Author’s Note:

This is what happens when I attempt to write a short “flash” story. I feel sincere admiration for authors who can craft a well-formed tale in a few thousand words; I don’t have that gift.

Readers should be warned this is an extremely graphic — or graphically extreme — story. If you have read my other stories, this one is darker. I was inspired to try my hand after reading some erotic horror anthologies, and the genre is not the one I usually practice. I’ve tried to attach appropriate story codes to warn off those who might be squicked, but proceed at your own risk. I sincerely hope that nobody still reading is clueless enough to think these activities are in any way condoned or legal in real life; this is fiction.

The genesis of this tale (pardon the pun) is a particularly interesting shower curtain that hangs in my bathroom. It has been repurposed, in somewhat modified form, in the story below. All other characters, places, and furnishings not incidental to the story are entirely the products of my imagination. Enjoy.

by Virtual Scott

Lily inhaled deeply and held the breath, letting the clean air purge her body of stress. Releasing it, she turned and smiled at Adam. “I feel better already!”

He grinned at her exuberance. Although it was unseasonably warm, the car’s heater was still working overtime to battle the cold air that was streaming in the open window and teasing his wife’s dirty blonde tresses into disarray. “Worth waiting for?”

“God, yes! Two weeks alone, just the two of us!” Both of them young, and newly-employed, their honeymoon last summer had been a weekend in a local hotel. They were making up for it now, renting a cottage not too far from the beach. It was early in the season, before the spring break crush (and price increases) hit, and the weather was more than cooperating.

The cottage was enchanting, just like its picture on the web site. There were others, but nestled in among the trees and not too close, and the beach was just visible a quarter mile further down the narrow unpaved road. The managers, in the cottage next door, not so much.

“Wow,” Adam commented, sotto voice, as they walked back to the car after checking in.

“Eew,” you mean, Lily corrected him. She discreetly wiped her hand on her jeans. “He gives me the creeps.”

Sam looked nice enough, toned and fit from working outdoors, with teeth white enough for Hollywood. He had a firm, professional handshake, but something about it hadn’t felt right. And the look he’d given her! Lily was familiar with guys perving on her, but it wasn’t that; Sam’s dark eyes had felt like they were piercing deep inside her, stirring dusty corners of dark rooms within her soul.

“I hadn’t noticed,” Adam mused, and then yelped when Lily punched him.

“Go right on ‘not noticing’ — both of them,” she threatened, mostly joking.

Norma, Sam’s wife — or whatever, she didn’t wear a ring — was a slut. Her heavy-lidded eyes had undressed both of them. Norma’s lacquered nails had traced Lily’s palm when they’d shook hands, and lingered inappropriately long in Adam’s grip. Her deep auburn hair had an alluring distressed look Lily couldn’t have achieved if she’d tried, and she’d never seen somebody who could make a sundress and cardigan sweater seem suggestive — until now. And Norma smelled like sex. Not semen, or sweat, or anything tangible, but… sex.

Lily took another breath of the clean outdoors to wipe away the taint, and shook herself. The important thing was that she and Adam could concentrate on each other. She was smiling again by the time they had the luggage out of the trunk and into the cottage.

The cottage was just as adorable on the inside. It consisted of a small front room with a fireplace that doubled as a living and eating area, a cramped but fully-equipped kitchen, and a bedroom in the back. The bedroom was nearly filled by the queen bed and a dresser, because a sizeable chunk of it had been sectioned off to provide a modern bathroom.

Since Lily was a fervent believer in the virtues of flush toilets relative to outhouses, she wasn’t going to complain. Besides, they were going to be doing nothing except sleeping in the bedroom, anyway. Lily giggled. “Well, almost nothing!”

“What?” Adam asked, but was more than game when Lily pulled him onto the bed on top of her. They wriggled out of their jeans and made delicious love to each other right then and there.

Lily felt so decadent, letting Adam make love to her on top of the covers right in the middle of the day! Her orgasm felt extra intense, and she didn’t push him away after he climaxed inside her, the way she usually did.

“I love you,” Adam crooned, nuzzling her hair and snaking a hand beneath her flannel shirt to cup a breast.

“I love you, too,” Lily sighed. She kissed Adam tenderly while extracting his hand before it could work its way under the cup of her bra. “But you came like a horse, you stud” — the dirty language felt slightly naughty — “and I’m going to leak all over the covers if I don’t go clean up.”

“Hey, it’s not our comforter,” Adam laughed, even as he rolled off her. “Let somebody else do the laundry; we’re on vacation!”

The first defect of the cottage struck Lily once she was standing, bottomless, in the bathroom. The huge picture window doubtless provided occupants of the large whirlpool tub a fine view of the scenic woods, but the only window treatment was a gauzy sheer. There didn’t seem to be much difference between standing outside or standing in the glass-lined shower stall.

There was no way she was going to take a bath and sit in water with Adam’s jizz floating around in it. Lily hurried through her shower, keeping her back to the window as much as possible and trying not to think about it.

Maybe it was well water or something, but Lily didn’t feel clean when she emerged, although the soap smelled pretty and left her skin silky soft.

The other thing was the wallpaper in the bedroom. Lily noticed it that night, after they’d made love again. Adam was already asleep beside her, and she was lying on her back watching the play of shadows made by the faint illumination from the fireplace in the front room.

It was a busy pattern, in deep burgundy and gold, and she hadn’t paid much attention during the day, thinking it was floral or paisley or something, and that she was glad it wasn’t in her house. Like an optical illusion, something suddenly flipped in Lily’s brain, and the pattern became something entirely different.

Maybe it was post-coital bliss. Lily lifted herself on one elbow and craned her head, but it still looked the same. She saw, as if from above, a couple fucking. The woman lay on her back, hair arrayed about her head like a corona, and her mouth wide open as if screaming in ecstasy. Her jutting breasts protruded just above her partner’s head. His looming form obscured the rest of her body, but Lily knew his penis was buried within her. The image repeated over and over, covering the walls of the room.

It was dirty, and erotic, and Lily couldn’t get it out of her head once she’d imagined it. Finally she rolled on her side and stared determinedly at Adam; it took forever for her to drift off.

It was still there in the morning, but Lily decided not to mention it. After breakfast, hoping the weather would hold, they donned shorts and light jackets, and set off to explore the beach.

The world belonged to them alone. Birds called from the trees, occasional squirrels looking for last fall’s nuts crossed the road ahead of them, and it was easy to believe civilization did not exist. The sun filtered through the new greenery, calling them forward to where the barely audible waves shushed on the sand.

Hand in hand, Adam and Lily paced the dwindling road, now a path, until they reached an opening in the scrub growth and stepped out on the sandy dirt. For a moment it felt like they were adventurers laying eyes on a vista no human before them had seen.

“Oh, fuck!” A throaty exclamation destroyed the fantasy.

Perhaps fifteen yards to their right, Sam was fucking Norma. They were stark naked, and Norma lay back against a conveniently shaped tree trunk that allowed Sam to stand while pounding into her so forcefully the branches above them swayed with each thrust.

Lily didn’t know if she’d made a noise or if some movement alerted him, but suddenly Sam turned his head and looked straight at them. He smiled broadly, never missing a stroke, while Lily blushed furiously, paralyzed by surprise.

Then Norma was looking their way too, licking her lips in a way Lily just knew was aimed at Adam.

Before either of them could react, Sam slapped Norma across the face, hard. Lily jumped at the sound, as did Adam, but Norma just looked up at Sam and started pulling on her nipples.

Thinking as one, Lily and Adam turned and fled back down the path. “What a slut,” Lily said shakily after they’d gone a few hundred yards.

“Yeah, and on a public beach,” Adam agreed, sounding as upset as she was. She noticed he had an erection, though.

After taking a long walk through the woods, taking care to stay well away from the beach, they returned to the cottage for lunch. Lily was just putting out the sandwich makings when a knock at the door interrupted them.

Adam opened the door to find Sam waiting on the porch.

“Hey, folks,” Sam said, sounding diffident. His eyes looked anything but, and sought out Lily. “We just wanted to apologize for this morning.”

Lily moved to join Adam so she could look out the doorway. Sam was clad only in a pair of worn jeans; they had the look of a pair that had gotten that way through use. His skin had a faint tinge that suggested he was flirting with sunburn, and his package looked like he had a loaf of bread shoved down there.

Disgusted with her thoughts, Lily raised her eyes. Norma was standing at the edge of the road, wearing a string bikini so skimpy she might as well as have been still naked. As she watched, Norma shifted her weight to the other hip, making her breasts sway slightly. Slut!

“I said, it’s no problem; right, Honey?” Adam repeated.

Lily shook herself and forced a sunny smile. “That’s right. We were just — surprised; that’s all.”

Sam smiled back, but Lily had the feeling it was at her rather than with her. “I completely understand. It’s just early season; we’ve gotten used to having the place to ourselves. That’ll change soon enough, I suppose.” He shook his head regretfully. “In the meantime, you folks enjoy this marvelous weather. And if there’s anything Norma or I can do to make your visit more enjoyable, just stop by anytime and ask.”

