Penny’s College Years – First Semester


After high school, Penny wanted nothing more than to go to college. She knew that college was a gateway to better and higher paying jobs and frankly she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life as a waitress like her mother.

But unfortunately for her, Penny’s father lost his job right before she graduated high school and they couldn’t afford to send her to college. Penny had to get a waitress job that he same diner her mother worked at to help her family pay the bills. She knew she’d never be happy with that life and career though so slowly but surely she saved up her paychecks and after 5 years she finally had enough to put herself through college. Well, at least to put her through a few semesters anyway. She hoped to be able to work while in college to help keep her there.

Penny packed up her car and began the 16 hour road trip praying that the POS could at least get her there. She didn’t hold out much hope that it would last much past then. As she drove, Penny began to daydream about what college would be like. She’d romanticized the whole thing in her mind for years while saving up for the chance to go and she knew it probably wouldn’t quite live up to her expectations but it was still fun to think about.

She knew that at 23, she’d be older than most of the other freshmen and imagined herself becoming a mentor to some of them. Especially her roommate. She imagined taking on something like a big sister role with her roommate. Give her advice about life and helping her out with boys and stuff like that. She didn’t know much about her roommate yet, just that her name was Myrthe, she played on the school volleyball team, and that she was an international student from the Netherlands. Penny mostly just hoped she would speak English well since she wasn’t even sure what language they spoke in the Netherlands. Dutch maybe? That sounded right.

By the time she reached the college, Penny had imagined hundreds of scenarios and convinced herself that her roommate would look up to her and think of her as a big sister. She parked her car and began unloading boxes. She wished she had a few friends in the area who could help her out with this but she didn’t even know anyone in the state.

As Penny brought her first load of boxes into her new dorm room, she was a little disappointed. Logically, she knew the dorm room was just like every other dorm room in the world but subconsciously she’d half expected one of the huge, beautiful dorm rooms everyone in TV shows seemed to her. The room was roughly 20 feet by 40 feet with cinder-block walls all painted white. There was just enough room for 2 twin beds, 2 small desks, and 2 small wardrobes.

The near side of the room was already claimed so Penny put her stuff on the far side of the room near the window. Myrthe wasn’t in the room but she seemed to have finished unpacking all her stuff. Penny wasn’t sure but she guessed the school let the athletes move in early.

Penny finished bringing all her boxes into the room and was making good progress toward unpacking and getting things set up when the door opened and her roommate walked in. Penny’s first impression was that she was some sort of Amazonian. Myrthe was larger than Penny in every dimension standing 6 foot tall and with wide shoulders. She was very muscular and had a slightly squared off jawline that wasn’t enough to hide her obvious femininity. She seemed to have just finished volleyball practice as she was dressed in spandex shorts and a sports bra that did nothing to hide her large chest. It was enough to make Penny feel more than a little self-conscious about her own petite frame and modest assets.

Penny wanted to make a good first impression so she crossed the room to introduce herself but Myrthe didn’t seem interested in that. Her English was very good but she still had a thick enough accent to make it slightly difficult for Penny to understand but her manner was brusque and instead of calling Penny by name, she simply called her “girl”. As soon as the introductions were done, Myrthe grabbed a towel and left the room heading for the communal showers down the hall.

Penny was left alone again. She was miffed that her roommate didn’t seem to want to be friends but consoled herself that maybe it had just been timing. After all, Myrthe was only 18 (it was easy to forget that given her stature) and living in a foreign country. That had to be a bit unsettling. And maybe her volleyball practice hadn’t gone very well; that would certainly explain her bad mood. By the time, Myrthe returned, Penny had completely forgiven her for the earlier rudeness and resolved to give Myrthe her space for at least the first few days while they got to know each other. She was confident that they’d be friends before too long.


Myrthe didn’t really seem interested in becoming friends though. After the first few weeks, she and Penny hardly talked at all. But Penny was able to learn a few things about her new roommate though. She knew Myrthe was extremely smart Beylikdüzü escort based on the textbooks on her desk. She’d apparently skipped right to Calculus 2 while Penny was only taking Pre-Calculus. She also knew Myrthe was hardworking and determined to better herself because Myrthe worked out every day either in practice with her team or just spending time in the gym alone. And while she didn’t have any hard evidence, Penny got the distinct impression that Myrthe came from a very wealthy family.

