Return to Paradise Ch. 08


Thank you to all my loyal readers, keep the comments coming. I’m sorry to anyone I offended with the Zombies. But it’s been fun and they are now out of the way.. Mostly.. I’m exploring a little more building characters and relationships. Part of me wants to do the classic supply run next, with a battle or two, something like that. Maybe a Cindy and Bobby backstory. Part of me wants to turn this into a little more of a survival story. I enjoyed writing this chapter from a female’s point of view. But I’m not sure I did it justice.


Chapter 08

Liz and Jackson – From Liz’s view point.

Ever since I fell in the shower and Jackson helped me I knew I was in trouble. I would get wet thinking about it, and caught myself more than once thinking of him and masturbating at night with his image in my mind. So actually, Jackson was in trouble. I didn’t want him totally fix on me. But I had to do something to get him motivated. He was happy being a good son and jacking off. My accident was real but I wasn’t hurt that bad, my wrist was the worst. I remembered from years ago how Dad and I got together, I didn’t want that with Jackson but at the same time I still wanted something. I just played it up a little and Jackson helped. After the accident we let things get more relaxed around the house. I saw him naked several times passing in the hall, and I allowed him to see me too. I was hopeful he would get motivated enough to maybe find someone his own age.

We got some playful banter going back and forth one morning, and I wound up in the shower with him. I washed is muscular back and then he actually washed my back. It felt wonderful to have another human touch me for a change. It was fun, and he came all over me when he turned to face me and his cock touched my stomach. I will be honest I really got off watching him squirt on me like that, and for weeks I masturbated thinking of it.

We cooled our heels after that. Until the Zombies started. When it started the first thing we saw Alice next door out on the lawn eating her husband’s cock and balls. Actually it was probably just his testicals as they say that’s all the zombies really want. But it looked bad. Long story short, we hooked up with a couple heading to an island, they accumulated a good little group and had a school bus.

We got stopped at one checkpoint and they wanted us to strip. Actually they demanded us to strip to inspect us for bites. Poor Jackson was hard as a rock, and I was sorta scared they might have issues with that, I kept him behind me and got him off using my asscheeks, to get him to go down. I know I didn’t need to and no one would have said anything but I was horny.

We made it to the island. Believe it or not it had a sign on the Dock, “Paradise Island” and a smaller one saying clothing optional beyond this point. On the island things were pretty good actually. We got involved in helping with running the place and Jackson got involved with doing some building. I’m leaving out some details but mostly boring ones. One evening he came in, stripped in front of me but not really looking at me. He went and showered when he came back he lay on the bed and was out like a light. I could not help but to join him, and that’s when thing took a turn for the better. I was going to say worse, but really we both enjoy ourselves and we are in love, and with the way the world has turned, Incest is really not a capital crime anymore. And the ones running the island Sam jr. and Sara are brother and sister and are pretty open.

When I saw Jackson laying there, just a towel I had to have more. Did I want sex right then no not really, but YES at the same time. I removed his towel his soft cock just lying there, not knowing what the night had in store for it yet. I licked my lips, and got naked and pulled the covers over us, lay myself against him and slept. It felt so relaxing and amazing hack forum to have skin to skin contact again. During the night we moved around as most people do. I woke up and his body was pressed against my back. His cock, not hard but hardening was between my ass cheeks, I turned a little to give him a little better access, but he turned away. So I snuggled holding him. When we woke up he said something like “I gotta go pee”.

When he got out of bed I flashed him my bare body, and I saw his hard cock again. It felt weird to be thinking “again” but I was getting used to it. He has a nice cock, not small and not super huge. My once dated a guy with a huge cock and we broke up because I just couldn’t handle taking that thing into me. I asked, almost begged, “Please Come back to snuggle.”

While he was gone I let my hand wonder to my pussy which was super wet and ready for a lot more. When he did come back to bed, he was still naked, and maybe even a little harder. He slipped in under the covers, We kissed for what seemed to be the longest time, his hands on my back and breast, exploring my body, I whispered in his ear, “Thank you baby, you really are a great son. That’s it… ohh..” As his hands found other parts of my body, parts that hasn’t been touched lovingly in years, I moaned al little “Enjoy your mother’s body. Make mommy feel … oh feel good.”

