Little Girls Play Dangerous Games

Big Dicks

The following is based loosely on real life event. I had forgotten all about that youthful indiscretion until I ran across the real story written down on Literotica at the time. Minor changes have been made for flavor. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did at the time.


Jake; I cant help but eye him like that … look at him hungrily. Juggling the large floral arrangement I was carrying, I eyed him through the flowers. A man like that was just so delicious. Tall, broad, and powerful. He was gorgeous with his short dirty blond hair and goatee that traced his strong jaw. The lines beginning to show around his eyes made him look mischievous and the scar on his cheek added an air of danger. His 6.4ft frame was thickly muscled from his boxing hobby and was wrapped in well-fitted tux looking positively irresistible. How is it they managed to find a tux that fit his chest and yet couldn’t find one that wouldn’t strain against my breasts?

I inhaled his intoxicating scent as I sashayed by and gave him a once over. He smirked at the buttons straining at my chest and threw me a wink. I could feel a blush creeping up my neck from under the lapels of my tux. Dirty man.

This had been going on for months between him and I, eyeing each other hungrily in the computer room, trading suggestive remarks, sitting a little too close for comfort… all seemingly in jest. Jake was older, in his 30’s, and I had just turned 18. The man was divorced, he had kids who were closer to my age than I was to him. It would be wrong. It would be… dirty. And yet… we kept teasing. All the hours I had spent alone with him… all the nights I went home hungry and excited from class, left wanting because neither of us would call each other on it, were coming to a peak.

I couldn’t even see him without heat pooling deep in my body. I was tuned to his spicy smell, the sight of him, the subtle grace with with he walked, like a great cat languidly moving, raw strength and grace. I wanted him, there was no doubt. Tonight I would test the limits of our constant teasing.

Tonight was college graduation and we were both donating our time at the ceremony. So there we where, stuck for several hours together in our tuxes. I kept getting excited thinking about all the hidden empty rooms, all the things we had to take to storage, all the time I’d have really alone with him. Every chance I got, I volunteered to take a job that would put me near him that afternoon… hoping for my chance

As we were coming back from the kitchen I made my usual pass at him. “Hey there handsome. My aren’t we looking tasty this evening?”

He gave me a hot look and rumbled in his sultry voice “Little girl, I’ve been around a few times, and frankly, you wouldn’t know what to do.” He leaned in and smirked, “I don’t have the time to train you. I’d spend the whole two hours just having to show you what to do.” Then he walked off, pleased with himself for having the last word again. Every time, cat and mouse ends with him sauntering off.

No more mouse this evening. It was time to change the game. The theater was quiet still, just a few of us here setting up; I had to keep my voice low. I walked up beside him and he offered me his arm. Looking straight ahead while we were walking, I said in a low even voice, “You may have been around the block a few times mister, but I bet I’ve got some naughty surprises that you would be rather pleased with.”

I gave him that same hungry look and ran my finger up the front of his lapel…leaving him somewhere between a laugh and a groan. He raised his eyebrow and tried to chuckle at the touch, to give me an out, where we could both laugh it off and pretend neither was serious.

I was staring silently at his mouth until the deep rumble of his laugh stopped and turned into a slow grin. He murmured, “What are you staring at little girl?”

“You” and I looked him up and down.

His eyes flashed, desire? Frustration at the change in the game? Beylikdüzü escort Maybe he felt I was playing a little close to the fire. His grin turned a little cruel at the edge and he leaned against the wall.”You wanna go? because there’s a nice dark stage right there.”

Then to mock me further, like he’d been doing for so long, he spoke loudly in the direction of the supervisor, “I’m gonna go check the lighting on the stage.” and then prowled off in that direction.

I followed. He looked back and there I was.. looking at him with lowered lids and a hungry look in my eye. Surprise flashed on his face and his smirk was momentarily lost as he froze, unsure of the new rules of the game. I moved through the back of the theater till I was a few feet away and then stopped… momentarily frozen and wide eyed. My heart thudded in my chest, heat pooled in my core, and I suddenly felt like a mouse who had mistakenly trapped a great cat.

The languid smirk returned. He glanced around cautiously before he slipped into the dressing room. He gave me that teasing look, the knowing one, that he was about to call me on the game. It was well played this evening, we had added some new rules, but I had lost. He knew I wouldn’t actually follow him. All our teasing would break off at the last minute and neither would follow through with our thinly veiled promises. Yes, he knew I wouldn’t go through with it… I was too young to be serious. But not tonight. Tonight was the night I was going to see what would happen if I said yes.

