Two-way street

Black Cock

It was a day like any other as Jenny sat at her desk fiddling with paperwork on a Friday afternoon. She had been through a long week and couldn’t wait for it to be over as she filled out her final reports for the week. She worked in a firm that handled accounts for government figures and people with status. The clock struck 5 and it was the end of her day so she collected her belongings from her desk and made her way out of the building. On her way home she couldn’t help but notice the familiar feeling of emptiness in her life as she was a middle aged single mom. Now Jenny was quite a looker. She worked out three days a week and had a healthy diet so it was fair to say she was in better shape than most women her age. She was a 42 year old that could pass for a 32 year old, she had light blonde hair that was long enough to reach the small of her back, green eyes, flawlessly smooth skin and a body to die for. It was hard to believe why any man would want to leave a woman that looked like her but 7 years ago her husband who was her first love and high school sweetheart just up and left when he found out his secretary was pregnant with his child. In all honesty Jenny was heartbroken but quite happy to have the two-timing bastard out of her life. So for the past 7 years it had just been Jenny and her daughter Becky who she thought the world of. She loved her daughter to bits and would move heaven and earth just to see her daughter smile. Jenny thought about the way her life had been for the past couple of years, she wasn’t alone but she was very lonely. The last man she had been with was her ex-husband and she couldn’t find it in herself to go on dates or anything so as the years past she just stopped making an effort all together. No doubt all this time on her own had left her with needs with were going unattended but she always just shrugged them off and got on with her life.

She pulled up the drive way to their house and sat in the car for a few minutes trying to gather her thoughts before going inside and putting on the usual brave face for her daughter. She finally gathered her wits and went into the house. She knew Becky was home from school and would probably be upstairs in her room on her computer chatting away to her friends so jenny decided to get dinner started but not before pouring herself a huge glass of wine to help her unwind from the long week. She sat down at the kitchen counter and took a big gulp of wine and leaned back in the chair almost as if she was feeling some kind of feel-good serum coursing through her body. She took another sip and heard movement upstairs. She knew Becky was home so she thought nothing of it and refilled her glass as she began to feel like a weight was being lifted off of her. She heard the movement again but couldn’t make out what it was as the sounds were dull due to fact that it was a huge house. It was their dream home that she got in the divorce settlement and decided not to move out and sell the place as she wanted to maintain stability for her growing child which worked out pretty well. She heard the noises again and figured Becky was rearranging her room again so she stood up and headed upstairs to see if she could be of any help as she loved spending time with her daughter. As she got to Becky’s room door her mouth dropped as she was shocked as could be to see what was happening before her very eyes. There was her lovely daughter who could do no wrong in her eyes, kneeling on her bed facing the wall with her back to door, bouncing up and down on a dildo that seemed like it had been dipped in a bucket of massage oil because of the way it was so wet and shiny. She didn’t know what to do and quickly realised she could do nothing but stand there and stare as her daughter, dressed in nothing but black thigh high stockings and transparent high heels violently impaled herself on a dildo and moaned like there is no tomorrow. She watched as Becky lowered herself and took the dildo entirely inside her. She stopped moving and for some odd reason turned to look towards the door and they were both horrified when their eyes met.

Jenny: i….im so sorry, I didn’t mean to watch.

Jenny blurted out in a genuinely apologetic voice as she quickly walked away and went downstairs trying to gather herself. She was beyond embarrassed as her face was burning red. She couldn’t believe what she had just seen.

Jenny: oh my word how could she do that to herself. Have I let the years slip by without noticing? She is only fifteen though. How does she even know about that kind of stuff?

Jenny asked herself as she held on to the kitchen counter trying not to fall over. What she had just witnessed gave her the same feeling as a kid gets when he realises his dad isn’t a superhero. As she tried to make sense of things she noticed her pussy was feeling quite moist from what she had just seen. She didn’t even give it a second thought as she just pushed it out of her mind and that was that. Jenny had always been a bit of a prude when it came to sex. Missionary position was all she knew as she was never adventurous and she knew deep down that was probably the reason her ex-husband started sleeping with other women.

