(The arrogant and self-entitled Professor Stacey Putnam is put firmly in her place when a student 25+ years her junior finds something that could jeopardize her career at a crucial time, should it get out. Stacey is also now keenly aware that there is something else buried deep as well, and she’s not sure she really wants to visit that again.)

I had let Professor Stacey Putnam, old’ “Double-P” herself, know via text the address of the place for our weekend romp. My parents had asked me to house-sit for them a few weeks before. We owned a small fishing cottage on Shell Point, barely a half hour south of the University, so I had plenty of time to install a few discreet pinhole cameras and position some of the bondage toys I’d blew the last of my summer money on. At least it promised to be a fun weekend. Well, for one of us at least.

It was with both trepidation & an old set of feelings she suppressed that Stacey Putnam drove to the designated location. She really should have called the cops, or at least the University police, but a meeting with the University staff the previous afternoon confirmed that, barring something unforeseen in the next few weeks, her tenure was ‘very promising, which was the most any Uni would commit to. At least it gave her hope. ‘Now, just get yourself through the next day or so, girl,’ she said, as she pulled into the yard of a quaint, neatly kept cottage. Her tormentor was standing at the door, smiling, and Stacey had to suppress that old feeling again as she grabbed her bag & got out.

I met her at the door, holding it as any gentleman would, and pointed towards a spot in front of an oak ricker, where she went and stood. Very complicit, very good. “Now MS. Putnam,” I said, “let’s start this weekend off proper. Strip naked, and have a seat in that chair. Sit in it, knees up, over the arms of the chair. You will masturbate until the end of the show. Do so now.” And I pointed to a chair that was just beside a large TV.

Stacey is appalled, on a few levels. Fits off is both what this asshole demanding of her and that she has to JUST get through this weekend. The other is that she so willingly complies. She is embarrassed as she adjusts herself in the chair and lifts up her legs. Stacey is now spread wide, but dry as a bone, as she begins to rub herself.

I see the issue, and grab the bottle of lube I have ready. I grab her hand and pull it off her pussy. I hold it palm up and pour a very liberal amount of lube on it. I let it go and say. “Finger fuck yourself with at least 2 fingers and don’t stop until the next set of commercials end.”

She’s aggravated that she is being treated this way, but why is she also aggravated that she’s not the center of his attention? She does as instructed, and instantly feels warm. Asshole checks on her after a minute, but she has been at it for a bit and doesn’t needed more lube. Her fingers are making wet squishy sounds, and the sound and the feeling have her excited, making her breathing increase.

I partly strip and move in front of her. “Stop and put your hands on your thighs.” She does as she is told, looking up at me. I’m in my boxer briefs and my dick is hanging out there in an arc in front of her. Stacey’s breathing is ragged. “Were you about to make yourself cum?” No answer. “Answer me now or I will flip you over and paddle that ass.”

Stacey looks from the dick to asshole’s eyes. His eyes look angry, and the dick is hanging there, much larger than she had thought it would be. She finally answers meekly. “yes”

“What? Speak up, dammit.”

She looks at the dick again. Is it wet? Then up at me, and answers again meekly. “Yes-well…almost.”

“You want to continue & make yourself orgasm?”

“Shit Yes.” Stacey replies.

“Well OK then.” I have been holding a lubed vibrator in my hands. It’s a bit bigger than me. I reach down with no warning and just push it into her.

“Ggaaaahhhh What the…..AHH!” Stacey Putnam calls out, her face a look of shock.

I turn it on high with a few quick clicks.

“Oh shit-Oh Shit!” she exclaims, as she squirms around.

I altıparmak escort take her hand and put it on the vibrator. “Use this to fuck yourself.” I say rather matter-of-factly

She is almost instantly begging. “Please Jay! let turn it down? It’s too much. It almost hurts.”

I brandish a crop I have brough with me. ”How do you think 10 slaps with this will feel?” I give her thigh a pop. Her eyes are watering, so I continue. “Once you orgasm I will turn it down and you will continue to play with yourself using it until the end of the show.” I grab her hand and fuck the dildo in and out of her.

“Oh shit. Fuck.” Stacey moans.

“Fuck yourself to orgasm or I will put you spank you so hard you’ll shit yourself.” And to emphasize that I raise the crop.

Professor Putnam immediately complies, but whines loudly. She is breathing heavy, panting, grunting & she curses her situation. Deep down though, she feels it rising. She is trying but can’t stop the rising of her desire, being forced to submit and humiliate herself at the same time. The vibe sound changes as she plunges it in and out. “Oooh-AHH!” she calls out, helplessly.

I continue, having no intent on stopping. I’m breaking her shell & I know it. I also step slightly to the side, sure that the camera is getting a good and proper view of this woman fucking herself with MY vibrator. On her deeper faster strokes Stacey’s pussy is making squishy noises here and there, but then I start to see fluid coming out of her, that shit is about to get real. “Keep pumping it” I manage to say drily, acting as though I’m not paying attention.

