Nurse’s Convention


For you, Tina. Thanks for letting me “borrow” your invention, luscious lady!

“Fuck, I’m gonna miss my flight. Damn it, can’t you drive any faster?”

Kim throws the fare at the driver and jumps out of the limo. She barely makes it to the terminal before the final boarding call. She finds her seat, stores her carry on bag in the overhead bin and puts her purse on the floor. The flight attendant is up front doing the routine safety speech, but Kim doesn’t hear a word. She clicks together her seat belt and is finally able to relax.

‘I can’t wait to get to Miami.’

She’s on her way to the National Nurse’s Seminar on Pain Management. Sun, sand, beaches; so much nicer than snow and below zero wind chill factors. She takes out the book she’s been trying to finish reading and is glad that there’s no one in the seat next to her.

‘Hmmm, how exciting it’d be to have an affair while I’m in Miami. Just the thought of meeting someone like Gina is making my pussy tingle!’

As she gets deeper into the story her pussy starts to moisten and throb. She wishes that she were Gina’s lover in the story, as she is so hot and horny for her, even though she is just a fictional character. Kim shifts in her seat, first to the left and them to the right. Her panties bunch in between her lips and she tries to get the seam of her jeans to rub her clit. It just isn’t enough so she puts on her light for the flight attendant.

“May I have a blanket, please?” she asks.

She settles into the seat, reclines it back and puts the blanket over her. Unzipping her jeans she lets her hand creep into her panties. She feels how damp the crotch is and has to remove the bunch from between her lips. The story reaches a climax with the lesbian lovers in bed, passionately intertwined. Kim’s hand searches for her now hardened and aching clit, spreading her pussy lips as wide as she can and dips two fingers into her wetness. A moan escapes her lips, and she jerks up to look around and see if anyone has noticed. Satisfied that no one is watching her she goes back to her book.

Kim doesn’t realize that the fella pretending to be asleep under the blanket in the seat across from her knows exactly what she is doing and is stroking his cock watching her get off.

‘That book of hers must be really good to get her to finger herself in plain sight. Wish I could get under that blanket with her and suck her off,’ he thinks to himself.

He takes his balls in his hand and squeezes them, feeling his manhood thicken in response. He slips his hand up to the head of his cock and spreads the glistening stream of precum down his shaft. Steadily he moves his hand up and down picturing Kim’s pussy in his mind.

“Mmm, ooh, mmm,” Kim very quietly moans under her breath.

“Oh, yeah, do it lady,” he says under his.

He can hear her breathing quicken and knows that she’s going to explode soon. Precum continues to ooze, keeping his rod moist while he strokes it.

She lets the words on the pages guide her hand, imagining she is in the story, not just reading it. Her eyes fly over the pages, feeling her orgasm build deep inside. She frantically frigs her love button faster and faster until she can hold back no longer.

‘Oh, god, this feels soooo good. I’m gonna cum soon, fuck yeah! My clit is so hard…..’

Her legs begin to quiver as she fucks herself with her hand. Subconsciously her hips begin to move back and forth, rocking to her impending orgasm. Her breaths come in quick pants and her face contorts.

“Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she sighs softly.

Her clit is throbbing and starts to tingle and burn. She climaxes with the words on the page, holding her breath, her back arching and toes curling. She bites her lip to stop from crying out, but cannot stifle her ragged breathing.

His eyes are glued to her form, watching her passion spread over her entire body. His pace quickens and he can feel his jism building up, ready to explode like an erupting volcano.

‘Keep it up lady and you’re gonna make me cum. I love the sound of your fingers slurping in and out of your pussy.’

He focuses on the tip of his cock, squeezing and milking himself to the land of no return. Seeing the look on her face as she cums, he loses it and shoots his wad into his hand.

“Ahhhhh, yeeessssss,” he whispers.

He slowly regains his composure. Once his erection subsides he stretches and puts the blanket on the seat next to him, pretending to have just woken up. He stands and goes to the bathroom to wash up the mess he’s made.

Just as her breathing starts to regain normalcy the flight attendant stops next to her.

“Are you all right, ma’am?”

“Uh, yeah. I just had some flutters in my stomach,” Kim replies. “Did we just go through a pocket of turbulence?”

“Well, no, but please fasten your seat belt and put your chair in the upright position. Didn’t you hear the announcement that we’re almost in Miami?”

As the plane descends, Kim gathers her book and bursa escort wonders if the people in the surrounding rows can smell her excitement. She sees the fellow return to his seat in the row across from her. Their eyes meet. They exchange smiles and he winks at her. Her face turns six shades of crimson as she realizes that her in-flight activities did not go unnoticed.