“That’s very kind; thanks again,” Adam said.

He was so clueless. Lily fumed silently, knowing exactly what was being offered. She watched Norma raise her hand and wave, making her rack sway enticingly. The battle lines were drawn, then.

“Do you think I’m sexy?” Lily asked when Adam had closed the door.

“What? Of course,” he said, looking confused. Probably he was still thinking of her.

Without giving herself time to think about it, Lily unzipped Adam’s shorts and pulled them down. As she’d expected, he was partially erect already. She squatted and sucked the head of his organ into her mouth, trying to hide her distaste and reminding herself that there were lots of people who did oral sex.

“Jesus, Lily, what’s with you?” Adam yelped. He made a token attempt to pull away from her, but got harder almost immediately. She’d gotten to him just in time.

Lily had never asked if another girl had done this for him before they’d met. She had no experience with giving head, but apparently the novelty of the experience was sufficient for Adam. Her tongue pushed at his organ, and she bobbed up and down on the first few inches, alternately sucking and blowing on it.

She’d already decided it was too degrading to let him cum in her mouth, but Adam caught her by surprise. Lily coughed on the first burst of sperm before pulling him out and directing the remainder of his spunk onto her T-shirt above her breasts. Hopefully that would be sexy enough for him!

The scent of sperm was heavy in her nostrils when they’d finished, but it was better than that slut’s perfume. Lily wiped her mouth on the back of her hand while Adam fastened his shorts back in place.

“Wow,” he said. “I guess they must have really gotten you worked up, huh?”

Lily forebore to argue and point out he was the one who’d been worked up. “Whatever. What do you want on your sandwich? Roast beef?”

“Um, Sure,” Adam agreed. Men would eat anything put in front of them; that was part of the problem. “Ah, are you going to change?”

She looked up from the food. His scum was pretty viscous to start with, and soaking into the cotton; it wouldn’t be going anywhere. “Why? Don’t you like me this way?”

“Aaaaaaah,” he prevaricated, trying to work out the safe response. “It’s just… not you.” Adam flashed a quick smile, happy to have found a good non-answer.

“Okay,” she decided. He was thinking about her instead of Norma, which was the important part, and the smell was getting almost nauseating. “I’ll be right back.”

In the bedroom, Lily pulled the T-shirt over her head, taking care not to get any semen in her hair. She tossed it in the bathroom to deal with later, and then pulled a clean shirt from the dresser. Lily had the shirt over her head when she paused, thinking.

A moment later, she unfastened her bra and put it away. With the shirt in place, she stepped into the bathroom and checked the material. Her breasts were good, and didn’t really need the support; the fabric was dark, and nothing showed. Satisfied, Lily returned to her husband.

Several days later they were at the beach again, after having checked to see they’d have it to themselves. The weather was holding, and they were wearing swimsuits and flip-flops. Lily had a pair of shorts on over her one-piece, and Adam was carrying some towels and sunblock. It looked perfect for basking.

“The chairs!” Adam exclaimed, smacking himself lightly in the forehead. The folding camp chairs were sitting on the porch of the cottage.

Lily shook her head. “Don’t worry about it, Adam. We have the towels; we can just lie out, the sand will be soft.”

“I don’t know how you do that,” Adam disagreed. “It drives me crazy. Look, just stay here and I’ll run back for them — it’ll only be five minutes.”

She honestly didn’t care, but obviously it meant something to him. “Oh, okay. Just don’t get lost; you hear me?”

Adam grinned. “I promise.” He handed over the towels, gave Lily a kiss, and jogged back up the path.

Lily looked around. The beach was deserted; even the seagulls had found somewhere else to be. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, the blue above fading into grey haze far in the distance beyond the gentle waves. Even the sand in front of her was free of tracks or debris larger than a shell.

Unwillingly, Lily found her gaze drawn to the tree on her right. It felt stupid to just stand there, and it was only a tree. Fruit of some kind, she guessed. She slowly walked over to it. The wood was gnarled and polished smooth by decades of exposure to wind and sand… and other things, apparently.

She imagined leaning there, balanced in place, while Adam inserted himself in her. Lily snorted; she’d probably fall off.

“It’s more comfortable than it looks,” Norma spoke up beside her, startling Lily so much that she dropped the towels and sunblock. “Oh, I didn’t mean to startle you!”

“I’m fine,” muttered Lily, who knelt to retrieve her belongings. She looked sideways at Norma, who was wearing her sluttish bikini; the redhead had a pair of camp chairs leaning against one long leg. “Did you see Adam?”

“No,” replied Norma, who extended Lily a hand up; the blonde ignored it. “Sam told me the two of you were coming down, and I saw you’d left the chairs, so I brought them out. I came on the forest path; it’s less boring than the road.”

Lily smiled. “Thanks. I guess he’ll be along in a few minutes, then.” Norma’s presence bothered her, but it was better than the alternative — that the redhead and Adam could have been alone together.

“Can I help you with the sunblock? You gotta be careful of the sun,” Norma asked, seeing the lotion.

“No!” Lily yelped, before hurriedly moderating her tone. “I put some on back at the cottage.” Just the thought of Norma touching her raised goose bumps. The slut would want to rub her everywhere; her fingers would drift along the edges of Lily’s suit, forcing their way along her breasts, across the curve of her ass, between her legs. She’d try to put them inside Lily, and maybe–

“Can I use some, then?”

Lily felt she needed to reestablish some civility after her outburst. “Sure.” Unwillingly, she added, “It looks like you’re a little late for your butt.” Norma had turned around to lean the chairs against the tree, revealing angry red flesh surrounding the scrap of fabric that was pulling into her crack.

“Oh, that?” Norma laughed, and then shocked Lily by pulling the ties and slinging the bottom over a branch. “That’s not sunburn. Sam tanned me something awful yesterday.” She rubbed a generous amount of lotion on her buns, wiping her oily hand down her crack and between her legs before turning around.

Feeling stunned, Lily stared at the other woman’s crotch. Of course, it was completely bare; she couldn’t have worn the bikini otherwise. It looked a little reddened too, if nothing like her backside. Still, the way Norma casually stood there and rubbed herself was unbelievable. Lily blinked, sure she’d seen a finger disappear for a moment.

Norma pushed up her top, revealing her breasts, and Lily couldn’t hold back a gasp. “Those are bite marks!”

“Oh, yeah, sometimes Sam likes it rough,” the redhead sighed dreamily, massaging lotion onto herself with both hands until her nipples popped erect. She opened her eyes again and amplified, “Me, too. Here, can you hold this?” Norma held out the bottle to Lily.

Now she felt like she couldn’t walk away. Instead, the blonde stood there while Norma kicked up a leg against the tree, further exposing herself, and worked both hands down the length of her leg. Did the slut have no shame? Lily wordlessly held out the bottle and watched as the process was repeated with the other leg.

The ordeal wasn’t over. “Can you put some on my back?” Norma asked, turning away from Lily and pulling her hair forward over one shoulder. Her skin was decorated with several long marks that might have come from fingernails. “Please?” she repeated, when she sensed Lily was hesitating.

Heaving a heavy sigh, Lily squirted some sunblock into her palm and gingerly started smoothing it across Norma’s back.

“I’m not going to break, you know.”

Stung, Lily rubbed harder. Trying not to think about Sam hitting Norma. About the skin she was touching, covered with sweat, shifting against sheets as Norma pulled her legs wider, sluttishly offering herself to Sam — or whomever stood over her. She froze.

“Thanks,” Norma said, oblivious to her thoughts. “Are you like that in bed, too? A little china doll? ‘Eek eek eek.'” She giggled. “Lily, trust me on this; men are animals — they like it more forceful once in a while.” Before Lily could process the insult, the other woman reached around and whacked her on the ass.

“How dare you!” Lily snapped, and then slapped Norma across the face. The impact of her oily hand sounded like a branch breaking, making her think she’d gone too far. She trembled, wanting to run but afraid to turn her back to her opponent.

“Like that,” Norma agreed, running her tongue over her lips to taste for blood and then smiling. “And don’t try to tell me you didn’t like it,” she smirked, eyes dropping to Lily’s chest.

Lily realized her nipples were hard against the fabric of her suit. It absolutely could not be dampness she felt between her legs. “It’s the air!” she objected, whirling just in time to catch sight of Adam and Sam striding onto the beach.

“Here they are,” Sam said.

Adam smiled at her, and then he became uncertain as he read her expression.

The blonde watched her husband’s eyes grow large and thought of the naked slut standing behind her. Bitter rage washed through her as she caught sight of the stirring in the crotch of his swim trunks. This couldn’t be happening!

A part of her compared her gaziantep escort tanıtımları husband to the man standing beside him. Adam was cute, but it was clear he worked behind a desk — unlike Sam. More than that, Sam’s Speedo concealed a bulge which, while clearly not an erection, already dwarfed the tool tenting Adam’s trunks.

