Shared Moments in Time


Shared Moments in Time


The long summer holiday season was almost upon them and it felt as if the whole country would shut down, would scatter to every point on the compass, either to stay in France or travel to some far-off destination and forget everything that had been left behind.

For Avril and Claude Laurent, their villa on the Languedoc shoreline was the place for them to be, its seclusion a haven from the world beyond, their nearest neighbours, the Cartier’s, on the same lot but with a tree screen and stuccoed boundary wall, no hindrance to their quiet enjoyment. In fact, they had become close friends and they would meet at some social occasion, whose idea it was scarcely to be bothered with. They were expected any day now.

Such gatherings were in contrast to small and discreet parties that Avril and Claude sought out, there to meet couples who loved to share and experience life’s pleasures, differently, yet remain true to their ‘only true love’ or ‘seul vrai amour.’ Such behaviour did stretch the meaning of ‘true’ but these ways of living had not weakened their twenty or so years of marriage.

Marie Cartier had rung, the day before, and announced that Avril and Lyam, their precocious children would be travelling down ahead of them from Limoges, a decision that perplexed her for they rarely spent any time with them when the calls of their studies and friends kept them away.

‘Lyam will drive down…when he will arrive I’m not so sure…’

‘We’ll look out for them, don’t worry…’

Avril had covered the mouthpiece of her ‘phone to tell Claude the news, a soft smile soon crossing his lips and memories of them with Avril and Lyam soon brought to mind.

‘We’ll look after them, Marie…don’t worry!’ she said again.

‘Thank you,’ came the reply. ‘I just hope you know what you’re taking on. Lyam’s fine and settled…my Avril remains a worry…is so distracted. She jumped at the chance to be with us at the villa…’

‘I’ll take her shopping…and Lyam can go out with Claude…do their windsurfing thing. They’ll be fine…the pair of them, they’re scarcely babes anymore.’

‘Far from it!’ Marie answered nervily. ‘I’ll see you both in a few days, two at most! Byeee…!’

Avril looked again across the room and saw Claude close the space between them. Her handsome husband with his swept back greying hair, keen eyes and slender-cheeked face looked fit, possessed an athleticism that defied the years. It went well with a keen sense of dress, though he now looked only to casual in his ‘holiday wear.’

‘Don’t get lost over Lyam again, will you?’ he asked, brushing fingers over her lips as she smiled up at him. ‘You’ve met up with him, I know…since our times here last summer, cheri. Should I be worried?’

‘No, it is as we agreed it would be so long ago…’

‘Okay,’ Claude answered, believing her, his voice low, ‘and I’m wondering if there’s an unfinished lesson for Avril…what we did not discover the last time I saw her.’

‘A year will have changed her…but I’m sure you would like to check that with her,’

Avril teased, kissing him and feeling her man’s embrace upon her under a floaty blouse she had put on after her swim in the villa’s pool, her penchant for skinny dipping pursued only moments ago. ‘And, if not…you’ll help as only you can.’

Claude eased her blouse off and kissed her naked skin, felt Abril grip his head and guide his kisses to her breasts, so firm after the cosmetic surgery that he had paid for. He soon carried her over the cool slabs of the hallway and into their bedroom.

‘Is this the kind of help you mean?’


Lyam looked across at his sis.

Avril’s fidgeting, the closer the got to their destination, enough to let him know that she was thinking of what awaited them upon arrival. Now, on seeing the Cartier’s convertible Mercedes outside their villa, he knew that they had arrived and his hopes for a longed-for reunion with Avril soared.

The drop head Peugeot coupé-cabriolet was perfect for the weather, the sun having blazed down on them for most of the drive from home. They were in high spirits and joshed each other, the college days over for Avril, and he was soon to be into his second year at university where he played the field, had not settled into a relationship with anyone special that would keep him from enjoying his time in the sun. None of the girls he had bedded were close to bringing him what Sophie had achieved in such a few times together. The woman’s legs and arms had kept him to her as she worked his length so damn well. He had learned to time his responses and not lose it too soon and disappoint her.

For now, the car was his to drive, Avril yet to learn and thus compete for its use. Trouble might lie ahead for them in this respect, but right now memories of that summer had again taken a hold in each of them as he slowed to a stop.

