Trip with Brother Pt. 05


Hannah and Joe were upstairs in Joe’s room. Their parents, Julie and Don were downstairs. It was a Monday, a couple of days since their parents had left them alone (finally!) and they had made love. They had explored their shared fantasy of Hannah and their dad. Joe had mentioned it to Hannah several times since that evening and Hannah had assured him that she was as into the fantasy as he was.

Joe had researched wireless security cameras and had ordered a couple of them. They sold for around $40 each. A camera only needed a power source and Wi-Fi to work. They could be set up to be monitored live on a cell phone and, with a tiny SD card, could be recorded several days for playback. Joe went ahead and bought a couple of the inexpensive SD cards, as well.

“They’re supposed to be delivered by Tuesday to my post office box at college,” he told her.

Hannah looked nervous, but excited. “You know that Mom has her Bible Class on Thursday night, right? Are you going to leave me and Dad alone?”

“That’s the plan. When the cameras get in, I’ll set them up and we will test them. I’m going to put one in your room and one in the living room,” he said. “I’ll make up an excuse to leave, so you two will be alone.”

“How are you going to hide it?” she asked.

“Oh, I’m not going to hide it. I’ve already showed it to Dad and told him that it can be set while we are away so that if someone breaks in the house. He’ll never think about the fact that we’ll keep them on when we’re at home, too. He doesn’t know the details and he doesn’t really care. I doubt he will ever think to ask if it can be put on his phone. You know he’s not tech savvy. He can barely send a text,” Joe explained. “I didn’t tell him I was getting a second one, that we can put anywhere we want. They are very small and easily hidden.”

“This makes me nervous,” she admitted.


The next evening Julie had to visit a friend who had an emergency appendectomy. Joe had driven to the college where he attended, some 30 miles away, to check his post office box. Hannah found herself alone, again, with her dad.

Don had been unable to get his mind off of what had happened the last time he was alone with his daughter. She had worn those slinky shorty pajamas that revealed most of her delectable, sexy young body. He had caught a glimpse of her naked body when she got out of the shower. She had put her foot in his lap and rested it against his hard cock. She had even grazed it with her hand! Best of all, he knew that she had done it all on purpose. He was quite sure that she didn’t want sex with him – of course not – but she was at that age where she was very curious. For whatever reason, she was curious about his penis. She probably only wanted to see it, he thought.

When they had been alone the previous week, Hannah had left the bathroom door open a couple of inches, knowing that it might provoke her dad to spy on her. ‘Two can play that game,’ Don thought when he realized that they were going to be alone again for at least a couple of hours.

Don hoped and predicted that his sexy teen daughter would once again wear those slinky pj’s and tease him as she had the previous week. But, a few minutes after Julie left, she emerged from her bedroom wearing short cut-off jeans shorts and a tee shirt. He thought she might be braless, but couldn’t tell for sure. Then he decided that she wasn’t. How disappointing! They watched TV for a few minutes and, when she didn’t seem to be making any move to tease him, he decided to set his own plan in motion.

Don went into the bathroom and ran the water in the sink, preparing to shave. He left the door open a couple of inches, just as Hannah had done, and removed all his clothes. His cock hung half-way to his knees. He knew that, even when it was flaccid, it put most men to shame. It was extremely thick and heavily veined. Don realized that big cocks were a turn on to a lot of women, even though actual sex was difficult. He also knew that many men, who were aware of how he was hung, were envious. He was proud of it, but truth be told, his size had been more of a hindrance to him than a benefit. Nevertheless, he knew that a big cock was considered a sign of virility – whether there was any truth to it or not. He figured that his daughter, if she saw it, would probably masturbate thinking about it. That idea was very appealing to him, even if he couldn’t witness it. He lathered his face and thought about his daughter masturbating. His cock began to harden slightly.

Hannah wondered if she should change into her sexy pajamas or wait until Thursday night when, if the plan worked out, Joe would have the cameras set up. She thought, at the very least, that she would take her bra off. She reached underneath her shirt and unsnapped it, then went and threw it on her bed. As she walked back toward the living room she noticed that the bathroom door was cracked open a couple of inches.