“Come, Norma,” Sam beckoned. “Let’s leave Lily and Adam to their beach, shall we?”

Lily was ready to scream, but when Norma walked past her, the slut had her bikini back in place. Of course, all it did was highlight how little it really covered.

Adam watched them leave before examining Lily’s expression. “Is everything okay?” he asked, looking concerned.

“We were just talking,” she said, wanting to put the whole thing behind her. “Can you help put some sunblock on me?”

“Sure!” Adam answered, happy to be of service.

He was a perfect gentleman and never strayed beyond the boundaries of her suit. Lily seethed all afternoon.

“Do you ever think of me as a slut?” Lily asked Adam that evening. She’d just finished blowing him; for a change, she’d foregone the shirt and was massaging his spend into her bared breasts. His load had been unusually large, and she was sure it was thoughts of Norma that were responsible. At least he was watching her appreciatively; she hadn’t lost him to that slut yet.

He’d gone next door earlier, for just a minute, to thank them for the beach chairs. Lily, caught in dinner preparations, had let him go alone. She’d counted seconds, calculating how long it would take to walk both directions; how quickly Norma could pull her husband’s cock into her sluttish mouth. How long he might hold out if she spread herself for him.

She’d exhaled silently in relief when he’d returned too quickly for anything except heavy petting. The sperm coating her body proved the slut hadn’t gotten her claws into him.

“No, I don’t think you’re a slut,” Adam said, confused as usual. His organ was stirring already; maybe he thought she was a slut. Men all thought with their cocks; would he continue to choose her instead of Norma?

“But have you ever wanted to treat me like a slut? You know… to treat me rough; or make me do things?”

Adam pulled her to her feet. “You’re my wife, Lily,” he protested. “I couldn’t do that to you. Is this a game, or something?”

Lily looked into his eyes, trying not to let her desperation show. “It’s not a game; it’s a question. Would it make you hot?”

Adam laughed. “What, like if I wanted to have a three-way with you and Norma?”

She wanted to die. If he invited the slut into their bed, after she’d asked him, it would be all over. Already her imagination could fill in the details. Norma would lie back on the bed, offering her sluttish body and using her sluttish wiles, and Adam would be unable to resist. They’d make Lily kiss her. She’d have to lick that wanton slit, where Adam and Sam and probably countless other men had dumped their sperm.

They’d make her suck out her husband’s sperm, mingled with the slut’s juices, and swallow it. They’d make her pull on her own nipples until they ached, until she begged them to make her do it all again. And at the end, she’d be no match for the slut, and he’d leave her.

Lily felt breathless. The wallpaper was an omen. It wasn’t Norma and Sam — it was Norma and Adam, and if it came to pass, she’d lose him.

Adam laughed again, nervously. “Hey, I was kidding. Kidding!” He looked at her closely. “What were you thinking of, anyway?”

She licked her suddenly-dry lips. “Like, um, if I swallowed. Or we did anal.” She was losing her nerve. “Or if you spanked me,” Lily finished with a rush.

“I never knew you were so kinky,” Adam said, plainly unsure whether or not to take her seriously. His cock was twitching. “I think a girl with such a dirty mind deserves some punishment!” he laughed, evidently taking it as a joke but deciding to play along.

Lily shrieked as he hoisted her off her feet and staggered to the bedroom. Adam tossed her on the bed, and quickly stripped off her shorts, pausing momentarily as he discovered she wasn’t wearing panties. “Playing commando, too? That’s an extra five lashes,” he threatened.

Plopping down beside her, he grabbed Lily’s legs and dragged her onto his lap, his penis trailing a line of moisture along her side. The first blow to her buns made her scream with surprise; it was much more painful than Norma’s.

“Ow, Adam!” Lily complained, squirming but unable to escape.

“You asked for it, and you deserve it,” Adam chuckled nastily, refusing to let her go. He didn’t let up on the force of the next blow, either.

“Damnit!” she howled. Lily clawed at Adam’s legs with her nails, but it was fruitless. Her ass felt like it was on fire.

“Take it, slut!” snarled Adam, sounding angry now, and the next slap was even harder. The blows rained down in steady succession, leaving Lily sobbing.

Both of them had long lost count when Adam finally stopped. The palm of his hand felt raw, and both sides of Lily’s ass were bright red. He rolled her off onto the floor where she lay, still crying.

Adam noticed that he was harder than he’d even been in his life, and his thigh was soaking wet where Lily’s crotch had laid against it. Her thighs gleamed with the proof of her arousal, and the nipples atop her breasts stood out stiff.

“On the bed, slut,” he growled, and she scrambled to comply.

The sheets burned against her tortured skin, but the pain only enhanced Lily’s pleasure when Adam’s throbbing spear buried itself in her molten pussy. She arched her pelvis upward, trying to take more of him.

He withdrew, taunting her, and then slammed down again, gliding through her silken folds and then taking her body with him as he bottomed out inside her.

The impact sent sparks flying through Lily’s ass that ignited inside her dripping womb and she choked out a scream, caught in a delicious orgasm. Her fingers spasmed, leaving bloody trails across Adam’s shoulder blades.

“Bitch! That hurt!” he screamed, pulling away in surprise. He’d been just about to cum, but the sudden pain took him out of it. Now the look he aimed at her was feral.

“Fuck me! More!” Lily croaked, still working herself on the erection impaling her.

Adam wasn’t thinking clearly. “More?” he hissed. He’d felt her get off, harder than he’d ever seen before, and she’d robbed him of his own release. “Fucking slut!” he reached out and pinched her nipple between a finger and thumb, pressing as hard as he could.

Lily screamed and writhed like a wild animal, clawing at him, but the sensation on his throbbing cock was indescribable. Her sex clenched and released, flexing and sliding against him, and he trembled with need. He made an abortive attempt to pump her, but she threatened to escape on the backstroke.

Frustrated, Adam released the nipple and slapped her across the face. Lily’s head snapped to the side and she quieted; his erection grew even harder. He hit her again, because he could, and felt like his penis would burst.

Grunting bestially, he started rutting savagely in her slippery cunt. He saw she was looking at him, although she made no move to escape. His hand lashed at her breast anyway; it jiggled enticingly, but the way she clenched on his manhood was even more rewarding. She bit her lip, but he knew from the look in her eyes that the slut was getting off on it.

Adam kept hitting her, getting into a rhythm. The feeling of power was intoxicating. Since they’d met, he’d been Mister Nice Guy, but not that night. He was in it for himself now, and Lily was just going to take what he dished out.

Finally it was too much for his self-control and he blew his load wildly into her, feeling like his cock was going to ejaculate a testicle into her sucking cunt. Adam saw and felt it when Lily came again, slave to his surging manhood. The slut could cry all she liked, but they both knew she liked it.

Lily lay quietly beneath the weight of her sleeping husband, the aches of her body counterbalanced by the warmth inside her. The walls still warned of perils to be avoided, but she’d taken a big step forward. That slut was going to have her work cut out for her.

Adam looked discomfited when he saw her in the daylight of the following morning, but his cock hardened quickly enough when she took him in her mouth.

“You’re gonna swallow it all,” he told her, grabbing her hair and pinning her in place just before he came.

He screamed when she clenched her fingernails in his sac, but erupted with unexpected vitality, as if Lily had squeezed him out like a tube of toothpaste. Adam retaliated by holding her there, choking and swallowing spasmodically, until her throat stopped working.

It wasn’t as bad as she’d expected. Lily stuck out her tongue at him and then asked, “What do you want for breakfast?”

A front moved through a few days later, trapping them in the cottage for a day while the rain poured down outside. Bored, and still feeling a bit bruised, Lily let Adam take her in the ass.

She found it a bit of a letdown, frankly. The tightness was good, and the little bit of pain before the lube got worked in was a nice spice, but Adam was doing her from behind. Lily stared at the wall, brooding about that slut, unable to see Adam’s face.

Maybe he was fantasizing about Norma. Maybe he thought she had a better ass than Lily, or knew what to do with it. Gentlemen preferred blondes, but Lily’s hair wasn’t very blonde-y, especially down below. Lily just knew he was thinking about that redheaded slut while he fucked her.

Abruptly she pulled away from him and turned around. Adam’s look of surprise was comical, especially when Lily took him in her mouth.

He wouldn’t be thinking about anybody besides his wife now, Lily thought. Adam’s cock was a little rank, but not too bad; like semen, she supposed it was an acquired taste. Smiling to herself, she snaked a finger into his rosebud, probing inside. Adam jumped, but her other hand encircling his balls kept him in place.

Lily played him like a musical instrument, alternating pleasure and pain between his cock, scrotum, and anus. She took cheerful note of the increasing intensity of his exclamations, knowing his attention was focused entirely on her.