I followed him. My heart still thundered in my ears, but the wide eyed look was gone, replaced with something new… something a bit predatory… a smirk. I walked up and stopped within inches of his lips, tilting my face, parting my lips. We began to slowly circle each other, both breathing heavily.. not kissing, barely touching.

He looked down at me with that sexy half grin “Are you for real little girl?”

I raised my hands to his hips and leaned in to graze his delicious looking lips. So soft.. and dangerous. I’m not sure who groaned.. maybe it was both of us, it didn’t matter. “ah ma” he breathed, and pulled my hips to him, suddenly crushing me with his lips, swirling his tongue around mine.

I could feel him for the first time, pulsing against me. There we were; straining against each other, kisses hot and languid… fire on an intensity I had not known burning down to my very fingertips.. burning everywhere he touched. Oh and how he touched.

His wide hands, thick well muscled hands, moved up my torso and he began to kneed my large breasts roughly. I groaned as his fingers left strokes of heat in their path, my nipples and chest feeling like they were on fire. His eyes flashed as he felt the weight of them and heard my groan, “Oh you’ve got something sweet for me there.”

“mmmhmmmm.” I nodded.

I gyrated against him, grinding my pelvis into his throbbing self. I reached down and framed him with my hand. His bucked towards me as I began roughly stroking him.

He groaned loudly and pushed me a bit away. He took a breath and glance back up at me,his eyes bored into me with a devious grin, “You know what my problem is” he gestured down at himself with a chuckle “Im so hot right now … obviously.”

I ran my hands over his large erection to emphasize his statement. “but I cant tell if you are little one, and that’s just not fair.” He shook his head.

He began to slowly pull at my waist band and slip his hand inside. I, who had been thinking about him all day was so swollen, so hot, so WET, by this point I was beginning to pool down my thigh. When he touched my outer lips his head jerked up to look at me as he groaned in amazement “Oh wow… ” and when he slipped his fingers in further… to feel just what a state I was really in, sweet and hot, he almost laughed at me… mocking “Yeah, yeah you are hot aren’t you. Ahh jeez…. you’re a bad bad little girl.”

I looked up at Beylikdüzü escort him with my big brown eyes, clouded with pleasure and nodded “uh hu.”

Then it began. His fingers were like magic, hot.. stroking furiously and fast in just the right places. Back and forth, dipping into my sweet core then back out to rub my aching clit… this is what I wanted… this is why I followed him, the power, the absolute authority he carried, I was drawn to it. I knew he would be amazing… that he would know without asking. Nothing like the fumbling boys my age. His hands where everywhere.. his lips crushing me… demanding my breath. His fingers curled to touch a spot inside that was almost painful but took my breath away with the pleasure of it. I was so close, higher and higher in such a short time. It had never been like this before. THIS is what I wanted. And then…. he glanced at the clock and stopped.

I growled in frustration but my eyes flicked over and saw the time. Shit shit shit. We were late. We took a minute to straighten our clothes, I was taking deep breaths and trying to focus on anything but the throbbing need…. I adjusted my lapels and reached over to straighten his tie. He held my gaze and he licked his fingers clean. Fuck.

He moved towards the door and stopped with his hand on the knob, “We’ve got to go out there, can you manage? That the hard part, presenting ourselves in public like nothing happened. This was the easy part little girl.”

I tugged at my tux again and gave him a nod, a pained look on my face. I was so close… and he knew it… asshole. As we walked out, he stepped close behind me and he whispered in my ear, “You are a naughty little thing aren’t you?”

I glanced at him with an incredulous look, “I always said I was.. but you seemed to thing I was joking.”

He gave me a searing look and growled “Later… we finish this later. Tonight.”

And we calmly walked out into the lobby. I poured myself a cup of coffee like nothing happened. I glanced up at him to see him laughing with some people, cool, languid and collected… his eyes catching mine for a minute and flashed with a predatory look. It was going to be a long night.

Th next four hours were torture.

The whole time was spent in searing arousal… we continued our constant banter of teasing as usual… but the underlying tension of knowing that neither was joking, that the crude comments were promises rather than a game, was unbearable. Stolen glances… a hot kiss behind a pillar… and the occasional graze of a hand when no one was looking… made it all the more real.

This was it… sometime tonight… somewhere, he would take me. All that power, that viral delicious potency of his would be unleashed on me… the way he was looking at me… like I was prey… made me shiver inside. This is what I wanted, to be taken.