She grabbed the bottle of wine and began downing glass after glass trying to calm herself as her head was all over the place all the while Becky just sat in her room under the covers of her bed with tears rolling down her cheeks. She didn’t know her mom had been home because she didn’t hear the front door open like usual. That was probably because she was otherwise engaged in other activities. She was mortified. No daughter wanted their mom to see them like that especially ones who think highly of their moms. She didn’t know how she would ever face her mom so she just stayed in her room and as far as she was concerned she would never leave her room ever again.

Jenny had now tried to move on with her evening as usual and had prepared dinner for the two of them but when she called Becky to come down and eat she got no reply and Becky never surfaced the entire evening. She felt bad but didn’t press the matter as she two didn’t know how she would explain standing there and watching for so long so she ate her dinner and decided to go to bed but not before leaving a plate of food by Becky’s door hoping she would come out and eat something.

That night was torture. She tried to get some much needed sleep but all she got was restless tossing and turning until she eventually fell asleep and was bombarded by weird dreams that were fuelled by her wine soaked brain. One dream in particular actually woke her from her sleep as it disturbed her quite deeply. In this dream she was in the kitchen preparing dinner and she was having a conversation with Becky but throughout this entire conversation Becky was sitting on the kitchen counter with her legs opened and thrusting a dildo into her pussy like it was a casual thing. When she woke she noticed that she had actually soaked the sheets as that dream had gotten her so wet she had made a mess of herself. She sat up and didn’t know what to think anymore as she was now having involuntary sex dreams about her precious daughter.

She looked over at the clock on her bedside and saw it was 6 am so she decided there was no reason to stay in bed as she couldn’t sleep so she decided to get up and try and do some house work to ease her mind. As she walked passed Becky’s door she felt a bit of relief as she noticed the plate she had left the night before was now empty, it put her mind to rest knowing that at least her daughter had eaten. She stopped by the door and knocked and got no reply but heard movement in the room so she knew Becky was awake.

Jenny: honey im so sorry about yesterday, I didn’t mean to walk in on you like that. I know you are embarrassed and so am I but we cant avoid each other forever. Come down stairs and lets talk about it.

She got no reply again and all she heard was sniffing as if someone were crying so she left it at that because now she really felt guilty about what had happened. She got downstairs and made herself some coffee and tried to shake the fuzziness from her head which was the after effects of her wine last night. She sat down at the kitchen table when she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. When Becky appeared they both just froze and looked at each other not knowing what to say or do.

Jenny: come sit down honey, ill make us some breakfast.

She said with a warm smile as she stood up and started fiddling with pots and pans. Becky slowly sat down at the table as if she was unsure of what was happening.

Becky: im sorry about yesterday mom.

Jenny: Oh honey don’t be sorry, I should be apologising not you. I walked in on you remember. I just didn’t think you were at that stage yet.

Becky: what stage?

Jenny: you know. The sex stage.

Becky: oh my gosh mom, please don’t. this is embarrassing enough as it is.

She said as her face turned bright red. Becky was an extremely attractive girl. At fifteen she already had the attention of any man she comes across. She had long black hair, green eyes, a small size body, small but perky tits, an ass you could just grab escort and squeeze for hours, and legs that go on for days. In other words she was a total knockout.

Jenny: I know honey but from what it seems, we have to talk about these kinds of things now. I just want you to be safe.

Becky: mom im not having sex ok. Ive never even kissed a boy before.

She said turning even more red from blushing.

Jenny: ok good. So you just masturbate. What made you think of doing it?

Becky: I don’t know. Sometimes I just get really hot between my legs and some of the girls at school gave me this thing and said it should put it inside me when it happens and it feels really nice because it gets all wet down there.

Jenny stood there with her eyes wide opened. She was slightly happy that her daughter was opening up to her and now she felt like it was still the same old Becky from innocence in her answers.

Jenny: its called being horny sweety. It happens to me as well, im just older so I can control it. tell me something. Whats with the stocking and high heels?

She asked as she giggled a little. Becky stared down at the floor and blushed.

Becky: I don’t know. I see you wearing them sometimes and I just wanted to be like you. But whenever I put them on it makes me hot between my legs again. that’s what happened yesterday.

Jenny looked her daughter over as she spoke. She found it odd that she was looking at her daughter in a new light now her eyes trailed form Becky’s chest all the way down her body and then she couldn’t help but notice a strange feeling come over her when she looked at Becky’s toes. It was the same feeling she used to get when she would look at cock that was hard for her.

Becky: you like my nail polish?

