Papa and I Ch. 02


Editor’s Note: this story contains gay male content.


God, I could taste myself on my son’s lips and skilled tongue. I can’t believe I am kissing him; that I have come in him twice now, once in his pink hungry rosebud ass and again in his hot silken mouth. The sexy bitch drank my cum like it was liquid from the Fountain of Youth, and he did it so damned beautifully.

I would be lying if I said that I haven’t realized what a perfectly formed man my debauched son had grown up to be. Everything about him appealed to me. In the past few months, I have often caught myself eyeing the tender flesh of his slender pale neck, imagining licking and sucking at it without ever breaking the precious skin for blood, though I wanted that too. I liked that he was lean but svelte, built like a graceful swimmer. Then there were his hands, slim and soft with long elegant fingers…Oh how I had imagined them just as they were today, wrapped around and stroking my cock. And speaking of wrapped around my cock, I can’t even count the numerous times I had to step way to “take care of business” those weeks he and I made his birthday party plans because my dick shot unbearably hard watching him speak and moisten his lips with the pointy tip of his pink tongue. Now knowing what his mouth was capable of, my fantasies had not done his plush full pink lips (now red and swollen from my attentions) or his agile tongue any justice. I had never cum so quickly in another’s mouth since a village girl back centuries ago, in my human days, sucked me off the first few times.

Erin was delicately graceful, the picture of innocence and nearly angelic in appearance, he was so fair. It was exactly those features that attracted me the most about him physically, but it was simply he, the man, that filled my head with only thoughts of him. Though angel-like in appearance, he was anything but. He had a mischievous sense of humor, quick witty tongue, and the devil’s temper…quite a spoiled brat really. But to make up for character flaws, he is also one of the most cheerful beings I have ever encountered, always ready for a laugh and to make others laugh. He was like the warmth and sunlight I found him bathed in today, something I can no longer experience with my affliction. And though he did often want his way he had no trouble conceding if the situation called for it. In other words, I utterly adore my son, faults and all. Even when he throw tantrums and take advantage of me by manipulating me to do his bidding like he had done today.

I was kissing him less urgently now, my hands cupping his soft face and tilting it up to meet the slow insistent strokes of my tongue. His tongue curled around mine, exploring me too. If I had a heartbeat, it would be pounding in my chest right about now. We were both breathing hard and occasionally moaning in pleasure. My lust-filled haze now sated, I wanted to thoroughly explore my boy’s body. I wanted to learn their planes. His likes and dislikes, and show him all of mine.

I slid both hands from his face down his throat. He moaned and sucked my tongue into his mouth. I let him, my hardened cock, which hadn’t flagged since I walked into the room, gave a little jump and I kissed him a little harder our mouths pressing almost painfully together.

My hands continued their leisure exploration, over his collarbones and shoulders, down his arms to his fingertip and back up the inner, soft, tender skin of his warm arms. He melted into me, arms coming up around my neck, his flat subtly carved six-pack abs pressing my hard cock between us deliciously, and I could feel his straining, copiously leaking cock on my left hip.

I growled and skimmed the back of my fingers down his sides, feeling every ridge of his rib bones and strong muscles of his slender waist, where I rested my hands now. Pulling away, I took in his beautiful face. His eyes were still closed and his long blonde lashes were fluttering prettily against his pinked cheeks, endearingly blotchy though they were. And his red plump lips were still slightly parted where soft inhalations and exhalations escaped with every breath. I couldn’t help but laugh a little and his eyes opened, with a slow graceful lift of those lids, and that pair of brilliantly glowing gold eyes of his immediately found mine. One corner of his lips curled into an embarrassed shy smile and I had to restrain from telling him how devastatingly beautiful I thought he was again. Instead, I lifted a hand, traced his lips with my fingertip, and then brushed the back of my fingers over his heated cheeks. All the while I felt his eyes thoroughly examining my face as I had just done to him.

My brows must have knit together in a pained expression, because he brought the pad of his index and middle finger to rub gently at the space between my eyebrows, until I felt my whole face relax.

“Any regrets?” He asked still smiling, but I saw a look of vulnerability in his eyes.

I shook my head “no” in answer and he smiled a soft REAL sort gaziantep manken escort of smile up at me. There was no hint of mischief or underlying meaning behind it, just a upward curling of his lips that conveyed true content and happiness, that I cannot ever recall seeing on his face. I had put it there. My chest felt tight and unable to contain the range of positive emotions that came with that knowledge.