A beguiling and seducing woman would again be only Beşevler Rus Escort a few moments away and they had planned for this, the few days he would be here, along with Avril, and there would be no need to explain what they were doing, who with, and where. He had met up a couple of times with Sophie Laurent, since an eventful afternoon last summer that had set him on the trail of really finding his way with women.

Unlike his beautiful sis, he had not been a virgin and ignorant of how it went that summer. Sophie had sure broken him in, quite literally, her claims on him having something to do with what he brought to her. Raging enthusiasm had been mellowed by technique and rare experience with a woman older than him but who kept her figure and a seemingly untameable energy. Her man, Claude, was no slouch and had the looks to take any woman he fancied and could seduce into bed. It seemed, he had heard, that Avril had not been one of them or had succumbed during these frenetic days last year and at their place in the sun.

Perhaps she would go one step further with him this time? Claude was only too smooth in his ways and yet not arrogant with it, the time they had both spent in the company of Sophie and Claude Laurent, their parent’s friends, made possible by them being gone almost the whole day at an art event in Narbonne.

He had lost it with Sophie in one bedroom of their lavishly furnished villa, while Avril had somehow been able not to let Claude in, but she had lost her cherry at his hands and in another room. Avril had disclosed that much to him in such moments they could be alone after that unforgettable afternoon.

Dismay, that they had both felt at having fallen into these adult pursuits, had given way to pleasure and experience, wayward ways of learning how it could go, the giving and the sharing without a deep emotional bond being expected. Those two certainly weren’t made in that way, and he had bought into that too. Avril, however, was different, but Claude had understood and had taken no offence at being kept out.

Lyam looked across at her once more. ”Are you okay with this…us travelling down early?’

‘I had to be, didn’t I?’ she smiled mirthlessly. Avril pushed her large sunglasses up onto her forehead, against her impossibly blonde hair. The sun blazed down on them and she was glad for her loose white top and denim mini, its frayed edges at mid-thigh. Her white gladiator sandals flattered slender legs, her tan soon to be restored to its full glory. The bikinis she was often seen to wear left no one in any doubt what she would bring to a man, and for Claude she had flaunted all she brought to his sight and touch. ‘Let’s get inside and see what gives, shall we?’

Her brother, she knew, had arranged it all…in his case and to be with Sophie. Had that been their secret and Claude unaware of what a scheming, horny, woman his wife was? Lyam had hinted at how it went down between that couple and, if it was true, it went far in explaining the emotional disconnect she had felt when in bed with Claude that afternoon last year.

It had been fun, reckless and had taught her a lot. But she had not let him in and had, instead, worked all that he had with her mouth and at his bidding, he taking her to places she’d not been to in her closed-in ways with young guys. That holiday had brought her on and she’d fooled around since that time and still kept the young guys at bay. What they thought of her, her reasons for keeping them out, was their lookout, not hers.

To do it properly, she wanted a real and experienced man to bring that to her. That man was now seen to be waving to them as Lyam parked and shoved open the driver’s door.

Yes, Claude Laurent was the one to really lose it with, make out as some of her friends weren’t shy in telling her about. The younger guys they went with treated such moments as a rite of passage, no more, and they were soon left in their wake.

Claude, on the other hand, had been gentle in his ways and soft in his use of words. He had understood the significance of the moment for her, the crossing of a boundary between whom she was and whom she wished to be.

She didn’t put these feelings or thoughts into words, not with anyone. They’d probably laugh at her for not just living for the moment, but she had other ideas. Even in this, in her hopes to move on into womanhood, she wanted to know of love and for her not to be used. She had thought then, and again now as she saw him stride towards them over the gravelled driveway, loving to see his winning smile, that she had thought of him with a particular fondness. He had not been predatory but had sought to make love to her with a particular tenderness that the moment had demanded.

Something had kept her from fully conceding to him, to hunger for more at that time and in the cool of that bedroom, but she would do so when the moment came.

Claude Cebeci Rus Escort shook her brother’s hand, shook it, and Lyam responded. Yet, he looked to see if Avril was following him, would soon join them. Claude then took hold of her hands, kissed her on both cheeks, and would soon breathe in her favourite scent that she had applied.