‘Shit! He caught me!’

To top off her embarrassment, she finds a rather large wet spot on her seat when she gets up. He follows her off the plane and as their paths part he turns to her.

“Thank you for the most enjoyable flight I have had in a long time. You wouldn’t by chance be a member of the mile high club, would you?”

Kim smiles and replies, “No, I don’t think so. Are you? Shall we go there for a drink?”

He laughs, not sure if she is kidding or that naive.

“No, we’d have to have done it while we were up in the air.”

“Oh, is it in first class or something?” Kim asks.

“Do you know what the mile high club is?”

“Uh, not necessarily, why?”

“It’s a ‘club’ for those who have had sex while flying, you know, a mile high in the air.”

“OH! Shit. I shoulda figured that out myself.”

Kim’s face flushes and she laughs. He smiles and thanks her again and goes his own way.

Kim takes the shuttle to her hotel, checks in and registers for the seminar. As she gathers her name tag and all the materials needed for the next 3 days she notices an eerily familiar woman across the room. Staring at the woman she can’t believe her eyes. She looks exactly like Kim pictures her lover to look like in the story she has been reading.

‘Oh my god! Holy shit! I’ve to meet her somehow. I can imagine us making love all night long, cumming again and again until we drop from sheer exhaustion.’

Kim’s pussy starts to get wet and she feels her nipples strain against her bra.

“Ma’am?” says the clerk at the desk.

Kim jumps stunned that her mind has wandered off so far. She focuses her attention back to the clerk behind the desk.

“Here is the keycard to your room and the schedule of the next 3 day’s events. Please browse through them, as you will have to make some choices on which topics you will want to attend. The seminar will start tomorrow morning at 8am in the main ballroom with a continental breakfast and the keynote speaker. I hope you enjoy your stay here and please don’t hesitate to ask for anything you may need.”

Kim thanks the clerk and heads toward the elevator. Her body aches for release again.

‘Why am I always so horny? It must be from all these smut books I read.’

Pushing the button for her floor her mind wanders back to the woman in the lobby. She can’t believe the resemblance: short straight blondish-brown hair, green eyes, pert tits (just a handful), willowy and a beautiful smile. God help her if the woman is here for the seminar. How’ll she be able to concentrate?

‘God, I’m drenched again!’

She grazes her hand over her breasts. Her nipples respond by becoming even more engorged. The elevator stops and the doors open. Kim steps out and finds her room, sliding the keycard into the slot and goes in. In the bathroom there is a two-person Jacuzzi. Opposite the bathroom there is another door. Kim opens it and finds yet another door, but this one doesn’t have a doorknob.

‘I wonder where this leads?’

Closing the door in her room she turns the bolt, making sure that it’s locked.

‘I don’t want anyone walking in on me when I’m frigging off!’

She pours herself a glass of wine from the minibar, strips off her clothes and slips into the robe provided by the hotel. It is so soft and fluffy, sheer bliss to her aroused nipples. She settles down on the bed, book in hand. Once again she loses herself in the scene that unfolds on the pages. She relaxes as she becomes entranced in the scene playing before her eyes. Her hand roams slipping under the robe and she unconsciously starts to fondle her breast, softly caressing the round globe of flesh until she reaches the turgid peak.

She emits a sigh as her fingers trace around her pink areola in circles, winding into her nipple. The book drops into her lap and she is completely absorbed in the scene that emerges in her mind. She imagines that her hand is that of the woman in the lobby. She opens the robe just enough on top to release her breasts. Her free hand moves to her other breast and she is fondling both nubs now, rolling them between her fingers.

“Ahhh, ooohhhh, feels so good!”

Licking her fingers, she goes back to her nipples, squeezing them into points. Her hand reaches for her purse on the floor next to the bed. She grabs it. Digging to the bottom she takes out her homemade nipple clamps. One at a time she pinches and licks her nipples to keep them turgid then slips the clamps on.

“OWWW! Ooohhhh!” The shocks of pleasure as she tightens the clamps shoot directly to her hardened clit.

She looks at herself in the mirror-slightly longer than bursa escort bayan shoulder length reddish-brown hair, tousled from rolling around on the bed. Hazel eyes ablaze that are more green with lust than brown right now. Cute button nose. Lush lips, perfectly kissable. Large melon shaped titties with the clamps on the dark pink nipples, hiding her ‘coke can’ shaped areola.

