A Valentine’s Day Dress


“Can I help you with something?”

I regretted the question about 5 minutes after asking it. Now, about 2 hours into to ordeal this girl looked visibly more exasperated than I felt. Her eyebrows furrowed with disapproval as she rotated in the body length mirror, comically craning her neck backwards to get a better view of her own ass in the ugly pink dress that she’s made me grab 3 different sizes of. But not only the ugly pink dress, the 4 dresses before it as well.

“It looks weird in the back.” She huffed.

I agree, it looks weird in the back. The open back with long straps just didn’t fit her torso correctly and sagged in odd places, not fitting tightly like it was supposed to.

“What about a size smaller?” She glanced at me through the mirror. I was standing behind her leaned against another dressing room stall because I knew if I walked away, she’d start shouting for assistance. I know this because when she first walked into the store and asked me to let her into a stall, I heard her from across the entire expanse of the establishment shouting, “Can I get a dressing room attendant?” I just sort of stood there for a while because I couldn’t believe she’d actually yelled in a store.

“Hellooooo?” She bellowed afterwards, maybe a little quieter, more polite.

I was bewildered by the situation, because number one: There was no such thing as dressing room attendants in our store. Everyone that worked here just had a key to let customers in so they could count their items beforehand and prevent theft. This wasn’t an expensive designer store where we put on your shoes for you and grab any size you want, kissing your ass until you buy something. Number two: She seemed way too young to be this bitchy. Normally this was ’40-year-old Karen with a chip on her shoulder’ type behavior. This girl seemed about my age, very late teens or early 20’s maybe.

“You’ve tried on every size below it.” I practiced a voice so calm it would put a yoga instructor to shame.

“What about the yellow one? The satin one with the chain straps.”

I ground my teeth together while simultaneously burning a hole through the back of her head with my glare. She didn’t notice and was trying to pinch the fabric of the pink dress to see what it would look like if it fit correctly.

“Ma’am, I have to tend to other customers. My co-worker is in the stockroom and I’m the only one in front.” I spoke slowly, as if I was addressing a petulant child.

Her face pinched and her eyes shot daggers at me through the mirror again.

“What other customers? There’s nobody in here. It’s Valentine’s Day and a Friday night. Everybody is out doing something.”

Then why aren’t you out doing something? What in god’s name possessed you to come make my life hell on Valentine’s Day of all nights? I was already irritated enough to be stuck with a closing shift, not that I’d be doing anything other than fucking my own hand if I wasn’t here.

Deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. The corners of my mouth yanked up like they were attached to fish-hooks.

“Which yellow dress are you referring to?” I tried not to hiss but the vexation leaked from my words.

“It’s on the left side sort of by the clearance rack. It’s on display next to the red one I tried on after the other red one.”

Jesus fucking Christ.

“I’ll fetch that for you.” I stomped as I walked, taking my irritation out on the concrete below my feet. I grabbed the yellow dress in every single god damn size available and stomped back. She was back in her stall. I could hear the sound of a zipper unzipping.

“Did you get it in small? I might need a medium too. Could you grab those?” I was silent as I stared at the wooden dressing room door, willing it to spontaneously combust.

“I got every size on the rack.” I murmured, hoisting the pile of dresses to hang over the door.

“Extra-large? Seriously? Do I look extra-large to you?” She snapped, pulling the cluster off the door and into the dressing room. I heard her rustling around a bit before she opened the door and started shuffling out of the dressing room. This was definitely the tightest dress she’d tried on. She looked a little flushed, probably from the exertion of squeezing into it. She grabbed her long brown hair and gathered it into a messy ponytail.

“Can you zip me up?” She’d zipped up the back of it for the most part but couldn’t quite reach the last couple inches. I awkwardly approached her, yanking the zipper up and stepped away again.

My eyes slipped down to the roundness of her hips and the curve of her ass that had the silky, canary yellow fabric bunching just above it. I think it was her lack of height that was making it difficult to find a well-fitting dress. But, the tight tube of satin didn’t leave much room for a mishap in fitting because as long as she could squeeze into it, it could rest really anywhere on her body. I looked up from her moderately thick thighs to the dramatic curve of her waist, then into the mirror to see her tits being pushed up by the fabric. The chain straps didn’t really do anything to hold the dress up, her sizable breasts were kuşadası escort doing a nice enough job of that.

