Naked Mother Ch. 10


The next evening, I put my bikini on and went out for a swim. After I came out of the pool, I saw Andy in his shorts with a huge erection.

“Andy anything momma can do for you.” I asked him.

“Sure mom, just take care of my hard on.”

I moved up to him, got rid of his shorts and began to lick the head of his cock, slowly moving over to the sides and the shaft. Andy was moaning with delight. Then, I took his long hard thing into my mouth and began sucking it.

“Mom, I want some more stimulation.”

“Sure darling.”

I ripped my bikini bra off and tossed it away, exposing my tits to my son. As I sucked my son’s cock, he took my boobs in his hands and began to fondle them.

“Mom, I want to see you naked.” I stood up at once. Then smiling seductively, I pointed to my G-string and said, “Help yourself honey.”

He began fondling my thighs. Then he moved up to grab my ass. Then, gently, sensuously, he peeled my G-string down inch-by-inch till I was completely naked.

Once again, I bent down on my knees, ran my finger over his erect penis and took it into my mouth. I kept sucking him, till he ejaculated in my mouth.

The next evening, I went up to my son and asked him, “Andy, do you want to make a video of momma in the shower?”

“Sure mom”

“Then come over with your video camera.”

I led him to my bathroom and got rid of my gown in style. I showered myself and my bra and panties got wet completely. “Drop your bra mom.”

I unhooked my bra and tossed it away. Then I removed my panties too as my son made a video of me showering myself naked in the bathroom.

“Andy, this is the best masturbation material, you’ll ever see. Just masturbate to momma’s shower video tonight and let me know how much you enjoyed it.”

“Mom, I need to masturbate right away.”

Andy got rid of his shorts and began to masturbate. I continued with my shower in the naked in front of him.

“Mom, can I make a video of you in the swimming pool?”

“Naughty boy”

“Please mom”

“OK but I’ll wear a bikini.”

“That’s all right mom.”

Minutes later, I was ready by the pool in a sexy bikini. Andy was all naked and ready with his video camera. I jumped into the pool while Andy got busy making the video.

“Mummy, your wet voluptuous cleavage is stunning.”

“Thanks darling”

“Topless mom”


“Drop your bra mom.”

I untied my bra lace and got rid of my bra. Then, seductively, I tossed it away.

“Mom, your wet tits look awesome in the pool.”

“Get naked mom.”

I was expecting this. I removed my panties too. I was naked now.

“Show your back and ass mom.”

I stood up in the pool and put up my back and ass for display. I spent the next few minutes frolicking naked in the pool. Then once again I jumped into the pool for a round of swim.

Then, I took my tits out of water, then my tummy and navel, then my sexy pussy, then my thighs and legs till I was completely naked out of the pool.

Andy just could not take his eyes off me.

“Mom, this is the hottest video I’ll ever see.”

All my exhibitionism in the pool had really aroused me. I spread myself naked on the floor outside the pool and began to masturbate. Andy was busy with the video camera filming my masturbation.

“Andy, just come and suck momma’s tits.”

My son put his camera down and bent down to suck my tits.

“Andy, spit on momma’s tits and lick them”

He spat on my tits and licked the spit off them before taking them in his mouth one by one and sucking them. I continued to finger my pussy.

I was so aroused now that I began to scream, “Fuck your mom, you mother fucker.” I could not believe what I was saying. But it was so enjoyable.

“Mom, do you want me to fuck you?”

“Just shut up Andy, that just slipped out of my mouth. But you can lick your momma’s pussy.”

“What did you say mom? I think your pussy belongs to your husband.” Andy was teasing me.

“Just shut up and eat momma’s pussy. Lick me you bastard.”

Andy got down to licking my pussy. Then he moved on to lick my ass.

“Bite my butt. Eat your momma’s ass.” I screamed.

Andy dug his teeth gently into my ass. Then he moved up to lick my back.

“Mom, masturbate me, mom.”

I got up and took his cock in my hands. I was masturbating him. Then, I took his erect rod in my mouth and began to lick the head. Soon, I was sucking him.

“Mom, you are such a sexy slut. Oh God, my mom is a naked slut.” Andy was talking dirty now.

I sucked him till he was ready to blast his load out. Then I withdrew my mouth and grabbed his penis in my hand. He blasted his cream out on my tits.

Later at night, I called him to my bedroom. I was naked and I had two rubber cocks in my hand. I handed over one rubber toy to my son.

“Andy, tonight your momma wants to masturbate both in her ass and pussy. You are going to masturbate momma in her ass and I will masturbate myself in my pussy.”