Becky asked with a giggle as jenny’s eyes shot back up and she realised she was caught admiring but Becky was none the wiser about it. her toes were painted a glittery bright pink as you would expect to find on a typical fifteen year old girl.

Jenny: yeah its nice. It suits you.

She replied and tried to clear her throat as her mind drifted back to the sight of her daughter in high heels. Had it been so long that she had gone without sex that she was now having impure thoughts about her own kid.

Becky: thanks mom. I love making my toes sparkle. Then I usually get a new pair of shoes and try them on and they match my pretty little toes. But sometimes it makes me warm again down their then I have to come home and put that thing in me again.

Jenny was shocked at how open Becky was being. It was pure innocence. She had no idea people don’t talk about this kind of stuff so freely.

Becky: do you like my toes mom?

She asked with a naïve smile on her face.

Jenny: yeah I do. They are very pretty.

She replied realising her daughter was very proud off her feet. She felt her pussy get wet as the conversation went on and she watched Becky spread her toes and curl them as they both admired them.

Becky: aww. Thanks mom. I like them more when I wear high heels. I look kind of grown up when I wear them and I like the way my feet look in them. You wanna see?

She asked her mom and it was quite evident she was excited about it.

Jenny: sure honey, if you really want to show me.

Becky: ok wait here.

She stood up with a flash of excitement and practically ran up the stairs into her room. She opened her wardrobe and scanned through her shoes picking which ones to wear. She really wanted to show her mom that she could look like a grown up. She picked out a pair of silver strappy heels and had them on in a flash and was down stairs again.

Becky: look mom, see…I told you I could look grown up.

Jenny turned around and almost choked on her coffee when she saw her daughter in high heels for the second time. The shorts she was wearing were meant to be part of her PJs and they were until she added heels to them. Now they just looked like they were struggling to contain her perky little ass. Jenny looked her up and down not believing what she was seeing and then she saw something else.

Jenny: Becky, is that a thong you are wearing?

Becky blushed a little as she answered.

Becky: come on mom im fifteen. All the girls my age are wearing them. They are just panties.

She giggled as she tugged on the string making it disappear between her ass cheeks.

Jenny: Becky whats that on your leg?

Jenny asked as she moved towards her with the worried mom look on her face. There was a trail of clear liquid running down her inner thigh. Jenny got down on her knees and touched it with her finger and then rubbed it between her index finger and thumb trying to figure out its texture. Her eyes shot opened when she realised what it was.

Jenny: oh my gosh. Is this….

Becky blushed deeply.

Becky: Im sorry mom. It’s the shoes. They always do this to me when I put them on, look.

She said as she playfully peeled her shorts off and bent her one leg up at the knee to show her mother what she was talking about. Jenny gasped at what she saw. Becky’s pussy was dripping wet and hairless. She wasn’t sure if it was by nature or by design but she liked the way it looked without hair on it. Becky realised something was up when she noticed a weird expression on her mom’s face that she had never seen before and couldn’t figure out.
Becky: mom, are you ok?

Jenny: when did my baby grow up? You have such a nice pus….vagina.

Becky: you really think so?

She smiled brightly at the complement.

Jenny: yeas really. Its gorgeous.

As she said that, a drop of pussy fluid dripped from one of the lips and landed on her pink glittery toes. Jenny just watched everything like it was in slow motion.

Becky: what else do you like about it?

Jenny: the lips are very neat and you have a big clit. That’s going to work in your favour and it looks nice.

She saw more of the fluid begin to drip onto her daughter’s toes.

Becky: and what else.

Jenny: Becky im not here to compliment you private parts so you can get turned on.

Becky: but mom. It feels good when you talk about it. its burning down there but like a nice burning.

She said in a whining tone. Jenny just stared as she watched her daughters pussy lips swell up from getting turned on.

Becky: its never done this before though. It feels really weird mom. Please rub it better for me.

Jenny looked her in the eye and realised she was genuinely asking for her mom’s help in a non-sexual way. She had no clue about seducing people and stuff. Jenny’s raised her hand and started rubbing her daughter’s puffy pussy lips very gently. She wasn’t sure if she was acting on maternal instinct or sexual curiosity but she went with it since the line between the two was very blurry at the moment.

Becky: your hands are so soft. How come it doesn’t feel this nice when I try and rub it better.