Then I realized she was staring at me through the mirror. I hurriedly looked down at the ground, pretending to cough and shuffle my feet. I felt my face grow hot from the accidental creepiness I must have just conveyed.

“Uh…Is that the one?” I glanced at the store through the archway of the fitting room. Empty, no people passed by to window shop either. The mall had to be closing soon, so she’ll have to leave. Maybe I should tell her I have to start closing up.

“I don’t know, is it?” Her sultry tone made me pause and glance at her again. She rotated in the mirror and looked at her ass before turning her head to turn to face me. She quirked one well-groomed eyebrow over an olive green, mascaraed eye.

Um…what? Did I imagine that tone?

I had to make an active attempt to not let my eyes slip anywhere but keeping contact with hers.

“It looks good. Uh…” Said active attempt was failed when my eyes dipped down to her tits again. I opted to just close them, rubbing them with a finger as though an invisible speck of dust just blinded me.

“I can ring you up then.”

She pulled open the dressing room door and stood in the threshold. I didn’t understand why she even kept coming out of the dressing room, there was a full-length mirror inside of it after all.

“I need you to unzip me.”

What? Ah fuck.

“I don’t think…” I started but wasn’t sure how I was supposed to finish. She moved her weight to her other foot and glanced at the pile of dresses in the dressing room and back to me. A mischievous smile flitted across her face.

“I’m not going to bite you.” She reassured me. Her eyes flicked up and down. Is she flirting with me? This has to be flirting, right? She seemed to study me for the first time after commanding me around for 2 hours. My mouth felt dry. I shoved my hands into my pockets in an attempt to look more casual.

“Well-I need to start closing up.” I cleared my throat and glanced everywhere except her direction.

“Well… do you want me to leave or not? You can’t close while I’m stuck in a dress.”

Yes, I want you to leave. I imagined what she could possibly be dress shopping for. A Valentine’s Day date maybe. It could be for a party or event of some sort. It seemed important to her that she found the perfect dress and I wasn’t really sure what the requirements were for that. If this was the dress she chose, it was clearly intended to grab the attention of every guy in a 5-mile radius.

She reached for the zipper on the back of the dress clearly to prove she couldn’t reach the top of it.


It was the first ‘please’ I’d heard out of her this whole time.

I looked around the store again, empty. I wondered if this was some weird set up by management to see how I’d perform with a difficult, needy customer. I probably wasn’t earning a raise anytime soon after clearly ogling her. We stared at each other for a few long seconds before I sighed.

“Yeah. Okay.” I approached her with caution. She stepped into the dressing room and turned her back to me, looking at me through the mirror. I remained in the doorway. Because, now we’ve hit a dilemma. If I step into the dressing room the door will automatically swing shut. Unless I want to do some weird acrobatic move where I stick my foot in the door while reaching for her zipper.

“You can come in.” She seemed to notice the hesitation on my face.

Um, no, I can’t, unless I want some sort of sexual harassment charge slapped on along with immediate termination of my employment.

“I can’t.” I breathed. Frustration furrowed her eyebrows. She turned on her heel and reached out, grabbing the lanyard I wore on my neck with my employee ID card attached to it. She yanked it gently, applying steady pressure until I took a step inside of the dressing room. The door shut with a loud Clank.

Oh no. Oh god. Holy shit.

She released the lanyard.

What am I doing in a dressing room with a girl? A customer? At work? She literally just dragged me in here! The silence produced a heavy awkwardness and I strongly considered leaving, but at the same time I really wanted to unzip that zipper.

She turned her back to me and cleared her throat, making me recall the task at hand. I took a step closer to her. This proximity in the enclosed space I could smell whatever fruity perfume she wore. I forced my eyes to focus on the zipper.

It’s just a zipper, it’s not going to hurt me, all I have to do is pull it down and sprint out of the dressing-room like I was never here. There’s no way I can get in trouble for only being in here a few seconds, right? She pulled me in here. Why are my damn hands so shaky?

Her long ponytail hung in the way of it. I brushed it with the back of my hand over her shoulders, unintentionally grazing my fingers across the tanned skin of her back in the process. I glanced at her, petrified by the accidental contact. She was staring at me, her face looking more flushed than when she came out of the dressing room after putting the dress on. I pinched the zipper between two fingers and pulled it down a few inches.