“You naked slut mom”

“Andy, I love the way you talk dirty about momma.”

My görükle escort son masturbated me in the ass and I rocked my pussy. I spent the night enjoying my double masturbation with my son. I masturbated him, too, a few times.

The next day, I asked Andy to drive me to a secluded beach.

“Carry your video camera along.”

Andy drove me to the beach.

I walked the beach in my bikini and Andy carried the video camera behind me, filming my movements. I turned around to give Andy a close view of my cleavage.

Then I got rid of my bikini in front of his video camera. I was naked on the beach.

“Andy, come make a video of momma, bathing naked by the sea.”

“Mom, this is like a dream come true.”

I walked closer to the sea. A wave of water hit my naked body making me wet.

“You know mom, it is a treat to film your beach exhibitionism in all your naked glory.”

I spent half an hour on the beach, all wet and naked for Andy’s video.

“Mom, I just can’t wait to masturbate to this video of yours.”

Back home, Andy jumped naked into bed with my beach video. He was masturbating with all his lustful energy as he talked dirty about me.

“Oh God, my sexy slut mom is all naked bathing on the beach. Oh my, she is so shameless she got her own son to make a video of her bathing naked on the beach. My God, my mom is porn material; my sexy mom is the ultimate porn material. I want to strip my mom naked….absolutely naked. I want to fuck you mom. I want to fuck my mom naked. I want to touch and feel every inch of my mom’s naked body. I want to be a mother fucker.”

Andy was screaming and pumping his cock. I was standing naked outside his room watching his masturbation session. It just didn’t matter to him.

The next evening, I got a call from my husband. He was coming over for a weekend, taking time out of his busy schedule. I was delighted. I told my son about it.

“Mom, are you happy?”

“Off course darling, I am. At last your sex starved momma will get some sex.”

It was a lie. I had been fucking Harry and my son knew about it.

“Mom, you don’t look like the kind of woman who would be sex starved for long, even if her husband is away.”

“Andy, your momma is a naughty gal, but no slut.” I reminded him. I knew it was a lie. He knew it was a lie.

“Honey, can you come along with momma to the market. I want a new sexy designer bikini stitched. I want to show it to your dad.”

“Don’t you have enough bikinis already, mom?”

“Just one more darling, a real skimpy one”

“How skimpy, mom?”

“This one will show momma’s nipples.”

“O.K. mom”

Andy drove me to my favorite shopping place, Giovanni and Daniels. A young guy in his 20s greeted me in his chamber.

“I want a designer bikini stitched. This one has to be really sexy, allowing a glimpse of my nipples.”

“Sure madam”

“I want the perfect fit. Measure me.”

I put my sexy top and mini skirt aside. I only had a bikini on now and waited for the handsome youngster to measure my assets.

He came near me and started his job. I could feel the nervousness in his hands. I also noticed the bulge in his trousers. He placed the tape next to my bikini bra.

“It is not the bikini that you must measure. It is my tits. And for that you must take my bra off.” I smiled seductively as I looked at him. My son was watching it all. He was hard too.

The young designer was really embarrassed. I smiled again and ripped my bra off and tossed it away.

“Now measure my tits. I want the sexiest bikini on earth to show to my husband.”

With nervous hands, he placed his tape on my breasts. The tips of his fingers touched my tits. He noted the measurements.

“Measure them again, I don’t want any mistakes.”

This time, he was looking far more confident as he measured my tits. He grabbed one breast in his hand and pressed the tape against it. He noted the measurement. Then, he repeated the process with the other breast.


“Now I want the measures for the G-string.”

The young designer bent down and wrapped the tape around the panties I was wearing.

“Not this way, darling, not with my panties on.”

Then I turned to my son, I said, “Andy, tell him what he is supposed to do.”

“Take off my momma’s panties and measure her naked.”

“Yes honey, that’s how you must do it.” I instructed him with another slut-like smile.

The youngster slipped my panties off to make me naked.

“I want the perfect sexy G-string, showing just a glimpse of my neatly trimmed hairy pussy.” I told him as I poked one finger inside my pussy with another naughty smile.

He wrapped the measuring tape below my navel and noted the measurements.

“Measure my pussy darling.”

He bent down and drew a circle around my pussy with his tape. Then, as he proceeded to note the measurements, I stopped him.

“Make that half-an-inch less than what you have measured. I don’t mind showing off a bit of my pussy. I want the bikini to be really sexy and karacabey escort make sure that my ass shows in the bikini. But I don’t want the asshole making its way out.”

