The last of our friends leave, which leaves us alone in her room and the entire house. I sit nervously next to her on the bed, and drink some of my beer. The only thing I can think about is what happened last night. I’m too embarrassed to bring it up, but she does it for me.

“So… about last night,” she says, just as nervous as I am. We both suddenly laugh very loud, the tension disappearing.

“I can’t believe you actually stuck your finger in me like that!” I say. “Right there in front of those guys!”

She grins sheepishly.

“Well, I was just trying to impress them,” she says. “Sorry if I freaked you out.”

Not wanting to alienate my best friend, I shake my head.

“No, no, it just felt really weird and unexpected,” I tell her, trying to make her feel better. “It definitely made those senior guys flip out!”

She laughs a little.

“Yeah…” she says. “I feel like all we really need to do is… practice it some.”

My heart suddenly begins to beat faster as my nervousness returns.

“Well, they really did go for it…” I say slowly, not wanting to commit to anything.

She shrugs.

“Yeah, we might get to hang out with a ton of senior guys this way,” she says. “I haven’t done anything like this before, but it’s no worse than making out, and we’ve definitely practiced that.”

I nod, thinking back on the times she pulled me away from the group and how we made out, nervously at first, but growing more comfortable very quickly. Our make-out sessions got to the point where it wasn’t a big deal at all. In fact, one time, I stuck my hand down her panties on a dare, and it was no big deal. She watches me, and she can tell I’m becoming less opposed to the idea.

“Well, when did you want to… practice?” I ask.

In response, she puts her hand on my tummy. My breathing gets heavier. I watch her hand as she moves it down, sliding underneath my shorts and pushing my panties aside. The angle makes her wrist hurt my leg somewhat. Her hand lingers there for a moment as she looks up at me, but I make no move to stop her. I’m too nervous to do anything. Slowly, her finger enters me, and the weird feeling from last night returns. I can’t believe my best friend actually has her finger inside me! It hurts at first, but she gently begins to move her finger back and forth. I can feel myself getting wetter, and I close my eyes. Just as the strangeness fades, a door slams downstairs. We both jump, and she pulls out quickly, leaving an ache inside me.

“Oh crap, my parents are back,” she whispers. “What if they smell it on me?”

Without thinking, I grab her finger and suck it clean like I do to my own fingers after I masturbate. She watches me lick her finger clean, a strange but curious expression in her eyes. We fix our clothes just in time.

The next night, she comes over to my house. She is more direct this time.

“Ok, so I feel weird that we got interrupted last night,” she explains. “I think we should practice some more until we’re used to it.”

With a little of last night’s unreality still in my head, I just nod. I sit back on the edge of my bed. Remembering how the angle under my shorts hurt, I slide my shorts off, leaving only my panties.

“Just to make it easier,” I tell her. She nods, and reaches her hand forward.

“Wait,” I say, and turn out the light. “Ok, better.”

Without hesitation, she moves my panties to the side and slides a finger in me once more.

“How’s that feel?” she asks.

“It still feels weird,” I tell her. “Nobody’s ever really put their fingers in me like that…”

She pauses for a second, but then moves closer, keeping her finger inside me.

“Well let’s make it more familiar,” she says. “We should make out while we do it, because we’re really comfortable with doing that for the senior guys. How about that? It’s just like heavier making out.”

I nod, but she can’t see it in the dark. I just mumble something affirmative.

She moves her face close, and I can feel her hot breath on my face. Her soft lips touch mine, dry at first, but quickly growing wet as we slide our tongues into each other’s mouths. Her breath mingles with mine, and, as we make out, I recall the time we made out just to see if our breath smelled okay. I relax a little, and she begins to slide Beylikdüzü escort her finger in and out of me. The weirdness fades, and I begin to lose myself in making out with her. The added sensation of the finger inside me seems to warm me up, and I get really into it, sliding my hands behind her head and kissing her passionately. She responds by kissing me harder and pumping her finger faster. Before long, something explosive builds in me, and a wave of orgasm passes through me. I break off our kiss, and she waits there in the dark, my pussy contracting hard around her finger for a minute or two. I breathe hard.

“I bet the senior guys would go wild for that one,” she says.

“Yeah,” I reply weakly.

My phone rings, signaling the end of our practice for the night.

The next night, we’re back at her house. I’m still a little bit weird about doing this, but last night’s pleasure has gotten me into a secret swirl of thoughts in my head. I can’t stop playing over the sensations in my mind. This time, as soon as we’re alone, I flip off the light and slide my arms around her, kissing her and sticking my tongue in her mouth.

“Wait,” she says.

“What is it?” I ask, worried for a moment.

“I think you should try it this time,” she says, and I hesitate. Having her finger in me while we make out is one thing, because it’s just heavier making out, but doing it to her feels a little… sexual. I’m not attracted to girls that way at all.

“Just being fair,” she says. “I can’t do all the work.”

