walking towards the bedroom. Cold from the rain, she could really use a hot shower. Her long dark nipples, protruding from the large pink aureole, hardened as if to signal agreement.

A familiar buzz stopped her. Her iPhone!

Left for dead, drowned, it wasn’t so dead after all. Well, at least there’s some good news. Elle walked back and picked it up. It was Lisa.

Lisa was Elle’s best friend and office mate in grad school. She was also her and Jack’s temporary house mate. The apartment where Lisa lived was being repaired after a busted pipe flooded it completely a few weeks ago. The repairs were to take a week, but the flood revealed even more issues. Cheap housing in New York: you get what you pay for. What were to be days first turned into weeks, and now into more than a month. Elle was afraid to ask what the current estimate was; she doubted that even the repair men knew, let alone Lisa. But truthfully, she didn’t mind. She liked having Lisa around.

Lisa was an only child. Smart, bordering on brilliant, the 23 yr. old Irish girl was born in Arizona but raised in South Boston. A Southie and a Harvard graduate, she was fiercely proud of both. She’d show up to football games in full Crimson regalia, challenging anyone who escort bursa objected to “bring it on”.

She looked more like a bar brawler than an Ivy League grad with her boyish, stalky, 5’6″ frame that carried noticeable but toned packs of muscle. Her long reddish-brown hair was always kept tied in a pony tail, covered by an oversized Red Sox hat. She always wore baggy clothes, and couldn’t care less about makeup, lipsticks, manicures, pedicures, waxings, any kind of hair removal, creams, cosmetologists, or anything else that “normal” women would consider a part of their routine. Like she just didn’t care.

But Elle knew better. Lisa’s tomboyish personality that she so fiercely exuded to the outside world was only a mask. Beneath it was hiding a shy and sweet, borderline naive, young woman who grew up in Boston’s Irish ghetto and had to make it in life mostly by herself. She grew up to be tough. She never allowed her self to be a girl, to show weakness. That was a part of it.

Lisa was insecure about her looks. Elle knew this very well. She was the closest to a big sister that Lisa has ever had. Many times Elle had to listen to the long lists of Lisa’s complaints about her body. Her legs were too short, her chin was too big, her boobs were too small, her arms were too hairy, etc., etc. Some women would compensate with makeovers or surgeries. Lisa just pretend not to care and went to the opposite extreme.

The thing that always baffled Elle was that none of it was true. Ever since the first time she saw Lisa, without the hats, without the baggy clothes, with no grandmaish underwear, she found her to be one of the most attractive women she ever knew.

The first time Elle saw Lisa naked was in the gym, showering. She gasped at the sight of her nude body. She found it stunning.

What seemed like tiny breasts when hidden by a hoodie, transformed into two harmoniously shaped B cups, topped by large pink aureole. They were accentuated by tiny brown nipples, like two chocolate pebbles. They rested on a petite, yet perfectly toned frame, that flowed into a wide pelvis and delicate feminine cleft framed by two athletically carved legs.

But Lisa’s best asset, by far, were the two luscious, curvy, hemispheres that were her buttocks. It was as if a Brazilian carnival goddess was transformed and hidden into this American girl, to be discovered and had only by those worthy of such bliss.

Elle shuddered at the thought. “Bad Elle! Bad, bad Elle!” she thought, trying to calm down and answer the phone.

“Hey Lisa, what’s up?” Elle said into the still dripping phone.

“Hi Elle, not much. I’m in the office, waiting for the downpour to end. Everybody left by now. Josh is not answering his phone. I’m bored… What about you? Are you home yet?”

“Yeah. And soaked. I got caught in the rain the minute I ran out to jog. So now, I’m cold, my phone looks like an aquarium, and my running shoes are ruined!”

Elle sounded as if she was about to cry.

Lisa chuckled at the description of her friend’s misery. Watching the downpour through her window, she could imagine how bad it would be to venture outside. Elle really had to be soaked. But she also new there were other things that bothered Elle. That really frustrated her. It was not the rain, or the shoes, or the phone. It was her boyfriend Jack.

Or lack thereof, to be exact.