“Sure madam”

“I want it within 24 hours.”

“We are always on time, madam.”

“Thanks.” I handed him the advance money. I put my bikini into the little hand that I carried and then wore my top and mini skirt. I walked out with my son into the busy market place.

“Andy, just lift momma’s mini skirt up to give a nice view to the people around.” I whispered into my son’s ears.

“Sure mom”

He grabbed my mini and lifted it up from behind exposing my ass.

“Now show them your momma’s pussy too.”

He lifted my skirt up from the front as my juices began to flow. He drove me back home.

Later that night, after dinner, I walked into Andy’s room in a sexy bikini. He was standing with only his shorts on as he flipped the pages of a magazine. I stood behind him close enough for my bikini-clad tits to rub against his bare back. It was the same magazine in which I had posed naked.

“Which are the pictures you really like, Andy?”

“These two mom”

He pointed to two pictures, one on the left page and the other on the right.

“What’s so special about them, Andy?” I asked him as I slipped my hand inside his boxer shorts and took his erect cock in my hand.

“That is because my sexy mom is completely naked. One picture shows her beautiful pussy and the other one shows her sexy ass. And she is smiling like a real slut showing off every inch of her naked body. These two pages on the left and right make for the perfect mother fucking masturbation material.”

I could feel his cock getting bigger as he spoke. I began to masturbate him as he lustfully looked at my naked pictures in the magazine.

“Make me naked mom.”

I pulled his shorts down and threw them away. Then I pressed my bikini top really hard against his back to allow my tits to feel the hardness of his manly body. I grabbed his cock once again.

“Masturbate me mom.” I was pumping away at his cock as he looked at my naked pictures in the magazine.

“Mom, you are fucking hot. I would not blame the photographer if he had lost control and banged you there and then.”

“And what if your momma had seduced the handsome photographer with his cock in her pussy I asked him with a naughty smile.

“Mom, I can understand dad’s long absence has left your sex starved. I know you have your sexual needs too. So I would not really blame you if you had gone ahead and fucked the handsome photographer.”

That was really pleasing. I now knew that Andy wasn’t really upset about my sexual adventures with Harry. I continued to masturbate Andy till he had ejaculated.

Now I wanted some pleasure of my own.

“Andy, do you know the rubber penis momma plays with?”

“Yes mom”

“Get it for momma.”

He ran to his room and was back with my sex toy in no time.

“Now get ready to massage momma. I hope you don’t mind giving momma a massage in your bedroom.” I said and jumped into his bed.

“Oh mom, my pleasure”

“I want the massage to be really hot and erotic. I want you to put momma in great mood before your dad’s arrival.”

“Sure mom”

I lay on my back as my naked son joined me in bed to give me a massage.

He started at my feet and then gradually came up to my knees. Then he moved up to my thighs. His fingers were all over the inside of my thighs.

I loved his massage. He kissed me all over my belly. Then he began to lick me. My stomach was soon wet by all the licking it got. He moved up and kissed me all over my neck while his hands felt my arms and back. My body was on fire now.

He bent over me and locked his lips against mine. We were kissing like lovers.

“Mom, do you want this massage to get hotter?”

“Off course, darling”

He began fiddling with the string of my bikini bra even as he looked into my eyes and smiled. I knew he wanted to untie my bikini top.

“Yes darling, make it hotter. Take off momma’s bra.” I whispered into his ears.

He got rid of my bikini top and tossed it away. Then, he kissed my nipples and began sucking my tits.

“Mummy, you don’t need your panties on now.” Andy pointed out with an erotic smile on his face.

“How do you know darling?”

“Mom, you have a rubber penis lying next to you. And you need to be naked to play with it.”

“That’s right darling”

Andy lost no time in grabbing my panties. He began to slip them down inch-by-inch as I looked on with a smile. He threw my panties away making me completely naked. I picked up my rubber toy and inserted it into my pussy and began to masturbate while he got busy sucking my tits.

“Suck them honey, suck your momma’s tits.” I moaned with delight as my breasts got wet with my son’s saliva.

His erect cock rubbed against my thighs as he leaned over me to kiss me. In the past, I had been masturbating with my toys alone. It was really nice to have my breasts sucked as I lay naked with mudanya escort a rubber toy in my pussy. I enjoyed some powerful orgasms and screamed like a nymphomaniac.

“Mom, I need some attention to my cock now.”

“Sure darling, come let your penis feel your mom’s tits.”