“Okay,” I breathe, her words making sense.

Awkwardly, in the dark, I unzip her shorts and pull them off quickly, trying to be as unsexual as possible. Unsure what to do next, I move my face close to her, and our lips make contact. Our tongues dance, and I breathe in her hot breath, and I slowly feel more comfortable. She taps my elbow lightly with her finger, and I put my hand on her tummy like she did to me two nights ago.

She’s not wearing any panties! I think, shocked, though I’m not sure why.

I hesitate, but another insistent tap from her finger moves me to action. I slide my hand down across her lips, feeling another girl for the first time, and slide my finger into her. The feeling surprises me; she doesn’t feel like me at all. My finger penetrates her wet folds, and I explore for a few moments, fascinated but trying not to seem like it. After awhile, she grabs my arm while we make out, and moves it up and down to make my finger thrust in and out of her. She lets go, and I continue the motion. She clings to me while we kiss passionately, and I do my best to keep fingering her – oh my god, I’m fingering my best friend! It’s not that big of a deal, I tell myself… we’re just making out heavily, practicing for parties to get attention from guys.

Soon, she moans a little bit, and forcibly clings to me. Her pussy spasms around my finger, startling me. I realize that that’s what I must feel like to her. I never leave my fingers inside myself when I orgasm from masturbating, so I’ve never felt it. It feels extremely… intimate. I remind myself that it’s intimate because it’s my best friend. I’m not attracted to girls sexually at all.

She breathes heavily after her orgasm, and lies still for a few moments. I just wait, my finger still inside her. I grow a little warm, expecting her to do the same to me next. Instead, she looks at the clock, curses, and says she has to go. She dresses and leaves quickly.

The next night, she comes over, apologizing for leaving suddenly last night.

“Oh, no big deal,” I tell her. “It’s just practice. We can do it any time.”

She smiles, not knowing that I was thinking about how she suddenly left all day.

“Yeah, we can,” she says. “How about now?”

In response, I turn off the lights, grinning. She moves me back to the bed, and starts kissing me while taking off my shorts. She makes a cute noise when she realizes I’m not wearing panties this time, either. We kiss each other hard for a few minutes, and she gets me really warm with her pumping finger. Midway through, she breaks off our kiss but keeps fingering me, leaving me wondering. I’m too horny to care, though, and just focus on the finger sliding in and out of my pussy. A few moments pass like this, when, suddenly, something soft, moist, and Beylikdüzü escort amazing slides across my pussy lips. I can’t be sure, but I think I orgasm right there. She keeps going; the soft, moist, something penetrating me slightly and sliding up and down my slit. As soon as I realize it’s her tongue, I jump and put my hand down there, blocking her.

“What are you doing?” I ask, the weird feeling returning. I can’t believe that my best friend just… licked my pussy…

“Well, I heard the senior guys talking about liking to see this,” she says. “Besides, it’s exactly the same as making out, just… down further.”

Honestly, after feeling that amazing little muscle slide into me and the instant orgasm it caused, I would have accepted any reasoning.

“Ok,” I tell her. “It’s best to practice everything I guess.”

I feel her smile against my thigh, and then she begins fingering me again. Her tongue returns to my pussy lips, sliding up and down while she fingers me. The feeling overwhelms me, and I orgasm a second time. My heart races crazily, and I ask her to stop while I recover. I just lie there, unable to believe that my best friend just licked my pussy, and I liked it.

“The senior guys are gonna love this,” she tells me, and I just mumble something in agreement. She moves up and kisses me hard, and I taste a tiny bit of myself on her tongue. The taste reminds me of when I masturbate myself, and makes me feel more comfortable.

Yeah, it’s just making out in a different place. We’re just practicing to do it for guys at parties. It’s not like we’re doing anything sexual. I don’t want to do anything sexual with a girl. This is perfectly normal. I smile, comfortable again.

For the next several nights, we finger each other and make out during our practice sessions. She licks me a little deeper each time, but I never go past fingering her. After a week, she stops using her fingers and begins using her whole mouth on my pussy, and I orgasm four or five times a night. On the eighth night after she first licked me, she stops me after we’ve been making out for a few minutes.

“Hey, I feel like I’m getting way better than you,” she says.

“What?” I ask, confused.

“Well it’s just, you haven’t even started to make out with me in different places,” she tells me.

“Well, true…” I say. “I just… feel a little weird, that’s all.”

“Ok,” she responds. “We’ll start small. Why don’t you try making out with me… here,” she says, guiding my hand to her size C breasts, covered by her shirt and bra. I’m not entirely comfortable with going further…

“But your clothes are in the way,” I tell her. My excuse backfires. She quickly takes off her bra and shirt, both. I can’t see her bare upper body in the dark, but something about this feels near the ‘line’ that I don’t want to cross.

“Don’t worry,” she says. “It’s just making out, but with my chest. I heard the senior guys love this sort of thing.”