Jenny: that’s because it always feels better when someone else does it for you. My question is how is it still so tight after you have taken a dildo that size inside you.

Becky: I dunno. It always goes back to normal the next day. Mom why is there one part of my pussy that’s burning more than the rest?

Jenny was surprised at that question. She realised her daughter was really looking for answers as she was clueless about sex. Jenny would have to play this carefully, if she just stopped, it would scar Becky for life and she would never want to have sex again. On the other hand she couldn’t just sit there and masturbate her own daughter. Her mind was clear now and she knew things should end right there but her body had its own agendas as she couldn’t stop her hand from rubbing a little faster. She moved her hand and hovered it over Becky’s clit.

Jenny: is this the spot that’s burning more than the rest?

Becky gave an innocent nod like she used to do when she was 5 years old.

Becky: when I was smaller and I used to get hurt you would kiss it better and it would stop hurting.

Jenny: Becky im your mother. Im not kissing your clit.

She said in a stern voice as she knew that would be crossing the line.

Becky: please mommy, just once then it wont burn so much.

She said with a genuine pleading look on her face as if she were in pain.

Jenny: just once.

She said as she leaned forward and kissed her daughters clit. Becky stiffened as her mother’s lips met her clit and it was over in a second. Jenny leaned back and licked her lips, not ignoring the fact that they now looked like she had applied lipgloss because her daughter was dripping wet.

Jenny: that tasted nice. I think I like it. you want another kiss baby?

All Becky could do was nod vigorously as she watched her mother move her head closer again and began planting kiss after kiss on her clit. Becky rested her leg on her mom’s shoulder as she felt her mom begin to suck her clit and roll her tongue over it.

Becky: mom that feels really nice. I like the way your tongue feels on me.

She escort bayan said but her voice was now husky and thick with lust. Jenny had to open her eyes and look up just to make sure its still the same person. She stopped for a second.

Jenny: you really like the way I lick you my angel?

Becky nodded slowly as her breasts were now moving up and down from her heavy breathing.

Jenny: ok im going to try something that ive read in a book and im curious about it.

She moved forward and slid her tongue inside her daughter’s dripping wet pussy and began wiggling her head from side to side which caused her nose to rub against Becky’s clit. She instantly felt Becky’s leg tighten around her shoulder and heard whispers and soft moans coming from her daughter.

Becky: oh my gosh that feels so good. I love you mom.

She said as she cupped her hands around the bag of her mother’s head and began slowly moving her hips up and down, back and forth almost as if she was fucking her mom’s face. Jenny suddenly stopped and told her daughter to sit on the chair with her legs opened in a stern voice. Not knowing what was going on Becky just followed orders and did as she was told. She was glad she did when she watched her mom kneel in front of her and burry her face in her daughter’s pussy. She sucked on her clit wildly and licked every inch of that pussy when Becky started talking in a panicking tone.

Becky: mom what are you doing to me. Why do I need to pee so badly? Please stop its uncomfortable.
This was all in vein because jenny was twice Becky’s size as Becky had a tiny build. Jenny simply grabbed her thighs and held her down and Becky knew she couldn’t get out of it.

Becky: please mom, stop. Its really…..

Before she could finish her sentence her first ever orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks being washed up by a tidal wave. Her body went stiff and her head almost popped off as she tried to breathe but couldn’t get any air as her orgasm washed over her and riddled her body with pure pleasure. When it finally began to calm down and let her have some air, she went limp in the chair and looked down at her mom who looked like someone had just thrown a bucket of water in her face. This was the result of Becky’s orgasm. It caused her to squirt a huge gush of cum right in her mothers face. Becky just sat there and giggled as it was quite funny to her innocent mind.

Becky: mom what was that? what happened to me?

She asked as she lay there smiling. You could almost see a glowing aura around her.

Jenny: that my angel is what they call an orgasm. its very hard for a woman to have one but its worth all the effort.

Becky: but why did mine take so quick.

Jenny: I don’t know sweety. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that this was the first time some one has touched your pussy and you are wearing shoes that make your wet.

Becky: well that felt really good mom. Will you do that to me more often?

She asked with an excited expression on her face.

Jenny: if you ask nicely, I will.

Becky smiled and that was all she could do because her orgasm hadn’t given her back use of her body yet.