Jack’s been in Seattle with his friend Mark for nearly two weeks now. With each day of his absence Elle was growing increasingly frustrated by, how she used to put it, “having no one to service her”. And judging by what Lisa used to hear, while futilely trying to fall asleep on the couch in the living room, Elle needed (and got) some serious servicing while Jack was around.

The steamy bedroom audio would make Lisa even more frustrated about her own predicament. Josh, her boyfriend since freshmen year, moved to New York with her when they graduated. He got a job at a bank. Entry level, but a good job. Then, after only few months, he said he’s had enough. He went back to Harvard, for an MBA, leaving her in New York, making their relationship long-distance. The separation hit hard. The adjustment to seeing him so rarely was hard. But over the months, they’ve learned to cherish the little time they had together. The weekend visits, the holidays, the breaks.

Fortunately, now was one of those times: spring break. It was an opportunity for Josh to drive down from Boston and stay an entire week. As Jack was away, Elle didn’t mind him coming over. She even let the two of them sleep in her bedroom, taking the living room couch herself.

“Hope the bedroom serves you well,” Elle said, with a devilish smile and a wink that conveyed unmistakably she wasn’t talking about a good night sleep. Then she added in a whispery voice: “I’ll be listening…”

That was Elle: a straight-talking, gossipy vixen with her girlfriends; a nice country girl to the rest of the world. Plus, it was obvious that Jack’s absence was making her sex crazed. Even bursa escort more than usual.

When Josh arrived, Lisa decided to have her vengeance for weeks of listening to Elle and Jack going at it. That night she summoned her inner porn star, moaning and screaming at the top of her lungs: “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh god, fuck me with that huge cock!”. Lisa nearly burst out laughing at the sound of her words, but kept it up. “Josh, Josh, Josh, yes, yes, yessss…” And, the pinnacle of the performance: “Yesss… Cum in my mouth, I want to suck you off, oh yes, yes, Josh!”

Josh didn’t seem to mind her sudden need for vocalization; he actually appeared turned on by it. Ah, men and their porn star fantasies. He did get worried, though:

“Hey. Do you… Do you think Elle heard us?”

“No honey, no way. I slept on that couch every night for the past month, and trust me, you can’t hear a thing from there.”

And the Oscar goes to Lisa Dukes, for the most convincing postcoital lie, ever.

Tomorrow morning Lisa found Elle making coffee in the kitchen. Elle just looked up at her, but didn’t say a word. Her face revealed nothing. Was she mad? Moments passed in silence. Finally, Elle picked up her coffee cup and slowly walked up to Lisa. Leaning towards her, she suddenly and without warning pinched and squeezed Lisa’s nipple while whispering to her ear: “You one lucky bitch!”

Lisa yelped in surprise. Then they both burst out laughing. And Lisa decided to keep up with the nightly torments.


That was Elle, on the other end of the line. The woman’s shriek snapped Lisa out of her daydream. “OK, let’s tease Elle a little,” she thought. “It will take her mind off the weather, at least.”

“You sure it was the rain that’s made you wet? Not thinking about Jack?” Lisa asked in the most innocent voice she could muster.

For a moment, Elle was taken of guard by the question. Then she smiled and erupted in mock rage.

“You bitch! You noisy spoiled little bitch! Easy for you to tease me like that. You’ve got that stud of yours to keep you entertained and my Jack is not here!”

Lisa was snickering; her arrow hit the mark.

Elle wasn’t finished. “And whatever it is you two people are doing in my bedroom should be banned. Banned! I should kick you out. No one should be fucking in Elle’s bed when Elle is getting none!”

The women burst out laughing. They both knew what that last sentence referred to. Their thoughts flashed back to a couple of nights ago, to the pinnacle of what may have been the most daring of Lisa’s nightly performances. “Josh, Josh…. Fuck me, fuck me on my best friend’s bed! Fuck me on Elle’s bed! Yes, Jack, fuck me where Jack fucks Elle!”

“Ohh, I’m sorry! I didn’t think anyone could hear us,” said Lisa, offering the most insincere apology of her life.

“Yeah, right!” snapped Elle with mock indignation.

“And I’m so sorry Jack is not around. Maybe I should lend you Josh for a night? My throat is getting a bit sore from all the… talking,” she replied, still playing innocent.

