Patricia’s Sexual Adventures Ch. 13


This story you’re about to read is absolutely true and I wouldn’t tell anyone this, but . . . I am in a confession mood here.

Now if you have read any of my other stories then you will know that I have a very close relationship with my husband’s family, but after the night that I was the entertainment at my husbands fathers bachelor party I took that closeness even closer. So a few months after the party my husband Mike told me that his brother Matt was in town and that he was going to spend the night. I wondered just what he had in store for me. Was this just a social call or something they had planned.

While I had no intention of fucking my husband’s brother, apparently my husband may have had other ideas. We hadn’t really seen each other since their fathers wedding and we really hadn’t sat down and discussed what had happened at that party.

I had to admit it felt a little uncomfortable knowing that my brother n law was going to be staying over night visiting and I wasn’t sure how to act after he had seen me naked and I had sucked his cock. Then again we all had nothing to hide that was for sure.

When Matt arrived, my worries were put away when he came up and hugged me like nothing had ever happened. He asked how we were doing and how our jobs were going. After the pleasantries were over, I showed him to his room so he could put his things away.

As we stood in the guest room alone I once again felt a little awkward not knowing if he wanted to talk about that night or just forget that it ever happened. Fortunately my husband came in and asked him if he wanted a drink. He told me that he was ready for a cold one. I told my husband to take his brother out back and show him around while I brought out the Corona’s.

As I got the drinks, I could see my husband Mike talking to Matt. I was dying to know what they were saying and I wondered if it had anything to do with that night or just life in general. Knowing men, I figured it was about sex.

I brought the 2 brothers their drinks and we sat out back and just talked about how things were going. We finished a few Corona’s and I asked the guys if they were ready for dinner. When they grunted a yes, I told Mike that he needed to get the barbeque going and I would take care of the rest.

While I was busy in the kitchen, I could see Mike and Matt talking over the steaks and they were laughing and high fiving it which was a clear sign of their talking about their favorite subject. I caught myself fantasizing that Matt was describing how I sucked his cock and how he wanted to fuck me that night and Mike telling him that if he was still interested he could take care of that request tonight.

Now I really didn’t know what they were saying but the idea made me excited thinking that I would be fucked by to brothers. I opened the window to hear what they were saying but when I did they stopped talking as if I had walked in on a secret discussion. I asked them if they needed another drink and Mike told me that the steaks were ready and that they would get the beer inside.

During dinner we talked and laughed about the usual family things and past vacations. We also drank quit a bit. I began to think that this was just a family visit and that I had read more into everything.

After dinner we sat around drinking wine and we continued talking about what was going on in our lives when Matt asked the question about when we were going to have kids. I told Matt that Mike and I had discussed this and we were actually trying to have kids. He said that it was about time and that he was surprised that we didn’t have a whole house full already. Mike said that we wanted to hold off a few years after we were married so that we could enjoy our freedom a little while before we couldn’t have the time or opportunity to party.

Matt told me that he understood what we were saying and he made a comment about our open sexuality and that kids might put an end to that. Mike and I looked at each other and just laughed saying that was one of the big issues.

I asked the guys if they wanted more wine and they said sure. We had already finished one bottle and I needed another opened so I asked my husband to come in the kitchen to open another one. While Mike was opening the bottle, he had this stupid grin on his face.

I asked him what he was grinning at. He told me that Matt had asked him if there was any chance of his possibly getting another crack at me. I laughed and said “crack” what the hell does that mean. I said it out loud and Mike told me to keep it down. I asked him what exactly did another crack mean.

Mike took me by the hand and he took me to our bedroom where it was more private. There he told me exactly what he and his brother had been talking about outside.

Mike told me that while they were outside his brother got the conversation going about that night at the party and he asked me if we had talked about it. He told his brother that we had several times and that I was cool with gaziantep minyon escort all that went on.

