Daddy’s Daughter’s Diary


Disclaimer: All characters in this story are fictional, and are over 18.


James and Chrystal have been living in a small bungalow in a quaint country village. Angela, James’ ex-wife, had left them for April, the new Zumba instructor in the next city over. They’ve been on their own for a few years now. They have a regular Daddy Daughter relationship, or do they?

“Morning Daddy,” Chrystal said as she entered the kitchen. Looking beautifully sexy in her skinny jeans and white T-shirt that clung to her 34DD boobs.

“Morning Angel” James replied, kissing his daughter on her cheek. “Breakfast is almost ready.” He caught a whiff of her perfume, briefly flashing naughty thoughts in his head and wondered how did she know it was his favourite?

After eating breakfast, Chrystal jumped in her lovely new car, She waved . “Goodbye Daddy” she shouted, and set off to the local University.

James decided to do a few chores since he didn’t need to be at work till 10:30am. As he walked by Chrystal’s room, he noticed a red book laying on her bed. He didn’t want to intrude, but his curiosity kicked in. He sat on the edge of her bed, opened the diary and began to read.

Today daddy and I are going on a long walk to our special hidden place!!

James realised his daughter had written a story, so he continued to read:

The day was warm and sunny, so I decided to wear my extremely revealing hot pants with a small red thong, not leaving much to the imagination, and a matching red bra and white vest that barely covered my firm boobs.

Daddy, as always, was in his walking shorts and black fitted T-shirt. God did he look hot! At 42 and a keen gym goer, he was absolutely gorgeous.

Today we drove the convertible with the top down. We were chatting as we always did until we arrived at the start of our trek. The walk took us deep into the woods, with all other hikers heading the opposite way. We soon arrived at our special hidden place, mecidiyeköy escort a beautiful clearing where daddy led me to the big rock in the centre.

James was absentmindedly stroking his cock, imagining his daughter in the outfit. He decided to continue to read:

“You know why we are here, don’t you?” asked Daddy.

“I’ve been a good girl, and now I get the special treatment.” replied Chrystal.

“Yes, you do!!” said daddy as he pulled out his hard 8″ cock, which was already standing to attention, and moved it close to my mouth. Eagerly I wrapped one hand around the hardness, and slowly licked from the soft head down to his balls, never losing eye contact. My other hand slowly massaged his ball sack. I put his cock in my mouth and sucked, taking it deep into my throat. Daddy groaned, and pressed my head further on to his cock, and I loved it! “Don’t worry, I won’t cum in your mouth, baby girl.”

He removed his cock from my mouth, and moved me to a standing position. He pulled my top down, revealing my tits to anyone who could see us. He then lowered his head to one nipple, then the other, licking and sucking until they were hard. I was getting horny, and my pussy was drenched. Daddy slid his hand inside my hot pants and gently stroked my clit. Then, as quick as a flash, Daddy had my shorts and panties off, and lifted me up. I straddled daddy’s waist and felt his cock at the entrance to my love hole. He lost control, sliding his cock deep inside me, and pumping me like it was the last time we would fuck. I felt my orgasm coming on fast and screamed as every nerve ending caught fire! Daddy came the same time I did, shooting his hot sticky cum deep inside my pussy. He kissed me like only a lover would. I could feel his cock slowly start to go soft inside me and waited till it plopped out on its own. We finally dressed after a few minutes and made our way home.

James finished reading and immediately came, shooting string after string of sticky cum taksim escort over his trousers. Suddenly it dawned on him that his secret fantasy was also Chrystal’s. Cleaning up, he decided to wait and see if she wrote more before approaching her about what he just read.

Days passed with nothing happening. Then, one day, there it was! The diary was on her bed, opened as if it was left intentionally for James to see!

He sat and began to read;


Daddy had asked me on a date!!

I had a date night dress code: short black dress with white fishnet holdups, a black thong and my 6″ black stiletto heels. I had added some red lipstick to tart things up a bit.

Daddy said he would dress smart casual, which meant his fitted blue jeans, a black t-shirt and leather shoes. I thought it was very sexy!.

I showered, taking care to completely shave my pussy and moisturising my lips so it would be smooth and ready for Daddy. I was already feeling aroused, and wondered if a quick play with my dildo would help. I decided not to, saving it all for Daddy later on.

I strolled into the dining room and stopped in surprise at what I saw! There my daddy was, butt naked with an apron on, which did nothing to hide the hard on that was forming when he saw me.

“You can’t cook like that” I said, dropping to my knees. I pulled the apron up, and put his cock to my lips, gently sucking on his soft head. I jerked and sucked his juicy cock, playing with his ball sack till he was about to cum.

“Fill my mouth daddy, I want your cum for the appetizer!” I said breathless from my efforts.

That was enough to send him over the edge, filling my mouth with his warm love syrup. I took it all, and never spilled a drop.

When he was done, he helped me up as I forgot I was wearing 6″ heels. I reached down and wiped the lipstick off his cock. This made him shudder as his cock was still sensitive from the sucking I just gave.

He returned to beşiktaş escort the stove and finished cooking. We had dinner, then settled on the couch to watch a film. I was still horny from earlier, and wanted that big juicy cock in my pussy right now.

“Daddy, I need to be fucked! Please put that fat juicy cock in my pussy?” I was at the point of almost begging!

Sensing my arousal, and great need he removed my black thong and began to lick and suck my pussy. It was all too much too quick, and I came almost instantly, but with such an intensity I thought it would never end. The orgasm had me bucking and jerking, screaming for my daddy not to stop. Slowly, it subsided and I came back down to reality with a big smile on my face.

“You are a naughty little girl, and daddy is quite cross”

“I’m sorry, Daddy! I will do anything “

He took me to his room and removed my dress, leaving only my white stockings. He then caressed every inch of my body, and ordered me not to come. After what seemed like forever, he finally laid me down on his bed, lifted my long stocking covered legs above my head, and slowly began to push his hard cock inside me, filling my pussy with all his length. I’ve never felt so full! It was amazing!! He pumped and pumped my pussy, playing with my clit, bringing me to the edge and then stopping. I tried my best not to cum. But then he whispered “Cum for me, baby girl” and I did, just in time for him to fill me up with his cum! As our orgasms subsided, we were both exhausted. Him and I just curled up together, and slept.

James could not believe what he was reading! He was rock hard and needed to cum. He really wanted to know was this was a fantasy, or could his dream of fucking his daughter, the most gorgeous woman in the world, could come true.

He put the journal down, and as he turned around Chrystal was there in the doorway, looking at him with that smile.

“So… Did you like what you read?”

James slowly nodded, stunned his daughter caught him reading her diary.

Chrystal approached James, so close he could smell her perfume. “It’s all true,” she said. Then taking his face in her hands she kissed him.

To be continued…

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