“You?” I asked, not even close to hiding my own vulnerability.

A playful expression suffused his face, his straight white teeth and small little fangs, showing with his toothy grin. God in heavens! It almost jump-started my still heart.

“None at all.” then he gave a shrug, and looked up at me with slightly lowered head. It was a smokey come-hither look through heavy lashes, and his body shifted so that it was I who had the bed at my back.

“Only that I did not get your huge cock in me sooner.” He said with a sultry growl just before his hands slid from the back of my neck to my shoulders and down to my chest.

I watched him breathlessly, completely seduced by him. And when he leaned up on his toes to give me a whisper of a kiss at the spot where my jaw meets my ear, my hands gripped his waist hard, and I rolled my hip so that my insatiable cock slid up along his stomach.

“Up on the bed, please Papa?” He whispered, and I could hear the laughter in his voice.

I gave him a hard kiss, needing another taste of him before I planted my hands on the bed behind me and hopped on effortlessly.

“Middle of the bed Papa.” he told me.

I scooted up the big bed and watched him clamber up after me, his pale body glowing in the orangey yellow torchlights, a sight almost as beautiful as his body glowing white and his golden hair a halo on his head in the brilliant morning sunlight, stark against my silky crimson sheets beneath him. That memory would be vividly burned into my memory for all eternity.

Erin crawled forward like a limber stalking cat. He was on all fours, his back arching and dipping fluidly with his movements as he drew closer and closer to me. I cupped a hand over the underside of my heavy hard cock, which was lying on my stomach, and started rubbing. He stopped and watched me, licking his lips absently. “He’s missing your mouth, love.”

He crawled between my legs at my words and lovingly took my rigid cock from me. He gave it a couple of strokes and then with both hands held my cock at the base so it stood straight up. Everything seemingly forgotten except for my cock, he appraised it like a newly found lost treasure, before giving the tip a soft kiss with only the press of lips at first. Then he started really kissing it, French kissing my cock like it could kiss back, drooling and moaning all over it.

My son was a complete fiend for my cock, my clouded brain thought

Then had my cock in his mouth, sucking, and swirling his wet tongue.

“That’s it, baby. Suck daddy’s cock like a lollipop, you cock starved whore.”

He liked it when I spoke to him that way, if the enthusiastic bobbing of his head meant anything. He licked and kissed and sucked up and down my thick ten inches of cock, coating it in his saliva, and every time a big bead of precum appeared at the tip he hurriedly and greedily lapped it up like his precious prize. When my cock was shiny with his spit, he pulled away for long enough to take a deep breath, and then my cock was in his mouth again. This time though he kept lowering and lowering his mouth on my cock. When my tip met resistance at the back of his throat he adjusted himself and suddenly his throat passage opened up and he slid my cock down his gullet in a slow glide. Then, puffing breaths out of his nose he kept swallowing and coughing and swallowing and gagging and swallowing, making me roar out in heady pleasure watching him take inch after inch of my cock in his tight flexing throat canal. Doing the impossible, he took me to the hilt, and then I was bucking as the most blinding pleasure rippled throughout my body. It was only for a second before he was slowly pulling off my cock in the longest withdrawal I have ever witnessed as ten inches of my cock reappeared from out of his mouth.

He took rasping harsh breaths, his face reddened from suffocating himself with my cock and then he did it again, holding my hips down to keep me from doing him real damage. I was so close to coming, but I wanted my jizz up his ass pussy again when I did, so I forcefully pulled his throat and mouth off my cock with a nasty wet popping sound. He looked sex dazed and probably light headed from cutting off his own air supply.

I gripped him under his arms and dragged him easily up my body to sit his bottom on my cock.

“You’re amazing, sweetheart.” I rasped against his lips before thoroughly kissing him.

His hands gripped painfully in my hair as I started flexing my hips, so that my cock, wet from his mind-blowing blowjob, gaziantep masaj yapan escort was rubbing between his ass cheeks.

“Papa, I want your cock, please?” He sounded near tears, and I knew the feeling.

I gripped him by the hips and lifted him high, waiting impatient seconds as he fumbled behind him for my cock and lined it up to his loosened, but far from loose pussy.