‘Hmmm,’ she thought. ‘I wonder if Dad is repaying me?’ She almost giggled out loud. She walked stealthily to the bathroom door and peeked kocaeli escort through the open crack. What she saw astounded her. She almost dropped to her knees as a surge of lust coursed through her body. Even the memory of watching her dad fuck her mother had not prepared her for this. On that occasion, she could not see nearly as well as she could see right now. His cock was UNREAL! Horses weren’t hung that well! It looked like a sack of sausage hanging there! Hannah felt her pussy begin to moisten and her nipples begin to harden. She thought that she couldn’t possibly take that mammoth cudgel into her body, but just the sight of it was almost enough to give her an orgasm. Her pussy ached for attention. Was he getting hard? It looked like it was moving!

Don knew the instant that his daughter started watching him. He had heard her walk by the door toward her bedroom, then heard her come back and he could see her in the mirror when she peeked into the bathroom. He continued to shave, very slowly, nonchalantly, wanting her to get as good a look as possible. The thought of her watching him was arousing, though, and his cock began to become engorged with blood. He was unable to get or maintain a full erection while standing, but he knew that it would thicken a great deal and would soon stick out perpendicular to his body, at least 10 solid inches of thick man-meat. He didn’t understand why women were so turned on by it, but it was a fact. He was confident that his daughter’s young pussy was drooling as she watched him.

Hannah pinched her nipples, barely able to keep from moaning with pleasure. She unfastened her shorts and dipped her right hand into her panties, feeling her warm slickness. She rubbed her cuntal crease and her clit with her fingers. She knew that she would cum very soon if she continued to do that, and probably couldn’t keep quiet when she had her climax, so she slowed her ministrations so that she would not make herself cum.

The sight of her naked, muscular father was over-load to her young system. While the sight of her naked brother was an overwhelming turn-on, this was somehow different. This was even MORE taboo. And her father had the biggest dick in the world! And it was getting hard! Oh, she wanted to suck it! She longed to touch it, to lick it all over, to try to force that gargantuan mushroom head into her mouth! She wanted him inside her even if it ruined her for men of average length and girth. She felt insane with lust!

Her mind turned to what she and Joe had planned. A camera! Joe watching her with her father! She, of course, wasn’t sure that everything would go as planned, nor was she certain how far they would go. She thought now that she could not possibly take her father into her young, relatively inexperienced, pussy. She knew that it was bound to hurt. Maybe they could do something else, but certainly not fucking. That was impossible! Wasn’t it?

Don could barely stifle a grin as he continued to shave. His cock was thickening and lengthening. He looked down at it and wished that he could see his daughter’s cute little face as she watched her own father’s prodigious member grow. He would love for her to do more. He would certainly let her play with it, lick it, even suck on it. He didn’t think that fucking was in the cards. Even fantasies had their limits.

Don had been a virgin when he married, but people talk. Word got out that he was well-hung. Friends from childhood and men who saw him shower at the tennis club apparently talked. How they found out, Don wasn’t always sure, but many women showed interest in him – and for that very reason, he was sure. He had allowed himself to be seduced several times since he had been married. Some of those had ended in disaster. Too painful. Too big. Other women couldn’t get enough of it. There were any number of women who were willing and eager to meet him at any time. Don loved Julie, but he loved sex, too. He never had fallen for any of these women and, in fact, few of them were as beautiful as Julie. He had guilt, but horniness always trumped guilt. He had had more than his share of extra-marital infidelity.

Hannah was so tempted to bring herself to an orgasm, but she didn’t want to make a noise that might potentially become an embarrassing situation and she didn’t want to stop watching her dad. His cock had gotten so much bigger since she had started watching! It wagged in front of him like a tree branch. It was HUGE! She wished that he would get as hard as her brother did. She loved it when Joe was fully hard, his thick cock reaching toward his navel, the head purple and shiny. It was so exciting to grasp his steel-hard shaft, pull it downward, let go, and watch the swollen corona slap his stomach. She loved the way the veins swelled and she loved the way it felt in her hand, her mouth, her throat, and especially in her hot, horny, little pussy.