Electricity went through me when his fingers found my pussy, and he took the hint and like a good boy he kissed down my body, playing with my breast for a while. I think I might have directed him lower, but I’m not sure, I was sorta in the spirit of the whole body experience. When his tongue made contact with my pussy and I think I came right then. The moment of me laying there catching my breath with his head resting between my legs was shortlived when he got up on top of me and said something like “Mommy, I need you.”

I replied, “Please baby, your mommy needs you too.”

When his swollen cockhead entered me I knew this was not going to be the last time for us. The feel of his strong body as he pounded into my pussy was beyond belief. We made love when he came inside me, and I realized I wasn’t on any birthcontrol at all. I could feel his hot seed and I pictured the little swimmers working their way inside my uterus. As he relaxed in his post-orgasmic bliss I smiled, and sucked his cock tasting our combined juices on him. When he got hard which didn’t take long at all we fucked again. When we were both too tired to go again we got up like it was the most normal thing in the world we got up, showered, and went to eat lunch. The nicest thing, and this sounds silly was when he called me “Mommy” It has been so long hearing more than just Mom from him. I would have done anything he wanted.

That evening, he was in our room before I was. I had gotten stuck helping with laundry. Yes even laundry survived the end of the world. The women helping, Carol, Susie, and older lady named Terri (author’s note: Our founding couple’s lady.) and myself were talking about this Terri said, “You know off all the things I wish the zombie would have taken, it’s the need to do so much laundry.”

I said, “I totally agree. Seems like it never stops.”

Susie said, “Maybe we should promote the nudist thing that we voted in. Not a lot of people really are going nude except at the pool or lagoon.”

Terri said, “Let me talk to Sara I bet she has some input on this. But no reason we can’t start it. Look at us all dressed here. Can’t expect others to do what we are not doing.”

I said, “I’m game if you guys are.”

That said, We stripped off our clothes and threw them into the next load of laundry. Susie said, “This does feel better, We used to run the whole island like this or just with shoes on.”

Susie was something else, she was about my age maybe a little older. Her skin looked soft, she had wonderful breast, and between her legs was the a fire red patch of pubic hair matching the hair on her head. She was beautiful, to the point where I thought something I never had thought I would about a woman. I shock it out of my head saying to myself, “No. It’s bad enough you are fucking your son.” And self said back, “But all I want is a tasted of her pussy!” I shook my head and got back into our conversation. I swear I caught carol checking Susie out too.

When we were done with the laundry and everything was folder and in the right baskets we left for the night. I went into our room. Jackson was naked on the bed reading a book. He looked over and saw me, saying, “Mom I love the new look.” I looked down, forgetting for a second I was naked.

I told him, “The Laundry crew is working on turning more people into nudist so we don’t have as much to laundry to do. You with us?”

“Mommy you know it was my idea to and I wanted the vote right?” Jackson said.

I replied, “Yes I remember, I thought you just wanted to see me naked. And another thing Mister! I just Love it when you call me Mommy!”

He blushed, “Well a part of me did but I really to like the feeling of being naked.”

Watching his cock start to grow I could not resist, “Looks like mommy’s little boy is enjoying the view too.”

His cock spring up at that, “Oh mommy, I hope you don’t mind. I’ve missed you today and couldn’t stop thinking of you.”

“Oh really, and just what do you think you can do with this? “I said walking over to him, grabbing his erect cock. Admiring the size and how the veins pulsed in my hand. A drop of precum was leaking from the tip. I bent down and licked it off, then taking his whole shaft into my mouth pulled back making a loud pop.

“I..” was all Jackson could say. Still new to the game he was at a loss for words.

“Oh I have an idea”, I said. And I gave him his very first blow job. I tortured his cock, swirling my tongue around his swollen head, then down the length, back up licking his peephole. I sucked his balls into my mouth, which I don’t think he truly liked. When he came, I captured every drop in my mouth and smiled at him and opened up showing him my prize, and I swallowed it. Okay. What really happened is I tried and wound up chocking a little and got up to spit it out. Swallowing just wasn’t something I ever did before. I told myself, “I will get better!”

I climbed in bed with him and he told me, “Oh god mommy that was great!”

I thought to myself, “It’s great it was to be called mommy instead of just MOM.” While I was lying in his strong arms, the fresh taste of his cum still in my mouth, I was in heaven. I think I see why they called this Paradise Island.