‘You must know that I am glad to see you,’ he whispered, his breaths slow and warm in her ear. Claude went on after taking a step away from her and glancing at them both in turn. ‘Avril said that you should come round for supper out on the terrace…the evening will be just perfect for that….as it was the last time we were together here.’


Claude gave her a knowing smile before Sophie was lost to his view, Lyam already in the house and waiting for her. She had confessed, at an opportune moment after they had finished supper and dispensed with the prosaic task of clearing things away, that she wanted the young man. Sophie had then nodded in Avril’s direction, had licked her lips in a slow, suggestive, sweep of her tongue and said only a few words.

‘I think she wants you to finish what you’ve started…the last time we were here and again tonight.’

He had also spoken to Lyam, as he showed him how to mix Sophie’s favourite cocktail, his woman’s looks at the young man with his strong physique, broad chest and pecs so clearly defined through his T-shirt, easy to interpret. Lyam had all but failed to keep his hands off her and the sight of them had Avril shifting uncomfortably beside him as they ate supper, chatted and joked.

They had paired up as if it was the most natural way to behave on an evening that was indeed warm, the sky clear and the first stars and planets to be seen, the pool lights seeming to make the stilled waters appear a stark tropical blue.

Claude watched, in thrall to the young woman, as Avril slipped off her espadrilles, and dipped the toes of one foot in the water, holding out an arm as if to keep her balance.

‘We could go for as swim…Avril?’ he suggested, hopefully, and on taking hold of her hand, drawing her to his side. ‘We’re alone now…’

‘Yes…alone now,’ Avril answered, giving him an appraising glance. ‘I couldn’t call you…wanted to do that after we all left here…last time.’

‘But it didn’t seem right?’

‘Yeah, it goes something like that,’ she answered, her voice low. She leant back against him and felt Claude’s hands on her waist, then draw her to him, felt his lips to her throat. She moved her head to allow his gentle kisses to her skin, saw his eyes drift down. ‘You…you still want me…don’t you? I can feel you…so strong and hard.’

‘Does it frighten you…what you can do for me?’

‘No…but I don’t want to disappoint you….’

‘Avril…Avril…you darling….you won’t disappoint me,’ he murmured against her lips before he kissed her, slowly, a first touch of their lips that evening. ‘It…it is an adventure for me too…and one I want to take. I’ll take care of you…’

‘I know that you will…’

With her skin lightly tanned, smooth and glowing the young woman was a glorious delight, her floaty cami dress shaping her and scant cover for what she again brought to his sight. She had aroused the rush of aberrant longing for a young woman, an innocent compared to Sophie, but his woman would understand and, whatever happened in the next few days, he would make it up to her. She possessed a tended elegance and figure that only a fearsome diet could bestow on a woman her age.

Avril possessed the vitality of youth in her body, with her face fresh and unlined, pouty lush lips that he wanted to kiss again, and sun-bleached blonde hair a wind-swept tangle and delight. She lacked his wife’s self-assurance, something that Lyam would know of again, if Sophie’s looks his way were anything to go by.

Avril was seen to gracefully brush away, on a sweep of one hand, stray strands of her hair, every movement shifting her breasts. And her eyes? He had seen before that they were sharpest colour of blue, Nordic even, and he felt he could get lost again in this young woman’s mysteriousness, the hint that she would let go, and with him, this time and have no regrets for her actions. She stood to his shoulder, at one metre eighty, and possessed a slender grace that made her so alike to his Sophie.

But his woman knew how to please a man; the young beauty, that he embraced, was on the threshold of a new and life defining experience.

‘I…I want to be with you…see who I will be with, please?’ she asked, turning in his embrace to look up at him.

‘You will, Avril…you will. We begin by being together in the pool…skin on skin. I will help and teach you…want to do that as never before.’

His hands had cupped the weight of her breasts and now he kissed her, pressed his lips against Avril’s mouth Kolej Rus Escort until they parted. She groaned, felt that he would suck the breath from her lungs in his hunger to know of

‘We start here?’

‘Yes, Avril, we start here…or we finish what was started a year ago…’ He couldn’t help but wonder why he hadn’t followed in Sophie’s footsteps in claiming a young lover when away from here.