Don had finished shaving and couldn’t think of a good excuse to continue to stand there. He rinsed the shaving cream from his face and opened the medicine cabinet, pretending to search for kocaeli escort bayan something inside. Doing so caused his heavy cock to wave in front of him. He reached down and gave it a couple of strokes. He turned toward the door, knowing that his 18 year-old daughter was only 6 or 8 feet away, giving her a good view of his half-hard cock and a better view of his colossal nuts. He reached and hefted them, pretending to scratch them. He longed for her to heft them for him, to suck and lick them. He loved having his balls sucked and fondled. He went to the shower, turned the water on, and returned to the toilet to pee, making sure that he turned toward the door so she could watch.

Hannah had stopped touching herself. The lust-inciting view in front of her was threatening to give her a climax without her even touching. Her father had hefted his gloriously beautiful, gigantic balls as if he were showing them to her. Her mouth watered. Given the chance, she thought, she would lick and suck his balls all night long. Then she would turn her attention to his monstrous cock!

Don was now in the shower, but she couldn’t see him from her angle. She waited, sitting in the floor, occasionally touching herself outside her shorts and pinching her nipples, until she heard him turn the shower off. She got back in her former position and watched her dad emerge from the shower, his cock hanging heavily between his legs. It looked delicious! She wanted it! Maybe not inside her, but she could certainly amuse them both with her hands and mouth! To her disappointment, Don soon pulled his boxers on, then his athletic shorts. She quickly went back to the couch, as if nothing had happened at all.

Don was shirtless. He had a good physique and often didn’t put a shirt on after his shower. He knew his wife loved the way his chest looked, and assumed that his cute daughter might like it, as well. He flopped down on the couch where Hannah was stretched out, pretending to read a magazine. He picked her feet up and put them in his lap in such a way that one of her feet rested against his still-swollen cock. Now that he was sitting he knew that, if stimulated, his cock would get much fuller and harder than it did when he was standing.

Hannah suspected that her dad purposely placed her foot against his thickening manhood. She moved her foot, feeling his cock against the bottom of her heel. He had to know that she was doing that on purpose. Nobody was that naïve, especially not her ultra-intelligent dad. She knew they were playing a game. She called it, in her mind, ‘Deniability’. Neither of them had done anything that they couldn’t deny. Everything could have just been accidental.

Don was gratified that his daughter immediately began to rub her heel against his cock. It began to harden and he soon had to subtly adjust it. He knew that it would soon be so hard that it would reach the waistline of his shorts. He began to regret not putting a shirt on. If fully erect, the head of his cock would emerge above the waistband. He began rubbing her calf and, gazing at her perfectly shaped legs, he noticed how short her shorts were. Then he noticed that the crotch of her shorts was obviously wet – he couldn’t keep from smiling and almost laughed. She continued to look at her magazine as her foot continued to trace out the outline of his still-hardening cock.

Hannah’s mind was spinning. She was confident that she could make something happen right then. His cock felt like it was fully hard, but of course she couldn’t be sure. Still, it was evident that he was excited. Her pussy was boiling and her nipples felt as if they would burst. She wished that Joe had the cameras set up. She wondered if she should go ahead and make a move now, when she knew for sure that her father was sexually aroused, or wait until Thursday night when her brother could watch the show.

Headlights coming up the driveway made up her mind for her. Julie had not been gone as long as she had expected. Hannah made a mental note to check her phone next time (if there was a next time), using the locater app to make sure of her mother’s location.


The cameras had, indeed, come in. When Joe got home, later that evening, he set up the camera in the living room while the rest of the family watched. The camera was so small that it was practically unnoticeable on the mantle. He set it up on his phone, then told Julie to walk through the back door. As she walked in the camera moved, noiselessly, toward her and followed her as she walked across the room. The picture was extremely clear on Joe’s phone. It was mounted above the TV and gave a very clear view of the couch, Hannah noted. Joe didn’t think it necessary to mention that there was also audio, which he had turned down on his phone. Joe predicted that his parents would totally forget about the camera within a couple of days.

The next day Joe hooked up the camera in Hannah’s bedroom. She put it on her dresser and, because she had so much ‘girl stuff’ there, it was unnoticeable. It gave a view that included the bathroom izmit escort door, across the hall, and her entire room except for the side of the room on which the dresser sat. Most importantly, of course, was the view of her bed.

That night, Joe texted Hannah:

J: Hey, I can see you!

H: I had already forgotten! I now have no privacy at all!