He let out a pained whoosh of breath when I breached his undoubtedly sore ass this time. With more mercy and control than I ever thought I could muster I lowered him down carefully around my cock, until his round firm bottom flush on my hips, straddling me.

“Papa,” He sighed head thrown back and rocking his hips gently.

“Yeah baby?” I asked through gritted teeth twisting and rolling both of his nipples between my fingers.

He stilled, placed both hands on my chest and looked deep into my eyes with a pained furrow of his dark blonde brows. Then he lifted his clenching ass till it was only my tip encased in his cum slickened wet warmth. Not breaking my wonderstruck stare, he took a deep breath and bit down on his bottom lip, then slammed down on my cock.

I roared.

“Papa” he whined, eyes shiny with exulted tears. “You’re cock hurts. So. Fucking. Good.” He punctuated each of his last words with hard downward slams of his ass on my hips as he fucked his eager hole on my big cock.

“You feel good too baby!” I gasped, sitting up in order to kiss him as he continued to buck. “Better than anything I have ever felt.” And damned if that wasn’t the fucking truth.

Not wanting to hurt him though, I slowed him with my hands on his hips, continuing to softly kiss him between words of love and praise.

“I want to ride you the other way.”

I nodded knowing how good the view of my ass impaling him would look in that position.

I sat back on the pillows as he twisted around, never disengaging himself from me.

When he got in a comfortable position, hands on my thighs, he looked back at me and smiled. “How’s that?” He asked unnecessarily.

“Gorgeous.” I answered reaching to stroke, said, gorgeous back from the dip between his shoulder blades down his long boney spine to the arching inward dip of his lower back. My other hand joined the exploration, mapping his back and dipping to the two little dimples above his ass cheek, before I groped hard at his white round ass. I separated his ass cheeks and let out a shaky excited breath at the sight of his asshole stretched almost grotesquely wide around a cock too thick to have ever been allowed to breach that tiny pink rosebud.

“Looks that good, huh?” he asked knowingly

I raised both hands and brought them smack down hard on both his cheeks, making him buck and moan loudly.

“Ride my cock, my dirty little slut.” I said with another stingy slap.

“Yes, Daddy!” he gasped and started rocking slowly.

As his ass grew more accustomed to my girth he started to bounce on my cock, faster and faster. I was mesmerized by the sight of his round ass, red with my hand print, bouncing up and down on my dick in a movement that young people these day called “tweaking”, and at the sight of his red ass rim pulling in and out as my cock continued its battering destruction upon it.

Unable to hold back any longer I started to fuck up hard into his ass to meet him when he bounced down. Soon he started babbling incessantly, begging for more, and crying out how good I was.

“I love your cock Daddy! I love your thick dick fucking me open. Fuck my horny pussy. Fuck it! Fuck my little pussy hard!”

How could I refuse?

“You do have a pussy don’t you. A tight insatiable pussy that I’m going to fuck raw before this day is over.”

By the end of it when my balls were tight and ready to explode, I was holding his limp body high above my cock and knifing up into his yielding ass.

“Stroke yourself sweetheart, and come for me.”

He probably stroked himself no more than four times before he started coming.

“Papa! I’m your! You’re dirty cum guzzling ass pussy! Use my pussy!”

He was groaning and gasping for breaths ass he continued to cum and I continued to batter into his painfully clenched until I came.

“Take Daddy’s cum bitch. Take it!” I roared fucking him with no regard to his comfort and then jizzed so much into his ass that it leaked even though my cock had it plugged snuggly.

He fell forward onto his upper body on the bed between my legs, and my finally semi-soft erection slipped out of him with a satisfyingly dirty, plop! He was still on his knees, ass raised with that abused, angry red, wet pussy whole gaping and on proud display for me. I watched in manly pride as several strands of my creamy white cum leaked out of his wide-open winking ass, onto my belly and down his balls and inner thighs.

“Papa,” he said, sounding breathless, husky, and sleep drowsy, gaziantep masöz escort “You really know how to fuck. Collar me up and make me your bitch for all to see, because that’s what I am.”

We both laughed breathlessly, but when he tried to move I stayed him.

“Stay there, love. I want to see my handiwork a while longer.”

He propped his cheek on one of my hairy muscled thighs and glanced back at me, eyes half-hooded. “Does it looks as good as it feels?” he asked.

