The Silver-Haired Sex Gang Ch. 07

Since she worked close-by, Tina and I would frequently have lunch together at our little village’s deli. We were sitting in a booth that was in the back of the restaurant acting like a couple of newly-weds. We were laughing and she was occasionally “massaging” me under the table with her feet.

“Jack, sweetie, I’m taking a mental health day on Friday, can you come over and play?”

“What about Jim?”

“Oh, he has to work, but, guess what?” We get to use his boat on the lake and the weather is supposed to be sunny and 85. We can go out and catch some sun and you can give me some more of that “love” you gave me last Friday night at our group session. Man, I was really feeling good after that.”

“I’m there. What time you want me?”

“Be at my place at 8:30.”

On Friday, I showed up at the appointed time. The weather forecast, however, was totally off. It was cloudy, drizzling and cool. Tina answered the door wearing a silk bathrobe. As soon as I got inside, her open mouth met mine.

“We’re just going to have to spend the day in bed, honey.”

We were both in the mood for some slow loving. We went into her bedroom. I undressed and Tina removed her robe displaying her magnificent body. We embraced and our tongues massaged each other’s mouth. We slid under the covers and our bodies became intertwined. I gently caressed Tina’s derrière and back with my fingertips paying no small measure to the crease between her buttocks and the small of her back.

I was nibbling and kissing her neck and ear lobes She held me tight, quietly moaning.

When the time was right, I started caressing her breasts and nibbling and sucking on her firm nipples. She really enjoyed it when I started lightly licking her abdomen on the way down to her pussy. Enthusiastically she held my head while I feasted on her beautiful twot. I made sure that I brought her to orgasm. My tongue was at her beck and call. It took a little bit of time but neither one of us was in a rush.

I rolled over on my back and she straddled me. I saw her position my cock just inside her wet pussy lips and she slowly pushed it inside of her. We both gasped. With her on top, she started moving forward and back making my cock go in and out. The nipples of her undulating breasts lightly rubbed against my chest. I briefly caught a glimpse of her face. She had this big smile on her face as she controlled the speed of my dick plunging into her pussy. She started going faster and faster. I placed my hands on her hips as she fucked me. We simultaneously began fucking harder and harder. My hot cum was churning inside of me wanting to explode into her body. I couldn’t hold it another second. My body went stiff and my back arched. A violent contraction sent ropes of my semen into my lover.

After this consummation of our lustful desires. She remained on top of me while I stroked and caressed her back and ass. My dick slowly softened and slid out of her pussy along with some hot cum. We kissed passionately.

“That’s what I wanted to do on the boat ride.” She purred

“This was perfect, I don’t need a boat to make love to you,” I replied.

She smiled and kissed me.

“Jack, I have something to ask you.”

“What’s that, dear?”

“Have you ever heard of Tantric Sex?” She asked.

“I think so but I couldn’t tell you what it is.”

“It’s supposed to be the ultimate expression of physical love. According to this literature, tantric love-making can last hours and bring multiple orgasms to both men and women.”

“That sounds too good to be true. Are you sure?

“Well, there’s a two day workshop on Tantric Lovemaking in a couple of weeks and I want you to go with me as my partner.”

“Huh? Why wouldn’t you take Jim?”

“He really doesn’t care for this new age stuff. He thinks it’s bullshit. I know you like trying new things besides I think you and I can really get off on this. Jim has agreed to let me take you and he’ll keep Penny well fucked over the weekend.”

“Count me in.”

“One thing I want you to practice before the workshop. I want you to look up kegeling and start practicing several times a day.”

After that request, Tina began lovingly caressing my dick. I could feel it start tingling. She went down on me. Her velvet tongue began licking the underside of my knob and I started moaning. She was alternately caressing and squeezing my nut sack. She would run her wet mouth up and down my erect cock.

“Oh my God, Tina. I can’t stand it, baby, I’m gonna blow.”

“Not yet, baby,” She cooed.

She pinched the tip of my dick to stop the flood of cum. Then she went back to work. She brought me to verge of cumming three times even while keeping my cock hard.

“I want you to fuck me from behind, Lover.”