Becky: maybe you should wear shoes like this so you can get wet too mom.

Jenny: I don’t think that would work sweetheart. My feet aren’t sensitive like yours are and they don’t look as good. But ill tell you one thing for sure, looking at you in high heels makes me wet.

Becky smiled as if someone had just told her Christmas was tomorrow.

Becky: really? Do you like it mommy?

Jenny: yes I do. Im wet right now from looking at your cute little feet in heels. Not to mention this pretty pussy of yours.

She said and gave it a little kiss.

Becky: mom is it weird that I think you are attractive?

Jenny: awww. Thanks honey. All girls think their moms are attractive.

Becky: I mean, im attracted to you. I knew you were watching me yesterday. When you didn’t stop me I decided to just continue. It made me feel good knowing you were watching me.

Jenny: really?

Jenny was in pure shock.

Jenny: I wont lie I was going to stop you but you looked so good that I could stop watching you. You are very sexy my child.

Becky blushed deeply as she had always seen her mom as her idol. She wanted to be just like her. And now her idol was telling her she is sexy. Jenny sat back on her legs and grabbed a kitchen towel off the counter and began wiping her face with it.

Becky: mom?

Jenny: yes my angel?

Becky: you know you made me feel really good and I just told you im attracted to you.

Jenny: I don’t know what you would be attracted to about me but anyways, yeah what about it?

Becky: do you think maybe I could suck your pussy?

Jenny: oh I don’t know angel. Ive never let anyone do that to me, not even your father.

Becky: but you did it to me.

Jenny: that’s different. Your pussy is fresh and it tastes really good. You probably wont like mine.

Becky: please let me try. Ive thought about it for a long time. please mom?

She begged and jenny finally gave in like she does with anything Becky begs for. She stood up, hiked her skirt up and pulled her panty down and then sat back on the chair as if she were thinking just get it over with. Becky finally being able to move again got on her knees and examined the very pussy that gave birth to her. She liked what she saw as it was mature but still very neat.

Jenny: Becky I need to ask you something.

She said as her daughter began planting kisses all over her pussy.

Becky: ummhmmm?

Jenny: are you a lesbian?

Becky stopped for a minute to look up at her mom and smiled.

Becky: to be honest no im not. I like boys and everything. Its just you mom. Ever since I was 13 years old ive been having weird thoughts about you. Like sexual thoughts. I was so ashamed because you are always so proper and you never do anything wrong and im just a freak.

Jenny: you not a freak my angel. Im just different. Normal women like sex, im just not that into it but now I need it since its been so long since ive been fucked.

She covered her mouth in shock that she had used such language in front of her daughter but Becky just giggled.

Becky: I don’t know why but when you talk like that its makes my pussy warm.

Jenny: really? So im the only woman you’ve thought about having sex with.

Becky nodded and blushed at the fact that all her dirty laundry was aired. Having her daughter admit to such a thing opened the flood gates to her pussy. Jenny was raining wet in an instant.

Becky: you have a pretty pussy mom.

For the first time in years jenny’s cheeks turned bright red. She was being hit on by her teenage daughter who wanted to eat her out.

Jenny: thank you sweetheart, im glad you like it. now eat up.

She said with a naughty smile on her face as she rested her legs on the armrests of the chair and was surprised to see her daughter dive in and start sucking her pussy lips and licking her clit. Becky plunged her tongue in and out of her mother hot pussy and it was flooded as it was the first time in years it had been touched. She had never masturbated in her entire life.

Jenny: that’s it baby. Eat mommy’s pussy, make me feel good.

She moaned non-stop as Becky slid her tongue in deeper each time. in minutes her face was a complete mess as her mother’s pussy was over flowing.

Jenny: that’s good honey. That was great but you can stop if you are tired. I don’t cum as quickly as you do.

Becky looked up at her with pure disappointment on her face and then a light bulb turned on in her little teen head.

Becky: mom I bought something a while ago that ive always wanted to use with you. I bought it when I realised I wanted to have sex with you.

Jenny: whats that sweetheart?

Becky lets go to my room and ill show you. I hope you like it.

They stood up and walked upstairs into Becky’s room. Jenny was getting extremely turned on by the sight of Becky’s pretty little feet in high heels and the way her perky little ass swayed when she walked. They finally got to the room and Becky walked over to her wardrobe and pulled out a box. She sat down on the bed and removed her clothing and was now completely naked.