When Adam filled her mouth with his spunk, Lily surprised herself by orgasming too. Of course, she swallowed every drop — but not before showing it to him first. He seemed to think it made her look sluttier.

Afterwards, Adam decided on a siesta. Of course, he wasn’t the one with a stick of margarine churned up his ass or flecks of shit under his fingernail. Men were all alike, Lily decided, as she walked into the bathroom. Eat, fuck, sleep.

The soap didn’t bother Lily any more. Neither did the window treatments, which in fact were pulled back out of the way to avoid catching them on fire. She still had blobs of hardened wax in her pubes.

She’d been in the shower for several minutes, letting the hot water relax her muscles while she scrubbed between her legs, when Lily realized she was being watched. Visibility was bad, between the gloom outside and the bathroom light reflecting on the glass, but a human silhouette was clearly visible out amidst the trees. Lily didn’t doubt for a second that she was clearly visible to her watcher.

If Lily was surprised, it was only that it had taken Norma so long to be caught in the act. She knew that slut had been slinking around, hoping for a chance at Adam. As if! The redhead could stand out there in the rain all day as far as Lily cared, as long as Adam was in the cottage with her.

Looking directly out the window, so Norma would have no doubt she’d been spotted, Lily ostentatiously soaped, massaged, and rinsed every part of her body, paying the slut back for every instant of that encounter on the beach. Lily hoped she was close enough to be impressed by the bruises, bites, and scratches that decorated her. That slut wasn’t the only woman around who could drive a man wild with desire!

The figure still hadn’t moved. Surely Norma would have gotten bored by now. Lily was stilled by a sudden thought — was it Sam out there? Wouldn’t that be poetic justice!

She turned off the water and climbed out of the shower, standing beside the tub directly in front of the window. The figure was still too indistinct to tell; it didn’t look big enough to be Sam, but maybe he was just standing further back.

Annoyed by the ambiguity, Lily found some body lotion and began working it into her skin. She imagined it was Sam out there, watching her. He’d be looking at her in a new light now, comparing her to his own slut. Maybe, Lily thought, she wasn’t so wanting, after all. If Norma was so good, Sam wouldn’t be standing in the rain watching her, would he?

She rubbed her breasts, teasing out the nipples until they ached for release like little cocks. Lily kept her lips parted the whole time; he’d see she was passionate. He wouldn’t be able to see how wet she was, so Lily made a show of dipping her fingers inside herself several times and licking them dry, carefully and lovingly.

Lily knew she must be turning him on. She remembered the size of him inside his jeans, his swimsuit. Surely by now his monstrous organ would be unlimbered, pointing at her, straining for release. She remembered Norma’s screams when he’d fucked her. Sam would want to fuck her, wouldn’t he?

She looked down at herself, and saw another speck of dratted wax. Suddenly energized, Lily stepped back into the shower stall and retrieved the shaver she’d used on her armpits. Repositioning herself to provide the best possible view for her audience, she denuded her mound with careful, deliberate strokes.

After checking carefully to ensure she’d gotten everything, Lily rubbed a generous amount of lotion across everything, working it inside herself as well. She looked up, and the figure was still there.

Surely he must have cum by now. Perhaps a huge load was running down the side of a tree, like sap from a maple. Maybe he found her so enticing that once wasn’t enough. Maybe Sam was shaking with desire, desperate to plunge himself inside her. Maybe he wanted a real woman instead of that slut who lived with him.

Of course, she’d never cheat on Adam, but Sam didn’t know that. Leaning down, Lily plucked the two largest stick candles from the edge of the tub and began pushing them into herself. They entered easily, thanks to the lotion and copious natural lubrication.

Lily looked out the window, turning aside just enough that her panting didn’t fog the glass, and slid the candles in and out of her body. She knew Sam was fantasizing that he was one of them.

He’d be the fat one in her cunt, of course. Adam would be the little man in her ass. There was no offense intended; it was just the way things were. It was all just pretend, anyway. If Lily were really in a Sam-Adam sandwich, she wouldn’t have to be maintaining her balance on her own. The men would be holding her up.

Her feet might not even touch the ground; they might just suspend her between them, swaying like a spineless fuck doll as they spitted her on their throbbing weapons. Her nipples would rub against Sam’s ripped chest while he congratulated Adam on what a fine fuck Lily was and how lucky he was to have her.

That slut Norma would have to huddle on the sidelines, hoping for scraps. If she wanted a piece of Adam, she could suck him out of Lily’s ass, afterwards. She could eat her shit, too.

When Lily recovered from her orgasm, the figure was gone.

Their vacation was nearing its end. The sun eventually returned to the sky, and Adam and Lily returned to the beach. She wore a pair of panties and a T-shirt instead of her swimsuit, which had felt confining and pulled on her scabs.

“You’re one fucking hot slut,” Adam told her, looking at her tanned tits, nipples hard from the cold water, and the way the wet underwear adhered to her cleft.

Lily looked up from toweling the salt water from her wet hair. “Prove it, you fuck-monkey.”

Adam quickly shed his trunks, revealing his erection. Lately, he was almost always hard. He looked bigger too, probably because Lily had shaved away all of his pubic hair.

His groin sported a number of nicks, some intentional. Cutting him had given Lily her best orgasms in days. He’d retaliated by branding her left breast with a small “a” formed from a paper clip. It was a little lopsided, but it was the thought that counted.

“Slowpoke.” Adam casually reached over and ripped Lily’s panties from her body, leaving her naked.

Lily laughed and ran for the trees, listening to Adam’s footfalls on the sand behind her. If it were Sam behind her, he’d overtake and tackle her, sending her tumbling to the ground. She’d kick and scream, but he’d pin her beneath him while he released his giant horse cock.

She’d want to remain faithful to Adam, but Sam would give her no choice; he’d tame her with his baby maker, raping her right there on the beach so the sand got inside her and made her humiliation even more painful. She’d cum like a total slut, but not before giving him such pleasure that he’d take her home with him…

Adam didn’t catch Lily until she reached the twisted tree near the path and turned to face him. Breathing heavily, they kissed, and then he hoisted her to the crooked branch and slipped his eager penis into her well-lubed pussy.

Lily moaned, but mostly it was so Adam wouldn’t feel bad. He always seemed eager when he was around her, but she wasn’t confident he’d forgotten that slut, Norma.

She looked around the deserted beach. Who else was he going to fuck? What if he had to choose? Where was her competitor, to look at Adam’s devotion and taste her defeat? Where was Sam? She wanted to see the lust in his eyes and feel his man-meat penetrating her body.

She wanted validation that she was the perfect slut. Adam was inexperienced and easily impressed. Lily felt, for some reason, that Sam was a more worldly man; one who had seen and enjoyed many sluts. To hear Adam call her “slut” was enjoyable; to hear Sam say the same thing would be fulfilling. She sighed to herself.

Afterwards, Lily and Adam walked back to their cottage, still naked. Lily periodically reached down to wipe up the spend trickling from her cunt, cleaning her fingers carefully in her mouth each time. She looked furtively about for Sam or Norma, but saw nobody. Damnit!

Claiming he was tired, Adam went and sprawled on the bed. Lily thought of the wallpaper and worried he might be thinking of that redheaded slut. Maybe he even masturbated, although she hadn’t managed to catch him at it yet.

She worried at the problem while preparing dinner. Suddenly inspired, Lily set the plate of ground beef on the floor and squatted over it. She strained briefly and released a medium-sized piece of shit, which fell atop the meat. After putting the plate back on the counter, Lily absently wiped herself with her fingers and licked them clean while considering her offering.

It was firm, lighter than the beef, and streaked here and there with what Lily imagined were traces of Adam’s semen. The taste was earthy and a little bitter; distinctive without being displeasing. Working with her usual competence, Lily broke it into small pieces and mixed it thoroughly into the ground beef before forming the result into patties.

“How’s dinner?” Lily asked Adam a little later.

“Delicious,” Adam mumbled around a mouthful of hamburger, before washing it down with a healthy swig of lemonade. “Just like always,” he complemented her with a wide smile.

Lily smiled back at him, sipping from her glass, but inwardly fumed. The burgers were good, but an idiot could tell they weren’t made just with ground beef. The lemonade probably had as much urine as water in it, and she could smell herself even before tasting it.

Either Adam was an idiot, or he was lying to her. Appetite gone, Lily leaned back in her chair and watched him eat. He couldn’t be that uncomprehending, which meant he was lying.

She supposed everybody lied at some time or other, but the two of them had never done so, before. And he was so smooth, she thought, as he polished off his burger with gusto. If she hadn’t known, there was no way she would have guessed.

What other things was Adam lying about? Lily felt suddenly insecure. The gaziantep escort telefonları wallpaper had tried to warn her, but she’d been overconfident. Adam pretended to like her, but he was thinking of that slut. He’d probably been fucking her, laughing with her behind Lily’s back, cuckolding his naive wife.

