A Gift for Her…


It was the holiday season, and work had been crazy, as has the shopping, but now it’s all over as Jen arrives at home, on her first day of the holiday break. She’d spent the day shopping, baking and preparing every little last thing for Christmas. She was so excited to spend time with her loved ones, and that special new guy in her life, who just happens to be crazy about her. The Christmas plans they have, along with all her other loved ones is what she’d been so hard at work preparing for, and of course looking forward to. It was the most important thing to her, and she just can’t wait!

But in this moment, as she’s heading inside with all her bags from the mall, her mind is able to escape everything else, and just focus on herself for a moment. She’d see her family in a couple days, and her bf would be in her arms tomorrow, on his first day of the Christmas break. She smiles at that thought. She can’t wait, but she is also happy to have an evening to herself, to breathe, and anticipate all that there is to look forward to. So many great plans, but tonight, is all about her. While excited about Christmas, family, and her new love, she is also experiencing a tinkling feeling of adrenaline. She deserves this feeling, this naughty excitement that almost overwhelms her body. She’s done so much to prepare for the holiday event, and will cherish every moment of it, but tonight, she is going to be selfish, and bring extreme pleasure to herself.

She loves her sex life. Mike is amazing, and it only seems to get better each and every time they go at it. Whether making love to her, or ravishing her body, it’s just the most amazing feeling ever! The only thing it isn’t, is new. It’s so good that they constantly go at it, and it NEVER gets old. But again, it’s not new. It’s not that exciting feeling of someone new or someone you haven’t been with in a while, which supplies that super sexual rush kuşadası escort of adrenaline. She is feeling that rush, right now. She has been thinking all day about it, and how tonight belongs to her!

A month ago, she was lucky enough to meet a really cool guy. Mike had set it up online for her, and watched over her in the bar that night. She was instantly attracted and feeling that rush, once she could tell that he was really into her. He was married and had a thing for other married women, and of course he believed her to be just that. He also believed her to be too naughty to stay faithful to her husband, who he believed constantly worked out of town and was not available to rock her body the way it required. The longer they sat there at that bar, the more she imagined him doing the rocking. She even apologized for having to text her husband back, just so she could text Mike, and tell him how hot this guy was, and that she definitely wanted to experience lust with him.

Mike’s aroused at the other booth. He looks at his phone as she continues to send messages. She asks permission to bring him back to his (Mike’s) place, even though the plan was just a meet and greet. She goes on to tell him that his schedule is rough and it could be a month or longer until she gets to experience him. Mike already knows he will NEVER delete that text. Just reading her request is so thrilling to him. So, he warns her that he will leave first and beat them back, and hide in the closet.

As she reads Mike’s response, she is again filled with that raging adrenaline of lust and excitement, for what she is about to experience. She loves Mike, but this guy is freaking hot! Even if he doesn’t fuck as well as Mike, just rubbing her body against his will be amazing. She looks at him with that mischievous smile, and he knows she wants it, just as much as he does. She knew that he couldn’t stay away from his wife all night, so she gets to the point, and informs him she has a key to her friend’s place, who is out of town, and invites him there.

He follows her there, and they are making-out hot and heavy as they enter the room, where Mike is hiding with his Gopro. As much as this guy and the bulge in his pants is turning her on, she also loves the idea of giving Mike something worthy of masturbating to, even if he waited until later, to do so at the memory of it. While this guy is providing the lust, it’s the idea of Mike that gives her that feeling of love and security, which only makes this kind of situation the best situations and sex of her life. She is already soaked from this guy’s touch, along with the idea of Mike masturbating to the video he’s about to make. She wants the sex to be great for her, and for Mike, and for the video.

The sex was good! He was buff, hung and knew how to please a woman. He went at her so wildly that at times she forgot Mike was even there, but then got even wetter while remembering he was there, hiding and filming these highly orgasmic moments. It was the time of her life, and all being filmed, to masturbate to, for life. She even got wetter just thinking about having her own copy, because god knows this was definitely something worthy of masturbating to! His name keeps coming up, after all!

A month later she found herself watching that video, her first night home from work before Christmas break. She could not wait to finally experience that guy again! The next day, once home, she was dying with anticipation for him to arrive. His wife was at her folks for the night, so he belonged to Jen for the entire evening. As great as the first time was, she was really turned on by the concept of what he might do for her this time around. Mike rewarded her very well the first time, and she was counting on him doing so again this time. He was not there to watch, but she had a surprise for him, and was expecting to be highly rewarded for it.

Once he arrives, they don’t take long to begin removing clothes. With everything she’s done to prepare for the holidays, it just feels so good to let loose and allow herself some “me time”. Nothing beats “me time” like sneaking over a hot married guy who knows what he’s doing in the bedroom. The sex he gave her was extremely arousing, but so was the fact that he was giving it to her, and not his wife. She just kept thinking about it all, his hung penis, his ability to use it, Mike, Christmas, the days to come, seeing this guy in the future, Mike, how much he loves her, how much he loves her doing this, how much she loves doing this. Her life is so PERFECT.

She then begins to forget everything, her mind goes blank as her body can only focus on the overwhelming pleasure, and the enormous orgasm that is on the horizon. Her moaning and squirming is out of control, which makes her think of Mike again, and how happy he will be with all these orgasmic sounds, which goes on forever!

Jen sleeps like a baby that night. She is so spoiled, but in such a wonderful way. That guy can fuck like a machine! So can Mike, and so can her other lovers. She’s just a little nervous though. She usually has Mike’s permission, but not tonight. It was her secret, for the moment, until her and Mike had some time to themselves, late on Christmas. She confessed that she had that guy over, and fucked for hours. She then handed Mike a gift, which he opened and turned on immediately. It was a video of her experience from the other night. She had set up a hidden cam. There were hours of footage. She warned him that he was going to see her cum and squirm about as hard as she ever had. He held her while they both watched, at first very affectionately, before heating up, as the video kept playing in the background, while they made love and fucked away the long Christmas night…


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