“Jackson, are you okay with this? I mean really?” I asked.

“Mom, I’ve loved you since way before any of this ever started, since before that time you fell.” Jackson said.

“I’ve loved you forever.. Ever since you were conceived. You know you my dad was really your biological father.” I confessed. “When you became a teenager I tried to sneak peeks from time to time. And I teased you a little too. I figured I couldn’t have you, but with how things have changed, I just want you. I loved feeling you cum in my mouth, and I loved when you ate me out, and I real want you inside me again.”

“I love you mommy, and I want you too. I need you. I didn’t know if you ever even looked when I left the door cracked or anything I hoped you did” Jackson said.

I put my leg over my sons waist, My breast dangling in his face. I leaned over allowing him to still a kiss that went through me like an electric shock. I sat back a little bit to get a kiss and felt his hard cock press against my ass, funning up the crack past my anus. I kissed him on the lips, sucking his tongue into my mouth. Our kiss was everything in the world right then, it expanded to where I could feel my nipples on his hard chest, and his cock probing trying to find entrance into my body from where he came. His hands were on my ass as I lifted up a little and lowered down, capturing his bulging cock at the entrance of my cunt.

He was a great kisser, he sucked my tongue into his mouth and the warmth of his mouth was totally around my tongue. I imagine this is how his cock felt when I sucked it earlier. I lowered my hips engulfing his cock in the heat of my pussy. I wish I could explain to you what it feels like to be fucked by your own son, allowing that desire to overcome everything we are taught about it being wrong.

I rode his cock, being the second time we got together the boy has learned great control. I was riding him what most people call cowgirl style. Thank of riding a mechanical bull now replace the bull with him. I was really enjoying myself, his hand varied from my hips to my breasts. Finally settling down to one on my chest between my breasts helping to support me as I ride, and the other was between my legs playing with my clit.

“Oh Jackson.. Oh Jackson “, is probably what I sounded like, he was beneath me pushing up with his hips as I came down on him.

I heard him grunt, “I’m cumming mommyyyyyyy.. I’m aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.” He went ridged below me, and I kept going until I was joining him. My juices and his coated his crotch and stomach as I pulled off and lay beside him. We woke up sticking to one another in places, and I had to go pee really bad.

I made it up and to the bathroom, and sat down to pee when he came in, his morning wood proudly waving in the breeze. He asked, “Can I see how that works I’ve never seen a girl pee before?”, so I spread my legs and let him. It’s really very unexciting. I was done, and he was dancing, and said “Get up I gotta go.”

I said No, “I want you to pee with me sitting here.” He really had to do so he took aim, started as a drizzle, and then full force. “I knew you could. I’ve never seen a guy do that either.” Then his stream hit me, right below the belly button flowing down and into the toilet, passing over my clit first. He saw I was enjoying this and lowed it aiming right at my clit. “oh… that is ” was all I said right before the warmth and the sensation pushed me over and I came right there sitting on the toilet with my son peeing one me. By this time he had hit me between the breasts with it.

He finished or at least stopped and said, “Did you just get off?”

I said, “Yes.. Yes I did. I never did that before.” And to be honest didn’t really want to again. Yeah, it was different, but gross too. I really figured he couldn’t pee on demand and never expected him to hit me if he did.

Jackson said, “I much prefer doing that with my mouth for you than that way.”

I said, “I like that better too, that was just different and a little gross. Now let’s get a shower and get some food. We both have a long day ahead of us.”

In the shower, he was still hard, so what’s a mom to do, but attempt to take care of it. Instead He wound up bending me over and taking me from behind. Cumming inside me quickly and helping me rinse what was not inside me off. It was just a quick fuck, nothing more, we didn’t have time for more.

I said with a smile, “I like this new you.”

We went to get dressed or at least I did and he said, “Remember we are supporting nudity now.” So we stayed nude. We grabbed a towel to sit on as we read that was the thing to do and we went to get breakfast. Sure enough, Terri, Susie, Sara, Mike and Kelli, and both Sam and Sam Jr. was naked. Some of the others were on the border line, but by lunch time, Carol, Marsha, James, Sylvia, and about everyone else.

I heard that Carol and Marsha had hooked up, but not much other news. I heard rumor some of the other siblings were working on pairing up too.

They are working on getting a group of men to go for some needed supplies. We need to get some more housing set up.

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