Stacey can’t help it. That deep, secret part of her is coming out. Stacey’s face is totally flushed, she is sweating and crying as this man dominates her, making her fuck herself. Her feet are flexing, and Stacey Putnam is totally losing control. Then a couple of minutes later it happens. Professor Stacey Putnam totally loses it, having an incredible, shaking orgasm.. “Shit shit fuck fuck. Fuuuccckkk!!!!”.

I grin as I watch. Stacey Putnam goes limp and drops the vibrator on the floor and shivers. Twice while shivering I would swear she convulsed. That must have been a hell of an orgasm. I give her a minute or so and pickup the vibrator. I change the speed to a low medium and drop it on her. “The are a few minutes left in the program, get back to it.” I take the crop and rub and tap her ass with her on her side. “Or you know what will happen next.”

Stacey groans. It seems impossible. She’s had an incredible or orgasm, and this asshole wants MORE? Stacey sits back up with her legs up and spread. She then takes the vibe and goes between teasing her clit and fucking herself. She has to admit, it feels damn good, and she is surprised to find the wave coming back. She looks again at the dick in front of her. It’s stiffer now…why does she want it so? Why is she picturing it pushing into her…and she orgasms again. Not as big as earlier certainly, but she does.

I see she has stopped, catching her breath. I growl “Get back to it. You’re not finished yet.”

“Please not again. I can’t.” Stacey pleads.

I smile, walk over towards her and with the crop I get the side her thigh up at the top, right beside her seated butt, hard enough to sting. Stacey screams and jumps. “So you are saying you would rather 10 smacks with this?” I grin menacingly.

“No! I am sorry.” She picks up the vibe and slips it in her pussy with a groan. “See. I am back at it.” Stacey says.

“Now no more talking I want to watch TV. Just sit there fucking yourself. This will help you concentrate,” I fit her with a blackout blindfold, the type wherein you can open your eyes, and it all totally dark. Stacey sat thee, whimpering and whining, making slushy sounds as sat there slowly fucking herself and moaning until the program I was no longer watching ended.

She pulls it out and gasps out. “I can stop, right?”

“Sure.” I say. Taking the soaked vibrator out of her hand I say “Good job Stacey. Now sit up nice and straight on the edge of the chair, bursa anal yapan escort open your mouth, and hold still.”

Stacey felt both deep shame at what she’d done, and also a sense of approval at asshole’s compliment…what the fuck was wrong with her? She felt something touch her lips…now he had pushed something in her mouth.

I liked that she took it right in. “Do you know what this is? They call it an open mouth gag. The ring goes in your mouth behind your teeth forcing your mouth into an open position. It then belts behind your head to hold it in place. I can the face fuck your mouth and you can’t stop me.” Seeing her struggle to speak, I pulled it out

“No need for this. You want me to blow you? I can do that…please.” Stacey says quickly.

“No you need to experience this. I am going to put it in your mouth, buckle it and enjoy your mouth for 1 minute. So you can understand what will happen if you refuse me.”

“No I understand.” She said it meekly. Stacey now understood how she was going to be used, and she began to mentally accept it. Submissively, she opened her mouth.

“You can’t understand without experiencing it. Open your mouth.” I tell her.

She opens her mouth and I insert the ring and buckle it in place. I drop my boxer briefs at last, & push my hardon into her mouth. She gags a little as I hold my dick in her mouth, and in say “as you should be…”and slowly start face fucking her.

Even in Stacey’s submissive state, she does not like the ring, coughing and struggling to not gaga. ‘Damned asshole likes being rough’, she thinks. He’s pushing all the way into the back of her mouth, so Stacey just tries to relax, like that’s possible. Thankfully, after a minute she hears a time ‘ding.’

I pull out and unbuckle the straps and pull it out of her mouth and laugh at her expense as she coughs and gags a bit while rubbing her jaw. “Now you know what the punishment will be like. Misbehave and it could be the ring or a spanking. I am sure you know what getting spanked feels like. Are you going to require a punishment?”

She responds quickly. “No. No PLEASE.”

“Good. Now again hold still, this won’t be too bad. And I attach a collar and leash from the pet store. “Now you go to all fours and you crawl with me, like a good pet.” I say. Unbeknownst to Professor Putnam, I use my phone to film as we move to the bedroom, her naked, blindfolded, collared and leashed.

“I can’t see. Can I remove the mask?”

“Touch that mask and you get the crop so hard it’ll raise welts on your ass. You Figure it out.”

“Yes…Yes Sir.” Stacey replies, not knowing she’s being filmed. Just as earlier, that inner part of her is rising up. Stacey knows mentally she’s been here before, and she remembers how it made her feel then, yet she tried to ignore, as she lets him stand her up…no, he’s bending her over the bed? “Oh shit” she says out loud.