His brother asked him if we had done anything else like that before. He told him that we had but he didn’t go into details. Mike told me that his brother wouldn’t let it go there and he kept asking him for details. Mike said that he finally told him about the time that we had gone to the adult movie and I had messed around with a couple of guys. He didn’t go into any great detail but he told him that I had fucked and sucked some strangers there and at an adult book store.

Mike said that his brother almost lost it. He was all excited over this. ( I assumed that it was at this point where I had seen them give each other the high five.

Mike told me that his brother wanted to see if I would at least have a chance of sleeping with me tonight. I jokingly asked him if that meant fucking me. Cause I had no problem just sleeping with his brother. He looked at me stupidly and said that I knew what he meant.

I reminded him that I was not on the pill and that we had been trying to get pregnant. He told me that he knew that and that all I had to do was give him head. I told him that if that was all then I wouldn’t mind. Truth is that I would have fucked him if Mike would have asked, but I got the impression that he was a little apprehensive about his brother fucking me and my not being on the pill.

I told my husband to go back in and pour a glass of wine for all of us and I would be in shortly. I suggested that he put on a movie to make things a little more less awkward and more relaxed. I also told him not to say a thing to his brother about my agreeing to suck his cock. He just smiled and left the room like a little boy who was told he could go out and play.

Mike did as he was told and when I walked into the room a few minutes later I saw that the 2 brothers were engrossed in an adult movie which I found very appropriate. It was about a brother and sister whose parents had gone away for the weekend and they were left to find their own entertainment.

When I walked into the room, I stood off to the side and I asked them if they were enjoying the movie. I heard Matt say something and then his words trailed off after he noticed what I was wearing.

I changed into a silk night gown that was cut very short. It had a tie in the front and a pair of matching G string panties. I acted like it was no big deal with what I was wearing and I walked in front of Matt and I sat down in between him and his brother.

I asked him if the glass of wine on the table was mine and he almost leaped up to get it for me. He handed me the glass and I asked him if he liked the movie and what it was about. I love doing this to guys because it means that they have to describe sex to me and it’s funny to see them try and tell me in an intelligent way that there is just a lot of fucking going on.

I told him that I recognized it and that it was one of my favorites. I told him that I loved the part where they were caught by their older sister who came over to check on them with her husband and she found them fucking and at first they thought that they were in trouble. Then the older sister told them that if they wouldn’t tell she wouldn’t and she and her husband joined them.

I told Matt that it gets me really excited when the brother fucks his older sister while the older sister fucks and sucks the sister’s husband. I told him that this kind of thing was wild.

I asked him if he liked that kind of thing too. He cleared his throat and told me that he did.

As we continued to watch the movie, I could see the bulge in Matts pants growing. I wondered if it was because his sister n law was sitting next to him half naked watching a fuck movie or was the movie having that effect on him.

Then when the part in the movie came where I had earlier had described, I told Matt “oh here it cums. This is the part I was telling you about.”

As the scene played out I began to squirm in the seat next to my husband and brother n law. I made it noticeable by crossing and then un crossing my legs and grabbing my breast lightly. I gave out a moan when I saw that sister’s husband start messing around with his wife’s sister.

Then I decided that if Matt wasn’t going to make a move I would have to. I stared at the t.v. screen as I slowly reached over and ran my hand over Matt’s leg. I continued to rub up his leg until my hand met the bulge in his pants.

As I held my hand there, I gave his cock a squeeze through his pants. Then I slowly turned to him as I was bitting down on my lower lip like I was so torn between what to do and my being so fucking turned on.

Then I just reached over and kissed his mouth deeply. He kissed me back slipping his tongue into my mouth. As we sat there french kissing, I felt the couch move next to me telling me that my husband was getting up. I had no idea where nizip escort he was going. I thought that he was going to leave us alone.

As I continued to kiss Matt, I felt his hands exploring my body through my night gown. I began to kiss his neck as he reached under my gown and rubbed my pussy through my panties.

Then I could hear Mike coming back into the room. A few minutes later he sat down next to me again. I was hoping that he would come back to watch what I was going to do to his brother.

