Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself



I’m August D Johnsons, my friends call me AJ or Jay and I’m 19; it’s a big deal according to my father but in the 20th century It’s just an age and to me too; it never played a role in my life. My mother died later after my birth and now I live with my dad. After I was born my dad took 2 year leave to raise me with some help and since it was a family company he was excused. He made sure I don’t need anything and I later discovered that he was a workaholic and his job did work him off because he would go to work at 7:30 in the morning and come back at 11 or 12 then wake up at 6:30 for his treadmill so I was basically living alone.

It’s not that he didn’t care about me growing up he really did and he did his best to get me anything that will make me feel happy. I also made sure that I impress my crush at school during PE so I made sure to not be out of shape. I’m 6ft and my dad is 6.8ft both fit, same silky black hair and skin tone so seeing us together would make one assume that he was my brother while his little brother looked nothing like him. Just 2 years younger than him and other than black hair he was blonde, also 6ft but built with muscles unlike my dad.

Chapter 1

It was a typical Friday night, sitting on my reclining chair, playing games and bored as usual, it was around 10:30 so I didn’t expect my dad home any time soon. As I was playing I hear the garage door open and a car driving in and since I was not expecting my dad I thought it was a robber or something and at first I was scared but later realized that I was very scared. A part of me wanted to run and hide but the rest of me was thinking about how all my shit was about to be stolen. I reached under my bed for a metal bat that never seen myself use in a very long time and ran down stairs. Since I was basically living alone I was too lazy to turn the lights on then off again so didn’t it at all and eventually got used to living in the dark; I knew my way around the house at night.

Fortunately for me I reached the door before them and hid behind it immediately. The person struggled a bit to open the door; like they had the wrong key but eventually the door opened. I waited a while before I swung as I tried aim for the head. The person was as tall as my father but I could reach the head with the bat and in the blink of an eye I swung as hard as I can! But unfortunately it was hopeless, the person blocked it with their right and took my bat way with their left and was more scared than I could recall. The person reached behind me and turned on the light and I could think was, “Ah shit I’m dead.” My gaze fell to the floor feeling disappointed in myself, I had played this situation several times in my mind but now…

“If I was a robber you’d be dead by now.” The man said, and I noticed right away that it was my dad.

“Shit dude it’s just you,” I turned both relieved and concerned. “Why did you come back this early I almost killed you.” I smirked with a false sense of pride. “Oh god… Don’t tell me you lost your job.”

“Firstly I did not lose my job and secondly YOU almost died but I have to give to you that had an impact on my hand… Well I won’t be typing for a while.” He smirked rubbing his hand. “Next time, be calm because you breathe so loud that I heard you the second I walked in and next time if you can’t calm down in time aim for the knee then neck and head because what you did now deems you dead.” He pointed out.

“Well why are you back this early?”

“You know my job involves a lot of traveling so I will be leaving on Sunday to London for the merger and I will be gone for 2 months and don’t smile like you have shit to do when you plan on sitting around doing nothing. While I am gone and I doubt you will be going to school, so you will be going to my little brother’s house for the 2 months of my absence and apparently his twin daughters go to same school as you, so you will live with them until I get back. So behave yourself and if I were you I would relax and go to bed because tomorrow you’ll have to wake up and pack because that’s when you leave, so go to sleep. Mike only has girls and his twin daughters are 1 year younger than you, so no pressure right? And look on the bright side you’ll get to socialize.” He said locking the door and walking away.

My dad was a cool guy and was not the guy to overreact or act on impulse. He loved talking about my mom and one day he asked me if I have a crush and I said yes, then he told me how to get her and told me if it ever works what I should do if I want to have sex with her, he seemed a little too proud of his “techniques” but then I could only fantasize myself having sex with my crush. Then he introduced me to the greatest creation for a virgin like me to use and it is called internet porn. Since the school I went to was a private school for the so called “rich kids” I was the first one to know about it in my class and the first one to have it.

One day I was watching porn with my friends and when my crush, Jenny escort izmir came to tell us to put our phones away because they were not allowed during learning periods, when she saw us watching porn and squeezed her head between us and said, “Hey guys the teacher is coming,” with a soft voice none of us heard her since we were absorbed and she was also absorbed so she just said, “hey guys,” over and over.