“Is this for… a date?” The uncomfortable tension made the sentence spew out of my mouth and I wished I could shove it back in.

“No.” She responded curtly. I made brief eye contact with her through the mirror before flicking my eyes back down to the zipper.

I zipped it down a few more inches, positive she could reach it from its position. I looked up at her about to try to say something professional and high tail it out of there, but she was just gazing back at me expectantly. Expecting me to finish unzipping.

Oh god.

I pulled the zipper down very carefully, trying not to touch her or get the zipper caught on itself. It was a lot longer than I had expected, and I watched its path as it finally came to a stop, parting to show the top of the white thong she wore underneath. Shit, I’m sure she didn’t want me to pull it that far down. Then I felt my dick betray me with the stirring of hardness. I jerked my hand away from the zipper like it had just branded me and frantically turned my head back and forth, forgetting which side of the door the doorknob was on like a fucking moron. My erection was happening fast. Yeah, I have to get out of here now. I reached for the doorknob but halted as I watched her move the straps off of her shoulders.

She wouldn’t…

She looked me dead in the eyes while pushing the top down, carefully placing an arm covering her tits.

Is this actually happening?

Her full lips parted, and she pushed the dress down until it was wrapped around her hips, exposing her entire bare back to me. I stumbled back and grabbed the doorknob, but at the same time she turned around and took a step forward. My back flattened against the door and she stopped when she was just an inch away from me. I could practically feel the heat coming off of her at the closeness. I stared bewildered into her eyes and she stared back into mine with an unreadable, heavy expression. Her pink tongue moved out to wet her bottom lip and she glanced down. My hand automatically went to cover my growing erection.

Then her arm relaxed from covering her tits and they jiggled slightly as they fell into place. I stared at them, willing myself to tear away my eyes but unable to find a shred of self-control.

Holy shit.

Her pink nipples were hard, and I could see the goosebumps erupting across her tanned flesh. She cocked her head to the side.

“Holy shit.” I said that one out loud by mistake and felt my ears getting hot.

“It’s stuck. Can you help me get the rest off?” Her tone was so low it sounded like a purr.

Holy shit. This only happens in porn. How is this actually happening. Am I dead? Gone to heaven? Hit and killed by some scorned lover who was driving shitfaced on Valentine’s Day?

Her eyebrow quirked in the same expectant expression as before.

“Uh…Um…” I tried not to sound like a stuttering idiot but that’s exactly what I was. I couldn’t drag my eyes away from her tits. Shit, they looked like the perfect handful. I glanced down the skin of her smooth, flat stomach to the bunch of yellow fabric at her hips.

“How?” I replied dumbly.

“I’d imagine you should use your hands.” If she was impatient or irritated, I couldn’t tell. I gawked at her body unabashed. Holy shit I wanted to use my hands all over her.

“Okay I-I’ll do that.” I swallowed the saliva in my mouth and prepared myself to pull down the dress. Yet, it was extremely difficult to make myself move a muscle. Finally, I raised up my hands, touching my fingertips lightly to the smooth skin of her hips. I hooked my thumbs around the fabric and crouched as I ran my fingers down the curve of her warm hips, leaving her thong in place, down the tops of her thighs until the dress descended to pool at her feet. I could see her ass in the mirror now and drank it in in its round and delicious curved glory. Holy shit this girl is so hot, how did I not notice before?

Then I suddenly felt her hand palm my dick through my pants. I nearly jumped at the contact immediately humiliated I was absolutely rock solid under my work khakis.

Fucking khakis.

“This looks uncomfortable.” She mused, a smirk turning up the corners of her pillow lips.

“Yeah!” I gritted my teeth to muffle the yelp that came out of me as her hand started stroking me in slow deliberate movements.

“Do you normally get boners while assisting customers?” Her playful taunting along with her warm hand rubbing up and down my bulge caused no coherent response to form in my mind.

“No-Oh god…”

I slumped against the door for support. She had to moved up on her toes, slowly thrusting herself upwards and hooking her free hand around my neck. She pulled my head down and I let her, unable to close my eyes as she closed hers and pressed her lips against me. She parted her lips against my own, sliding my bottom lip between them before opening her mouth wider to lick along my top lip. I parted my lips for her hesitantly and her tongue rolled into my mouth and I felt her grip my cock harder.

