The Egyptian Goddess

Angelica Black

I am a father of two handsome kids now…. with a very beautiful and loving wife… but still, sometimes, I remember that night, the night that introduced me to my first sex experience! It’s a true story, and since I don’t wanna hurt anyone’s feelings, least my wife’s, I will use fake names here while writing the story for readers!

I was 18 then, young, enthusiastic and wild! I neva had a chance to have sex… so all I did to nourish my 9-inch-dick was to whack off while watching pornographic movies. It was one of my wildest wishes to have sex… but it neva came true until one night…

It was a cold night of December. We were at my uncle’s house, who lived in Egypt, in the wedding ceremony of his daughter. It was eleven PM. The house of my uncle was really big with two floors and a lawn. The lawn, although, wasn’t completed yet with the decorations, so it was the least visited and roamed around place in the whole house.

Everyone was on the 1st floor, enjoying the party… when I decided to smoke, as I was feeling fidgeting from quite some time now. No body knew that I was a smoker, so, for the very reason, I went in the lawn and started smoking. The lawn was well-built with a wall around it, a roof and a door with a lock to enter from. I was sitting on the grass, with my YSL cigarette in my fingers, when I heard someone entering. In a flash I hided the cigarette and stood up, gesturing like I was taking a late-night walk in the garden.

Hey was what I heard. It was a female voice, with immense warmth in it. I moved around to see who was it and I was shocked. It was my cousin Isabella. She was the youngest daughter of my uncle and was only a month younger than me. We arrived at their house just a couple of hours ago so we didn’t have time to meet every family member… and in unmet members Iz was included. I saw her some ten years ago the last time… and as I stated, I was shocked to see her now, all grown up. Although there was very little light available in the lawn, my eyes saw her with her elite details. She was so beautiful and had an air of wildness about her. If my readers would spare calling my remark extravagant, I would like to state that she was extremely elegant in her appearance… just like an Egyptian Goddess.

Hello I replied with stunned fascination. She, noticing my shy and stunned expressions, reached to me and gave a big hug. Who Ah!!… Her body against mine… it was so erotic that my cock sprang out to an immediate erection. I, hurriedly, separated from her. I was wearing Versace jeans, and was afraid of being exposed.

Wow! You have quite grown up… I stated.

Yeah well so are you…. She answered as her eyes smiled.

Well… I neva thought you would grow up so beautiful! I said.

Thanx!!! I see you have a muscular body…. You have joined a gym or what? She seemed to be flattered by my remarks escort bursa and fascinated by my body as I was wearing a skin fitting Adidas sports shirt.

Well yeah sort of!! I replied. She sat on the grass and, understanding that she wanted to have a long talk, I joined her. We sat there talking for what seemed to be ages. I looked at my watch and was really shocked to discover that it was only half an hour.

Going somewhere? She asked as she noticed me looking at my watch.

Well… not exactly… it has been half an hour… don’t you think we should get back before someone summons us?! I was feeling uncomfortable sitting with her, talking about unimportant things, looking at her magnificent body, and controlling my emotions. She was wearing jeans and a tight fitting half-sleeve shirt. It was so tight that even her tits were easily visible… her big boobs were staring me right in my face… challenging me to touch them!

Everyone is busily enjoying the party! Who would think about us?! Besides I think it’s boring to just sit down and talk with someone you don’t even know!!! Manners as they call it!!! She seemed very bored even by the mentioning of the party. So I did the only thing I could’ve done at that time… sat there talking to her.

After, say ten minutes or so, she said something that made my whole body shiver by the electric waves…

Listen… I wanna ask you something, but I fear if you mind that, anyhow I cant wait any longer to discuss it, as you are the only one around I think I can say anything to… tell me how does it feel having sex? She uttered the words with a little hesitance.

I was spineless… we were meeting after such a long time and had a talk of only half an hour and she was asking me something no one has ever asked me before. I was unable to say anything… and sat there just looking her in her big beautiful eyes… too amazed to say anything at all.

Well I see you are a bit shocked! Okay lets put it this way… we don’t have much time left… we gotta get back before some one gets worried… so.……………Would you like to have sex with me… right here right now?!?!?

Fuck!!! Was I dreaming?!? Did I go insane!?!? Thoughts stormed my mind like the waves of an enraged ocean hitting me with enormous power. I was unable to see anything… too shocked to think clearly… all I saw was her beautiful hand moving towards my manhood… and then with her gentle touch I recovered to my senses.

You sure you wanna do this??? I asked as I regained my powers. All she did in response was to node!

You think this is a safe place? I was not sure as yet!

Well we can move to the store room if you fear an intrusion! She replied quickly!

And we moved to the store room… in the east of the lawn. It was a small room with loads of worthless stuff junked in it! I figured out that we had to make love bursa otele gelen escort in the standing position!

Once in the room, adrenalin started rushing through my body! I moved towards her and started kissing her. My dream was about to come true. I grabbed her hips and forced her towards me… she threw her arms against my waist. I pierced my tongue into her mouth and she lovingly sucked it!