Lily thought furiously of all the times Adam had been out of her sight. No wonder he was tired all the time; the two of them probably were fucking themselves blind each night while she slept!

And that time in the shower! It hadn’t been Sam at all, out there. She’d been flaunting her body, imagining she was desirable, but Adam must have snuck out. He’d been banging that slut while they watched her! Humiliation and rage washed through Lily, leaving her trembling.

That night they experimented with bondage. Adam tied Lily spread-eagled in front of the bathroom window, and then proceeded to whip her until her ass was fiery red.

It was too dark outside to see anything, but she knew the slut was out there, watching. Adam’s rampant erection reflected in the glass, betraying his desire for that slut even as he abused his wife for her amusement. She knew his coarse expressions of lust and encouragement were meant for the woman outside the window, not his stupid, trusting wife.

Lily cried with shame, but recognized the whipping and torment were poetic punishment for her miscalculations. Her thoughts and the physical stimulation left her dripping when Adam finally untied her, but neither of them had cum.

She elected to tie Adam to the bed, instead. The wallpaper mocked her, but with him tied in the slut’s position, nothing was going to be happening. Lily walked back to the bathroom, selected a candle, and returned to the foot of the bed.

Lily twisted the candle into Adam’s virgin ass, ignoring his screams. If the wax was harder than that slut’s tongue, tough for him. His mouth might lie, but his cock wouldn’t; it was huge and reddened, throbbing as precum leaked from its tip.

After a moment of reflection, Lily retrieved a cookie sheet from the kitchen and shoved it under the candle and Adam’s ass.

“What are you doing?” he asked breathlessly, trying to see past his jutting erection.

“Providing a little motivation,” purred Lily. She lit the candle, enjoying the way he twitched. “Baby! You have plenty of time,” she chided, walking around the bed and then climbing up to straddle his face. “Start licking!”

He did, his energetic tongue and lips a pleasing counterpoint to the pain of her punished buns. She wondered at his apparent expertise; apparently he’d been doing more than just fucking that slut, while withholding this from her. Not anymore!

Lily leaned forward, adding encouragement in the form of fingernails she ran down his sides and across his chest. At odd intervals, she dug in to draw blood, ignoring the sounds beneath her and focusing only on the pulsing cock in front of her.

She wondered if the slut was watching them now, although the bedroom window actually was smaller than the one in the bathroom, and not ideally situated for voyeurs. Well, she’d had just about enough of that whoring, man-stealing, home-wrecking redheaded bitch!

As if he were attuned to her thoughts — or more likely, Lily’s absently digging nails — Adam jerked violently and his cock jetted copiously onto his stomach and chest. His yell vibrated against her sensitive flesh just the right way, and Lily found herself orgasming as well. As always, the satisfaction of having teased Adam’s cum out of him was delicious.

“What?” she asked, rising just enough to unmuffle his face.

“Are you going to let me go now?” he repeated.

“So you can go running off to that slut?” Lily snorted. “I think not.” Her anger renewed, she relaxed and emptied her bladder, listening to Adam sputter and cough as her urine rained down on his face. “Just rest for a while!”

“Lily! What did I do? Why are you upset with me?” Adam blinked his stinging eyes furiously, his head centered on a large dark wet spot on the cover.

She stood and looked down at him. Even now, he lied so convincingly. Maybe she was wrong. He was her husband; she was supposed to trust him… No, she trusted the wallpaper — it hadn’t lied to her! Hardening her heart, Lily stalked out of the room, grabbing the first piece of clothing that came to hand and forcing herself to ignore the shouts behind her.

Ironically, she’d picked up a short white silk nightgown she’d never worn. At the beginning of their stay, it had seemed too risque; later, too confining. Lily dropped it over her head and stood on the porch, listening. The night was quiet; the slut probably had run back to her house as soon as she saw Adam and Lily were finishing up.

Lily walked the twenty or thirty yards up the road to the neighboring cottage, noticing the porch light was on. Of course it was, she thought sardonically. She mounted the steps and knocked on the door.

Norma opened it a moment later, looking surprised. “Oh, Lily; I wasn’t expecting you.”

I bet not, Lily laughed to herself.

“I thought you might be Sam.” The slut concealed her disappointment well; she was as good a liar as Adam. “This is a pleasant surprise. Won’t you come in? Is Adam with you?”

“He’s tied up.” Lily looked around. The home was larger than the rental cottage, but the floor plan was similar. The doorway at the back led to a short hall instead of bedroom. “Sam isn’t here?” she asked, playing dumb. Of course the slut would have gotten him out of the way first.

“No, he’s on a Wal-Mart run. It’s our last chance to stock up on supplies before spring break, and the store is less crowded at night.” Norma was wearing the same sundress she’d had on when they’d first met. Lily couldn’t tell about underwear, but she was sure the slut didn’t have a bra.

“How convenient,” Lily drawled.

The slut tried to look confused, but she knew exactly what Lily meant. The first cracks appeared in her composure. “W-would you like something to drink?” She couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of Lily.

“Maybe later.” Tiring of the game, Lily said, “I think you know why I’m here. I know what you’ve been doing — you slut.”

“Oh, Lily!”

Totally surprising the blonde, Norma rushed forward and embraced her. She kissed Lily passionately, moaning and offering her tongue. Intrigued in spite of herself, Lily had to admit the slut was good; it was easy to understand how Adam had fallen prey to her wiles. She responded, probing with her own tongue, to let the other woman know she wasn’t intimidated.

The slut started babbling breathlessly as soon as they parted. “Oh, Lily, you are so–“

“It won’t work, Norma,” Lily cut her off. “Adam belongs to me; you can’t have him.”

“What? Adam?” The redhead stared at her blankly. “What are you talking about?”

“I know you’ve been chasing Adam,” snarled Lily.

Norma began laughing helplessly. “Adam?” She laughed again, fighting for breath. “I have Sam; I don’t need Adam.”

Lily rolled my eyes, not even bothering to reply.

“It’s true! If you’d seen Sam, you’d know.” She paused, eyes momentarily dreamy, and Lily thought of the size of Sam’s package. “It’s not another man I want,” the redhead continued, “It’s you.”

Lily’s mind went completely blank. The idea was totally preposterous!

“Oh, come on!” Norma laughed again, but it sounded different. “You have to know! The way you caressed my hand when we first met? How your eyes ate me up when you found Sam and me on the beach?”

She took a breath and went on, her eyes shining. “The way you fucking teased me with that lotion, touching me that way and pretending you weren’t interested, even when I thought your nips were going to tear through your top. You wouldn’t even let me touch you! So help me, I would have licked you then!”

Lily shook her head slowly, but the slut didn’t shut up.

“I waited outside for you every night, waiting for you to invite me in. I know you saw me; I watched you show off for me. I saw you shave yourself, and I know it was for me.”

It was totally insane. Lily told herself that the slut probably had given Adam the same speech, word for word, the first time she’d ensnared him. Well, maybe not the shaving part.

“I masturbated every night thinking of you, Lily, praying you’d come to me. Sam told me you’d come, but I didn’t believe him. And now here you are, wearing that and reeking of sex. Of course I know why you’re here — don’t tease me anymore!”

Lily was certain she’d misheard. Sam had said she’d be coming? She tried to clear her thoughts. The flattery was — nice — but she couldn’t let it distract her. She couldn’t let Norma distract her. “I’m not going to let you fuck Adam again.”

The slut shook her head in disagreement. “I want to fuck you.” She took Lily’s hand in hers and began towing her toward the hallway; the blonde let herself be led.

“This is obscene!” Lily gasped at the entrance to the bedroom. Everything in it was red. The walls and ceiling were a deep burgundy similar to the wallpaper in her cottage, but lacking the print. Plush carpeting of the same color covered the floor. A king-sized bed dominated the space, covered in scarlet sheets boasting a sheen that suggested they weren’t cotton.

The heavy furniture and headboard were polished wood that looked brown only in comparison with the other decor. In fact, the only thing in the room that wasn’t some hue of red was the exceedingly large snake occupying the glass case running the entire length of the dresser. Its tongue flickered languidly, answering the question of whether it was awake.

Even the low lighting was tinged red. A heavy musk permeated the air. It reminded Lily of the taste of Adam’s scrotum — a little sweat, a little semen, a hint of urine; very masculine and very arousing.

“It grows on you,” Norma said eagerly. Before Lily could say anything, the redhead pulled off her sundress and dropped it to the floor. She was wearing panties; the red bikinis showed a conspicuous dark spot in front. “Look how hot you’ve made me!”

“I am not here to fuck you,” Lily repeated. She pushed Norma away from her, onto the bed.

The stupid slut lay there, breathing heavily, and pulled up her knees. It only pulled the red fabric tighter between her legs, making the wet spot grow.

Lily stared at her, feeling an unexpected tightness inside. The redhead really wasn’t so different; they had similar builds, tits about the same size. Her nipples were hard like Norma’s, and if she’d been wearing panties, they’d be soaked, too. It would be like fucking herself.

