Overwhelming Darkness Ch. 03


With her doubts and fears under control, there is nothing to keep her from making love to her rescuer.

I was burning up with need and desire for this beautiful woman but she wasn’t about to let me love her,

With my hands gripping the brass headboard as she demanded, she was making love to my breasts in a way I’d never known, sucking, licking and biting them while I moaned, whimpered and beg for release.

She had me so close from breast play that when she cupped my vulva and toyed with my outer lips I stepped over the cliff but she didn’t even slow down. One by one she pushed three fingers into me and once all three were in she twisted them and curled the fingertips into the walls of my pussy and it felt like only took a few seconds before I was trying to rip that brass headboard down as I went through yet another orgasm and still she only slowed for a second before her mouth surrounded my pussy and she began licking my clit. As of that weren’t enough, she then sucked hard on that button until she chewed on it and I went into orbit.

My hips drove into her face like a woman gone mad but when it really hit me it felt like every muscle in my body cramped. Oh my god, it hurt but I never wanted the pain to go away. Even my anus felt like it was turning inside out and I couldn’t have let go of that brass headboard if she paid me.

She held me and kissed me through it and eventually I learned to breathe again. Sweat poured from every pore of my body and I swear, my pussy quivered for an hour.

At some point, I slept. I didn’t know if it was for seconds or hours but when I woke up I was gazing into those deep brown eyes and being kissed in such a loving way.

“Did I lie?” she asked.

I smiled and shook my head, but my mouth didn’t want to form Beylikdüzü escort words yet.

I finally let go of the headboard and only then did I realize how much my fingers and arms hurt. I felt like I couldn’t straighten my fingers out and if you’ve ever had a Charlie horse you know how my arms ached.

“Are you ready for more?” she asked.

By way of reply, I reached up to grab the headboard again.

She grabbed my ankles though and proceeded to drag me down the bed. I was thrilled when she turned and put us into a sixty-nine. I was finally going to taste her and hear her in orgasm.

I’d never seen a mature vagina or labia or a clit up close and personal and I informed her of that fact.

Take your time and get to know me,” she said, “and don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask questions. There’s no such thing as a stupid question.”

I was totally in awe of what I saw. “You weren’t kidding when you said it was beautiful,” I said, as I let my fingers wander over her wet labia and perineum. “I never realized how close it is to my butt hole,” She tensed and growled when my fingers circled her anus.

“Have you ever uuuh, you know?” I asked.

“What? Had anal sex?” she asked.


“Yes, I have,” she replied.

“Did it hurt?” I asked.

“At first,” she replied, “but I love it when someone plays with me there, whether it’s man or woman. Just the way you’re touching me right now is driving me crazy.’

You mean like this?” I asked, as I pressed my finger against her hole.

“You’re asking for trouble,” she warned.

“I’m just trying to learn,” I replied, innocently as I pressed harder,

She groaned and warned me again. “You’d better be willing to finish what you start.”

“I’m willing, Beylikdüzü escort I just don’t know what to do.” I said.

“Just do what I do,” she said, and I felt at least two fingers go into my pussy. We then proceeded to fuck each other with those fingers for several seconds as I whimpered loudly. She then pulled them out. “Now, slowly and gently put those fingers in my ass,” she said.

“Oh my god,” I cried out when she penetrated my virgin ass hole. “Easy baby, Oh fuck, Maggie. Please. ”

“Now, fuck me with those fingers,” she said. “slowly at first.”

“Oh god honey,” I whined. “Oh, my god” I whimpered again as her fingers moved in and out of my ass, going deeper with each stroke.

“Don’t stop now,” she said her voice strained and course, whatever you do, honey, don’t stop. Oh god, you have long fingers. Oh fuck I love it.”

“I’m so close,” I said, confused that I could get an orgasm that way. ” my god, Maggie, fuck me faster, babe, I’m so close, oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.”

She was right behind me and for a while we just laid together with her on top, but then I feathered some light kisses over her thighs, what mom calls slippery kisses where you lick and kiss at the same time and then I followed it with sucking nibbles, not enough to leave a hickey,

She moaned and did the same to me and when I kissed her pussy for the first time she whimpered. I licked into her slit and ended it by sucking her labia into my mouth,. I did this several times, going deeper with my tongue each time. Then I pushed two fingers into her and fucked her even as I sucked, working my way up to her clit. I’d never sought out a clit before but as a woman I certainly knew what was going to happen when I found it and it wasn’t long before I had her growling even though Escort Beylikdüzü I was careful to keep any contact light at first.

“Oh fuck, Wendy, I’m so close,” she groaned and then she almost screamed when I pulled the fingers from her pussy to push them deep into her ass. At the same time,I sucked her clit into my mouth and bit down. Oh my god, she went ballistic on me, ramming her pussy into my face again and again as she washed my face with her come. I never knew a woman could squirt like that so it shocked the hell out of me but it didn’t delay my own orgasm and I wound up throwing her off of me.

Puffing and panting, we lay there breathing heavily but as soon she could she crawled over me to kiss me about a hundred times.

“That was amazing for a first timer,” she said. “god, that was a grand orgasm.”

“Was it better because of me playing with your butt hole?” I asked.

“Oh god yes, honey. I loved having your fingers in my ass.

“I’m glad.” I said, “because you damned near broke them off. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find out they’re broken.”

She started to laugh but then her face got really serious. “You are joking, right?” she asked.

Actually I wasn’t sure at the time because they really did hurt like a bitch but when the pain eased, I held them up and wiggled them,

“So how about you? she asked, “You didn’t like it?”

I growled and she laughed. “I’ll show you more later.”.

We lay there talking and I drifted off to sleep and apparently she did too as she was asleep when I woke. I smiled and brushed some hair away from her face.

“Thank you darling,” I said, softly. “I may never be with another woman but I’m yours if you’ll have me for the rest of my time here.”

“:Shhh,” she muttered. “I’m having the most beautiful dream. An angel just made an amazing promise.”

“You may call it your worst nightmare before I leave,” I told her.

She reached for my arm and pulled me against her. It was going to be hard to leave.

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