“It looks really damned good. I want to see you like this at least once a day for the rest of my life. Sexiest fucking sight I have ever seen…and I’ve seen a lot.”

He kissed my thigh and swayed his ass.

“Well that was the best fucking I have ever had, even with no other fucks to compare it to.” He laughed.

It took a moment for his words to register in my orgasmic haze, but when it did I shot up in surprise and horror.

“A virgin? You were a fucking virgin?” I was angry with myself, and I sounded it.

Of course he was a virgin. I never had an inkling he cared for men at all until tonight. I never smelled the scent of another’s sex on him ever. He gifted me with that gift and I…God I had broken him in so hard. The evidence of it was right fucking there in my face, and I was getting hard again.

I punched the bed.

“Papa?” He asked softly lifting his head up to peer unsurely over his smooth shoulder at me.

“You were a virgin today?”


“And you didn’t tell me?!” I shouted angrily, tearing at my hair. I must have hurt him so much! “I could have rend you in two!”

I snatched his arm and pulled him to my chest. He looked frightened by me, but I didn’t care. We were both so careless. I could have seriously hurt him. My own flesh and blood, the only person I loved in the entire world over the many centuries I lived.

“Papa, I wanted it.” He said stubbornly.

I picked him up and hopped off the bed with him to stand in front of the huge stand up mirror at the corner of the room. Then I shifted him in my arms until his knees were hooked over my forearms, and raised to his shoulders, his legs spread wide open reveal his still drooling gaping red hole. The sight heated my blood with lust, but it really shouldn’t have.

His eyes widened in surprised and he stared at it intensely.

“Yes, Erin.” I growled trying to sound angry, but my cock was hard again. “This is what I’ve done to you. Thank heavens that it wasn’t worse.”

“Papa.” he croaked.

I looked up and met his eyes in the mirror, only realizing then that I had been staring at his.

“I need you again, inside me.” He whispered softly.

And I noticed to my shock that his dick was hard.

Uncomprehending, I continued to stare dumbly at him in the mirror. But my gorgeous slut of a son, slipped his hand down his front and dipped two of his own fingers easily into his ass and swirled it around a couple of times, coating it with my jizz and his as juice and sucked it greedily into his mouth. He moaned sucking and licking his fingers clean and then repeated it again.

I was breathing into his hair. To be truthful, I was taking in his delicious scent, and watching his antics avidly, my dick twitching.

“Papa fuck me please. If you are scared of hurting me just fuck my pussy slow. I need your big cock in me again. Please. Please.” He begged turning his face to kiss my cheeks, jaw, neck, and anywhere his sinful lips could reach.

When he sucked my earlobe into his mouth and suckled like he had as a babe when I offered him blood from my fingertips, he and I both knew I would be inside his ass again.

I turned his face and kissed him savagely. He hooked one arm over my shoulder and turned into a more comfortable position. I let go of his legs, and as if reading my thoughts he clung on to me, kissing me still, as I wrapped a steadying arm around him so he could turn his lower body and face me. When his long legs wrapped around my waist I lifted him high in my arms so that I had to tilt my head up to meet his lips and his hard cock was pressed just below my pecks.

He pulled away and looked down at me seriously. His elegant hand cupping my face and his thumbs brushing my cheeks.

“I love you, Papa.” He told me. “I wanted you to take my virginity. I loved that you fucked me raw like you’ve done.”

He bent his head and our lips pressed gently together.

“But now I want you to fuck me slow,” He whispered on my lips, taking a break to suckle my bottom lip, “standing just like this so I can watch every slow thrust of your cock spreading my slutty hole open in the mirror, okay?”

I cleared my throat and agreed.

“And then were we’re about to come, we’ll take from each other.”

I nodded and kissed him, my hands slipping down to his perfect white globes, and gripping hard, spread them wide of open. Teasingly, I rocked my hips so that the tip of my cock caught but didn’t sink into his winking eager bud and he whined into our mingled mouths. Just as I was lining up my cock to enter and end his torment a hesitant knock came at the door.

Erin groaned disappointedly his forehead falling against mine. I laughed and kissed his nose. He looked at me startled, but pleased at my loving and tender gesture. Hell, it surprised me too!

Another knock, this time harder and less hesitant.

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