Stacey’s Road Trip With John


John was a HGV driver and spent most of his working week away from home sleeping in his lorry at night. From Monday morning to Friday evening, his only means of contact with Julie, his wife of eight years, was either by phone or video calling, which he did nightly. This tale took place in the middle of summer. It was a Wednesday and John was collecting goods from a regular customer in south east England and would be delivering them to a customer in Manchester the following day. At his collection point, John had a really good rapport with the office staff,  especially Stacey a tiny gorgeous blonde with huge tits. John loved girls with big tits, especially if they were quite short and petite. Stacey fell perfectly into that description.When John visited that collection point, he always looked forward to seeing Stacey. They would flirt lots and tease each other. John had done background checks on Stacey and found that she was nineteen and in a long term relationship and was getting engaged real soon. He also learned that her family lived in Manchester and she was only in the south because that’s where her boyfriend lived and worked.For months Stacey had been asking John if she would she be able to get a lift with him to Manchester when he went up — and get a return lift the following week. If she got the time off, it would give her the chance to spend some time with her family.John explained that she and he would have to sleep in the lorry cab overnight on both journeys as it was not possible to complete Bostancı Escort the trip in one day to the nature of the work and the distance.  On the other hand, he said, Stacey could stay in hotel near to the truck stops he used. John almost always stopped at the same overnight locations on each part of the journey.On this visit, Stacey asked John again if she could grab a lift as she knew his route would pass very close to her parents address, and that he would collect from the customer the following week to take back to her company address. This obviously all fitted in with Stacey’s plan and she had been granted time off.John was sceptical but found out that Stacey had cleared it with his boss, who would not to mention anything to Julie.Whilst being loaded, he tidied up his truck cab. It didn’t take long as it was always spotless, and he took a shower as he was somewhat dirty and sweaty after a long, hard day.Once John’s trailer was loaded, he went to the office to collect the paperwork and see if Stacey was ready. It was nearly five o’clock in the afternoon and staff were leaving for home. The paperwork was all signed and handed to John by another member of staff so he was ready to roll.Stacey then appeared looking amazing. She had on the smallest, tightest pair of white shorts with her G-string clearly visible through the flimsy material, a pair of high strappy sandals, and a halter neck top with no bra. The top struggled to contain her massive tits. Bostancı Escort Bayan John could not take his eyes of her amazing, perfect legs or her wonderful cleavage, and he nearly had an immediate erection.John helped Stacey with her bags and assisted her to climb the three steps into the passenger side of his truck, getting a long look at her perfect, peachy arse.John drove for about two hours before he had to stop for his overnight break. During that two hours, John and Stacey had chatted like old friends, John had also spent most of the time with his eyes scouring Stacey’s body rather than the road, resulting in a huge erection in his baggy shorts. John had no idea if Stacey had spotted the effect she was having on him. If she had, she hid it really well.John found a suitable truck stop and parked up for the night, They ate in the site restaurant and had a couple of beers before heading back to the truck.John had been wondering how they could comfortably get changed in the truck without embarrassment and bed down for the night. The truck had two bunks, one on top of the other, so that wasn’t a problem. Getting undressed and dressed was.Once back in the truck, John closed the curtains and said to Stacey, “Make yourself comfortable. I normally get my laptop out now. do a bit of surfing and perhaps watch a porn movie or two before I bed down.”Stacey kicked her shoes off and said, “Can I watch the porno’s with you? It’s been ages since I saw a good one.”John Escort Bostancı could not believe his luck and immediately said, “Yes, of course.”John set up his laptop, slipped off his t-shirt and shoes, dimmed the lights, and sat back on the lower bunk and asked Stacey, “You ready?”Stacey nodded and sat beside John on his bunk.They watched the first film ,which was not so good. The second was loads better with harder sex and much more realistic. During that movie, Stacey seemed to snuggle in a bit closer to John and almost curl up next to him. John slipped an arm round her to get more comfortable. He was not rejected.John now had the most perfect view down Stacey’s cleavage and he split his time split between the film and her big tits. John’s cock was also making a tent of his baggy shorts which Stacey spotted and gave a little, ”Hmmm,” moving her hand and resting it on his thigh just below his shorts. John gave her a little extra cuddle, pulling her into his chest.Stacey was obviously getting really horny watching the movie — and John’s cock expand. She slipped her hand straight up John’s shorts and wrapped her nimble little fingers around his big, thick circumcised cock. John twitched and, not wishing to spoil the moment, said nothing but allowed himself to enjoy the experience.As the film progressed ,Stacey began to wank John’s cock, slowly at first but gradually increasing the speed. John decided to have a feel of Stacey’s tits to see what response he would get. He placed a hand on her right tit and found no resistance so untied the knot in her top, allowing it to fall down and release a pair of the most perfect tits he’d ever seen. Straight away, he began to fondle them, making Stacey’s nipples stand out like bullets. He alternated between her left and right tit, giving them equal attention.

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