Little did I know that what Mike got up and left for was the video camera. He had set it up to the side out of view and was taping the whole incestuous event.

As both brothers sat next to me we all turned our attention back to the movie as we all tried to act normal, but our heavy breathing wasn’t letting us neither was the fact that Matt’s cock looked like it was going to explode out of his pants.

I wasn’t sure if Matt was nervous about having his younger brother in the same room. I knew that if this was going to happen then I needed to take the initiative.

As we all continued to watch the family fucking on the T.V., I reached over with my eyes still on the movie and I began to fumble with Matt’s zipper. It must have looked funny cause Matt finally un did his belt buckle and he sat back allowing me to finally unzip his pants.

I reached into his pants and my hand met his hot throbbing cock. It jumped out of his pants like one of those clowns out of the box. I glanced over for a second to see it and when I did I unconsciously gave out a sigh. I heard myself and I quickly looked back toward the movie as I held my brother n laws cock in my hand.

As we watched the movie, I began to slowly jerk his cock off. Then I decided to make things more interesting by taking my husbands cock out and do the same to his.

I reached over and easily unzipped my husband’s pants and I removed an already stiff cock. There we sat watching the movie with my brother n laws cock in one hand and my husbands in the other. What could be better, hmm do I need to say.

As both guys sat there with their cocks throbbing in my hot hand, I tried to compare them with each other. My husbands was long with a fairly normal size head and girth. Matt’s was almost as long, but very thick and with a larger head.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I leaned over to my husband and I whispered in his ear if he would mind if I could suck his brother’s cock. He looked at me with a smile and told me that if I didn’t then this whole night was going to be a bust. That was all I needed to hear.

I turned toward Matt and I released the hold on my husband’s cock while still sliding my hand up and down on Matt’s pole. I looked him in the eye and as I slid off the couch and onto the floor between his legs I told him that I wanted to suck his cock. He just grinned and waited for me to wrap my lips around his cock.

I leaned forward and I first flicked my tongue over the head of his cock. He responded by jerking back. Then I just began bathing it with my tongue making it very wet. Then without warning, I just inhaled his cock. Matt threw his head back and closed his eyes giving me a moan of approval.

I worked his cock with my hand and mouth and I gave him my patent wet blow job. I felt him start to thrust his cock forward into my mouth rasing his ass up to meet my mouth. Then I heard him give out a low grunt and he filled my mouth up with cum.

I swallowed as fast as he filled my mouth up with his hot goo. I just held on as he continued to spew more and more cum into my mouth. I gulped it down as fast as I could until I could take no more and I gagged.

I raised my head up catching my breath as he continued to spurt his last drops into my face. I licked my lips off taking the last remaining shots.

Now I had tasted his cum before and I told him, with a disappointed look on my face, that I he wasn’t supposed to do that. I told him that I wanted to feel his cock in me.

He told me that he was sorry, but he just couldn’t help it. I had sucked him like no one ever had. This was a huge compliment and I told him, “well all right, but now I will never know if you feel like your brother.”

I turned to my husband, Mike and I told him jokingly “oh, I almost forgot you were here.” He said that I was o funny in a sarcastic way. With that I moved over to Mike and I showed him that I still was in love with his cock by giving him the same blow job that I had given his brother.

As I sucked my husband, I saw that Matt was stroking his cock out of the corner of my eye. I always was turned on by the sight of a guy beating off, especially to what I might be doing.

I turned my full attention back to my husband making sure that his cock was the only thing I was interested in.

As I sucked and stroked his cock, I heard my husband tell his brother to go ahead and fuck me if he wanted to. Well he didn’t have nurdağı escort to ask twice and before I had any say in it (as if I would have said no) I felt my brother n laws cock splitting my pussy lips apart as I was sucking on my husbands cock.

Now I was totally impressed. Here was a guy who just blew his load down my throat and minutes later he was back up and ready to go. Cum to think of it, it never really got soft.