Hesitant, I do nothing, but she guides my head toward her left breast. She places her hand on my pussy, but doesn’t move it until I tentatively lick her nipple. With her finger, she matches the pace I take with my mouth on her breast, slowly coaxing me into a more energetic sucking and licking of her nipple and the curve of her breast.

This isn’t bad at all, I think. It’s just like kissing any part of the skin, like her hand, or cheek, or whatever. Voluntarily, I move my mouth to her right breast, and her finger responds with increased intensity. When I really get into it, she slides a second finger into me; something she learned drives me wild a few days ago. A fiery orgasm bursts through me as I suck on her breasts.

Not bad at all, I think. She’s right; making out in different places isn’t anything to worry about. People kiss each other’s hands in foreign countries all the time, or something. It’s not like we’re doing anything sexual. We’re just practicing for parties. Breathing heavy, I want to show her that she doesn’t need to worry about getting better than me. I slide down her tummy, and bring my face close to her pussy. She freezes, probably shocked that I’m learning so fast.

I try not to breathe in through my nose, but the smell is unavoidable this close. I’ve smelled it before, during our nightly practice session, but Escort Beylikdüzü I tried to pretend I didn’t. I don’t want to do anything sexual with a girl; smelling her like that is dangerously close to that ‘line’ that I don’t want to cross. I’m just not attracted to girls like that. I suddenly remember that she’s waiting, breath held, so I move forward, tongue held out, and my tongue touches a girl’s pussy lips for the first time.

My first reaction is that of relief. It doesn’t feel strange at all. It’s just soft wet skin, I tell myself. Like when I suck her nipple, it feels like that, but… wetter. I get small bits of taste, but nothing strong enough to really notice. This isn’t bad at all; it’s definitely just making out in different places. I take one big, long lick of her pussy lips, then slip my finger into her. I bring her to orgasm incredibly fast, and I feel good, knowing that I’ve caught up with her experience significantly.

“You’re definitely a fast learner,” she admits. “I’ll have to try harder!”

“You better,” I taunt her. “Or I’ll pass you soon, and those senior guys will want me more than you!”

She laughs.

Over the next few nights, I get really competitive, and I really start learning how to use my tongue on her pussy. I find that she really likes deep penetration by my tongue, and consistent licking of her pussy lips, especially near the top of her pussy. Also, the deeper I lick, the more I taste her musky flavor, and the more I get used to it. In fact, I begin to really like it, and that helps me really get into eating her out. After two nights, I can get her off with just my mouth, but I avoid her clit because this is just for show, and I don’t want to do anything actually sexual with a girl. I have her take off her clothes so I can suck her breasts, and I take mine off so she can do the same. Between our heavy making out while I finger her, sucking her breasts, and eating her out, I am definitely catching up to her. By the next week, I go so far as to claim that we’re even in skill.

“Oh yeah?” she says. “Want to prove that?”

Curious about the challenge, I nod. She turns off the light.

“Then let’s have an eat-out competition,” she tells me. “First to get the other to orgasm wins.”

“How do we do that at the same time?” I ask.

We take off our clothes, and she lays me back on the bed. We make out for awhile, then she slides down to put her face near my pussy… except she’s upside-down. My confusion clears as she moves her legs over me, putting her own pussy just an inch away from my face.

“Ready?” she asks, challengingly.

“You don’t even stand a chance!” I tell her, and take a big, long, lick up her slit. She shivers, and starts licking me. I get my whole mouth into the business, intent on beating her. I penetrate her with my tongue, and then lick around as much as I can. I can really taste her musky wetness, but I’m too intent on winning to care. The musky flavor spurs me on, making me feel like I’m winning, and that makes me love the taste even more. Then, I feel my own orgasm building, and I get desperate. I’ve brushed her clit several times, but I’ve still avoided it. I need to win though… so I lick it slightly for the first time, and then wrap my lips around it, and suck on it gently. She goes buck wild, and orgasms at the same time as I do. I leave my tongue in her for a few moments, feeling her pussy contract tightly around it in spasms. Some small voice in the back of my mind tells me that it’s crazy that I’m eating my best friend’s pussy and loving it, but I know that this is just practice.

“Damn, a tie,” she says finally. “I guess we’ll have to try again tomorrow.”

“You sure you want to? You know I’ll win,” I tell her.

“As if!” she says.

The next night, we sixty-nine again, and then we do it again the night after that. Pretty soon, I look forward to the end of every day, so that I can challenge her again. I’m glad I have my best friend, because I don’t really want to do anything sexual with a girl and she understands it’s just practice for show. We eat each other out, finger each other, suck each other’s breasts, make out passionately, and orgasm five or six times a night during our hours-long practice sessions. I become intimately familiar with her pussy; its taste, and smell. I even start to fantasize about getting her naked, pulling her close to me, and eating her out, because it means another chance to practice for those senior guys. Funny thing is, we’re practicing so much, we never actually get around to going to those parties…

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