I grin. “Yep, shit it is. Your position is perfect, so don’t move. That is the perfect position to receive a spanking.”

“No please. I am sorry. I tried-I’m doing all I can. Please don’t spank me.” Stacey says, as she almost cries.

I give her ass a slap with the crop, but it’s actually quite light. ” Ok I will give you a choice. A bit of the crop or nipple clamps.”

“Nipple clamps? What?”

“Decide now. Pain on the ass, or pleasure and pain on your nipples or both?”

“Please not my nipples. Spank me.”

I give her no warning. I get the left cheek-WHACK! She screams out in surprise and pain. She has barely stopped screaming from the first when I spank the other one, just as hard – WHACK! She cries out again. Stacey writhes and starts to speak but I get that ass again – WHACK! Not as hard as I could hit her, but certainly hard enough to cause a welt.

Stacey’s sniffling as she reaches back and starts rubbing her ass. I pour lube on my hand and start rubbing her pink marks rubbing in the lube. She pulls her hands away and put more lube right on her ass and I go from rubbing her cheeks to pushing a lubed finger gently bursa bayan escort in her ass.

Her head turns back even though the mask is on and she can’t see. She quietly says “I told you I don’t do anal.”

I push my finger all the way inside her lovely tight butthole with one hard push. She cries out. “You don’t get to say no to me, remember?”

Half crying “OOH-UUhhhh……..Gah…. I’m-I’m soy! P-Please….It hurts.”

“I was going to be nice and go slow, and then you said No. I warned you about that “

“I am sorry. I am so sorry.”

“Will you be nice to me so I can be nice to you, or should I just punish you?”

“No nice please. I am so sorry.”

I ease my finger out, and lightly rub her ass. “Ok easy it is.” I take the smallest butt plug, put some numbing anal lube on it, and push it in. It slides right up to the anus, hesitates for just a moment, and then pops in her ass with a small ‘Oh’ on her part.

Stacey was never into ‘butt-stuff,’ not even when she was modeling. Her last boyfriend tried it several times, but he only got at most a finger inside her anis. She tries to go with it; ‘let him do what he is going to do, get it over with’, she thinks. But at the same time, the feeling of submitting like this is erotically powerful, despite her attempts to keep that part buried.

“See? You’re nice to me, and I’m nice to you. You relaxed and took that just like I’d want my girl to.” I take a minute to brush back her hair, softly whispering what a good job she’s doing, then continue. “In a little while we will pull it out for the next bigger one. Little by little. Just be sweet and I’ll be nice” Professor Stacey Putnam just moans…but did I see the tiniest hint of a smile? Hopping on the bed I say “Now get over here and blow me. Do so Now.” and spread my legs.

Stacey climbs up on the bed and feels her way. She touches my ankle, then adjusts. I think I see that half-smile again as she crawls between my thighs, grabs me with one hand and sucks my right into her mouth. On her up stroke she is sucking as she pulls her mouth off me. She then swirls her tongue around me teasing the head of my dick. This over and over while stroking me between head bobs. Professor Putnam is giving it a good effort but I want her throat.

Stacy bobs down, & feels him put his hand on the back of her head and apply steady pressure, letting him get deeper. It SHOULD be sickening to her, yet she is oddly aware that she LIKES that he backs off when she gags or coughs. This young man allows her a good breath, then again applies pressure, slowly pushing her back down, his cock all the way in the soft part of her throat. She struggles to avoid fighting it, gurgling and her body spasming a bit but soon enough, Stacey has him ALL the way in, her nose in this Man’s pubes.

It’s been a good few minutes of her blowing me. To avoid cumming too soon I pull her head up. “Catch your breath.” I take a minute to get a pic of the base of the plug sticking out of Professor Putnam’s ass, her blindfolded face turned to look back at me. It will go well with the footage of got of her deep throating me, my balls around her chin.

I take the next plug and lube it up. Stacey jumps when my hand slides across her ass. I grab the base of the plug. “Time for this to come out.” I make sure the phone capture all of it as I ever so slowly I pull it out to make her ass stretch around it. I gets past the wide part and her ass pushes it out. She lets out a sigh as I remove it. As I set the phone aside, I think she has forgotten a bigger one is taking its place. I touch the tip of the next on her butthole.

“You just took it out. Why are you putting it back in? She asks like she’s whining. Stacey thinks, hoping He didn’t catch that.

I put the first one in her hand. “This is what I took out.” I watch as her fingers run around it. Trying to see it by feel. I push a little on the next one. “This one is a little bigger.” The first ¾ slide right in and she moans. The last bit with a small push, and a groan from Stacey that bad boy pops right in. It looks great as I get film of it going inside her, then continue to film as I climb back on the bed, taking her hand and put it back on my dick. “Sorry for the interruption, please continue.” She hesitates for a moment and then sucks me back into her mouth. It feels fantastic, but I have another, better idea.

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