She got on her hands and knees and I got behind her and began to lick her pussy and anus. She started moaning very loudly. She was sopping wet at this point. I slid my fingers ankara escort in and out of her pussy.

“Fuck me, Jack, fuck me hard, I want your cock so bad.”

I knelt behind her and slid my cock past her pussy lips deep inside of her and started pumping. My sensitivity was lower due to her oral loving and I was pounding her hard.

“Oooooooh, Jack, more dick, dick me, dick me, dick me.”

I was pulling her hair, holding her head up.

“Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh!!” She kept uttering.

I had noticed an opened Vaseline container on the night stand and I stuck my thumb in it. As I was fucking her I took the thumb from my free hand and began circling her anus.

“You dirty filthy fucker, fuck me, fuck me. Jack what are you doing?”

I gently started sliding my thumb into her anus.

She started bucking her head so I let go of her hair. I pushed on her back to really get an angle on her pussy. The bed was rocking like it was going to break. Her head was on the bed and her mouth was wide open and a little bit of drool was dribbling over her luscious lips.

I removed my thumb and took a hold of her hips and began to grind her. She was just making gurgling noises and then she just went limp. I pulled out and flipped her on her back, pinned her legs back and pushed my cock in as deep as it would go.

I was pumping like frenzied animal. All the hot cum that Tina had suppressed earlier was destined for her womb. She had planned it that way. The exquisite pain and ecstasy from all the living seed inside me was going straight into her cervix.


We collapsed together covered with out love juices and sweat. We embraced and held on tight. We didn’t say a word for two and a half hours. We just slept and caressed each other. I don’t know how she did it, but she got another erection but I had no cum left. We fucked in the missionary position until my dick just gave up.

At about 3pm it was time for me to go. I cleaned up and took a shower. After I got dressed, I went to kiss Tina goodbye. She was still sleeping when I bent over but woke her up when my lips met hers. She looked at me and said,

“I love you”

“I love you, too”

And we parted until our workshop.

As an aside:

Based upon what you have read in these stories, you might assume that Penny and I don’t fuck that much but that’s not true since we re-discovered our sexuality. Our favorite game is MNF and I don’t mean Monday Night Football. It stands for Middle of the Night Fuck. I’m a light sleeper and usually wake up about 3am with a very nice erection. Penny and I like spooning and slowly humping.

She can lift her leg and rest it on me and I can slide my cock into her or I can take her from behind. She really loves it if I slide a couple of pillows under her tummy and fuck her ass. We do all sorts of things to get us both off. There’s nothing like a good cumshot to help you sleep.

We’ve been married for long long time. There have been ups and downs but the fact of the matter is that my wife and I have been through a lot together and love each other very deeply BUT, as we have re-discovered, we LOVE to fuck.

I went to Tina’s early the morning of our Tantric workshop. I wasn’t sure about what to expect so I brought along some Viagra if it looked like I was going to need it. We were both dressed very casually. We kinda looked like we were going to work out at the health club.

Tina was really getting into it. I sort of looked at it as a lot of new age stuff. The main thing I got out of it was that it really helps to be in decent shape for lengthy love-making like strengthening the PC muscles to hold off ejaculation. They also emphasized breathing techniques to control things. Above all was the importance to focus upon the needs and desires of your partner.

Tina made this concoction out of olive oil and the essential oils of lavender, sage and rosemary to stroke my penis. One of the drills was that she was to use both hands to pleasure my cock and, boy did she ever. I had to employ the Kegel contraction to prevent premature ejaculation. I focused upon every part of her body. I spent a lot of time caressing her face, neck, back, breasts, derriere. I developed a huge erection. The facilitator noticed that all the men had erections and we were told that women were to straddle us (We were all sitting on cushions on the floor) with our cocks in their pussies. We were supposed to gaze into each other’s eyes and focus on the beauty of our lover and savor the sensations. We were told to employ our kegeling and breathing exercises to avoid cumming. The instructor stated with practice men could have “dry” orgasms and experience ecstasy for hours. I’m still not sure how that works.

Anyway, Tina and I were in our intimate position. I initially thought I would start laughing by gazing in her eyes but the look of love and lust in her face made me completely ankara escort bayan melt.