Was this what Adam saw, looking down at her? The question took her out of the moment. Suddenly Lily saw only the slut on the wallpaper, offering herself to Adam. An untrustworthy liar and manipulator, just like her husband, willing to say anything. Furious at herself, Lily whirled to leave.

She took one step towards the door and toppled, tripped by another ankle unexpectedly hooked around her own. A moment later, Lily felt Norma’s weight on her back, pinning her in place. The hem of her gown slid slowly up the curve of her ass. “Let me go, damnit!”

“Oh, wow, you really got a workout!” A featherweight touch ghosted over her angry flesh and followed her crack down between her legs, to where Lily’s gash was leaking on the carpet. The fingers probed just briefly before withdrawing; Lily could hear Norma licking them.

The blonde tensed at the unexpected feel of a tongue against her skin. Hands spread her stinging buns and the wet tongue speared at her rosebud, caressing her sphincter and demanding entrance. It felt sinfully good.

Lily bucked again, dislodging the arousing intruder but failing to topple off her tormentor. She was rewarded with a sharp spank that hurt like hell but nevertheless triggered a sharp orgasm.

There was a brief pause while both of them considered the turn of events. “Oh, you are such a slut! You’re too precious!” Norma squealed. “You have to do me!”

The blonde squirmed frantically, finally succeeding in breaking the redhead’s balance. They tussled on the floor, clawing, elbowing, and kicking, both struggling for dominance but equally matched.

Suddenly Lily found herself on top, Norma’s arms pinned to the sides, and their legs tangled. She wasn’t sure how to use her momentary advantage; escape was impossible at the moment. Surprising herself, she leaned forward and hungrily kissed the wide-eyed redhead.

Sensing no resistance, Lily moved her hand inwards and cupped Norma’s tit. She began squeezing, prompting a deep-throated moan from the redhead, but no attempts to escape. Steal her husband, would she? Lily squeezed harder, curving her fingers in until the nails formed indentations in the sensitive flesh, and then twisted slowly, drawing blood.

Norma screamed and Lily bit her lip, biting hard until she tasted the sharp tang of blood. The redhead shook, but Lily realized she was cumming from the stimulation. And she was on edge again, herself. The two women looked at each other, panting and licking blood-red lips.

“Fuck me. Oh please, fuck me,” Norma repeated unevenly, an entreating look in her eyes.

The fucking slut would let her do anything with her, Lily realized. The rush of anticipation was irresistible. She felt simultaneously light-headed and immovably heavy. Nobody, not even Adam that last week, had been so helplessly aroused by her as to offer that.

Power suffused Lily, pushing out her nipples to the point of bursting and overflowing to soak her thighs. “Worship me,” she said simply, climbing to her feet.

Norma moved to shed her panties, which were completely sodden, but Lily casually slapped her hand away. “That’s for later. Show me how much you want me.”

There were no further words. The room was quiet save for the sounds of their labored breathing, the shifting of a foot, or the rustle of fabric. The snake repositioned its coils, but did so silently.

The redhead slowly gathered the blood-spattered and moisture-soaked nightgown about Lily’s waist and lifted it over her head. It fell, forgotten, to the floor. Lily stood in front of her — gloriously naked, imperiously demanding, infinitely arousing. Norma dropped to her knees and bowed her head to the floor.

Starting at Lily’s toes, her fingers and lips worked their way up the blonde’s body. She seemed to know what Lily found arousing, whether it was a soft touch on an erogenous zone, or a hard poke at a sore spot.

She barely flinched when Lily peed in her face, opening her mouth to accept the blonde’s golden gift. When she bit down lightly on Lily’s clit a minute later, she grinned unrepentantly afterwards; both of them knew Lily had almost climaxed.

Norma finished the work she’d started earlier, cleaning Lily’s rosebud until it gleamed while dragging fingernails across one inflamed cheek and providing counterpoint with a finger thrust unpredictably in and out of her dripping slit. Lily almost came again, but Norma slyly slid free of her attempts to force the issue.

Finally the redhead made it up to Lily’s tits. She quirked a grin at the crude brand when she found it, and Lily expected her to rake it with a nail. Instead, Norma sucked as much of the breast into her mouth as she could, swirling her tongue over it. She could feel Lily’s deep breaths.

Norma slowly released the tit, maintaining a seal with her mouth, and then suddenly bit down on the nipple with all her might for just an instant.

Lily jumped as if prodded, but the sensation ended before her jangled nerves decided to orgasm. She drew half a breath before Norma bit her again, just as hard, and crushed her clit between a finger and thumbnail. The blonde reacted as if she’d been electrocuted, falling to the bed and thrashing in unrestrained screaming ecstasy.

“You bitch,” Lily finally husked. She half expected to find her nipple gone, but it was still there — if massively swollen.

“Love is a harsh mistress,” Norma enigmatically replied. “I see now what Sam did.”

That was even more confusing. Lily decided to concentrate on the sex rather than the thinking. She couldn’t remember a more violent climax, but it left her keyed up, wanting more, instead of satiated. The redhead’s panties were trailing moisture down her legs, and Lily was ready to dish it out instead of taking it. “Get on the bed.”

Norma quickly flopped in the center of the bed, face up. Lily worked the sodden panties down her legs, marveling at the moisture in them; she brought them to her face and inhaled the intoxicating smell of the redhead’s rut.

She squeezed the fabric over her left hand, wetting it, and then inserted her fingers in the redhead’s flowering slit, picking up even more lubrication. “I’ll fuck you, you slut,” she whispered to herself.

Lily leaned over the other woman and flicked her clit with a finger, watching her gasp. Pulling the fingers on her left hand together to form a narrow cone, she brought them to the entrance of Norma’s juicing cunt.

“Oh yes, fuck me!” Norma moaned, watching eagerly. Her hair was fanned out around her head like a russet corona, and her hands worked her tits energetically.

Lily pushed slowly, feeling the other woman’s body open to accept her. Her engagement band caught momentarily on the glistening flesh before sliding within. She was in up to the last set of knuckles — the widest part of her hand.

“Don’t stop,” gasped Norma. “Fuck me; make me cum! I want to feel it!”

Emboldened, Lily leaned into it. She flicked Norma’s clit again, and there was a momentary lessening of resistance. Suddenly, her entire hand was inside the redhead! She pressed on, wondering how far she could go, until half her forearm was buried in the slut. Norma was making small grunting noises, so Lily carefully withdrew until her hand popped out again.

She was mesmerized by the expanse of gleaming flesh — she must have been at least a foot deep.

Norma moaned, “Harder,” but Lily had already determined to do just that.

The blonde forced her hand back inside, knowing it would fit. She started pumping in and out. Was that what it felt like to be a man? What would the sensations be like when she came?

Lily picked up the pace of her stroking, and resumed titillation of Norma’s clitoris, determined to bring her to orgasm as quickly as possible. When it came, the sensation was amazing, like velvet vises trapping and releasing her arm. The redhead thrashed like a crazy woman, trying to pull her nipples off her tits.

Abruptly, Lily realized her left arm was covered with blood to the elbow. She withdrew it, watching droplets fall on the sheet. Liquid ran sluggishly from Norma’s gaping pussy. A pink gleam caught her eye: the mounted diamond on her engagement ring!

“Please, again,” Norma panted.

The sight of so much blood raised a remaining shred of common sense and decency. “You’re bleeding,” Lily protested. “It looks bad.”

Norma grabbed her bloody arm and pulled it down. “I don’t care; one more time. Make me cum again, Lily.” She started rubbing her clit.

Lily had never even imagined such a depraved thing. That she would have the opportunity to do something like this to another human being was unbelievable. It was unbelievably arousing, too. She smiled nastily; she wouldn’t have to worry about the slut stealing away Adam after this!

The blonde formed a fist and plunged it into Norma’s cunt, feeling her ring catch and tear on something, but ignoring it. She stroked her arm lustily back and forth, jerking the redhead’s body roughly with each thrust.

Norma shrieked and panted, but her fingers were a blur as she worked her bud.

Lily forced her hand deeper with each stroke. She uncurled her fingers, letting her nails tear brutally at the redhead’s womb as they scraped back and forth within her. One finger caught on some obstruction, and she gave a tremendous jerk, tearing loose something inside.

The redhead gave a warbling scream and fell limp. Maybe she’d orgasmed, and maybe she hadn’t.

The blood was flowing more quickly now, but Lily was in a frenzy of lust and didn’t stop. She withdrew a handful of something unidentifiable and cast it aside, thrusting her hand back inside to claw deeper and deeper. Her eyes were wide open but blank and her expression, unrecognizably feral. Lily’s arm was bloody all the way to her shoulder.

She kept gaziantep escort videoları tearing at Norma’s innards. Finally the body beneath her gave a final faint shudder and evacuated its bowels, adding to the smell of death in the room. Lily slowly withdrew her arm for the last time and stared at the pale corpse. Slut.