J: All you have to do is unplug it or put a book or something in front of it. Say something so I can test the audio.

Hannah whispered, “Can you hear me?”

J: Wow, that’s clear as a bell.

Hannah stood and began to sexily remove her clothes. When she was naked she checked her texts.

J: You’re so hot! I can’t wait until we’re alone again!

H: How about Thursday night? Where are you going to watch?

J: I think I’m going over to Paul’s apartment.

Paul was a friend from high school that had an apartment just off campus.

H: You can’t watch with Paul! I’m not that much of an exhibitionist!

J: No, he’s out of town for a week. Nobody will be there. I can log onto his computer and see it so much better!

H: You’re such a pervert. I love it, too! We are both perverts, aren’t we?

J: Yes, we’re just starting, too. We both have perverted minds. There is no limit to what we might do.

H: I’m so hot right now. I love how taboo this is. I can’t wait! But I’m still so nervous. I just don’t want you to be disappointed if nothing happens. I don’t want to be under pressure.

J: Don’t worry. If nothing happens, it won’t matter. Just knowing that you like this in your mind makes me cream my jeans!

H: What a waste that would be. I love your cream. I wish I had about a gallon of it right now.

J: What would you do with it?

Hannah began to massage her naked breasts and touch her pussy, knowing that her brother could see her via the camera.

H: Drink it, pour it over my body, rub it into my skin. Rub my face in it. I love your stuff! I love you!

J: Are you gonna cum for me, Baby Sister?

H: No. I’m saving it. In fact, I think I’m going to sleep. Good night!

Hannah dipped a finger into her pussy, then sucked the juices off of her finger. Then she waved at her brother, pulled her covers over her and closed her eyes. She felt safe, knowing that her brother was watching her.


Thursday. Hannah helped Julie prepare a chicken casserole to carry to the Women’s Bible Class. Joe had already left, driving to his friend, Paul’s, apartment.

Don had thought about going to a softball tournament that evening, but when he realized that he would, once again, be alone with his sexy young daughter, he quickly discarded those plans. He didn’t know what was running through Hannah’s mind, and he had guilt pangs because she was his daughter, but they hadn’t really done anything wrong. She seemed to be playing a game and he was thoroughly enjoying it.

Soon after Julie left, Hannah came into the living room where Don was watching the Braves Pre-Game Show.

“Who are they playing, Daddy?” she asked.

“The Nats. If they win tonight, they’ll be only 3 games back! Early in the season, would you have believed that?”

“No, not when they were swept by the Marlins,” she laughed. “Anyway, I’m going to shower, then I’ll watch it with you!”

“Great,” he smiled. “I was hoping you would. I love it when we get to do things together,” he said, grinning lecherously.

Hannah left the bathroom door open at least 6 inches. She had been nervous, yet turned on, all day long. Her panties, when she removed them, were already wet. She heard an almost inaudible ‘swish’ noise from her phone, the tone she had set for a text message. Most people never even heard it. She picked up her phone, expecting it to be a text from Joe.

J: I’m watching! I can even see that you left the door cracked open from both cameras!

H: That’s great! How is the audio?

J: Well, I can hear every word on the TV and I could hear your conversation with Dad just a minute ago.

H: Okay. Bye for now. I love you!

She turned the shower on, used the toilet, and got in. As she was soaping up, she could see the shadow of her father as he peeked into the room. The door was open wide enough that he could see the transparent shower door. Though the view wasn’t perfect, she knew that he could see her naked body as she soaped herself up. She was trembling slightly at the thought of displaying herself for her father. She realized, suddenly, that Joe was watching her father spy on her. He couldn’t see her in the bathroom, but he could see his father watching. This, incredibly, turned her on even more.

Don could stand outside the bathroom and easily see the shower. He could see his daughter’s naked body through the clear shower door, but it wasn’t enough. He wanted to see her naked body up close and personal. He hoped against hope that he would be able to see her glorious nakedness when she got out of the shower. Then she was sliding the door back and getting out of the shower, her body turned away from him so that he could see her from behind. She was perfect! She didn’t have a single flaw on her entire body. Her body was firm and athletic, young and supple. She was tanned all over, except where she had worn a bikini. This made her look even sexier to her lecherous father.

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