Elle was laughing. “Very funny, very funny you little bitch. Be careful what you wish for. I’m so desperate I might whack him over the head, chain him to the bed, and get myself some of whatever you’ve been getting that made you talk like that.”

Lisa was laughing at the other end, obviously entertained by her friend’s exasperation.

“Bitch,” Elle thought. But she knew how to get back at her.

“You know, I could have easily done it this morning. But since I am a good girl and such a nice friend, I decided not to.”

“What?” Lisa asked confusedly, still snickering at the thought of Josh chained to the bed. Mental note: she should try that some day.

“Wait. Let me get a towel and then I’ll tell you. You caught me standing naked right in the middle of the fucking living room! I don’t want to shock your dear Josh for the second time today.”

Shock? The second time today? What is this woman talking about?

Elle walked into her bedroom and took out a towel. As she bent over to reach the bottom drawer, her nude body reflected in the large mirror on the opposite wall. A smile came to her face. This was the first time she saw the new her. Her bare waxed ass was glistening, its crack still red from the morning’s treatment. Her pair of long legs, the thick pink pussy lips protruding between them. “They really do seem bigger with no hair. Puffier…” she thought. “I should have done this years ago.” She touched herself once more to feel the newfound non-compromising smoothness. A soft gasp escaped her lips. This begun to turn her on.

Ahh, there it is. The towel. “Now where’s my…”

“You know, I held your Josh’s cock in my hand this morning,” she matter-of-factly and without warning said as she picked up the cell phone.

“You WHAT?!”

“I. held. your. boyfriend. Josh’s. COCK. in my hand this morning.” she repeated, pausing after each word and accentuating the word bursa merkez escort bayan ‘cock’ by making it sound like the pop of uncorking a champagne bottle.

Lisa went silent, unsure how to respond. This obviously had to be another one of Elle’s little games or double entendres, but she wasn’t sure if she found it funny or not. She remained quiet, thinking about it.

Sensing her friend’s tension, Elle moved to defuse the situation. “Don’t worry, it’s more innocent than it sounds… Although, factually, it is correct.” She chucked wickedly.

“I ran into Josh this morning in the bathroom…” she continued to explain, “… and I mean literally ran *into* him. I returned from the morning run. I had my headphones on, couldn’t hear anything but the music. I didn’t think anyone was in the apartment, let alone the bathroom. Completely forgot you guys were staying here.”

“So I walked right in and crashed straight into the poor naked Josh. He must’ve just gotten out of the shower. He was all wet and fully clothed in his birthday suit and nothin’ else…”

By now Lisa was back from her initial state of shock. She felt disturbed, but decided to play along.

“And so you just had to go for his cock?” she asked with disapproval in her voice, meant to be mock, but sounding awfully genuine.

“No, I didn’t take advantage of your boyfriend,” Elle exclaimed. “As I crashed into him, we both slipped and fell to the floor. And falling down, I reached out for… for whatever I could grab onto. It really was an accident. I was totally embarrassed and let go as soon as I figured out what’s happened. I screamed and ran out. I’m pretty sure I freaked Josh out. He’s been hiding from me the whole day!”

Lisa was still quiet. Elle became concerned. Did she go too far with her teasing? She was telling the truth. But even Elle new there were limits, and maybe this time she crossed them. Lisa’s voice dissolved her fears.

“My poor little Josh, he got molested by his girlfriend’s best friend. I’ll have to give him some therapy tonight. Now that he’s been so traumatized, we may have to be louder during the ‘therapy’ sessions from now on… I’ll may even have to pretend to be his molester and make him punish me for my misdeeds.”

Elle chuckled at the thought. “You bitch. Don’t you dare do that to me!”

“Oh really? Was it me who tried to pull an accidental hand job on her friend’s boyfriend?”

“I didn’t try to pull anything!!!” Elle yelled in her defense. “But,” she muttered grumpily, “he could have me then and there given how horny I generally am these days. And I do have to say he packs quite a piece for his size. Mmm….”

Her voice tapered off as she relived the brief moment between the realization she was squeezing Josh’s cock, and letting it go and running away. It must have been, what, 6 1/2 inches? Seven? And at least an inch and a half thick. She could barely wrap her hand around it. And hard… Warm… Not bad for a guy an inch shorter than Lisa. As these images swirled through her head, a familiar sensation tinged Elle pussy.