Dija eva fucked anyone befo? she moaned in my ear.

Naaw! I replied!

Then lets do it for the first time!!!

Her sexy voice turned me on! I gently touched her tits… her body shivered and she moaned lightly. I undressed her top body and stood there like an idiot… watching her topless… those magnificent boobs staring me right in my face. Slowly, I took her right tit in my fingers and started rubbing it. Then, gradually, I took it in my mouth, sucking that horny piece of flesh, lubricating it with my salvia. I repeated the same process with the other boob… and that was enough for her… she shivered heavily as she had her first orgasm.

Aghraaaaah!!! Oh God!!!! It feels sooooo good…. I cant take it any more… please Mike… fuck me… oh please please please…..

Slow down honey… we aint going nowhere for a while I suppose!!

I moved towards her lower body and brought her out of her pants. She was wearing some under wears as it was cold so she started undressing. She was so voluptuously undressing that my piece of wood erected to its fullest. And then I saw her gorgeous pussy… wet with her own cum, neatly shaved.

You want me in their baby? I asked moaning.

Yyyyeeeaaaahhhh she whispered.

I unzipped my pant and what came out of it was my big thick cock!

Oooooooh…. Its sooooo fucking enormous!!!!

I moved toward her and kissed her desperately with my finger in her love hole. It was so tight that even with her cum… I felt some difficulty to insert my finger deep down inside. How the fuck am I gonna put my cock in there… the thought came in my mind… but there was not time for thinking!!!! So I sat down and sucked her pussy. She grabbed my hair and pushed my head back and forward while moaning with pleasure.

Oh yeahhhhh… fuck me with your tongue! The juices were dripping her wildly wet.

I entered here with my tongue… tasting her hot and tight pussy!

Ohhhhhhhhhh… I can’t take it no longer… please give it me Mike… give it to me!!!!

She begged… and I fulfilled her need… I stood up… brought my self in position and rubbed my dick-head on her labia. She moaned wildly. Now was it!!! I thought and gently pushed the head inside her sweet hole. Iz cried with pain as I entered her.

Did it hurt? I asked.

Oh yeah… a little…. But I want it Mike… I want it badly!

So I pushed my tool a little further in her folds, and bursa sınırsız escort at last I was in her with all my manhood. She moaned with pleasure as the pain subsided and her vaginal muscles adjusted to the size of the foreign body. I pulled out my now fully erect shaft and then pushed it in again. She moved closer to me and forced her tongue into my mouth. I sucked like a hungry infant. I was in control now… fucking her in a rhythm.

Ooooooooh yeaaaaaaahhhh….. fuck me nice and hard!!! She said in between kissing.

Her words did the magic for me… I grabbed her buttocks and started thrusting my penis into her abyss quite wildly… When she suddenly separated herself from me…

What the fuck just happened I asked immediately!

This is my first experience Mike… and is too perfect to be ruined by my ending up in a maternity ward, giving birth to your illegitimate child! She said.

So what the hell you suppose we should do… I don’t have any condoms with me I replied confused.

Well I can give you a blow job if you want She said but the disgust was obvious by her face.

Nope!!! I won’t go for that I replied.

She thought for a sec and then suddenly jumped with an idea… her beautiful tits bumped into my chest as she came closer and whispered in my ear…

Cum in my ass!!!

Fuck No! It would’ve been a disaster for her tight ass to be invaded by my enormously huge cock.

Please do it Mike… I donno if I am gonna get another chance of such an erotic love making…. So I wanna know everything!!!

I got even harder by the mere thought of entering her ass. I ordered her to get on all fours. It was plane earth beneath our feet and so it was difficult to ignore the pain… but she reluctantly did it. I grabbed her by her abdomen and raised her ass. I started licking her ass as I wanted it to be wet enough to accept my rod. After lubricating it for a while… I started pushing my penis inside her ass. She shouted out laud with pain as my dick-head entered inside her ass… so I stopped… waiting for her to get adjusted… and then pushed a little further. It took me some five minutes to enter my full rod in her tight asshole. Then I reached for her tits from behind and started messaging them, motionless other wise… providing my horny cousin with time to adjust. After some while I pulled my tool back and then pushed it forward slowly. She moaned with what seemed immense pleasure. This told me that she was now ready. It was all too much for me already so I started hammering her quickly but quite rhythmically.

Oooh yeah Mike…. Fuck me in my ass!!!!!

I started doing it even faster. She answered to my every single stroke.

Oh baby…. I’m gonna cum inside you honey…. I am going to make you happy… I am gonna cccccuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm…..

I cried with intense pleasure as I came inside her ass… filling her crack with numberless convulsions. She moaned and moaned as she had her third orgasm.

After a while we got up… she got dressed and I just zipped my Versace and then we both went upstairs one by one. We meat a couple of times after that and she proved to be a real Egyptian Goddess for me!

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