(This has always bothered me in a way. I wondered if I hadn’t done a good enough job cause I would have thought that he would have gone soft. Then again I have been told that what I had done was so fucking exciting that it made them so fucking hard that they couldn’t get soft. I guess I will just have to realize that it is a compliment).

Just as he shoved his cock into me it dawned on me that I had stopped taking the pill because my husband and I were trying to have a baby. I knew he wasn’t wearing a condom so I stopped sucking my husband’s cock and I raised my head and I reminded him that I was not on the pill and in fact very close to ovulating. He must not have figured out what I was saying cause he pulled my head down on his cock.

I again pulled off his cock and I told him that I could get pregnant and that maybe we should just switch positions. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to fuck or have sex with him, just the opposite, but I didn’t want to have any accidents.

I said this low enough to only let my husband hear me and besides his brother was making all kinds of noise while he pounded my pussy with his fat cock. His hands were holding my ass tightly and he would pull back and then slam into my pussy.

I knew that guys think with their dicks and they can’t stop so it was up to me, my husband asked me if I was sure, ah dah. I told him yes, so my husband asked his brother if he wanted to switch.

Now that is not what I thought he would say, so I gave him a look as I was trying to compose myself. Understand that when I am being fucked and it is a great fuck, I too have trouble stopping. I was myself breathing hard and already climaxing. I could feel that my pussy was wet and I felt partially to blame cause I was in fact meeting everyone of his brothers thrust into my pussy. It was like stop, no don’t stop.

Then I gathered myself more when I heard and felt his brother making all the signs of a man about to get off and I don’t mean off of me.

Matt had wrapped his hand around my waist and his hand went up under me and his finger found my clit. He began to rub my now swollen clit which made me have a shuttering orgasm. I threw my head back as he continued to rub my clit.

I regained my senses and I made it clear that I wanted to switch now, before it was too late. My husband told his brother to switch with him and not to cum in me.

Then it happened. I felt it just as he said it. I felt his cock spasm inside me and my pussy being filled up with his hot seed. I could hear the slushing sound as he pulled out then pushed his cock in. He did this a few more times and as he did I could feel his hot cum running down my inner thighs.

His body collapsed on my back with his cock still deep inside me. As he laid on me, I could feel his cock spasm. I could feel his warm seed squirting more and more into me.

It got deadly silent when I heard my husband ask me if his brother had cum in me. I looked up at him with a just spent look on my face

He told his brother to get off of me before I came in her. I could hear Matt telling my husband “too late, I already came.”

My husband asked me again in a worried voice if he had come in me confirming what he said. He asked “did he cum in you.” I told him that he had, he had a nervous look on his face and I too wondered if I had just received the seed that would make a baby.

Matt pulled out and he told me that he was sorry, but he couldn’t help it. He still didn’t understand what it all meant and my husband didn’t tell him either.

As his cock pulled out I could feel his warm goo dripping out of my pussy. I pushed hopelessly trying to push my brother n laws cum out of me thinking that it would help but I knew that it wouldn’t.

After that we all laid there on the floor for a moment. I got up and thought that maybe if I douche it would help.

I did what I could and returned to them. My brother n law asked me if everything was all right. I told him that it was fine. I didn’t want him to think that he over stepped his bounds by having sex with me. I was the one who really could have stopped it and it wasn’t rape, it was just fucking in the heat of the moment.

Matt asked me if he had done something wrong. He told us that he thought that was what I wanted. I told him that it was, but that I just preferred that he hadn’t cum inside me. I made up a story that I really didn’t like it when guys did that and that I preferred to see it when they cum.

Now this was a half lie because I do like it when guys cum in me and I love to see them cum. I just thought that he didn’t need to know that he may have just possibly impregnated his sister n law.

I then had this idea that if I was just impregnated that I might as well fuck my husband then it would at least be a 50/50 chance on which brother was the father. I told my husband that I wanted him to fuck me right now.

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