“Bad Elle, bad Elle!” Lisa chided her gently. She empathized with her friend’s obvious horniness. Only now she truly began feeling sorry for Elle; that woman needs to get laid, and needs it fast.

“Well, he was naked, I was holding his thing, and how could I not look! Come to think of it, the only reason all of this could ever happen was because he had a huge hard-on! Now, how could he have one of those, Lisa? Have you been neglecting him?”

Now it was Lisa’s turn to be in the spotlight. “Of course I haven’t!” was to be her response, but honesty took over.

“Well… maybe a little…. and not for much more… And it’s not my fault! It’s mother nature… You know-“

“You got a period! YOU GOT A FUCKING PERIOD!? Fucking unbelievable. You’ve got a period and have an obviously horny guy here who could fuck you, while I’m horny as hell and my guy is four thousand miles away. Fucking unbelievable.”

Elle wasn’t faking any of the disbelief and frustration. She couldn’t make her mind whether to laugh or cry at the irony. The new information did explain the silence in the bedroom the last couple of nights.

“Don’t you at least give him blowjobs?” she continued.

“Elle!” Lisa yelped, surprised by the query directed at her.

“Oh, c’mon little Miss Sunshine, don’t be a prude now! How long have we known each other? You know everything there is to know about *my* sex life. And you’ve told me everything about yours and on more than one occasion. Remember? Not to mention I’ve heard all of it over the past few weeks!”

Elle was now enjoying her new offensive role. She felt Lisa squirm under the barrage of her words. And squirming, Lisa was. As usual, Elle was right – the two of them talked about their sex lives just like they talked about everything else. But when Elle started talking about blow jobs, Lisa knew where her friend’s line of questioning will ultimately lead. And this was making her uncomfortable.

But Elle was undaunted: “C’mon… I really don’t mind hearing some more. In spite of my complaints, it’s comforting to know at least my friends are getting some. Which brings me back to my question: did you at least blow him this morning? Or did I interrupt Josh jerking off in the shower?”

What Happens in Vegas


My name is Kathy, and I am an ex-Elementary School Teacher from Ohio. By Ex I mean I just resigned and have begun a new and much more interesting life.

I was born and grew up in a small town in Ohio, and I became a Teacher in the Elementary School in the same town as my very first job. At first and for quite a while I loved the job. I loved working with the kids and seeing them grow and blossom. But after five or six years of it I became bored with it, burned out I guess.

I was also bored with small town life. My social life was dull, and my sex life even worse. The guys I had relationships with seemed to think that sex is 10 or 12 ins and outs in my vagina followed by an ejaculation followed by deep sleep.

I began spending my vacations in Las Vegas and I liked everything about the city. I enjoy gambling, mostly Black Jack which I have become fairly good at. I am not an addict, I have my limits and I win more than I lose so I stay ahead of the game.

I packed up and moved to Las Vegas a month ago and I rented a small apartment with just enough room for me. The rent is not cheap but I have some savings from my life in Ohio, and I could afford it while I looked for a job in town.

I got some good news today from one of the Casinos where I had applied for a job as a Dealer. They liked my resume and the first interview went well so they wanted me to come in for another interview and possibly a job offer. I nailed the interview and they offered me the job and I accepted it.

The starting salary is not great but it will go up, and tips always help. I know this is a sexist thing to say, but I think I am fairly attractive and I know how to flirt, and men will probably respond to that with nice tips.

I was so happy and pleased with this that I stopped at one of the Casino bars to have a celebratory drink. It wasn’t even cocktail hour yet but these bars are always busy, 24 hours a day.

The typical Vegas customers were there, some real freaks and some very normal looking people. Down at the other end of the bar there was a nice looking guy who kept checking me out. I didn’t encourage him but soon he came down to my side and asked if he could join me. As I said he was a good looking guy so I said OK.

I hadn’t had a casual sexual encounter in quite a while, and I have to admit that I started to think about it. He bought me another drink and introduced himself.

“My name is Bill. What’s yours?”

I noticed that we were keeping it to first names only, so I answered “Kathy.”

After a few minutes of very small talk he said “Why don’t we go up to my room and discuss price?”