Jenny to me was like a girl designed by my dreams; dark hair, emerald green eyes which I considered to be one of her effortless amazing qualities, a smile which could make me feel better if I was kicked in the balls and voice which I could call that of a singing angel. With full C cups that looked like they were still growing. She had a nice personality but looked some how unapproachable like she was on another level, most dudes already assume she already has a boyfriend so they usually hit on her with the “He’s not good enough for you” line and I don’t remember it working.

I noticed softness on my cheek and my heart skipped a beat and I almost jumped up and finally heard what she was saying so I exited my gallery and put my phone in my pocket and all I heard was “ahhh” even Jenny said it. She told me to meet her after school and before I could answer I was frozen and when I was about to answer the teacher came in and I simply nodded. “Can you believe that Jenny was watching porn with us? If only most girls could be so open like that.” My friend Mert said turning back while the teacher was not looking.

Mert was taller than me like 6’2 but wouldn’t notice it unless you were looking closely, he was also my first, closest and best friend. He wasn’t the kind of guy to keep something from you, from a compliment to an insult so he was straight with me and he was also a fan of anime so we always have something to talk about.

“Get off that horse kid! You know she is mine!!” I hastily replied. At this moment Jenny turned and looked at me as if she heard me and I sank as low as I could.

“Well I’ll wait for you to fail and give up and judging by your reaction it won’t be long.” He smiled.

I frowned and raised my middle finger to him and the teacher saw me and said, “That’s 2 hours detention.” and read my lips saying shit because of the plans I had with Jenny and made it 3 hours resulting in my withdrawal. Detention was long considering the fact that I was one of those kids whose parents would not help them escape detention. The next morning I met up with Jenny and asked what she wanted the previous day and said not to worry about it with a warming smile and I haven’t spoken to her till today.

As I was walking to bed remembered that my father said that my cousins went to the same school as me and since I did not leave the class so it made sense why I did not notice or see them.

Chapter 2

Saturday arrived and I have to say I was happy to leave the house for something else other than school or shopping. I woke up around 7 to start packing with the uncertainty of if my dad was going to take me there or my uncle was going to pick me up and truth be told I was too lazy to drive myself but as usual I took a shower, did my workouts and ate breakfast and waited. I spent my whole day watching anime and waiting for my dad to tell me something but no.

The day went on slow considering the fact that I was waiting for something to happen, at 5:30 my dad comes to my room and tells me that my uncle will be here in 30 minutes, “Ok so I woke up for nothing and why the fuck would he go to work on a Saturday, didn’t he do the same job my dad did?!” I thought. When my uncle arrived I was already dozing off but still ready to go, so when he told me to get in the car I almost ran but I was playing it cool. My dad didn’t mention this but his little brother was scary I mean he looked like an assassin or something but also looked nice making him approachable.

Before I got in the car my dad called me and told me to get stronger referring to yesterday and then called me a pussy for some reason. “You come back alive.” I smirked and got in the car, as we were in the car I asked my uncle if he did the same job as my dad and said yes but apparently my dad did overtime on weekdays so he can rest in the weekends.

We arrived at his house in 35 minutes and when we got to the garage he hit the horn. “The fuck, I mean why would you even do that?” I thought grinding my teeth.

“Prepare to meet my family kid, they will love you and I expect you do the same and don’t worry about where you’ll sleep we’ve already prepared a guest room for you and almost looks like yours so be comfortable, respect my wife and be at home.” He said as we were getting in the house I just said okay walking behind him. As he opened the door two chicks came running and hugged him, then hugged me too and said, “Welcome to our home!” Turns out they were expecting me to visit.

Lisa and Liz were my twin-cousins and unlike most teenagers who hate their parents, they loved their parents; very much. Liz was izmir escort bayan 5’5 with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes; she has a bodacious body with a round ass that I would kiss with pride and breasts which hang perfectly from her fit body. Lisa also had blonde hair and blue eyes unlike Liz. She is 5’6 with tight ass and full C cups.

“Follow me I’ll show you my wife.”

