Muslim Lady Desperate for Job


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Shabnam was in lounge of a reputed software firm in Bangalore for her job interview as a Data Analyst. She never had the need to search for a job after her BE graduation as her husband Raman Mathur was earning quite well. Since his accident three months back, he had lost his job and the rent his medical bills were mounting up day by day, and Raman’s family nor her family come to their help because of the inter religion marriage, and they had deserted them two years back when they got married against their wishes.

Shabnam was really desperate for a job, and she had been rejected by many companies because of her lack of experience. She needed this job very badly to get out the financial crisis and was able to get an interview in this good company, with a well paid position.

She went to the interview wearing black pants, a white shirt and a black blazer over her shirt to impress the people who were going to interview her. Shabnam was wearing a black lacy bra under her shirt which was unable to cover her 36D breasts and the bra could be seen between the shirt buttons which had opened up due to her huge breasts size and her blazer was helping her to cover her modesty.

It was almost 5.30pm and Shabnam saw most of them logging out and leaving their cubicles. She was the last to be called inside the office for her interview. When she entered the office she saw a man in his mid thirties sitting behind the big desk and his name read as Rajesh Sharma. It was a corner office and the windows in the office were the ones to look out, unable to open them for safety.

The interview went fine and Shabnam was giving all the details Rajesh was asking her and could see that he was spending more time looking at her boobs and undressing her with his eyes unabashedly.

Shabnam thought that Rajesh was more interested in her breasts rather than her resume. She thought why not entice him by showing her cleavage and impress him to get the job which she needed so badly.

She asked him, “Do you mind if I remove my blazer Sir, it’s very hot in here.” He smiled at her and said it was fine with him. She could see him trying to adjust himself in his seat behind his desk.

Shabnam removed her blazer and saw his eyes widen when he saw her breasts trying to pop out from her tight shirt. The interview went on some time and she thought he was taking his own time to interview her.

She saw Rajesh kept staring at her large breasts and trying to look at her resume but she could tell he was still looking at her boobs he said, “Well, Mrs. Shabnam, you have good qualifications, but I wonder if they are real or fake. You may have a chance to get this job, only if you could prove that your…qualifications are for real.”

Shabnam knew exactly what he was talking about and that is when she realized this man wanted to see or maybe feel her breasts! She was offended and got mad on hearing him say that as the interview was turning into something sexual. She was tempted to walk out right then and there but she didn’t as she needed this job very badly. Shabnam knew that she made her first mistake by removing her blazer exposing her big breasts on her tight white shirt to impress him.

“Yes SIR, my qualifications are REAL, not fake. I think you need to read my resume carefully.” Shabnam replied in a firm tone and let him know she knew what he was talking about. She thought that would end this but it didn’t.

Rajesh smiled back at her and said, “Well, I guess I have to take your word for it. But this is an important job and I can’t take chances on someone who might not have the right qualifications or is faking them.”

“Sir, I am not a small school girl and I am 26 years old married lady and I know you are referring to my breasts as real or fake ones. I can file a complaint to the police for sexual harassment.”

Rajesh’s smile was gone and said,”Mrs. Shabnam, I’m sorry if you misunderstood me. I think you are not suitable for the job here. I will get in touch with you if a suitable job comes up.”

He placed her resume in the file folder and looked at her. Shabnam wondered if her attitude cost her job just now. Her mind was full of confusion as she was trying to think what went wrong, but then she caught him staring at her breasts again and she knew that she was right.

Shabnam badly needed this job and she knew that ball was in her court now. She could just have walked out of there with her dignity and head held high. Shabnam thought of the balance house rent and the mounting medical bills of her husband and the desperation for the job took over her common sense.

“Ok Sir. I will prove that they are real.” Rajesh sat up hearing her. Shabnam began to unbutton her shirt and kept thinking, “What am I doing for a job….Yaa Allah…..Raman, please forgive me.”

Rajesh had a wicked smile on his face as she completely unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it open revealing her lacy bra. She thought that would be enough escort izmir for him, but he shook his head no and said, “Hmm, Mrs. Shabnam, this is not sufficient, I need to see more.”

Shabnam blushed as she unhooked her bra which was in the front and for the first time she was exposing her breasts to another man other than her hubby. She couldn’t look at him as she pushed the bra cups off her breasts, the cool A/C air hit her nipples and they were erect. Shabnam looked up saw Rajesh standing up smiling, she looked down at his pants and she saw an erection.