It wasn’t enough. She tasted the cooling blood on her arm, leaving a smear across one cheek. Lily felt filled with energy, with a nearly uncontrollable need to fuck and orgasm and express her life in the face of death. She touched her clit, wondering if masturbation would be enough.

“Ah, Lilith. I had wondered if you might come calling.”

She turned slowly to look at Sam, who stood in the doorway. He was clad in his jeans and a long-sleeved knit shirt, and his expression was unreadable. Suddenly he was all she could smell.

Nobody called her “Lilith;” it sounded like her parents scolding her. “She had it coming,” Lily said, sounding defensive. She tried to wipe off her arm, but only succeeded in bloodying more of her body.

“If you choose to think so,” Sam sighed, crossing the room. He considered checking for a pulse, but the carnage on the bed made it plainly unnecessary. “You may even be right.”

Lily eyed the bulge in his jeans; it shifted, grew. Surely that would satisfy her. “She wanted to be fucked,” she added by way of explanation. So do I, she silently appended. Apparently heedless of her plea, Sam walked away. “Are you going to call the police?”

“That would be unnecessary,” he replied, returning with a package. He ripped it open and proceeded to unfold a plastic tarp on the floor beside the bed.

As if she were a feather, Sam effortlessly lifted Lily off the bed and set her on the floor. She realized it was the first time they’d touched since meeting; her skin felt hot where he’d held her, and she was half-convinced he’d left burn marks.

Just as calmly, he transferred the wreckage of what had once been a beautiful woman from the bed to the tarp. “And are you satisfied, Lilith?” Sam asked, looking carefully at her.

Lily opened her mouth to say “yes” but paused. “No,” she said instead.

Sam’s eyebrows rose. “No? You degraded and defiled this woman — used her unto death — and you remain unsatisfied?” His eyes seemed to bore into her soul, as they had before. “What more could you want?”

“You,” said Lily, licking her lips. “I want to fuck you.”

Faster than thought, Sam lifted her and hurled her back onto the bed. Lily landed on her back, the breath knocked from her body, on the spot where Norma had died.

“You lie on my bed, covered in the blood of the woman of my house, and ask me to fuck you?” Sam asked.

“Yes,” Lily answered a second time. “She wasn’t your wife, anyway,” she confidently asserted.

Sam unfastened his jeans, and Lily’s heart leapt into her throat. It seemed physically impossible, but he released a massively thick erection at least a foot in length. Sam pushed the jeans the rest of the way down, revealing a second organ of equal length and girth, just below the first! Precum leaked from the tips of both of them.

He casually tore his shirt from his body and stood at the foot of the bed, looking down at Lily. The lighting gave the appearance of shadowy wings extending behind his naked body. “You lie on my bed, unfaithful to your wedded husband, and ask me, Samael, to fuck you?”

A single one of his cocks would split her in two. Both of them would probably kill her. It would be intensely painful — and intensely pleasureful. “Yes,” Lily answered a third time, spreading her legs and offering her body to him.

Sam grinned lustfully at her. “So be it!” He fell on her, and it was like the earth shook on its foundations.

Lily screamed, her throat raw almost instantly, as he violated her fore and aft simultaneously. He bottomed out inside her only two-thirds of the way in, and lifted her from the bed like a rag doll.

She had time to focus on his smiling face, and the hands circling her waist pulled her brutally down. Something tore inside her as she slid the rest of the way to grind her aching body against his wiry pubes. Each of them cut her bare skin like razor wire.

“Cumslut!” he yelled, and she felt his burning semen shooting into her, scalding her insides. His arousal, however, appeared unabated.

Sam bounced Lily up and down on his colossal spears, producing friction against parts of her body she hadn’t known even existed. She could feel semen and probably blood running out of her, but she didn’t care.

Lily began shaking in the throes of an orgasm, one that didn’t end, but grew in a steadily increasing crescendo. When she opened her mouth to scream again, Sam kissed her, seeming to suck all the air from her lungs even as his tongue penetrated so far she thought she might gag.

Her hands scratched in futility, trying to win her a brief respite from the juggernaut. She drew blood, but earned only a harsh laugh.

Sam released her momentarily, but only to clap his hands together on her sides with unspeakable force. The impact felt like it broke several ribs and sloshed all of her internal organs back and forth. Apparently it felt good to him, because she felt him firing twin loads of molten semen into her abused body.

Still his assault continued. An implacable hand rose from her waist to encircle her sore left tit, and then began to squeeze.

Lily watched, bouncing atop his relentless cocks, as her breast extended outward like a water balloon. Her scream was only a raspy exhalation as she waited for the skin to tear free, but it didn’t. Sam lifted her momentarily until it was level with his face, and removed the engorged nipple, together with the surrounding areola, in one swift, brutal bite.

Her confused nervous system didn’t know what to do and Lily orgasmed again, her arms flapping and eyes rolling up in her head.

Sam just laughed, and then spit the nipple into her mouth. He kissed her again, sealing her mouth and blocking her air, until she had no choice but to swallow it.

Seemingly satisfied, Sam threw Lily to the bed, disengaging her from his erections. Her openings were too badly damaged to react, and the room air flowing into the blonde felt shockingly cold; perhaps it was just shock from the loss of blood she could feel running out of her.

Sam’s cocks looked like fixtures in a poorly-maintained fountain. Coated in a slick mixture of blood, shit, and semen, they produced thin streams of sticky white that arched onto Lily’s broken body.

He wasn’t finished with her, after all. Looming over her, Sam fisted his cocks with one hand, pressing the heads together, and pried open Lily’s mouth with the other.

She tried to bite him, but he just laughed. The heads alone were so large her jaw had no leverage, and it dislocated almost immediately, anyway. Blood filled her mouth as her lips split on her teeth and then tore open. Sam fed more of himself down her throat, making her gag helplessly and squeezing her windpipe closed.

Lily felt fingers teasing her clitoris, rousing her body once again. The cocks violating her pulsed, streaming more of his inexhaustible supply of semen into her stomach. She bucked in a final weak orgasm, her body tricked into squandering its last energy on pleasure rather than survival.

Her eyes already sightless, Lily’s last thought was that perhaps there wasn’t much difference between death and unconsciousness.

Lily sucked in a huge breath, convinced she’d experienced a hell of a nightmare. A perversely arousing nightmare, to be sure, but still a bad dream. The smell of blood and sex still filled her nostrils.

Shocked, Lily sat up, feeling her jaw. It worked normally; her breast was intact. Then she noticed the brand was faded almost to the point of invisibility. The snake in the terrarium stared at her impassively.

She lurched to her feet and looked around. The tarp and Norma’s body were gone, as was the clothing — including her nightgown. Lily turned and looked at the bed. The sheets were marred only by the faint depression made by her body. Her skin, even her arm, was clean and unblemished.

Feeling disoriented, Lily walked across the hall into the bathroom. It was small and utilitarian, but she had eyes only for the mirror. She reached up and touched her hair in wonder, but it looked the same as in the mirror. The dirty blonde tresses she remembered were a deep rich auburn. It looked almost as if her hair had absorbed every single drop of blood on the bed, staining it from root to tip.

It was too much for her to take in. She needed to see Adam, to hear him tell her it was all right. Norma’s bikini was hung over the shower bar; Lily appropriated it for herself and quickly tied it in place. It did look good on her — even if it made her look like a slut.

She hurried back to their cottage, hoping not to run into Sam, and didn’t. Lily started to wonder how long she’d been gone; she hadn’t meant to let the candle in Adam’s ass burn all the way down.

“Lily? Is that you? Get this damn candle!” Adam’s shrill, panicked voice greeted her as soon as she opened the front door.

Lily raced through the front room and blew out the candle. Luckily, she judged, it had burned down enough for him to feel the heat, but not quite close enough to burn. She bent to untie his ankle, and discovered Adam’s struggles had pulled the knots so tight she couldn’t break them; she’d have to cut the ties with a knife.

“Jesus, that was close!” Adam exclaimed. “You’re a lifesaver, Norma; I don’t know what got into Lily. Have you seen her tonight?”

She realized, with some degree of amusement, that he’d mistaken her for that slut. “No. I need a knife to cut you free,” Lily said, trying to sound like Norma and keeping her face turned away from him.

“I tell you, you’re a sight for sore eyes,” Adam told her when she returned from the kitchen.

Lily noted sourly that his flagging erection had returned to full strength. It was a puny thing, really, and the thought he meant it for that slut started a burning in her stomach. “Do you want me to fuck you, Adam?” she asked.

He laughed, a bit unsteadily. “That’s rich! You know, Lily’s insanely jealous of you. I think she’s convinced we’re cheating on her.” Adam was silent for a moment, collecting his thoughts. “Thanks for saving my ass — literally! — but if she caught you in here, I think she’d kill us both.”

Her lip curled. He was acting through fear, not loyalty — just as she’d always known. “What if I guaranteed she won’t walk through that door while I’m still here?”