Myrthe never said anything about it but Penny noticed that all her clothes seemed to be high-end and she had the same sort of arrogance that Penny had long since associated with the wealthy. She also seemed to be used to having servants. While not a slob, Myrthe never seemed to clean up her half of the room and after a few weeks, Penny couldn’t stand the clutter anymore and cleaned up for her. Myrthe never thanked her or even acknowledged that she’d done it. When Penny grabbed her laundry basket to do her first load since coming to college, Myrthe stopped her and handed Penny her laundry as well and told Penny to do it. She didn’t ask Penny to do it, she told Penny to do it.

That made Penny mad and she was about to yell at her roommate about respect but stopped herself. If she was right and Myrthe was a rich as she suspected, then she’d probably never done laundry before. She probably didn’t even know how. Penny left the room feeling proud of herself not only for knowing how to do laundry but also for being the bigger woman and not yelling. She resolved to try to teach Myrthe how to be more independent and take care of herself. Or at the very least, teach her to say “thank you” when people did things for her.

If there had been any doubt about Myrthe being wealthy, doing her laundry certainly convinced Penny. Myrthe’s closes basically fell into two categories; they were either workout clothes smelly with dried (and sometimes still wet) sweat or name-brand designer clothes. As she sorted through Myrthe’s underwear making sure they could all handle the delicate setting, she realized that a single pair of Myrthe’s underwear probably cost than Penny had spent on every pair of panties she’d ever owned. Unfortunately that meant that almost every pair of her underwear needed to be hand washed in the sink and hand dried between two towels. Washing Myrthe’s clothes was going to be a lot more effort than doing her own.

Hours later, Penny finally finished washing and drying all the clothes. Penny sorted through the clothes and piled them into hers and Myrthe’s laundry baskets. She brought them back to the room leaving Myrthe’s basket on her bed while she folded and put all her clothes away. Myrthe was out and Penny suspected she was probably at the gym again.

Finally finished with her clothes, Penny moved to her desk to start on some homework but stopped when she saw Myrthe’s basket of laundry. If Myrthe didn’t get back soon to put them away, her clothes would wrinkle. It seemed like a shame to let that happen after she put in the effort to wash them all. Penny decided she could put in a little more effort but she would definitely be asking Myrthe for some quarters to pay her back for the machines. Penny carefully folded and put away all of her roommate clothes making sure there wouldn’t be any wrinkles before finally sitting down to do her homework.

Shortly thereafter, Myrthe returned to the room. Penny smiled secretly to herself as she watched Myrthe move around out of the corner of her eye. She knew Myrthe would be happily impressed at all the work she’d done. She slyly watched out of the corner of her eye as Myrthe crossed the room to her dresser and looked in…

Myrthe made a loud, exasperated sigh, “You could at least put my clothes back correctly.”

Penny was furious. She’d spent hours hand washing and trying her roommate’s underwear and she didn’t appreciate it at all. She tried to keep her cool and not blow up at her roommate but she just couldn’t hold it in anymore. “WHAT?!? At least? I spent hours in the laundry room doing your laundry! You should be thanking me! I did your laundry, I cleaned up your messes. You’d be living in a pigsty if it weren’t for me!”

From the shock on Myrthe’s face she knew no one had ever spoken to her like that and she thought she was making an impact. “I’m not your fucking servant. You’re going to have to start pulling your own weight!” she punctuated the end of her rant my poking Myrthe in the chest. That was a mistake.

Myrthe’s hand moved so fast that Penny didn’t even see it; but she sure felt it. Myrthe slapped Penny across the face so hard she staggered backward and her vision blurred for a moment. When her eyes could focus again, she looked at Myrthe. She saw nothing but contempt. Myrthe wasn’t thankful to Penny for all her work. She didn’t feel the slightest trace of guilt for slapping her. “Don’t ever touch me again. Understand girl?”