My God, I thought. He thinks I am a hooker. I have a kind of twisted sense of fun so I thought I would go along with it to see what happens.

“OK, let’s do that.”

We finished our drinks and got up and went to the nearest elevator. Mind you I would not have done this if he was some grotesque loser. He is very attractive and I was intrigued by what was happening.

When we were in his room he cut right to the chase and said “How much do you want for an evening of intimate time?”

“Bill, I am not a hooker. I came up here willingly and some intimate time is fine with me, but you do not need to pay me.”

He seemed very disappointed at that which I could not understand. If he is going to get what he wants for free, how is that a bad thing?

He said “Sorry, I misunderstood. Don’t be offended. I guess this is not going to work out.”

Now I am really confused.

“Bill, I am not playing hard to get. I am ready and willing. Isn’t that alright?”

He was deep in thought for a moment, and then he tried to explain.

“I like to hire a woman so that her entire body is available to me, with nothing off limits. Professional women are not judgmental and I get what I want with no drama.”

Now I am a little concerned. What kind of creepy stuff is this guy in to? I am pretty open minded about different kinds of sex, but I don’t like pain, neither giving or receiving it. I looked at the door thinking maybe I should make a break for it. But he seemed like such a nice guy and I needed to know what this was about.

“Bill, I may be new to Vegas but I am not that innocent. What is it that you want?”

He reluctantly said “I will tell you, and then you will probably be out the door in a flash. I like anal sex.”

What a coincidence, I thought. Me too. It has been a while, but when I was just out of High School and eighteen years old, I had an experience with it. There was a guy who lived next door who was bursa escort a year older than me, and he had joined the Marines right out of High School.

He came home on leave that summer, and we “hooked up” as they say. My parents both worked so I was home alone all day, and he came over to hang out with me. One thing led to another, and it was clear that he wanted to have sex with me.

I was worried about pregnancy which would have ruined my life, but he said not to worry because he wanted to cornhole me. I had no idea what that meant but I said OK. We went up to my bedroom, and to make a long story shorter, he fucked me in the ass.

We didn’t even take all of our clothes off; we just took off our jeans and underwear. No romance or foreplay, he just got me to lie face down on the bed I had slept in since I was a kid. He took a pillow and got me to lift up so he could put it under my hips. He said “It will go in farther this way.” Now I began to understand what ‘cornhole’ meant. I was apprehensive but it was too late to turn back now.

I felt his cock touch my asshole and I held my breath. He pushed a couple of inches in me and I said “Ouch!” I squirmed and squealed but that didn’t stop him, he just held me down and shoved it in. It was very uncomfortable at first, but it got better. At his age it was no surprise that he didn’t last long, and I felt the semen gush into me. I liked that part.

We got together two more times at my house, up in my bedroom with his cock up in my ass. The second time it was not so uncomfortable, and on the third day before he even brought it up I asked him if he would please do it to me again and it was not uncomfortable at all. By then I really liked it, feeling filled and stretched by his hard-on, and feeling his semen pump into me. Then he was gone, back to the Marines, and I never saw him again.

I could never tell anyone about this, not even my best girlfriend. I had a few relationships over the next years but none of them were interested in my back door and I couldn’t ask for it because the word would be out in town that I was an ass-whore.

All of those memories flashed through my mind in an instant, and then I answered Bill.

I said “No, I will not be out the door because of that. I’m pretty sure that many people like anal sex, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. If that is what you want I am willing.”

Actually I was more than willing, I was eager to do it that way. I remember what it was like the third time I did it with the Marine and I wanted to feel it that way again.

Bill said “Willing is nice, but I don’t want you to think I am a pervert. That’s why it is so much easier with a hooker.”

“Bill, you’re not getting me. I am not only willing; I want it that way too. I just moved here from a small town where the men are not very imaginative about sex. I had one experience when I was barely legal, and I have been craving it ever since. I was too modest or ashamed to ask any of the men I had affairs with in my home town. It is a good thing that I didn’t because they most likely would have refused, and then I can guess what the gossip in town would have been like.”

That seemed to convince him, that and the fact that I was deliberately sitting so he could look up my skirt and see the thong that was barely covering my crotch. I moved my legs farther apart and he stared at the wedgie in my panties. That did it.

“OK, let’s try it.”