She was whispering things like,

“I can feel your thick throbbing cock inside of me”

“I love you”

We were in a loose embrace savoring and caressing one another. I was frequently kegeling to prevent an orgasm. It got a little easier after a while but after 30 minutes or an hour (it seemed like an eternity), this instructor said,

“It’s been a long and hard day and you should be proud. Feel free to consummate your love.”

People just went crazy. Cum was everywhere.

Tina and I leaned back in our straddling positions with our arms holding us up and began rocking our groins together. We both could see my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. We both put our heads back in ecstasy as my pulsating dick exploded inside of her. All that ejaculation suppression made for a huge wet orgasm. Luckily, Tina had brought a couple of towels.

“Rest and practice tonight what we have learned today,” said the instructor, “I will see you at 9am tomorrow.”

Tina and I practiced enthusiastically all night.

The second day was even better than the first. Tina and I were locked in an intimate embrace for most of the day. I was better able to hold an erection without ejaculating and it allowed her to focus upon my cock being deep inside her. She told me later that she had several orgasms, not as powerful as our visceral ones but more numerous. She also told me that she loved it because of the intimacy. I continued with the breathing and kegeling exercises because, well, I loved the reaction it brought from my lovers.

You remember my hot wife, Kay? I met her one twilight in the Inn’s garden and she had not yet experienced my new found skill. As usual I silently walked up behind her, I grasped one her massive tits and started nibbling her back, neck and ears. I quietly brought her sun dress over her hips and plunged my hard rod inside her pussy. Unlike the past fucks which were over fairly quickly, I just kept pumping and pumping, hard. I held my cum until she couldn’t contain her moaning any more. The slapping sounds of our lustful loins got really loud. She cried out loud when she came and I let my cum flood her pussy. This part of our encounter lasted at least 10 minutes. Unbelievably, despite the potential scandal of our public display, she laid down on the end of the wide concrete bench on which she had been steadying herself. She pulled her sun dress down to her waist so both her massive tits and pussy were exposed. She spread her legs and opened her pussy lips with her fingers. She wanted more.

I pushed my cock inside of her and started pounding. She dug into my thighs and I squeezed and sucked her tits. I just kept fucking her until she came again. I know people heard us. We both left the scene of the crime separately although we were both a bit woozy. She was a little more flustered than I as she hadn’t fully pulled up her sun dress. One breast was completely exposed as she escaped through the multitude of flowers in the garden back to her house.

She called me the next morning at 8:30 asking me for breakfast. I had “breakfast” until about 12:30.

Tina, Renee and I were having lunch at the Deli one day and Tina was telling Renee all about Tantric love-making. I just nodded when Tina wanted me to agree. I still had not experienced any of the so-called dry orgasms. Renee was getting enthusiastic about this stuff and wanted to attend a workshop.

“Rick won’t do it, he likes his set-up now and he is kinda resistant to change,” She lamented.

Tina chirped, “Take Jack.”

Taken aback, I went, “Huh?”

Tina went on, “He’s been practicing a lot with me and he’s getting good at it. It will make your time at the workshop really great. After all, he is our slut, right?”

Renee looked at me, “Jack?”

I smiled, “I’d love to on one condition.”

“What’s that dear?”

“I’d like to keep the Tantric thing just among us, specifically Carol could get upset. I’ve seen a little jealousy crop up and I don’t want her to get hurt.”

I related the story about Kay and the resulting golden shower episode.

“I’ll do whatever she (Carol) wants in private but I’m concerned about her wanting to escalate it in a group situation. It would cross the line from fetish to degradation.”

Renee half kiddingly remarked, “I’m kinda of relieved that you do have limits, Jack. I totally agree that urination is not a group activity. We will protect you.”

Tina said with a smile “Absolutely, I want to protect my love.”

Renee said, “I would roll with it if she wants to take you off in private but we’ll take care of things if she tries to do it in front of us.”

“I really don’t want to upset anybody, especially people I care deeply about.”

Renee responded, “Jack, you know a lot better than most, that people and situations evolve. There’s no way to stop escort ankara it. You can’t be scared of the evolution. We will try to adapt to the change. Tantric love is an example of another new development for us and we all will adapt wonderfully to it.”