Soon, his cock was all over my wet boobs. I grabbed his prick and started to rub it all over my breasts.

“Mom, it is an absolute delight to feel your oranges with my dick.”

His penis continued to play with my bosom untie he had ejaculated, leaving his cream on my oranges.

I moved into the bathroom to wash my tits clean. My son followed me into the bathroom. Naked, the two of us stood under the shower feeling each others’ legs. I turned around to rub my ass against his. Then we hugged and kissed. I fingered my pussy and he moved up to kiss my belly, my tits, my shoulders and armpits.

Once again, he stood up and took me in his arms. I could feel his erection against my thighs.

“Let us fuck mom. Let us go all the way and have sex.” He whispered those dangerously pleasurable words in my ears. After all we were both wet and naked in the privacy of a bathroom well past midnight. His words were simply too tempting.

My legs, my thighs, my ass, my tits, my pussy were all delighted. But my brain resisted.

“No honey, I am your mom.”

“Mom, what if we had not been mom and son?”

“Then we’d be fucking each other crazy.” My own words were turning me on like mad. I looked into my horny son’s lust filled eyes.

I knew that he could lose control and go all the way while I would be helpless against his physical strength and my own half-hearted resistance. After all it was getting enjoyable for me too.

Impulsively, I bent down, took his cock into my mouth and began sucking him. He was moaning with delight. This went on until he had ejaculated.

Next evening, I was alone at home. I put on a bikini and went for a swim. Minutes later as I came out of the pool, I saw Harry walk in. I greeted him with a peck on his cheeks.

“Honey, I’m moving over to Canada. I just got the job I’d been looking for so long.”

“I’ll really miss you darling.”

“Miss you too honey. Just one last time, let’s have some fun” he whispered into my ears even as he untied my bikini bra.

He tossed my bra away and we kissed like lovers. Next, I got rid of his boxer shorts to take his erect cock out.

“Make me naked.” I whispered seductively.

He lost no time in pulling my G-string down and drove his penis into my pussy. Harry was fucking me by the side of the pool when Andy, my son, arrived. The exhibitionist in me was absolutely thrilled. I was naked, and fucked while my son watched. It was more fun than being fucked on cameras that my son had put up. This was live action.

“Fuck her hard, Harry. Make my sex-starved mom happy.”

I was really pleased by Andy’s words.

“Do you like watching your mom getting fucked all naked?” I asked my son with another seductive smile.

“Off course mom”

“Andy, your mom is the fuck of the century. Have you fucked her?” Harry could not resist asking.

“Nope, not yet”

“This is incredible. How can a guy as virile and horny as you live next to a woman as sexy as your mom without fucking her?”

Harry continued to stroke me hard till he blasted his load deep inside me.

After Harry had left, I felt a sudden loneliness around me.

Later at night, Andy put his arm around me, “Mom, I know you are missing Harry.”

“Yes honey. I’m missing Harry.”

“You know mom, there is something that will always remind you of the good times you had with Harry.”

“What is that Andy?”

“You know mom, I have a video of Harry and you naked in bed, fucking away like there is no tomorrow.”

I knew about the video. But I decided to ask.

“Where on earth did you get that video from?”

“I put up cameras in your bathroom and bedroom mom.”

“Naughty boy”

“Darling, come let us watch the video together.” I had not seen the video. I wanted to watch it now. I was really excited.

“Sure mom, just come over to my room.”

Andy put the video on. The 42 inch plasma TV made the viewing a pleasurable experience. I saw myself naked in the shower. Then the bedroom scenes of Harry stripping me naked and fucking me.

Andy removed all his clothes as he watched the video. Then he began to kiss my cheeks and fondle my breasts.

“Andy, do you have a condom?”

“Oh mom, I have a few left over from my days in London. They remind me of my girlfriend.”

“Take one out.”

“Oh mom, are we?”

“Just take one out.”

Andy got up and took one condom out.

“Give it to me.”

He gave me the condom.

“Come undress momma.”

He lost no time in getting rid of my skimpy night gown, my bra and panties to make me naked.

“Mummy, are we fucking?”


“Then why do we need this condom?”

I rolled the lubricated rubber balloon up his erect cock.

“Andy, just sit down with your back against the pillow and spread your legs out.” I instructed him. He did just that. I saw his tower standing up between his legs. Then I moved up and sat down naked in his lap. My legs were on top of his legs. His condom-clad penis was now caught between our thighs. His hands turned around to grab my tits. I put my finger in my pussy.

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