He is my God Now


He is my God now. At this point I might be less than a pet to him; he treats me more like a toy, a mere object. If that were not all, I cannot help but admit that I would enjoy nothing more. He can do whatever he wants, and I can only accept, in my powerlessness. Who is he you ask? Let me fill you in.

I am in my early twenties and I used to run a decently successful online business. It was perfect for me, as I had worked to the point where very little active effort from me was needed. I had no partner, but life was looking good.

It all changed one night. My 18-year-old little brother came banging on my door, with a distraught look on his face. He said our parents had cast him out. This did not surprise me, as I too had distanced myself from them. To them, my brother and I were simply something to cast aside as soon as they legally could.

Observing from the outside, some might say that letting my little brother into my home was a great mistake, but knowing what I know now, it was the best decision bursa escort I ever made. What happened between letting my brother in my house and our current relationship is a long story, best saved for another time. Let me instead detail how I live my life now:

He has shrunk me to the size of a thumb, and his current game is to keep me taped between his beautiful, round ass cheeks, with my face facing his crack. This has gone on without interruption for days. Without. interruption. There is no regard for whatever experiences this puts me through. But I have accepted this, for he, who used to be my little brother, is now my God, and I, his obedient toy.

I now spend every waking second licking my God’s otherworldly asshole. It brings me immense joy, and seizing brings me fear. Whenever I stop serving my former little brother, I know I am in for a painful punishment.

Last time I failed in my constant serving, and fell asleep, he tied my legs, hung me upside down, and dropped me in bursa escort bayan a jar. He then placed his gorgeous godhood in with me, and began unleashing a seemingly endless stream of warm, gushing piss. Before long, I was submerged, and in pain. My eyes could not handle the acidity. I ended up swallowing unthinkable amounts, struggling to breathe. My God seemed casually amused by my struggle. Only after I believed I had already drowned, was my limp body removed from the jar. Upon regaining consciousness, I was soon forced to dive once more. My one solace was that my God still felt satisfied devoting me such attention.

With the pain still fresh in my memory, I continue my licking, and serving. I know not what time of day, or night, it is. My world is comprised of darkness, surrounded by the giant buttocks that trap me. Only occasionally does a glimmer of light escape its way to my eyes, unless my God wills otherwise.

The taste is beyond anything in this world. My sanity and individuality escort bursa are long since gone, and every lick sends a jolt of pleasure down my very being. I am now only part of my God, and my very instincts are geared towards pleasing him.

All of a sudden, my world rumbles, and I feel an immense pressure on the back of my head. From experience, I know it is the finger of my God, larger than my own body. “I’m going to bed, slave”, I heard a voice thunder. I knew what was coming, as this ritual had been repeated every night in recent memory.

My God pushes my body, head first, right inside the dark hole I had been worshipping all day. “Good night, slut!” is the last thing I hear, before my new environment engulfs me. I am once again inside my new home that my God has seen fit for me, and I cannot even pretend not to feel a sense of belonging. Just being aware of my own lowly position is more than my body can handle; an unfathomable pleasure surges through my body, and I come.

I cannot wait for what wonderful gifts my God will grant me tomorrow. I have found happiness in worshipping my superior, who used to be my little brother. I feared he might subject me to living in hell for the rest of my life, but I know now that he has delivered me heaven.

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