I miss my younger cousin


This is my first story written so stay with me also I have a.d.d. So sorry if I jump around place to place. I’m male and not very good looking. So this is my first time ever. I don’t remember most of my childhood because of my head injuries, but I remembered this clearly and cry every time. So about tens years ago when I was 7 or 8 I was forced into having sex with three cousins. One of my cousins had long blond hair and was touched by one of my uncles when she was 6, she also was 7 or 8. The second cousin had black hair nice blue eyes and never had any sexual context with anything, she was just curious what a boy looks like my age 7 or 8. The last cousin was the cutest girl you’ll ever see blue eyes long blonde hair cute nose too her age was 6 the youngest of us, she was touched by my cousin I’ll tell you about him some other time. All looked white. I had brown eyes dark brown hair that looks black inside. I’m not good with my memory so I don’t know the heights or weight. So I went to my cousins house for Christmas we were a week early like usual. Our parents went out to go back into town to get other family members. I forgot which cousin said it but one said “Devon want to play the tickle game” I said yes of course for fun of it. I was pinned down by the younger and the cousin with the black hair. I blushed because I knew I was the bahçeşehir escort target to be tickled. My cousin with the blond hair unbutton my pants and pulled my underwear down. I blushed a lot shocked on what she was doing. Blond (gonna call them by blond, black hair and youngest) blond started to lick my penis. I flinched and struggled to get out of being pinned. My dick became hard really fast. Each of them got wet and I could see it in their panties since they didn’t have pants. Blond took her panties of and soon I felt her pussy on my dick. She moaned and made the other two very wet. “I can’t feel my arms” I lied to them. The two that pinned me got off. I looked at blond and she looked at me. She started to bounce up and down. I grunted and she moaned. I looked up at the other two and seen them touching themselves. I laid there shocked a bit and softly moaned. The blond moaned loud and told me to stay quite as I could still shocked. “S-something happening” I said softly. Blond knew what was going to happen also they other two, but blond kept bouncing and I felt her getting hotter. She squirted a mess on the ground I came into her pussy. Still shocked and black pushed blond off. “My turn” she yelled at her Black jump on my dick that still hard and she yelped painfully. kayaşehir escort “Are you okay?!” I asked her. “Yeah.. I heard it would hurt at first” she said shivering a bit. She stairs their for a minute and than started to bounce up and down. The youngest already squirted three times I guess because of the puddle of juices under her. Black soon came and so did I. At this time I was really sensitive and black got off. The youngest was kinda nervous. I looked at her and she crawled to me and slowly climbed up on me. “If you don’t what to you don’t have too” I told her. She looked at my two cousins that are watching us and she put my dick into her pussy. After to thrust she came but she kept going. Her juices covered my crouch and legs. She seamed like she had more juices that the other two. “I feel tingly again!” I yelp in pleasure. She got of knowing what would happen if I came in her and my cum shot up her back onto her shirt. This continued for at least a week before we got caught. Of course me being the guy I got blamed because the two use the water works on our parents, I’ll tell you the rest of the story One day after I was forced the youngest cousin didn’t want to have sex anymore but I did. So she sat out. Me, blond and black continued to have sex mornings başakşehir escort and nights. It was good. On the second day when I was sleeping with my dad in the spear bedroom I felt something tug at me. I woke up to see the youngest cousin in tears “what’s the matter?” I asked thinking I hurt her or something “I had a nightmare” she replied. “Here let’s get you back to bed” I said while getting out of bed and taking her hand. She smile and wipes her tears with her beautiful little whites keeping dress thing (not good with words sorry) I took her back to her room and she asked for a glass of water. I nodded and got her a glass. I came back and have it to her, she sipped it happily. I was about to leave when I heard her “Devon?” She asked. “What is it?” I replied. She looked at me with her bright blue eyes and asked me to sleep with her. I nodded and laid beside her and hugged her. She giggled and we both slowly drifted to sleep. I had the best dream that night. I woke up to see my cousin looking at me. She kisses my nose and asked me if I liked having sex. “Kinda but I’m getting hurt a bit” I said showing two scratches my other two cousins left from the last time we had sex. She got mad, but even mad she looked cute. She went to my other cousins who were preparing to have sex with me by getting each other wet. They both came to the room I was at and they pinned me knowing that I would try to run. They took turns with me. I cried a bit but loved it still not knowing what sex was completely. They came two time each before I came. When I came they were in the middle of switching and I came on myself. They licked it up. My younger cousin came in after they left me on the bed in tears.

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