She wets her fingers again and circles her now tingling nipples. She can feel her pussy getting wetter by the minute and smells her sexual excitement. One of her hands slithers a trail down to her pulsing center, while the other continues to fondle her breasts.


She unties the robe and it falls open. Softly caresses her mons she pulls gently on her a-la-natural bush. Her hand slips between the engorged lips and is immediately wet with her own dew. Kim slides her fingers up and down her cleft, purposely teasing herself by not touching her clit. She brings her hand up to her nose and inhales her scent deeply.

‘Smells so damn good.’

She seductively licks her fingers, making sure she gets every drop of her salty-sweet juice. As she shifts in the bed the book drops to the floor, but she doesn’t notice the thud it makes. Closing her eyes she lies back on the pillows.

‘My pussy is burning up!’

She spreads her legs wide apart and brings her other hand down to her pussy. With one hand she separates her lips while the other plunges into the depths of her wetness.

“Mmmmm, Ooohhhhh, yyyeeaaaahhh! Fuck!” She groans loudly and starts to breathe heavily.

Three fingers stroke the inside of her cunt while the middle finger of her other hand starts to circle her clit.

“Oh, ’em, excuse me, uhm, miss. I, uhm, didn’t realize that someone was in here. I, ah, guess you didn’t hear me knock? I, uh, have your, uhm, luggage here. Right here with me, it is, uh, hard, I mean, uhm, I’ll just leave it here by the door,” the Porter stutters.

She gasps and her hands fly to the sides of the robe and she quickly covers herself.


She didn’t hear the Porter let himself into her room and certainly didn’t see him standing there staring at her as she pleasured herself. She sees the bulge in his pants grow, realizing that he must have been standing there a while. Her face flushes a deep red with embarrassment. She reaches down for her purse to give the Porter a tip.

“No need ma’am. It was my pleasure. I’ll see myself out so you can get back to what you were doing.”

‘God damned fucking Porter! Just when I was about to cum. That bastard!’

The mood ruined she takes the clamps off her nipples and goes into the bathroom. She showers shaves and dresses in her bathing suit and sarong. Picking up her book and keycard she heads to the elevator and heads down to the outdoor café for a light supper.

‘God damned motherfucker! Now I’m still horny as hell, smell like I took a bath in cunt juice and my nipples hurt from pulling off the fucking clamps too fast. SHIT!’

Once seated she puts her book on the table and looks at the menu. A nice Caesar salad sounds wonderful, with a glass of wine. Kim orders and then turns to enjoy the view. The seagulls are soaring just over the ocean. The sails of the boats in the dock are blowing in the breeze. The cool evening air caresses her hot skin, making her nipples tingle. She senses them straining against her suit, and her pussy starts to moisten again.

‘I’m still so horny. I wonder if she’s out here somewhere?’

Then, out of the corner of her eye, Kim sees her. She is walking along the beach, shoes dangling from her hand, hair blowing in the wind.

‘There she is! Oh my god!’

She’s alone. Kim watches her every move, barley noticing when the waiter brings her meal. Kim eats without tasting the food. Her mind is spinning.

‘I’ve got to meet her. I want her. I wonder if she likes women? Can I seduce her? I guess the only way to find out is to try.’

She asks the waiter to charge it to her room and hastily goes down to the beach. The woman has sat down in the sand and is watching the sun set over the ocean. Kim wanders over towards her, book and shoes in hand, and decides it’s now or never.

‘Goddamn, what a fucking hottie she is. So sexy, she makes my pussy tingle!’

“May I sit here with you? It’s too beautiful a sunset to enjoy alone,” Kim asks her.

She looks Kim up and down, admiring her beautiful full breasts and luscious round bottom. She smiles at Kim and invites her to stay, wondering if she will be able to seduce this voluptuous vixen.

“Sure, I’d love for you to join me. I was hoping for some company, actually. And you’re right about the sunset,” the woman replies.

‘Oh my god, she talked to me! Stay calm, stay calm. You’re not a high school kid anymore. Act like an adult.’

Kim sits down next to her, leaning back on her hands. They silently watch the sun go down below the horizon. Kim is desperately trying to think of what to say next.

“My escort bursa god, it’s gorgeous. The purples and pinks are magnificent,” the woman comments at last.

“Yes, it’s incredible. By the way, I’m Kim.”

“I’m Tina, nice to meet you. I saw you in the hotel lobby earlier today, right? Are you here for the convention too?”