Nearing the end of the night it was just Jake and I moving chairs in the back wings of the theater… with a guard on the other side. Oh how I wished that guard to be anywhere else right new. Then the rest of the crew filed into the small space for the after party.

When Jake sauntered over to dressing room where the punch and food was, I followed him… for a strawberry. And a searing kiss behind my ear before anyone could see. The next half hour consisted of him and me staring at each other and occasionally slipping into a quiet corner, hallway, or dressing room for a moment.

That guard, he had a knowing smile on his face… and when Jake stood in front of my in the crowd and furiously rubbed me for a second… I let out a sound I’m sure he heard. I flicked my gaze over to the guard but he just stayed right where he was and kept right on smiling, not making eye contact..

At the end of the night I had slipped into my street clothes, a lose skirt, button down top and vest. I located Jake and made sure he could see me. I pronounced goodnight to the rest of the crew and headed towards Escort Beylikdüzü my car in the back lot, through the back of the theater. He followed. No security guard in sight. I slipped into an empty dressing room.

I threw my jacket on a chair and the moment he stepped into the room I grabbed him and bit his lip. “Ahhh” he hissed.

He stalked over to the small room in the corner, flipped on the light then came back to me and gave me a crushing kiss, his tongue dancing with mine… tasting the inside of my mouth. “Lights.” I murmured.

He turned the lights off in the main room and shut the door, then came at me with such speed and force… backing me toward the smaller room… perhaps he was trying to scare me out of it.

“Are you sure little girl? Last chance, cus I’ve got about 30 seconds before—”

I cut him off by dragging him into the small room and locking the door. I had decided. I WANTED THIS. Our hands where everywhere, him unbuttoning my shirt as I was trying to get rid of my vest, flinging it on the floor. He got my buttons undone enough that he could get to my breast “God these are so sweet” he groaned as he took one into his mouth.

“Bite it!” I breathed… and he bit my nipple hard.

I groaned and he unzipped his slacks and let himself free. I looked down at his erection and gasped… oh my god… it was so much thicker than the boys my age. I looked up at him fearfully, not saying anything because I wanted it so bad. He reached into his wallet, took out a condom and rolled it on. He gave me one last questioning look; I bit his shoulder hard and he groaned, “Turn around.” He grabbed me by the wast and bent me over, bracing myself against the counter for balance. He lifted my skirt over my waist and feathered his hand over my core. And when he slowly pushed himself in, I gasped and moaned at the stretch.

Then there was nothing slow about it, he began pumping me hard and fast. So deep… so hard.. like I’ve never had it before.

He was groaning loudly and when I turned my head back to look at him, his face was contorted in pleasure. Such a delicious sight… the raw power in action, the animalistic side of him unleashed.

He lightly smacked my ass and I let out a surprise gasp as I furiously began to rub myself. He began to pump me even faster and faster, smacking my ass, ramming his hips against mine, pulling mine hard against his. When he reached out and pulled my hair I moaned. The shear pleasure and intensity of it making my head spin.

“Oh man” he groaned, “I’m sorry but this isn’t going to last long, you’re so tight..not long at all.” I nodded and tilted my hips so that he was hitting that sweet spot in me, one, two, tree times while my fingers worked furiously. That was all I needed. My limbs trembled and I let out a gasp as I went over the fiery edge. The heat began in my toes and roared up to my ears as my inner muscles began convulsing around him. With that he let out an animal roar and pushed himself in as far as he could go, once, twice…I could feel his giant cock jerking inside me.

Oh god… such sweet release… We stood there for a moment… shaking, my muscles still contracting around him, before we straightened. We took one look at each other and laughed, both of us in states of undress, clothes everywhere… We began to pick up, threw away the evidence and stole a hot kiss as he slipped out the door ahead of me. I finished and took a look at myself in the mirror.

What did people see when they looked at me? A teenage girl? Or the person I saw… a naughty little freak looking for an outlet. I remembered that look on his face… when the tables had turned and I had been the one to call the bluff. That I could do that, what I did to him, made heat pool inside again.

I laughed as I slipped out of the theater, and caught up with Jake. He smiled down at me and murmured “You’re a dangerous little girl, you know that?”

We smiled as we walked into the night. I was contemplating why I hadn’t called the game sooner.. and how I might get a hold of him this summer.

I took one last hungry look at him before I slipped into my car and licked my lips. I wondered how that giant cock of his would taste. . .

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