“You have nice qualifications; Mrs. Shabnam, nice hard nipples and very good size breasts.” He moved from his desk and stood in front of her.

“Mrs. Shabnam how big is your…qualifications?”

“36D Sir.” Shabnam said and was ashamed of what she was doing and she sat down on the chair.

“GOOD, nice and beautiful qualifications, but I need to examine them more closely.” With that, he moved behind her, reached over her shoulders and slowly ran his hands down to her boobs. Shabnam shivered as the man began to fondle her breasts.

She tried not to move, tried not show any pleasure; but when he began to play with and pull on her sensitive nipples she let out a moan. Shabnam experience intense pleasure when her sensitive nipples are touched or sucked on and Rajesh was doing the same which was getting her aroused. He pressed his crotch against the back of her head and she could feel his hard cock pressing against her head. She knew he had good length one and the girth was also more to her dismay.

Shabnam let him play with her boobs for few minutes. She just sat there and let this man, ‘interview’ her boobs and rub his hard cock on her head. Shabnam was very wet already as she was deprived of sex from three months with her hubby’s accident. Every time he pulled on her nipples she moaned and he said, “Mrs. Shabnam, you like me playing with your qualifications….eeerrr…..breasts.”

Then he told her to stand up and she did without saying a word. He turned her around; Shabnam knew what he was going to do next. He bent his head down and began to suck on her breasts. He was so good at it that she let out a moan. Shabnam let the pleasure take over for a moment, placed her hands on his head, and guided him between her breasts letting him suck on both nipples. He looked up into her eyes as he flicked his tongue on her hard nipples, no matter how hard she tried to hide it; he could see the intense pleasure he was giving to her.

This went on for another five minutes or so before Rajesh suddenly stopped and walked behind his desk. He sat down and he told her to sit down too. Shabnam started to button up her shirt, but he stopped her before she got the first one buttoned up.

“Mrs. Shabnam, your qualifications are real and perfect.” she blushed and said “Thank you Sir. Then she saw a wicked smile on his face. “This job requires good oral skills, how is your oral communication skill?”

Shabnam wondered what he was talking about and saw his tongue move between his lips, she understood that he was asking her for a blowjob. She never enjoyed giving blowjob even to her hubby as she didn’t like the-cum taste.

Shabnam hesitated and said, “Sir, please don’t ask me to do that.”

Rajesh stared at her, “Mrs. Shabnam if you want this job you will have to show me some oral skills.” Then he unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them. Shabnam watched as he pulled out his hard cock and she could see the pre-cum oozing out from the tip and cursed herself because of her dumb decision.

“It is time to show me your oral communication skills, Mrs. Shabnam.”

Shabnam cursed herself for letting him go this far and thought that if she make him cum he might be happy at her and give her the job she needed so badly. Shabnam got up and slowly walked around to his side of the desk. She felt like a slut as she looked at him.

“Ok Sir, I will do it, but please don’t make me swallow your cum.” He smiled at her as she knelt down in front of him. As she reached for his cock he stopped her.

Rajesh stood up, looking down at her he said, “Mrs. Shabnam if you want this job, impress me with your oral skills.” He dropped his pants to his knees as she got ready to please him by sucking his cock. Rajesh wanted to see her suck his cock he wanted to stand over her, looking down at her as she gave him a blowjob. He wanted to her to feel like a slut in front of him. Shabnam grabbed his hard cock in her hands and it was throbbing; it was hot and sticky from his pre-cum. she cringed at knowing how it would taste as she opened her mouth.

“Shabnam! Look at me as you show me your oral skills.” Mrs. Shabnam was gone and now only Shabnam, she looked up as him as she slid his cock into her mouth. His pre-cum tasted salty, sticky, she didn’t have any choice but to swallow it.

Rajesh moaned as his cock disappeared in her mouth. Shabnam slid his shaft along her tongue, keeping her lips wrapped tightly around his thick shaft. When he felt her swallow his pre-cum he izmir escort bayan raised his eyebrows and smiled at her. Shabnam thought of giving him a quick blowjob and make him cum soon and went hard on his cock.

Rajesh shouted, “Don’t rush me up, Shabnam. Take your time; I want to make sure your oral skills are perfect for the job.”

Shabnam slowly worked his hard shaft in and out of her mouth. His moans could barely be heard over the slurping noise coming from her mouth as she sucked on his cock. He ran his fingers through her hair as she slowly slid his cock in and out of her mouth, repeatedly. A couple of times Shabnam let his cock pop out of her mouth to catch her breath. When she did that he hissed, “Lick it Shabnam. Lick my fucking cock.”