Jenny: you are so gorgeous. Its no surprise I want to sleep with you even though im straight.

Becky: should I take my shoes off or do you want me in them.

Jenny: leave them on honey. You look good in them.

Becky: I hoped you would say that because I love wearing them. They make me feel sexy.

With that she opened the box and watched her mother’s face change from surprise to confusion and back to surprise again.

Jenny: sweetheart what is that?

She asked but Becky just handed her a leaflet. She began reading it quite quickly. Basically it was a modified strapon dildo. Instead of the normal one dildo attached to a thong, it had another directly opposite it going in the other direction. escort bayan gaziantep Both dildos contained a gel that expands once it is heated or has pressure on it. Jenny was still quite confused but the look on Becky’s face told her that she understood how to use it.

Becky: so what do you think?

Jenny: I don’t know angel. Ive never tried anything other than missionary position. It looks difficult to use.
Without responding Becky stood up and kissed her mom full on the lips. A lover’s kiss. She broke th kiss and looked her mom in the eye.

Becky: I love you mom and id never do anything to hurt you. Its completely safe, ive watched videos on the internet on how to use it so I know what to do.

Jenny looked at her and decided she would trust her.

Jenny: anything goes wrong and we stop right away. So how do we start?

Becky: um. I think it would be best if you wear it first since I am a virgin.

Jenny looked at her in shock. She didn’t know why she was shocked because she knew her daughter was still a virgin. She just looked at her differently now that she knew the girl liked kinky stuff.

Jenny: ok tell me how to use it.

Becky: put it on like a panty and then ill set it up for you.

Jenny sat down and it was quite evident that she was nervous. She slid the panty on and then waited for her daughter to continue.

Jenny: ive never worn a thong before. It feels really weird. In a good way though. Whats next?

Becky: do my feet turn you on mom?

Jenny: for the second time, yes they do. Especially in high heels.

Becky: well ive seen a few videos on the internet where girls suck other girls toes and kiss their feet and their shoes. You can do mine if you want.

She said as she sat down on the floor in front of her mom and raised her leg straight up so it was near her mom’s face.

Jenny: I cant believe im doing this.

She said to herself as she leaned forward and began kissing the exposed parts of her daughter’s foot. She knew instantly she was hooked. She liked the smell and taste of them and so she began licking each toe and kissing them obsessively. Becky just smiled and she watched her mom’s pussy begin to soak the sheets she was sitting on.

Becky: wow mom. Im so glad you like them because it made you wet so we can continue now.
She moved her foot away and sat between her mother’s legs. She held the dildo that faced her mother and slowly inserted it into her mother. Jenny moaned softly as it had been years since she had been penetrated even though the dildo’s size was nothing to celebrate. Once completely in, the other dildo now stood out straight away from her body giving the appearance of a regular strapon. Becky got up on the bed and laid flat on her back with her legs opened.

Becky: take my virginity mom.

She whispered in a low voice full of lust. Jenny tried to move as best she could considering she had a dildo buried in her pussy. She got on top of Becky and Becky raised her legs and bent them at the knee making sure her feet were visible at all times knowing they will keep her mom wet. Jenny slid the dildo in which made Becky moan. They looked into each other’s eyes as jenny began to slowly thrust in and out of her daughter pussy. Once they got comfortable, Jenny began moving faster and thrusting harder, increasing speed with each thrust until she was fucking her daughter at quite a speed.

Becky: oh shit. Im about to come mom.

Jenny: come for me princess. Come hard for mommy.

When Becky’s orgasm hit her like a freight train, Jenny noticed a weird feeling inside her. The dildo was no longer feeling like a piece of hard plastic but now began feeling life like. It was softening a little and was now conforming to the shape of her pussy and she liked the way it felt. She remembered reading about the gel inside the dildos that expands when heated and thought that was the reason for it softening up, it was just heating up. When Becky came back down to earth she looked up at her mom and smiled.

Becky: does it feel soft like a cock yet?

Jenny was surprised to hear such words coming out of her innocent child’s mouth.

Jenny: yes it is. Why?

Becky: ive got a surprise for you.

She said as she slipped the dildo out of herself and moved to her hands and knees.

Becky: I want to try taking it in the ass.