“You have a nice family man.”

“Yeah wait till you meet my wife.” He said heading to the kitchen “Honey I back.” He said with a soft voice, hugging her and kissing her on the neck.

“Oh Mike” She moaned, it was loud enough for me to hear and at first I thought it was intentional but just told myself that she’s just sensitive.

“This is stimulating.” I whispered.

“August!!” She screamed rushing to me and hugging me.

“Nice to meet you,” I replied hugging back.

“Let me show you to your room, Austin, excuse me, your dad told me how you are always alone but that is going to change. I assume you already met Lisa and Liz. Well Maggie is still out but she will come back soon, you know teenagers.” She said taking my hand and walking towards the stairs.

“Wait weren’t you cooking? And who’s Maggie?”

“Don’t worry about that I’m just showing your room, relax.” I followed her to the guest room well my room to be specific.

Susan was a woman straight out of one of my MILF wet dreams. She was about 5’7ft, She had natural blonde hair, flawless slightly tanned skin, sharp facial features, big blue innocent eyes, sleek neck, natural E cups, a skinny toned stomach, long sexy legs and some juicy thighs with a face so beautiful you’d think that she’s in her twenties. Her god-like ass was by far her best feature and the thought of spending 2 months with her made me feel a rising erection.

We got to my room and she told me to unload my stuff, setup, take a shower and get ready for dinner and just like my home every bedroom had it’s own bathroom and the hall bathroom for the “guests” and I was looking forward to rushing into the bathroom 5 minutes after I see someone going in, well it can’t be helped because me going in there will just be me looking for attention and besides I felt more at home.

I settled in and as I was going down stairs I saw Maggie going up stairs on the other set of stairs and she looked cute and mature at the same time. Maggie was also 6ft and had a body of someone who was always working out, she was also blond, also had E cups which appeared to be squeezed in her vest and an ass that looked like it’s half size as her boobs. I forgot that I was going down stairs because I was stunned by her ass as she disappeared in to her room but I managed to come back in time to not be noticed.

I got to the table and the dinner went on smoothly, I liked the fact that they didn’t not make it a big deal that I was a visitor. As we were eating dinner Susan turns to me and says, “So how do you like our house so far?” She said with a homey smile.

“It’s very nice I really feel at home and I’d like to thank you all for letting me stay here while my dad is gone. I hate to say it but it gets kinda lonely in that house.”

“Well don’t worry about it and I am glad you feeling at home.” Innocent script: Always works.

“Yeah you can be like our older brother.” Liz added and they all chuckled.

“Wait, aren’t we in the same grade?”

“Yeah but your like older than us so we have to respect you.”

“Oh…” I wondered if she was acting or not but if so, she was good at acting, I’ll have to watch out for them.

“You are going be the big brother immediately after I leave,” Mike said standing up. “I’ll be taking a shower and AJ… welcome to our home.” And he left.

“So you call yourself AJ?” Liz asked with a glow in her eyes.

“Yes my friends call me that. Wait how did he know that…? No that’s not the case. When I was coming down the stairs I saw someone going up stairs was that Maggie?”

“Oh wow! Aren’t you a smartass,” Maggie sarcastically smirked coming from behind me jumping in on the conversation.

I turned to look at her and the first things I notice were her nipples I mean they were standing out, I guess she just got out of a shower, the second thing I noticed was her shirt, it was Chain from Blood Blockade Battlefront and it was very rare to see a female otaku in the open but since it was at home I guess it was cool so I said, “Nice shirt.” and the twins giggled and she got offended.

“Well fuck you then. I will be eating in my room.” She hissed taking her plate of food and going to her room.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Susan said looking at me with a dark face.

“Do what?”

“Mock her love for cartoons, should not have done that. Now she actually hates you.”

“I was actually complimenting her, I am a fan of anime myself, and it is very rare for a girl to be confident with that. I actually prefer to be around a person who is true to themselves, it saves me the trouble of doing it my self.” I said izmir escortlar with a prideful smile even though I am high leveled master in the art of lying without effort, but that was true; I love anime.