Shabnam obeyed him and slowly ran her tongue down his cock, starting at his cock head, slowly snaking it around his throbbing shaft then slowly sliding it back up. He told her to stick her tongue out; he grabbed his cock and slowly slid his hand up his wet cock squeezing out some pre-cum onto her tongue. Then Rajesh said, “Shabnam, if you want this job you have to lick my cum.” And she did it.

Then his office phone rang in the middle of the blowjob. Shabnam stopped as he picked up the phone, he looked down at her, “Did I ask you to stop Shabnam, and our interview is still on.”

Shabnam mouthed his cock again like a whore and started sucking him off for the job. As she gave him blowjob, she was listening to him, “Yes I’m still in the middle of my interview. She is a very good candidate and I would like to talk to her longer. Yes, that sounds good.”

Then Rajesh hung up the phone and looked down at Shabnam reached down with his hands and grabbed her boobs. He fondled them for a moment before he spoke. “That was my PA asking if she could go home. Now we have more time to continue our interview.”

Then he told Shabnam that she could speed up, so she did as he ordered her. She worked his cock in and out of her mouth faster, playing with his balls at the same time. Shabnam thought that if she made him cum quickly, she could get out of here; She was so wrong as she was about to find out why.

After a couple of minutes, the office door opened and two more men came in. Rajesh was looking down at her, watching his cock getting sucked, but when the men came in, he turned to look at them. “Prem, Abdul, meet Shabnam, She is interviewing for the post we called for. She has great qualifications, real big breasts and as you can see she is showing me her oral communication skills.”

Almost immediately, Shabnam removed Rajesh’s cock out of my mouth and looking at him said, “SIR, please, NO.”

He ignored Shabnam, Abdul said, “I never thought Muslim’s women sucks cock so nicely and she is beautiful lady with big breasts.”Prem nodded in approval and said, “We need to interview her as well.”

Rajesh grinned, “Sure Dudes. Come and have a look at her big breasts. You can watch her oral…..err….cock sucking skills.” He then grabbed his cock and slapped Shabnam on the face with his cock. “Your work is not finished yet Bitch. Keep on sucking!”

Mrs. Shabnam to Shabnam and now to Bitch. Shabnam knew she was trapped and she couldn’t do anything now and it was too late to turn back now as she was at their sexual whims. Shabnam hesitatingly went back to suck on Rajesh’s cock as fast as she could. She looked from the corner of her eyes and watched Prem and Abdul removing their pants. Shabnam never had sex with anyone apart from her hubby and never a Muslim guy even though she was a Muslim herself. Her eyes bulged out when he pulled out his cock, it was too big! He saw her and laughed, “Don’t be surprised after all it a Muslim’s cock, Jaan.”

“She had an inter caste marriage and her husband’s name is Raman, so she hasn’t seen a Muslim’s cock before, I think Abdul.”Rajesh said jokingly.

When the new men saw her big breasts, their cocks jumped with joy. Prem said, “Oh God, look at her breasts, she can feed the whole office if she had any milk in them!”

Abdul said, “Yeah you are right, I would like to fuck her breasts.”

The two of them knelt down on either side of Shabnam and began fondling her breasts. Rajesh told them to pull her nipples, “Guys, play with her nipples and this Bitch loves it.” Two of them pulled both her nipples and Shabnam moaned and sucked Rajesh’s cock harder. Rajesh noticed it and told them she was sucking his cock much better now.

Shabnam had never been with three guys before and it was turning her on more. The two of them grabbed her breasts and began sucking on them. Each of them held one of Shabnam’s breasts with one hand and with their other hands; they rubbed her ass, squeezed and rubbed her pussy through her pants.

Shabnam nearly had an orgasm when they did that. Then Rajesh’s cock stiffened even more and she could see his eyes glazing over and she knew he was about to cum. Then Rajesh said, “Bitch, I’m going to cum. Hey dudes, Shabnam told me she doesn’t like the-cum taste. What do you think I should izmir escortlar do?”

Shabnam pleaded, “Sir sir..Please, don’t cum in my mouth or on my face, it may ruin my dress and I can’t go out like this,”

“So where do you want me to cum bitch,” Rajesh hissed at her.

Shabnam looked at his angry face and meekly said,” if you want, you can cum in my pussy, I have got protection.”