“I really love you two.”

Tina said, “We love you, too.”

Renee laughed, “You will get to prove that at our workshop.”

The day of the workshop arrived, I dropped Penny off with Rick and Renee and I drove to the private retreat and checked in. She looked absolutely stunning with that long straight gray hair and those long gorgeous legs. She, like Kay, loved sun dresses and wore one to the first day. Based upon her discussion with Tina, she wore no panties.

I was able to restrain from cumming in her pussy during the workshop and I actually had two dry orgasms for the first time. My enthusiasm and lust for her brought her to orgasm as well. Our facilitator was really pleased. That night, however, brought several wet orgasms inside of her. When the workshop was over, Renee and I were masses of jelly from the love-making.

Penny and Rick went away for the weekend too and they seemed very satisfied and relaxed from attending a couple of shows in DC. Penny was walking a little funny but what the hey.

After I got back from the workshop, I decided that I needed to take Carol away for a couple of days. I was thinking that my cousin had a house at the beach and there were a lot of nice restaurants in the area. I wasn’t sure if she would go without Alan and the others but she jumped at the chance. In fact, she was so enthusiastic about the trip she immediately fucked me on the rug in the living room.

We were going to leave on Friday and come back Monday morning. I picked her up Friday at 9 and we were off. The drive took about 3 hours and she kept kissing me and caressing my dick the whole way. Her outfit for travel was a tank top to show off those lovely tits, tight fitting capri pants and platform flip flops.

We got to the house and she immediately took off all her clothes and she helped me do the same. The outside temp was nice and there was a nice ocean breeze so we opened the ocean front doors and windows. The screened porch on the ocean helped hide the nudity from the beach but I’m still sure people noticed the unusual behavior.

After we undressed in the house Our open mouths met and we massaged our tongues. I took Carol to the Master Bedroom and had her lie down on the bed and I began to lick her pussy and suck on her clit. She rolled over and positioned her twot just above my face. I held her hips and pushed my mouth into her labia and tongue fucked her.

“Ooohhh, Darling, deeper deeper,” she begged.

I kept going and going. I felt her body really begin to tense up.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God, EEEEAWWWW,” she shrieked.

She exploded and squirted over me and the bed spread.

She fell to the bed. I got her on her knees on the bed and slid my dick into her wet pussy. Her head was on the bed and I began to pump. She was loudly groaning as I pushed deep inside her.

“Baby, do you feel my thick cock throbbing?”

“Oh Jeeeezus, fuck me darling, fuck me.”

I kegeled a bit to hear her beg for more cock.

“Shoot your load inside me, baby. drain your sperm.”

It was time. I let go and my hot love nectar painted her womb.

We laid there, spent, for about an hour. We eventually got up and put on our bathing suits and went to the beach. Despite our “mature” bodies, she looked fabulous in her bikini especially when a big titty would pop out of the top when we were in the surf. We made sure we got some sun but we both had a lot of sensuous fun applying sunscreen.

When we got back to the house, we’d drop our suits, use the outdoor shower and run naked into the house and fuck. When we were in the house, we were always naked. We only got dressed to go to the beach, to a restaurant and, when we went to the grocery store, once.

There was a day bed on the screened in porch. At night we would have one or two lights turned low in the house. The porch would be dark with only the sound of the surf and a cool breeze. We would lay naked on the day bed listening to surf and the occasional people walk by on the beach while the ocean breeze caressed our bodies.

For three nights, the sensual overload helped us reach new carnal heights on that day bed. We used every position we loved. I came in her pussy, I came in her ass and I came in her mouth. I also made sure she was a quivering mass of love. And we weren’t shy about it.

In between the surf sounds you could hear our flesh meeting and meeting and meeting.

Her legs were frequently straight up in the air and bobbing around from the fabulous fucking that we were doing. We only moved inside when we got cold early in the morning about 1am or 2.

The whole weekend was a dream. I found out then and there that if I had a periodic trip with Carol, there were no possession issues. She just needed to know that .I thought she was special.

On the way home, we stopped at a secluded spot at a rest stop and she wanted me to take her from behind before we got home. I did it with a lot of joy and enthusiasm.

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