Kim’s nipples strain against her bathing suit. She shifts in the sand and tries to reposition herself. Despite cumming already today her pussy sparks to life again.

‘I’m gonna start leaking through my bathing suit soon. She’s got me so HOT!’

“What are you reading?” Tina asks demurely.

“Oh, this? It’s called Beauty of the Bush, by Deborah Dixon. Have you ever read any of her work?”

“She just happens to be one of my favorite authors. Have you read The Hidden Jewel?”


“No, but I have read her comedic Silk Scarves and Fly Swatters. It was fantastic,” Kim remarks.

“It’s getting chilly out here. Why don’t we go back to my room? We can order a couple of bottles of bubbly and continue our conversation there,” Tina suggests.

“Sounds great, lead the way.”

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck! She invited me to her room! What do I do now? Act natural, you fool!! You’re not a virgin for christssake!’

Kim and Tina quickly walk back along the beach to the hotel. After brushing the sand off their feet Tina takes her hand and they pad over to the elevator. Tina punches the button for the 20th floor and looks over at Kim with a teasing grin on her face. She lovingly reaches over and runs her fingers through Kim’s hair with her other hand. She starts to lean over to kiss her on the lips but the elevator stops before she is able to do so. She straightens back up and they get out.

‘God, I’m so wet. I hope she can smell it.’

Tina calls room service for 2 bottles of chilled champagne and a plate of fresh fruit, cheese and crackers. The two women sit on the corners of the king-sized bed, a little unsure of how exactly to proceed.

“Why don’t we…”

“Let’s try…”

Kim and Tina both start to talk at once.

“What were you going to say?” Kim asks Tina.

“Let’s give the Jacuzzi a try. The bellhop should be here soon and then we can jump in and talk about Deborah Dixon’s books some more.”

‘The Jacuzzi? Naked? Me and her. Oh yeah!’

Just as she finishes talking there is a knock at the door. Kim walks into the bathroom and turns the water on. Her clit is aching and her nipples feel like they are going to bore a hole through her suit. Tina signs for the delivery and rolls the cart into the huge bathroom and starts to undress.

“Bathing suits or birthday suits?” Tina asks smiling mischievously.

‘I want her naked. I want to touch her, to feel her, to make her cum.’

“Let’s live dangerously. Birthday suits.”

‘I can’t believe that I have just agreed to get naked with someone who’s practically a stranger! Fuck it, I’m throwing my inhibitions to the wind and gonna live out one of my fantasies for once. I’m making love to this woman before this night is over!!’

They quickly strip off their clothes and Kim notices that Tina’s pussy is baby-butt smooth. Kim slips into the water. Tina uncorks the bubbly and pours two glasses. She hands them to Kim. Tina starts the jets going and gets in. They lay back to feel the water’s force against their bodies, sipping champagne.

They sit across from each other, feet meeting in the middle. Tina starts to play footsie with Kim, rubbing her foot with her toe.

“Ahhh, you tease,” Kim says with a smile on her glowing face.

Kim’s feet hesitantly join in the caressing and their eyes meet. Tina winks and slides down to try to reach more than just Kim’s legs.

‘Her toes are right by my pussy. Oh my god!’

Tina lets her feet slither up and down Kim’s thighs, brushing her pussy every few strokes, teasingly. She has a Cheshire-cat grin on her face, knowing she is driving Kim crazy. She slips completely in the water and swims over to the side Kim is sitting on. She doesn’t sit right next to her, but an arms length away.

‘She keeps getting closer! All she has to do is touch me and I’ll melt into her arms. I wonder if she can see how my far my nipples are jutting out for her?’

“Ummm, this feels so good,” Tina moans as they finish off the first bottle of champagne.

“It sure does. I haven’t felt this relaxed since…” Kim’s voice trails off as
Tina scoots over and kisses her full on the lips. She moves her head to the side, moaning her pleasure and deepens the kiss. Their tongues intertwine and they embrace closer. Hot wet kisses lead to searching searing ones. Tina puts her legs over Kim’s and reaches for her breast. She tweaks her nipples, feeling how hard they are from their game of footsie and their kisses. They both moan. She follows Tina’s lead, fondling Tina’s breasts. She pulls her lips away from Tina’s and kisses her cheek, neck and ear lobe.

‘OH MY GOD!! Shit!! Is this really happening??’

“Ummmm, ohhh. I’ve wanted you from the minute I set eyes on you in the lobby,”

“You don’t know how much I want you,” Kim confesses. “You’re exactly what I imagined.”

Tina smiles knowingly.

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