I groaned into her, I’m not sure if it was an ‘I’m going to get fired’ groan, or because she had precum leaking out of my dick without even directly touching it. She kissed me slowly, biting and licking me into a heady trance that had me panting before she finally pulled away to look at me through heavy lidded eyes.

“So… can I help you with something?” The amused look on her face made a fluttering in my stomach settle to a burn that radiated to every limb, supercharging adrenaline through me. She didn’t seem to need an answer, and I felt her fingers adeptly undoing the button and zipper on my pants.

“Yeah…” I nearly whispered, trying to control my breathing while my composure was slipping away. She slid down to her knees then and I watched, dumbfounded, as she pulled down my waistband and wrapped her hand around my cock. The widening of her eyes and tongue that darted out to moisten her lips did wonders for my ego. She licked it hesitantly, once, twice, three times, like she was trying out the flavor. She stroked my dick with her hand, and I saw precum ooze. She moved forward to wrap her lips around the very tip, sucking the liquid into her mouth and swallowing. She seemed to decide she liked it because her licks grew faster, longer, from the base to the tip, like she was licking frosting off a covered spoon.

Drool started to drip down her chin and then she took the head of my dick into her mouth. Her lips tightened around it, creating a heavenly suction as she slurped my dick as far into her hot wet mouth as it could go. I let out a deep breath I hadn’t realized I was holding and stifled a groan in my chest. She pulled back and tried to take my dick deeper into her mouth, I felt it hit her throat. I didn’t hear her gag, but I saw her shoulders twitch. She pulled back again, drool dripping onto the floor, and slid my dick to the back of her mouth and swallowed. The muscles of her throat pulled my dick down the passage until her nose hit my stomach. My head bumped against the door behind me and I stifled a groan. My hand moved out to rest on her head, my fingers spearing through the strands held loosely by a ponytail. She pulled back and did this a few more times until I had to think of my grandma to keep from blowing a load down her esophagus.

This was made even more difficult when I realized her hand was in her panties, I could hear the wet sounds of her fingers working in and out. Her shoulder rocked, movement in sync with her head bobbing on my dick. She moaned from her chest; the most erotic noise I’ve ever heard only made better by the vibrations it caused on the head of my cock. She pulled back and let out a hard exhale. She panted, short of breath, and moaned again. Fear prickled in me at the thought of my co-worker in the stockroom hearing…or a customer. I thought I saw a small puddle forming under her, from the drool or dripping down from between her legs, I wasn’t sure. If this was really some way for corporate to test my professionalism, consider me fucking fired.

She stood then, lunging upwards to grab the back of my head and pull me down for a kiss. She tasted saltier this time, surely from my dick being in her mouth. She kissed me deeply, hungrily, until it grew faster and clumsy. My hands moved to trail down her waist and wrap around her ass, squeezing and kneading. She jumped suddenly, and I caught her by the backs of her thighs as she wrapped her legs around me. Her arms winding around my neck and she pulled away briefly.

She was light, lighter than I thought she’d be with her curvy features. Her hands wound through my hair, lightly tugging to cock my head to the side. Her lips pressed on my neck; her mouth hot as an oven. She kissed across my neck, biting and sucking with more force. She bit down hard, and I rotated, slamming her up against the door. She gasped and released the skin of my neck where a dull pain now resided. Her hips grinded, pushing her clothed pussy against my dick, I could feel how soaked she was even through her panties. I adjusted her slightly and she reached down, pulling her panties to the side as far as she could before grabbing my cock, aligning it with her dripping slit.

I looked at her again with disbelief, but the hungry expression on her face made me push my hips forward, the tip of my cock sliding into her with ease. I wasn’t sure if it was because of the copious amount of drool she’d left on it, or from the slippery wetness of her pussy. The entrance seemed to pull me in, muscles in the walls clenching and twitching. I pressed into her, with a lack of friction, but the tight walls made me want to explode before one thrust. When my cock was completely buried in her she pressed her mouth against my neck, and moaned, her legs wrapping around my hips to keep me in place. Her hand clamped over her own mouth while her other arm wound around my neck and into my hair. She looked me in the eyes and whimpered quietly into her palm as I pulled out of her, thrusting into her again. Her eyes seemed to roll back and her head bumped and rested on the door behind her. I pulled out and pushed in again, and again, in slow and tension building movements that had her rocking her hips and clenching her thighs around me, clearly needing more. Her moans seemed to become more difficult for her to control.

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