Penny had never been in a fight before but in that moment her rage overwhelmed Beylikdüzü escort her common sense. She attacked Myrthe, flailing her arms with no skill or particular target for her fists. She just wanted to hit Myrthe and keep hitting her. Unfortunately for her, Myrthe did know how to fight.

Myrthe easily captured Penny’s wrists with one hand and held them above her head so she couldn’t really move. With her free hand, Myrthe repeatedly slapped Penny across the face, the breasts, her arms, basically everywhere. Penny struggled but she couldn’t break out of Myrthe’s iron-like grip. All she could do was squirm and twist and try to keep Myrthe from slapping her in the same place too many times.

After a minute or so of this, Penny was sobbing and all the fight seemed to go out of her. She’d been slapped all over and would have several red marks. Penny was still furious but now she was also sore all over from the slaps and she realized she couldn’t do anything to hurt Myrthe from her position.

“Had enough, girl? Ready to give up?”

Still sobbing, Penny nodded her head and Myrthe released her wrists. Penny began to probe her face and other sore spots with her fingers to check how bad the damage was. Myrthe turned away to go back to whatever she was doing before she was attacked and that’s when Penny tried to get her revenge again.

She’s been lying about giving up. She just wanted Myrthe to drop her guard so she could attack her again. As soon as she saw Myrthe turn her back, she jumped on her intending to hit her from behind. She never got that far though. Myrthe spun around and caught her in midair before easily throwing her across the room to land on her bed and roll off the other side to land in a heap on the floor.

When Penny looked up, Myrthe was glaring at her as if daring her to try it again. The message sunk in though. Penny was no match for her younger roommate. Myrthe was in charge and Penny needed to understand that. Penny broke eye contact and lowered her eyes in defeat. Myrthe smirked and took her seat at her desk to begin her homework already forgetting about her.

For a moment, Penny considered trying to attack her again but knew it wouldn’t work. Even if she got a few lucky hits in, Myrthe would take her apart. She decided a little petty revenge wasn’t worth more pain and resolved to go the campus housing office the next day to get a new room.

Penny grabbed her towel and toiletry basket and left the room to take a shower. She was sweaty, sore and her face was tear streaked and she just really needed a shower in order to feel presentable again. Luckily, she found the communal showers empty so no one could see the state she was in.

Standing under the warm water, Penny felt the soreness slowly leave her body. She knew she’d probably have a few red marks for the rest of the day. Especially that first slap across her face. She knew that mark would probably last a couple days and probably bruise as well. It hurt but it would also help when she went to the housing department. She’s have proof so it wouldn’t just be her word against Myrthe’s.

Penny started rehearsing her story in her head. She didn’t want to forget any details or get confused when explaining the situation. She knew if she stumbled over her words and changed any details people might think she was making it all up.

She replayed the details in her head stating with the beginning of the fight. Sure, she’d been yelling but Myrthe had just snapped and attacked her. It was totally uncalled for. But wait, no. that wasn’t quite right. She’d poked Myrthe in the chest first before Myrthe ever touched her. Maybe that was like super insulting in her culture or something like that. Penny wasn’t sure. She didn’t think a simple poke justified that sort of response but she couldn’t deny she’d touched Myrthe before Myrthe touched her. Did that mean that she’d started the fight? Penny wasn’t sure about that. How would the housing department see it? What if the police got involved? What if they took Myrthe’s side and blamed Penny for the fight?

Penny didn’t want to even think about that. Maybe she could skip that part and just move on to Myrthe savagely beating her. Surely if she made a good enough case for Myrthe being out of control they would overlook a simple poke to the chest right? But no, that wasn’t quite right either. Myrthe had thoroughly beaten her but she hadn’t been out of control. She’d just restrained Penny’s hands and slapped her a little. Myrthe could have easily cause a lot more damage just by changing her open hand slaps into punches. And she’d also stopped as soon as Penny stopped struggling to get away. It hadn’t really been a savage beating, more like a parent restraining their child during a temper tantrum. It had just seemed savage because Penny had been completely overwhelmed by her roommate. She’d been as powerless against Myrthe as a child would be against an adult.