She said with a huge smile on her face.

Jenny: no, only sluts do that.

Becky: well then ill be your slut mom.

Jenny: I don’t think that is safe baby.

Becky: people do it all the time mom. Come on. Just once please?

Jenny: ok fine. Just once.

Becky: ok we are going to need lubrication.

She said as she looked around her room trying to remember where she put it until she realised she didn’t have any. Disappointment was written right across her face.

Jenny: whats wrong honey?

Becky: I forgot to get lube. If I don’t have any its going to hurt too much.

Jenny: you really want this don’t you?

Becky looked back over her shoulder and nodded her head in an almost pleading way. Jenny looked at her daughter not believing how things had gone so far. Her motherly instinct of wanting to give her child what she wants kicked in again as she looked at Becky’s pink asshole. She lowered her head and gave it a kiss. Becky jumped a little as she wasn’t expecting that. Before she could say anything she felt her mom’s hot tongue slide up and down her crack repeatedly.

Becky: oh my gosh I cant believe you are licking my asshole.

She said giggling as she enjoyed the sensation.

Jenny: and it tastes good too. Who would’ve thought my baby has such a tasty asshole, I could lick it all day. Are you ready?

Becky: yes mom im ready. Give it to me.

She said with quite a bit of enthusiasm. Jenny straightened up a bit and then her head hovered over Becky’s ass. Becky turned around to see what the hold-up was and what she saw almost made her cum on the spot. She watched as a huge blob of saliva dripped from her mom’s mouth and landed directly on her puckered little asshole. The feeling drove her wild as it was already cold by the time it landed.

Jenny: now you are ready. Tell me to stop if it hurts.

Becky: I will. Now fuck my ass please.

Jenny gave her bum a playful little spank for using such language and then positioned the dildo and began to push gently against her daughter’s asshole. Becky was prepared for it so she relaxed her asshole and the tip of the dildo swiftly disappeared inside her. Jenny pushed ever so slowly until the whole thing was inside her daughter’s ass. Once she was confident that Becky was now used to this intrusion, she began thrusting back and forth slowly.

Becky: remember I told you I had a surprise for you?

Jenny: yes darling. What is it?

Becky: can you imagine how hot it is inside my rectum. You will get your surprise any minute now.

Becky looked over her shoulder and gave her mom a naughty smile. Jenny, not at all prepared, felt the dildo inside her own pussy start to grow. It grew thick and long and had soon filled her to her limits.

Jenny: oh my gosh. That’s too much darling. Ive never had something so big inside me.

As she thrust into her daughter, it caused a the dildo to push up inside herself as well so she was fucking her daughter in the bum and also being fucked by a huge cock at the same time. Becky’s moans stopped for a minute and jenny saw the smile on her daughter’s face become a little sly.

Jenny: what is it dear?

Becky: you are nice and full aren’t you?

Jenny: oh baby, my head will explode from having something so big in my pussy.

Becky: lets hope not because its pressure sensitive as well remember?

Jenny: yeah and?

Becky: well…

Becky trailed off as she manoeuvred herself and her mom in such a way that now she was on top and her mom was laying flat on her back. She tensed up which made her asshole constrict tightly around the dildo which in turn had a profound effect on the dildo inside her mother. Suddenly jenny felt the dildo that was already at full capacity inside her expand even more. She felt it stretch her pussy and reach up into her womb.

Jenny: oh no baby. I cant handle….

She went limp as her body shook like she was being electrocuted. Her orgasm engulfed her like a wild fire and spread through her body quick and strong. Becky rode that dildo for all it was worth knowing that the harder she fucks it, the more it stretches her mom so she was giving it her all. After what seemed like forever, Jenny finally came back to reality to see her sexy fifteen year old daughter slowly sliding up and down this shaft attached to her own body.

Jenny: that was insane.

Becky: I told you I had a surprise for you. Oooooo mommy you make my body feel so good I could fuck you all day and all night long.

Jenny: my angel I cant handle another one of those. Ill faint if I have another orgasm that strong. But this isn’t over. you are going to pay for making me cum so hard.

Becky: that sounds like fun. Ill even dress for the occasion.

Jenny: nothing but high heels?

Becky smiled brightly at her mother.

Becky: ill be your little high heel model and your sex toy any time you want mommy, I promise.

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