They tore at each other’s clothes, kissed and clamped hands to fevered skin and in their embrace tumbled into the pool.


Claude’s ways had made her dizzy with excitement, his claims met in the swimming pool, her body wracked by the orgasm that his tongue and fingers had aroused as she lay back on the tiles of the pool steps and he had eaten her out, the caress of her hands to his long penis so lame by comparison to what he sought in taking her.

Now, she felt her heart racing as she lay back in the middle of the mats that were usually to be seen on the sun-loungers. They now formed their bed, out in the cool of the night, their skins slicked from their tryst in the water, her hair a tangle but she no longer cared.

The man was wild, passionate and inventive and she now wanted him in her. An attraction to Claude had become so much more, her thoughts of them together now made passionately real. Her time with him had only just begun.

She could feel the moist warmth radiate from between her legs and she parted them in response to his touch, his slow kisses over her thighs, between them, as his fingers grazed over her belly then into her slicked heat, each touch slow and purposeful.

‘You are beautiful…so beautiful,’ he kissed, moving to look down into her eyes as he touched her, felt Avril raise her hips to meet his fingers, their slow caress over her slit, from top to bottom, then into her. His greedy mouth was onto her once more, the flickering of his tongue making her shiver in wanton pleasure, to abandon herself to his ways.

‘In me…come into me…Claude…please!’ she yelped, inexpertly clamping on his questing fingers, his touches sending rushes of longing coursing through her body

She ached to feel Claude prepare to penetrate her for the first time but could not deny her fear as she watched his hard cock bounce while he took his place between her legs.

‘Soon…soon,’ he crooned. His penis was so hard it was throbbing, was aching to take her as he planned what he was about to do and not hurt her. He grabbed a cushion off the slabs and pushed it under Avril’s waist, felt her hands trembling as she helped him. ‘I’ll be slow and gentle, Avril…my lovely…’

He delighted in her body, could smell her juices as they dripped out of her, aroused by his continued touches. He used his fingers and thumb to gently rub her pussy as he placed his palm on her soft bush.

‘Go on!’ she urged, her fingers digging into his arms to pull him down on her.

‘I’ll start slow…’ he kissed, rubbing her vagina to make sure she stayed wet. ‘It will probably feel a little uncomfortable at first. If you want me to slow down or stop just say so…’

Avril nodded furiously, felt his hand move away as Claude settled between her legs, tore away the wrapping of the condom and watched in awe as he slipped it over his length. She gasped on feeling the rubbery texture of Claude’s penis, its touch to her parted lips and slow caress.

‘Go on…go on…don’t keep me waiting! I want this moment and want it with you!’

She looked up into Claude’s eyes then down at his cock and moaned as he grabbed it with his right hand and rubbed it a few times along her slit. Avril watched as if hypnotized as he placed the tip of his manhood at her entrance and slowly penetrated her virgin body. She groaned through the gentle persuasion of his kisses as Claude rocked in her, slowly penetrated and she knew moments of searing pain give way to soaring rushes of desire, the caress of him in her body unlike anything she had felt, both with him last year and those she had allowed to find her in restrained ways.

‘Clamp on me…use your muscles…where I am…to clamp on me, you wonder…’ he kissed, his lips then tugging on the buds that were her hard, erect nipples. He watched as her breasts tumbled back and splayed, luxuriated in her sweet heat as a slow rhythm coaxed the fear out of her. ‘We…we please each other…share in this…as we should…as you will learn.’

She blinked back her tears, felt wonderfully full and soon clung to him, her arms wrapped around his neck as Claude guided her movements and had her wrap her legs about his body, caress his skin as he continued to fill her and then ease away.

‘I love you…for what you’re doing with me,’ she kissed.

‘And…and I love you for asking me to be the one to teach you…’

Claude breathed heavily as he moved in her, deepened his thrusts and slowly withdrew, had her get used to a man’s needs to find her. All resistance to his movements were now falling away.

‘It…it feels wonderful…so new and wonderful,’ she groaned, her legs caressing his body as she clung to him, tugged on his plunging prick as best she could and had learned from him.

‘Take a few deep breaths’ Claude asked of her, his hands stroking her face as he looked into her eyes. ‘Does it still hurt…what I’m doing?’

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