“Well you are gonna have to clear the air with her… but not now. Well I am going to bed, you girls will take care of the table and AJ, welcome to our home.” She smiled, stood up and left me with the twins. We stayed there without saying anything until Liz looked at me and grinned.

“So AJ how many girlfriends do you have?” Liz asked with the previous glow in her eyes.

I thought of how disappointing it would be to her if I gave her an honest answer, so I lied. “To clarify I have 1 girlfriend and she’s from my class and please don’t tell her she said that she doesn’t want this all over the school because her parents will eventually find out and she does not want to change schools.”

“1 girlfriend huh? Ok so are you a virgin?”

“Liz… too soon.” Lisa whispered under her breath.

“Yes. Why these questions?”

“Wanna fuck?”

“Wait what?”

“I said… “

“That we are going to bed.” She said interrupting Liz’s sentence, taking her hand and going to their upstairs.

As surprised as I was, I really wanted to continue the conversation but now I was all alone. I got up and headed up to my room as I was going through the hall I hear moaning, I tracked it until I was at Maggie’s door and it was not locked I guess she was under the impression that everyone was already asleep. There I was going through reasons to get in the room and I just remembered that I’m new in this house so getting lost was inevitable so I jumped in and turned on the lights and I was not surprised that the switch was in the same place as mine, it was basic.

“DUDE THE FUCK?! TURN IT OFF!! FUCK!!!” She screamed covering her self.

“Shit man I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were…” I asked trying to not chuckle because we all know what she was doing.

“What do you want?”

“I am just lost ok. Wait were you masturbating?”

“Just go!”

“Hey Maggie look really did mean to compliment you, I too enjoy anime and I can see how you got offended by what I said and back round giggles probably made it worse, well sorry because offending you was not part of my Aizen.” I heard her giggle I was happy that someone other than Mert got my anime reference maybe she was on some online group chat because remember a challenge that involved changing real words and replacing them with something else.

“Well aren’t you gonna leave? I really need to sleep.”

“I doubt that but bye.” I closed the door and as I was walking, I look back to see Susan in her night gown and her tits bouncing up and down walking towards me.

“I heard screaming is everything all right?” She asked in consent.

“Everything is alright I just got lost and got in Maggie’s room, turned on the light and I guess it must have hurt her eyes. Just relax and go to sleep I think I know where my room is.”

“Okay then.” She said walking away after shifting a couple of doubts.

When I made it my room, got on my bed and reviewed the day’s events and remembered Liz’s actions and thought that she may visit me at night but no, I waited till I passed out and woke up in the morning with a stiff neck.

Chapter 3

When I woke up Mike had already left and I woke up pretty late considering the fact that I was awake half of the night. She got me good but at the moment I didn’t want revenge not until I know if she was going through with it and a thought occurred that Lisa might have held her down the whole night. After that I actually managed to lie to myself that she didn’t come because she couldn’t come.

Just like how I did at my house I got up, took a shower, put on a vest and shorts, did my workouts and went down for breakfast and I thought that was going to make my own breakfast since I woke up late but it turns out my late was their normal time of waking up so they noticed nothing.

“Good morning AJ. Did you sleep well?” Susan smiled coming from the kitchen.

“Great how was your night?”

“It was great; girls greet your new older brother from today.”

“How was your night AJ?” Liz asked in a seductive tone which I considered to be insultive.

“Great… I guess.” I said sitting down on the table.

“Please forget the shit Liz did yesterday. I don’t know what got in to her.”

“Don’t worry about it I really don’t mind.”

“Oh no… Don’t tell me you wanted to do it too…? Virgins.” Lisa murmured covering her face.

“Hey I didn’t say that!”

“Hi AJ.” Maggie said coming from behind me.

“Oh you actually came for breakfast?” Susan said coming with her plate. “Fortunately for you I thought that you’d come so I’ve already made your breakfast, in the kitchen.” She said pointing with her thumb.

“Hi Maggie how was your night?” I said with a grin.

“Really? You’re asking me that?”

“Well since this is starting to be a boring day I’ll be by the pool or in it, either way works for me.” Liz said leaving and giving me a very sexual look.

“Can you please not consider going to the pool today?” Lisa said holding my hand like I was going to be in danger if I did.

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