He got up and started to undress and I did the same. When he pulled his pants and briefs down I got a look at his cock. It was already getting hard, and it was very nice. Not quite porn star size, but larger than I had ever experienced. It was completely straight with a nicely shaped helmet head. It bobbed and swayed around as he took off his shirt and undershirt, and I was thrilled with the thought that it would soon be up my ass.

His muscular, athletic body was beautiful, and his masculinity was like a magnetic field that I basked in. I felt like a High School girl that finally had the chance to make out with the star football player. Except I wanted to do more than make out, I wanted to lick his body all over. I especially wanted to lick his balls and suck his cock and make him cum in my mouth.

No time for that however, since he wants to cornhole me, to use the word for it that my Marine used. I kind of like the word, because it has a dirty, nasty sound to it that perfectly describes the act itself.

When we were naked he led me to the bed and indicated that I should lie down. I did, but on my back. He bursa escort bayan got on the bed beside me and I couldn’t resist, I took his cock in my hand. It was now rock-hard, and thick with an almost muscular feel.

I touched the pink head right at the little hole where the semen squirts out, and then I stroked it in the way that guys like. I felt his large hairy ball-sack, and carefully and gently squeezed each testicle. A man’s balls turn me on, and his were unusually large and virile.

He climbed over me and I spread my legs, and without the slightest attempt at foreplay he pushed his stiff cock up my vagina. I suppose he was treating me like a hooker whose body belonged to him for the paid-up time and he didn’t have to be polite. He began to fuck me in the conventional way which was a surprise. I didn’t care, it felt great going in and out of me.

I whispered “Did you change your mind?”

“No. Turn over.”

Please turn over would have been nice, but oh well. I turned over but as I was doing that I reached up and took a pillow from the head of the bed.

“Let me show you something you might like. You will go in me deeper this way.”

I positioned the pillow under my hips just like I remembered my Marine did, and it raised my butt up at a nice angle for him.

He said “God, yes. Thank you.” His cock was glistening and wet from my vagina, and I believe it was over eight inches of stiff shaft. I was dying to have it in me.

Instead of that he grasped my butt with both of his strong hands and spread me open. He moved in for a close look and I hoped it would meet with his approval. I have checked myself out down there with a mirror, and if an asshole can be pretty I think mine is. No hair or dark skin around it, just a puckered pink hole.

He moved in even closer and I felt like I was being inspected by the FDA. I must have been graded as ‘Safe for human consumption’ because the next thing I felt was his tongue on my asshole. He kissed and licked it like a delicacy. He couldn’t get his tongue in very far but he did his best and I loved it. I had never even imagined anyone doing that. I felt him deposit a dollop of saliva on my asshole for lubrication.

To complete his inspection he pushed his middle finger all the way up my ass. He has big hands to match his big cock and it was tantalizingly close to the feeling of a stiff hard-on sliding into me. I had been dreaming and fantasizing and craving that for over six years now and I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Bill, stop teasing me.”

He understood and moved into position over me, and I felt the head of his cock touch my anus. A thrill of anticipation went through me like electricity. After all these years I was finally going to be fucked up the ass again.

He began to push, and the helmet head went into me. I made a noise but it did not hurt, I just couldn’t help it. It felt like I was being stretched to the limit but it was not at all painful, it was exciting and I wanted it in me deeper. He methodically pushed it into me until his pubic hair brushed up against my butt and I knew it was all the way in.

He reached around me with both hands and grasped my right breast with his right hand, and touched my pussy with his left. He began to fuck me in wonderful slow motion, and fondled my breast and my pussy at the same time.

Most men just grab and grope your breasts, and shove their finger up your vagina, but he was much more knowledgeable than that. He manipulated my clit in exactly the way that I masturbate, all the while sliding his cock in and out of my asshole. He had to go slowly because I was still tight, the incident when I was eighteen was a long time ago, and my Marine was not as well hung as Bill.

The feeling of his beautiful long penis sliding all the way up in me was the most exciting thing I have ever experienced. Your asshole is the most personal and private part of your body, even more so than your vagina, and that made it so incredibly intimate.

This continued for several minutes and I was in a state of blissful surrender. I had never been fucked so expertly before and I knew I was going to have an orgasm. The head of his cock was poking and probing way up inside me, much farther in me than I thought possible. He continued in his machine-like way until I noticed some urgency in his thrusting.