“Oh yeah, we can see her pussy in that way, Rajesh, dump your load in her pussy and we can teach her how to swallow cum later.”Prem said.

Rajesh looked down at her pleading face and pulled his cock out of her mouth. “Ok, stand up and remove your pants and show us your pussy, Bitch.”

Shabnam reluctantly got up unzipped her pants and pulled her pants and panties down to reveal her neatly trimmed pussy to these sex hungry men. Rajesh pushed her to the edge of the table, widened her legs to make room for himself. He placed his cock head at her pussy hole quickly and penetrated her without much effort as she was all wet inside.

“Fuck me back Bitch, I am very close to cumminggggg……aahh…oooh.”

Rajesh groaned loudly, his body tensed up and then his cock erupted with a long load of cum. It was hot, sticky, and salty and Shabnam felt like he filled her pussy completely with his big load of cum. But that was not it; he then shot another load of his cum into her pussy. Shabnam couldn’t do anything but lean back against the desk, her pussy receiving his cum into it. Prem and Abdul were watching them with desperation on their faces thinking when their turn will be coming up.

As soon Rajesh finished shooting his cum, he rammed his cock deep into her pussy and stayed still.

Shabnam I had no choice but to lie under him her pussy swallowing his cum. She felt so humiliated but had no one to blame but herself. She could have left, but didn’t and now she was going to be a cocksucker for this job.

Satisfied Rajesh smiled and said, “Shabnam, you did a good job, you have good oral skills and your pussy milked my cock good, better than your mouth.”

Shabnam felt ashamed and proud too on hearing his praise, but was taken aback when Rajesh pulled his cock out of her pussy and said, “Well Mrs. Shabnam, I’m sure Prem and Abdul can interview you now.”

Shabnam looked at Prem and Abdul who came jerking their cocks towards her and wondered what will happen to her now.

Prem and Abdul came towards her and pushed her down on the floor making her kneel in front of them. Both of them tried to shove their cocks into her mouth simultaneously, but Rajesh stopped them. “Guys, take it easy, don’t scare her. We have enough time and I’m sure Mrs. Shabnam will show you both her oral skills. Be patient and be gentle with her.”

Rajesh helped her to get up and made her sit on the chair. “See Mrs. Shabnam, I am not the bad guy you are thinking. Your knees might be hurting. Sit here and show your oral skills to my friends, maybe one of us can hire you in our team and your job chances are more now.”

Shabnam sat on the chair; Rajesh pulled her shirt wide open exposing her big 36D breasts to his friends. He began to suck on one of her boobs making her moan. Prem and Abdul looked at each other. Prem said to Abdul he could go next, he would save the big Muslim cock for last. Prem stood next to Shabnam on one side of the chair, his cock aimed right at her mouth.

“Ok Shabnam, time to show me your oral skills.” Prem said while giving her a dirty smile. There was no choice for Shabnam, so she grabbed his cock with her hands mouthed his 6 inch cock and began to give him a blowjob. Prem was a gentle guy unlike Rajesh; he slowly fucked her mouth as well.

Rajesh stood up and asked Abdul if he wanted to suck on Shabnam’s breasts. Abdul grinned and yes. He sucked on her one boob, playing with both of them, squeezing them, fondling them and telling his friends that they were the perfect size to be fucked and my boobs would look great with his big Muslim cock between them.

Shabnam saw Prem slowly and gently fuck her mouth, and Abdul playing with and sucking on her breasts. Shabnam looked down at her legs and saw Rajesh kneeling down on the floor in front of her.

“I think Shabnam needs some special attention. I think she needs to get some attention too.” He spread her legs and cleaned her pussy with a tissue paper which he had taken from his table. Throwing the tissue paper away her rubbed her pussy and said, “Oh Fuck Shabnam, I will give you an orgasm that you won’t forget in your life.”

Rajesh pulled her pants and panties down which were near her knees pulled them off her legs and rubbed her pussy. Shabnam squirmed and moaned even louder, Prem’s cock slid out of her mouth as she let out a loud groan of pleasure. They loved hearing that and Shabnam didn’t want to admit but she was getting intense pleasure from these three men which she never got from her husband Raman during their three years of marriage.

Rajesh smiled. “Look, Shabnam trims her pussy and it is clean down here guys.” Then Rajesh planted his face on her pussy and started eating her pussy which her hubby never did. He was so good that she actually opened her legs wider to let him deep inside her. He was an expert with his tongue as lapped at her wet pussy.

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