As she thought this, Penny suddenly realized that her hand was between Escort Beylikdüzü her legs and her thumb was massaging her clit. She hadn’t even realized she was touching herself while thinking about the fight and she was shocked by it. She’d never touched herself while thinking about another women before. She didn’t even find Myrthe attractive though she knew a lot of guys would disagree with her on that one.

It must just be the adrenaline she thought. She’d never been in a fight before and certainly never been manhandled like that before. She wasn’t turned on by being thrown around or by her roommate, she was just high on adrenaline and her body was reacting. That was all it was. Surely…

With that rational in mind, Penny managed to finish and brought herself to a knee buckling orgasm. She sat on the shower floor panting not trusting her legs to even keep her upright. It was one of the most intense experiences of her life. As she let the water flow over her thighs and wash away the evidence of her shower fun, Penny felt conflicted. Clearly, she realized, the adrenaline from confronting Myrthe was a big part of making that orgasm amazing and she definitely wanted to experience that again. But for that to happen, she would need to keep living with Myrthe and suffering her insults and arrogance. It might also mean more beatings if things escalated to a fight again. Was it worth it?

By the time she emerged from the shower, Penny had come to a decision. Due to her newfound doubts that the housing department would take her side and fear that the police might get involved combined with the adrenaline rush she knew would come from living with Myrthe, she wouldn’t try to get a new room yet. But in her mind Myrthe was on a sort of probation. She figured that if Myrthe crossed the line again she wouldn’t even consider giving her a third chance and would immediately get a new room.


After the fight, Penny and Myrthe’s relationship changed. By not leaving or even acknowledging the fight, Penny was sure Myrthe thought she’d beaten the resistance out of her. Penny continued to clean the room and do all of Myrthe’s laundry without complaint and without even being told to. She knew Myrthe thought of her as nothing more than a servant and while that thought was humiliating and demeaning, she wasn’t willing to confront her about it.

Instead, Penny would simply grin and bear it and do all the chores knowing she wouldn’t get a thank you or any other sign of gratitude. In fact, Myrthe began insulting Penny on a daily basis criticizing everything from her wardrobe, to her body, to the way she folded the laundry. Penny hated it and was driven to tears at least once a week from her words. But then whenever she had a moment of privacy, she would fantasize about telling her off.

She’d get a huge rush of adrenaline just from imagining standing up to her roommate and that translated into a string of amazing orgasms. None of them were as good as that first one after the fight but overall she was more sexually satisfied than she’d ever been in her life. And that included when she’d had a steady boyfriend. Somehow, the orgasms she was giving herself were far better than anything any of her past boyfriends had managed to give her.

By the time midterms rolled around, Penny had fallen into a comfortable routine. She still didn’t like the insults or doing all the chores but she’d gotten used to it. She no longer felt like she was doing extra work anymore. She cleaned the room on Wednesday after class and she spent Saturday afternoon doing the laundry.

But then things changed again.

It was Friday afternoon and Penny was returning to her room after a shower. She was planning on going to a party that evening and there was a certain guy there she wanted to impress. She was so engrossed in her thoughts, that she didn’t even notice Myrthe’s stern glare as she entered her room.

“Where’s my dress, girl? I told you to wash it yesterday!” Myrthe said sternly breaking Penny’s train of thought.

“What? You never told me that. I do laundry on Saturdays so I’ll wash it tomorrow.”

“I need it tonight girl. You better go wash it right now.”

Penny knew if she took the time to wash the dress she’d be late for the party. She might miss it entirely if Myrthe decided to pile on more work for her. She couldn’t let that stand. She’d been more than accommodating to the younger girl and done everything she’d asked. But not this time. She had to put her foot down or Myrthe would walk all over her forever. Besides, Penny was pretty sure Myrthe hadn’t told her anything about doing laundry the night before.

“Sorry but that’s no gonna happen. I’m going to a party tonight so I don’t have time for that. You’ll just have to wear something else. You have a ton of clean dresses in your wardrobe…” Penny said as she edged past Myrthe to get to her side of the room. She’d tried her best to sound confident and was pretty sure it worked but she was still pretty nervous about standing up to her roommate like that. It was a huge rush though and she knew it would end with an Earth-shattering orgasm later in the night. She hoped to have a certain guy help her with that but it would be happening with or without him.

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