He pushed hard against my butt with every last fraction of an inch in me and let out a grunt. I felt his cock pulse and twitch and a fountain of semen squirted into me. This is what turned görükle escort me on to anal sex during the first time with the Marine.

The sensation of being injected with his precious living sperm set me off, and I had an orgasm that was just as intense as his. It must have been like a Rodeo ride for him with me bucking and flailing around.

He collapsed on top of me but he was careful not to crush me. He was huffing and puffing but he kept his hands where they were, cupping my breast and pressing against my clit. He didn’t rub or stroke my clit; he just kept his hand touching it in a calming and reassuring way.

We stayed locked together like that for what seemed like an hour but it was probably only ten or fifteen minutes. He didn’t lose any of his erection, it stayed stiff and hard.

I whispered “That feels so good. Don’t take it out.”

“I won’t. It was so nice that you had an orgasm when I did. I have never had a woman do that.”

“When your semen went into me it felt so good that I practically exploded. I have never felt it like that.”

After another few moments I whispered “Do you think you can start over now?”

He began to move, almost imperceptibly, and I realized he was going to do it again. I think I love this guy.

He went faster now which was possible due to the load he had emptied into me. Semen makes good lubrication. There were some wet squishy sounds as he pushed in and out of me, almost like it sounds when I am being fucked in my vagina.

Speaking of my vagina, he resumed the masturbation technique on my clit and continued to fondle my breast. This guy is a fuck-master. Why in the world should he have to pay for this? I would gladly pay him.

He came up hard against me with every thrust, and his heavy balls slapped against my pussy. I was murmuring and muttering like an insane person while he hyperventilated.

He stopped all the way in and emptied another load in me. I was in ecstasy; it was amazing that this guy could do that again so soon. Twice without even pulling out.

I didn’t have an orgasm this time, but I felt a deep sense of satisfaction. It was as if I had been gang-banged by just one guy. Not that I have ever been gang-banged but you know what I mean.

He finally had enough, and he withdrew slowly. I hated that because I wanted him in me for the rest of my life, but all good things must end. When the head popped out of me I felt a sense of emptiness but at least I knew that his sperm were still deep in me, swimming around and no doubt confused.

We stayed side-by-side for a while, and then I got up and got dressed. I went into the bathroom to check myself in the mirror, and when I came out his eyes were closed. I didn’t know if he was really sleeping or he just didn’t want to talk to me anymore. Like a hooker, he wanted me out the door.

His cock was still half-hard, and I had an overpowering urge to take it in my mouth and suck it, but I didn’t want to disturb him. Instead of kissing him goodbye I kissed his cock right on the head. He kept his eyes closed but he flinched which proved he was faking being asleep.

I went to the dresser to pick up my purse, and on top of it were three crisp new one hundred dollar bills. I was a little offended, but then I thought what the hell, I can use the money, and I took it. Obviously he has to pay in order to not feel guilty about the nasty things he had done to me, so I was doing him a favor I guess.

There was a Hotel notepad and pen on the dresser, so I wrote down my cell phone number and “Call me.”

As I went down the elevator I felt my panties getting wet and sticky. My asshole was still stretched open and Bill’s cum was oozing out of me. Even though I was losing some I knew there was a lot more of it deep inside me.

I left the hotel and drove home, and I thought about my future in Vegas. I have a decent job so I don’t have to sell my body to survive, but I can do it on a case-by-case basis. I won’t have to deal with any guy that propositions me, if he is ugly or smelly I will just act very offended and tell him he should call an escort service.

But if it is an attractive guy that I would probably have sex with anyway, I will take him up on his offer. If I do that every week or so it will supplement my salary and tips from the Casino, and it will also satisfy my sexual needs.

I will have to come up with a way to ask the guys to fuck me in the ass that will sound modest and ladylike. I bet most of them will do it. I have come to realize that I am very anally erotic, thanks to the teenage introduction to it by my Marine neighbor and now the expert ass-fuck by Bill.

But I really hope that Bill will call me. I hope he wants to give me another shot, pardon the tacky play on words. If he has to pay me to get rid of his inhibitions I will just have to take the money.