“Seriously?” His traitorous manhood stiffened further, spilling a drop of liquid from its tip.

Lily wordlessly pulled the ties on her top, letting the tiny triangles of fabric fall away from her body. She could see his eyes greedily drinking in the sight of her perfect breasts and the stiff nipples signaling her arousal.

“Hell, yes!” Adam strained uselessly at his restraints. “You know you’re fucking hot, Norma! Just get me out of here and I’ll give you a pounding you won’t forget!”

She shut her wounded heart to him and concentrated on vengeance. Two more teasingly slow tugs bared her sex to Adam; her lips were flowered open and dripping; her clit, ripe and heavy with arousal. “I think you have enough limbs free for the job.”

Lily climbed slowly onto the bed, setting the knife aside, and positioned herself above him. Adam was breathing heavily, his cock twitching, as if he hadn’t seen a woman in years. She squatted, taking him deep inside herself; he penetrated her liquid velvet folds effortlessly.

He was nothing compared to Sam’s magnificence, barely worthy of notice. Lily felt him contract and suddenly ejaculate inside her; the frisson of excitement she felt owed itself entirely to her obvious effect on him and none to the physical stimulation.

“Holy shit,” panted Adam, “you are something else! I haven’t cum that fast since high school!”

With her, he meant, Lily thought, her mood darkening still further. She flexed internally, teasing him back to readiness, and leaned forward to kiss him.

Lily looked Adam in the face, searching for a sign of recognition. She could see herself, unwillingly, still forgiving him. But his eyes were closed as he concentrated on the feel of her cunt, tits, and lips against his body.

“Oh fuck, I can’t believe I’m ready to go again. You are the sexiest piece of cheesecake I’ve had in my life!”

He was a man, somebody who treated all women as interchangeable fuck dolls. Well, two could play at that game! She wriggled slightly higher, and let him take her breast in his mouth.

Adam suckled for a minute, nibbling on her nipple, and then released it so he could wet her flesh with long strokes of his tongue. The faint irregularity of her otherwise-perfect skin caught his attention, and then it took him a long minute to recognize what he was looking at.

“Lily?” he asked, his voice tentative and full of disbelief. It didn’t look nearly new enough, but the irregular shape of the “a” on her skin was distinctive.

Her smile, had she known it, was like Sam’s — simultaneously intoxicating and terrifying. “Call me Lilith,” she said, her voice dangerous. “There’s no longer any Lily for you.” She climbed off of the bed and reclaimed her knife.

“Lily! Lilith!” He sounded panicked. “I was just kidding! Put down the knife, okay?”

She moved closer, and then pulled the stub of the candle from his anus. The opening was small, far too narrow to accommodate her.

“What are you doing?”

“You said you wanted me to fuck you; remember?” Lilith smiled crookedly as Adam’s cock suddenly contracted and squirted a jet of spunk onto his chest. Even now, he couldn’t resist the pull of her physical attraction.

A quick pair of cuts with the knife severed Adam’s testicles, emasculating him and providing better access to his crotch. The blood was a pittance, but he screamed like a girl as she cut his anal sphincter in several places and then watched it gape open.

Adam tried to pull away from her, but he was still bound firmly in place. Lilith calmly switched the knife to her off hand and then forced her fist and arm into his rectum.

It was constricted, difficult to navigate; again, her nails and ring served well, allowing her to pierce his colon. She proceeded to pump freely in and out, ignoring the sounds coming from the head of the bed.

Prodded by the unusual pressure against his prostate, Adam’s cock pumped in a final, useless orgasm; its load of sperm lay discarded and dying on the floor. Lilith saw it and climaxed, aroused again at her mastery over his lust.

Withdrawing her gore-covered arm, Lilith crawled back atop Adam. His cock, shrinking as he bled out beneath her, wilted pitifully beneath her dripping sex.

The dark spot from Lily’s urine surrounded Adam’s head like a dark halo, and his mouth was wide open in a silent scream. There was still a glimmer of intelligence in his eyes; reflected in them, Lilith could see shadowy wings outstretched above them. It was the one piece of the wallpaper pattern she hadn’t been able to recognize until now.

Quickly, before it was too late, Lilith stabbed down. Not into the ribcage, which would have been too much for the knife, but just below it. She dug greedily within, tearing and shredding obstacles, until at last she held Adam’s still-warm heart in her hand.

“You broke my heart, too,” Lilith told his corpse, and then squeezed until her fingertips penetrated the abused organ, depositing more blood on the body.

Her quest for vengeance was satisfied, but it had only inflamed Lilith’s desire for sex — real sex.

“I hope you plan to sleep tonight,” Samael told her, already unfolding the tarp.

“Not just yet,” she husked, creaming herself already at the thought of him. With the knife, her chances against him were considerably increased.

Lilith still lost, but mostly because the sight and feel of his decapitated upper cock orgasming blood into her was so mind-blowing that she dropped the knife during her climax.

Samael had just finished fertilizing the latest addition to the vegetable garden behind the cottage when they heard the cars pull in out front.

“Welcome to Spring Break,” he told Lilith, with resigned good cheer.

She laughed and checked to be sure the tarps over the wood pile were securely fastened. Together they walked out to the road to greet the new visitors.

A gaggle of college kids, four each of boys and girls, clustered around the cars, gawking at the scenery. Two of the boys were elbowing each other and laughing.

“Hi, folks,” Samael greeted them. “I’m guessing you must be the Johnson party?” Muted snickers led Lilith to believe nobody in the group was named “Johnson.” “Well, I’m Sam and this is Lil. Come on up, and we’ll get your keys.”

The newcomers stared at them. Samael, as usual, was wearing only his jeans. Lilith, in a denim miniskirt and white tank (over scarlet bikini top) wasn’t dressed that much differently from the girls, but she was beginning to get a feel for how things worked.

She greeted each of them with a sultry smile and polite handshake, the duration of which she gauged by the individual’s reaction. All of the men left with raging erections; two of the girls lingered, one of them struggling to conceal nipples that were popping through her top. Lilith didn’t think Samael was responsible for that one.

They sat on the porch glider and drank lemonade, while watching the visitors sort out their luggage and lodging arrangements. At length, Lilith remarked, “I think Angelica is gunning for you.”

“Really? I would have picked Keith as the troublemaker.”

“Him.” She shrugged dismissively. “He looks ready to cover anything that breathes, regardless of what he finds between their legs. I don’t think he can look past the length of his cock.”

“Point taken. But he’s also a serial rapist.” Samael scanned across the road and found the subdued brunette standing on the porch of one of the cottages, hugging herself and looking back at them. “I wouldn’t have figured Angelica to be a problem.”

“She’s a slut,” Lilith asserted. “A slut and a tease.” She blew a kiss to the girl, who turned abruptly and disappeared inside. “But a rapist? How do you know?” Her look turned fierce.

“It’s my business to know,” he said shortly. “Really, Lilith; we’re a little off the beaten path, here. Do you think people visit by chance?”

She turned introspective. “I guess I never thought about how Adam picked it. Was he a rapist, too?” It still hurt, a little, to think about him.

Samael sighed. “Adam was unlucky; you were meant to be with me.” The knowing look he aimed at her made her instantly wet and restless.

There was a moment of silence while Lilith returned his gaze, equally intense. “Well, we’ll see about Angelica. But I don’t think Keith will be raping any other women.”

“I did manage to take care of business before you came along, you know.” Samael chuckled.

“But it’s much more enjoyable now; admit it.” She smiled back at him. “Can we go down to the beach yet?”

He laughed out loud. “Be patient! They’re still sorting things out. I think twenty minutes will be about right for this lot.” He rubbed his crotch once, betraying an impatience that matched hers. “Besides, I need to go change into my suit.”

Samael disappeared inside. Lilith slipped off her tank and miniskirt, revealing a matching bikini bottom. The tight fabric felt fantastic moving against her skin, and didn’t show moisture. She rubbed her slit through the bottom, hoping one of the newcomers was spying on her; she was almost positive Angelica was.

One of the men was headed across the road. She had to give Samael his due; it was Keith.

“Hey, Lil, can you show me how to get to the beach? Smokin’ bod, by the way.”

It was too easy. “Sure, I’ll show you.” He picked up on the double entendre right away. She could have pointed, but where was excitement in that? Samael would guess where she’d gone.

Lilith could see him looking at her as they started down the road. He was thinking of pulling off her clothing and then forcing himself on her; she knew it. The thought made her hot. “So, Keith, do you have a girlfriend?”

He shook his head, grinning. “Do you?” She wore a ring, but the stone was blood red — a ruby or something — and not the traditional diamond.

Lilith thought he was a fool to dismiss Samael; so much the better. She aimed at sultry glance at the man beside her, and let it fall to his visibly straining erection. “How about some… sunblock?”

She’d learned her wings, although invisible to humans, kept out the UV just fine. But there were so many other things one could do with lotion…

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